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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, a massive tropical storm hits the coast, tens of millions in the path as it moves north and east next. streets and highways under water tonight, schools closed. the tornado sirens in chicago as this moves up to the midwest, indianapolis cleveland, pittsburgh across to new york. the deadly balcony collapse at least six dead falling four stories, many in the hospital. new questions about the construction was the wood treated. the former naacp still saying she is black. you'll hear her explanation right here. the major development in the hunt for the escaped killers, the discovery in the pipes and the prison worker's husband we asked what he makes of the allegations against his wife.
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good evening, and you can see it right over my shoulder here tonight, that massive tropical storm hitting the coast today and traveling north at this hour bringing torrential rains and dangerous flooding. here's another view from space tonight. it's not just the rain a tornado watch across parts of texas, flash flood watches from texas all the way up to illinois. further north 24 hours of brutal weather, a water spout over lake michigan. in cleveland, look at this i-90 under water. there were rescues today, a wall cloud rolling in over chicago. and the path in the next 48 hours, 70 million americans will feel these storms. meteorologist rob marciano leading us off from texas. >> reporter: barrelling ashore tropical storm bill pummeling the texas coast. winds to 60 miles per hour. in nearby galveston, rough waves crashing onto beaches, spilling onto streets. tropical storm bill now coming
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ashore, nearly hurricane strpg. a formidable storm no doubt. turning coastal homes into islands, un-gulfing palm trees and street signs. >> reporter: the rain is coming sideways. you can tell that this is whipping around the eye. >> reporter: the storm pressuring this bank's roof in clear lake to collapse. but tonight, the real fear with this storm across the water-logged region is the rain. more than half of all deaths from tropical cyclones come from flooding. after the rainiest may ever incredible pictures. look at this austin restaurant flooding in just seconds over memorial day. images like this seared into the memories of texans. those storms dumping 35 trillion gallons of water. the shelves at this supermarket completely cleaned out as people
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get ready to ride out the storm. as it heads toward oklahoma and the midwest, and from the midwest to the northeast, the last 24 hours bringing intense severe weather. tornado warnings clearing the stands at chicago's wrigley field last night. a funnel cloud spotted on lake michigan and this morning in ohio flash flooding stranding cars. this man rescued from his car completely submerged. >> that rescue there in ohio shows the scope and breadth of this severe weather across the country tonight. rob with us now from downtown houston, rob? >> reporter: yeah david. this is the main river that slices through houston. buffalo bayous high from those epic floods last month. we have a tornado watch for a good chunk of the eastern part of the state. what's left of bill will be across dallas even houston potentially flash flooding here tomorrow night. they're saturated.
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by thursday st. louis and a good chunk of the midwest gets a piece of this action. >> you were telling me this rain lasts through friday. how much rain are we talking about for much of this country? >> reporter: a multi-day event. places like upstate new york two to three inches pittsburgh chaurg several inches. along the path of that storm, over six inches of rain. places like houston clearly don't need anymore of that water. >> rob, thanks. we're going to turn now to that deadly balcony collapse in california the death toll in berkeley growing, at least six people killed when a small balcony crowded with people collapsed. the dramatic images tonight, that balcony before and then after, landing on the balcony below, the people on it sent plummeting four stories. those students celebrating a 21st birthday party. tonight questions about the construction among them was that wood treated and was it a factor? abc's cecilia vega in berkeley tonight. reporter: the fourth floor balcony was packed with partiers when it came crashing down overnight.
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>> i repeat, one of the balconies broke. >> reporter: students, many visiting from ireland here to work for the summer, falling over 40 feet to the street below. >> we've got three patients on the ground that need treatment. they're on backboards but need further treatment. >> reporter: emergency crews racing to the scene just blocks away from the uc berkeley campus. fellow students heard the horror. >> it was just a loud crash, and then silence for a couple of minutes, then a scream. that was all i heard, really. >> reporter: the building, not even a decade old. here's that balcony before and after. completely detached, perched precariously on the balcony below. six people now dead, seven other students seriously injured. >> reporter: you think 13 people were on this balcony at the time of the collapse? >> yes. we're just trying to figure out what caused this. >> reporter: the weight limit on that balcony, 3,000 pounds. the 13 students would have had to weigh more than 230 pounds each to reach that. experts say dry rot may have weakened the wooden joints if they weren't properly sealed.
