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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ounty. this is until 6:30. this is moving north and east 25 miles per hour. capable of producing gusty winds and heavy downpours. head to the immediate metro area inside the beltway. moderate rain. upper northwest d.c. tyson's corner that is moving east. capable of producing heavy downpours. but the storms across the immediate metro nothing labeled as severe. we will continue to track the storms moving through the evening hours. more coming up in a few minutes. maureen: thank you. count on the abc7 storm watch team anytime there is bad weather on the radar. go to to sign up for text alert sent to your mobile phone. the head of spokane, washington, naacp resigns in a fire storm. it comes after her parents say she is white. rachel dolezal is accused of
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deceiving the organization about her race. and although she is stepping down the fall-out seems to be just beginning. diane cho is live near howard university where she attended graduate school. diane: the naacp president and ceo wouldn't answer any questions today surrounding the controversy, students here on campus are certainly talking about it. the naacp spokane chapter posted the now former president's resignation letter on facebook today announcing that she is stepping down from her position. >> i felt like she resigned because she was under pressure. diane: in the letter, dolezal states in part the controversy surrounding her racial identity has become a distraction from the naacp focus. >> i don't see why she went out of her way to do that. diane: students here at howard university where dolezal attended graduate school had mixed reaction. >> there are misconceptions. i support her and the movement. >> it's completely ridiculous
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that was allowed to happen for so long. diane: dolezal's resignation letter says while challenging the construct of race at the core of te solving human consciousness we cannot afford to lose sight of the game changers such as justice, public safety and voting rights. in a news conference today, announcing the naacp plans to march from selma to washington, d.c. held before dolezal's resignation. the organization president and ceo told reporters questions around dolezal will be addressed at another time. >> do we stand behind president dolezal? i would same pli say to you we focus today on americans journey for justice. diane: the news conference ended an hour before her resignation was posted online. in northwest d.c., diane cho abc7 news. maureen: thank you diane. developing now a warning for swimmers on the north carolina coast after two shark attacks.
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a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy each lost an arm in separate attacks late yesterday afternoon. the attacks happened on the same beach about an hour apart. >> the bystander to start the process of stopping the bleeding. that was the biggest concern with the patients was the blood loss. maureen: both teenagers are in good condition. there have been six shark attacks on the east coast in two weeks. the attacks occur as we enter a busy beach season on the east coast. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with the reaction there. brad? brad: there is awareness that the shark attacks happen in ocean city tonight but no special precautions taken except the reminder from the beach patrol to not go swimming once the lifeguard steps down from the chair. tonight we can see no one in
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the water. >> with news of the shark attack spreading even among vacationers it is hard for some not to think about the risk. >> there could be a shark anywhere. >> but few are letting it keep them out of the water. >> i make sure someone is swimming further than i am in the ocean. >> whatever the technique, there has never been a known shark bite on a human in the state of maryland. >> i have never seen a shark here. i hear there have been sightings but i never seen one. dolphins yes. maureen: there are sharks here or nearby. plenty of them. the website o.c. tabbed a maico off delaware last night. in 2013, we showed you these big bull sharms caught in the potomac off the chesapeake near a swimming beach. an attack surely could happen but it hasn't.
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>> back live picture perfect evening here. people that want to go in water today did. the head of the beach patrol shark attacks are extremely rare. something that causes more casualties on the beach is lightning. brad bell abc7 news. maureen: right now the search for a driver who struck a child on a bicycle and left the scene. this happened near orr elementary school in southeast washington. a parked car was also struck. neighbors say drivers often run a nearby stop sign and speed in the area. the child suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. a budget battle is underway in prince george's county. the county council delivered a budget to county executive baker two weeks ago. baker has since vetoed a 1.5-cent tax hike only have to them override the veto.
