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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  June 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the store at the time but she was not with the girl when she was attacked by the stranger. on the sister station, newschannel 8 julie parker spoke to someone in the police department and just spoke about the case. >> this is alarmingly brazen. in a store where people are coming and going. whether they knew the child's parent was there or not there is no excuse for what took place here. jennifer: if you have any information contact crimestoppers. live in newsroom, jennifer donelan. kimberly: thank you. breaking now montgomery county police identified a woman and child involved in a fiery crash in gaithersburg yesterday morning. firefighters found the child dead inside the burning car en route 370 near gaithersburg crown development. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in gaithersburg with the breaking details. the heart-breaking details,
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too. kevin: absolutely. the information coming in to us in the last half hour. police waited before hours to release the name of -- waited 36 hours to release the name of the female driver and young boy involved in a tragic crash. they are identified as 33-year-old shafferon and her 5-year-old daniel. this occurred around 3:30 yesterday morning. she was driving along i-370 in gaithersburg when her car made a sudden 90-degree turn. jumps the concrete median and crashed in an embankment. the interior of the car fought fire. multiple police sources told us the crash is suspicious in nature. for example, she was found outside of the vehicle but the car's four doors were locked shut. againer her 5 yowled son found dead in a back -- her 5-year-old son found dead in a backseat. we uncovered court records 15 minutes ago and she is in the middle of a divorce with her
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husband. the estranged couple was scheduled to have the next court appearance on september 11 of this year. police tell us the mother and her young son just moved out of their home last week. they have no idea where they have been living in the time since. many questions still unanswered here. including why the two were driving in the middle of the night. >> definitely one of the questions we are trying to figure out is where the woman was coming from. and the circumstances of why she had the young boy out at 3:30 in the morning. kevin: a big question here is the interview with this mother. she is at medstar washington hospital burn center. she had some smoke inhalation and bad burns to both of her hands. paramedics said she had serious and possibly life-threatening injuries. as far as she has heard, major crime detectives have not had a chance to speak with her yet. she could shed a lot of light as to what's happened on this
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busy roadway behind me. more much at 5:00. but we're live in gaithersburg. kevin lewis abc7 news. jonathan: now to an unprecedent and troubling report about your safety on metro. kimberly: the federal transportation says even though metro improved safety after the deadly crash, they still have lots of problems. in this report prompted of course by january deadly incident at l'enfant plaza. check in with stephen tschida. you took a look at the report. what does it say. stephen: they said the response of the inspection by the f.d.a. in the aftermath of january's deadly smoke incident on a yellow line train. they found problems in abundance. >> to fix what needs to be fixed.
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>> poor training, poor scheduling for repairs and a chaotic poorly staff and distracting control center. >> organizational shortcomings and operational concerns continue to limit the effectiveness in recognizing and resolving safety issues. stephen: the report found so little time to maintenance repairs they found backlogged work orders dating to 2012. the f.d.a. says metro needs to get aggressive with educating employees on safety procedures. >> they are not training. they don't care about our safety i mean, what are you going to do? ride it and pray it works? stephen: the f.d.a. found crews did not adequately fix ventilation or power system timely manner. quality reviews found 20-40% noncompliance with key safety rules. jianna say the findings have her more worried. >> they say don't be alarmed
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and that is the first thing to make me feel alarmed is to tell me don't be alarmed. stephen: it's important to note unlike the ntsb which made recommendations for metro, the f.d.a. findings are required actions for metro. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. you can read the entire report from the f.d.a. by going to our website kimberly: right now the search is on for the man who sexually assaulted a 73-year-old woman in a cvs parking lot. look at the surveillance photo. he touched the woman inappropriately as she tried to clean out her car. early this morning on jefferson davis highway, police say he had on a red baseball cap with a black rim and black shoes with red laces. this afternoon, we are learning that a second teenager is now charged in that deadly double stabbing outside a popular fredericksburg fastfood restaurant. police say the 17-year-old is the brother of the 15-year-old
