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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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coverage along with the rest of today's top stories and a lot to talk about with this one. let's listen to the coaches. >> let's keep our energy up now okay? c'mon. let's keep our energy up. we dropped energy last game. not this game. keep our energy up! >> we got it we got it right? we got a lot of work. we've got a lot of fight in us. let's finish the deal like we did the other night. >> mike: david blatt was talking about the overtime after they missed the two shots. they just lost some of that energy and got blitzed in the ot. 10-2 by the cavaliers. cleveland has started this overtime strong. >> mark: i don't know if it's lost energy. give credit to the warriors. they took that game and pumped it up and got it done. >> mike: and wore cleveland down. that was a big part of it. james now with 38. coming up on 3:00 remaining.
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curry catches, fake fires. three pointer just won't go. dellavedova gets the rebound. >> jeff: see that play that engaged rebound, that won't go as a big -- and the then huge that dellavedova just created. >> mike: james pullup jumper. in and out. rebound, curry. curry just 2-15 from downtown. drives again to the basket. misses. green on the follow. his first field goal of the game. james again. finds dellavedova. his floater is up. misses. barnes grabs it. draymond green wants to get it to curry. curry pulls back.
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finds green. posting up dellavedova. green shot is short. green on the follow and banks it in. it's back to one. dellavedova is a little hurt comes up limping after the play. time-out cleveland. draymond green back to back buckets. and cleveland's lead sliced to one. >> jeff: taking advantage of the switch. they post dellavedova initial defense is great. but thompson up on curry. no one to clean the glass. leads to green's second shot. ♪
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more drama in the 2015 nba finals. a compelling game two. hasn't always been the prettiyest. could have ended in regulation as lebron james bumped several times. iguodala misses the shot. tristan thoson so close but can't get the follow to fall. and here we are in overtime. it's 92-91. under 2:00 to play. >> jeff: i'm going to try to move more on this possession. >> mike: isolated against iguodala. four to shoot. drives. spins. double team. tied up. knocked away and a 24-second violation. james thought he was hit. pleading with tony. >> mark: it looked like he was really hit as iguodala swiped down for the steal. looked like he got away with it.
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>> jeff: oh my goodness. >> mark: you can't miss that call. >> mike: he raked him across t arm. >> jeff: that's season defining right there. >> mike: curry the drive. stolen by shumpert. shumpert goes to thompson. layup. misses it. iguodala to rebound. klay thompson back up top and they'll reset. now steve kerr want as time-out. 1:11 remaining in overtime. cleveland up by one. lebron james still upset that they missed this. they defended it so well. until this slap across the arm. >> jeff: he traveled before that but that is clearly a foul. >> mike: golden state ball when we come back.
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>> mike: lebron james with a triple-double and you see he's really struggled trying to find the range. missed 15 of his last 19. but here as you guys say, he's certainly traveled on the play but he was also clearly fouled. and it's golden state ball. remember, the cavaliers led by 11 with just over 3:00 to go in regulation. here we are in overtime where they led by as many as five. they do have a foul to give here. golden state is down to one time-out remaining. draymond green. spins against thompson. lost the ball. klay thompson tried to save it. threw it away. >> mark: that was a designed play thinking they were going to out with steph curry with
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draymond green having an open layup. >> jeff: that's a chicago bull's noah play. >> mike: here we are back again. james drives down the lane. shot blocked and a jump ball. draymond green with the rejection. his third block of the game. and they'll jump it up with 3.8 remaining on the shot clock. >> jeff: great by draymond green and tristan thompson has to get away to open up a passing angle. >> mike: cavs win. they only have 3.8 to shoot if they win the tip. >> mark: smith is the guy to watch. if you're steph curry you got to stay connected to him. >> mike: smith and shumpert right there. scott foster saying i need room to get the ball in there. >> jeff: draymond green won the opening tip of overtime by fouling tristan thompson.
