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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. late word coming in the pentagon accidentally sent live anthrax. the urgent testing now in nine states from new york to california from texas to wisconsin. a major investigation right now. the new storms hitting tonight. a tornado slamming into a shopping center. the system from texas to maine. the major scare in the air. both engines failing. passenger plane then dropping 13,000 feet. the fbi moving in after the u.s. lost the bid for the world cup. authorities say, now we know why. suit cases stuffed with cash? and the major headline involving women and their health. the fbi investigating a key piece of hospital equipment. can it spread cancer? authorities asking who knew what and when? and, the hunt for your made in america inventions. and the $100,000 surprise.
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good evening. and we begin with that developing story tonight, the pentagon acknowledging a major mistake. sending live anthrax from a facility in utah. they sent samples to nine states one even sent overseas to south korea. they thought that the samples, the spores were dead but tonight, one of those samples was, in fact live anthrax. and now the urgent effort to test the others. the pentagon saying there is no risk to the general public. dr. besser is standing by. but we begin with abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. reporter: tonight, the centers for disease control racing to make sure no one has been contaminated by deadly anthrax accidentally shipped from a military weapons facility. and the centers for disease control is on the ground in utah working to find out how and why the pentagon shipped commercially live anthrax spores, from a facility in utah to labs in nine states and another in south korea. so far, health officials say the
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risk for exposure to the deadly biological agent is low, but health and research officials have fanned out to all those labs to see how the material was handled and if personnel were exposed. the defense department normally ships live anthrax at high levels of bio-security. but in this case they were shipped at a lower level, because the spores were thought to be dead. an flax is considered a biological weapon, as the nation saw in a nightmare that unfolded soon after the 9/11 attacks when five people were killed and 17 infected. >> and pierre thomas live from washington. pierre, no signs of any illness from this tonight? >> reporter: david, no signs of illness at the labs in those nine states. but the scientists who work with the an flax are being offered anti biotics as a precaution. >> pierre thomas thank you. dr. richard besser is here. rich used to run the cd c's an flax unit. you were telling me earlier than when anthrax is inhaled, you have an 85% fatality right?
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>> reporter: that's right. this is a big deal. you're allowed to ship anthrax through commercial means like this but when you do the precautions are very different. if one of these packages had burst open in transit, i could have been deadly. >> they thought the spores were dead but were not? >> reporter: exactly. they are going to try to figure out how did it happen that live spores were shipped out? >> rich, thank you to much. we turn to the deadly flooding this evening. 16 dead 12 missing now and new storms hitting at this hour. from texas to maine, 70 mill bracing for severe weather. tornado watches in four states. and these are the images coming in. outside houston, this couple abandoning their car in the flood waters. tornadoes touching down this one tearing thrgh a shopping center. just incredible. that's from dayton ohio. a change our come mute home in indiana. pounding rain in texas. storms punching a hole in the roof of this home in houston. and the race to secure a major dam this evening outside dallas. families told to be ready.
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our team is on the ground. ginger zee is here with the forecast in a moment. but first, abc's matt gutman from texas. >> reporter: severe weather hitting millions again tonight. this tornado caught on surveillance camera near dayton, ohio. meanwhile, here in texas, as the water recedes, the death toll keeps rising. up to 16 dead. and along that swollen blanco river, the national guard searching for the nine still missing tonight. including members of three families staying in one vacation home. late today, authorities confirming the death of 43-year-old michelle carrie charbo. she was inside that home. >> husband jonathan survived found nine miles away. his wife and two children still unaccounted for. the mccomb's lab found alive in a tree. >> there's going to be some dark days but there's still that glimmer of hope. >> reporter: in houston, the fourth biggest city in america,
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the flash floods unearthing this coffin. and leaving this alligator out of its element in an parking garage. just over the past couple of hours, the water has gone down ten feet. revealing these cars that we didn't even know were here. and inan epic cleanup under way. valerie davis just bought and renovated this house and she only had minimal insurance. >> this house had never flooded in all the years, so we were not expecting to ever flood. >> reporter: most of what was gutted, she said just stuff, except for those family photos. >> it's hard, but again, you just -- what else can you do? you move on. >> reporter: david, this is one of the 4,000 homes that have been damaged here. this scene, people's living rooms, now outside in their front yards, goes on for block after block and we're told that people may not be able to get into these houses for months. david? >> all right matt gutman leading us off from houston. matt thank you. as i mentioned a moment ago, all eyes on that dam outside dallas tonight, in danger of giving way. a tense night ahead.
