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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> this is the last straw and we can do no more. leon: searching for the suspect in the death of a d.v. journalist. a historic data breach, how workers are scrambling to protect themselves and -- >> it's so senseless. she just was such a wonderful person. leon: a recent georgetown grad killed in a fire in northwest, the search for a cause next.
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>> now abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. leon: and first at 11:00, saying goodbye to a d.c. journalist shot to death. charnice milton was killed last week by a bullet not intended for her. her loves ones are calling for answers tonight and police are pressing for persons of interest caught riding dirt bikes and a.t.v.'s on surveillance cameras. a look at the investigation into her murder. roz. roz: investigators swarmed this neighborhood for much of the day looking for clues, but they need a break. her father launched an emotional appeal for help. they lined up outside charnice milton's home church to pay their respects to a young journalist, 27 years old, gunned down in the streets she covered. >> it's devastating yeah, very devastating. >> her life meant a lot to us
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all here and i just love her. roz: d.c. police released this surveillance video showing persons of interest in her death, 14 in all on seven different a.t.v.s and dirt bikes. her father says the video reopens some wounds that were just beginning to heal. >> up until then, i have been pretty good in terms of masking my hostility and anger and birltness but i was floored at that point. roz: milton was waiting at a bus stop on her way home from an assignment 10 years ago. a group of dirt bike riders started shooting, one used her as a human shield. her father is asking their neighbors to push their fears aside. >> those in the ward 7 and ward 8 community know who these individuals are. i speak to those watching right now, you know them. do the right thing and bring justice. roz: now her funeral will be held here at the living word
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church tomorrow morning at 11:00. i spoke with police late tonight who tell me they are getting tips but they need that one tip that will let them help find her killer. we are live in southwest d.c., i'm roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, roz. new developments about that quadruple mansion murder in d.c. we're learning what was found inside the vehicle when suspect daron wint was arrested on the streets of southeast d.c. last month. search warrants indicate that police found knives, stacks of $100 bills and money orders. so far wint is the only person who has been charged but police say they don't believe he acted alone. officers are investigating the family's chauffeur who they said lied about events on the day of the murders. after days of rain and chilly temperatures there is some improvements now headed our way. abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin with the outlook. steve, we have earned this. steve: it arrived just in time for the weekend, the timing could not be much better. look at what is going on outside right now. we have a few showers, a few
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thunderstorms well to the west of us. this is a cluster that developed over southwestern pennsylvania over the early evening hours and now drifting across western maryland eventually into the panhandle of west virginia, not going to amount to a whole lot. here are temperatures, 63 degrees at dulles, the same at winchester, take a look at the forecast for the day tomorrow. we'll start off warm and comfortable, a good deal of sunshine and rebound through the 70's and a weak cool front during the afternoon hours. that may trigger a few showers and thunderstorms but limited to a 30% chance. after that, we have a really nice sunday ahead, hotter weather on the way as we move into monday. we'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. leon: see you soon. moving on now, new at 11:00 a second victim identified after this week's deadly roadhouse fire in northwest. nina brekelmans recently graduated with a master's from
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georgetown university. how she was remembered and what caused this fire. richard. richard: an emotional night here. you can see the flowers outside the house here. sources tell us they believe the cause of this fire was accidental, the cost was tremendous two young lives including a very impressive young woman. flowers and condolence notes now sit outside this gutted home. >> to be of this magnitude for someone so young. richard: a destructive fire that took the life of 25-year-old nina brekelmans and a house mate. >> it's so senseless. she was such a wonderful person. richard: sources say the wednesday morning electrical fire here was likely accidental. the deadly outcome has left a terrible void. >> i'm really grieving that someone with so much potential is lost to us. richard: on her facebook page,
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she is seen smiling in her graduation grown. >> nina was the smartest person in the class. richard: she had been rewarded a scholarship in jordan. >> a picture of nina with a member of the royal family and confetti flying everywhere. richard: she was a competitive hard driving distance runner. she won a half marathon in jordan last year. >> she did everything she had to do to be a better athlete and a better person. richard: all of which makes this loss so difficult. >> really genuinely, genuinely wanted to do a lot of good for people. richard: friends say she was an amazing young lady. she was a scholar she was an athlete. she knew fluid arabic. we're told she was supposed to leave for jordan in just a matter of days. in northwest washington, darrelle revis abc 7 news. leon: a man accused of murdering his former girlfriend outside of
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a target store in germantown is held without bond. he will stay behind bars until a hearing later this month. police say he shot the woman to death on monday following an argument in a target on north frederick road. he is a convicted sex offender. an atlanta man is going to prison for 10 years for shooting his girlfriend and causing them to lose their unborn child. he pleaded guilty back in january to this. he fired a round through the victim's apartment door in northeast washington during an argument last winter. a judge today sentenced him to a decade in prison followed by five years of supervised release. developing now china dismissing allegations that it is behind one of the biggest cyber attacks in u.s. history. u.s. officials say that personal employment information of the entire federal workforce may have been compromised. as tom roussey reports workers are taking action to protect
