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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc7 news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: right now an investigation into a deadly fire in northwest d.c. broke out in a row house on riggs place right your dupont circle. we know that two people died in the fire and five others were hurt, including three firefighters. jeanette reyes has more from the scene in northwest. jeanette: residents were jolted
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out of bed early in the morning. >> i woke up at about 3:00 and saw -- looked out my window and saw smoke coming off the roof. jeanette: jacqueline woodberry saw the flames shooting into the sky. firefighters climbed up the three-story building. >> i could see a lot of the actual fire coming off the roof. jeanette: two people were killed. it was a man and a woman, one found in the hallway, another in the bedroom. two others were transported to a local hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. >> i was hoping that no one was hurt. i was sad to find out that people were hurt this morning. jeanette: a longtime neighbor and friend of the family did not want to go on camera but tells me that a man and woman is there with adult children.
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he woke up to screams and his dog trying to get his attention. >> i can't determine if the fire started yet, but significant damage on the first and second floors. jeanette: we are told this fire spread very quickly. investigators on the scene as well as firefighters still putting out hotspots and it is a total loss as far as the inside of it. we will be here throughout the day and have a full report at 4:00. reporting live, jeanette reyes kickback you could jummy: meantime, we have got more information about the investigation into the mansion murders in northwest last month. sources tell cnn that investigators found blood on darren wint's shoe when he was arrested and that forensic analysis matches it to at least one of the murder victims. wint's as been charged with
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murder in the killings of sophos amy, and filled some topless and housekeeper v savvas, amy, and philip s avopouylos and their housekeeper. john gonzalez takes a close look at these charges. john: you are outside this bilingual school, there is the next to security and staff talking to parents and students about this alarming situation. this is a very unique school and a very diverse families this afternoon arguing the troubling situation. one of the more popular teachers here was arrested late last night, charged with second-degree sex abuse of a child. police say the young victim is a student. giovanni pena is a fourth grade
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teacher. even though details of not been released, many parents say they have lost trust. this parent says you just don't know who to trust anymore because teachers are supposed to be like second parents. they spend more time with our kids than we do. hearing this news is very sad. i asked him what he knows about mr. pena and he replied that he was a great guy and also teacher. -- awesome teacher could "as soon as we became aware of the situation,e acted probably to remove the teacher from the school and fully cooperate with mpd's investigation." just years ago, "the washington post" gave pena an award for being one of the top teachers in d.c. jummy: a vigil will be held for the reporter who was murdered on her way home from an assignment. people will gather outside the
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washington senior wellness center in southeast. forming circles around copies of "the hill" newspapers to remember her.police are still looking for her killer. a brazen daytime burglary caught on camera. please need your help to identify this -- police need your help to identify this man could he was caught walking home between ninth and 10th streets. you can see him looking around. mpd is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. dreary drizzly, and cool conditions. where is the sun today? any sonun jacqui? jacqui: keep looking. you will not see it today or tomorrow, either. in ato the clouds, we are looking at light rain and drizzle. sensitive mode on out live
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stormwatch doppler radar. you can see some on the north side of washington d.c. come up into montgomery county, northern prince george's county. also a bit on the south side of annapolis and near dunkirk. these areas are umbrella-worthy at this time. it will be intermittent. from time to time you might need it. steady rain showers pushing in south. from fredericksburg to culpeper to array, that will be heading your way. i now are temperatures remain very cool. 62 degrees downtown. did it with the wind along with the dampness. temperatures should reach the low to mid 60's, not moving a whole lot from where they are right now. i will tell you which they will be my day of the week in another
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few minutes. jummy: developing now, an investigation underway into two terror suspects in boston. we know one of them was shot and killed overnight after allegedly lunging at an officer with a knife. once a gonzalez has the latest -- marcy gonzales has the latest. marcy: this man accused of exposing interest in taking up the isis call to attack police and court in boston. police believe he is connected to the terror suspect killed by an officer outside this cvs yesterday morning. he was under 24-hour surveillance. at 7:15, officers with the joint terrorism task force who reportedly knew he was on the confronted him in the parking lot in boston. >> it allowed us to question him. marcy: he is seen coming at the
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officers with the military-style knife. the officers reportedly backed up, ordering him to drop the weapon. police say he refused and got dangerously close to the officers and they shot him. >> they do what they were trained to do. unfortunately, they had to take a life. marcy: law-enforcement officers told abc news that he made statements wanting to attack police officers come in line with what isis posted in an aggressive social media campaign. investigators won't say if they are monitoring anyone close to him they say that there is no threat to public safety. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. jummy: more troubles to tell you about for amtrak this afternoon. >> struck her vehicle at the metro.
