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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he heavier downpours and the lightning. along with the gusty winds. but nothing warned on right now. the hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 tonight, still at 90 degrees. we will see the temperatures fall to 80 by 11:00. the nighttime lows in the 70's. another hot and humid day tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms on the way. cooler temperatures and i'll tell you when. jonathan: there is concern after a pair of shark attacks on the north carolina beach. where? oak island. south carolina. if you go to map it's pretty far down the coast to get to south carolina. it happened in north carolina. at this hour there are warning posted along the beach. increased patrols from the land and from the air looking for any dark object whether be a shark. but everyone is still allowed in the water. this started act 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a shark attacked a 12-year-old girl. less than two hours later, 90
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minutes, a 16-year-old boy was seriously hurt. both victims in the attack lost their arm. >> came up and took his arm. >> i tied my shirt around his arm. e was screaming -- he was screaming is this real? is this a movie? jonathan: every shark expert says an attack against a human is rare. but this make since instance orn the east coast in two weeks. is the fear making its way to our beaches? the maryland bureau chief brad bell joining us live in ocean city. it doesn't seem to keep folks out of the water. brad: it does not. a hot day and people want to get in. officials in ocean city tell us they are not taking special precaution. the advice is always don't go swimming until lifeguard is in the chair. the lifeguards are always on the lookout for the danger of any sort. they tell us here sharks are not of particular concern.
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people are talking about the shark attack. >> it's their home. that is their home in the ocean. >> but here, hundreds of miles from where the swimmers were attacked, there is not a lot of fear. >> never entered my mind. >> the water is colder up here. i have seen dolphins. >> the truth is there are sharks here. this shark entered the be bay last year. satellite tagged white shark cruised offshore last mark. this one was offof the coast of delaware last night. >> there is a lot of sharks here. every kind here. >> for decades, former abc7 news man has been an avid ocean city fishermen and thinks a shark bite could happen here. >> i shot a 500-pound shark a few years ago. >> but so far ocean city has been spared. there has never been a shark bite in maryland. experts believe it has to do with the ocean bottom
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contours the gulf stream is far offshore and the lack of the bait fish near the beach. that is just fine with those swimming here today. >> i never think they are coming close. >> back live and look to the people on the water. we stalk to butch, a lifeguard here for 43 years who says he has never seen a shark from the lifeguard chair. he points out every year in the united states tragic incidents in north carolina are, more people die on the beach from the lightning strike and sand collapse when they dig in the sand. that is a greater risk jonathan: other facts this is worth noting that both attacks came in the high tide. statistics compiled found most attacks occur less than 100 feet from the shore. over the past 50 years florida has seen the most shark attacks.
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of the attacks they mostly happen between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. kimberly: rachel dolezal resigned as the head of the spokane chapter of the naacp after a weekend of fur ror after her own parents -- furor after her own parents outed her. diane cho has more reaction. diane: we talk to the students here on campus today. some supported her but others say what would motivate her to make a claim that led to her resignation. in a press conference at the lincoln memorial the naacp announced plan to march 8660 from selma, bam to the nation's capitol. >> marching for equality. diane: when questions raised about the controversy surrounding the former president of the naacp spokane chapter and the racial identity after her parents claim she is white. >> today we are focusing on
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america's journey for justice. >> the questions were dismissed adding they would be addressed at another time. >> this is important for us to focus on not the reality tv. diane: an hour later they posted the resignation on the facebook page. >> it's ironic they don't have anything to say about it. i heard about it at work. they listed the concerns at the forefront of the administration of the spokane naacp. saying that the dialogue shifted to the personal identity in contact of defining race and atonicity. coming up -- ethnicity. at 6:00, we will hear more
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what the resignation letter said and why some fear she was pressured into stepping down. diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: now there are 11. an hour ago former florida governor jeb bush told a crowd in miami the country is on a bad course. the we for me is what am i going to do about it? i'm a candidate for the president of united states. >> jeb bush is the son of george h. bush and brother of george w. bush. we have more on the race for the white house including hillary's new push ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00". kimberly: a woman accused of trying to steal vacant homes in prince george's county will spend the next eight years housed in prison. a judge sentenced her this morning on the charges of theft and burglary. johnson broke in a vacantnous
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2013 and began living there with her family. when the family who owned the home trying to sell it johnson had a fake document saying she owned the home. she and another woman are accused of faking deeds to other property to sell them to investors. jonathan: a search tonight for the driver who hit a child on a bicycle just a block away from afternoon elementary school. a blue minivan hit the child before 8:00 this morning. that is near orr elementary school. after the van hit the boy it side-swiped a parked car. they have not identified the victim but say the injuries are serious but not life threatening. kimberly: an arrest in shocking double murder. popular new business in fredericksburg. early sunday morning a 15-year-old stabbed two people to death outside the cookout fast food restaurant near
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i-95. jeff goldberg is live with how started. >> this started near the cookout. a group left the restaurant and lounge and encountered another group. before that the two did not know one another. cell phone video captures the scene before the fight. just after 2:00 a.m. sunday an argument in a parking lot. >> crazy. >> i never seen trouble here. >> turns deadly. >> fredericksburg police say a group of 12 men in the late 20s and early 30's leaving the jay's lounge after celebrating a birthday party to get food. they encountered 12 teenagers coming from high school graduation party.
