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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  June 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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they have taken the 4,000-series cars off the tracks temporarily. they have brought them in for testing and servicing. now they had this problem in 2010 with the 4000 series cars as well. they had a short circuiting problem in the doors that was fixed. something has resurfaced again. the trains will be taken off for inspection through the weekend. the impact could be this. you'll see fewer eight train cars. less room for ride herbs and it could mean delays. we will have more at 50:00, including the reaction of the the passengersrs. is a 3000 series car that is a 1000 series car. you aren't going the see the 400 for a while. we'll be back at 5:00. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all right brad. thank you. now a major development in
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jesse matthew trial in fairfax. the trial ending this afternoon after matthew entered a alford plea. alison: matthew was charged in attacking a woman in 2005. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has been following the trial and is live in fairfax with reaction to the development. jeff? jeff: well, alison this was an unexpected turn in the trial. the deal coming together in the morning recess. following the prosecution resting its case after bringing forward the final witness tying together the case with strong d.n.a. evidence. jesse matthew stood calmly without much emotion while pleading guilty to the charges and then gave a final wave to the family before being led back to jail. an artist rendering captures jesse matthew signing alford plea meaning he pleads guilty without admitting he committed the crime. >> i was surprised by it. i thought the trial was going
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very well. >> things changed dramatically following the testimony of the state forensic specialist. following jesse matthew's arrest in the abduction and murder of hannah graham ballard tested a d.n.a. sample from matthew and said in court today it was 100% match. that the d.n.a. taken from under the victim's fingernail following the attack in fairfax in 2005. not long after that testimony matthew's lawyers presented the alford plea and matthew stood in front of the judge and pleaded got attempted capital murder abduction with intent to defile and object sexual penetration, each which carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. >> i think he was guilty. the d.n.a. matched with his d.n.a. jeff: juror willie mcduffy was moved by the victim in the attack. >> i almost teared up. jeff: the prosecutor spoke
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with the victim following court today. >> she was moved by the fact that people from so far away would work so hard for so many years to bring her justice. jeff: the prosecutor wants to explain the impact that it has had on the victim to this point. no comment today from the family of jesse matthew or the defense. matthew scheduled to be sentenced on october 2. coming up at 5:00 we look at how today's actions could potentially impact him in the case of hannah graham. jeff goldberg abc7 news. jonathan: stay with abc7 for information on the jesse matthew trial including the sentencing scheduled for october. we'll have complete coverage that continues at "abc7 news at 5:00", 6:00 and 11:00. prince george's county charge one of two men in a police shooting that happened yesterday in upper marlboro. clive peterson charged with
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weapons charges and felony theft. the second man will be charged as soon as he gets out of the hospital. the men were in a stolen car spotted at the marlboro crossroads shopping center. police officer david grove says he was forced to open fire on the men when they refused to drop their weapons. the police recovered at least one gun. fortunately the office never the case was not hurt. alison: we have a "7 on your side" consumer alert now for the diminion power customers. the police say they received calls about a person claiming to be a representative of the company and claiming a customer is behind on the electricity bill and is in danger to be disconnected and they are offered the opportunity to settle the bill. they are urging customers to be aware of thieves using this method. jonathan: let's turn to the weather. if you got out today you know it's hot. you can come up with your own adjectives but it was hot. alison: but not terrible. meteorologist steve rudin joins us now. what is the latest?
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steve: today is the coolest day we'll see for the next four days or so. the heat and the humidity is back in the forecast. highs in the middle 90's. head outside right now from the belfort furniture center it's 82 at dulles. the same at winchester. 81 in martinsburg. cumberland at 86. dew point in the up 50's to the lower 60's is when it feels more comfortable out there. tomorrow will be in the lower 70's.row will be in the lower 70's. it's going to be uncomfortable and sticky. yesterday, we had a low layer of smoke from the forest fire. that has cleared off toward the coast. continues to the overnight hours. outdoor dining this evening, no problems at all. overnight lows in the district in the lower 70's. we will talk about the heat, the humidity and a chance for thunderstorms coming up in a few minutes. alison: thank you.
