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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of baltimore. it's been that way all afternoon. that is the action spot. that is one of the main reasons why the weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm watch a couple of hours early. not much happening. isolated downpours, not much in the way of heavy wind. temperatures where we have seen the rain are cooler in the 70's. no rain, it's 90 in washington. a couple more hours it will settle down. muggy and partly cloudy. overnight lows 65 to 71. tomorrow we do it over again. more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. leon: okay. we will see you then. alison: turn to breaking news. abc7 news just learned that live anthrax samples were mistakenly sent to a lab in maryland. senior political reporter scott thuman has breaking details. scot: from what we understand, they sent anthrax samples that were supposed to be inactive to as many as nine laboratories around the country.
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the labs were working on a pentagon project to come up with new tests to detect biological threats. in at least one of the lab one in maryland. we don't know exactly where yet. the sample contains live anthrax spores. among the other eight states mentioned to receive samples that now need to be tested is virginia. there is a lot to look into. c.d.c. sent officials to the other labs to conduct on site investigation. at this point, centers for disease control saying, "at this time we do not suspect any risk to the general public." we will stay on top of it. alison: keep us posted scott. thank you. meanwhile, this is just in to the abc7 newsroom. work is set to begin tomorrow on new security measures for the white house. the temporary security enhaser have a new officer on con constitution avenue. mobile steel barrier plates. the work should be finished in july. leon: now to a developing story out of montgomery county. where a rockville high school
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is confirming a case of tuberculosis. sam sweeney live outside of rockville high school with the answer. sam? sam: the parents here received a short robo call last night telling them that somebody at the high school has tuberculosis. but few details after that. tonight many parents here want to know if their children are safe. >> they wouldn't tell me anything. >> the tenth grader at rockville high school said in last night's robo call left her uneasy. >> i'm concerned about the health of my family. >> because of prysy concerns, we don't know if it's a opportunity or staff member with t.b. but we know it is difficult to contract the disease in a school environment. >> tuberculosis is spread through the air. it's not typically spread by casual contact like eating in a cafeteria or passing each other in the hallway general conversation. >> experts say you need
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prolong contact in tight spaces. unyear when the infected -- unclear when the infected person was diagnosed but the health officials said they engaged the tuberculosis action plan. >> we will look at who was in contact with the individual that is sick, for how long and may be at low risk for exposure. and will offer testing for the individuals or screening. >> the students will be tested on june 4 and retested in ten weeks. right now health officials say there is no additional exposure risk at the school. as for some students and parents, they are still uneasy. >> i told them i was going to take my daughter to her private physician. i'm not waiting. >> we should know montgomery county generally has the highest number of cases of tuberculosis each year. experts say it's because of the high immigrant population in the county. there were 59 confirmed cases
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last year. we should nolte that tuberculosis is highly curable with antibiotics. reporting live at rockville high school. i'm sam sweeney. abc7 news. leon: thank you. we turn to a story we first brought you on 7. a family of a girl publicly beaten on a school bus is filing a lawsuit. the 9-year-old was verbally and physically attacked as the school bus pulled out of highland park in landover. her parents hired a lawyer and held a press conference this afternoon in front of the county courthouse. >> it's this type of behavior that we are attempting to address. we have filed today a lawsuit against prince george's county. against the prince george's county board of education, against the administration of the elementary school. and the bus driver mr. joseph who failed to act when she was back attacked. leon: she suffered a concussion and took a week off from school to recover from
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that. the girl who attacked her was suspended. alison: he made a name for himself on a reality show about romantic online scams. now a d.c. man is facing real life charges for concocting threats against metro. kevin lewis live at the potomac avenue station with accusations against jerez stone-coleman. kevin? kevin: hi, alison. police say stone-coleman many may know by the stage name kidd-cole pretended to be a terrorist. he called in the often thinkable on board the buses and trains. jerez stone-coleman accused of wreaking hank on metro. 11 threats of terrorism police say in one case he outlined a violent ambush on president obama's motorcade. in another given stance he reportedly demanded $15 million to deactivate a bomb
