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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: right now six soccer officials are under arrest in we're learning more at noon about the shocking elevations filed against -- allegations filed against fifa executives today. money-laundering, fraud, all related to the 2022 and 2018 world cup games. john gonzalez joins us with new
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information just released by the department of justice. john: it is a long list of greed, the world's most popular and richest sport is under heavy scrutiny this afternoon. the justice the artman saying that they have indicted 14 officials, seven of them arrested in switzerland. just moments ago the u.s. attorney general spoke, she was stern and to the point. loretto lynch: what should have been used as sportsmanship was uses a vehicle to line the pockets of bribes to the tune of $10 million. john: the surprising arrests where fever happens to be holding its annual meeting. 5000 miles from there in miami at the eye agents are at their offices executing a search warrant. investigators accuse the executives of more than $150 million in bribes and kick backs
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in connection with a controversial decision in 2010. the selection of the next two countries to host the biggest event in soccer, the world cup russia in 2018 and qatar in 2002. one of those arrested today, the fifa vice president, accused of taking over $1 million in. investigators say that for others including charles blaser, had already pled guilty. >> they are expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest. instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interest and enrich themselves. john: and now a lot of what-ifs. officials believe that corruption may have caused americans to lose out. this afternoon p for says that despite the arrest, the world cup games will still be played in russia and qatar.
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live at the satellite center john gonzalez. julie: thank you for the update. new this noon the man arrest in the mansion murders said that he is grieving for the victims. a ring to "the washington post they released a statement calling this a tragic and senseless lost and that it pains him that his son is charged with this crime. police say that dna evidence links into the murders. they were murdered inside of the northwest d.c. home that was set on fire back on may 14. police are still looking or possible accomplices. happening now, the d.c. city council getting ready to take up a jet boat, the revised edges somewhere to the one proposed i muriel bowser with a few changes. the council chair said that it does not include hiking the
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sales as there is only funding for 1200 police body cameras. only low income d.c. students will be able to ride metro rail for free and the proposal would extend the parking hours downtown. jeanette reyes is live and d.c. this noon with how that could impact your wallet. jeanette: the meeting set for 10:00 this morning getting underway any minute now. there is a lot of talk specifically about those who own a vehicle having to do with the parking meters here in the district. the proposal would extend it by five dollars for expired meters as in some areas parking is free after 10:00, that would be pushed back to midnight. the chairman said that this is an attempt to increase revenue in the district of many say that parking in the district is already expensive. we caught up with a councilmember to get her opinion . she said the thing about the
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items that you don't necessarily have to pay the east line if you follow the rules. >> we have it in our power to not get that ticket. in one sense it's on you whether you will pay the fine or not. jeanette: quite a lot of things being discussed today. one of those being the body cameras for police officers. inside right now we are listening to the meeting that is set to get underway any minute. we will have a full role or for you at 4:00. reporting live in northwest, jeanette reyes. jummy: the death toll continues to ride from that -- rise from the historic flooding in texas area 13 people confirmed dead, one doesn't the missing. rescue crews are still back out today under the threat of more thunderstorms. live in texas this morning we have more on the recovery efforts continuing.
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>> good afternoon. with those 12 confirmed dead there is a very serious concern that the number could go even higher. with 13 people missing here in texas, 11 of them are here in hays county. this was the source of so much devastation earlier this weekend, but hard to tell the river crested at over 41 feet. the water levels appear to be receding just north of here, a very different scene. ne concerns in north texas crews are scrambling south of dallas and per -- police p or that the breach of a nearby dam is imminent and could send floodwaters towards nearby homes. the cleanup is underway after the storms destroyed lives and homes. the search continues for the missing.