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5050 more u.s. troops and military personnel are headed to iraq. that is the announcement from the white house today as they work to fight back against terror groups taking over large part of the country. senior political reporter scott thuman has more on the mission and loud criticism tonight. scot: we are hearing quite a bit. terror groups are making progress in ramadi. that's why we are seeing the bigger push. the pentagon and the white house kind of together on this one, saying we need to train more iraqi soldiers. the way to do that is push in the american personnel to offer a fifth training site. the hope is it will prepare the iraqis faster and recruit more of them. the number from the white house today is 450. in addition to the 3100 americans already in country.
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the press secretary josh earnest saying these like others will not be ground combat forces. josh: the president is clear what is not on the table. large-scale ground combat inside of iraq. the president and his team are confident for now 450 troops are, additional military personnel are what is necessary to fulfill this expanded a vise and assist and training mission. scott: this is not sitting well with plenty of lawmakers up on the hill. even if they believe we need more trainers in country. why? they say it is all about the broader strategy. we talk with them, we have their exclusive interviews. we will hear it tonight at 6:00. live on capitol hill. scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: thank you. one more note. the state department says hand american has been killed fighting with kurdish forces against isil in syria. an official with the kurdish fighter says keith groomfield from massachusetts was killed
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one week ago in battle. the state deparent is in touch with his family. jonathan: there is a new ntsb report out on last month's deadly amtrak train derailment. abc news report says the engineer operating the train was not using the cell phone in the moments prior to the crash. abc's karen travers has the latest on the developments. karen: new clues about the derailment of amtrak train 188. today the ntsb said the engineer brandon bostian was not using his cell phone to text talk or download data while operating the train. that doesn't answer every question. >> there are 400,000 pieces of data involved in the analysis. because of that, things like use of an app or other use of the phone has not been determined. karen: train 188 was traveling at twice the speed limit, more than 100 miles per hour when it hit a curve in north philadelphia and derailed may 12. eight people were killed and
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more than 200 were seriously injured, including the engineer. now the federal government is calling for nationwide changes for passenger train, including warning signs, where the speed limits drop 20 miles per hour. if the train doesn't have the automatic braking technology requiring the crew member to stay in contact with the engineer through dangerous high-speed areas. if the trains do have that technology, they must be checked and calibrated for speed. another key development will be the installation of the speed control technology throughout the busy northeast corridor. amtrak claim to have it in place by the end of the year. >> if this was overspeed it would have been prevented by the train control. karen: the investigators say there were no mechanical problems with train 188 and no issue with the track. they are still looking into what caused the derailment. karen travers, abc7 news. alison: a person served serious injuries after -- suffered a serious injury after a major truck in prince
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george's county. a truck slammed in a power pole on brandywine. they got report of 5000 customers without power. all service has been restored. the driver had to be cut from the truck and were life flighted. all roads have reopened. roads are open again today after an early morning accident in prince george's county. a tractor trailer hauling mow mow -- potatoes overturned. the driver was also air lifted for an arm injury. they are looking into whether the driver fell asleep at the wheel. jonathan: today, joe biden is back in washington following the death of his son beau last month. he will meet with the ukrainian prime minister and will attend meetings and is expected to return to delaware tonight and stay overnight. the money remaining in beau biden political accounts will help fund the new charity called the beau biden
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foundation for the protection of children. "news journal of wilmington" reports that the charity collected $250,000 in donations in the first week. delaware law allows the unspent contributions to be donated to charity. coming up us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an update on the search for two killers who escaped from a prison in new york. what investigators are saying about the latest tip and where they are searching. >> i was afraid i would die. pretty scary. alison: we are now hearing from the driver in the accident that left his car tangling off the bridge. jonathan: plus a "7 on your side" consumer alert. you could be paying more for less on several items at the grocery store and not even realize it. we'll tell you what to look
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jonathan: the mailman and in florida who landed the gyrocopter on capital grounds got his letters delivered. doug hughes planned to deliver a letter to everyone in congress urging campaign finance reform but he was arrested in april after the gyrocopter stunt.