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>> we are not sure how it got started. >> it go got physical. >> a melee going on. he was swinging to anybody he could reach. three men were stabbed multiple times. one is in stable condition at the university of mary hospital, where the other two men died. 28-year-old anthony carter of georgia and 30-year-old mack hughes of portmouth, virginia. the suspect just 15. >> wow! i didn't know he was that young. reporter: was brought to the headquarters by a family member last night. >> for the 15-year-old to have the power to do that is scary. >> we look at the future for the kid. >> the suspect is held at the rappahannock juvenile detention center, awaiting a court appearance. the commonwealth attorney will consider whether to charge him as an adult. investigators are relying on the surveillance video from
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the cookout restaurant cell phone video, speaking to witnesses. as they determine whether or not any further charges will be brought live in fredericksburg, jeff goldberg. jonathan: another set-back for service member whose cargo ship caught fire with the cars on. they are going back to germany before unloading. joce sterman is here with the latest snag in what is called a summer surge. this is a crazy story. joce: this is a mess. we want to break down the timeline. there was a fire. crews were supposed to get in but they didn't get in until the 12th. but still they haven't seen the cargo. so it was to pull in to baltimore and it is headed to germany. but this is like a crazy game of dude, where's my car? for more than a week, the ship carrying their things sat in an english harbor venting from
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a fire. but now courage is back on the water headed the wrong way. for service members who expected their cars and household items to arrive today in baltimore. >> military members and the family sharing the summer move back to the state. saying it will be a while. we have learned delays are just starting. it's headed back to germany. the officials can't do a full damage assessment until it is docked again. the families are fearing the worst on facebook. saying -- "i have a bad feeling my car was in the damaged compartment. i have the worst luck."
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another woman saying i can't imagine the ones not burnt won't have smoke damage. joce: that will be determined if they were contacted to find out if the household goods are on the ship. the contractor will call them when they get in cargo hold to look at how bad things are. joce sterman. >> an ice cream man is shot to death in front of children. we hear from the parents of the victim. as new details emerge. >> a tourist town closed to visitors. jonathan: respected scientist admit to beating his roommate with a hammer. the one thing he says set him off.
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kimberly: terrifying moments after a 2-year-old was pulled from the bottom of a pool. the pool was evacuated because of storms in the area. rebecca cooper has what we
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know so far. rebecca: just after the pools had been closed due to lightning when the water park staff found the 2-year-old unresponsive at the bottom of the pool. >> that is heart breaking. that is awful. >> shepherd had taken his 4-year-old son there several times. >> it's a popular site for parties, a location that marcia anderson used for her pool parties. >> it's for some who are younger. the lifeguard is there and the parents and so forth. the circumstances are unclear. but like any busy water park. the visitors tell us it can be hard for the park staff to track all the children in the water. >> when you are there, keep an eye on them. there is quite a few lifeguards. so many people they can't keep an eye on everybody.
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>> you need to have a watchful eye. they should hire more lifeguards that are experienced. >> we are told child injuries are life threatening. the parents were there but unfolded too quickly to do anything about it. jonathan: disaster recovery center is open after flooding in houston. thigh raced to turn a community center to a help center for 8 you know people who filed the fema claims. flooding is blamed for millions of dollars of damage. that is corn servetive. the federal government approved $13 million in claims so far. you have to serve for the folks in texas. dealing with so much rain. kimberly: we are about to get a bit of rain. steve: it feels like the skies are opening up. we have storms moving through.