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the towns mayor calls it unprecedented. >> we have flash flooding in my home country periodically, but nothing of this magnitude. >> an entire family had gathered in a cabin for the holiday weekend. she called her sister as the storm hit. >> she called me to say that she just wanted me to know that the ceiling caved in and that the house is floating down the water. >> to the east the storm hammered houston, which saw more than 11 inches of rain monday night. it pushed many bayous over the banks. greg abbott eclair the state of emergency in at least 40 texas counties and deployed the national guard to help with recovery. >> my heart, my prayers go out to the families who have been impacted by this germanic flooding. >> live here in texas i can tell you that it is cloudy and the
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conditions are dreary and it has truly not dampened the spirit of so many people in this small texas town. these volunteers are coming from all parts of the state to help folks. this is a small resort campground here, 450 people staying here saturday into sunday when the water level started rising. they went door-to-door as the levels continued to rise. the families of at least 13 people are left wondering what exactly happened to their loved ones. the oldest at 81, the youngest only four. jummy: such a sad story. thank you. there is a risk for thunderstorms this afternoon at home as we take a live look out at the white house. chief meteorologist doug hill is
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in the weather center with a check on that first forecast for us. doug: the storms are west of interstate 81 right now, slowly moving to the, we will track that for you across the afternoon. let's get you to its show you a live look at doppler radar zooming in from areas like in chester and west of martinsburg near hagerstown the entire line drifting to the east with individual cells moving towards pennsylvania but more and more will be developing as we get through what will be a very warm and humid wednesday afternoon helping to put in perspective. north and west of the metro area and in andrews, 81 degrees in fredericksburg, we will get to near 87 where will feel warmer because of the decrease moisture being supplies -- supplied by the southerly wind. a potential for storms and a slight risk to the areas from the middle peninsula in virginia and through washington, all the way up the east coast in many
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areas, possibility of a slight risk for severe thunderstorms whose main threat will be damaging wind gust. we will look to the rest of the day in the weekend in just a few minutes. jummy: a reminder, our weather team can help you to stay on top of severe weather. sign up to get important weather alerts. head over to our website and enter your phone number. a charles county police officer being held as a hero this afternoon after running into a burning home to save a man who was trapped. take a look at the damage left by the fire in waldorf. investigators say that the officer was the first on the scene. a 26 you will-year-old child escape, but a 44-year-old man was still inside a burning home. we're told that officer walker kicked down the door, found the man unconscious and pulled him out of the home. the man is now being treated for
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severe burns and smoke inhalation but authorities say that the officer's actions undoubtedly saved that man's life. what a great story. finally this afternoon police continue to search for man wanted in a brutal attack caught on video. it happened outside the market metro station on martin luther king avenue in southeast on may 17. police say that the man in the bright red shirt attacked a 63-year-old man, hitting him so hard in the face that the victim fell to the ground and remained motionless. the suspect then rummaged through his pockets, robbing him of a single dollar bill. the police are offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. in the meantime today, a man convicted of murdering a georgetown university law student will be sentenced. the stabbing occurred in 2013 silver spring high-rise. gupta declare that he killed him after he stepped in on him
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cheating on -- with his girlfriend. coming up at noon, on hold in running out of time, the stacked throwing a wrench in the plan to add hundreds of new state-of-the-art railcars. speaking out we will hear from the maryland parents at the center of that tree range parenting firestorm. why they insist the rights were violated. >> i thought i was about to die. jummy: new details in the bounce house for from florida -- four from florida -- whole or -- horror from florida.