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on board a metro bus. >> huge inconvenience on the passengers. kevin: the captain said he wasted time and money. >> he made allegations that police officers were shot in the middle of the street. we responded to each one of those as a real incident. kevin: stone-coleman today at a home in southeast. at which point he told the officers he felt a sting in his chest. >> were the chest pains a hoax as well? >> apparently -- i don't know if they were a hoax as well but he has been released. he didn't spend much time in the hospital. kevin: last year m.t.v. exposed stone-coleman on the hit tv show "catfish." at the time, he led a girl believe he was a successful music producer and in term bilked her out of thousands. >> getting him off the street is a big win for the customers and a big win for law enforcement. kevin: stone-coleman again goes by the nickname kidd-cole
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expected in u.s. district court tomorrow. this is a federal case with federal charges because the allegations of terrorism. live in southeast i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a controversial notebook now made public. this book was entered as evidence in the trial against the allegedded colorado movie theater gunman james holmes. the 56 pages are filled with stick figures, ramblings eight consecutive pages of the word "why" crawled in even larger writing. prosecutors are attempting to use his notebook to under mine his claim he was legally insane at the time of the 2012 attack saying instead it paints a picture of a methodical killer. leon: the family of a man charged in the horrific murder of a family and their housekeeper is asking for prysy and justice, but they are not talking about daron wint's guilt or innocence. stephen tschida has a statement for them and the
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latest from the crime seep in northwest d.c. -- crime scene in northwest d.c. stephen: there is still a police presence. you can see the house. the murder scene is cordoned off and this is an active case. investigators are looking for more suspects. now we understand they are looking into money orders associated with some of the individuals arrested when daron wint was taken into custody. the individuals later released. then the statement from wint's father where he sympathizes with the family of the victims and condemns the crime. but does not offer up a defense for his son. >> daron wint, so far the only person charged in the murders of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their 10-year-old son phillip and housekeeper vera figueroa. his father dennis wint issued a statement to the "washington post" saying -- i would like the family of the victims to know our thoughts and prayers are with them. it pains me that my son is charged with this crime. we hope whoever committed these heinous crimes, my son
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included will suffer the consequences. meanwhile, suspects are trying to find other accomplices. they believe they were held for hours and tortured and said he murdered the three adults and left the little boy to die when he set the house on fire. the focus shifts to assistant at savvas savopoulos who delivered the $40,000 of apparent ran some to the house. the court papers indicate the employee made conflicting statement about the event prior to the murders. now throughout the day we went to the home of wint's father and the home of the mother as well to see if there was any more information coming from them. later on in the day we did speak to a man who identified himself as a friend of the wint family.
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hi says the statement was issued to distance the family members from daron wint and also in hopes of being left alone as this case progresses. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> he's breathing. alison: a charles county sheriff office is hailed as a hero tonight. neighbors say they called 911 when they saw flames coming out of a house. maryland bureau chief brad bell picks up the story from there. brad: it was a brad -- bad fire moving fast through the house. the officer heard the horrifying radio call. he is a cop, not a firefighter. but he knew he had to respond. >> somebody was trapped. this is my job to try to help. brad: he is all aw, shucks now, but after midnight monday
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he faced a life and death situation. >> it was 40 feet above the roof in the air. heavy smoke in the area. brad: the resident and her daughter got out but she is yelling that her husband is still inside. >> intense and overwhelming. brad: they open the front door. faced with the brutal conditions the deputy crouched down, came in the house and got lucky. he saw the victim's socks, his feet. he managed to pull him out of the fire. >> it was a a relief for that gentleman and relief for me that i would be able to go home and be with my family. brad: he is hospitalized with the support of his family. >> i think if he had stayed in there another couple of seconds, that would have been it. >> i would rather run into bullet or a gunfight than run into a fire. him out.
