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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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r labs including one in virginia are now being tested. the c.d.c. says it does not believe there is any risk to the public. we will let you know as soon as we learn more. a southeast washington man who gained notoriety on a reality tv show is now charged with crafting repeated terrorist threats against the metro system kevin lewis breaks down the charges against the man known to many as kidd-cole from mtv's "catfish." kevin: jerez stone-coleman accused of pretending to be a terrorist. 11 threats at the metro since december. in one case, the 20-year-old allegedly dialed 911 to report an attack of president obama's motorcade. days later, he reportedly threatened to bomb a metro business unless police paid him $16 million. >> i have never had a case quite like this. kevin: universities say he went -- investigators say he went so far to describe a metro bus driver as a wanted
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terrorist. when they stopped the bus they frisked the innocent man. >> that involved another patron into his game. kevin: police arrested him today along davis and southeast. he told the officers he felt a sting in his chest. were the chest pains a hoax as well? >> i don't know if they were a hoax as well but he has been relieved and he didn't spend much time in the hospital. kevin: last year mtv exposed jerez stone-coleman on the hit reality tv show "catfish." at the time he led a girl to believe he was a successful music producer and bilked her out of thousands of dollars. >> getting him off the street is a big win for the customers and a big win for law enforcement. maureen: the national transportation safety board plans a two-day hearing into
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january's deadly smoke incident on metro. electrical malfunction caused a train and a tunnel to fill with smoke. you might remember a woman from alexandria died and dozens of people were injured. ntsb investigative hearing is scheduled for june 23 and 2 in washington. -- 24 in washington. metro says the orange and the silver line trains are through east falls church because of a track problem. abc7 viewer isn't this picture showing smoke on the track. the viewer said it smelled like the wooden ties are burning. so far passengers aren't reporting serious delays. big changes are coming to parking for parts of the district. the rules are changes and they are in the $12.9 billion budget unanimously approved by the d.c. council this afternoon. the budget includes higher fines for parking tickets and extended hours for parking
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meters. the d.c. burp row chief sam ford joins us bureau chief sam ford has more on us from the bureau. sam: if you pay parking tickets you have to pay more for a ticket. places like downtown d.c. at night, they used to cut off when you had to pay the meter at 10:00. now it will go until midnight. but a lot of times when you look back at times you say those were the good times. these are the good times for d.c. $12.9 billion budget. that is a record. the chairman introduced it today saying everybody got something in it they liked and something they didn't like. a d.c. council unanimously passed a 2016 budget. there is tension between the counsel chairman and the mayor bowser who yesterday held her own event to push for the summer job for young adults as part of her agenda. resulting in seeing moving the counsel her way. as it stands the $12.9 billion
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budget includes $100 million to build affordable housing funding for d.c. public and charter students to ride metro bus and rail free. funding for 1,200 police body cameras. the council flatly rejected the mayor's plan to increase sales and parking taxes. >> there is no constituency i know of to raise taxes for the purpose of raising taxes. we can summer to get the summer youth program extended to 24-year-olds but i say this. prove us wrong this year and make us reconsider. sam: afterwards, lots of smiles. >> a lot we are excited about that the mayor and the counsel invested in the budget this year. sam: but council veteran raised a question whether anything is really being accomplished. there year after year, we provide enormous amount of funding in the human services department to address the homeless issue, the affordable housing issue. year after year we have the same problems.
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sam: despite her earlier spout with the council mayor bowser issued a statement calling at it win for district residents saying it ensures on focusing on having all of d.c. residents share in the city's prosperity. reporting live from the john wilson building, sam ford, abc7 news. maureen: thank you sam. tomorrow will be a big day for prince george's county taxpayers. that is when the county board of commissioners will vote on a budget that could include a significant tax hike. county executive baker originally proposed a 15% property tax increase. that would increase funding to schools by $133 million. today, baker scaled back that proposal asking instead for $65 million for schools. >> this reduced investment keeps intact many of the programs investments initially proposed but at a slower and still acceptable pace of implementation.