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james has got to get up quick if he wants to win it. >> mike: you can't catch -- on the toss you can't catch it. that's a violation and it's golden state ball. trying to say he grabbed his arm. >> jeff: watch draymond green again. that should have been retipped. or rethrown up. >> mark: how about a foul? >> jeff: or a foul. listen i've never seen a great player not get the benefit of the doubt on two consecutive plays. >> mike: several times down the stretch. cavaliers though still lead. curry with j.r. smith on him. fakes. draws the foul. it's going to be two free-throws as j.r. smith went for the fake and curry can give them the lead
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at the free-throw line. >> jeff: that's the third bad foul by j.r. smith. again, they switch it he gets a little space and shows the shot clearly, a two. i do not like that call. steph curry is jumping into the space as j.r. smith goes up to contest. it's clearly a two-point shot but to me, just like in the restricted zone you have the right as a defender to go up a guy should not be able to dive into you. >> mike: that's the sixth foul on j.r. smith. so he fouls out in 39 minutes with 13 points. curry during the regular season 91% from the free-throw line. number one in the nba in free-throw percentage. in the playoffs he's been at 83%.
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there's one of the fouls. curry is 5-6 tonight. this one on barnes. and now the six personal. as smith is disqualified. >> jeff: he fouled klay thompson. >> mark: also a call or no call league also on both sides of the floor. curry benefits with that contact. lebron doesn't get the call. >> mike: tied game. curry family so nervous led by the superstar riley. golden state leads. time-out cleveland.
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>> mike: clutch free-throw shooting from stephen curry. the nba mvp. calmly sinks a pair and the warriors have their first lead of the second half. grandpa, nothing better than a kiss off the free-throw. and now it's cleveland's turn still 29.5 remaining. cavaliers down to one time-out. golden state does have a foul to give right now. you see the struggle shooting 5-22 from the field. 2-15 from three point range but huge free-throws as he did on the overtime in game one. >> jeff: i might think about going back to mozgov offensively. as they brought in james jones
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to replace smith. >> mark: i agree with you. your best scoring big man, even if you go with both big guys it puts so much pressure on the warriors to be able to defend lebron and the ability to clash the offense ifive plays. >> mike: james drives down. bumps iguodala. blocked by green. ball knocked loose. out of bounds and cavs ball. what a rejection from draymond green. his fourth block of the game. >> mark: what a play by green. coming from the weak side. it say that is lebron james, not on my watch. outstanding effort. by the ultimate competitor. draymond green. >> jeff: now they can get the last shot mike because they ruled that they had possession. >> mark: james says the same thing. he wants to put his head down and make a play. >> mike: james kicks it out. james jones misses dellavedova on the follow and h he's fouled on
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the shot aempt. dellavedova got hit and he'll shoot two free-throws with 10.1 remaining. >> mark: clearly a foul as dellavedova going to the offensive boards. harrison barnes, the swipe of >> mike: dellavedova a 76% free-throw shooter. starting in place of the injured kyrie irving. has battled all night long defensively and ties the game with 10.1 remaining. clutch free-throws from matthew dellavedova and now the warriors use their final time-out. 94-93. drama here in oakland.
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both teams just fighting tooth and nail. it's been a physical hard fought game. and now golden state with a chance to take the lead and win it in the end. >> mark: how good has this guy been all game long and his teammates loving it. celebrating just up the street in a finals game against the team he watched quite a bit. >> jeff: right now if i'm cleveland i am not switching on stephen curry. i'm going to trap him. i'm going to have to live with iguodala or draymond green or harrison barnes. it can't be to me steph curry or klay thompson. >> mark: i totally agree. he's expecting the switch. so you surprise him by having eye active hands and force him to get rid of the ball. >> mike: thompson, green, barnes and curry.
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>> mark: steve kerr is so good in these situations. >> mike: iguodala finds curry. curry on the drive. puts it up. air ball. james to rebound and they foul him with 4 hadn't 4 remaining. it's certainly not over yet although golden state is out of time-outs. jail will go to the line for two. >> mark: guess who, coach? deli again. >> jeff: tremendous individual defense but very crowded over there in this corner area with klay thompson on top of steph curry. mike if you make both the question is do you foul? if you miss the first one, i would be tempted to miss the second one as well. >> mike: first one off the mark. >> mark: do me i disagree. if you're lebron james i want you to make the shot and trust
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my defense. >> jeff: the reason i say is it won't be in curry or thompson's hand. >> mike: golden state out of time-outs. two-point game. they find curry. curry ahead to thompson. knocked away. stolen by thompson and the nba finals are tied at one game apiece. an inspiring balance-back win for the cavaliers. the crowd stunned as cleveland wins it 95-93 in overtime. what a performance from the cavaliers. a great comeback from golden state. they come up short. >> mark: the concerns which the coach talk about was certainly valid. i liked the idea of putting pressure. now you put two guys thompson on curry. some big-time play. thompson chasing down a loose ball and lebron and crew
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celebrate. it's a big win for the cleveland cavaliers. >> mike: the cavaliers playing without kyrie irving finding out he is done for the playoffs after the knee surgery. emerge with a victory in the toughest place to win on the road in the nba. let's go to doris. >> doris: lebron, one of those games you said it would require, what exactly did it take from you tonight? >> everything. everything. i tried to give it all to my teammates and they do a great job of giving it back to me. total team effort. very emotional win right here. everything we have been going through. be back in the same position we was just in three days ago and be able to come back and even the series is big time. >> doris: matthew dellavedova pulled into a tough spot as he has been before. what did you get from that young man? >> everything. he came out and defended. he rebounded.