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they come around the gates. jummy: this crash was caught on camera. a passenger train with more than 170 people on board hitting that car and splitting it in half. this happens all the head of the amtrak was on capitol hill defending his company's safety record after the deadly philadelphia derailment. rescue crews are ramping up efforts to recover more than 420 people believed to be trapped in an overturned river cruise ship in china. today more than 180 people working the scene. only 14 people are known to have survived. 26 bodies have been recovered but nearly everyone else still missing on board. a new fallout to tell you about from the fifa corruption scandal. interpol as six men tied to that investigation on its most wanted list. that means they risk arrest for
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racketeering and corruption charges anywhere they travel. this decision comes a day after separate letter -- sepp blatter announced he will step down as fifa president. we have an update on the menu's death sparked an investigation into the d.c. firehouse. the family is filing a lawsuit against the district. the family made the announcement just an hour ago. brad: this is the loss of that was filed -- lawsuit filed against the district of columbia. they want $7.7 million. the man was 77 years old. that is the significance of this number. abc7 news has been covering this case from the start. that was january 2014. cecil mills was 77 years old and was in a shopping center with his daughter and dropped on the sidewalk. he was having a heart attack. across the street come into 26,
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d.c. firehouse. she ran over there and there were five firefighters in the building but none of them would across the street. they said, oh, you have got to call 911. frantic, the woman rhinebeck and a police officer flag down a passing entrance but it was too late. mr. mills was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. the family has always believed that if something was done, his life could have been saved. now this lawsuit demands change. this is what the lawyer has to say. >> we assert that the district has engaged in a historic on long-standing pattern of practice of carelessness and culture of substandard care and that this practice and custom of directing those who come to the fire station for help to call 911 rather than provide help is so pervasive that it is in fact the policy.
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brad: there is some question as to whether or not this lawsuit can go forward. there is policy doctrine that protects firefighters from losses like this. the lawyer says that change needs to happen and that is why they have filed these papers. brad bell, abc7 news. jummy: coming up, we are learning more about the american killed by a lion on a tour in south africa. the next steps for the wildlife park and what is happening to the lion. plus, a thrill ride gone wrong. riders left hanging for hours after a roller coaster crash. plus, calling all you trivia buffs out there. how you can land a chance to win $1 million. warmer weather on the way, not looking too good out there
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jummy: the wildlife park in south africa where an american woman was killed is operating as usual. rangers say the lion will not be killed but will be moved to an enclosure away from public. the animal but the woman through an open car door window. windows are supposed to be closed inside that park. they have signs all around. the tour guide was injured while trying to get the lion out of the car. four people are recovering from serious injuries after a roller coaster accident. it happened on one of britain's biggest amusement park rides. it stuck onto an empty car on the track and the force of the collision wedged the cars together. they were dangling for more than four and a half hours.
