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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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them in the suburbs outside the district line. we'll continue to monitor those moving east/northeast. the back edge should be through the media watch, the metro area by 7:00. we'll probably wind up and do it again tomorrow. the bigger view for you from our area farther north. and told you that the best chances of the heaviest storms would be north and east of the area. look at that. a solid line all the way to new england. so it's like the southern fringes. we will get a few heavy downpours and more heavy rain than anything else for the remainder of the afternoon. 89 at reagan national. much cooler air to the north and west where they have had the rain. otherwise sweltering. 90 in fredericksburg at the moment. the story for the rest of this day. it will be partly to mostly cloudy. warm and muggy. scattered showers apt storms. we will look ahead to the weekend in a couple of minutes. back to you. leon: all right, doug. the death toll continues to rise from the flooding in texas. right now at least 19 people have been confirmed dead. a dozen are still missing along the blanco river.
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outside of dallas, water pouring over a dam on the verge of failing with a dozen homes below in danger. so far 1,400 homes damaged. in houston, the destruction is even more widespread. >> we have a thousand properties that we visually inspected. we believe that there may be 4,000 with significant damage. leon: search and rescue crews are working with more thunderstorms coming. we'll have a report from brandi hix to give us the latest. alison: back at home, daron wint's father is calling his son's alleged crime egregious and heartless. wint is charged in the death of four people at that mansion in northwest d.c. dennis wint released a statement saying it pains him that his son is charged. but he avoids discussing his son's guilt or innocence and he says he hopes whoever is responsible suffers the consequences even if it includes his son. stephen tschida is following
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the investigation and he has the latest coming up at 5:00. leon: happening right now a confirmed case of tuberculosis has parents and students from rockville high school concerned. the school sent out a robo call but some parents say the school didn't tell them quickly enough and left them with more questions. sam sweeney outside of rockville high breaking down the story for us. sam? sam: a letter went home with students telling them they are not at additional risk of t.b. at rockville high school. i met with nurses at the health and human services this afternoon. they tell me they have a plan in place to determine who may have been exposed to the person with t.b. but at this hour, they want all parents and students to know that the situation is under control. tuberculosis is contagious but unlike the flu and the common cold it takes prolonged period of exposure. someone infected who repeatedly coughs and sneezes
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on another could infect another person. health officials stress it's difficult to contract the illness in a school setting. but out of an abundance of caution, health officials in montgomery county will test anyone who may have come in contact with this infected person. typically it takes ten weeks for the germ to show up in the human blood system. kimberly townsend from the department of health and human services explains. >> we will conduct what is called a contact investigation. we will look at who was in contact with the individual that is sick for how long, and may be at low risk for exposure. and we'll actually offer testing for the individuals or screening. sam: we have just learned that the students and the teachers who are identified as at risk will be notified this week. then they will be tested by the health department on june 4. now at this hour we don't know if it was a teacher, a staff member or a student who was infected. that is because of the privacy
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concerns. we also don't know when they were diagnosed. now coming up at 5:00, we dig deeper into this tuberculosis issue. montgomery county generally has the highest number of cases every year. in less than an hour i'll tell you why experts believe why. reporting live in rockville, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: thank you. tonight a man is in jail accused of making threats against metro. jereez stone-coleman, going by the name kidd cole, is accused phoning in many threats. all the calls had two things in common. they were directed at metro stations buses and trains. they were all fake. in 2014, kidd cole appeared on the show "catfish." alison: fifa has suspended 11 people including two of its vice presidents following an investigation into corruption
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in world soccer. as abc marsy gonzalez explains several fifa officials are now charged in the case. reporter: 14 people including top executives of the governing body that oversees world soccer charged with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. >> we took the soccer enterprise and they turned it in a criminal enterprise. reporter: the f.b.i. and justice department accusing the fifa officials from taking $150 million in kickbacks over the past two decades. some of which they claim influenced the selection of south africa to host the 2010 world cup and the most recent choices of russia for 2018 and -- >> the winner is qatar. [applause] reporter: -- qatar for the 2022 world cup beating out the u.s. as host. even though the temperatures there can reach 140 degrees. >> this really is the world cup of fraud. reporter: now after three years of investigating, the