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charged in that case. three people are stabbed sunday morning outside the cookout fast food restaurant on plank road. two of them then died. lawyers are still trying to decide whether to charge the young suspect as adults. jonathan: a developing story out of upper marlboro. investigators working right now to determine what caused the fire to break out of the popular restaurant. it was a big one. it actually took 100 firefighters to put out the flames early this morning. this is where we are talking about on the map. it's tuckers restaurant and i will your on marlboro pike. abc's john gonzalez working this one for us. >> this is like a normal day we normally close up. john: stephen whitley locked up the place at midnight. three hours later, tuckers restaurant was burning down. take a look at the large flames shooting out. >> double check every night to make sure everything inside the kitchen is closed down. i mean shut off. john: the fire started between the liquor store and the actual restaurant lounge. a difficult fire to get to. firefighters tried gaining access through the roof but
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they quickly realized that wasn't a good idea. >> we know part of the roof sagged. there was a partial collapse of that. that causes issues for us. >> almost as quickly as the flames were spreading the car jumped to three alarms. black smoke filling the sky. the owner of the restaurant rushed to the scene after getting a disturbing wake-up call. several hours later hot spots were still flaring up. parking lot still filled with fire trucks running water and debris. the business which is destroyed as you can see has been a true staple here in upper marlboro. we're told it has been around for about a hundred years. one of the oldest restaurants in all of prince george's county. >> we are going to go in find the hot spots, the investigators. >> more than 100 firefighters at the height of this and only one minor injury to a firefighter shoulder. the cause is still unknown. for a time, residents of the melwood mobile park behind the building were trapped. >> i cannot get out.
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i work in fairfax county. i don't know how i'm going to get there. >> john: in upper marlboro, john gonzalez, abc7 news. kimberly: right now we are still tracking our storm system once known as tropical storm bill. he may be weaker today but he is still packing enough of a punch in areas recovering from last month's deadly flooding. the storm could dump up to 12 inches of rain across texas as it moves farther inland. in houston crews are cleaning up after a night of heavy wind and rain leads to down power line and snapped trees. the weather here much calmer with a light break in heat and humidity. chief meteorologist doug hill. some folks have a baseball game to go to. rain? doug: scattered showers. one thing we will walk is the remnant moisture from the disturbance formerly known as bill. i could affect the weekend plans outside. let's get you started with the coverage on wednesday. in the belfort furniture. there as kimberly mentioned showers in the area. if you are watching in martinsburg, the ballgames are a big question.
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locally it will be hit or miss for the next few hours as the showers continue to move from left to right across your screen. that just happened to be from west to east. scattered showers. maybe a rumble of thunder later tonight as a warm front progresses. a nice break from the humidity. but heat and humidity will build back in. showers and thunderstorms will be more likely. quarter of an inch in gainesville. less in manassas. less in martinsburg and frederick. hit or miss showers. temperatures, look at it. no more 90 for a little while longer but they will be back. 80 at reagan national airport. through the remainder of wednesday, scattered showers and an isolated rumble of thunder. we will wake up to sunshine. we will talk about the weekend weather possibility in more details in a couple of minutes. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. the maryland board of public works is considering a plan to offer $20 million in state rainy day funds to pay for april baltimore riots. remember the riots were in response to the death of freddie gray in police custody. the funds could cover expenses to the deployment of the
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maryland national guard and other costs. kimberly: alexandria police officer shot on the job more than two years ago retired today. peter laboy miraculously recovered from a gunshot wound to his head. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in the satellite center with more from today's retirement center. jeff, i imagine it was an emotional one. jeff: no question kimberly. following that story, peter served as a great source of inspiration for people of the alexandria police department but people throughout the d.c. region as he worked so hard to recover from the near fatal injury. alexandria police have been sending along photos from this morning's retirement event all day. a private ceremony held at police headquarter. he is seen here wearing the superman logo on his chest he has been sporting throughout his recovery. a lot of smiles today as the man who rode a motorcycle for six years for the department took a seat on his bike and shared laughs with coworkers including chief earl cook. he was with the department for
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19 years. his wife suzanne posting a tweet reading motor h officially retired. he was shot in the head in a traffic stop in old town in february of 2013. he barely survived but fought his way back through intense rehab and recovery. the shooter bashir was found not guilty in court by reason of insanity. peter is the father of four and we are told he will now focus on his family and recovery including physical and speech therapy. his wife suzanne tells us he has had tremendous support from friend and family which she said has been unbelievable for peter and for the family as a whole. live in the satellite center jeff goldberg abc7 news. kimberly: larger class sizes and less technology. that is not what you want. but that is what is in the budget for the montgomery county school students. the new budget includes cutting 380 jobs. a school spokesman says the position eliminated include 40 jobs at the central offices.
