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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> she was a wonderful woman. leon: shot to death by a bullet not meant for her. how a young journalist is being remembered. plus, a teacher accused of child
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sex abuse. new details of the allegations. and 50 pages about the quadruple murder, new questions about what happened inside of the d.c. mansion, next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: first, a clearer picture of the horrors inside of a d.c. mansion, new one unsealed documents reveal what happened before the family and their housekeeper were brutally murdered. tom roussey has been sifting through the documents. he is now live with the very latest. tom, any new revelations here? tom: there were several, leon. it has been 20 days since the murders happened and the house behind me is still a crime scene. there is a lot of new information, including about money left in the garage while
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the family was being held captive. abc 7 obtained more than 50 pages of new documents. among the revelations, they indicate the way a suspect may have gotten into the home was kicking in a side door. this picture shows a shoe print. one document said the police are hunting for an apparently missing video camera used to record surveillance video at the home. court papers say after the fire, the police cannot find the cell phones of the victims, savva and amy savopoulos, and their housekeeper, figarouereroa. the documents say that savopoulos' persistent admitted lying about a 40 grand that he dropped off at the home before the fire. he said that he went with savopoulos' accountant to a hyattsville bank of america to
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get the money. at first he said it was put into a manila envelope at the bank. he later told investigators he took bundles of cash from the accountant's pocket and put them in a red back. jordan wallace said that he needed a key to get into the car inside the garage where savopoulos told him to leave the money. he later told the police the vehicle was not locked. inside the home, on the doorway you can see what appeared to be marks left by the fire nearly three weeks ago. cnn is reporting when darin wint arrested, blood was found on his shoe. that allegedly matched one of the victims here at the home. cnn said their sources did not say which of the victims. live in northwest, tom roussey abc 7 news. kelly mayhew leon:leon: d.c. police are searching
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for suspect after a sexual assault and kidnapping in northwest at about midnight last night on 9th street. the woman told the police a suspect forced her into his car and then drove to an alley and attacked her. if you have information, you are asked to contact the police. the police want help in identifying a person of interest in an assault case that happened at a d.c. bar. here is surveillance footage. this happened last sunday. the police say that somebody struck an intoxicated man in the head in the bathroom. the bar will shut down 96 hours after the incident. if you have information about this person of interest, the police want to hear from you. hours after plunging in, crews spent the evening searching for two men in their 20's near sandy landing along the virginia's shoreline. one made it out to safety, the other has not been found.
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operations were suspended at about 5:00 today and the search will resume tomorrow. the missing swimmer has not been identified. a community honor the memory of a young woman gunned down in southeast last week. charnice milton was a journalist who covered the see, including anacostia, and the police say she was not the intended target of the killer. richard reeve was at tonight's vigil and he has how milton is being remembered. rich? richard: leon, two events tonight, the emotional vigil and also passing out this leaflet. behind me, the corner where milton was gunned down. also, the emotional gathering to remember a life cut short. >> we are trying to solve this. >> this is something that never should have happened. richard: at the same corner where milton was gunned down one
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week ago, friends and coworkers hope these flyers will help find her killer. >> she was an incredibly bright light. richard: just me seven, a community newspaper reporter was near a bus stop when a man opened fire. the attended target used her as a shield. -- the intended target used her as a human shield. >> it was heartbreaking full stop richard: also a gathering of love and remembrance. >> we are celebrating her. richard: they joined hands to honor her life and achievements. >> she never gave up, she never gave in, she worked her buttt off to be the best journalist she could be. richard: writing articles about d.c. development, traffic, and politics. and from this grieving family an urgent plea. >> if they would surrender
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turned themselves in, there would be closure and completeness. richard: more than a dozen detectives are working the case. so far, no suspects. milton was to turn 28 in a couple weeks. instead, her funeral is this saturday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, richard. two people are dead after a fire in a row house in northeast d.c. on the 1600 block of riggs placone man jumped out a window to escape the flames. others brought ladders to get to the people trapped in the upper floors. a woman and man were killed. they have not been identified. fire investigators are still working to pinpoint the cause. the occupational safety and health administration is investigating a man's death at the african-american history museum.