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morning the arrests began. at least seven taken into custody in switzerland where fifa officials gathered for the yearly meeting. all set to be extradited to the u.s. as the f.b.i. agents in miami spent the day collecting more evidence. >> we provide all the information requested by them. reporter: several charged including american charles blazer who reportedly wore an undercover wire to record fellow soccer officials have already pleaded guilty. but one of the accused, former fifa vice president jack warner posted this video on his facebook page. proclaiming his innocence. fifa president who is not charged said today this kind of alleged misconduct has no place in the sport. still fifa officials said they will not change the locations of the next two world cups. marsy gonzalez abc news, new york. alison: we turn now to the 2016 and republican rick santorum is launching another white house run. his spokesperson said today
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that santorum is officially entering the race. he is expected to make a public announcement in his hometown of butler, pennsylvania, in about an hour. santorum scored a second-place finish for the republican nomination four years ago. leon: all right. look now at a local politician. prince george's county executive baker talking about the county's budget and the money for schools. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live. baker held a news conference two hours ago. brad, any changes to the executive proposal? >> yeah, big changes leon. it was in march that baker called another press conference. he had a bold proposal. he wanted money to boost prince george's county schools into what he called the top ten in the state. he wanted a lot of money. he wanted to increase property tax across the board in the county by $15 on the $100. a huge proposal. he wanted $133 million for the
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school. the proposal didn't go over well. i went over like a lead balloon. so today he called another press conference to revise his plan. he is not saying how much he thinks the taxes ought to go up but he is telling the council he now wants $65 million for school. not as much as he wanted but enough to make a difference. >> the plan i initially proposed aggressively raised the level of all the schools. this will keep intact many of the programs, investments initially proposed but at a slower, still acceptable pace of implementation. >> slower more acceptable. he did not get a very good response from the county with his proposal. so he is making this change. he says it's less than half what he was asking for. it's still a big hike. he was silent on how much he wanted the taxes to go up. he said the new proposal
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includes a sunset clause when the m.g.m. casino is fully up and operating at the national harbor and revenue is flowing from there. by 2020, he would propose ending the tax hike he is now asking for. the council will vote on all of this tomorrow. tomorrow is a big day for the prince george's taxpayers. marlboro, brad bell. alison: we'll be watching. thank you. the district of columbia is pressing a judge tonight asking for permission to continue enforcing a controversial gun law. that law states that people have to show "good reason" to get a concealed weapons permit. it was ruled up constitutional and they were forced to stop enforcing it. now they want to continue enforcing the rule over the ongoing court fight over the law's legality. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" consumer alert for drivers. the problem that prompted an auto maker to recall half a million vehicles.
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alison: and we'll go to texas for a look at the recovery expert. why one nfl star is apologizing for comments he made about the catastrophe. leon: we are going to hear from one of the little girls who was trapped inside the bounce house that got carried away by the wind. you'll want to hear
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alison: a penn state fraternity banned. a school investigation linked kappa delta roe with a secret facebook page where members posted pictures of naked women. they are banned for three years despite recommendation for a milder punishment. penn state they had a persistent climate of humiliation for several females. leon: a health matters report finds where you live could affect your weight. researchers found the south and the midwest have some of the highest obesity rates in the country. mississippi comes in at number one. followed by west virginia, louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma. they are topping the bad list. on the flip side, people in the west and the east coast seem to be slimmer. hawaii has the lowest obesity rates. it must be the surfing. colorado, montana, california,
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massachusetts round up the top five on the good list. alison: a consumer alert tonight as ford recalled nearly 423,000 cars for a steering program. the power assisted steering can fail while the cars are being driven. the recall covers ford flex and taurus models as well as the lincoln m.k.s. and m.k.t. from 2011-2013. it also includes ford fusion and lincoln m.k.z, from 2011-2012. and also 2011 mercury milans. leon: you know what never fails? jamie sullivan. she has report on the traffic. jamie: thank you. sometimes i'm not the favorite person of many because i'm the bearer of bad news. today we have crashes in a few spots. first, outer loop of the beltway. the accident we have is near 201. two lanes are blocked. they are averaging 17 miles per hour. top of the beltway is slow.