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those are administrative jobs. 340 school base positions which will lead to some larger classes. the approved $2.3 billion budget cuts out new chrome laptops that the students hoped to get next year. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you talk about a tough kid. we are hearing from one of the teenagers attacked by a shark in north carolina. >> i have been sick. i felt it on my leg. jonathan: hear what else the teen is saying about the fateful swim that left him with one arm. >> tonight a family mourning a loss of a man who died after a repaving project happening along his street. i'm brianne carter with the details up next. >> and i cried. i cried. kimberly: the woman accused of lying about her race continuing to open up. why rachel dolezal says she feels a connection to caitlyn
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jonathan: a street sweeper struck and killed a 73-year-old man in the district and his friends and family still cannot believe it happened. kimberly: the man lost his life on clay place in northeast washington. brianne carter is in that area with more. brianne: well kimberly, it's signs like these that are
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posted many across the street here that says milling and paving, showing there was a paving project happening here along clay place on monday morning. because of that that marijuana -- that man was not able to park across the street like he normally does. instead witnesses tell abc7 he parked in this loath and he began to walk across the street to his home on the other side. that is when according to witnesses tragedy struck. we understand that when james terry was walking, a street sweeper working with the construction crew here on the scene started backing up. witnesses say he was knocked to the ground under that truck. now authorities say he was taken to the hospital where he later died. james gary a husband, father and grandfather to his family. he was known as "big boy." >> he called me every day. when i get off work. every day between 5:00 and 7:00, he was hinging my phone
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constantly every day -- ringing my phone constantly every day. that's one thing i miss the most. now i'll be waiting for phone call. >> authorities are investigating. we contacted the company listed on this notice on the street. we have not heard back from them at this point. we also reached out to city agencies. they say they have not contracted anyone here to be doing this work that someone else had in fact contracted them to be out here paving. coming up at 5:30 we will have much more on how the family is doing and what witnesses say about what happened here monday morning. reporting live, brianne carter abc7 news. kimberly: rachel dolezal the former naacp president who is accused of lying about being black says she can relate to caitlyn jenner. jonathan: in another segment of the interview that aired on the "today show" dolezal admitted she is bisexual and her racial identity has been a
4:18 pm
recurring issue while dating men and women. dolezal also said that caitlyn jenner's story resonated with her. rachel: i cried. i cried. i resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood to not know if you have a conversation with somebody will that relationship then end because they have seen you as one way? jonathan: dolezal also says she doesn't feel that she has lied to anyone about her race. kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now. there is a proposal for $100 million fine against at&t the second largest u.s. wireless carrier is accused of misleading customers about its quote/unquote unlimited data plans. f.t.c. investigation said they intentionally slowed down data speeds to customers with the plans and claim the customer did not tell customers.
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however, at&t says it notified customers through bills texts and online. jonathan: so you are waiting for someone to get home for dinner. time to check the traffic situation and see if they will be late. jamie sullivan has the details. how is it rolling? jamie: some spots you may be late. 395, begin here. your commute heading northbound. we are okay. that is where you are seeing the green. it's a ramp to get on 395 northbound where we had a crash. southbound where you see a solid red line or the brakes. you loosen up closer to seminary at 36 miles per hour. our bottom side of the beltway, heavy. that is mainly just going to be on the outer loop getting from van dorn street to wilson bridge. with rein the teens. of course, the better view of what we've got. the heaviest threat on the stretch of the beltway. it's wet on the roads. nothing that is adding to it. but keep that in mind. silver string an accident involving a pedestrian. this is new hampshire avenue. right at powder mill.
