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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 31, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: the senate has adjourned without extending several
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provisions of the patriot act but they could probably become law again within a few days. reporter: the clock is ticking in the u.s. senate about the nsa surveillance program, set to expire at midnight. kentucky senator and republican presidential candidate rand paul vows he will not let it be renewed. mr. paul: i'm not going to take it anymore. reporter: the mass collection of american phone records falls under the was patriot act and started after the september 11 attacks. the new bill stops the ball collection but preserve some of the nsa's other surveillance abilities, powers the fbi says are critical to terrorism investigations. it passed the house by a huge margin earlier this month. >> what's the problem? a small group of senators standing in the way. reporter: the debate revealed faultlines in the republican party. an angry senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell -- >> it should be warring for our country. the nature of the threat we face is very serious. as our enemies grow more sophisticated. reporter: with no more vote scheduled, the surveillance program will expire at midnight. gloria riviera, abc news washington. kellye: before adjourning, the senate voted to move ahead with the patriot act replacement bill , up for vote tuesday or wednesday. even opponents say the measure has enough votes to pass. a virginia task force is recommending 21 changes to help combat sexual violence on college campuses. they include mandating sexual assault response teams on every campus. colleges are being asked to develop prevention plans and they also want to see more options for reporting attacks.
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the fight to save sweet briar college goes to the virginia supreme court this week. thursday, the justices will hear the appeal of a failed bid to prevent the college from closing. the governing board plans to close the school in august citing insurmountable financial challenges. more than $12 million has been raged or pledge to keep the 114-year-old school open. d.c. police release the names of two men arrested after a chase and shooting last week. david smith was inside of a vehicle wanted for robbery in southeast. the men drove off, leading to a chase. smith, the driver, try to strike an officer with the car. that is what an officer fired a gun, but nobody was hit. both men were arrested and charged with armed robbery. a man accused of jumping the fence outside the white house will go on trial july 27 that trial date set for jerome hunt of hayward, california.
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the authority say that he jumped the white house fence in april. he rejected a plea deal and requested a jury trial. he is charged with unlawful injury -- unlawful entry. work is underway to prevent more fence jumping incidents at the white house, the first at two adding -- the first step adding steel spikes. rebecca: the front of the white house was closed for hours as plating got underway for the seven inch spikes that will be added to the fence line. once the sidewalk was reopened, visitors weighed in on the proposed changes. >> you want the house to be open to the public, but you wanted secure. the more secure, the better. rebecca: the changes follow a series of high profile incidents in the past few months. twice people have been able to jump the fence drones in white house restricted airspace, and one man got all the way into the white house going to ray visitors gate.
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this person says the secret service needs to do a better job, not changing the architecture. >> it's beautiful the way it is. rebecca: this woman says she has a solution. >> i would put electrical. keep it the same and electrify it. not electrocute them, but knock them back a little bit. kellye: a scare in the air for several flights leaving jfk airport in new york. at least for commercial airplanes were targeted by lasers. investigators say that somebody intentionally pointed green lasers into the cot. laser pointers can temporarily blinded pilot. pointing a laser and an airplane is a federal crime. high profile cases with high-stakes consequences. coming up, the growing danger among adults and how it ties in with the way that you use your
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kellye: a number of high-profile crashes is drawing attention to the danger of adults riding in the back seat without buckling up. and many states including virginia do not require it. reporter: it can happen at any moment.
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riding in the backseat of a taxi your car service when suddenly, disaster. many of us have been there choosing not to wear seatbelts. like this family, battered, but luckily not seriously injured. watch again. this is how dangerous that decision can be. father and son flying in the blink of an eye. 22 states do not require it all passengers in the back seat to wear seatbelts. >> people think when they get into the back of the cab they are somehow safer, and that is actually not true. they are just as vulnerable. reporter: this morning, renewed fears after john nash, the mathematician who inspire the film "a beautiful mind," died in the backseat of a taxi on the new jersey turnpike. neither were wearing seatbelts. while you may hate buckling up for short trips they just might
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save your life. it is the transportation services responsibility to provide working seatbelts, but it is the passenger's responsibility to use them. kellye: a desperate call for help to 7 on your side. a woman said her neighbor moved out and left a pile of trash and stench. 7 on your side investigator kimberly suiters went digging for answers. >> would you like for your mother to live in this condition? kimberly: the 83-year-old pushing an inspector to get moving on the property next door. and not just see it. but smell it. what bothers you the most? >> the stench. kimberly: trash, could be a dead animal, even human waste.