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they are questioning the vality of the budget revision. >> the changes they approve in adopting the budget reduced the estimated revenue by 2.5%. that is more than allowed by the charter. maureen: baker says he will not sign it and he will veto certain items. they have until june 26 to approve a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. still ahead, two escaped convicts are on the loose. we are learning more about the jail employee accused of helping them. and why she could face new charges. a ruling about marijuana. a state's supreme court has the
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side." maureen: right now the woman at the center of a new york prison break investigation could face more charges if the two escapeees commit additional crime. joyce mitchell appeared in court today. she is charged with smuggling contraband in prison to help inmates david sweat and richard matt escape. her bail is set at $100,000 cash or $200,000 bond after prosecutors revealed her
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interaction with matt. >> her comments were he was paying attention to her talking to her being nice to her. maureen: if convicted she could spend up to eight years behind bars. in the meantime, the manhunt for dangerous fugitives drags in its tenth day. >> a big ruling from the colorado supreme court today involving medical marijuana and the workplace. a quadriplegic worker was fired after failing a drug test. they said he could not get his job back. he wasn't high at work but said it has a zero tolerance policy. it has big implications in colorado where recreational pot is legalized in 2012. humorous moment in the u.s. supreme court today. justice antonin scalia called his colleague goldberg instead
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of ginsberg. it happened while announcing a dissension. he didn't realize the mistake until he was informed. he apologized. the two are close friends outside the court. which company has in the u.s. has the best reputation? according to the survey is amazon. the survey of americans asked about innovation satisfaction and workplace expectations. amazon scored the highest. ranking high also were lego and kellogg. at the bottom mcdonald's. still ahead "abc7 news at 6:00" -- jeb bush officially launches his presidential bid. we look at the landscape. in the weather, heat and humidity may be followed by storms. timeline on the possible
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severe weather coming up. >> the nationals hope the pitching staff plays follow the leader in tampa. lebron is on the wrong end of the series so far. but will he walk away with the trophy win or lose? we talk about it "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: today, it was just a matter-of time and jeb bush made it official. we look at the chances while hillary clinton goes about her new candidacy today. >> if you were confused and thought he was already running don't feel back. he essentially has been. so today he automatically get the top billing. that means he will get top-several criticism. but he dished some of that out talking about the last six years. jeb: the question for me what am i going to do about it?
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i decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states. reporter: with that, instant shakeup of the g.o.p. field. jeb bush has challenges aside from those who see his election as part of a dynasty. he said he is willing to lose primaries to win the general election. in other words keep to his moderate policies on integration or immigration, even if not universally liked. >> i think he hoped people would collect behind him. that is not happening. her he is ready to recap after hiccups on how he defended his brother's iraq strategy. >> if you talk to his people jeb bush has been rusty. he hasn't run for office since facebook or twitter. >> the closest on the opposite side is hillary clinton. fairly or not, a day doesn't go by she isn't also under scrutiny. the family ties are one reason for that and then a dust up like today when the pool
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reporter loudly complaining back kept away at time. a critical pool reporter told he was no longer part of the rotation. while the staff tried to smooth is that over, clinton addressed the new competition. >> i have said there may be some new voices in the republican presidential choir. they're all singing the same old song. >> with so much at stake, everything is scrutinized these days. even logos. critics are saying that jeb bush is trying to distance himself from the last name. that is why the logo is just jeb. we look and back when herunning for governor and florida in the 1990's he used around almost identical logo. same for hillary clinton who chose a big "h" for her campaign logo. nothing is free from debate or interpretation. live orn capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: thank you scott. pop singer prince was in town for an exclusive party. he performed at the white
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house. details on the media. white house spokesman refused to confirm the appearance. 500 guests attended hosted by the obamas. reverend al sharpton tweeted about prince and stevie wonder played together on keyboard. steve: i wonder that was? the smoke and it's amazing. we have thunderstorms out there now. we have a active severe thunderstorm warning. the core of the storm with the hail and the wind is fizzling out. from outside, you can see the heavier rain. the lens is wet. you can see brighter sky out there. that is a good indication. that is lot of the storms are coming to an end. the winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour. heat in upper 90's. feel-like temperatures around 100 degrees. the high was 93 at reagan.
