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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 14, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: the prison break making
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international headlines, from the woman helping the convicted killers escape. the pair remains at large and the woman is behind bars. investigators reveal what she told them. reporter: she is telling the inside story of an inside job. joyce mitchell, now suspended from her position at the prison, is charged with supplying hacksaw blades chisels, a punch, and screwdriver bit. she told investigators that she helped them for months with their escape preparations. she allegedly smuggled in speed bag boxing gloves. matt also reportedly groomed mitchell as an accomplice. >> he was paying attention to her, being nice to her. reporter: she agreed to meet the men at this powerplant the night of their escape. >> her car was a jeep with four-wheel-drive. reporter: but mitchell got cold
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feet and the two killers got left in the lurch. they also helped themselves to portables from contractors, leaving them in their boxes by the morning after cutting their way to freedom during the night. >> they worked their way out. reporter: the police believe the men had no backup escape plan so the dog search continues in the vicinity of the prison. kellye: a big victory for martese johnson friday, prosecutors in charlottesville drop the charges against the uva student after he was left bloodied then battered after an altercation with a state liquor board agent. jeff goldberg was in the courtroom. jeff: martese johnson said the last several months at uva were extremely stressful as the situation was hanging over his head. now he says he is ecstatic the charges have been dropped.
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johnson was all smiles this morning, walking into the courtroom with his attorney. he just finished his third year at uva. the hearing started at 9:15, lasting two minutes. e commonwealth attorney told the judge, he wanted to drop the charges against johnson. they use the situation as an opportunity to improve relations between citizens and law enforcement. it was early on the morning of march 18 that cell phone video captured virginia abc officers throwing johnson to the ground and bleeding in an area near uva called the corner. this was after johnson was denied entry into a bar. despite the stress from the experience, johnson says he will be using it as motivation to move forward. martese johnson: it was a large moment of injustice, in my opinion, but that will be so much more powerful than our community and the nation.
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jeff: the attorney also announcing he will not be charging the officers involved in the incident. hear what martese johnson has to say about that coming up at 5:00. in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kellye: people started lining up thursday night and waited until the afternoon friday for a shot at affordable housing in the district. as jeanette reyes reports, there is still no promise of success just a chance. jeanette: this may look like a line of black friday shoppers, but they are waiting for affordable public housing. it is by a long and exhausting night for hundreds of people waiting outside of the columbia heights community center. this person is one of them disabled and the father of a four-year-old. >> standing out here since 7:00 last night, trying to get help. for me and my family. jeanette: mothers fathers, and
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young children waiting outside just get the application from the department of housing to be put on the waiting list for affordable housing units. >> i've been living here 15 years, struggling. >> it's very calming having the people standing out here all evening without facilities. it speaks to the need that people have. jeanette: applications are being accepted for one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. they would not say how many were available or if any are available yet. people consider themselves lucky just if their application gets accepted for the waiting list. reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. kellye: affordable housing is considered to be about $800 per month. according to one housing website, the average rent in the district for a one-bedroom apartment is just under $1800 per month.
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one man giving his all to save a life. how one bicycle could mean a world of difference. first, a metro nightmare, the new safety problems the transit agency is tackling. devon: the forecast, high heat and humidity tomorrow. possible thunderstorms. severe thunderstorms. we will track the timing.
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kellye: an alert for metro
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riders, the commute could be complicated as they make long-term repairs. the ntsb found some third rail features were improperly installed. it may be connected with january's deadly incident. metro is putting a crew to work. they say that means midday and extended single tracking. the worst part, work could take a year and a half. 5.5 years ago a man was a non-or student at west virginia university. tonight, the 25-year-old requires around-the-clock care after a brutal beating. now an endurance athlete from northern virginia is taking two wheels to bike from oceanside california, all the way to annapolis, maryland raise money for his care. reporter:leon: while he pedals and
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pushes his limits across the country -- >> it's the toughest cycle race. leon: rtyan and his father ken will try to piece together his life. trying to piece it back together. >> my main goal is to keep ryan relevant. he was a student a little over five years ago, beaten up by a couple of guys. basically left as a vegetable. >> he has been diagnosed animally conscious, which means at the basic level. leon: for frank, the story really hits home. >> i went to wvu and i thought how easily something like that could have happened to me. leon: so this endurance runner is going to the extreme. >> the race is 3000 miles, from
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oceanside, california, to annapolis in 12 days or less. i'm looking at about three hours sleep everyday, and no rest really from the bike. eat on the bike, do everything. leon: he is doing this to raise awareness and money to the family with the 24/7 care. >> it's a -- i think he is going 250 miles per day, on a bike. we're going to shake hands, ryan. leon: for parents every day dealing with the unimaginable. >> 25 years ago he was born and i was willing to accept whatever condition he was born into. and that has not changed. leon: a weekend warrior, vowing to go the distance and 3000 miles for ryan. >> i'm trying to realize what
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the family deals with every day. ryan and ken's family have been doing this for god knows how long. just trying to keep that in my mind and keep going. because i know they have to. kellye: two men were convicted in the beating that left ryan incapacitated. one served four years in jail the other served seven months. coming up, ready for anything. using a wind tunnel to keep you safe. and are we finally getting a break from the heat?