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congested getting from virginia to maryland. pretty much the southbound traffic is the iest. we are not going to really worry about the northbound crash too much. it's not causing a big delay. they should have it cleared up soon. as we move and stick with virginia, if you are heading toward the airport. outside on the toll road just before route 28, we have the left lane blocked for the crash. you see it's down to 16 miles per hour. if you are leaving the house you have to catch a flight. outbound from the capital beltway give yourself 20 minutes. take a live look outside. we have congestion on 95 southbound past 123. it does continue. stop and go delays getting closer to quantico. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right, thanks, jamie. thousands of homes in texas and oklahoma have been damaged by this week's deadly flooding. alison: a new round of storms is complicated the effort to
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search for nearly a dozen people who remain missing today. leon: abc's bradi hix is live in wimberley, texas, with the latest. set the scene for us. how is it out there today? brandi: it's awful. the destruction is so widespread in wimberley. if there is any good news is that the floodwaters have receded here. i'm a hundred yards away from the blanco river at one point rushed in. the floodwaters so high it ripped that home off of its foundation. waters above my head. also putting that ladder in the tree. now the waters have reseeded here. the rescue crews are going door-to-door, hoping to find any survivors. another round of storms is striking the heart of texas. pushing water over this dam outside of dallas at one point on the verge of failing. as search and rescue teams scour what is left of the homes along the blaco river for ten people still missing. >> thousands of homes are
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damaged. some totally lost. brandi: laura and her two small children haven't been seen for days after the vacation home was swept away, floating into a bridge and breaking into pieces. water so powerful at the peak it raged at 223,000 cubic feet for second. more than twice the volume of niagara falls. in houston, entire freeways have been turned into rivers. >> it came up over the roof on some of the cars. in 45 minutes. it came up fast. it wasn't pretty. brandi: among the more than 500 calls for water rescues this was caught on a cell phone. >> i didn't want to see the woman drowned. brandi: they saved a woman and her dog trapped in the car. it created a swath of tornadoes from texas all the way to ohio. this twister tearing through a shopping center leaving behind a parking lot full of
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wreckage. another tornado even spotted just ten miles from where we are this afternoon. that is the last thing the families need as they return home to find out what has been left. we saw the teddy bear in a tree with old vinyl records. a homeowner came over and said those are my records. she was happy to recover them. recording live, brandi hitt. leon: what an amazing snapshot of how powerful that water was. alison: exactly. thank you. leon: thanks. san francisco 49ers quarterback kapaernick is apologizing for the post. the post he put out has been removed and it showed a photo of submerged vehicles with a caption saying i warned you the seven storm is coming, houston. seven is his jersey number. the nfl issued an apology on twitter saying he didn't
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understand oh many people were struggling and his prayers are with everyone there. prayers and apologies. alison: let's turn to the weather around here. we have a mix. summer like mix with the heat and the humidity and the storms. doug: we saw this coming. tomorrow and the next day are pretty much the same. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 7:00. the counties affected have been being dropped one at a time to the west and the northwest of the metro area. lauterbach off the list. carroll, frederick county in maryland. the system is moving north and northeast. the showers and the storms now are in fact northwest and northeast of the metro area. the intensity of the showers have been diminishing in the past 20, 30 minutes. continue to drift north. you can see, watch it animate
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one more time. this area here is green light yellow. 30 minutes ago was heavier. it's all good news for the local areas. the heavy rain moves out. here is where the effects of some of this. hagueerstown an inch of rain from the system. 76 there. herndon at 69. half of an inch or less in the centreville, gaithersburg, .37. we have had the rain. it's noticeably cooler. 71 at dulles dulles. the rain has been absent and warmer. 87 at andrews and quantity know. -- and quantico. it feels muggy. 91 at andrews and feels 83 at the capitol. feels 95 in fredericksburg. a bleak north and west of town where it has cooled off because of showers. overnight it's partly cloudy and muggy. 65-71. tomorrow, do the same thing all over again here. here are the numbers. check them out. several more days like this one. 60% chance of rain tomorrow.