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joe lain stepped in and delivered the letters to the congressional offices. >> well, i'm here because i have a big concern about the funding of the political system. i am going to hand deliver the letter that hughes wrote and deliver it to congress. jonathan: lain's first delivery was to the office of the republican senator orrin hatch. he didn't do it with the gyrocopter. he walked in. and the envelope was received by a desk staffer. alison: we have new information on the pool party incident in mckinney texas, that sparked outrage. the police officer caught on video slamming a 14-year-old girl to the ground and then pulling his gun on other teenagers has turned in his badge. despite a wide range of opinions corporate eric casebolt resigned after his chief called his conduct out of control. >> he came in the call out of control. as the video shows was out of control in the incident. alison: the mckinney police
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department is continuing to investigate this. it will determine if casebolt will face charges. jonathan: back to square one on the search for two killers who escaped a new york prison. alison: a tip that led to a search 35 miles away turned up empty. abc's marci gonzalez has more. marci: after combing through dense woods -- >> with your partner two-man team. marci: -- and going door to door. >> there are cops everywhere. marci: following up a tip that the two fugitives may have been spotted yesterday in a small town 35 miles from the prison. >> they were trying to get an idea of where they were. marci: investigators found nothing. now moving their search back toward dannemora new york, where david sweat and richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional facility this weekend. police and federal agent reaching out to the convicted killers' friends and family. >> they broke out of prison. they were on their way.
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we're waiting like everyone else, i guess. marci: today, attention still focused on this woman, joyce mitchell. the prison employee who supervised the inmates' work assignments questioned by investigators. her son confirming to nbc that the day the convicts were reported missing, she checked herself in to the hospital. she said she did not have a relationship with either convict, insisting she had nothing to do with the escape. the manhunt is well in the fifth day, officials are still confident the dangerous fugitives will be caught. in dannemora, new york marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: breaking news from montgomery county. the police are investigating a stabbing that took place on castle boulevard near pink branch high school. the victim was taken to the hospital. the injuries are not known at this time. police say they have someone in custody. stay with abc7 and for updates as they are available. alison: well we have learned today that fifa has suspended
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the bidding process for the 2026 world cup. as the corruption scandal widens within the organization. the 2026 host is expected to be chosen by fifa members at the may 2017 meeting in malaysia. potential bidders include the u.s. mexico canada and several european countries. jonathan: if you are waiting for somebody to get home, they might be late for dinner. it depends on the traffic. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the traffic report. at least it's moving. that is a good sign. jamie: yes. we had potatoes spilled in the road this morning. we don't have that. that has been cleared up. but i want to focus in on the beltway but not so much the southeast side. more northwest stretch near seven lost road. seeing volume. put it that way. we have that. but this is typical. no accidents right now. the roads are dry. where we have the volume getting to the american legion
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bridge. you are on the brakes at 12 miles per hour. once you get closer to river road and continue to bethesda we are still going to be heavy at 14 person. -- 14 miles per hour. move to cleveland park. tree and power lines are down. upton street northwest is closed. this is blocked off between 3 and reno road. police say we are not expecting to reopen this until after 7:00. for the evening commute, talk about the alternate. we have upton street. use van ness northwest but there is a lot of work in the area side roads. reno is blocked off. the best option for you i know it's busy, but connecticut avenue will help you get around that. that is a look at traffic. again, at least we don't potatoes in the road this afternoon. jonathan: by now they would be hashed browns. the nice part about weather is people out in the cars can be barometers. the windows are up and the a.c. is on. steve: they will keep the
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windows up tomorrow friday saturday. we could look at the hottest weather we have seen this season. jonathan: should we celebrate that? what do we do? steve: this last week it was the 60's and everyone was moping around. saying it's so cool outside. alison: it was dreary. steve: it was. now we have the heat and the humidity. we have the i what jima memorial -- iwo jima memorial. the winds are out of the south at 13 miles per hour. the humidity and the dew point, we can tolerate this today. changes are on the way for tomorrow and the rest of the week. 82 in gaithersburg. frederick at 84. winchester at 82. same in martinsburg. 86 in cumberland. widen the view out a bit. look to the mid-part of the country. 95 in st. louis. this is an indicator for what is on the way for us tomorrow and friday and saturday. with the high pressure anchor off the coast. that will add as a heat pump.