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kellye: a lot of different elements in the forecast. devon: there really are cannot really pinpoint exactly when the storms will come. this pattern is so summerlike, it's just a general pattern -- heat and humidity, chance of storms. the window of opportunity storms arrive most likely afternoon, evening, after noon is about 9:00, 10:00. overnight, still chances of severe storms across the mason-dixon line. this cluster are hugs the northernmost communities. hagerstown frederick. the second round of storms in ohio could come in towards the morning commute.
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so far, looks like just rain activity. the next two days, heat and humidity the main drivers. the addition of southwest win. the system stays well to the north as the heat and humidity pushes them in that direction. 5:00 tomorrow morning, could be widely scattered showers. prepare for the rain in the morning commute. stifling humidity. really high humidity overnight keeps the temperatures up, and that is not going anywhere. more widely isolated showers and storms from noon until about 10:00. when you add in the heat index it will feel hot. tomorrow, the severe weather threat is marginal, slight risk. those are the bottom to tears. marginal risk is heavy rain and lightning. the slight risk as a very small
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chance of an isolated spin up tornado. the heat and humidity is what you should be most concerned with. widely isolated storms even into tuesday. the storm chances go down a little bit, allowing temps to go up. mid-90's, hot and humidity. the heat index range from 100 to 105. those who work outdoors, this week, lawn service, roofers, construction workers, take frequent breaks, lots of fluid. this once a week tropical wave in the front coming and thursday, we have been watching that. also, tomorrow morning, eileen whelan will be in bright and early to tell you more about the forecast. kellye: sounds good. you were talking about tornadoes. we are actually two weeks into hurricane season. the national weather service is expecting a lighter than average year. that does not mean we are off the hook.
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sam sweeney takes us to the university of maryland where a wind tunnel is helping researchers prepare for anything. sam: it is a one of a kind piece of technology in the d.c. area a wind tunnel responsible for the development of everything from airplanes to women think uniforms. today it shows the power of a hurricane. i suited up and went in. about 30 miles per hour right now. going to 40. the photographer is getting pushed away. and he is going to get out now. now we are going to about 120. within seconds, there we are 120 miles per hour. i struggle to stay grounded. this kind of wind would cause heavy property damage and put dangerous projectiles soaring through the air.
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a climate scientist explains what we need to prepare for. >> we are expecting a lower than average hurricane season. in 1992, that was the year of hurricane mean you -- hurricane andrew, and el niño. sam: in the tunnel, the wind takes its toll. we are just disconnected. that was intense. that simulates a category three storm. man, did that work out my thighs. experts at the university of maryland want everyone to know while this simulation looks fun, you need to be prepared for the worst. have a plan, have an emergency kit, and be ready for whatever mother nature brings us. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. kellye: some great reporter involvement. a new look at policy making and
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kellye: an annual tradition lawmakers grabbing the baseball glove. jay korff has the highlights. >> we are season-ticket holders for the nats. jay: thousands put into nationals park. but they were not here to watch players whose skills have nothing to do with pinching or hitting. this is the 54th congressional baseball game, democrats against republicans. >> you get to see the members of
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congress engaging outside of the hill. jay: while politicians have a reputation for sparring at work, this provides a backdrop for friendly competition. >> most people would be surprised how much we don't dislike one another. >> it helps people develop relationships. that is so important in politics and life. to get to work with and meet and play with the other party is great. jay: they would not miss the partisan battle. she came to washington to work on capitol hill in the 1960's and stayed. >> we like to see the members of congress play and enjoy themselves. jay: the other up bed tonight, stifling heat. >> this is summer in washington. jay: fans and players alike struggled with the temperatures in the 90's. >> we did not know this was going to be the hottest day of the year, but here it is. jay: jay korff, abc 7 news.
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