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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 24, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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kellye: record rainfall and record flooding in texas and oklahoma. two people confirmed dead, three missing. we have an update on the search. reporter: this oklahoma farmland became an instant sea as sprawling floodwaters turned homes and barns into islands. in texas, the rivers surged 35 feet over its banks, destroying this concrete bridge. a helicopter rescue wing two men from its raging waters. >> he was like, i don't know if i'm going to make it. reporter: with the minutes to spare, the black hawk helicopter saving both men from a watery grave. the blanco river also bashed its
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way into this home in austin forcing hundreds from their home, setting off a white knuckle week. >> we saw it coming down the river. we cheered. then we realized it was a car. reporter: this man was stranded and separated from his 91-year-old mother. >> she might be over at the cypress creek church, but i cannot get across the river. reporter: in texas, a flash flood tore this tree from its roof and smashed homes to pieces. more severe weather is forecast. heavy rain through memorial day means flash flood watches in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, and miseryssouri. kellye: tomorrow morning, live reports from texas. good morning washington will have the up-to-the-minute forecast starting at 4:24.
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more than 60 years after a father deployed and never returned, family finally has closure. jay korff takes us to arlington national cemetery. jay: this burial at arlington national cemetery, with full honors. some feared it would never happen. they had to wait 63 years to finally say goodbye to his father. >> it means everything to me everything to my father. jay: the decorated world war ii veteran was a u.s. air force surgeon. he was aboard an airplane that slammed into a mountainside east of anchorage, alaska, in rough water. all 52 people on board were killed. it was believed this would be their final resting place. his son was so affected by his
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father's death that he dedicated his life to military service. he was awarded the air force cross for heroism in the vietnam war. >> that's a dangerous profession. jay: in 2012, the plane's wreckage was discovered miles away from the original crash site. his father's remains were identified in return. >> i thought, wonderful. something we can show to the whole world what my dad meant to me. [taps plays] jay: thursday at arlington national cemetery, the family witnessed what should have been so long ago. jay korff, abc 7 news. kellye: it is one of the most notorious murders and d.c. history. capitol hill intern chandra leavy found dead in the rock creek park. 14 years later, the man convicted of killing her will likely get a new trial. roz plater explains. roz;: ingmar guandique is serving
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a 60 year sentence. the case gained national attention because leavy had been romantically linked to married u.s. congressman gary condit. leavy's remains were found in 2002 a year after she went missing. guandigue admitted attacking other women in the park but always denied killing leavy. a former cellmate said that he confessed. the attorney called the testimony misleading and said they should have been told the work -- the inmate was working with prosecutors on other cases. prosecutors said they would not fight the defense efforts for a new trial but "the government continues to believe the jury's verdict was correct and the government is preparing for a retrial of the sentence." roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: prosecutors asked for a scheduling conference in two
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kellye: fairfax county schools have a budget for next year, a $2.6 billion budget plan. that is about $14 million less than requested. about $5 million will go to changing school start times. $4 million will address a
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growing class sizes. standardized tests in maryland are about to get quicker. the test measures student preparedness in grades 2 through 8. the test is dropping by 90 minutes. lawmakers say the changes will allow more time for actual lessons. montgomery county public schools interim president will be staying on the job another year. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis tells us why. kevin: this is the board of education, maryland's largest school district. this is larry bauers, the man toward members essentially beg to keep running it. they sent their then-superintendent packing. a search firm spent $35,000 to find the candidate list.
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all was well until sunday, when mcps ' top pick pulled out. mcps had no backup plan, hence the cry for bowers to postpone his june retirement. >> we will stay on the same track, but we have hard work to do. kevin: bowers has put back family trips to stay at the helm. >> i was concerned about what was going to happen when i was here. i wanted stability for the children. i felt i was the right person to do this. kevin: what a leading member of an education watchdog group says there is no reason that bowers should have to stay. >> i want somebody who will be there long term. i want them to do it right. kevin: kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: 7 on your side with more fallout after the omni richmond
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the redskins home during training camp, informed more people there rooms and meeting spaces that they booked are no longer available. 7 on your side consumer investigator kimberly suiters has an update. kimberly: the problem looks like a double booking. the nfl preseason schedule runs a week later, so the redskins need their home away from home the romney richmond -- the omni richmond, a little longer. >> i don't blame the redskins. i'm still a fan. it is the omni and their negligence. kimberly: one week ago, this fiancé asked 7 on your side for help. >> they said they had to make a business decision. kimberly: 21 of the redskins' contract or the couple's 90 days before the wedding. the röntgen's promise to give the couple sideline passes. we call the hotel general manager who promised a refund.