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40% on friday. get into saturday and the probability goes up to 60% through the day. and the evening. temperatures mid-to-upper 80's. cold front looks like it will make the presence felt on sunday and monday. downturn for early next week. alison: thank you. still to come. metro's plan to buy hundreds of rail cars comes to a screeching halt. why the government is delays the move. leon: some skins fans aren't happy that one of the team's stars did not appear at organized team activities yesterday. but where he appeared causedded controversy today
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alison: well, redskins star deshaun jackson taking heat for not appearing at the first day of a.t.a.'s. leon: he posted pictures showing the playoff game in cleveland. tim: this is blowing up. jackson is the redskins most talented and dangerous receiver. thanks to the bargaining procedure, o.t.a.'s are voluntary so he is not breaking rules or agreement but to be there with the 20,000 cleveland fans watching the fan destroy cleveland and
4:25 pm
taking picture with lebron and kyrie irving it doesn't look good for a member of a 4-12 ball club on the field. >> it's embarrassing and disrespecting. tim: desean jackson missing from o.t.a.'s is not lost on the sports fans. >> he should have been with the team. >> i think he needs to be there. even else is there. why shouldn't he? tim: jack zorn was a no-show in the opening session. >> desean will miss this week and be back next week. tim: last night, jackson post pictures with lebron james after the win in cleveland. a sports radio topic was born. >> i'm not worked up over as a fan. he did it in philadelphia. desean jackson was there every sunday last year when 95% of the team wasn't there and didn't produce. tim: new redskins tackle terrance spoke tuesday in generality about the team unity. >> everybody has to be on the same page. everybody has to come together. guys have to hang out on and
4:26 pm
off the field and everybody has to be selfless. tim: that was before jackson's cleveland photos went viral. >> being at a basketball game instead of at practice and showing pictures is disrespectful to the team and the teammates. tim: c'mon man! o.t.a.'s are strictly voluntary. it's actually not a bad thing for him to miss practice while the new guys stumble around and try to figure out what they are doing. you don't want him to get hurt. but it's perception and it's not good and it doesn't look good when you are 4-12. i understand it. he said he will be back next week. leon: what happens if he comes back and gets injure and is not in shape. tim: he went to the ballgame. leon: he was confused because the cavs wear the same colors as the skins. tim: we do need our radio show. here we go. leon: maybe if he hadn't posted pictures it wouldn't have been as bad. tim: it doesn't look good. fans that are invested for the redskins. they live and die for the
4:27 pm
redskins. they don't want to to see this. leon: all right. alison: we want to know what you think about jackson's decision to go to cleveland instead of the redskins o.t.a. leon: the conversation is happening now on the abc7 facebook page. ann wrote to us -- leon: still ahead at 4:00 -- you heard of the couple making national headlines for free-rein parenting. >> we are hospitallistic to change their mind -- we are optimistic after they change
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." leon: let's get back to the weather. the d.c. region is under severe thunderstorm watch. alison: our chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the storms for us. what is the latest? doug: most of the action is from northeast of washington to new england there are a few renegade storms popping up. let's get to the popular and show the closest one. this is over rappahannock county. it has developed in the past 15 minutes. torrential rain, maybe hail, too, moving through the county to the east and south of washington, virginia. it will drift east/northeast and cross the u.s. 21 here. 211, rather, over the next 20 minutes or so.
4:31 pm
the majority of the rain will stay north and northeast of the metro indicated by the storm scan. the iest line of storm occurring over the eastern pennsylvania, eastern new york state and entering into vermont, new hampshire and up to northwestern main. we are indeed on the southern fringes. temperatures have been interesting. very hot areas that have gotten the heavy rain cooled off significantly in the lower 70's. even places like washington dropped to 81 degrees. even though we haven't seen much rain at all in the nation's capitol. the future cast shows it's moving quickly tonight. partly cloudy and muggy night but tomorrow afternoon we could see the showers pop up under the heat of the day. across the portion of the area. replay the same scenario through the day on friday and saturday. tomorrow, partly cloudy. warm and humid. upper 780's -- upper 80's. we look ahead to the weekend and beyond in a few minutes. alison: see you then. thank you. breaking right now, tracy morgan has settled his lawsuit
4:32 pm
with wal-mart. the actor/comedian sued the company over the highway crash that killed one man and left morgan and two friends seriously hurt. the driver of the wal-mart truck that crashed into morgan's bus apparently hasn't slept in some 24 hours. details of the settlement are not being made public but wal-mart called it "amicable." leon: good news that tracy morgan is recovering. last seen in public walking with a cane. alison: very good. leon: earlier this afternoon d.c. city council approved a new budget. so, did mayor bowser get what she wanted? sam ford is here to break it down for us. hello, sam. sam: hello. as the chairman of the counsel put -- council, everybody got something they wanted and everybody got something they didn't want in this budget.