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tonight, no problems at all. it's dry in dinnertime. the temperatures fall to upper 60's to the upper 70's. the future cast wants to bring in spotty showers to the north of d.c. tomorrow as a frontal system arrives. a stall just a bit. then we are going to look for the clouds increase in the afternoon hours. not a lot. most of the thunderstorms once again along the mason dixon line. by friday, we will increase the chance of showers and the thunderstorms. the heat will be on. the highs tomorrow, we are talking about 95 degrees. heat index will make it feel hotter than that. 94 on friday. lower 90's on saturday. we could see thunderstorms as a frontal system moves through late in the day. sunday looks fantastic. 85 degrees. same on monday. lower 90's by next week. if you thought it was hot today, stay inside tomorrow. jonathan: just get out and
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enjoy it. steve: i like it. jonathan: i do, too. alison: thank you. of course abc7 is always on your side. you have known us for years as the "7 on your side" station. but the team is bigger better and bolder than before. join us for a "7 on your side" news special tonight at 8:00. the "7 on your side" team will be available to take your questions in a special phone bank. we want to show you how we are getting action and how we can help you as well. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new details and push to try to get the baltimore top prosecutor off the freddie gray case. what we are learning in new e-mails. >> he's a hero. he protected me through thick and thin. jonathan: she is calling her service dog a hero. what he did that saved her
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alison: new details on the amazing video we brought you yesterday. this accident leaves a car dangling from a concrete barrier on a bridge. jonathan: if you are inside the car, that would get your full attention. now we hear about the driver and his brush with death. we have the interview. reporter: josh doesn't normally tyke this bridge home from work but he did monday. >> i want to get to the middle point. we had a patch of rain come through. i had the windshield wipers on all the way. i started to slow down, i don't like the bridge. i slowed down to six miles an
4:26 pm
hour. cruise wasn't on. reporter: he started hydroplaning. >> i hit the brake as hard as i could. right here i had the first contact. kept hitting and hitting and hitting. then it popped up on top. reporter: as he dangled over the side, he said his thoughts turned to his girlfriend and their unborn baby girl at home. >> as soon as i smacked on the concrete, i was thinking about the baby. i was afraid i was going to die. scary. reporter: he unbuckled and crawled out to safety. his car was towed an he was able to drive it home off the tow lot. >> i was going to get tires this week. i might change from new tires to a new car. reporter: he and his girlfriend are trying to process everything that happened. >> another foot and he would have been overboard. thankful he is not. reporter: he says from now on he will take an alternate route.
4:27 pm
>> are you going to cross the bridge again? >> not for a long time. alison: we learned he will not be ticketed for the crash. jonathan: he said he was doing 60 and it was raining? he doesn't need new tires. slow down. at 4:00 a new push to protect the elderly and a local community. the crackdown and hear from the victim of elder abuse. alison: witnessing history in old town alexandria. the story behind the tall ship now docked in port.
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alison: there is a new push to crack down on criminals that abuse the elderly. jonathan: montgomery county reporter dev kev explains how -- kevin lewis explains how a special unit of detectives are bringing swift justice. >> we are going to educate the public how to collectively work better on the project. kevin: montgomery county top prosecutor announces a commitment to protect elders. >> i certainly felt a sense of betrayal but somebody i trusted. kevin: 90-year-old roda of chevy chase is a victim herself. last year her at-home health aid stole $50000 from her bank account. her son discovered the missing funds and called police. >> she was so devoted. she was so kind. i took me totally by surprise
4:31 pm
when i learned about the withdrawals from my atm account. kevin: only 4% of abuse victims self-report to the authorities. so an elderly abuse unit has been launched. >> just last month we reported on a case where an 87-year-old woman had been in poor health. was being taken care of by her son. she was determined to have had a bed sore that was so bad that her spine was actually showing. >> i refuse to believe that this was the person who had done it. kevin: she says she is still embarrassed but a judge ordered full restitution in her case. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: there are new questions about the action of baltimore state attorney wolfgang amadeus mozart --
4:32 pm
marilyn mosby's days before freddie gray's death. alison: as we report the attorney believe that e-mails from mosby's office are enough to make the prosecutor a witness in this case. >> three weeks before officer chased freddie gray through the baltimore west side, marilyn mosby asked police to step up the enforcement here. in e-mail a top strategist said state attorney mosby asked me to look at the community concerns involving dug ceiling in the area. her office attached photos of the area where the e-mails show police agree to perform daily narcotics sweeps. >> they pull the state attorney office to the chronology that led up to freddie gray's death. >> this is part of what motion filed circuit court toca to remove the state attorney from
4:33 pm
the case against the six baltimore police officers. defense attorneys say mosby could become a witness in the case. saying this is a witness where the witness and the prosecution are one and the same. defense attorney warren brown isn't involved in this case but believed that the new information could benefit three of the lesser accused officers. >> they are doing to bidding of the state attorney. but for the request it will probably be shown that they would not have engaged in the plus work they engaged in. reporter: police commissioner was asked what he knew about mosby's e-mail. >> i don't know the background of that and i don't have any particulars on it at all. alison: mosby's office has drought comment on the e-mails. earlier her request for a gag order in the case against the six police officers was thrown out. after it was filed in the wrong court. jonathan: turning to the weather.