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brad: in waldorf, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: great ending. coming up here at 5:00 -- >> what they did was greed. greed that drove them to use and exploit their positions for cash. alison accusation of corruption and bribery of leaders against the beautiful game. leon: big bombshell. plus, supporters are waiting for the official word from the candidate looking for a presidential run. we have more on the announcement coming up. alison: later, could cows soon be grazing on a white house lawn? why a man is making an often the first family will probably be able to refuse. leon: tourist attraction. but first -- >> right through here in 20 minutes. leon: more warning in
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alison: now an update on the deadly heatwave in india. the death toll is rising and the summer temperatures continue to soar. government officials say more than 1100 people have died over the past month. due to lack of water and high humidity. the temperatures there reached 118 degrees fahrenheit. the clean-up continues in ohio
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after an ef-1 tornado touched down there. look at this video of the tornado slamming into a shopping center. the storm rolled through quickly but still managed to cause a lot of damage by picking up cars and just throws them to buildings and knocking down trees. two people were hospitalized but with minor injuries. leon: for the last few days all eyes on texas where the weather continues to take a deadly turn. today, city officials confirm six deaths in houston after days of record rain and more than a dozen others are missing and more storms in the forecast. juan is live in wimberley, texas, and has more onhe deadly conditions at this hour. what is the latest? reporter: yes, good evening. nine of those missing are from hays county, the county we are now. the search continues people are worried because there is more rain forecast time is running out. this is a community still
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hoping for good news. flood warnings remain in effect. they are still searches for victims. >> every time it rains it poses a problem for the guys on the ground. reporter: the san marcos emergency officials are expanding the search group for those missing and will use organized volunteers to cover the new ground. >> it has to be a coordinated effort. we do not need anybody hurt. or worse. reporter: among the missing a mother and two children whose cabin washed away. >> quite a shock to us. and the friends with them. they lost close friends and their families are hurting. it is a tragic situation. reporter: more than 11 inches fell in houston in 24 hours. on this road many cars report to drive over the median to avoid the flooded areas.
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over drivers not so lucky. the houston area is under a flash flood warning as is an area south of dallas where engineers are monitoring a dam. >> i am concerned about it. i'm not an engineer. the preliminary information is it can handle the amount of water currently behind it. reporter: as they are taking the new flash flood watches seriously. the town of wharton put out voluntary information. asking people to leave if they can. they are worried that the colorado river that runs near their town will overrun the banks the way this river did the past weekend and worried for the safety of the people who live there. leon? leon: all right. reporting live from wimberley texas. look at the scene.
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boy! doug: here, we have one area of heavy rain on the doppler radar. overall, stuck in a pattern with the afternoon evening showers and storms. keep our fingers crossed it won't be severe. live look from the weather bug camera in alexandria. three minutes ago we were looking at the camera. even though the sky was blue and the clouds and the sun was out, it was raining heavy. shower down river near alexandria. more are scattered around the area. numbers are getting it as we go through the time here. over an inch of rain in herndon. a little inch of rain in hagerstown. .31 in chantilly. look at the temperatures. some areas are cool, 74 in silver springs. 76 in herndon because of the rain. outside the rainy areas it's still very warm and humid. the live doppler radar, that came through alexandria. breaking apart in prince george's county and southeast washington. the larger system that is slowly and steadily moving
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through the county. no lightning but heavy downpours. it will probably rain itself out. temperatures are all over the place. the heavier rains fell. 75 in frederick. no rain. 90 in fredericksburg. 80 at reagan national airport. heat index is big issue down south. feels 93 in fredericksburg. through the evening, the showers and the storms will come to an end. partly cloudy overnight with light winds. 65 and 71 degrees. temperatures through the atlantic and the southeast are warm and humid. farther up you go in 81 and northeast pennsylvania cooler with a lot of rain and heavy rain like that. you get a look at the line of showers stretching to maine. continue stream of hot and
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hume air emanating from high pressure off the elan tick. summer-like weather pattern that we see frequently. it will sit there for several days and pump up the heat and the humidity. any trigger is enough to pop up the showers and the storms. the cold front will wash out over the next 24 hours. really not going to have much effect. maybe a few showers and storms in the afternoon. 's not really going to change the air mass. high pressure and cool air will stay north. so we will resume the flow of southerly winds. this cold front sunday will make a dis. until then it will stay warm and muggy. here are the numbers. 8785 88. same deal for the next few days. chances of rain are 40% tomorrow. 60% saturday and sunday. especially sunday. behind the front look at the drop of temperatures monday. upper 60's. then we will settle down a little bit. this time of year, get in early june. you are not going to sustain
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temperatures in the 70's for long. it will get back where it should be. leon: we know it is coming. alison: it will be a nice cool-off. thank you. delta air lines threw apis s party for passengers that were stranded because of yesterday's severe weather. here are the pictures from an atlanta-bound flight diverted to knoxville tennessee. delta air lines had that pizza delivered right to the plane. delta says it is making an effort to get food and drink to the passengers if weather is impacting travel. leon: for once you see an airline make a smart move for passengers stuck in that situation. alison: i'm sure it helped. leon: i bet they are big delta fans now. >> alison: exactly. leon: coming up here, men have always said they read it for the articles, right? >> they can see everything, one mouse click away from anything you can imagine. leon: still ahead find out how "playboy" is looking to redefine itself in the digital age.