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oops not poster mill. my mistake. powder mill. it's in silver spring we have the activity. for you on the top side of the beltway, we are slow. but the westside stretch to get from 66 continuing closer toward the american legion bridge you are only at 10 miles per hour. it will take you just under 30 minutes. a live look outside will show you some of that congestion. right near seven lots. you can see the inner and the outer loop. but crashes on on the interstate, nothing to worry about now. that's good news. back to you. jonathan: all right, thank you very much. doug hill back from vacation. you have power, my friend. you come back from vacation and we have a beautiful day outside. doug: it's crazy. i don't understand it. i'm blessed. so let's get started here. the one-day break from the high humidity. but it will all come right back at us. we may get more rain than we can deal with by weekend. a possibility. let's get to what we are seeing now. downpour not seeing much on the lightning detection system but it could change as the
4:21 pm
warm front gets closer. hit and miss. that is the deal for the rest of the area and the rest of the afternoon and the evening. heaviest shower north of petersburg west virginia. it's moving from west to east ahead of a warm front. temperatures are warm, but they are below the system averages. well below what we have had in the past week or so. 79 in gaithersburg. 80 in baltimore. 75 in frederick maryland right now. we will keep our eyes on the skies for you for the next several hours as we see just as inching eastward on showers and the storms. plenty of hot stuff down south. a matter of time only before it comes back. the leading edge of the warm front moving across ohio and west virginia. with the leading edge of the warm front we are seeing a possibility that showers and thunderstorms that will slide eastward. high pressure that gave us a break for the humidity will move out. tomorrow, warmer for humid and showers and thunderstorms. friday, a cold front will come through. that is the problem for the weekend. the cold front is not going to come far through at all.
4:22 pm
at the same time, what is left of the moisture from bill is going to slide north. so all kind of possibilities for the weekend. the future cast shows more showers and scattered thunderstorms overnight. in the morning we may get a break and see more tomorrow afternoon. seven day at a glance here. for tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 80's. a good chance of showers and thunderstorms in the day friday. 90 degrees again. we have done that a zillion times this year with showers and storms. with the remnant moisture of bill putting the 60% chance of showers and storms, saturday lingering to sunday remaining hot and humid early next week. i'll be back on vacation to bring good weather back in a few weeks. kimberly: really? doug: no. kimberly: i was going to be jealous. doug: i'll be here. jonathan: wishful thinking. kimberly: good to see you back. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a consumer alert that impacts 600 million cell phone owners. the security flaw that allows hackers to eastdrop on your conversations access your files and even turn on your camera and watch your every
4:23 pm
move. jonathan: plus tonight we are hearing from one of the teens who lost an arm in a shark attack. what was going through his head in the moments following the dangerous encounter? you will hear from him after
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kimberly: speaking from his hospital bed a 16-year-old shark attack victim comes to terms with the loss of his arm. jonathan: this is a tough kid. abc's karen travers on how the
4:26 pm
one fateful swim forever altered his life. karen: in the 911 tape you can hear the terror. >> his arm is gone. karen: a massive shark jumping right out of the water in north carolina sunday attacking a teenage boy and ripping his arm straight off. 16-year-old hunter treschl is recovering and speaking out from his hospital bed. hunter: i didn't see it coming. i felt it on my leg. then i saw it had attacked my arm. karen: he was waiting in waist-deep water when the unthinkable happened. he said his cousin helped get him out of the water. beach-goers immediately jumped in to try to stop the bleeding before emergency crews airlifted him to hospital for surgery. hunter: they wheeled me in the e.r. 25 people there. it was a spectacle, because i was conscious through the whole thing and aware. i like to think i was aware at least. karen: treschl was the second victim in the area that day. 90 minutes earlier 12-year-old kirsten was bitten
4:27 pm
by a shark and lost a portion of her left arm below the elbow. a family said in the statement yesterday she is in stable condition but has a long road to recovery that will include surgery and rehab. treble treble lost part of his left arm in the attack but keeping a positive attitude about the options. hunter: there is only one thing i would choose to do is try to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. karen: the quick action by bystanders made a huge difference. without that the outcome of the attacks could have been worse. reporting from northwest, karen travers, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead at 4:00 tragedy involving the animals getting loose from the zoo. kimberly: how efforts to capture them turn deadly. >> residents of the northwest neighborhood say city inspectors are fining them for trash on properties. when they look at the pictures, the properties are not theirs. i'm sam ford.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: a big mixup at a neighborhood in northwest washington. a woman says she was fined for having a trashy backyard. kimberly: here was the problem. the yard in question wasn't hers. apparently she is not the only person this has happened to. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has the story. >> i'm getting very emotional about it. sam: the city fined tyler $75