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abc's phillip mena is there tonight. phillip? >> reporter: good evening, david. we're about 25 miles southwest of dallas. there were fears this morning that this dam could burst. so far, it hasn't, but if it does dozens of homes could be destroyed. tonight, a flood emergency waiting to happen. engineers racing to stop this dam southwest of dallas from briefing. workers placing heavy equipment right on top of the dam, pumping 15,000 gallons of water per minutes from swollen lake padera as fast as they can. officials warning residents to prepare for the worst and move livestock to higher ground. after days of record breaking rains across the region, all that water draining into lakes and bayous. tonight, the fear that other dams will soon reach maximum height. there are over 7,300 just in texas and according to a recent study, more than 200 aging dams are vulnerable. this dam burst monday. more than 35 million gallons of water sent barrelling down the creek. and david, tonight, workers are
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placing sandbags across the overflow area to keep the water at bay. but with two to four inches of rain expected in the area in the coming days this dam, along with so many others across the state, dangerously vulnerable. david? >> all right, watching that dam into the evening. phillip, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee, who has the storm track at this hour. >> reporter: almost 100 severe storm reports already, and it is happening now. you can see the severe thunderstorm watches, anywhere from delaware up to maine. that strong to severe line is ahead of the front. the front goes back in the great lakes. they've got severe storms too, near cleveland. and this pocket back in the plains has been very active. already tornadoes reported. this tornado watch in effect through tonight. then tomorrow believe it or not, the same region just east of the rockies from midland to mccook, going to look for strong winds and large hail. these numbers are astounding when it comes to this flood. look at houston. that's 302% of their may rainfall to date. oklahoma city almost 500%.
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and look who is in the bulls eye as we go through the weekend. that red river valley. >> texas and oklahoma just can't get a break. ginger thank you. now, to that world cup bomb shell tonight. why did the u.s. lose the world cup? well, now a massive crackdown by the fbi. nine top officials accused of taking $150 million in bribes and kickbacks, briefcases stuffed with cash. raids around the world tonight. and right here at home in miami. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross following the money. >> reporter: with officials hiding behind bed sheets, the biggest scandal in the world's biggest sport unfolded in dramatic fashion this morning with arrests in zurich, switzerland. and an fbi raid in miami at the offices of the officials who oversee soccer in the u.s. and central america. in all tonight, nine of the most powerful men in the soccer world stand accused of taking tens of millions of dollars in bribes, cash in a briefcase in a paris hotel room, wire transfers
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to offshore bank accounts even an expensive painting delivered from a new york city art gallery. >> yes! >> reporter: all for the officials' votes, said authorities, on where world cup and other fifa tournament soccer games would be played and broadcast. >> this really is the world cup of fraud. >> the winner is qatar! >> reporter: the investigation began, after the u.s. narrowly lost the 2022 world cup to the country of qatar amid allegations of bribery. but almost immediately, there were questions about the wisdom of holding the world cup in the arabian desert heat in one of the hottest places on earth as we saw. now, about 1 cc:00 until the afternoon, and the temperature is just at 124 degrees. had the u.s. won, it would have made an estimated $5 billion to the 18 u.s. cities which would have hosted the games. >> i think the ultimate victim is soccer at large. >> reporter: but investigators say they also discovered payoffs
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that benefited the u.s. some $30 million in alleged bribes to bring a major tournament, the so-called copa america games to the u.s. for the first time. >> this is making world headlines tonight. brian with us now. we saw 124 degrees when you were there in qatar. any chance of a revote tonight? >> reporter: well tonight officials say the world cup in qatar in 2022 will go ahead as scheduled despite the allegations it was bought and paid for, david. >> all right, brian ross thank you. now, to iraq tonight. the new threat from isis. hours after iraqi officials vowed to fight back. isis unleashing a wave of suicide attacks across anbar province targeting iraqi soldiers. at least 17iraqi troops have been killed. we turn now to that scare in the air, a passenger jet virtually brand new, somehow both engines giving out at the same time dropping 13,000 feet. abc's david kerley with what those pilots did next. >> reporter: with 194 people on