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themselves. >> i'm pretty concerned. tom: federal workers having told hackers appeared to have gotten a lot of data about a lot of people. >> usually i'm not that concerned about things like this, but in this case i am. tom: current and former federal workers are still waiting to hear for sure if their data was compromised. with millions affected, their chances are very high. >> it's not great. it's a mistake. tom: some are taking the news in stride. >> i was also just aaffected by the care first breach, so i have some credit monitoring going on. i figure i get some more and it will be fine. >> they have things in place that will help you out if in fact you are affected by it. tom: you plan to take advantage of those? >> absolutely. tom: the office of personnel management is offering affected employees free credit report access insurance, and 18 months of credit monitoring. the >> we consider that completely adequate. it should be lifetime credit
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monitoring. tom: jacquelyn says this hack of federal data is unprecedented. >> this is the worst. this is very, very big. >> i'm concerned that the system was not strong enough to defend against an attack like this. tom: the american federation of government employees says of the roughly 4 million people who could be affected by this, just over 2 million are current federal workers and around 2 million are retired federal workers. in the newsroom, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: now u.s. officials say it appears that the attack originated in china. they're still trying to determine who is behind it. chinese is calling on the u.s. to stop what it calls unverified accusations. stay with abc 7 as we continue to follow this investigation. right now an investigation is underway after an amtrak train collided with a truck about 60 miles southwest of chicago. a train was en route from san antonio to chicago when the
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accident occurred. it did not derail and no one onboard was injured. no word on whether the truck driver was injured. the train's 200-plus passengers were bussed the rest of the way to chicago. local media is reporting that that truck was hauling bacon. might ruin some breakfasts. still ahead on abc 7, an abc news exclusive, a victim comes forward. severe weather in colorado, some hail and tornadoes, trying to recover tonight and survey the damage. another bombshell interview, two duggar sisters speak out being inappropriately touched by their brother. that's next.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. leon: an abc news exclusive.
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the sister of the alleged victim of former house speaker dennis hastert is talking. jolene says her brother was victimized. >> he damaged steve maybe more than any of us would ever know. why didn't you ever tell anybody? he was your teacher. why didn't you tell anybody? he just looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me. leon: her brother steve died of complications from aids in 1995. she says that hastert showed up at the funeral. hastert has not yet commented on any of these allegations. he appears in court on charges of bank fraud and lying to the f.b.i. another chapter in the molestation scandal of josh duggar he is accused of inappropriately touching young girls including his sisters. the sisters that were victims say they forgive josh and they are furious and hurt when the story broke. they want to remind the public
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that the incidents happened more than a decade ago. >> it was a revictimization that was 1,000 times worse. >> why? >> because it was something that was already dealt with. we have already forgiven josh. we have already moved on. leon: earlier this week, his parents said josh is sorry and has been rehabilitated. the statute of limitations on any charges has passed. tlc has pulled "19 kids and counting." no word on the future of that show going forward. a third and final search today after tornado and thunderstorms damages hundreds of homes in colorado in addition to the wind and the rain out there, a massive amount of hail and the state may not be out of the woods just yet. >> on the ground. leon: one by one. >> oh, my gosh. leon: by one, tornadoes stalked the colorado landscape tearing up terrain by the mile, the roaring twisters had even
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veteran storm chasers gawking in awe. >> look at that. look at that motion! leon: look as these amazing pictures. watch as this tornado takes shape before your eyes. storm chaser verne carlson had a narrow escape in his truck. he was caught inside the funnel cloud. >> the mirrors have gone off the car. leon: the tornadoes cut a path of destruction ripping homes apart. >> the roof collapsed in on top of us. we were trapped in there for 30, 40 minutes. leon: the ferocious winds sheered off the top half of this man's home. >> it was something like from hell rotating, debris flying every which way. leon: in denver, this sergeant was out on control when a sink hole from floodwaters swallowed up him and his patrol unit. >> luckily i was able to get out of it and not much of injuries. leon: the storms brought down a barrage of hail, so much in denver, it had to be shoveled in piles from the streets.
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the tornado threat moves east saturday to nebraska and iowa and on saturday eastward again from st. louis to cincinnati. front loaders with snow in june that is so wrong. so wrong with that. steve: thankfully, no severe weather on the way tomorrow, a weak cold front will bring us a little bit of relief from the heat tomorrow, if you want to call it that for one day. leon: we want it to be dry. steve: it's going to be for most of the weekend. 30% tomorrow. not so bad. beach forecast, a lot of people are headed out to the beaches, may be already there. look at the water temperature, throw, for atlantic city and ocean city, around 59 to 60 degrees. air temperature will be in the middle 70's. sunday will be around 70 degrees. a little bit warmer as you head toward the outer banks of north carolina. water temperature now around 70 and they'll see highs tomorrow and sunday in the middle 70's. finally today, we went above 70 at reagan national airport, 75 degrees for our high, our
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average for this day is 82, 97 the record back in 1925. show you our current reading of 70 degrees, hard to believe that earlier in the week on monday, our high was 92 and we were in the 60's on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and then today, up just a little bit. 63 gaithersburg, the same win thester and martinsburg. we are seeing warmer air overspread the mid-atlantic tomorrow. it's going to take a little bit of time. a few showers and storms over western maryland into west virginia. these are beginning to fall apart and will continue to do so as they move toward the east. hardly any impact on the immediate metro area. we will see a little bit of patchy fog come early tomorrow morning. in a little bit, this is a weak cool front that is going to move across our area tomorrow afternoon. that's likely to trigger a few showers and thunderstorms, but between now and then, relatively quiet around here with 60 to 67 for an overnight low.