4:31 pm
for trashy backyard in this picture, except it's not her backyard. >> there is a house with wooden steps. and as you can see we have concrete steps and a metal railing here. sam: she says she told it to d.c. public works and the ticket writing agency. >> why didn't anyone come and see if this was my house? sam: she must go to a hearing june 24 and hope an administrative judging will relieve her. it was a similar story for the homeowner here. now deceased. the neighborhood who worked with her said again the picture was not of her property. her neighbor anc commissioner fred grant said it's clear. when he called the agency and told the worker -- >> the lady told me she would take care of it. i trusted her. she was a d.c. government worker. sam: what happened is her neighbor lost because she didn't show up at a hearing. the fine double and he is angry. >> somebody is not performing. maybe they look at it like
4:32 pm
they did a great job. sam: she walked the neighborhood until she found the yard. it wasn't taken last year, it had to be taken years ago because the house was renovated in 2012. for the response? we're still waiting. sam ford abc7 news. jonathan: that is infuriating. kimberly: right. it's interesting that they had to do their own investigation. jonathan: i wish they could charge them back for the time it took to square it away. kimberly: we'll find out. jonathan: break in the extreme heat and the humidity is nice. kimberly: prepare for rain in the evening hours. meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: we have showers in the area right now. better chance of thunderstorm tonight. and the heat and the humidity return. start off with the doppler radar heavier rain west of the virginia/west virginia line. plus the areas to petersburg. moving from west to east across the area. temperatures on the warm side
4:33 pm
when you get across north carolina. 96 in faye yachtville. 79 in washington. 13 in columbus ohio, than it was this time yesterday. we are getting a break on the heat and the humidity. but it is only temporarily because of the advancement of the warm front. the satellite and radar since this afternoon shows a steady stream of moisture developing along the warm front from the u.s. central plains and midwest, eastward toward the midatlantic to your neighborhood. i won't be constant. there will be period of showers through the evening with isolated thunderstorm. the future cast shows the same drill continues. even toward midnight with the scattered showers. during the day tomorrow, the front will be east of the area even though we will have the scattered showers or the thunderstorms as a possibility. most will be east of town. as we get to the weekend more showers will be part of the ongoing forecast here. so the story for overnight areas of rain, possibly isolated thunderstorms as the
4:34 pm
warm front passes. lows near 70. i will tell you about the seven-day coming up. lots of 90's showing up again. kimberly? kimberly: we'll look for you then. we are hearing from the attorney for daron wint, the man charged in connection with the murders of four people at a northwest d.c. mansion last month. as tom roussey tells us wint's lawyer says his client was set up. >> everybody deserves a fair chance and to be heard. >> fairfax attorney sean hanover says he was hired by family members of daron wint saturday and met with his client in jail monday and represented him in court. sean: he believes once people understand who is out there and what was going on they will see him in a different light. tom: since he was just hired he can't get too detailed yet but he did say this about wint. sean: it's fair to say he feels this time he was set up. tom: right now he is charged in the murder of savvas savopoulos. the prosecution says he is
4:35 pm
likely to face more charges in the may 14 death of savvas savopoulos his wife amy their son phillip and housekeeper vera figueroa. court documents say wint's d.n.a. was found on a pizza crust delivered to the home the night before the murderers when police believe the four were held captive. hanover points out police believe there were other suspects involved and no other d.n.a. evidence has been released yet. sean: we don't know what other d.n.a. evidence exists. we have only learned thus far about the pizza. let's see what else is there. tom: touma, abc7 -- tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: the authorities say the man shot outside air borse base monday died. shots fired at larry mcelroy after he got out of the car holding a rifle. the investigators aren't sure why he was armed but the sheriff's office says in january he told a deputy he found spy devices from the base in his home. kimberly: a tyinger that broke free from a zoo in severe flooding in the exsoviet
4:36 pm
republic of georgia killed one man and injured another. authorities found the tiger hiding in a construction market and killed it after it attacked the men. officials previously said all lions and tigers missing from the floods had been found dead and only one jaguar had remained unaccounted for. coming up at 4:00, "7 on your side" consumer alert for cell phone users. the issue that could leave 600 million customers including jonathan vulnerable to hackers. sorry buddy. jonathan: there you go. we are counting down to summer because with three days to go. stay with us. "abc7 news at 4:00" is coming right
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