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water soaking in until the wood was ready to snap. witnesses say those students were all celebrating until it ended to tragically. >> one of the girls had blood on her knees. a couple of the girls had no shoes because they couldn't get back into the apartment. >> they told you they were here celebrating? >> it was a 21st birthday party. >> reporter: that balcony hanging behind me. tonight the other balconies in this complex off limits as investigators try to find out what happened here. the owners releasing a statement saying tha residents' safety is the highest priority. >> thank you. now to the growing debate tonight over that former naacp leader breaking her silence. tonight she says she still considers herself black despite images as an adult and a teenager years earlier. this evening she explains it all in her own words. here's steve osunsami now. i felt very isolated with my identity.
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>> reporter: she may be the most controversial naacp chapter president, ever, born into a white family, but tonight she's not backing down telling msnbc that she's been black for a long time. >> i have really gone there with the experience in terms of being a mother of two black sons and really owning what it means to experience and live blackness. >> reporter: rachel dolezal, who resigned from the civil rights group monday under fire, says even as a white child living in montana, she knew she was black. >> from a very young age, i felt a spiritual, visceral very instinctual connection with black is beautiful, with just the black experience. >> reporter: she made headlines when she struggled to say if she was black or white. back home in spokane tonight, civil rights workers she once led are saying she's still lying. >> that's my concern.
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don't lie. tell the truth. >> reporter: there was a moment in 2002, on her long road to blackness, when she was insisting she was white. she filed this lawsuit against historically black howard university, saying she was passed over for teaching positions at the graduate school because she was caucasian. the case was dismissed. she now says she transracial, in the way some are transgendered, and experts say that's for real. her estranged parents say she's as white as they are. she says as girl she preferred the brown crayons to the peach ones and now lives blackness. tonight across black america there are some who are saying have at it. david? >> steve osunsami thank you. major developments tonight in that manhunt, two convicted killers escaping breaking out of prison the female prison worker of course behind bars accused of helping them. tonight her husband visiting her in jail and her reporter right there asking him about the allegations against his wife. as the search takes a new turn that small town under siege for
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11 days officials now conceding tonight they don't know where the kwikts are. this evening new clues hidden in the pipe that led those men to freedom. abc's gio benitez reporting in again. >> mr. mitchell, how is your wife doing. >> reporter: the husband of the prison worker accused of helping two murderers escape running from her cameras. he was tight lipped. law enforcement are not. they are now investigating whether joyce mitchell may have helped the convicts escape because she believed they would help kill her husband. >> what do you make of the reports. >> reporter: tonight officials are wondering if they had someone else helping them beyond mitchell who has pleaded not guilty. >> i don't know for any reason for a fact that she's plan a, plan b or plan c. i would find it hard to believe with the time that they've had to plan that and think that out and set so much up to get to that point that they would have taken along somebody basically
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that would have been baggage to them. >> reporter: tonight abc news learning they had planned for months exploring the underground pipes to use to escape even leaves themselves notes with directions in those tunnels. now matt's prison artwork, pictures of celebrities like julia roberts now part of the case. investigators desperate for any clues about how they could escape undetected. 800 officers have been scouring this whole area for 11 days now, but tonight we're learning authorities may be skaelg back that search fearing that the killers would be long gone. there's knew of an arrest in that terror attack outside dallas. you'll remember the images of two gunman opening fire. inside a provocative cartoon depiction. now this arizona man indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly helping the suspects with their terror plot and providing them with firearms. and another terror arrest this one in new york city. a 20-year-old college student in
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queens accused of plotting an isis style attack right here in new york. authorities pointing to his online searches for assault rifles body armor and pressure cooker bombs, as well as images of new york landmarks and tourist attractions on his computer that they say were potential targets. we're going to turn to that major victory in the fight against al qaeda. the terror group's second highest ranking leader killed in a u.s. air strike. he helped master mind the infamous underwear bomb and other plots to bring down american passenger jets. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on an obsession to bring an american jetliner down. reporter: demonstrations of what has long been the u.s. nightmare scenario. a bomb hidden on an aircraft, something officials tonight hope they have made much less likely. with the announcement today that a cia drone had killed nasir al-wuhayshi, regarded by us officials as the al qaeda figure most determined to attack
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the us. it was under al-wuhayshi that al qaeda tried to bring down a series of aircraft, with bombs hidden in shoes, underwear and printer cartridges. they all failed to detonate but what scared authorities was that each of the devices was able to get past what the u.s. thought was state-of-the-art airport security. >> it's a significant development that he's dead. this is a blow to the al qaeda movement overall. >> reporter: al-wuhayshi, who rose from osama bin laden's top aide to number two in al qaeda worldwide, was last seen in this 2014 video from yemen rallying his fighters in a large open-air meeting, as if to defy the cia predator drones that flew overhead. and tonight there's word that a u.s. drone strike in libya targeted a second al qaeda terror leader a man who killed dozens of hostages at a libyan oil refinery in 2013 including three americans. it's not certain tonight he was killed but if so it would be a week to remember for the cia,
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david. >> two major developments. brian, thank you. a dramatic day in the trial of james holmes. today his psychiatrist taking the stand, shaking revealing holmes told her he was having homicidal thoughts but never revealing his plans, saying had she known she would have quote, locked him up. she did alert officials and even calling his mother. tonight another familiar face making it official now. donald trump on the stage right there, greeted by his daughter. he is the 12th republican candidate, telling our own george stephanopoulos about his own plan on immigration, building a wall around mexico. >> mexico you say we're going to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. how are you going to do that? >> absolutely because mexico is the new china. mexico is ripping us more than any other country. they're killing us at the border sending in the illegals. they're not sending their best and finest.
