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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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news at 6:00", on your side. maureen: we are learning more tonight about the family left shattered after a 3-year-old boy's body was found last week at charles county. police say the little boy's mother had been pushing the body in a swing at wills park possibly awful night long. diane cho spoke to the boy's and and joins us live from the park with new information. diane? diane: well, authorities are still working on a time line leading up to the child's death as the investigation into what happened in this case continues tonight. 3-year-old ji-aire described as a healthy little boy who loved playing football and basketball. >> he liked to eat. diane: the toddler who was always full of energy was found lifeless in the swing. they found his mother pushing him at the park in la plata. >> we just want to know what happened. right now there is still a big
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question mark. we just don't know. diane: the autopsy has been completed investigators say further investigation and toxicology tests are still needed. the toddler's mother who has not been identified by authorities has been at a hospital under going a medical evaluation. jennifer banks the toddler's aunt says her brother called her hysterically last week with the tragic news. >> what happened? we saw them two weeks ago. diane: banks says her brother was in court recently with the child's mother trying to get custody of the little boy but everything seemed fine in the days after. >> he wanted her to get herself together to better care for him. diane: her brother is in the process of doing what no parents imagines burying his youngest child. it's why banks set up a page online. >> when you have to worry about how you will pay for it, that's even worse.
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diane: if you have any information to help authorities call the charles county sheriff's office. in la plata, diane cho, abc7 news. maureen: thank you diane. a prince george's county police officer is jailed tonight accused of helping his mother attack the mother of his children. officer richard conway was arrested yesterday at his mother's waldorf home. police say conway's mother caroline shot the woman and her new husband robert mange outside a waldorf mcdonald's last week. mange was killed, his wife, officer conway's ex-girlfriend was injured. her name has not been released. police say officer conway let his mother use his service weapon and picked her up after the shooting to craft an alibi. both are charged with first-degree murder. the city of cleveland agreed to overhaul the police department in an investigation with department of justice. this comes days after a white police officer was equited in
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the -- acquitted. it led to a investigation that found pattern of force and abuse by officers. now to a developing story in texas. state of disaster has been declared as the floodwaters continue to rise. close to a foot of rain fell overnight in the area of houston. at this moment, more than 40 people are missing. many of them were in a vacation home that was swept down the blanco river. 16 people have been confirmed dead since the flooding began last weekend. 700 homes have been damaged in the houston area alone. we will have a live report on the rescue operations underway in just a few minutes. a big change underway in our areas that brings a risk of storms tonight and the rest of the week, too. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with what we need to know. doug: cloudy skies. sunshine mixed in outside the
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belfort furniture weather center. warm and muggy. that is the theme. get to the doppler radar. pop-up showers. not in the way of thunder and lightning. but boston, madison, virginia farther west along the interstate 81 corridor. we have seen the showers that rain themselves out as they head to the north and the east. over the next few days it will be more of these. they will be closer to the metro area. hot and humid. here is the largeer view. stanton area to north of roanoke is where most of it has been. as it drifts northeast it will diminish heading through the next few hours. left-hand side of the screen, storms through columbus and northeast ohio and eastern kentucky. we will see more widespread showers and storms tomorrow. 85 right now at reagan national airport. it feels warmer. it feels like 89 from the heat index. feels like 93 in fredericksburg. for tonight, the afternoon showers dissipate. partly cloudy, warm and muggy. 67 to 73. check out the rest of the week
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and the weekend in a few minutes. maureen: thank you. count on the weather team anytime weather threatens. go to now to sign up for text alert to be sent to your mobile phone. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- we are live in texas with the rush to rescue those trapped by historic and devastating floods. plus the terror group isil reveals the fate of some of the world's oldest and most revered ruins. first, though "7 on your side" help center is open tonight. >> caller: 703-236-9220 right now to ask an attorney your legal lines are open until 6:30. we'll be right back
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you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side." maureen: d.c. residents held a rally today. they demand the mayor stop what they call the proliferation of pop-ups destroying their neighborhoods. we report that the residents say it's not enough or zorch enough. reporter: residents are protesting the so-called pop-ups building up. >> you are going to look at their brick wall. reporter: they say the conversion disrupt the d.c. neighborhood. >> you change a single-family
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home to a multilevel condo. you lose families. reporter: for neighbors of the pop-up it comes down to quality of life. short-term they deal with the construction, noise. they claim often code violations. long-term they complain the tall buildings block sunlight to the backyard, garden and the solar panel. ultimately pop-ups complain they are just ugly. >> it changes the neighborhood. reporter: this spring the d.c.r.a. zoning commission gave preliminary approval to new regulation to reduce the maximum height of pop-up from 40 feet to 35. developers can still divide buildings to four units. >> now they are very much tilted toward developers. >> the residents want dribblinger regulations and moratorium on new building permits but it seems unlikely. today mayor bowser supports the proposed rules that could get final approval next month. >> the planning commission is moving in the right direction. those regulations are imminent. reporter: meanwhile, bowser
