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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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friends. he fell and hit his head on the edge of the pool. the boy toppled in the water and sank to the bottom. there were a number of eyewitnesses but two people in particular jumped into action. a former lifeguard doe in the pool with his clothes on and yanked the boy out. that man performed c.p.r. on the pool deck while liveguards dialed 911. by the time paramedics arrived he had coughed up water and was filly -- fully conscious. >> they were among a larger group of kids. he was spot on to see one was missing under the water. my kids were in the deep end and my eyes were over there. when i heard him yell and i saw him dive under i realized what was happening so i could help them. kevin: we spoke to fire firms who tell us the boy may be transferred to a second hospital for observation but is stable and expected to survive. family members telling us the boy is an avid swimmer.
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he has been in the pool plenty of times before. very likely because of the fall when he hit his head that may have caused the entire scary ordeal. we're live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. scott: a lot of people heading to the pool. alison: very warm today. check in with the meteorologist devon lucy. >> this is more humid for you as well. the temperatures, the best measure of the humidity you can feel. real-time temp to the lower to the mid-80's outside. beautiful memorial day. a lot of people as you have been saying on the beaches. look at that! still people trying to get the last of the memorial day afternoon before you have to get back to things eventually. dew point temperature is one of the best measure of the humidity. how much measure in the air that you feel. 60. getting more humid. it will creep up to 60 and 70
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70-degree dew point. where it gets humid is tomorrow. tuesday storm chances north and west. more scattered storms wednesday and thursday. a weak front getting near. we kick off the essentialer season and it will feel like summer for a majority of the week. we will tell you how hot and humid it will get where you are and the storm chances in the complete forecast in a few minutes. alison: thank you. while it's a holiday, the roads aren't empty. tens of thousands of people trying to get back from the long weekend destination. jamie sullivan is here and we'll have an update from her in 15 minutes. scott: most americans have the day off to honor the hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave their live in defense of the area. in our area it's wreath laying and services at all the war memorial and the national cemeteries. jeanette reyes was at arlington this morning with
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the commander-in-chief. jeanette: president obama delivered remarks at the arlington national cemetery paying tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. prelude by the band began at the amphitheater at 10:30 this morning. the wreath laying ceremony a half hour later at the tomb of the ung known soldier. the -- tomb of the unknown soldier. he had a prayer breakfast with loved one in attendance and we talked to loved ones of the fallen as well as veterans. listen to what the son of a vietnam veteran said about visiting his father's grave for the first time. >> the flood gate opens. since then this has had a mystical part of my heart. i want to come back and pay my respects to the men and women who passed. president obama: it signifies the cost. a debt we can never repay.
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jeanette: they conclude to ask all americans to remain worthy of the sacrifices. reporting at the arlington national cemetery jeanette reyes, abc7 news. scott: among those paying their respects amidst the row of graves in arlington today a little boy who never knew his father. >> i bring a message to daddy. i love you and i hope for you to be here. scott: christian jacobs was 8 months old when his father died in a training accident. christopher jacob served several tours in iraq and afghanistan before he died four years ago. >> he likes to come here. he was excited about coming here. he gets to see his daddy. when he got here, the first thing he did is run up and hug the stone.
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scott: christian jacobs is 4 yores old. he also brought a car for his father today. alison: -- card for his father today. alison: the library of congress is getting close to the 1000 record for the veteran history project. this is the 15th year for the push to collect oral history, letters photos and memoirs from the military. the parade honoring the fallen is wrapping up in d.c. sam ford is there and he joins us live along the route. hi sam. sam: hello. the marks the tenth anniversary since the parade returned to washington d.c. a massive parade to honor those who died and served in the wars from mod earn to the
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middle east. crowds lined constitution avenue as the military floats are mixed in with the high school marching bands from across the country. this year is an anniversary year for a number of events. 150 years since the end of the civil war. 70 years since the end of world warii. 40 years since the end of vietnam. an enthusiast crowd of tourists and locals who watched a parade of thousands. >> it's terrific. everybody is getting what they deserve. sam in 2000 they had a special world war ii event that pent so well they decided to put on a parade in 2005 and have done it every year since. every year it gets bigger. reporting live sam ford abc7
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news. alison: our question of the day is asking what memorial day means to you. go to the wjla facebook page. we'll share your comments later in the hour. scott: new information in the last hour and a half coming in to us in the death of a child death of a child in charles county. the 3-year-old but found in a swing and the boy's mother was pushing the swing. this afternoon, the charles county sheriff's office says option is finished on the child and -- says the autopsy is finished and doesn't give any new information. no obvious sign of trauma. they with waiting for toxicology tests to be completed. the child's mother is still hospitalized today. alison: the military scrambled fighter jet to escort an air france plane. someone called the maryland state police saying chemical weapons were aboard the
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flight. there were multiple threats that were made today and the f.b.i. believes one person is behind the call. scott: new information tonight, investigation in the mappings murders in d.c. -- the mansion murders in d.c. daily news is reporting daron wint used $1000 to take a cab from new york to d.c. it's part of the money that he used after stealing it from savvas savopoulos and his wife and child and housekeeper hostage. he is accused of killing all four and setting the house on fire. alison: only on 7 tonight after working for three years to buy a house, a woman and her three children are stuck in a one bedroom apartment tonight after someone just smashed their dreams. it happened with a shattered car window at 13 and m street northwest. stephen tschida is live to explain.