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board, it was a wide-body airbus a-330, like this one, that suddenly lost power to both of its engines. cruising more than three hours into its flight from singapore to shanghai at 39,000 feet in bad weather when the engines shut down. no power. the jet would lose 13,000 feet in altitude before pilots were aoth engines working. >> when you've got a highly computerized airplane, maybe this was a glitch in the program, a glitch in the software. whatever it was on a new airplane, it's highly unusual. >> reporter: singapore airlines tell us the first engine restarted almost immediately. procedures call for the pilots to descend, keeping speed up, and then turning the engine start switch and try to reignite the jet engine. it worked. the jet landed safely and mechanics found nothing unusual. david, this happened over the weekend. we don't even know if passengers were aware. singapore airlines airbus and the engine maker rolls royce apparently still trying to figure out why both engines shut down. david? >> david kerley who covers
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aviation for us. david, thank you. tonight, to a major headline now involving women and their health. the fbi investigating a widely used surgical device suspected of spreading cancer in some women. it's main manufacture, johnson & johnson, eventually pulling it off the market. but tonight, the fbi now asking who knew what and when? here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: tonight, a medical device that can put women at greater risk of deadly uterine cancer is the subject of an fbi investigation, including what the largest maker of the device johnson & johnson, knew about the risks and when they knew it. johnson and& johnson first alerted to the possible risks in 2006 by a pathologist. soon others in the medical alarm, and johnson & johnson removed it from the market last july. the fda implementing its most serious warning on the device last november. the surgical device, the power morcellator, breaks down growths in the uterus so they can easily be removed.
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but in up to 1 in 350 cases an unknown cancer is hidden in that fibroid. and in these cases, the morcellator can spray those cancer cells within the uterus spreading and potentially worsening the disease. which is what dr. amy reed and her husband say happened in her case. >> if you disrupt the mass it's like a bee's hive. if you start chopping it up the beeps spill all over the place and you're in trouble. >> reporter: we reached out to johnson & johnson, who told us they have not been contacted by the fbi, adding so far, they are the only manufacturer to have pulled the device. others do remain on the market with that fda blackbox warning. david? >> mara thank you. now, to the re for 2016. tonight, an abc news exclusive here. a familiar face joining the republican field. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum telling our george stephanopoulos that he's in. the republican runner-up last time, tonight, waking in now on a possible faceoff with hillary clinton. >> right now, make the 30-second case for why you're the best
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person to take hillary clinton on in 2016. >> well number one, national security is key. the ability to go up there and debate hillary clinton with the track record not going into a debate with your experience as a briefing book but real experience is important. number two, we've taken her own, we've taken her on on everything from moral and cultural issues on the floor of the united states senate debated her on those issues. we've taken her on in her political shop. >> former senator rick santorum with our own george stephanopoulos. george's entire interview first thing tomorrow morning on "good morning america." hillary clinton making head headlines of her own tonight. people have long joked about the evolving gray hair. tonight, mrs. clinton making a prediction. >> i've been coloring my hair for years. you're not going to see me turn white in the white house. >> hillary clinton and her prediction tonight. and there is still much more
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ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday evening. the american car maker announcing two major recalls tonight. problems with power steering and fuel tanks. the risk to drivers. more than 400,000 cars involved. also tonight, new developments that famous comedian that accident with the walmart truck. the major new headline coming in at this hour. and take a look at this tonight. the smash and grab jewelry store robbery. the thiefs rushing in. but then watch this. the 58-year-old woman, the owner, who takes them on. you'll see how this ends right after the break. rcise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. he says she's undisciplined overwaterer.
