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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  May 31, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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anchor: keeping our eye on this guy, how you need to plan around the weather. plus -- >> why does it take 20 detectives to find the one person who is going to tell the truth? anchor: demanding answers, of father's mission as they remember a young reporter gunned down on the streets, and playing out in prince george's county, believes lease on the lookout for a shooter, the news just come again. the news at 6:30 starts right now. announcer: now abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. anchor: we have developing news for you tonight in southeast washington and a father there is demanding some answers. his daughter was a community
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reporter, and she was killed during a drive-by shooting. right now, we will go to kevin who was at a prayer vigil today. kevin, what is the latest? kevin: hi there kellye.] this was certainly a very moving thing to see. she spent her wednesday evening covering a neighborhood meeting. she was riding a bus home from work and was actually transferring from one metro bus to another when the shooting took place. the sound of popping filling the air. ♪ >> ♪ i once was lost and now i'm found ♪ >> i see loved ones. i see people who we do not know
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each other, but we have someone in our hearts in common. kevin: an afternoon vigil. >> i've say amen. >> amen. kevin: the most recent homicide victim. >> as much as you think it is ok to keep things to yourself, we are morning. kevin: around 9:00 p.m. wednesday, a dirt bike rider opened fire, and d.c. police say the intended target used milton as a human shield. >> my baby was not shot by white police officers. she was shot by black men who were care arts -- cowards. kevin: a print journalist, who understood the values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. >> ♪ how sweet thou art=
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kevin: a revival to and senseless violence. >> it is a battle, and i will win it, right here, right now. kevin: such a tragic story here. d.c. police, we are told they put 20 detectives in this investigation. they are taking it very seriously, that as of tonight, her killer remains out on the street among us. live in southeast tonight, i am kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: kevin, thank you. four people heard, at least one person dead when somebody opened fire in the ardmore rec center. we understood the park was packed when someone started shooting. roz: it was, indeed, and we are lucky more people were not dead. this was all in the quiet neighborhood park.
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police say this happened around two: 30 this afternoon at the ardmore recreation center. there was a crowd, people outside playing basketball, and believe say that a car rolled up, and somebody in that car opened fire. dozens of people scattered, but four people were hit. they are investigating, trying to figure out how and why this happened in the usually wyatt neighborhood. >> it is a sad, redundant narrative. some folks were using the park. it was a busy day in our car and somebody pulled up and opened fire. a tragedy. roz: so far, we do not have any suspect information. we expect to get some of that, and police say they are looking at several people and several groups, and we hope to get information on the victims we
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should tell you that last night, there was a shooting about five minutes from here at a different recreation center. they are looking to see if the two of those are connected. so far, they have not been able to connect the dots. we will stay with you and have more information for you. live in springdale, i am roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: thank you roz. we are keeping an eye on some rain. devon lucie is timing it all out from the weather center. devon? devon: there could be some likely rain tonight, and an isolated thundershower in fairfax county right over reston, moving towards great falls. zooming in, live doppler seven radar, you can see the activity is heading out of reston. this is right over great falls going towards potomac. especially damascus, rockville if that storm were to hold
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together. that is just along route seven inat falls and montgomery county, and you can the this in petersburg, west virginia. that could bring in another set of storms during the overnight hours. in washington today, 86 degrees, and such high humidity, it feels like it is into the 90's, and getting back to work and school, this is your work forecast, nearly 70. you do not need a jacket tomorrow, and the rain here, you may be lucky to get by. eventually, the cooldown comes tuesday, wednesday, and some differences in how cool we could get, and we will track this rain coming in. our complete forecast in just a few minutes. kellye: thank you devon. a funeral service will take place tomorrow for three members of a family. savvas amy and phillip
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savopoulos. police are looking for other people they believe are involved in this crime. right now on capitol hill, a tense political standoff is underway hours after provisions of the patriot act expire. collecting the telephone data of millions of americans. senator rand paul is blau into -- vowing to block action. they are trying to keep telephone data in the hands of phone companies, and it would work wire the government to warrants for access. this just in from switzerland where the secretary of state is spending the night at a hospital in geneva. john kerry broke his femur, his right femur, while bike riding. the decision was made to keep the 71 your rolled in the hospital overnight for
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observation. condolences are pouring in tonight for the family of vice president joe wyden, as they deal with the loss of their son beau. he died late last night after a battle of brain cancer, and sam sweeney talks about the influence he had on so many. sam: joseph, better known as beau died after being diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2013, but after surgery, he was given a clean bill of health. this spring, cancer returns. >> very visible for the family. sam: around the nation tribute to the family, and in delaware they gave him the entire front page. the boston herald did the same thing, their headline a bit more emotional, the same thing echoed across social media.