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get used to the heat for a few days. today wasn't a scorcher. it was warm but it wasn't a coverageer. -- scorcher. alison: steve rudin has the weather. steve: a broken record. outside we go. looking at the temperatures in the 80's. 84 at reagan national airport. lower 80's at gaithersburg and dulles. 82 manassas. 84 fredericksburg. if you have outdoor dinner plans or soccer game to go to, no problems. stay well hydrated. the temperatures will eventually fall through the 70's be. tu big warmup is for tomorrow -- the big warmup for tomorrow. rebounding in the morning. we'll see the highs that will approach 95 degrees. we will see the heat index that will make it feel hotter than that. we will talk about the seven-day outlook and what to expect for the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. alison: see you then. thank you steve. prince george's county police charged a suspect in connection with a homicide in forestville. crawford is facing first and second-degree murder charges.
4:35 pm
in the death of 28-year-old van weeks iii. police were called to the 3300 block of walters lane june 2 for a stabbing. investigators believe weeks was outside of his home when he got in an argument with crawford. he later died at the hospital. grabbing a ride at the airport could get easier. the washington metropolitan airport authority is proposing new regulations that would allow car services like uber andlift to pick up travelers from dulles or reagan national. public hearing will be held at reagan historic hall tonight at 7:00. jonathan: well you can call it the perfect destination for cat lovers. if you love cats this is your place. the "washington business journal" reporting that the district's first cat cafe crumbs and whiskers, will be open in georgetown on june 20. i have no idea how this works. cats are tough to herd. this comes after a kick start campaign that raised twice as much as the cafe owner expected.
4:36 pm
a lot of cat lovers out there. i will have two dozen cats there at any given time. the cats will be vetted and vaccinated by the washington humane society. i'm not sure how you vet a cat. alison: i thought you brought your cat with you but they're already there. jonathan: you can't bring it with you. but you can't get it back. if it wants to make friends and it doesn't want to leave. alison: we'll investigate. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00", it turns out superheros can come with fur and four legs. how a dog is getting credited with saving his owner's life. jonathan: consumer alert for airline travelers. why you ma
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jonathan: i want to show you something. cool sight in eastern china. isn't that cool? an abandoned village that is almost entirely covered with boston ivy vines. it's not like a chia pet. that is aye i have growing. photographer captured the images and said it took several hours by boat to get to the abandoned village. alison: beautiful. jonathan: if somebody moves back in they have a big job. alison: a lot of work. a service dog in new york is being called a hero after throwing himself between his owner and around on coming school bus. jonathan: the dog's owner is visually impaired and they are both recovering from injuries.