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jummy: the federal government is putting the brakes on metro rail car up rates putting 200 state-of-the-art cars on hold for right now. jeff takes a look at the red tape holding everything up. >> of metro is looking for writers supportive of new trains, they don't have to look far. >> some of the trains really are old. it's not wasn't. >> the plan to purchase -- purchase 220 of the new state-of-the-art seven series subway cars is now on hold at the federal transit administration as they are not yet sold on the idea. it would add to a fleet of 520 and more on the eight trains currently in service. >> the new ones are nice, i wrote it once. >> a cannot happen without approval from the fda, which night -- might not be ready to replace the older series told in the early 2000's with years left
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on their expected lifespan. >> i think that the metro as it is is in good condition. >> just months after the fatal smoke incident followed by several well-publicized service problems metro is now dealing with yet another set -- setback that is time sensitive. the agreement with kawasaki only last until july. >> a spokesperson told the post that they understand that they are under deadline and need an answer soon. they are hopeful that the answer comes before the next big board meeting set for next month. jeff goldberg, abc seven news. jummy: the maryland couple at the center of the free range parenting firestorm speaking up after being cleared in one case of unsubstantiated child neglect. they are being investigated after they let their and 10-year-old children walk home
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from parks in silver spring. they say it is their call. >> the constitution clearly protects the rights of parents. jummy: their kids were picked up a second time in april and held for five hours by police. we are told that that case is still under investigation. we have got new details coming in this noon after a terrifying incident. remember the bounce house filled with children and flung through the air picked up by strong winds in florida? one of the girls inside the bounce house hufford it -- suffered a head injury and minor scratches because of 30 foot wide waterspout made landfill that landfall on memorial day. >> at 18 miles per hour you need to shut the ride down. jummy: all three people trapped
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inside were hurt, but we are told that they are ok and at least one family is retaining a lawyer saying that the bounce house should not have been on the beach in the first lace. such a scary story. : the threshold is 18 miles per hour? on the waterfront or anywhere on the beach 18 mile per hour sustained winds is commonplace. the beachfront might not be the place for a bounce house. back in land where the weather is different, maybe. speaking of the beaches, we always think about that when we talk about hurricane season. in the 2015 hurricane outlook they've gone through s to 11 named storms with six becoming hurricanes and anywhere from none to two becoming major category three hurricanes. this is a 70% chance of a below normal season. no one will object to that. we had that early-season storm anna. we will read through the names
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again. there is no, right? there is joaquin. we will see when we get to i will -- iowa. on doppler radar right now showers and thunderstorms developing to the west of metro areas of showers and thunderstorms with lightning areas drifting eastward with individual elements moving to the northeast and moving much faster. it will take a while for them down here to arrive in the metro area in washington. today the better your chances for seeing heavy downpours showers and storms. because they are making slow progress to the east, localized flooding could be a concern. a bigger picture to the west shows the whole area pushing northward. my hunch is that most of the heavier storm should be north and northeast of the metro area
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today. we will keep an eye out for that as well. simple, hot and humid today, sunshine feeling warm was scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. here's a close-up of the other area of slight risk, everyone shaded in yellow this afternoon with severe or -- severe storms a possibility this afternoon. as we get to the next few days things will not change that much. the futurecast shows more showers developing during the afternoon and evening hours and as we get through the nighttime they slow down a bit and pop up during the afternoon, that will be the story for the next few days with some improvement in the overall pattern. the next seven days for you humidity with a 7% chance for showers and forms dropping to 30% for the day tomorrow with less as we get into the day on friday, saturday and sunday the time frame late saturday, early sunday ramping up again as the cold front approaches early week with a few days that are partly
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cloudy. jummy: just like summer in may. doug: it happens every year. jummy: sure does. thank you. coming up at noon, the controversial photo that landed
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jummy: a supermarket chain is now inspecting its produce. get this, after a woman was bitten by a black widow spider hiding in a bag of grapes. shaw supermarket in vermont sold the grapes. the woman is rushed to the hospital after the woman said the spider crawled out of the bag and the -- bit her arms. black widow bites are rarely lethal and the woman is expected to be ok. a flight attendant is in hot water this noon for a preflight
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photo shoot right in a plane's engine well. take a look at this picture this is a spirit airlines flight attendant. it started when passengers spotted her posing and grew concerned. many in the flying community say that the outrage over the photo shoot is known out of portion and she has removed the photos from her facebook age. tracking some storms this noon, doug will be back with a look at where we are at now, next.
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jummy: right now some of the youngest and brightest spellers in the country are showing off their skills at the national spelling bee preliminary competition taking place today. 200 85 spellers are competing and the semi finals and finals will be held tomorrow, good luck to everyone, especially local students. doug: let's talk about the weather here, chance for showers and thunderstorms in the work asked, highs warmer, storms west of the metro area, we will watch for them, a slight chance for severe weather all aft
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