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she bought this house five decades ago, the day president kennedy died. she prides herself keeping her property clean. >> you are trying to get it done so quickly, and it doesn't work that way. kimberly: the neighbors moved out a month ago, the inspector stopped by 10 days ago. she does not want to wait. >> i should not have to keep calling around. : really 7 on your side called for her. the ward eight councilwoman's office. the row house next to hers has a ton of trash in a terrible stench. and the layer lord -- and the landlord come reportedly in north carolina. meantime, the dcw inspector said she could expect a cleaned up by next weekend, though she is not entirely convinced. >> same old, same old. kellye: a hot summer trend is getting bigger by the year. ahead, the unique experience you
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and your family can have.
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kellye: we have had to contend with a lot of heat and humidity, but one more day left? devon: that is it, for now. july and august are coming. one last day, then the cooldown is coming. still, how cool will we get? we have to start at the beginning.
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the differences between the clear that is coming, the heat and humidity will spark severe thunderstorms during the day. about 10:00 am a severe thunderstorm warning north and west of town, quickly fell apart. right now, stormwatch 7 doppler radar, a heavy shower over bailey's crossroads, arlington, shower activity and heavy rain across capitol hill. heavier showers along american u. in northwest, towards college park, silver spring, chevy chase with lingering showers. that small shower radiating building more rain activity in the district, northwest and northeast. still looking at some storms west of culpeper. we have had this generally broken line of storms. 2:00 in the morning we will be done with this line of rain. real-time temps that sustained
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this activity, the humidity still up, very warm and humid this time of year, and it feels more like july and august, not may and june. anytime you are 80 degrees, with 40's and the great lakes, that is quite a cold front. we are finally getting this system. flooding in the southern plains, flooding storms in atlanta earlier. that eases through monday. most likely monday night is when we will have the storms. the spin affecting the forecast. effectively tuesday, wednesday the cooler air brakes the heat and humidity. the storm chances tomorrow minimal. likeliest tomorrow night. tracking the last of the broken line of showers and storms. futurecast really has not picked it up. very humid to start, near 70.
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don't need the jacket to stay warm, it is very humid in the morning. isolated storms, daytime hours. we may get most of the storms and should, well after 7:00 tomorrow night. that is when the likeliest rain chances come through. hot and humid, mid to upper 80's, sunshine. could get close to 90 again. the forecast, something we have discussed, on, off, now it could be back on again. this is kind of a cold front coming from new england. typically develops the cloud deck, responsible for putting temperatures even colder than what has been projected the last day or so, possibly upper 60's the high. we go at least into the lower 70's for the wind is critical. if the wind is just a little bit to the west instead of north
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northwest, more sunshine, it will be upper 70's, near 80. even upper 70's, near 80, we have broken the heat of 92 and the humidity is gone with it. hot and humid, minimal rain chances during the day, most likely at night on monday. eileen whelan will keep tracking the potential of the big cooldown and where we go from there. kellye: we are watching the wind. this summer, you can enjoy a unique experience on a boat. boatbound is called the air bnb for both. you can borrow a boat at the fraction of the price. they are expanding their fleet in washington. it is free to join with no monthly membership fees. there is still time to enter a contest for aspiring singers and songwriters. clint black is looking for the next big act. upload a video of yourself or your band performing an original song.
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clint black will narrow it down to four finalists and people can vote for their favorite. you have until monday to submit your video to chideo. the winner wins a trip to nashville to record their song in clint lack's studio. -- in black's studio. go to for more details.
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kellye: michael jackson's neverland ranch is on the market for $100 million. the animals and rides are gone, but the train and track remain. it is a 12,000 square foot mansion. the king of pop live there more than 15 years before his death in 2009. a prince george's county woman said that she shelled out money to rent a party bus on three separate occasions but the bus never showed up. 7 on your side troubleshooter for answers. horace: aussie wanted to do was throw waste -- all she wanted to do was throw a specialized bus for her friends. she was left on ice on three
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separate occasions. she first went to the party bus in december. the company, she says, cancel that trip. she rescheduled the trip for february. again, she says he canceled, saying the bus was not available, so she rescheduled for her birthday a few weeks ago. she and all of her friends gathered in the shopping center parking lot to wait for the bus but the bus never showed up. so she called 7 on your side. we want to global transportation's headquarters in greenbelt to get answers, onlyind the company has moved. they have been gone a couple weeks. then we called and left messages for transportation officials but nobody returned our calls. earlier this week, ms. waller received a call. >> i received a call from the president of the company stating he wanted to see me, meet with me.
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horace: he handed her a letter saying that, please be advised for mechanical reasons outside of our control gps global not be able to fulfill our agreement. inside the envelope was a check for $500. >> i'm so grateful for 7 on your side. i got my money. horace: horace holmes, abc 7 news.
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