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workforce successor councilmember todd says he is not outright opposed to pop-ups but he wants to work with the residents and d.c.r.a. on a district-wide strategy. >> we need to take our time and come one a catch hence i strategy to approach how we regulate pop-ups. reporter: the residents say the pop-up problem is more you are jeny, not just here. >> just because started happening to us doesn't mean it won't happen where you are. reporter: abc7 news. maureen: the district's long-running summer job's program is under going a major expansion. mayor muriel bowser signed legislation today opening the program for people up to the age of 24. it was previously limited to 21 and younger. but it's not clear how long the program will last. the d.c. council has only funded the expansion through this year. next on "abc7 news at 6:00", what is done tonight in the search for dozens missing in texas communities buried under floodwaters. plus we are bracing for a
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week of heat and perhaps some storms. chief meteorologist doug hill tells you what to expect and when. tim: the nationals play the cubs again at wrigley. wait until you hear the numbers. they are impressive. the redskins are trying to build a team that can win. wouldn't that be nice? team good guys with bad
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto cans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, , but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman:unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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maureen: "7 on your side" tonight connecting you with attorneys to answer your legal questions. the next 15 minutes you can call 703-236-9220. to ask the attorney your question. "7 on your side" help center will remain open until 6:30. about 15 more minutes. a texas man is charged with providing support to the islamic state. 50-year-old kahn is in federal custody. prosecutors say he was heading to australia to join isil when his family members lied to him, telling him his mother was sick. federal agents arrested him this morning when his plane landed in the u.s. the iraqi government is promising to retake el an bar
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province. this comes a few weeks after they gained control of ramadi and days after secretary of state ashton carter said the iraqi military lacks the will to fight. ramadi is about 70 miles northwest of baghdad. serious an tig wity -- syria's antiquities chief says it appears that isil has not damaged the city of palmyra. isil seized control last week and video released by isil shows the ruins undamaged. archaeologists fear the extremists will destroy the 2,000-year-old city as they have historical sites in syria and iraq. three major cities in texas are disaster areas sites after another night of devastating flooding. dozen ospeople are missing in austin, san antonio, houston. after days of torrential rain.
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close to a foot of rain fell in houston in a matter of hours. nodding major highways and trapping hundreds in their cars. >> we have cars littered all over the city. as the floodwater goes down that is something we're doing to make sure no one was trapped in the vehicles. maureen: houston fire department says it carried out hundreds of rescues in the past 12 hours. we're joined live from wimberley, a town between san antonio and austin. 1 6 people dead. if i word on the victims and those being looked for right now? reporter: right now a lot of the focus is on the search and the rescue mission for people still missing. 13 in this county here in hays county and three missing in houston. they are still calling it a search and rescue. not a recovery. they are still hoping, you know, as time goes on sadly against hope that they will
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find some of the people. there are debris piles they have not been able to clear yet. also, there are just areas they haven't been able to get to because of the damming done to the roads and the water on the roads. so they are hoping that the people are hunkered down somewhere and they just have not been able to get to. they said debris clearing is going to start soon. that effort the recovery effort could take weeks. they are expecting more bad weather. there could be more rain later this week. thunderstorms and even hailstorms could complicate the recovery efforts which is one of the reasons why it may take so long. maureen: is there any word when the blanco river will crest? reporter: you know we haven't heerd that but let me show you the river. it's behind us. to give you a sense of what it look like when it did crest
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there the first round of this storm. you can see the trees stripped away bark. that happened because of the river. it want from 5.5 feet to 40 feet in two hours. it's not that just how high it got but how quickly and the force that the river took on when it did that. you can see the trees, they were pushed down. knocked over because of the force of the river. then stripped of their bark because of how hard it was when it came through. leon: thank you for the report. maureen: let's go to what is going on closer to home. nothing like that in texas. doug: no. a few showers and thunderstorms. i guess the theme this week is it will feel like summer throughout the week. hot and humid or a daily chance of showers or storms. but nothing of the magnitude they are dealing with texas. not at all. get started here with a look at a live shot in laurel, maryland. a few fair weather clouds. it's warm. humidity levels coming up. it's a bit muggy. the deal with the showers and
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the storms they have been in the area from culpeper farther south to green county. that area. thunderstorms popping. everything is drifting northeast. i think once we lose the heat of the day it will remain muggy. but the focus of the shower and the storm activity will stay well south. anything in this area dissipate, turns to rain showers after the sun goes down. tomorrow a new day. we will fire them up all over again closer to washington proper tomorrow. 85 at andrews and dulles. 88 in fredericksburg. 82 in baltimore. add in moisture content and it feels like upper 80's to 90. 88 and 69 is the high and the low at reagan national. well above average. we will see the nighttime temperatures the overnight lows stay above average as well. it will be a long stretch here through the rest of the workweek and the weekend. dealing with the heat and humidity. the satellite and radar shows the area of showers. they show the track is consistent. southwest to northeast.