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one more day of the hot and humid weather. then 48-hour break. that might be optimistic. old-town alexandria. you can see not a bad evening shaping up for us. we have a cluster of thunderstorms that move across the area. it may bring us winds or downpours. if you have outdoor plans be on the lookout for showers and the storms. feels above $10 0 degrees with dew point in lower 70's. we stay on the warm side for overnight hours to the day tomorrow. cooldown on the seven-day. 86 degrees in lexington park maryland. head further to the west. the color in orange is where they have had rain already
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this afternoon. the showers and the thunderstorms are drifting east. 105 it feels like in fredericksburg. feels like are in upper 90's to 100 or 105 it is still uncomfortable. take it easy. most of us are fine as we have the activities in the evening hours in terms of the heat. the elderly and the young kids, take it easy. the satellite of clusters of the storms beginning to enter. looking at showers and thunderstorms at this time. the heaviest rain is likely to produce very heavy downpours. indoors is where you should be in the electrical storms. they won't last long. you will see the showers stick around from 20 to 40 minutes.
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then it is out of here. the temperatures will cool a little bit. the dew point still in lower 70's. once we drop in 60's that will feel nicer. that won't happen until wednesday. we may see lingering showers or thunderstorms after midnight or so. it's really going to settle down. look at the heat and the humidity on the way for the day tomorrow. the poop of cooler air is north of us. they have the 70's in chicago and detroit and the upper michigan. not 70's here. that is a cooldown. frontal system is stretching north of us to drop its way across the midatlantic. during the day tomorrow, afternoon and the early evening hours. the best chance of thunderstorms that will develop. once we get this out of here, the skies will begin to clear. drier air will move in from the north and west. it will feel great on
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wednesday. a bit more humidity on thursday. for the upcoming evening, most around 90. tomorrow 90 to 950. still hot and humid. the afternoon showers and the storms. winds out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour. 86 for a high on wednesday. friday back to 90 degrees. the temperatures next week i hate to say this. we are in the lower 90's on sunday and monday. i would rather talk about this instead of a blizzard. jonathan from boston he agrees. jonathan: even the rain we had. we had close to five feet in less than 30 days. this weather no problem at all. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a man convicted in a deadly shooting in his teens is accused of another violent crime. arrested in northern virginia. jonathan: another horrible
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crime story. an ice creamman kill
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jonathan: the n.i.h. scientist using a hammer to crack open his roommate's head pleaded guilty today. timothy oliver of rockville said he lashed out after a car hit and killed his mother's beloved dog. montgomery county reporter
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kevin lewis is live outside the courthouse with the punishment oliver faces. kevin: this plea deal is usually beneficial for oliver and the victim. oliver avoids the charge of attempted first-degree murder and the victim has if assurance that oliver can pay for the mounting medical cost. seen here leaving the courthouse in september was at his job at n.i.h. with his female roommate called in her ricks and said the mother's maltese name teddy was run over by a car. he rushed home and then told the roommate to gather the items and leave. but she stayed so he grabbed a hammer and whacked her in the head. he left her outside the apartment door. six hours passed before the neighbor found the woman with a fractured skull and two broken arms. today oliver did not come to door but his attorney did
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speak with us. >> he asked her multiple times to stay away led him grieve. she didn't. there is no excuse. he hurt her. he is extremely sorry about it and he is doing everything he can to make it right. >> even loves their pets. but it is no excuse to take a hammer to a woman's head because she let the leash go. unfortunately teddy, the dog beloved by mr. oliver was run over by a car. kevin: so timmy oliver faces up to 25 years. he may have to pay for the victim's medical bills that top $100,000. sentencing is set for september. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- visitors to a tourist town turned away. the surprising reason the mayor told carloads of people rn around. jonathan: plus why children's hospital is paying out nearly
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$13 million to the justice department. kimberly: and next, the new information about a man accused of killing an ice cream truck driver right in front of children.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." kimberly: just a horrifying scene. an ice cream truck driver gunned down in front of a group of children in frederick. tonight we hear from the parents of the victim as new details emerge about the man
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police say is responsible. they spoke exclusively to kathleen carns from the sister station in baltimore. reporter: brandon brown's mother shows the family photos. right now she is looking for the best photo. >> he loved to have fun and enjoy life. reporter: for brandon's funeral. >> that is my favorite. reporter: at 22 brandon was working at the ice cream truck driver when saturday night on vermont court in front of a group of children he was fatality shot. hours later police charged lyles with murder. >> what was going on? a robbery? >> i wish i could tell you. i no clue. >> nothing. reporter: residents here described brandon as being generous when it waim to the children -- when it came to the children. we found court documents to show in 2012 he was arrested