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive ly half the federal healthcare funding as the othe50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications."
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woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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alison: breaking news from montgomery county. a grad student convicted in the murder of his life-long friend will spend the rest of his life in prison.
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raul gupta killed mark waugh after he walked
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leon: in the last half hour, rick santorum made it official. he is back in the race for the white house. the former pennsylvania congressman ran for the republican nomination leading up to last election. horace holmes is in the newsroom. i now need a scorecard to keep track of all of them. horace: absolutely! santorum is still addressing the crowd in western pennsylvania. he is hoping for a better outcome this time around. he is joining an already already crowded republican field. he ran in 2012. with his family by his side. the former pennsylvania senator kicked off his 2016 bid for the us who in a -- bid for the white house in a manufacturing plant outside of pennsylvania where he grew up. santorum 2012. surprised many as ending up as the runner-up to mitt romney
5:30 pm
for the republican nomination. today he starts his new campaign with a focus on winning over the working class voter. rick: as middle america is hallowing out we can't side idly by. as big government politicians make it harder for our workers and turn around and became them for losing jobs overseas -- blame them for losing jobs overseas. working families don't need another president to hide big government or big money. today is the day. today is the day we are going to begin to fight back. horace: there you have it. rick santorum throwing his hat in the ring for the republican nomination. again, already joining a crowded republican field. reporting live in the newsroom, horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: as you said, santorum isn't the only candidate planning to enter the race. just this week, tomorrow, former new york governor george pataki is expected to launch a bid for the republican nomination at an
5:31 pm
event in new hampshire. saturday, former maryland governor martin o'malley is set to announce he is running for the demococraratiti tonight in the world's most popupu from soccer's governing body fifa were indicted on corruption and bribery charges. many others were suspended from all sport-related abtiveties. bribes were found in collection with the selection of south africa as the host country for 2010 world cup. suzanne kennedy has more on the international scandal and the local reaction to it. suzanne: you can tell by the number of children here for the youth soccer try-out how popular the sport is. the indictment includes everything from marketing to world cup to bids to broadcast deals. corruption officials say spans a period of two decades. it was at a high end hotel in zurich switzerland, seven executives taken to police
5:32 pm
custody. in miami, f.b.i. agencies searched offices as loretta lynch announced a three-year investigation in widespread investigation. >> they were expected to uphold the rules to keep soccer honest and protect the integrity of the game. instead, they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and enrich themselves. suzanne: authorities allege the leaders of the soccer federation took $150 million in bribe and payouts in a dozen different schemes. the scandal is rocking the soccer world. >> for us, for fifa, this is good. this confirms that we are on the right track. it hurts. it's not easy. but it's the only way to go. suzanne: in arlington, at this game, there is disappointment but no great surprise. >> it's a long time coming. >> i'm surprised that they have a chance to do something
5:33 pm
about it. they are untouchable the organization. >> ultimately it will clean it up. ultimately it will wash it clean and somebody else will come in and they will start the game the way it is supposed to be. suzanne: one american indicted pleaded guilty and reportedly wore a wire to record other soccer officials. the process to extradite those arrested is already underway. reporting live at arlington suzanne kennedy abc7 news. alison: the baband alison: the band u2's long-time tour manager dennis sheehan has died. the 68-year-old was found dead at the sunset marquee hotel early this morning after suffering a massive heart attack. his death comes a day after the band kicked off a five-night concert tour in los angeles. the first big gig since bono had arm surgery last year. bono posted a statement about sheehan's death for the band saying, "we lost a family member. we are still taking it in."