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an fda protection seminar booked at the omni was also bumped for the same reason, affecting 125 government attendees from 14 states and taxpayer dollars. a letter put the hotel on legal notice, saying that it is apparent that you value the redskins foot all business -- football business to the point where it exceeds our business. this couple believes that media pressure help them get a better deal this week. >> that means the world. she's happy, i'm happy. happy wife, happy life. kimberly: the omni is sending an additional 90,000 other check to book their ceremony -- 19,000 dollars check to book their server money at another hotel. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. kellye: coming up, the d.c. ridesharing market is getting crowded. first, we are checking in with devon.
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kellye: we were just discussing our memorial day plans. devon: i will be in at 4:00 5:00, and 11:00. i will get in some pool time before. kellye: you have been waiting because you said it was cooler. this is it tomorrow? devon: i thesen are the days to
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get, -- these are the days to get in. the water temperature is chilly, so we need to be warm. we do not hear your plans, kellye so we will get back to that. the temperature comparisons, all the way to the midwest and south. st. louis, the southwest to east flow will be here tomorrow. 86 87. 72 washington, 70's in the midwest. a lot of times the temperatures are held up at night and they do not really free fall. the reason is the higher humidity, the moisture in the air holds that up. the temperatures rising today. all of that flooding the plain s, the midwest. that will hold steady. this next system rises through
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the great lakes. that weakening front may give the storm chances -- may give us storm chances wednesday and thursday. this will feel hot as the temperatures get slowly into the 90's. overnight temperatures, waking up memorial day, if you are up early, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the temperatures going up, the humidity not quite as much. 60 60 one dew point temperatures, which is ok, but feeling more humid. the forecast, upper 70's up until noon. enjoy the pool. 85 to 88 in the afternoon. we have some widely scattered storms that may pop out tuesday.
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the heat up, close to 90. the humidity is up as well. the storm chances tuesday most likely north and west of washington. annapolis, east, southern maryland, i don't think you will have a range chance at all. the 70 forecast, -- the seven day forecast, mid-80's tomorrow. scattered chances of thunderstorms, wednesday and thursday the best chance. a summerlike pattern that is in early. early tomorrow morning, brian van de graaff, he is working the morning for eileen. she had to call in at the last moment. ryan is in early with "good morning washington." i hope you have a great memorial day. kellye: i'm glad i get the day off because i worked all weekend. devon: exactly, get some time in
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with the family. kellye: exactly. curators examine how celebrity images are cultivated and how they involve at a new exhibition that includes dozens of new paintings and photographs and sculptures and digital portraits by leading artists. ipop will be on display through july 2016. two new choices looking for a ride in the
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kellye: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. new numbers show that data thefts are up for debit cards. experts attribute the increase to criminal swiping -- placing skimmers onto atm's. the device captures information from the magnetic strip. >> there have been a number love successful hacking gangs -- there have been a number of successful hacking gangs all over the world. kellye: you can protect yourself by covering your hand when you enter europeing your pin. ridesharing services have more competition. two new transportation-related mobile apps have entered the
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d.c. market. mike: move over uber and lyft. >> we are not just find it one person, we might find multiple people. mike: the cofounder say split cost is half the price of an equivalent ridesharing ride. >> we will not have surge pricing. mike: washingtonians are intrigued. >> what about the security? >> i have gotten in cabs with other people. i would do that. mike: they are looking to expand district-wide end into other cities. 20 drivers have been hired so far. >> i think this is the future and something great. mike: another new app based from san francisco, which allows car owners to rent their
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vehicle. think of it as airbnb for cars. owners unlock their car with the mobile app. >> i would be concerned about the insurance. >> i would not trust it. mike: get around says that it ensures drivers -- insures and the rentals up to $1 million. so far the district, get around has signed up for thousand members and 40 cars. mike conneen, abc 7 news.
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