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for attempt murder. the charges for later dropped and his parents tell us he was getting his life back in order. >> he wanted to be a plumber. plumber's helper. reporter: she wonders about the other young man. >> this young man that may lose his life incarcerated. a loose-loose situation. reporter: she wants brandon to be remembered. >> this is him. reporter: not by how he died but how he lived. with a smile and a determination to do something good by helping others. >> that is who brandon was. jonathan: a man convicted of a school shooting when he was 14 years old will not be extradited back to tennessee. they arrested kenny bartly last night. there was a warrant out for his arrest in connection with
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a gas station robbery. the district attorney in tennessee recalled that warrant and as a result he will be released. he was accused of killing the vice principal at the school in 2004 but the conviction was overturned. he was then questioned in the death of a toddler in fairfax county earlier this year. kimberly: the woman at the center of prison break in new york appeared in court. the prison worker is charged with smuggling contraband in prison and offering to drive the get-away car. her bet was set at $100,000 cash. or $200,000 bond after prosecutors revealed her interaction. >> paying attention to her, he was talking to her and being nice to her. kimberly: if convicted she could spend up to eight years behind barrings. in the meantime -- manhunt for
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the dangerous fugitives drags to the tenth day. new york governor andrew cuomo says finding them is priority. jonathan: checking the top stories the embattledded leader to the spokane chapter of the naacp resigned. rachel dolezal stepped down amid questions about her race. her family says she is white. but has portrayed herself as black for years. she graduated with a masters in 2002. kimberly: a 15-year-old is charged with killing two people outside a popular restaurant. the victims were among three stabbed early sunday morning. it happened between a fight and a group of teenagers and adults. jonathan: swimmers are urged to keep the eyes open after two teenagers lost an arm in separate shark attacks yesterday afternoon. both teens are listed in good condition. there have been six shark attacks on the east coast in two weeks. kimberly: you travel to a tourist town to be turnedded
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away. the mayor closed the beach town to incoming traffic. 200,000 people were there for the new jersey seafood festival this weekend. the mayor says a perform storm of good things led to influx in visitors. >> we are at the maximum capacity of cars in town. the public safety for the folks here and for people who want to come here we decided to close down the avenue coming in for small vehicle traffic. >> closures were in effect for four hours. it is home to 6000 full-time residents but the number can jump to 10 times that amount in the summer. jonathan: whoever is in charge of marketing, gold star to them. time to check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has the traffic watch. some traffic in jersey. jamie: yeah, right? it is a busy one for us this afternoon. i want to begin talking about what we are seeing with the solid red line. we are used to delays on the
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inner loop from virginia to maryland. but we are not used to accident on the outer loop of the beltway. just prior to where that crash happened everything has moved to the shoulder. but the red line behind it is what i want to focus in on. this will take you to get from 95 to the outer loop 45 minutes. let's take a live look. we never see this delay on the outer loop. so get ready for delays. look at the map to give you a visual. as we take a look again in bethesda, we are seeing slowing. 66 is what i want to show you. the commute heading outbound. normal delays. but this solid line is the traffic heading in. let's look for a crash near west moreland street. you can see the emergency crews blocking the right lane.
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this is heading in. if you work from the capital beltway, you will be in this backup. southbound is where the traffic is not bad right now. good news for you. jonathan: familiar voice could give you directions on your smartphone. >> i am looking for sarah connor. go to your destination first. jonathan: exclusive interview with usa situation -- "usa today," arnold schwarzenegger is promoting the former governor role in the terminator movie. kimberly: i'll be back. jonathan: that is good. kimberly: coming up next serious news here jonathan on the "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side" fighting back. hoy the wall of justice netted the first arrest of a wanted offender.
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jonathan: cvs is buying the target entire pharmacy business. what it will mean for you. kimberly: new at 6:00 a familiar face joins the race for the white house. the announcement from jeb bush and what is ahead for a crowded republican field.
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kimberly: to breaking news. 13 passengers have gotten sick on a fiji airway flight that just landed at lax. that flight landed about 45 minutes ago. the centers for disease control and prevention is evaluating all of those passengers. abc7 is on your side when looking for connected criminals. we have word of a capture. >> arlington county police say a man wanted for domestic abuse turned himself in. after detectives told him they were about to put him on the "7 on your side" wall of justice. who is next? tonight, prince george's's police are adding cruz vargas to the wall. he is wanted for murder and joins orlando who is accused of sexual battery.