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leon: right now a public meeting is getting underway in fairfax about plans to widen interstate 66. the virginia department of transportation wants to expand thththe ro beltway to hay market. tonight's meeting runs until 7:30 at the v-dot northern virginia office along alliance drive in fairfax. also tonight v-dot will shift lanes along route one. all lanes of richmond highway will move between fairfax county parkway and backlit road to widen route 1. look for that change tomorrow morning. alison: let's check on how the traffic is looking tonight. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: it's a slow one. let's begin with the commute outbound on 66. it will take 40 minutes from the beltway to continue to the fairfax county parkway. no accidents that are causing big delays right now. it's just that normal afternoon commute. you can see we have congestion on 66. definitely that is slowing.
5:35 pm
we have the heavy traffic on the beltway. i want to give you a live look and show you what we are working with. this is near seven lost road. you get a look at the volume the inner and the outer loop. no crashes in maryland working outbound on 270. slow go closer to gaithersburg. 95 to baltimore and maryland. same thing. congestion from the capital beltway closer to get toward laurel. no problems on the road. we had an earlier accident but that is now gone. that is a look at the afternoon commute. back to you. alison: thank you. the richmond zoo has nine new cheetah cubs. they were born in the past month. that brings a total number of the cheetahs at the zoo to 25. new mom gave birth to a litter of four may 12. one of the cubs died in a few hours. howe second-time mom lana gave birth to six cubs which is apparently really
5:36 pm
unusually. the zoo has not named any of them yet. leon: your private messages are going public. snap chat is preparing an i.p.o. and the company is expected to be valued at $19 billion. the ceo announced a plan at a conference but he hasn't set a firm date when the public offering will be made. leon: "playboy" hopes less skin is more money. it hasn't turned a process in ten years.they launched it and it was revolutionary but now the company says with the internet everything is a click away. so "playboy's" new strategy is go digital and take out the risque stuff. last year relaunched as a safe for work site. a move that is already paying off. >> with more than four times grown our traffic. it's not provocative to see nudity. in fact, it can actually limit our audience.
5:37 pm
leon: for the magazine it's not going anywhere. even though it is a money-loser. "playboy" calls it an ambassador for the brand and where it holds the value. it has other avenue to bring in cash. they did $1 billion in retail sales last year. alison: do you still think your boss is okay with at work? leon: you want to try it and see? alison: no. i don't think anyone should be clicking on that. bad idea. coming up at 5:00 -- we will tell you about a woman's mission after a tragic loss. leon: and new at 6:00, a staggering cost of a baltimore riots. how much it's costing the taxpayers and businesses who saw the stores looted and
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leon: a d.d. native knows trying to find affordable day care. meet this week's hero. linda jackson, executive director of northwest house. >> g morning. >> every morning, linda greets her babies as she calls them with a warm smile. >> here we go. >> jackson is the director of northwest settlementment house in d.c. that is just the title. she is a mom out there. >> thank you for sharing. >> there are nearbily 50
5:41 pm
interested 3-year-olds at the center. but for jackson, it's more than a job. it's her life mission. >> this is a picture of my daughter. her name was monica denise. >> her daughter was 2.5 when she died at a home daycare center. the child stopped breathing and no one at the daycare knew c.p.r. that because 27 years ago. jackson says god has brought her to northwest settlement house for a purpose. >> so i can make sure that children have someone to speak up for them. i just believe that that is me. >> all the teachers are c.p.r. certified. more than that. her son has been at the center since he was 6 months old. >> she loves them and cares for them. they are doing the same for them. >> children keep me here. they need me. i need them.
5:42 pm
>> she is not retiring anytime soon. >> i spent my whole life loving children and caring for them. i seems a natural place to be. [singing] >> jackson did have another child after the tragic loss and her daughter now works with her in the center at the front office. if you want to go say hi. jackson marked 12 years with the rest of the extended family. and looking forward to at least 12 for her. alison: what a special lady. thank you. interesting offer for the first family tonight. find out what one man is willing to do for a first daughter's hand in marriage.