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maureen: baker isn't saying whether the taxes would be increased to pay for the proposal. he says any new tax would be phased out once the mgm casino opens at the national harbor and becomes a source of tax revenue for the county. developing now, more rain is in the forecast for part of texas struggling to recover from the flooding. they ordered evacuation of 350 homes in fort worth because the river is nearly at staple. the number of people missing in texas has dropped to nine. >> we have thousands of homes damaged. some are totally lost. maureen: there is a chance of rain each of the next six days in houston. dallas is expected to get 2-4 inches between now and sunday. in oklahoma, which has already gotten more than 21 inches of
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rain this month another four to six is in the forecast. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- she spent more than a year hiding in sewers during the holocaust. now the one thing a young girl saved from those dark hours is inspiring a new generation. plus, what the office of the personnel management is telling federal workers about d.c.'s new law that legalized marijuana. but first, we just learned how much the unrest in baltimore will cost taxpayers and businesses. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture. serious thunderstorm watch has been canceled but there are still heavy downpours in the area.
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it's time we have a president that sees the struggle of working families in america not as an opportunity to divide us along race or class. but as a chance to unite us. maureen: that is rick santorum. within the past hour, he became the seventh republican to run for president. the former senator made the announcement near his hometown in pennsylvania. santorum finished second to mitt romney in the g.o.p. race four years ago. former new york governor george pataki is expected to enter the race tomorrow. on the democratic side former
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maryland governor mark o'malley will announce his candidacy on saturday in baltimore. nearly $50 million. that is the estimate of the cost of the baltimore riots. that figure includes $20 million being taken from the city's rainy day fund to pay overtime for police. another $20 million goes to national guard and the state response. the ball business administration had previously estimated businesses sustain for than $9 billion in damage. today maryland's congressional delegation asked president obama to make the area a major disaster area. d.c. police hope a very clear surveillance video will help them catch a thief. the video shows a man armed with a gun walking into a convenience store near the corner of martin luth erking jr. avenue and south capitol street out east. he threatens to threaten the
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clerk and then he grabs the cash and runs away. it happened yesterday and a reward is offered for tips leading to an arrest. this surveillance video shows two men arguing inside a district heights convenience store. minutes later, prince george's county police say the two robbed a man and threatened him with a machete. it took place on county road. if you recognize either man contact the prince george's police. next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> it's a little girl's sweater with a story of survival. i'm outside the holocaust memorial museum. coming up how a local woman hopes to share the story one stitch at a time. maureen: have we seen the last of today's storms? chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing of the next wave. tim: the redskins make player move. and arod moves higher in
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history book. and i break down nats-cubs.
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maureen: 70 years after the end of world war ii, a young holocaust survivor inspiring a new information. we look at how the survivor's sweater inspired a local woman to make a difference with her knitting needles in a story you will see only on 7. >> layla, anesthesiologist and life-long kniter inspired by a recent visit to the holocaust memorial museum when she saw the sweater and learned the story of the owner, christina. just 7 years old the jewish girl and her parents escaped the nazis hiding underground in sewers. in the 14-month ordeal, she held on to her sweater knitted by her grand mother who did not survive the holocaust. >> i can see her sitting andng. >> she donated it. it's not on display but we got unique access. >> we wome always have
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survivors -- we won't always have survivors. >> working with the curators she studied the stitch pattern and gave the museum a copyright. >> it was a breath-taking and a humbling experience to handle the sweater. >> the museum bookstore the visitors can purchase detail instructions to make the pattern. it's available on the popular knitting website for $7. stern donates all the proceeds back to the museum. >> they can knit it for their daughter osar their grand daughters or their nieces. >> last year, stern traveled to new york where she now lives and presented the 79-year-old with a gift. her own replica sweater. >> she held it up and said i have my switer back. >> in the free time she knits the pattern. >> it represents survival will of peak to live. >> stitch by stitch she shares each sweater and the story with other little girls. in soft west washington -- if southwest washington, abc7 news. maureen: great story. former adviser to president