4:33 pm
[inaudible] the chairman gave in to the mayor on matters like providing free bus and rail for the d.c. school kids on summer jobs or 22- to 24-year-olds. mayor bowser talked about it in her appearance yesterday. the council has not yet agreed to fund it for next year. but if they can prove this year that the program is successful for young adults, they will be funding these programs. this year's budget includes $100 million for affordable housing, money to end homelessness and provide body-worn camera for police. the longest serving member of the council noted that the budget is nearly $13 billion. >> deliver. come back with results that thousands of individuals who are now homeless in the city are not homeless anymore. we'll continue to provide funding. but if all we are doing is paying contractors and then there are no results we have wasted our time here. sam: jack evans noted that
4:34 pm
this year's budget or the budget they passed today is more than twice as large. 105% larger than the budget they passed in 2003. reporting live from john wilson building, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: you have heard a lot about the montgomery county parents who were advocating for free rein parenting. yesterday, we told you how child protective services dropped charges of neglect for one of two incidents involving the children walking home alone. for the first time the family sat down for an interview together on "good morning america." we kimberly suiters has the latest. kimberly: the family didn't sit down for the interview. 6-year-old devora and 10-year-old doing what their parents want. >> facing fears while exploring the world. >> you could eliminate all risk of being abducted at what cost?
4:35 pm
>> lock your kids in the house all day? kimberly: danielle and alexander are relieved that one child neglect charge was dismissed. they are waiting on the other. in the meantime, they are fighting publicly for their right to raise the kids their way andf other parents too. >> it's tragic when children are taken away from parents. it happened too often. >> first i thought oh, i better hide. kimberly: but the daughter says free rein play is worth the risk. >> we don't get bossed around by hour parents. kimberly: the right to move freely matters deeply to their dad. >> it's okay to stand up for your rights. you may succeed. kimberly: the mother says we fail to overestimate the danger and underestimate our children. kimberly suiters, abc7 news.
4:36 pm
leon: some recently declassified document are stirring up a debate over creation of a group of isil and whether the united states is accidentally responsemmable for the creation. scott thuman has been digging in the papers and has more. scott: researchers at judicial watch for asking for defense documents looking in pennington. the chaos reciting an uncertain future in iraq and syria was something critics say they now know the administration was warranted about and -- warned about and to a dangerous degree ignored. >> you say the documents are damning. >> they are so damning if they were released prior to the president's re-election he may not have been re-elected. scott: judicial watch secured previously classified documents that say the american support of rebels trying to oust syrian
4:37 pm
president bashar assad would create an ideal atmosphere for al-qaeda and the islamic state to eventually rule parts of syria and iraq. >> it wasn't too long later that president obama. scott: some allege the u.s. trained fighters that became isil, though the papers hardly prove that. >> it's not did the united states create isis. that is silly. scott: matt says where the u.s. failed is by not backing the moderate rebels in syria when it could. a move that may have prevented the rise of isil and the panic ensuing from baghdad to damascus. >> there was a misstep in the u.s. policy. it's critical to explain to people not making a decision is a decision on itself and sometimes a costly one. scott: the almost 3-year-old document predict that the
4:38 pm
terror group will gain momentum returning to the old pockets like ramadi, something we saw happen this month. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. alison: coming up at 4:00 -- a set back to are out new rail cars and why it's on hold. leon: and what you need to we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. sleepiq tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the morial day special edition mattress with sleepiq. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number.