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stephen: this neighborhood sees smash-and-grabs where people come buy. they break out the window and grab what they can get. they target cleaning ladies because they are known to be paid in cash. on friday they hit a vehicle inside that vehicle, maria marina arias' live savings. $10,000 in cash. she was going to the bank to open an account between jobs. they got away with the money and they stole the family's american dream in the process. >> i had been saving it make pastries to sell to my friends and church members to raise the money. it's gone. stephen: back live, that is a police camera that is pointed directly at the area where the
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crime went down. she called 911 immediately after she saw the money was gone and said it took an officer an hour to get here. she said she has been calling repeatedly to see if the camera caught the criminals in action. so far she has not gotten a response. but we will be calling as well and hopefully we will get the answer she wants. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: heart-breaker. thank you for the update. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- rough road? find out how the area stacks up when it comes to driving. scott: later, a building explodes and collapses. we have the latest on the investigation. alison: but first -- >> we have 12 missing persons that we are searching for. alison: raging rivers. look at the damage from the flooding in texas and what is next
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scott: unbelievable images out of texas after record rainfall over the weekend. and it may not be over yet. we are in texas with the latest on the outbreak of
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severe weather. >> severe weather is plaguing the southern plains this memorial day but it has spread to the mexico-texas border after officials say a deadly tornado touched down today killing more than a dozen. the cars were stood up against buildings. in hard-hit wimberley, texas, governor abbott extended disaster declaration adding 24 more counties after a weekend of deadly storms that included flooding, hail and twisters. an ef1 touched down outside houston packing winds of 105 miles per hour. the bird's eye shows destruction left behind. heavy rains turned creeks to furious rivers. >> oh, my god. oh my god. >> thousands were forced to evacuate as the raging waters swept past home and
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businesses. >> we have 12 missing persons we are searching for. >> one of the greatest problems is getting people to understand how devastating the flooding is. >> near san antonio, the intense flooding turned deadly as the homecoming car was traveled away and killed the senior. >> water swept her away. >> phillip mena. alison: unbelievable images. devon: they have more coming through now. it's much different here. alison: thank goodness. scott: very lucky here. devon: we kick off the summer season. the temperatures now low to the mid-80's outside. there is a little humidity. we felt it creeping up. up from the last few days.
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tomorrow tuesday, shortened school and work week has the higher heat and humidity. kicking off the summer season. 84 in washington. see how it looks. a lot of sun out there. beach and pool weather out there today. a lot of folks this memorial will go ocean city way. we will see the folks that are enjoying the fantastic memorial day out there. a lot of sunshine on the beaches as well. the heat and the humidity extends to the plains. the higher humidity works back as well. we have a number of weather features but nothing significant that will have a huge impact on the weather. it is forcing to go north. it may enhance the rain chances for wednesday,
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thursday. the heat and the humidity is firmly in place. wednesday is the next round of showers. you can get by without a jacket the entire day to get back to work and school. 60 degrees is a low tomorrow. low to mid-60's. tomorrow afternoon, widely afternoon showers and storms northwest of washington. it's hot and you will feel the humidity creep back in. 88 could feel like 90 when the heat factor is in. we have showers and storms. the heat and humidity isn't going anywhere soon. the temperatures are mid-to-upper 80's. the humidity is factored in as well. the seven-day forecast. we are going to keep the summer pattern in place. next storm day is wednesday and thursday. the next front comes to the weekend to fade out. next weekend is when the next
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strong cold front will come in and pass through. we could go to the 90's. scott: the roller coaster will continue. alison: we want it this week. thank you. see you then. from the weather to the roads, plenty of people on the roads for the long holiday weekend. according to a new study. the area is not the preferred place to be for folks behind the wheel. the study by nerd wallet took a look at how much times drivers spent in traffic. the amount of parking and the likelihood of an accident. our region is second worst in the country. boston is at the top. los angeles round out the top three. all right. get a look now at today. hopefully it's not bad for drivers. jamie sullivan has the traffic watch. jamie: we have a few bad spots. that is where i want to begin. national mall 20th street
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near constitution avenue. we have police blocking off the roads. of course everything just ramping up with the parade earlier and everything going on. the pedestrian traffic is something in the d.c. area we need to watch out for. along the national mall is what we saw. so pull out. heads up. a crash outside on the memorial bridge. we have a lot of work. a pedestrian was struck so we will see a lot of flashing lights. want to talk about the traffic for everyone heading back from the beach. this is approaching the bay bridge and we are jammed. we will see a five-mile delay. now we talk about the capital beltway. this is on the outer loop.