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the man was lower to the ground and taken to the hospital. his name has not been released. new developments in the rest of a d.c. teacher. we have learned what led to child sex abuse charges being filed against giovanni pena. we told you about this case last night, and jay korff has what is next in the investigation. safe to say it is a disturbing investigation. jay: indeed, leon. the court documents released tonight eight a troubling picture. -- paint a troubling picture, an allegation leveled against the teacher. the teacher said to be very popular is now behind bars. 31-year-old giovanni pena is not teaching at oyster-adams elementary school in northeast because he is in jail with no bond. court documents say that a student came forward monday alleging when he was a fourth grader last school year that pena touched him
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inappropriately. he said while in class, the defendant touched his private parts on top of his clothing. the student alleges the teacher sent him a picture of his private parts on his cell phone using snap chat. the student said that pena is a close family friend. according to the criminal complaint, pena admitted to sending inappropriate pictures and that he and the student touched each other inappropriately while class was in session. tonight, we spoke with the woman who says she knows and works with giovanni pena. she told us she is shocked. stunned by these allegations and his arrest. she said he was very popular among staff and students at the school. reporting live in the district jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: turning now to the weather. we are not on yet at the rain
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but there are improvements in the forecast. steve rudin is here with what is coming up. steve: better weather ahead just have to wait another 24 hours before we notice the difference. doppler radar moving in closer, showers mainly across prince george's county, upper northwest d.c., not amounting to a whole lot. later over, suit linda looking at showers, also friendly, maryland most of northern alexander it will stay dry at least the next couple hours. tomorrow morning, showers in the middle 60's. we will talk about warmer air more humid air, and sunshine in the seven day outlook coming up will sto. leon: an active investigation into dozens of shipments of anthrax. it is believed that more than 50 laboratories may have accidentally received live spores from the defense department over the last decade.
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officials say there is little risk to the public and there have been no infections reported. investigators are now pushing to determine which failures in the system calls to those shipments. the gyro copter pilot who landed at the capitol says the u.s. postal service is taking steps to fire him. he called his flight an example -- they called his flight an example of unacceptable conduct. the postal service is not commenting on disciplinary actions. still ahead -- a school lunch lady said she was fired for giving free food to kids in need. >> they would start crying when i told them they do not have money in their account. leon: and breaking their silence, the duggars speak out.
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leon: the washington monument will reopen tomorrow morning. repairs to the structure have been completed. the monument has been closed
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since monday because of a mechanical issue with an elevator. tickets for tours will be available starting at 8:00 in the morning. a colorado lunch lady decided to give free lunch to first graders who came in but were short on cash, instead of throwing food away. she said that got her fired. she says that she struggled when the kids would cry when she told them they did not have enough money in their account. >> i hated the seafood thrown away that could be given to these children that were hungry and could use it. leon: the school district says no child ever goes hungry. the district said that she violated policy about food distribution and should have spoken up if she had concerns. she says she will fight back. a new chapter in the high-profile investigation, in cleveland, a 12-year-old boy shot to death by the police
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while holding a plastic way gun. the next step is determining whether criminal charges should be filed against the officer. the child was shot to death in november, triggering protests around the nation. stay with abc 7 for updates. for the first time, jim bob and michelle dugger talk about the scandal involving their eldest son. their interview aired earlier tonight. the stars of "19 kids and counting" defended their station -- their decision to protect josh duggar after allegations he touched underaged girls and appropriately including several of his sisters. >> he had just turned 15. i think the legal definition is 16 and up. he was a child praying on a child. >> you don't think he is a pedophile? >> no. leon: the parents say that all their children underwent
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counseling and no charges were ever filed. josh duggar apologized for what he did and has resigned from the family research council. tlc is no longer airing episodes of "19 kids and counting." a push to put new restrictions on indoor tanning. a connecticut representative is pushing for a ban of the use of tanning beds by minors aged 18 or under. they said that young women are only vaguely aware of the risks and also that melanoma rates jumped 3% every year since 1992. don't think they have too much to worry about today. steve: exactly, and tomorrow cloudy skies again. the weekend looks brighter warmer. next week, you like the heat and humidity, right? leon: you know i do. steve: 63 degrees was the high
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at reagan national airport today. the temperatures have not moved a whole lot all day long. the average for this date is 81 degrees. we stay on the side for at least one more day. the temperatures at the airport, 53 is the current high, the wind out of the east at nine. the dew point level in the middle 50's, which is why it feels more like late april. we are looking for improvements in a couple days. 59 dulles, 57 hagerstown, gaithersburg 61, annapolis 62. the temperatures will drop a couple degrees overnight, waking up on the cool side, but the showers lifting from the south. these arrive during the rush hour tomorrow. down here, the outer banks of north carolina, moving to the north, eventually making it to our area tomorrow afternoon. then we start to dry out as we move through the next 48 hours. the weekend a lot better.