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leon: putting the brakes on the metro rail car upgrade. alison: jeff goldberg explains what is holding up the roll out of hundreds of rail cars. jeff: metro is looking for riders supporting the new change and it doesn't have to look far. >> cars need to be updated. they smell. not pleasant. jeff: but the plan to purchase 220 of the new state-of-the-art 7,000 series subway cars is now on hold. as the federal transit administration is not sold on the idea. the new 7,000 to add to 520 on order and the eight trains currently in service. >> the new ones are really nice. i rode it once. jeff: but the $431 million purchase cannot happen without
4:42 pm
approval from the f.t.a. which might not be ready to retire and replace the older 5,000 series built in the early 2000's and still with years left on the expected life span. >> i think the metro is in good condition. jeff: there were several well publicized service problems and metro is now dealing with another setback and this is time sensitive. the price for the new 7,000 is locked in with the manufacturerer. but that agreement only lasts until july. a spokesperson for the f.d.a. tells the "washington post" it understands the deadline. they are hopeful the answer comes before next week's board meeting set for next month. in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: some maryland commuters are going to pay more for transit. the transit is raising fares.
4:43 pm
they will pay a dollar more on one-way trip. commuters will see increase from 25 cents to $1.25 depending on the distance they travel. the cost of the daily, weekly and monthly passes will be increasing. fare hikes take effect june 25. up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are hearing from one of the girls trapped inside a bounce house that was carried away by the wind. alison: what she is saying about the wild ordeal. leon: "7 on your side" consumer alert for millions of americans with anthem health insurance. what to look out for after the company experienced a security breach.
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
leon: millions of americans with anthem health insurance are learning crucial information has been compromised. consumer reporter john matarese looks at this so people don't waste their money. john: could the anthem security breach lead to identity theft? some people in the d.c. area not get their tax refund? that is what a number of taxpayers want to know after the i.r.s. told them someone had already filed their name. kathy can't believe it.
4:47 pm
the i.r.s. rejected her tax return. someone already filed with the same name and the social security number. she is now going to have to prove she is who she says she is. >> definitely not going to trust you. someone with your social number has already filed. therefore, you have filed. john: the same thing happened to mark. someone filed for him and stole his refund. >> it's upsetting because you don't really know what other mischief they might be up to. johnson: they are both anthem blue cross customers. sheriff deputies say they are hearing from a number of people. the i.r.s. and anthem say there is no hard evidence that the i.r.s. fraud and anthem fraud is related. but if they get your social they can file your tax return and steal your refund, which is what happened to kathy and mark. file your taxes as soon as possible next year in case
4:48 pm
anyone gets your social by then. consider the anthem antifraud program and consider freezing your credit account at the credit bureaus. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: a flight attendant is in hot water because of a preflight photo shoot. take a look at the pictures of the spirit airlines flight attendant erica deal. she is in a plane's engine well. this started when the passengers were boarding a flight at the chicago o'hare airport. they spotted her. many are saying the outrage is out of proportion. the photos were removed from the facebook page. alison: emoji, photo bomb and nsfw are words and acronyms that you thought were just slang. not anymore. they are part of the latest updated meriem webster dictionaries. many of the new entries reflect global language trends that are increasingly digital
4:49 pm
like net neutrality and click bait. leon: okay. alison: whatever that is. leon: something that makes you click on it. not chick bait. alison: chick magnet. [laughter] he is speechless. doug: what? the severe watch is canceled but we have one storm healthy looking. what is left on the eastern shore to new jersey. and it continues well northeast across new england where the heavy duty weather action has been and will continue to be. here it is all by itself out here to the west. this may weaken a tiny bit. we had lightning strikes. torrential rain and it's
4:50 pm
flattening out. that is not surprising. heavy rain. move up toward marshal and the northern end of the county. the activity has moved north and east. the storms for the rest of the afternoon with most areas warm and muggy. the temperatures are plenty warm with those who haven't had the rain. those that had the gust front and outflow boundary from the storm. 72 in hagerstown. 89 in richmond, virginia. another day like this tomorrow and another one on friday and another one on saturday. daily chances of showers and storms and warm and humid weather. this is the southern end of the line of storms. for storms through ohio valley and the deep south. they will diminish after sunset as well.