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>> how are you going to get them to pay for a wall? >> you have people like we have -- >> you're calling them an enemy. >> george george, mexico does not like us. mexico is not our friend. mexico is the new china. mexico will pay -- you mark me words. i win, mexico pays. >> george with donald trump. you can see all of george's interview with trump tomorrow morning on "good morning america" and we should note tomorrow night here i'll be on the campaign trial with jeb bush live from iowa covering his campaign every step of the way. tonight the fbi investigating a new scandal. the st. louis cardinals accused of spying on the locker room of the houston astros hacking their computers. abc's david wright on what investigators say they were looking for. reporter: on the field, the st. louis cardinals have the best record in baseball this season. but tonight their front office is in serious trouble. >> the st. louis cardinals are
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under investigation. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating whether team officials hacked into the houston astros computer database and stole sensitive information. >> this is the first time that we've seen any type of team break into another team's networks. >> reporter: the astros discovered the breach last year. after someone publicly leaked 10 months' worth of the team's top secret data. we're talking money ball material. >> your goal shouldn't be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins. >> reporter: the data breach included evaluations of players, team strategies, and behind-the-scenes trade talks involving some of the most popular players in the game. the houston g.m. was outraged at the time. >> and we're going to pursue it and try to find out who did it and prosecute them. >> reporter: turns he used to work for the cardinals. authorities now believe his old colleagues could have hacked into the houston computer using his old password from his days in st. louis. both teams playing tonight declined comment on the
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investigation. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the father who jumps onto a car taking on a carjacker to save his son. the surveillance video showing his clinging to the side of the suv. we'll tell you how the boy escapes. coming up the big change coming to some of your favorite foods. frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, popular desserts. the ingredient being taken out. will it change the taste or will you pay more. tonight buckingham palace, the warning, this man told to get out of the way. he didn't listen, when the guard shows up. come on back. but here's the thing, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop
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>> reporter: the fda kcracking down on food manufacturers today, giving them three years to remove transfat from their products saying it's not generally recognized as safe in human food. >> are we going to sacrifice taste and texture? >> over the past few years a lot of brands have been removing the transfat from products without any notice. >> reporter: you likely have transfat in your pantry right now. many doctors consider it the worst type of fat. it can raise bad cholesterol and lower the good kind and gikts to 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year. >> the product is going to become more expensive. the food companies are going to have to figure an alternative. >> reporter: while that slice of cake may cost a bit more removing transfat will prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year increasing the shelf life of many americans. linsey davis, abc news, new york.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. finally, it could all end tonight. lebron james doesn't want it to, and listen to what he said at 16. here's paula faris. >> curry steps back. oh! >> reporter: if the cavaliers lose tonight to stephen curry-led warriors, their season is over. but, lebron lives for moments like this. having the best finals of his career. one of the best in nba y. leading both teams in points assists and minutes played. never doubting his chances.
6:58 pm
>> i feel confident because i'm the best player in the world. it's simple. >> reporter: greatness has been his goal since he was a teen. >> you want to be the best? >> yeah. >> reporter: but the odds are against him. historically teams who have won game 5, go on to win the finals 71% of the time. the odds are not in cleveland's favor but lebron has been in this position before. one of his two titles in miami was when his team was down three games to two. david? >> paula, thanks. game six tonight right here on abc and i'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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