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53 to 59 overnight, scattered showers, drizzle in the morning. patchy fog, not going to be a big problem with travel delays, but leave a few extra minutes in the morning. the wind out of the north at five to 10. the futurecast, showers in the forecast. through the day tomorrow, into the day friday, the storms move off to the west and the skies clear. tomorrow, the umbrella grab one before you head out the door, cloudy and cool, the wind out of the northeast. the temperatures eventually rebound for the weekend. 74 the high friday, saturday lower 80's, 20% chance of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, and it looks even better sunday, 79 degrees. look at monday and tuesday next week. the heat and humidity typical of june weather in washington
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monday and tuesday, upper 80's, near 90. the feels like temperature will be even hotter. leon: you know what happens we get to july and we will say we wish we had june. the nats cannot blame the weather for what happened tonight. robert: no scapegoats. we also talk football. the nats were trying to fly with the blue jays.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: safety say the month of may was good for the nats especially bryce harper and max scherzer, harper taking the national league player of the month, max scherzer picture of the month -- pitcher of the month.
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tonight, the jays up, top of the fourth reyes with a single to right. harper's throw was too late, the blue jays win 8-0. o's trying not to drop five straight, three straight against houston. miguel gonzalez and chris carter, gone. disappears into the night. 1-0 astros. bottom of the fifth, it is that guy again, the center this time. i don't think this has land it yet. astros win 3-1 five straight losses for baltimore. tomorrow wraps up the second session of the redskins ota's. desean jackson knew that he could not avoid the cameras. today was the first time he talked about his absence from the week one workouts.
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desean: my head coach, my teammates, the people here in this building knew about my whereabouts. any criticism from the media, i don't play for them. robert: cannot wait for the reality show. stanley cup finals blackhawks-lightning, in tampa. blackhawks trailed the entire game come until six minutes left in the third. two minutes later, the blackhawks take the lead right here. chicago takes game one in tampa 2-1. d.c. united at rfk against the chicago fire. tied at 1-1. after a quick game of keepaway takes the shot. his second goal of the game. united wins 3-1.
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i get a pizza half off, by the way. the french open, the world number one ended the nine time champion's rein and will take on andy murray on friday. the nba finals are right here on abc 7 game one tomorrow night coverage beginning at 8:00. cannot wait for it. leon: but then you work here and you have to wait. robert: late night. leon: at least we will have something to watch. coming up, something rare and unusual to watch.
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leon: live samples of anthrax possibly shipped off to dozens of laboratories. also, search warrants released in the d.c. mage and murderers and the weather outlook. all of that on 7 on your side with a rare recall and alert from apple. apple says that the beats speakers' batteries can
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overheat and cause fires. the company is offering a credit refund. you have to fill out an online form.
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leon: rain, rain, go away. steve: it will, a chance of showers tomorrow. 40%. 74 degrees friday, but focus on saturday and sunday, near 80 degrees and sunshine. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." the 2015 school skrab champs and music from 21 pilots. and now stay put. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: hi everyone. thank you for


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