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president obama said he was grieving with the bidens. he said, michele and i humbly pray to watch over beau biden and to watch over his family. in addition to state government, he did one tour in iraq. the delaware national guard tweeted -- it is with great sorrow and heavy hearts that we share the news of the loss of a great leader major beau biden. >> well, you know, everybody liked him. he was such a nice guy. it is so sad. sam: many were expecting him to run for governor in 2016, and his father said, beau biden was quite simply, the best man -- the finest man any of us have ever known. vice president biden: it has been said that your success of your children turn out better than yourself, and i am a
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. kellye: a crane dropped a massive ac unit, the equipment dropping 28 stories and slamming into madison avenue. several buildings were hit, as well. no word why it failed. good news, investigators say none of the injuries are life-threatening. seven is on your side with welcome news. the next time you go to fill up your gas day, they say the big hikes in the price of gasoline could be over. the average price of gas went up four cents, but that is a small number compared to the $.35 jump
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in the previous five weeks. more refineries are coming back online after maintenance, an expert say that should stabilize prices. the smithsonian's national museum of african history and culture will include remnants from a sunken slave ship that sunk in 1794 on the way to brazil. there were more than 400 slaves on board. half of the people on board made it to shore, only to be sold into slavery. the museum is set to open next year. and ruined. a rare event that drew people out of the thousands, and we are on storm watch tonight. devon
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kellye: people tried to snap photographs of what is known as manhattanhenge, named after stonehenge. unfortunately, it was a little too hazy. there are only four times it happens. the last will be july 12 and 13, but, still, a beautiful sunset nonetheless. devon: yes, and i love those little neat things that you do not know of. kellye: yes, and you have two more chances. devon: more chances for some storms coming our way also. more heat and committee. and then the heat and committed he go away. good news for us. we can see the end of this heat. still on the doppler seven radar, some scattered showers and storms, and isolated storms,
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and there is information coming in. the weather holding together will be the question. live doppler radar. there is the thunderstorm that was in great falls. reston, fairfax county montgomery county, closing in two parts of rockville, potomac some northeastern movement out of it. this actually rolls towards germantown, as well. there is the cluster of storms. temperature wise, 86 in washington, a high of 92. this is getting closer to sunset. a beach day for you. maybe coming back for the beaches, and you have had a great time. we see the beaches emptying. there was a big beach ball out there in ocean city, maybe another one out there tonight and this was another place to beat the heat and humidity. some 40's in some spots that is
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cold. this is from the great lakes to the midwest. the warm front, finally seeing the system. and this does not come through. and this could have an effect after we talked about the cooldown. we're going to see more towards monday night, so really getting back to work and school, overnight rain, possibly at 1:00 in the morning. we will keep an eye on it. you do not need a coach. you do not need a jacket to get by. daytime tomorrow, hit or miss storms, small chance. that is the likeliest round of rain coming in for everybody. still warm and humid. and it is actually a northeast wind. cooler air coming in from new england, pushing temperatures down upper 60's to low 70's coming in for high temperatures, and then the upper-level system,
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southwest of the region. by the end of the week after this cooldown, chances of widely scattered storms for thursday and friday and for the next weekend because of that feature. and then down to the 70's. still, we could be all of the way into the 60's for the highs on tuesdays -- tuesday and wednesday. we will watch that. heat and humidity for monday. kellye: thanks a lot. agricola this green thing going on, i do not appreciate it. kellye: i said i could e-mail you, but you rejected that offer.
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: in cincinnati, last time, they were swept. they went on to win nine straight, so maybe that is a good thing. a base hit to your field. michael taylor is going all out. he will try to score from first. not going to happen. thrown out at the plate. top of the seventh. they are up, two-zero, and taylor with one sharply to laugh for a base hit. ryan zimmerman, all the way around third. he will score. tied at 2-2. bottom of the seventh, the reds come back. a grounder to the left side, and billy hamilton scores 3-2 reds, and giving up six runs in the inning. the final for this 1, 8-2. the o's and the raise steven
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souza junior. a long run to left center. a homer of the series. the raise -- rays go on to win this one. and the terms of against their hosts, ucla, and how about an upset here? bottom of the second, that is where we are. down the left line, and bret stephens, not going to get it. to the wall, and two runners score. to third with a triple. they are up, to-one. next inning, wade. he turns on one, deep 2 right, and that is a solo shot. 3-1, and they upset the number one seed. they will face ucla or how state tonight. uva and san diego state, the bottom of the eighth, the game tied at 1-1. clement.
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joe mccarthy would score. virginia would take a 2-1 lead. they go on to win 3-1, and they are now 2-0. and the gael monfils and federer match had to be delayed. they will play a best-of-three contest tomorrow. and a congratulations to kei nishikori. he has been on quite a ride since advancing last year, currently ranked this in the world. he made some history at the french open with his straight that's when today. he becomes the first japanese player to reach the order final since 1933. ok, here we go. barcelona. with the ball, lionel messi. some quick work to get through three defenders. he scores the goal. breaking down the defense, and barcelona got the wind and the
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play of the day. and a final moment, in nascar jimmie johnson gets his 10th victory at dover international
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kellye: let's take another look at that forecast. devon: montgomery county, right over rockville, gaithersburg. maybe even bladensburg. and maybe some clouds, there could be an overnight rain. monday, the likeliest rain is night time the afternoon only a slight chance. one last warm and humid day before we cooldown tuesday. kellye: thanks
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