4:40 pm
lindsay janice has more. reporter: meet sigo, a golden retriever that made a golden save. >> we have a female with her service dog that has been struck by a school bus. reporter: the devoted service dog going beyond the call of duty at the morning walk at the intersection in upstate new york. diving in front of a mini school bus to protect his owner audrey stone who is visually impaired. audrey: he must have saw the bus coming and he jumped in between me and the bus and he in turn got hurt as well. reporter: they captured the e.m.t.'s going to the scene. they even put a bow on the present of a pooch that took the brunt force of the hit. now a viral sensation with the #herodog. audrey: he is a hero. he protected me through thick
4:41 pm
and thin. reporter: stone suffering from broken bones and is healing in the hospital. figo is back to wagging his tail healing his broken leg at this vet clinic and showing his ferocious strength in a tiger striped cast. but still reminding us he is man's best friend sporting the puppy dog eyes for a closeup. jonathan: what a sweetheart. lindsay janice was reporting and hopefully the toy is getting toys to play with. the bus driver stayed at the scene but he has been pulled from driving while police investigate the accident. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a first for the famous madame tussauds. which star will be revealed as the first transgender figure? alison: countdown is on until summer. we have 11 days to go. stay with us. we'll be back in just a
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jonathan: "7 on your side" is on your side with health matters. walgreens wants you to see a doctor for minor things without leaving the comfort of your home. how? hop on your smartphone, tablet
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or your computer. the nation's largest drug chain has a smartphone app that started last december and is catching on. major insurers united health group and anthem prepare to expand their own nonemergency telemedicine services to 40 million people as early as next year. other health matters this may not come as a shock to many. or any. there is a poor sleep epidemic out there. shocker, right? so many people are turning to sleeping pills that they want you to know it's a bad idea. they argue there are side effects and it can be addictive. instead they say to try to relax and focus on getting to sleep. count sheep you know. a simple fix can be as easy as reading before you doze off. alison: sounds easy. i don't know. you may need to buy more carry-on luggage. a trade group is recommending new size guideline for all carry on bags to make sure all
4:46 pm
luggage fits in overhead bins. they recommend them be 21.5-x-x" 13.5" and 7.5" deep. that is 21% smaller than the size that some major airlines are allowing now. that is a significant change. jonathan: the luggage manufacturers are about to make a bazillion dollars. look can be conceiving with the products we buy on the shore stel of. alison: and john matarese is going to explain what item gives you less. john: slinking products. we know that the toilet paper role and the cereal boxes are smaller than they used to be. but some are making themselves appear bigger to give you less product. something most of us have under the kitchen sink. dawn dish deterrent -- deter
4:47 pm
jeny. but they are downsizing. the new bottles are 18 ounces from 20. but the new bottles say they contain two times more. huh? we investigated and found it's two times more clean power not product. the recent surge in product downsizing after a lull of a couple of years. the website said ritz crackers is the latest criminal. they are two ounces smaller. jiff peanut butter are two ounces smaller but the jar appears to be the same size. they also point to lays potato chips. a half ounce less which you can watch out with ocean spray juice. now four ounces smaller. bottom line if you see a product you like, suddenly shouting about the new size or tougher strength, check to see the ounces. there is a chance you are getting less. i'm john john john matarese abc7 news. jonathan: this has some seeing
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red, no it gray. police are investigating installment of the theft of "50 shades of grey." this comes a week before the book was supposed to hit store shelves. alison: all right. prepare to see a lot more of former "cosby" star simone on daytime tv. jonathan: it was announced this morning on "the view." >> we are happy to announce that raven simone is now permanently -- jonathan: she served as the guest co-host 37 times. no rookie. she will join them on a basis that is effective immediately. in a statement released by acb simone called the position "another one of my dreams come true." alison: all right. also on honor for actor fox on "orange is the new black."
4:49 pm
she will be the first transgender person to be a wax figure at madame tussauds. it is set to be unveiled june 26 in san francisco in connection with the lgbt celebration. she says she hopes that it will let others know that dreams matter and they are possible. jonathan: tune in to "good morning washington" because next week we give away four tickets to her i have park. that is something -- hershey park and that is something great to do with the kids. alison: one will be selected for overnight stay at the lodge. just watch "good morning washington," look for the clue of the morning and enter that clue on wjla.facebook. jonathan: you are in no condition to ride a roller coaster. unless you are trying to induce.
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steve: wait to next week. alison: it's hot but it will get worse. steve: friday and saturday and let's go to the beach! this is where we are now. rehoboth beach, delaware. we have the clear skies but a layer of smoke that is giving us a little bit of shade. but it will eventually move out of here in the overnight hours. feels like middle 70's. water around 70 degrees. the smoke to the south of us. it will move out of here. heading through the overnight. sunshine tomorrow. we may see thunderstorms north of d.c. 82 in gaithersburg. 84 in fredericksburg. same at reagan national airport. lexington park, maryland 80. eastern shore, temperatures are upper 70's to the lower 80's. if you look for the heat and the humidity head to the mid-part of the country.