kimberly: we have breaking news now. d.c. police chief cathy lanier talking about a shooting in southeast where a teenager was injured. listen in. >> you can text tips anonymously if you wish by 0411. or call and help us with the investigation by speaking with us directly and not remain anonymous. we are offering right now a $10,000 reward. so $10,000 for information that helps lead us to an arrest and conviction in this case. so please, for this family and for this little boy please go and watch that video and see if it is somebody that you know that you can help us identify. >> any idea why this happened? chief lanier: we don't know it now. right now the most important thing to us is to identify the people on the video. [inaudible question] chief lanier: i don't want to comment on the source of the video. i just want people to focus on
4:39 pm
the people in the video. this is a good quality video. if you know the persons that are in that clip you'll know, and you will be able to tell us who they are. >> the people in the clip do they know the victim or were they strangers? chief lanier: we don't have all the answers right now. i would say sometimes this is how we get information. but i would say to any family members who may recognize the folks in those videos talk to your family members, talk to your loved ones and have them turn themselves in. we need to talk to them. come down and calm to n.p.d. and let us talk to you. if it's a family member or a friend or somebody you know, at the very least reach out to them and have them come down and talk to us. >> obviously, the gentlemen you have gone through the mug shot. nobody in the n.p.d. recognizes the guys? it's not likely they have been on your radar in the past? chief lanier: i don't want to get into the details.
4:40 pm
yes, sometimes that is the case but we are still looking for people in public to talk to us about who the guys are. again, this is very good quality video. we don't always have this. so if you think about it you know a 15-year-old kid who has this injury even should be outraged and everybody should be trying to get justice for the family. >> are they in the same condition as jonathan? >> chief lanier: critical condition. >> thanks, everybody. >> can we get an update on the mansion murder stories? any arrest? chief lanier: there is nothing i can discuss. the work continues but there is nothing i can discuss. i apologize. >> do you personally think daron wint acted alone? chief lanier: i won't comment on the case. >> why were all four people taken in custody leased? chief lanier: i won't comment on the details of the case. it doesn't serve justice for me to comment on anything involving the investigation. thank you very much. kimberly: okay. if you are just now joining us
4:41 pm
that was d.c. police chief cathy lanier talking at the end about d.c. mansion murderers, didn't say much. the purpose of the press conference was to ask the public for help identifying anyone who might be involved with the shooting that happened on nailor road yesterday morning where a 16-year-old was critically injured. the 16-year-old is in critical condition at this hour. police chief lanier asking for anyone to come forward with tips. there is a $10,000 reward for those who help assist make an arrest and a conviction in that case. jonathan: really good video. police said how clear the video is. she is confident by going to the public that somebody would recognize somebody in the video, specifically the people involved in shooting the 16-year-old. if you know somebody in this video again she reinforced it saying there is a $10000 reward leading to the arrest of those responsible for shooting and leaving the 16-year-old in critical condition. kimberly: moving on to other news now. an issue with samsung galaxy
4:42 pm
phones could leave 600 million of the use herbs vulnerable to hacker. according to a report by the mobile security form now secure, the problem is with the software for the preinstalled keyboard. it allows hackers to read messages, listen to the microphone, watch the camera and then install mallware. there is not much users can do until a patch is made available. in a statement, samsung says it is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. how do you feel about that? jonathan: it warms my heart. kimberly: does it? fix it fast. safe place. there is another hacking investigation going on. this one is unusual because it involves major league baseball. jonathan: can't these guys do this without having to hack each other? the st. louis cardinals are accused of accessing a players database for the houston astros. spying on another team. robert burton with the story with is the talk of the
4:43 pm
baseball fans. astros are leading the league right now in the american league, aren't they? robert: exactly. since the nba finals is over this is the biggest story in the sports world. the st. louis cardinals front office being investigated for allegedly hacking into the astros database and stealing information on player personnel. the st. louis cardinals under investigation by the f.b.i. for allegedly cheating. today, reaction from nats players. when you hear stories like that, does it make you nervous at all? >> not really. that is separate from anything i have to do. the front office does what the front office does. >> the new age thing. i guess you never know. robert: several reports mentioned it wouldn't be hard for the cardinals to hack the astros database because it was created by the astros g.m. jeff luhnow who ran a similar database in st. louis. commissioner ron manfred
4:44 pm
addressed the media saying he needs the fact before any action is taken. >> any allegation like this no matter how serious is of a great concern for us. but it's too early to speculate what the facts will be and what action if any is necessary. robert: this is not just player information. it's information on trades as well. as you heard from the commissioner, it's way too early to start speculating. they need facts before they start taking action. live at nats park, robert burton abc7 sports. back to you.