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leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert for iphone users. a text message could lock you out of your device. kimberly suiters will explain. kimberly: getting locked out of your iphone can feel like losing the keys to your entire life. this is a glitch in the apple software. it can cause your iphone and your apple watch to suddenly shut down.
5:46 pm
according to the tech blog, this is the message that is being sent around. you can see it has a jumble of words like effective and power and then a few arabic characters. when a shortened version of that shows up on your locked phone, that appears to trigger the crash. pranksters are having fun with this, using it to crash iphones on purpose. an is working on an update with a fix. apple is aware of this. so in the meantime, what can you do? to protect your phone go to notifications, then messages and then down on the bottom of the messages screen there is a tab that says show previews. you want to make sure that is turned off. that should protect you from the glitch. reporting live from the newsroom, kimberly suiters use use. alison: thank you for that. ahead on the "abc7 news at 6:00" -- what d.c. new budget means for those who live and work in the district. plus months after d.c. legalized marijuana a new
5:47 pm
warning for federal workers. what the office of emergency management is telling uncle sam employees about the changes to pot laws. plus how a holocaust survivor's sweater is inspiring a new generation to take action and improve the world around us. leon: the vatican secretary of state called the irish vote to legalize same-sex marriage a defeat for humanity. the cardinal said he was sadded by the landslide decision more than 627% of the irish voters said yes. pope francis has not commented on the vote but today he stressed traditional church teaching in a marriage between a man and woman. alison: speaking in a marriage, there is a lawyer in kenya to offer 60 cows and livestock to marry first daughter maliya. he says he hopes to formally ask president obama in a letter. the president is set to make his first presidential trip to kenya in july. good luck with that.
5:48 pm
>> see if he brings back four-legged souvenirs. doug: i wouldn't bet on it. alison: me neither. leon: the environmental protection agency issued new rule as the clean water act. obama administration says it will protect the drinking water for 117 americans by shielding small trines, tributary -- streams tributaries and wetlands. critics including john boehner say it goes too far and it will hurt small businesses farmers and owe landowners. s n.o.a.h. is predicting we'll have 6-11 trop dal storms in the upcoming hurricane season. between three and six will become full-scale hurricanes. forecast also calls for two of those storms to go on to become category three or higher. >> the numbers are below average for hurricane season. i want to emphasize it doesn't mean pitches are thrown our way. leon: we are in the middle of
5:49 pm
virginia sales tax holiday for emergency supplies which means you don't have to pay sales tax on portable generators that cost less than $1,000 or gas powered chain zaws that cost $350 or less until june 1. find the list that are eligible at alison: speaking of weather see how it is shaping up tonight. doug hill with the forecast. doug: it is settling down. we have a couple of new showers apt the thunderstorms popping up south and east of the city. get to the graphics. let's wrap a ribbon around the hurricane outlook. 3-6 hurricanes is the probability. that is 70% below the normal season numbers. the names we had the first, a couple of weeks ago we had subtropical ana. bill, claudette. no leon, no doug, no alison. oh, well. the season starts june 1. here is our story. southern maryland storm popping now.
5:50 pm
st. mary's county and parts of charlotte hall and north side of the county. across the river to move northward. thunder and lightning there. we saw showers to the west of the metro area. they have been stubborn section of falconer county. that is the last batch. it's muggy this evening. 80 at reagan national. 90 in fredericksburg. the rain-cooled area much more comfortable. 73 in faithgate. 75 -- 73 in gaithersburg. 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. down to 40% friday. 60% saturday and sunday with the approach of the cold front and turning cooler through monday and the first couple of days of next week. that is the back to you. tim: i heard about the chick magnet. i heard you guys. leon: chick bait. tim: yeah.