4:51 pm
89 in indianapolis. 95 in st. louis. 93 in kansas city. that is on the way. the future cast the next 48 hours. we have a frontal system to stall. the best chance for the thunderstorms will come form afternoon. the heat and the humidity will build. the showers and the storms back in the forecast friday. the heat index will feel hotter. middle 80's on sunday. then back to the lower 790's by tuesday and wednesday. welcome to washington jonathan. this is just the beginning. jonathan: i don't mind the heat. it's the humidity. alison: it's coming. jonathan: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- alison: a potential
4:52 pm
connection. find out how many cases the police believe the vandals that struck a living center in laurel may be behind and how long they have been working. jonathan: plus, what is last night upset the alexandria mayor primary could mean to redevelop the old town waterfront? that is at 5:00. alison: now get a check on traffic and how it's moving. jamie sullivan has details. jamie: alison we are starting with a slow go on 95. this is the commute southbound, near the fairfax county parkway. you ku see activity in the left shoulder. you can get by. all lanes are open. but keep in mind a lot of heavy volume working your way southbound. get a little bit of a break. then you are on brakes again. solid red line. you are only going 11 miles
4:53 pm
per hour. once you work the way to the inner loop, closer to bethesda. we have the volume again which is typical. we don't have crashes on the beltway. we are at 14 miles per hour through bethesda. i want to show you what we've got in the d.c. area. that is trees and power line down with the accident. upton street is closed heading northwest. uptown street northwest i should say. both directions between 3th street northwest and reno. the thing is this is in cleveland park near the van nyss metro but the police don't expect the rails until after 7:00. talk about the alternate. you can travel on van ness. the best option is connected avenue. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- this week is your chance to check out history in alexandria. it's a beautiful one at that. what is so special about this tall ship that is docked in old
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
alison: history is made in alexandria. the ship of the tall ship made the arrival early this morning. jonathan: sam sweeney took a trip to alexandria to learn more about the gorgeous ship and the history behind it. sam: as the sun came up over the french tall ship this morning, her beauty became apparent. jonathan: i think it's something that you don't get to see every day. sam: that is an understatement. the last time this model of the french stall ship waving the french flags came up the potomac was 237 years ago. >> you can get jaded in d.c. thinking we see it all but not every day you see an 18th century sailing ship alongside the pier in old town alexandria. sam: it's an exact replica that was sailed orn to come to america to support george washington. he carried the news that the french would support the colonies. his leadership turned the tide for the american revolution.
4:58 pm
>> they had the french government behind the concept of the 13 states fighting for freedom, possibly we'd all be walking around with an accent like mine. sam: the ship is cost $30 million and built to the exact spec of the original almost. but a few differences. >> this has the modern navigation feature, engine living quarters -- i system been aboard but i hope they are better than the 18th century. a trial that was supposed to last for weeks end on day three with a surprise. >> i hoped to present it to the jury. >> jesse matthew claims he is innocent and says he is guilty at the same time. the slogan says "metro open doors," but this is not what they had in mind. it's not the first time. why this mishap will slow down your wide. a man with a badge and a gun
4:59 pm
parked in a bike lane. >> pay attention. don't play with me. keep it moving. >> now he is on youtube and drawing the ire of d.c. cyclists. now, "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." alison: we begin with breaking news out of silver spring today where one person has died. another has been injured in a stabbing. news chopper 7 is there live right now. you can see this is the scene which is castle boulevard and the high school. we're told one person is in custody. we have a crew on the way and we will bring you information when it's available. leon: the other big story is the jesse matthew trial. they thought it would last nine days but today the case against jesse matthew in fairfax county came to an abrupt end when the defendant entered a plea. jeff goldberg was there in the courtroom at the time. he joins us now live with the latest on the new develops.
5:00 pm
jeff? jeff: this came together unexpectedly after the prosecution rested and took a recess. it took a long time. we knew something was happening. then the plea deal. jesse matthew what is called a alford plea, meaning he does not admit to committing the crime but he knew the evidence against him was strong enough to get a conviction. the plea signed by jesse matthew was not what prosecutors wanted or had asked for but it brings to an end a case that lasted nearly ten years. impacting the victim forever. >> she said she was deeply moved and grate to feel the whole team. jeff: the final witness the state forensic evidence changed the trial. she tested a d.n.a. sample from matthew and said in c


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