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there is the patchy fog. winds will be relatively light. as we look at our futurecast for the day tomorrow, notice what happens during the mid-day hours, a few storms begin to pop up. these storms not expected to become severe but may bring rain to your neighborhood, but once again limited to a 20% or 30% chance. most of us won't see anything at all. by sunday, it's the better of the two days for the weekend, lots of sunshine, daytime highs upper 70's, low humidity. that's going to change come monday. heat, humidity sunshine, and thunderstorms back in the forecast with daytime highs that will approach close to 90 degrees. tomorrow not a bad day, start the morning off headed off to the farmers market, temperatures around 65 degrees. midday temperatures in the middle 70's. by 5:00, lower 80's. there is a chance for the showers and thunderstorms as we move through the afternoon and early evening hours. high temperature of upper 70's by sunday. by monday, upper 80's to around 90 degrees. feels like temperature will make it feel hotter than that.
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it won't be quite as humid on tuesday and wednesday, but still temperatures above average for this time of year. so three days, that was it for the low. now we'll crank up the heat for the weekend. leon: ok and we would like to crank up the heat for the nats, too. >> the nats put up a stat they haven't seen since may 19. it was a good one. look at denard span stretching it out for the boys tonight. nats and cubs is next in sports.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we'll kick things off with a little baseball tonight. the nats continue their seven-game home stand against the cubs tonight looking to even the series. this is how you do it, bottom second danny espinoza at the plate, got him. that ball becomes a memory, a
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three-run homer. that made it 3-0 nats. then in the seventh, it's the buffalo, wilson ramos doubles to deep right center. rendon would come all the way from first to score. nats up 6-4 after that. they go on to win this one, 7-5. most runs for the nats since may 19 when they played the yankees. all right, o's and indians, baltimore ending a five-game slump after beating the astros last night. guess who shows up again tonight, it's adam jones. the top of the sixth, break the tie with the homer, that made it 3-2. o's win two straight. the final for this one, 5-2. ncaa baseball, terps kicked off the best of three series with u.v.a. u.v.a.'s kevin daughtery with the base-clearing double, that was clutch. u.v.a. would score all five of their runs terps drop game one, the final 5-3. game two set for tomorrow, first pitch set for 3:00.
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and we talk nba now terribl news for cavaliers fans today. guard kyrie irving is out for the rest of the nba finals. he left the game in the final two minutes because of a knee injury. an m.r.i. this morning revealed a fractured knee cap. he will undergo surgery and will be sidelined three to four months. the early diagnosis reveals no m.c.l. or a.c.l. tear, the injury is catastrophic for the cavs and their title hopes. cleveland will now have to regroup for game two. that's sunday night and you can see it right here at 8:00. good luck, lebron. desean jackson wasn't the only one with camp duties today. rg iii was at anacostia high school and mobbed by the crew after sharing some skills with some future stars. "friday night lights" football is part of his family of three foundation where the mission is simply making a difference in people's lives. well the mystics kicked off their season tonight against the connecticut sun. stephanie was hot tonight
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playing in front of a familiar crowd. she had 18-12 tonight including that dunk. the mystics win their season opener, the final of this one 73-68. a final note in soccer, u.s.a. took on the netherlands in a friendly. u.s.a. fought back from a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 at the amsterdam arena. back to the nba finals good luck lebron, he has a lot to do. leon: the mountain got a whole lot higher. watch the climb. google's new feature is truly eye opening, how it's giving you an inside look at the ocean floor next.
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leon: new information about a massive data breach targeting the u.s. government. that is our top trending story tonight on police making an arrest of of a teen in bowie. the stories and more on turn left at the humpback whale and the shipwreck is on your right. that could all be possible with google's new street view feature that takes you under the sea. photographers shot 70 pictures from 40 locations all in honor of ocean's day. check it out and see some amazing 360-degree pictures of everything from humpback whales,
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coral reefs to shipwrecks. it's on google. cheapest vacation you'll ever
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leon: a good weekend coming up. steve: a lot of shine but by midday, clouds will increase. a weak cold front may trigger showers and thunderstorms, 30% chance, most won't see anything at all. sunday is the better of the two days, still looking fantastic for the weekend overall. upper 80's to near 90 on monday it will keep the heat alive, wednesday and thursday still in the up 80's near 90 degrees, above average, we make the turn back. leon: sunday looks great for you to sit and watch the game. robert: fun time, you and lebron. leon: thanks for
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