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he made timely shots. he was huge for us. we knew we could count on him because he had been in this position before. he gave us everything and more that he had tonight. >> doris: you showed emotion on that last play. what is going through you right now? >> everything as a team. from our team on the inside to being injured so many guys being out. to everybody counting us out. oh everything. all the emotions going on right now. we wanted to come out here and play well. this is just a small step in our process of being great. but we can't relax now. we're going back home. but both teams can win on each other's floor and we have to be ready for their attack. >> doris: you had no shot without kyrie. what say you? >> a group of guys that know how to play together. whatever it takes. when we defend like we did tonight, we're going to give ourselves a good chance to beat any team in this world.
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>> doris: thank you. >> mike: after the kyrie irving injury show many thought the series would be over and golden state would win. we have got five more games to go. two classics. this one not pretty at times. boy, what a hard-fought win. the undermanned cleveland cavaliers. lebron james, first two nba finals the games most points 34 and 39. had a triple-double tonight. 16 rebounds. 11 assists. the nba finals are tied at one game apiece. as we head to cleveland for game three it will be tuesday on abc the finals continues from the quicken loans arena. coverage at 8:30 eastern with nba countdown tip-off after 9:00. as the 2015 nba finals has given us two overtime thrillers. final score in ot. the cavaliers 95.
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and the warriors 93. for all of us our producer and outstanding crew mike breen saying thanks so much for watching abc home of the 2015 nba finals. we'll see you in cleveland for game three of the nba finals tuesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc.
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>> breaking is first at 11:00 after four people were stabbed. a car careens out of control, into a tree. with the police may have cap -- with the police believe may have happened. >> a fire in downtown leesburg as businesses were packed. >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> that breaking news from northwest washington, where four people have been stabbed on q street near trader joe's and the u street metro station. jay korff just arrived on the scene. what are people telling you so far? jay: the call came in at 9:25.
11:26 pm
the police have confirmed the shooting, a number of patrol officers at the scene. the crime scene tape surrounds the entire building. all we know is that four people were stabbed somewhere inside of this building. two people are in serious condition. the condition of the other two we are not sure. two male two female. one person has been detained for questioning. they have not named that person is a suspect but at least one person at the scene says they are not actively looking for somebody. everybody wants to know why this happened, how this happened. the circumstances surrounding this, we simply do not know. we can tell you this is a big enough building with enough tenants inside that a bit of a crowd is starting to form. they simply cannot get back
11:27 pm
inside as the investigation on. jay korff, 7 news. horace: a 37-year-old man is in serious condition after a car crash in germantown. the police a the driver hit a tree near the intersection of germantown road and siri drive just 48:00 tonight. the force of the impact ripped the engine out of the car. there is no indication why the driver left the road. officer: officers are looking into reports there was an altercation between the driver of this vehicle and another vehicle that occurred a few minutes before the collision. horace: the police are questioning the driver of the other vehicle. investigators are looking into whether speed or alcohol played a role. we start the week on storm watch with a chance of severe weather at the beginning of the rush-hour tomorrow evening. devon lucie is in the weather
11:28 pm
center with what we should expect. devon: the storm will be arriving after 4 p.m., there may be a window from 6:00 until 10:00. the highest today cloud cover cap to the temps down. upper 70's. the high was 81 in the forecast. the 60. we could have big changes tomorrow. the cold front starts, severe storms over the ohio valley. the cloud deck is moving closer to us. there is some serious heat to the west. if the clouds come in, that could change the forecast. the ball stop forecast, cloud cover in the morning -- the bus stop forecast, cloud cover in the morning, strong southwest wind in sunshine. there could be a severe risk after 4:00, the more likely
11:29 pm