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a crash near connecticut avenue. i think they have moved it to the story. i want to show you in the area. this is moving over to the side. a few problem spots but for the most part there are no delays like we'd see on monday afternoon. back to you. scott: all right. thank you. public hearing will begin this week on the plans to widen interstate 66. virginia department of transportation want to make changes outside the beltway between mclane and haymarket. the first of four public meeting is wednesday. that begins at 5:30. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- marking memorial day at a local landmark for what could be the last time.
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>> this is one of the most popular time of the year to fire up your grill. thousands of homes burn down
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alison: things were smelling pretty good in the parking lots behind our studios this morning as d.c. city smokehouse came to abc7 to cook up some summer fun. but not everyone who takes to
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the grill is a professional. tonight, "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters is live in arlington with advice on how to grill safely. this is important kimberly. kimberly: this is the second most popular month for people to grill, may. july is the most popular. three out of five households have a grass -- gas grill. but there are house fires due to grill. let's look at the statistics. 27% of the grilled fires senator a courtyard on a terrace or a patio. 29% on exterior balcony or open form. 6% in a kitchen. propane gas leak and breaks are the leading cause of gas grill fires. we have a simple test at home. take a soapy solution like this.
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we just took dish water. rub it on the hose. make sure propane is running through the hose. if bubbles pop out you may have a leak. you may want to call the local fire department to check it and fix it. we have a charcoal grill there. the ashes can smolder for days. so make sure as the ashes cool, you keep them far away from the house. one final thing, you want to keep children three feet away from any grill. keep grills 15 feet away from any house. this grill is 15 feet too close to this house. if this were a business or nursing home or an apartment building the placement of the grill would be considered illegal. reporting live in arlington kimberly suiters abc7 news. scott: good information. thank you. lighter fluid is one thing but gasoline is a different issue.
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>> battle armageddon, actually. scott: still to come find out what the driver has to say about a massive tanker fire. alison: plus, shifting through the damage to figure out why a building collapsed in beltsville. scott: a day when we reflect on sacrifices made. are even more on the way soon? the talk on the hill about sending more u.s. troops overseas next.
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. scott: building in prince george's county destroyed after an explosion and a collapse overnight. it happened at 11:00 at the eaton company building in beltsville. as john gonzalez reports, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. john: prince george's county police have been protecting the area keeping folks away including the employees. they all showed up to work on this memorial day but they were turned around and told to take the rest of the day off. the building is now condemned. fire investigators taking a close look at what appears to be a building explosion on baltimore, old baltimore pike in beltsville at the eaton company. no injuries reported. that is the good news. it doesn't appear there was a fire. but the fire chief telling us there was a gas explosion. it looks like a back wall and
4:30 pm
some of the roof has collapsed. the fire department saying there was a failure involving argonne tanks. they searched the entire building and no one was inside at the time but the employees and those who live in the area want to know what happened. >> i was in my bedroom and i heard kaboom! we thought it was in the house but it wasn't. where did that come from? i thought it was downstairs. too close to comfort. >> i thought it was an earthquake. john: eaton designs and nevers a wide range of products from brake to aerospace to military and technology to nasa including products used in the recent curiosity rover mission to mars. it is still unclear at this hour if any of the product was damaged or destroyed inside. and the cause is under investigation this afternoon. in beltsville john gonzalez abc7 news. alison: we have new developments tonight after a man was arrested near the
4:31 pm
u.s. capitol with a pressure cooker. this was last night. the u.s. capitol cameras were rolling when they detonated the device in a vehicle near the national mall. they later arrested the owner of the vehicle of alexandria. he has been released from custody after being charged with operating a vehicle without a license. the man accused of landing a gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol is due back in court this week. he has pleaded not guilty to six charges and he is due back in court for a status hearing wednesday. scott: this memorial day there are concerns that more fighting involving u.s. forces could be coming. the discussions should the u.s. be sending not just supplies and training instructors, but soldiers
4:32 pm