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>> this sort of accident should never be able to happen because there is a sophisticated computer system that watches the location of all the trains. jummy: the park remains close as the investigation into the accident continues. a fourth democrat is expected to enter the presidential race today. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee is scheduled to announce his candidacy at george mason's center for politics in arlington. he was elected governor of rhode island in 2010 as an independent and became a democrat in 2013. kathleen matthews has announced she is running for maryland's eighth congressional district. the democrat held a press conference this morning at the silver spring metro plaza. matthews is running for a seat that will be open because democratic incumbent representative chris van hollen is seeking the senate seat of retiring senator barbara mikulski. matthew served as public affairs officer for bethesda-based mary
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and she was also an anchor here at abc7 for more than 20 years. happening today, chance to win more than $1 million. " who wants to be a millionaire" is holding auditions & sweeney has what you need to know. sam: the only have to answer the questions to get to the hot seat and once you are there, you are 14 questions away from the $1 million. hundreds tested their knowledge and brought their energy early this morning. >> i can't believe it. it is like a dream come true. >> 30 questions, 10 minutes. >> it was a little nerve-racking but it was kind of exciting. i've never s setting for something like that. >> i sat and gave it my best. i only got about 11 questions right. looks like i won't be a millionaire anytime soon.
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i can't tell you what the questions were but they were wide-ranging. >> you can expect a little bit of geography, pop culture, some science, language stuff. basically a jack of all trades would do well here. >> organizes say it is not just about brains. they are looking for personality. >> i've got it all. i've got wit brains, personality, beauty, and i've got you. >> you have another chance at the hot seat. auditions will continue this friday in baltimore beginning at 7:00 a.m. sam sweeney, abc7 news. jummy: jacq you said you got one of the questions rightu? jacqui: no, i didn't get it right. he answered run the questions -- one of the questions. he was a meat inspector apparently.
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i couldn't be on the show. jummy: you would be good on the weather questions right? jacqui: the one question everybody wants to know is hello, where is the sunshine? go to chicago, it is looking pretty good there. today we will have cloud cover and that will be the case for 24 hours, still. there you can see the overcast conditions in rockville, maryland, where the temperature is 55 degrees. stormwatch seven doppler radar on supersensitive mode showing you the patches of what we are seeing a very light rain and drizzle. we will zoom in a little bit. alex liggitt running the radar for me. stretching towards brandywine, davidsonville road towards shady side.
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annapolis, you have mostly been seeing this off and on. we have some into fairfax county near will cap once -- wolf trap and towards the herndon area. we still need a jacket for lunch hour. 57 in gaithersburg. 61 degrees in washington d.c. as we spread out to the wider view, you can see how the cooler air gives down in the mountains. in fact, is just as good today in duluth, minnesota, as it is in d.c. with the temperatures. our frontal system is installed towards the south. the pressure towards north carolina today. they are getting soaked in coastal areas of the carolinas. any rain we get around here will be pretty white. amount to much. it will be spotty and it will be misty from time to time and this weather pattern will continue through the day tomorrow.
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futurecast brings a chance of more moderate showers, especially across southern parts of the viewing area as we head into tomorrow afternoon. temperature around 65 degrees. tonight, more of the same, perhaps patchy fog if the winds would calm down. let's look at the seven-day forecast. we are expecting a little more sunshine. sunshine may break out before the day is done and that would allow us to get back into the 70's. at least for the weekend we can get out and do some things when temperatures reach the upper 70's to low 80's again. jummy: just like april out there. jacqui: more like mid april. jummy: coming up, fired for helping a hungry student. why
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jummy: a colorado school employees out of work for trying to help a hungry student. she gave the students without lunch money a free lunch. it cost her her job. school district says they only provide free hot lunches to students the first three times they forget the lunch could the fourth time they provide a cheese sandwich and milk. amazon is going like to expand sales on the website. customers can buy items costing under $10 and get free shipping. the small and light items arrive between four and eight days. third-party sellers can sign up
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for the service as well.
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jummy: we going to see sunshine at all today? jacqui: no. just clouds and drizzle from time to time. jummy:
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[cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey! hey! hey, hey! i'm terry crews, and i'm in the mood to give some money away today on millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant believes where there's a will, there's a way. he's been meditating and envioning himself on the millionaire stage for years, and he's finally here. from oakland, california please welcome dorian johnson! [cheers and applause] >> what's up, brother? >> oh, give me a hug! >> congratulations, my dude. >> oh, thank you. >> yes. >> thank you. from o-town. >> o-town.t's up, dorian?


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