window between 6:00 and 10:00. a risk of severe storms. in update on the inflows of the cloud cover in the complete forecast coming up. horace: thank you, devon. if you have not done this already, sign up for abc 7 stormwatch text alerts. that allows you to get the severe weather warnings sent right to your phone, no matter where you are. sign up on a humidity is banding together to help those affected by a two alarm fire in downtown leesburg that forced nine people from their home, leaving two historic businesses damaged. tom roussey is at the scene of the fire with what is being done tonight and the incredible effort that went into protecting history while fighting the fire. tom: saturday night in leesburg there is a classic car show, so the streets are packed,
11:30 pm
restaurants are packed, and all of a sudden, fire. >> it was jampacked. beautiful cars up and down the streets. thousands of spectators. they had to get them out of the way so emergency vehicles could get through. tom: saturday night's fire was big, leaving nine people and three apartments without a home and two longtime businesses damaged. caulkins jewelers, which opened in 1956, and the leesburg diner under different names has been open since 1865. it was packed when the chef pulled the fire alarm. >> he said, hey, hey. i said what. he said, that building is on fire. : officer there is still a lot to be done. tom: the red cross is paying for this man and his family, including a 22-month-old girl, to stay in a hotel. the ceiling, television
11:31 pm
cameras, shoes, it is all in bad shape will stop but carlos and others here -- >> it could have been horrible. tom: while sadly a few past, no people did. for those affected, donations have come in. in this small town, people look out for each other. >> it says a lot about the people. tom: the diner hopes to be open by tuesday. it will take longer for the jewelry store and for the apartments to be rebuilt. this did about a half-million dollars in damage. no word on the cause. in downtown leesburg, tom roussey, abc 7 news. horace: developing now, the manhunt for two convicted killers has gone international. richard matt and david sweat broke out of a prison in upstate new york, using powertel's to cut through a wall and into a pipe. from there, they crawled through
11:32 pm
a manhole cover to freedom. officer: they could literally be anywhere. we have notified departments in canada and every law enforcement agency in the northeast. they could be out of state, but they still could be hole d up here. horace: a $100,000 reward has been offered for the the capture of the escapees. controversy in texas after a police officer is caught on video drawing his gun on unarmed teenagers, even throwing one to the ground. this happened friday night when officers were called to a disturbance at a pool party in mckinney, texas, north of dallas. the video went viral, forcing the police chief to make a statement as residents demand answers. >> they have to be up to handle things in a better manner. officer: we will conduct a full
11:33 pm
investigation. horace: that officer is on administrative leave. a man is in critical condition after being shot by a baltimore police officer. that officer shot the armed suspect after he ran into an auto repair shop. it is not clear what happened inside the building. investigators say that a handgun was found at the scene and no officers were hurt. a maryland legislative task force meets tomorrow for the first time to discuss what needs to change after freddie gray's death in baltimore in police custody. his death triggered violent protests at a riot. the bipartisan group is tasked with making better recommendations for police training and seeking a way to improve the relationship between officers and the community. fairfax county police officers will experience an unusual training exercise were the officers will hear voices. the course has officers wear
11:34 pm
ipods to simulate what a person with schizophrenia or mental illness experiences. those officers will have to carry out certain tasks. the training is to help officers better understand and deal with those with mental illness. 10 years after a brutal attack that nearly claimed a woman's life, the case is headed to court, jury selection beginning tomorrow for the pile of jesse matthew, charged with the killing of uva student hannah graham, an investigator say length with morgan harrington. he is also linked with a 2005 attack in fairfax. jay korff explains the challenges. jay: jesse matthew's accuser has waited nearly 10 years to tell her story. she traveled halfway around the world, from her home in india to appear at a pretrial hearing last week. the police say the attack
11:35 pm
occurred in 2005 in this wooded area on a busy road off of fairfax county. he allegedly attacked his victim from behind, pulling her into this area, sexually assaulting her, then a passerby from a nearby apartment startled matthew, who they say fled. they also say they have dna evidence linking matthew to the crime. jury selection for matthew's current trial begins monday. it is hard to know what the alleged victim after all these years is thinking. >> many victims are anxious, very nervous. very concerned about the upcoming trial. they are also at the same time many people who may feel empowered. jay: this person interviews alleged victims of sex abuse to better understand what they may or may not have experienced.


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