too? this the fight against the terror group in iraq ander isia has been a colossal challenge, one that some believe can't be tackled without more forces on the ground. >> we need special forces and we need more of the raids. >> the american officials sent weapons and trainers, but not the thousands of men and women some analysts say are needed. >> i was for the withdrawal of the larger drown forces but never for abandoning the mission completely. scott: another battle a war of words after defense secretary ash carter in response to iraqi forces con siding the pivotal town -- conceding the pivotal town of ramadi. >> we can give them training
4:33 pm
an equipment. we can't give them a will to fight. scott: drawing swift rebuke from iraqi leaders saying carter was likely given incorrect information because the situation on the ground is different said a spokesman for the iraq prime minister. we should not judge the whole army based on one incident. overnight, another series of u.s.-led airstrike against terror group. ten in syria. 25 in iraq. it's a tactic that the white house hopes will strike a significant blow to avoid putting more boots on the ground. alison: a soldier in tunisia opened fire on fellow troops in a military barracks. he killed seven people and injured ten others before he was killed. a defense ministry spokeman described the shooting as an isolated act not a terrorist act. the shooting took place a mile away from the museum attack in the country capital city in march. scott: a rally and memorial day celebration took place to save the peace cross today.
4:34 pm
the peace cross is designated and dedicated in 1925 to honor 45 men from prince george's county who fought and died for our country in world war i. this could be the last year for a service at the cross because there is a pending lawsuit to have it removed. alison: let's switch gears and talk about the weather on memorial day. it is tarting to feel like summer out there. scott: it could haven't been better. devon lucie, you get to deliver all the great news today. devon: if you are kickingoff the summer season, why not feel like it, right? get the heat and the humidity. get out and cool off in a pool or you are out in ocean city. people are enjoying the last of the memorial day here before we get back. we avoided it last hour. we will do it. these are the real-time temperatures. everybody is over 80 degrees. heat and humidity back as
4:35 pm
well. this is the forecast for tomorrow when the gets get back. may not need to get the coats out. it's up to 86 by we head home in the afternoon. most storm chances this afternoon, likely north and west. wednesday and thursday we have wildly scattered showers. the heat is going to stick around. it will feel like 90 or just above when you add in the humidity. there is another strong cold front that will come through rapid will drop the temperatures way down. it may be a while away. we have that in the complete forecast coming up. scott: all right. coming up at 4:00 -- we talk about fighting to the death. the length that one fan was willing to go in the midst of the allegation of deflated football against the new england patriots. alison: then, a little late er. taking the plunge. why no one will be able to swim in the pool for the first week when it should be open. scott: but first -- >> he is very intimidating.
4:36 pm
a big boy. scott: find out why folks are scared o
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only
4:38 pm
half the federal healthcare funding as the othe50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late. scott: "free tom brady." that was the message in foxborough, mass the home of
4:39 pm
the new england patriots. fans took to parking lot outside the stadium to protest his four-game suspension from the deflategate scandal. the fans want nfl commissioner caesar goodson -- they want commissioner goodell to recuse himself from the arbiter in the appeal. brady is getting support from beyond the grave. the obituary for pa patricia included her obituary to set the record straight. it reads -- "brady is innocent!" alison: an usually but kangaroo in australia is making headlines all over the world. check this out. giant gang radioset to stand 6'5" and weigh -- a giant kangaroo set to stand 6'5". he has been intimidating and
4:40 pm
astounding the human natures with the massive muscle. one woman bumped into him while walking her dogs. >> he jumped out. he is very big. i didn't want to take him on. >> he has massive muscles. alison: he may not hang out at a gym. we don't know. residents say the animal has been seen wandering all around the street walking in playgrounds, which is scary. grazing at a golf course. scott: it is like he is a kangaroo on steroids. you would hate to run into whatever got his left ear. big enough to do that! alison: good point. >> my gosh. scott: all right. well, it was a meeting more than 40 years in the making. >> this is crazy. i never thought it could happen. scott: find out why this man and woman are so excited. alison: but first, the bottom
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alison: "7 on your side" now so you don't waste your money. there are few things more frustrating to think you got a great price at a sale and getting home to find you were charged the original price before the markdown. john matarese reports that store scanner errors are more common than we think around it costs consumer millionses a year. john: it's frustrating. you are in the checkout line and notice something wrang up at the wrong place. it happened to vanda -- >> yes, they have done it before. i had to tell them it's a different price. john: it has happened to dorothy. >> i got it on sale but they ring up the regular price. john: it happened to us when we did a test at a hidden camera at several stores. county auditor dusty says it happens too often. >> if you go to buy something and the price rings up different, it's an issue.