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when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. next tonight here the type of theft on the rise here in america. smash and grab robberies at jewelry stores. in florida, fast-moving thieves caught on camera grabbing everything in sight. until the woman who owns the store fights back. here tonight, abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this violent and coordinated jewelry heist in florida caught on tape. the first person in smashing the showcase with a hammer. at least seven people grabbing for gold while the store owner
6:48 pm
does what most advise you should not do. she comes out swinging. >> at the time, i didn't even know i did it. >> reporter: in the last year, an increase in these smash and grabs, with blatant disregard for surveillance cameras, making some store owners feel increasingly vulnerable to these flagrant attacks. the thieves at this louis vuitton store in suburban chicago last year so brazen they drive a car right into a store, making off with $120,000 in merchandise. according to the jewelers' security alliance, smash and grab robberies are up 77% in one year prompting some jewelers to install new laminated glass which is harder for thieves to break. something this store owner might find more effective than a metal stick. linsey davis, abc news new york. linsey thank you. when we come back here tonight, made in america. the search for american inventions and the $100,000 surprise. also tonight, the car maker at this hour announcing two big recalls. the warning for drivers.
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make every week a tanzeum week. to the index. tracy morgan the comedian still recovering after that accident tonight, reaching an undisclosed settlement with walmart. a flight attendant from spirit airlines under fire posing in the engine well before takeoff. peakers reporting her. tonight, spirit airlines telling abc news quote, the activity portrayed in these photos absolutely goes against spirit policy. and ford tonight with recalls, 423,000 recalled because of a power steering problem. nearly 20,000 ford mustangs recalled because of problems with the fuel tank. when we come back the made in america tas test. we head out to central park with one key invention. and who knew there was a $100,000 surprise.
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finally tonight here a sort of made in america taste test. but why knew there would be a $100,000 surprise? we've been to countless factories across this country. american inventors determined to create jobs. and tonight, the brave inventors out to make their case. the contest by google. like "shark tank." >> good morning. >> reporter: sole power from pittsburgh. sneakers that charge your smartphone. >> sole power is a power generating shoe insole. >> reporter: pear deck from iowa city. the app that gives every student a chance to answer the question. not just the kid who puts their hand up first. >> no teacher can hear every student at once.
6:57 pm
>> let me tell you about how we got started. >> reporter: and there was tatiana from mati energy. durham, north carolina. an energy drink with green tea and fruit juice. the judges skeptical at first. >> it all sounds great, but it's almost unbelievable. >> reporter: the investors in back, trying it out. and we wanted to know, what are the ingredients? so she came to our little kitchen at "world news tonight." tatiana! >> my, david. i've got these two. citrus and cherry. >> reporter: and you literally came up with this brew in your dorm room? >> yeah. >> reporter: she points to the label. the caffeine and antioxidants from green tea. a quarter of an orange. half a banana. but we thought, how about a taste test? we'll start in the newsroom. >> let's go! >> reporter: but caffeine in a newsroom is nothing new. so down the hallway, down the elevator -- so central park is right up here. we stop the first visitors we find. david muir with "world news tonight." >> i recognize you. >> reporter: how are you? testing her made in america invention. >> kind of zippy. >> reporter: zippy? talt yan that zipping across the park.
6:58 pm
>> that's very good. >> reporter: the yoga student. the mom, nicole, who says she doesn't usually go for energy drinks. >> it's the level of sugar. >> but she saw the ingredients and said, i'll try. and tatiana tonight, even without our taste test, already winning. >> the winner is tatiana. >> reporter: one judge at the google contest surprising her with a $100,000 investment. an american idea born in her own kitchen. >> made in america! >> and we love made in america. thank you for watching on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night.
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wheel... of. fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. hello. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. good-lookingroup up there. and out here. see you. hi. let's get those thumbs activated. there you go. for our first "toss up," the category is "event." it's worth $1,000. vanna will do her thing right now. [ bell chimes ] danelle. spontaneous


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