4:51 pm
we have changes precipitation. over the weekend the chance drops more. by the weekend, sunday especially, the temperatures will drop off a bit. a strong continue front comes in. we will rapidly warm in the 70's on tuesday and back to 80 on wednesday. alison: that is the way it's supposed to be this time of year. thank you. check on traffic now with jamie sullivan who has details. hi jamie. jamie: we have slow spots. that is what i want to run through. we have earlier crashes that have been cleared. this is working its way on the inner leap. this is near old dominion. look at the map. just to show you the heavy spot on the beltway. we are seeing that from 66 continuing closer to bethesda. working your way to silver
4:52 pm
spring. you get a little relief and you are on the brakes again approaching college park. we have a crash we're still working on northbound 235. this red line is the typical delay outbound on 395. good news, clear away a crash on the toll road. so we are still under the posted speed limit about 40 miles per hour in some spots. 28 is where they clear the crash. no problems right now working your way in maryland. northbound 95 at the g.w. parkway. that is a look at the traffic. back to you. leon: okay. thanks. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new details on the bounce house accident in florida. hear from one of the girls trappe
4:53 pm
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alison: a "saved by the bell" star is headed to trial. dustin who played screech is accused of stabbing a man in an argument in a wisconsin bar on christmas day. they say he used a pocket knife but the defense team said police interviewed six people and no one saw him stab the man. he was not seriously hurt. leon: a brazen jewelry heist on camera in florida. this happened saturday at the lauderhill mall. a man enters a jewelry store and smashes the display case with a hammer. five other men have come inside with bags and bins. grabs a long metal stick and starts swinging. the robbers were unstoppable. >> at the time, i don't know what i was thinking.
4:57 pm
alison: the thieves ran away with estimated $200,000 worth of gold chains and oversized charms. no one was injured. alison: this is incredible. we are hearing now from one of the children injured when a bounce house was lifted up and carried away by the wind in florida. leon: a story that you have to see and hear. geo benitez has the tale. reporter: we are hearing firsthand from one of the three children caught inside the bounce house horror. >> scary scary. reporter: 6-year-old suffering a head injury and minor scratches. she was taken on one wild ride when a 30-foot wide water spout made landfall on the shore of fort lauderdale monday afternoon. taking the bounce house with it. >> i was thinking i was about to die. reporter: all three children trapped inside injured, they're okay. one family is getting a lawyer saying the bounce house should
4:58 pm
not be on the beach in the first place. >> nothing should be that close to coast in my opinion. reporter: wind gusts in the area reached 25 miles per hour. wind and safety experts can be dangerous. >> you need to shut it down and deflate it. even with the stakes on the ground. reporter: the company providing the bounce house telling the affiliate our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the freak occurrence. we are cooperating with the city and law enforcement. the 6-year-old is thankful but shaken. leon: threats against metro. 11 in all. the person accused of making them is a d.c. conman made famous by mtv. tu burke low kiss concerns -- tuberculosis concerns at a high school. a man trapped and a hero on the scene. >> if he stayed in there, that
4:59 pm
would have been it. leon: the risk an officer took to save the life of a stranger. "playboy's" magazine new and up "playboy" strategy to attract new readers. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: in the past 15 minutes, the national weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm watch for our area. leon: let's find out what is ahead. chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the forecast in the weather center. doug: there is sunshine outside the belfort furniture center in rosslyn. a couple of showers down river. one popped up over the southern fairfax county. along the river itself. but not far south of springfield. it's west of warren. hanging together with lightning and mostly heavy rain. but that is it for the local area. heavy duty action continues to the northeast. northeast of baltimore.
5:00 pm
it's been that way all afternoon. that is the action spot. that is one of the main reasons why the weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm watch a couple of hours early. not much happening. isolated downpours, not much in the way of heavy wind. temperatures where we have seen the rain are cooler in the 70's. no rain, it's 90 in washington. a couple more hours it will settle down. muggy and partly cloudy. overnight lows 65 to 71. tomorrow we do it over again. more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. leon: okay. we will see you then. alison: turn to breaking news. abc7 news just learned that live anthrax samples were mistakenly sent to a lab in maryland. senior political reporter scott thuman has breaking details. scot: from what we understand, they sent anthrax samples that were supposed to be inactive to as many as nine laboratories around the co


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