4:45 pm
john: our hidden camera at a store came up 8% wrong. then we check an office supply store where 10% of items rapping -- rang up wrong. they believe the mistakes are due to sloppiness, especially in sale events. not deliberate deception. but stores should not have more than 2% of tie -- items wrong. watch your receipt and contact manager if you find errors. >> we want an honest market. that is the success of any free enterprise system. john: check your receipt when checking out. don't blame the cashier. in most cases they have no idea which of the thousands of items in the store or priced wrong. then you don't waste your money.
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i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" tonight -- a 65-year tradition being brought to an end. scott: why the u.s. government is ending a program that puts flowers on the graves of service members killed fighting in world war ii. despite the program funded by donation. alison: plus a man catches fire at a local gas station. we speak to a man who ran toward the flames in an effort to save his life. scott: no reports of major damage or injuries after a storm earthquake shook japan's capital. the 5.5-magnitude quake was centered northwest of tokyo and 35 miles below ground level. i took all 23 wards of tokyo and the surrounding area. tokyo electric power said nothing unusual was observed in the nuclear plants. it's been a month since the earthquake hit nepal and affected others. the first of two devastating
4:47 pm
quakes that hit the country in recent weeks. hundreds of people held a candlelight vigil in the city of kathmandu. more than 400 gathered to remember the nearly 8700 people killed. alison: well an emotional reunion. a man is finally meeting his birth mother 40 years after he was stolen as a baby. >> it's crazy. never thought it could happen. alison: his name is travis tolliver. he said he always knew he was adopted but he didn't know he was stolen as a baby in chile. his mother nelly reyes was told her son had a heart problem and died hours after she was born. the adoptive parents were told he was abandoned. >> i was wanted. i wasn't given up willingly like i thought. it makes my heart feel wonderful. alison: he is now spending time in his native country and
4:48 pm
meeting his sister and four brothers. reyes says she is going to hug her son every single chance she gets. that is an amazing story. scott: it is. fact they could be reunited and somehow they figured it out is fantastic. alison: it is. for everybody. scott: well, americans rest to pause in a national moment of remembrance an hour and 45 minutes ago. >> it's part of the memorial day holiday in the u.s. our question of the day is asking what does memorial day mean to you? stephanie writes on the wjla facebook page -- scott: you can join the conversation. go to
4:49 pm
more than 30000 people attended the rockville memorial day parade this morning. this is the 71st year for that event. it included music and floats. in addition to a wreath-laying ceremony and a 21-gun salute. our own meteorologist brianne carter -- brian van de graaff was the parade emcee. there he is. alison: we are starting to warm up and feel like summer is here. devon: the season has started. beaches are going full force. humidity is the key here. maybe it hasn't felt humid yet but it will for tomorrow and the rest of the week. the heat index is the combination of air temperature and the humid. 90 out west. cumberland county low to mid-80's in washington. speaking of getting out toward
4:50 pm
the beach and the pool. we start at the national harbor. the wilson bridge. potomac. not a big chop. breezy from the south 10 to 20. this is one of those. a lot of folks are enjoying that day but before too long we get the shadows to overtake the beach from the boardwalk. the real time temp comparison up and down the east coast, 80s to show. charleston, how often are we cooler than they are? there are features to have an impact on us for the next few days. heat and the humidity is forcing everything up and around us here. we'll see showers and possible thunderstorms west. the heat and the humid is firmly in place. it will be hot and humid days to come. wednesday and thursday is when the next significant cold front will wash out over the
4:51 pm
region. that is going to enhance rain chances. tomorrow morning waking up and get back to short work and school week. you can get by coming in the office without a jacket. the humidity will be up. temperatures not that bad. tomorrow afternoon, the storms are scattered north and west. getting hot. we have humidity to it. it will feel like 90 at that time. the widely scattered storms kick off wednesday. we will get a front near that will fade out over the weekend and wash out. the temperature will hold steady at 88 in the next few days but it feels like it's not 90 91 92. the next likely storm day for wednesday. thursday the front will come in and it will wash out over the weekend. next weekend we have a cold front that will come in and pass through. by this day, the following week, monday we could drop all the way to the 70's for high. alison: until then not a lot of variety in the seven-day. devon: no. alison: thank you.