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the record was 101 in 1994. show you satellite and radar. showers and storms. we are going to head further south of us. this is the warning i was talking about until 6:30 that includes stafford south. the cluster of storms will move to the north and the east. capital beltway, further south. this is moving across 9 a to the north and -- 95 to north and east and to southern maryland. we go further north. the heaviest rain across the district. old town alexandria and annacostia. this moving toward the east. this is drying out nicely along the western edge of the beltway. rosslyn to georgetown, to upper northwest d.c. now seeing the brighter skies. we pull this out you can see to the west of us. it has started to quiet down.
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it's still hot out there. 88 at reagan national. 10 degrees cooler at dulles. 80 to winchester. martinsburg at 78. the feels-like temperature, last hour felt like 102 at reagan national. now feels like temperature of 96. still feels like 102 in fredericksburg. the rain and the thunderstorms on the way should cool us down a little bit. the night time lows not going to drop below the 70-degree mark. 72 to 78. it will stay warm and humid. you may see lingering thunderstorms but i am not expecting much. the future cast looks like this. tomorrow we have a frontal system to move across the midatlantic to bring us best chance for the showers and thunderstorms. some will have the potential to become strong and severe. once the frontal system moves through, lower humidity and the lower dew point and the cooler temperatures. highs in upper 80's. tomorrow another 90 to 95 degrees. middle 80 on wednesday.
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lower 90's by next week. maureen: thank you steve. this is the moment that basketball fans live for. >> i am telling you. he is not magic. he is not michael. he is not larry. but lebron james is good. >> unique. >> really good. he is talking the talk. a bold statement that few have dared to say out loud. fresh off the historic outing by the ace the nationals are hoping history repeats itself tonight in tampa. sports is on the other side.
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talk about waking up. since 8-4 george zimmerman debacking on friday, the nats pitching staff and the rest of the team come in correct for the rest of the weekend to the tune of 21 hits and 11 runs over the brewers. rookie joe ross getting his first big league win. max scherzer making a bit of nationals history. now the beginning of a four-game inner league home and home with the rays. the nats will send gio gonzalez to the mound tonight. hopefully gio was taking notes yesterday. max scherzer was almost perfect on sunday striking out a career end franchise high 16 batters allowing only one hit in a complete game
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shut out. iandes monday. slump -- ian desmon 0-12. lebron james is having his best postseason. with all the talk of steph curry finding his stroke in game five and warriors on the verge of closing out the series tomorrow james took to the post game press conference podium and dropped the mic with this. lebron: i feel confident because i'm the best player in the world. that simple. >> hard to argue with him. he recorded his second triple-double of the finals and is averaging 36 points 12 rebounds and nine assists per game. king james is making an argument he should get the finals m.v.p. win or lose. game six is tomorrow night. at 9:00 on abc7. wizards continue their predraft workout at the
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verizon center. tyler harvey led the nation in scoring and some dubbed him the poor man steph curry a label that harvey is eager to shed. the draft is june 25th. wizard hold the 19 and the 49th pick. a big night in sports. game six of the stanley cup finals. u.v.a. taking on florida in winner's bracket of the college world series on omaha. that is a look at sports. maureen: thank you, lou. what is the latest on the storm? steve: newly issued or expanded thunderstorm warning. looking at doppler radar. this includes king george county and it will move toward the north and east. at around 35 miles per hour. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. world news tonight with david
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tonight, multiple shark attacks along the coast and the new sightings now. two children in separate attacks minces apart. both of them losing arms. three attacks now in just a week. sharks spotters armed with rifles and we fly overhead tonight, families still in the water. also breaking the plane on the tarmac the cdc rushing in. a dozen passengers getting sick on the same flight. the tropical system barreling toward the coast tonight and the storm from texas to pennsylvania. flash flood watches in new york. it's official jeb bush is in. and taking aim at hillary clinton. at mrs. clinton talking about age and breaking a barrier. and the resignation, the naacp leader who allegedly claimed she was black, her siblings now speaking out tonight. they say she's white.


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