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away from the metro. but tomorrow different pattern as the moisture is sliding eastward. high pressure in the atlantic pumping up the heat and the humidity. there is a big ridge of high pressure overhead that is whittling down. the shower and the storm chances will increase tomorrow. 80's up and down the coast. hot and humid everywhere. we have to wait until monday or tuesday to see general release. the future cast shows a trend that will repeat. heat of the day is causing is afternoon evening storms. diminish. it clears out. muggy overnight. next day it starts out. cold front is promising on the map. it won't get through. it will add more of a possibility to scattered showers and thunderstorms to the routine. 87 87 87 87 87. that is the temperature range. parm and humid. chances -- warm and humid. chance of storms at 60%. drops off a little bit saturday. next week break in heat and
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humid. maureen: thank you. what is the weather forecast for chicago? tim: chicago should be nice for the ballgame. nats try to win the ninth straight series against the cubs. former caps coach is one game from the promised land. the redskins are on the field again for o.t.a.'s trying to build a team. forget las
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now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: well the redskins rookie camps are in the history books. today the skins started at o.t.a.'s. there is a lot going on with the redskins. they are critical session for learning getting the repetition of play footwork and the various techniques that go with it. the skins went through the individual work. a lot of new faces out there as you expect after a 4-12 season. one of the constants though rgiii spoke about being named the starting quarterback again. robert: jay felt like i was the best option that he had at quarterback. i am happy about that. i look forward to help lead the team in the right direction and create a culture change we need to have. we want to improve everything from playing on the field to relationship with you guys. tim: rgiii. for baseball, nationals play
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the cubs tonight. jordan zimmerman will be on the hill. he has hit his stride. they won in zimmerman's last five starts. he has had seven straight quality starts without a loss. how about this? the nats won 20 of the last 25 ballgames. drew is one of the top closers in baseball and harper is batting .333 with 16 home runs, 40 runs batted in and 40 walks. joe dimaggio type of numbers. go to hockey where former head coach is one game from the finals. the shot leaves a rebound. and they light the lamp, start the siren, cue the band get on the bus. ducks anaheim win again. the warriors say they have had steph curry under medical observation since last night's brutal fall. he is okay and will start game five against the rockets. lexi brown of the university of maryland asked for a release and she has been granted the release. big ten m.v.p. leaving the university of maryland. maureen: wow!
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doug: nice they didn't fight her on the request. tim: right. doug: not good for the fans. let's get you started here. we saw showers and thunderstorms well southwest of washington. we think they will diminish as the temperatures cool once the sunsets. they will repeat tomorrow. the seven-day outlook is more of the same every day. wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, the same. partly cloudy warm and humid. upper 80's. 60% of chance wednesday. and lesser chances toward next week when the cold front scheduled to come through monday to bring cooler and less humid air. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. join us at 11:00. have a good night. 2
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tonight, the urgent search. a mother and two young children inside, their home ripped from its foundation. swept away in the deadly floods. states of emergency tonight. an american city under water. the suv flipping over. we fly you over the flood zone this evening. and now, new storms from texas up to detroit, hitting at this hour. blown away. the bounce house, the children inside as it came unhinged. ten passenger planes fighter jets scrambled and the warning tonight from the fbi to anyone behind the threats. breaking news involving your tax information, stolen. the thieves using an irs website, more than 100,000 americans affected. and your cell phone bill tonight. how to knock off hundreds right now. free websites the simple steps. are you renting phone equipment without even knowing it?


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