5:51 pm
just budget there is snow on the rooftop doesn't mean there isn't a fire at the furnace. desean jackson was not at the o.t.a. but he was seen at the cavalier game. taking pictures. it goes viral. he is having his picture with lebron and kyrie irving. not that he is breaking rules but the redskins were 4-12 lalast last year. c'mon. >> his teammates are practicing every day with shirts that say "stronger together." c'mon, d.j. redskins back on the field today. the skins cut two veterans. chris jester and cornerback porter had the contract terminated. chester started 16 games but robert burton tells us thatrari is one of the few guy at the guard and the coaches like him. >> for the former dematthis star, it was almost fate he'd be drafted by the redskins. >> i can't being sent a better place. >> his family prayed he would
5:52 pm
eventually be a red zip. he got the call -- >> my older brother lost it. i'm happy to be here. a great deal. robert: if you are usually a young guy playing football you are probably watching nfl sunday night. not ari. he watched cartoons instead. >> sunday night i'd watch something and change the channel. robert: now that he dons the bergdy and gold he looks to represent them to best of his ability. >> i'm thinking mostly about doing well. doing well and wearing it. robert: with the skins robert burton abc7 sports. tim: hear this. bryce harper leads all national league players in votes for the all-star game. that shouldn't be a surprised. he leads all positions. not just his. 17 home runs, 42 runs batted in, 40 walks. slugging .734. some of the best number ever even by the hall of fame legends through 46 games. the nats play the cubs tonight
5:53 pm
to win the ninth straight series. we have more of that coming your way in sports. leon: he is so hot even when he misses it pops up. tim: on a
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
leon: "7 on your side" on your side with a resident that refuses to give up the fight against the d.c. housing authority even after a judge dismissed the lawsuit. alison: residents claim dozen ospeople are suffering now from breathing problems after a high-rise was demolished, burying their homes in a crowd of dust. "7 on your side" papua looked into their case. -- "7 on your side"'s chris papst looked into the case. chris: twice a day mary uses the inhaler. she says her breathing problems with dozens of her neighbors began in 2010 when the capital view tower was demolished by the d.c. housing authority. you can see in the abc7 video
5:57 pm
how a cloud of dust consumed the houses along southern avenue. a blanket of debris covered everything. the residents breathed it in. >> i never put two and two together until i started to talk about it. chris: a recent lawsuit filed d.c. superior court was dismiss by a judge saying the neighbor failed to prove the breathing problems were related to the demolition. we contacted the housing authority for comment which said the failed lawsuit speaks for itself. >> there has to be a catastrophic event that the number of people suffering from the breathing problems. chris: randy is picking up the case saying dozens of people with sudden breathing problems can't be a coincident. >> it's not beyond the realm of possibility that after living in the environment for years you suffer from some breathing problems. >> they need to be held responsible. reporter: this coming evening at 6:00, residents of the
5:58 pm
neighborhood will hold a rally at this intersection. east capitol street and southern avenue. they will be handing out flyers and educating people on what has happened. they want to let the city know they are serious they want some help. in capitol heights chris papst, abc7 news. leon: folks, let us know how 7 can be on your side. call the tips hotline. or end us your story ideas. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". leon: right now it's 6:00. what d.c.'s budget plan means for residents and anyone two drives in the district. >> a huge inconvenience on our passengers. alison: a d.c. man who made his name on a reality show is now accused of threatening to carry out terror attack against metro. leon: we have the first estimate of just how much the baltimore riots cost taxpayers and businesses. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts
5:59 pm
rights now with breaking news. >> from abc7 news -- this is a breaking news alert. maureen: we begin with breaking news involving the deadly biological agent anthrax. abc7 learned the defense department accidentally shipped live anthrax samples to a laboratory in maryland. the spores were supposed to have been inactive to help scientists develop a new test to defect such biological threats. it's not yet clear which maryland lab received the samples. samples sent to eight other labs including one in virginia are now being tested. the c.d.c. says it does not believe there is any risk to the public. we will let you know as soon as we learn more. a southeast washington man who gained notoriety on a reality tv show is now charged with crafting repeated terrorist threats against the metro system kevin lewis breaks down the charges against the man known to many as kidd-cole from mtv's "catfish."
6:00 pm
kevin: jerez stone-coleman accused of pretending to be a terrorist. 11 threats at the metro since december. in one case, the 20-year-old allegedly dialed 911 to report an attack of president obama's motorcade. days later, he reportedly threatened to bomb a metro business unless police paid him $16 million. >> i have never had a case quite like this. kevin: universities say he went -- investigators say he went so far to describe a metro


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