4:45 pm
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jonathan: new details tonight surrounding the prison employee charged with helping two killers escape from a prison in new york. kimberly: prosecutors confirmed the employee discussed having the prisoners kill her husband. abc's marci gonzalez has more. marci: roadblocks reopened the search surrounding the prison scaled back. police saying after meticulously scouring thhere is no sign of the two convicted killers who escaped from the clinton correctional facility in northern new york. now the hunt branching out farther from the prison. >> there is no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said i cannot rule it out. >> personnel are being redeployed to other areas based on information gathered in the investigation. marci: police releasing these
4:48 pm
photos of what david sweat may look like now after 1 days on the run and still try -- 12 days on the run and still trying to figure out if they had a backup plan to pick them up when priien prison worker joyce mitchell didn't show. >> joyce has been a pawn throughout this. they manipulated her. the idea that she would have caved in at the 11th hour they may have thought about. marci: mitchell admitted she had sex with richard matt in the prison tailor shop where she is a supervisor. she is behind bars charged with smuggling the men's tools that were used in the escape. her husband visiting with her in spite that she plotted with the fugitives to have him killed. >> we are getting reports she was trying to have you killed. marci: no comment from him. meanwhile, police follow up on the 1400 tips that have come in. up in have given them any indication where the escapees might be. marci gonzalez abc7 news. jonathan: in "7 on your side" health matters, there is a new
4:49 pm
baby boom right now. the number of babies born in the u.s. is on the rise for the first time in seven years. could this have something to do with a really cold winter? ponder that. preliminary figures show there were 53000 more babies born in 2014 than the year before. most to women in their 30's. teen births hit another historic low even though the experts expected that statistic to level off. kimberly: a mother in indianapolis is part of that trend, but she has a pretty unique delivery story. jonathan: this woman is extraordinarily tough. she actually delivered her own baby. firefighters say she was on her way to the hospital tuesday morning when she realized not going to make it. so she pulled over called 911. 30 seconds before the first responders got there she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. >> she was amazing. sweetheart. she did an amazing job. she was nervous. keeping her calm. an amazing job. >> the other part of this the woman's two other children were in the car at the time. they got to witness the birth of their new baby brother.
4:50 pm
both mom and baby were taken to the hospital and are said to be doing fine. the only wrinkle in this that messes it up is now mom the whole stork story to the other two kids is not going to fly. not going to work. a fun way to cool off this summer. watch "good morning washington" because each day this week we are giving away four tickets to her i have park. kimberly: a grand prize win will be eligible to get an overnight stay at the her i have lodge -- hershey lodge. look for the clue and then enter it on the facebook page. good luck to everyone. jonathan: speaking of roller coasters, don't you think it describes our weather? kimberly: humidity for sure. doug: up and down. if you take all of that and divide it in half that is where the average weather is. jonathan: is there a midterm?
4:51 pm
doug: there is no normal weather. extreme and not extreme. back to you. let's talk about bill for a minute. the second tropical storm at last report is a depression but probably not that any longer. this is the radar representation. i weakening over land. but you can see this over northeast texas and the heavy rain to oklahoma. it has a healthy picture. it's destined to move northeast in the next couple of days. the latest center is not far 130 miles or so northwest of houston south of the dallas metro. i will move northeast. as it does the winds will not be a feature at all. it will stretch from the midatlantic over the weekend and it could increase the rainfall totals. take a look at the totals today. over 5.5 inches in rockport texas. 5.25 in decatur texas.