4:52 pm
part of a michigan freeway remains closed after a huge tanker fire in detroit. the truck was hauling 9000 gallons of unleaded fuel when it overturned on interstate 75 yesterday. the driver told investigators he was having mechanical problems before the impact. no one was hurt. the truck company has now come under fire, though for several safety and maintenance violations. scott: okay. time for a check on the traffic situation at home. talk with jamie sullivan. she has all the details. jamie? jamie: we are going to start off focusing on the pedestrian traffic on the national mall. quite a bit. a lot of people. they did wrap up the memorial day parade and the streets are open. you can see behind me near 15 and constitution aver. but they are still doing clean-up. we have a lot of crews in the area. we move to take a look at the mapping system to show you. we are not too bad right now in this area along the national mall.
4:53 pm
not so much vehicular traffic but pedestrian. we pull out and we are okay on the beltway. we had an earlier issue 20 minutes ago with an accident near connecticut avenue. you are fine getting to chevy chase. the outer loop and the inner loop of the beltway. we are seeing green. one area we are not is heading back on 50 from the beach. we are in the single digits. 11 miles per hour is what we will average. we have a three-mile backup heading westbound. take a live look. i want to show you the slow traffic. this is near st. margaret. this is before you get to the bridge. but some of the congestion. sorry, after bay bridge before you get to the river bridge. this is the pace that everyone is traveling at. it will be a slow one heading back from the beach. back to you. alison: absolutely. thank you. we want to remind you to log on to sign up for abc7 traffic alerts there. we will send them straight to your phone when there is a
4:54 pm
major issue on the roads. scott: all right. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> it's memorial day weekend. the unofficial start to summer. this pool should be packed but now it's empty. you won't believe why. i'm sam sweeney. i'
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scott: memorial day weekend. unofficial start to summer and typically when swimming pools open the door for the season. but a germantown pool has to be closed after a freak accident involving a student driver. sam sweeney shares the bizarre story. sam: good afternoon. so many people in german up to were looking forward to sending their day at the pool. but today, this pool is empty. because someone drove their car right through that fence into the pool. the pictures speak for themselves. a nissan versa dappingalling off the step to the pool. staff at the pool were prepping for the big holiday
4:58 pm
weekend when they heard a loud crash. a student driver mistakenly pressed the gas instead of the brake as he practiced driving. he went through this fence, over the pool deck and down the step. mike williams witnessed the whole things and he pulled the man from the sinking car. >> forca was submerged. the front end in the water. i went to the other side and i was able to have the gentleman open the car door. i grabbed him from the car. sam: they are draining the pool because of the oil antifreeze and gasoline in the water. once they get the pool fixed they expect it to reopen may 30. the driver, police tell us he will receive two minor traffic citations. profiting in german town -- reporting in german town maryland i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: happening now at 5:00 -- >> he was lifeless. he wasn't breathing.
4:59 pm
leon: bystanders leap to the rescue after a child sinks to the bottom of the pool. what made a difference between life and death. alison: and the search for answers after a mother is found pushing her dead child in a park swing. leon: devastation in texas as the storms wreak havoc for miles with the recovery stands as mother nature comes calling again. >> now five five. "7 on your -- now "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." leon: emergency crews were called to a community pool this afternoon. montgomery county reporter kentucky -- kevin lewis has with a look at the difference between life and death. kevin: neighbors helping neighbors is the best way to describe what happened in the pool. the pool has remained empty as you can see at 2:00 this
5:00 pm
afternoon. when the 7-year-old boy was playing with the family and friends on the pool deck. we are told he fell and hit his head on the edge of the pool. the boy toppled in the water and sank to the bottom. there were a number of eyewitnesses. mostly neighbors. two people in particular jumped right in to action. one a former lifeguard dove into the pool with his clothes on. quickly yanking the 7-year-old boy out. the man performed c.p.r. on the pool deck while lifeguards dialed 911. by the time the paramedics arrived the boy had coughed up water and was fully conscious. here is some of the remarkable eyewitness account of the heroism taking place today. >> it was quick. in my mind by the time we had gotten him up i was pretty calm. something said he would be all right. >> i can't believe you saved that child's life. i'm so proud of him. >> it was a child.


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