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patel accused of murder. this man also wanted for murder. and chavez accused of aggravated sexual battery. let's set the wall of justice in motion. tonight we have a spotlight on the international manhunt that continues for patel. anne arundel county police say he stabbed us wife to death inside a dunkin' donuts where the couple both worked. her body was discovered the next morning inside the store and he was long gone. his picture hit the news in april a taxi driver came forward and gave investigators now including the f.b.i. agents, a critical tip. >> this was a crew g.m. crime scene. what we found out sense he got in a cab and went to new jersey. not long after the crime occurred. >> he is 5'9" 25 years old
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brown eyes and brown hair and wanted for murder. police want him off the wall of justice to put him behind bars. if you can help in the search contact anne arundel police or the f.b.i. we'll see you euronext week with the fighting back wall of justice. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> ran cross country and i played basketball. this isn't too far from home i guess. >> american heroes going for the gold. how they are getting ready for warrior games. kimberly: the one thing you can do to reduce your chance of stroke. we'll tell you after this.
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jonathan: a "7 on your side" health matters report and another reason to get more sleep. as if you need the reminder again. a new study finds poor sleep leads to increase risk of heart attack and stroke. 63% of participants had a heart attack also had a sleeping disorder.
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63%. researchers suggest doctors also used sleep to determine risk factors for heart disease and stroke. kimberly: 9:00 tonight. promise. jonathan: good luck with that. kimberly: your shopping experience at target could soon look and feel different. kellye lynn is live in the satellite center to explain a multibillion dollar action between target and cvs. kellye: this will move cvs inside target stores. target is selling the pharmacies and the clinics to the drugstore chain. research shows that the number of stores the average consumer visit per month is on the decline. that mow vated big retailers to offer more services to shoppers including pharmacies and clinics. target's chairman says the cvs health will bring expertise and scale to the pharmacies and clinics than target was ever able to achieve. we asked shoppers what they think of the change.
5:47 pm
>> people that are used to the cvs, they can connect to their customers and they can combine all of their shopping to one place. >> i think it's a good idea. i can go to target and get my products and fill the prescription at target at the same time. >> more than 1600 pharmacies and target stores will be rebranded under the new label. the minute clinic location will be cvs health minute clinic. target plans to collect $20-$25 million in rent payment from cvs every year. back to you. kimberly: thank you. children national medical center reached an agreement. investigators say the reports depried the medicare trust fund of the millions of taxpayer dollars.
5:48 pm
a former employee that reported the abuse will get $1.8 million as part of the settlement. tonight at 2 -- tonight at 6:00 a leader resigns due to questions about her race. and jeb bush joins the field. we size up the candidates. and a big court ruling about marijuana around the workplace. jonathan: this is something you might want to try. beer with possible health vegetables. craft brewer and vegetable producer got together to make carrot beer. it's wabbit season. it is made of 16% carrot juice. try it. kimberly: beer with health benefits? jonathan: if it's healthy beer you know next they will come up with healthy pizza.
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got to come. >> i i'll still waiting. waiting for summer to arrive. it's basically here. steve: it's hot and humid but we have relief in forms of the showers and the thunderstorms moving across the metro area. a line of thunderstorms from frederick to fairfax county. this is moving to the east. nothing has been warned on. no warnings with this now. looking at the doppler radar. the heaviest there is. this is now to the east of gaithersburg and rockville. around the 270 beltway spur where we have a cluster of thunderstorms developing around bethesda area. heading to tyson and toward the district. e your storms on the way. if you are in arlington or alexandria or upper northwest d.c., georgetown. be on the lookout for the next half hour to 45 minutes.
5:50 pm
heavy rain in the area. there is a lot of lightning out there and it will continue for the next couple of hours. the thunderstorms will pop up on the radar. we will show you what is going on in terms of the temperatures. this feels close to 100 degrees at the reagan national airport. 97 at manassas. 83 at dulles. the air temperature are cool to 80 at dulles. 79 degrees in winchester. 72 to 78 for overnight low. temperatures tomorrow are 90-95 degrees. we have lower humidity on wednesday. upper 80's on saturday. come sunday and monday of next week, we are back into the 90's. enjoy the break. thunderstorms will continue to track them for you over the next several hours. head back to the news desk. kimberly: just in time for school to let out. summer to be here. jonathan: talk about the nba finals. make a prediction. i think it's over.