4:52 pm
the initial computer estimates get through 4:00, or 5:00 7:00 on thursday afternoon. we are talking six inches or more. seven inches over oklahoma. it will push off to the northeast. our question and forecast paradox is will the bullseye of the rain affect us this weekend and staying north? we think it will stay north. but the showers and the thunderstorms at times over the weekend will stay in touch with us because the weather could indeed affect the weekend plans. scattered showers this evening. hit or miss. the future cast, the computer simulation shows a warm front tonight. tomorrow, a little sunshine. warmer, more humid scattered showers and thunderstorms. the front will come through and dissipate or become stationary to the south as we get in the weekends. that may actually attract funnel the moisture. no offense to the pennsylvania friends but better then than here for the weekend.
4:53 pm
i have plans. check out the next seven days. we have a warm and a humid day tomorrow. temperatures make a recovery in the upper 80's. you will feel it. showers and storms 60%. 30% chance on friday near 90. saturday and sunday warm and humid. 60% chance of storms. plain old hot, hazy and humid next week. kimberly: the storms build partly? >> yeah. build with less built moisture. come north. the question is will the bulk of it it can us or the keystone friends? jonathan: thank you. we have breaking news coming to the newsroom. it's on the cause of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, california. universities say it was rotted wooden beams. that is the reason it collapsed killing six college students and injuring seven others. some of those do have life threatening injuries. berkeley's mayor says it appears that the wood was not properly sealed when it was first built. rain damaged and eroded that wood. the bah cony collapsed in a 21st birthday party.
4:54 pm
kimberly: time for a check on traffic. jamie sullivan is here with the details. still looking good? jamie: it's not. we have a few problems. i want to start right here. you can see of course an accident blocking our left lane. traffic does get by. using the lanes to the right-hand side. just a heads up. this is the 395 heading northbound into town.. town. you are able to cross the 14th street bridge and continue to the freeway. the issue is southbound. move to the map. just really want to focus in on the delays leaving the city. that is where you see the solid red line. so your congestion getting from the 14th street bridge. stop and go approaching duke street. then you get a little better closer to edsall. on the beltway, we have delays from van dorn to the wilson bridge. once you get to prince george's county we're clear. no problems there. i want to focus on the top half of the beltway where we are seeing the delays. outer loop, you are congested through montgomery county. both directions at the inner and the outer loop traveling
4:55 pm
up from virginia getting to maryland on the inner loop. right now it will take you under 35 minutes. so a lot of slowing and a heads up. we have closures around nats park. the game starts at 7:05. a lot of the closures all in place at 4:00. that is a look at traffic. we'll have more coming up
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
kimberly: got a chance to show off the cooking skills on the way to europe. she took part in a cooking demonstration with students in milan, italy. tomorrow mrs. obama will lead a presidential delegation to the expo 2015 world fair which focuses on food nutrition and hunger issues. all issues close to her heart. >> metro taken to task and told to fix it immediately. >> are you going to ride it and pray it works? >> how they continue to put riders at risk.
4:59 pm
five against one. what the attackers made off with. >> a total loss. >> my heart is hurting. leon: three alarms and 100 fficients is not enough to save one of the oldest restaurants. why it's under investigation. plus -- get them while you can. this maryland delicacy may never be the same again. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00", on your side. leon: we have new developments this hour about the car crash and deadly fire in gaithersburg. all of this breaking right now. court records reveal an ongoing divorce case. kimberly: montgomery county reporter ky kev -- kevin lewis has breaking details. what do you have? kevin: the divorce adding to a great deal of suspicion and mystery in this tragic and bizarre car crash that happened along i-370 behind
5:00 pm
me. the mother and son are identified at 33-year-old narges shafeirad and her 5-year-old son daniel dana. it was 3:30 yesterday morning that shafeirad was driving along i-370 in the toyota corolla with her son in the backseat when the vehicle made a sudden 90-degree turn just into the concrete median and crashed in a grassy embankment. the car caught on fire. now the divorce adds to that. the first responders found shafeirad outside the vehicle. but the car four doors were locked shut and


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