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obama who played a critical role in crafting the affordable care act died. danielle melter was dep -- daniel meltser from 2009-2010. he died sunday after a battle with cancer. the 63-year-old was a member of the harvard law faculty for more than 30 years. a warning for federal workers tonight about marijuana. the office of personnel management reminds workers while marijuana is legal in the district it's still an illegal drug under the federal law. memo sent out this week details the federal government restriction on the use of illegal drugs by workers. those caught using illegal drugs could face citations, suspension or termination. not a bad day today after a bit of the rainy weather. doug: a little downpours around but we hit 90 again today. couple more days of the heat and humidity and afternoon
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storms. get started. live doppler radar. iest storm in southern maryland. in the river to the chesapeake bay. another area west of town. concentrate on southeastern storms now. the heaviest storms coming to the north of st. leonard. they will head on out. we have a few more west of the metro area as well we have been keeping an eye on. i should diminish before long and improve. 90 degrees at the reagan national. warm and humid. not tons of sun. the morning low is significant. only 75. morning low almost as high as the average high. more warm days and warm and muggy nights. 83 at reagan national airport. 79 at frederick and hagerstown. 89 in fredericksburg. in the evening we will stay muggy again. the immediate metro area will
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get no lower than 72 degrees. mid-to-upper 60's in the suburban areas with partly cloudy skies. a lot of mid-80's through the atlantic and carolina. we have a steady stream of moisture from the south. high pressure off the coast sitting still to pump up the heat and the humidity. any emotion in atmosphere, doesn't take much of a trigger in this air mass. set off an area of shower and storms. friday and saturday and sunday until a cold front arrives. this will wash out and not have much effect on the air. wait until a stronger cold front positioned well west gets moving. that will come through in the sunday/monday time frame. once it passes through, we will see an improvement in the weather pattern. friday we have a break.
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40% chance of scattered showers. 60% for saturday and sunday. it will settle down on monday. warm up by tuesday and wednesday. maureen and tim? maureen: thank you. looks like the redskins roster is diminishing. tim: i'm thinking of the 90-degree weather and what it was like at the football field. redskins work on the o.t.a.'s. two veterans were cut. i have the latest. a huge game in wrigley field tonight. nats-cubbies. the hottest player on the planet. all coming
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now the toyota sports desk brought to you by lower local toyota dealers. tim: for the baseball fans we may get a preview of the fall classic in chicago. wrigley field should be rocking. this a showcase game between nationals and the cubbies. by now you know bryce harper hit a home run, 17th. he leads all national league players and all position league players at the all-star voting. he is the hottest player on the planet. how about the pitching matchup? max:00er and jon lester. a big-time ballgame tonight. how about arod? alex rodriguez hit a three-run home run against kansas city past late great lou gehrig for
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r.b.i.'s. 1na 195. he is now fourth on the all-time list behind barry bonds for third, hank aaron and babe ruth are one and two. the redskins were back on the field today for the voluntary o.t.a.'s in 90-degree weather. the skins cut a couple of veterans. porter and chris chester had the contracts terminated. the skins are looking forward to a greater pass rush defensively. one of new guys in the middle the terrance nighton. 6'3"135 pounds, alias "pot roast. how about that for a nickname? >> we have guys that get after the quarterback. you can't get after the quarterback unless you stop the run. that is my specialty. i'm the best at doing that. tim: pot roast, you are right about that. basketball game five in the nba western conference final against the rockets. steph curry will play. when i saw that horrible fall in game four i didn't think
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he'd be back but he is. he will wear a special sleeve on his arm but his head is fine. steph curry is back! as you heard earlier, nine current or former fifa officials face extradition to the united states following a 24-year probe on soccer corruption. we will continue to follow and report on the story as it unfolds. maureen: that is a big story. tim: a huge story. maureen: and the latest, sir? doug: look at the lop rer -- doppler radar to show you the storms. this west of the area in lauterbach -- in loudoun county. we will watch that through the evening and talk about the wake-up forecast and stalk about the chance of storms for the weekend at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. we'll
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breaking news tonight. late word coming in the pentagon accidentally sent live anthrax. the urgent testing now in nine states from new york to california from texas to wisconsin. a major investigation right now. the new storms hitting tonight. a tornado slamming into a shopping center. the system from texas to maine. the major scare in the air. both engines failing. passenger plane then dropping 13,000 feet. the fbi moving in after the u.s. lost the bid for the world cup. authorities say, now we know why. suit cases stuffed with cash? and the major headline involving women and their health. the fbi investigating a key piece of hospital equipment. can it spread cancer? authorities asking who knew what and when? and, the hunt for your made in america inventions. and the $100,000 surprise.


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