5:51 pm
i think golden state win the next game and it's a series. >> are you watching this? embarrassment of riches for the network. all the games were good. >> last night was a blow-out at the end. >> but still lebron with a triple-double. >> true. >> c'mon! c'mon! kimberly: how many golden state fans are there? jonathan: more than there were before. >> right here. nba finals the best team versus the best player has not been a letdown by any means of the imagination. last night was the first time the league m.v.p. played like the m.v.p. steph curry showed him the range that garnered him the moniker baby-face assassin. 7-13 from beyond the stripe. he logged 42 tough minutes last night which led him to be treated for dehydration after the game.
5:52 pm
he did board the team charter and will be ready for game six. from the nba warriors to another group worthy of more than our applause. this week the wounded warriors from across the country are coming to our area to compete in the warrior games at quantico. anglo is more than ready for the games to begin. he serves in the u.s. navy. >> i was shot multiple times on my deployment. boke my humerus and upper right arm and my femur on my right leg. >> former athlete, he feared -- >> would i ever get back to normal. >> today he and his navy brethren trained for this week's warrior games. >> we got bronze in basketball. >> the games bring together wounded warn yours from each of the mill -- wounded warriors from each of the military branches. >> once you start playing it goes away for 40 minutes.
5:53 pm
>> to compete in everything from wheelchair basketball to swimming. austin broke his back jumping out of an aircraft in a training exercise. >> excited for some competition. i haven't had the ability to compete and have that. >> champions all of him no matter who brings home the gold silver or bronze. >> it means a lot. a was courage builder, confidence. >> as long as you have a will and a desire to compete. you can do it. >> nobody cheers for the multimillion dollar athletes but what about them. give it up. jonathan: absolutely. kimberly: inspiring. jonathan: i didn't hear a lot of what he was saying. the busch was so cute. gor -- the baby was so c
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kimberly: the man who appeared on mtv reality show is back in court for real. jonathan: jerez coleman is accused of making threats against metro. we explain what happened. >> very real. 11 felony counts. the prosecutor said in court jerez coleman crossed the threshold from being a liar and a con artist to a legitimate danger to the community. saying that he didn't use a gun or a real bomb. he used his cell phone. this 20-year-old man known as kidd cole who was exposed on that mtv show the popular show "catfish" now faces the felony counts for making serious bomb threats including threats about assassinating the president. 11 times. critical emergency response was diverted to different metro stations around the city including a call about a radio active bomb at union station. the prosecution played three 911 calls in court. in one call, the caller tells dispatch me and my friends are
5:58 pm
on a bus. we have bombs. we are going to blow up the entire bus. that call came in a week after he was charged with identity fraud in richmond saying things like you have 25 minutes to get to the metro station. the night of the "state of the union" here on capitol hill, he tells 911 the people connected to the attack in france will ambush the presidential motorcade and kill the president. according to court residents his cell phone called 911. get this. 338 times since last june. his attorney saying he is not a government hater. he just made stupid mistakes. he is held without bond for mental tests. he is due back in court on thursday. he faces 30 years in prison. john gonzalez, abc7 news. kimberly: coming up at 6:00 an naacp president resigns after the bombshell she is not african-american.
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what she is saying. jonathan: shark attack put beach-goers on edge. the condition of the young victims and what the local beach-goers are saying. kimberly: heat and humidity set the stage for possible storms. full forecast ahead as abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side". maureen: first at 6:00 heath and humidity today -- heat and humidity today with temperatures in the 90's. and that sets the stage for storms. a system is moving through right now. abc7 meteorologist steve rudin has the storm watch forecast. steve: this just in a minute ago. newly issued severe thunderstorm warning. head straight to doppler radar. i will show you where it is located. we are talking around the fredericksburg area. north central county and the northwestern king george. stafford county.
6:00 pm
this is until 6:30. this is moving north and east 25 miles per hour. capable of producing gusty winds and heavy downpours. head to the immediate metro area inside the beltway. moderate rain. upper northwest d.c. tyson's corner that is moving east. capable of producing heavy downpours. but the storms across the immediate metro nothing labeled as severe. we will continue to track the storms moving through the evening hours. more coming up in a few minutes. maureen: thank you. count on the abc7 storm watch team anytime there is bad weather on the radar. go to to sign up for text alert sent to your mobile phone. the head of spokane, washington, naacp resigns in a fire storm. it comes after her parents say she is white. rachel dolezal is accused of


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