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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maureen: scathing report for metro after the deadly smoket at l'enfant. today they are order changes at metro and rail systems across the country. stephen tschida is live outside the u.s. department of transportation. this report identifies a lot of failure for metro. stephen: many maureen. the finding of the inspection reverberate across the metro area. troubling passengers and local leaders. a couple of minutes ago we heard from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she is joining the chorus of call for a major shakeup at metro. actions to beaken. the call we are hearing to improve safety. the federal transit inselected metro after the smoke incident at l'enfant. they found the metro safety policies aren't cutting it.
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>> fix what needs to be fixed. stephen: chief among the safety issues the hub of operations. >> f.d.a. found serious safety lapses in the rail operation control center. >> such as the high level of noise and lack of electronic controls to prevent errors. chronically under staffed operations and distracted employees talking on the personal cell phones. >> i think they should do better. stephen: the f.d.a. found backlog of repairs dating to 2012 and failure to update the ventilation system and repair the power system in a timely manner. uncovered a failure to comply with key safety rule at a rate as high as 40%. >> fear. don't want to ride it anymore. >> the administrator says she does not have a car that she
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takes metro. she will continue to ride metro but despite the findings, overall, metro is safety. reporting live. stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: f.d.a. report identified 78 problems that metro must fix. you can find the list inside the complete report posted on the website. leon: new information on the car crash and fire that claimed the 5-year-old boy's life in gaithersburg yesterday morning. abc7 confirmed the parents were supposed to have a report yesterday morning. the major crime unit is investigating yesterday's crash. the boy is 5-year-old daniel dana. the mother lucie safarova was behind the wheel and she remains hospitalized in serious condition. maureen: a staple of a prince george's county community for 40 years is in ruins tonight. the three-alarm fire gutted
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tuckers restaurant in upper marlboro overnight. they are trying to determine if it was an accident or it was intentionally set. leon: moving on to the weather. things cooled off outside after a six of day longer heatwave for the region. the chance of rains and the storms stick around with us overnight. get the latest on that. >> the way it looks is cloudy skies outside the furniture weather center. more thunderstorms thunderstorms west of the appalachian may roll in overnight. shower setting up to head across the potomac, to western montgomery county. it shouldn't be heavy. look to the west. columbus cincinnati indianapolis. northwest of lexington. those are the thunderstorms developing along a warm front that we suspect will run in the area overnight.
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through the evening hit or miss showers through the evening. areas of rain likely. though there could be showers for the nats game i don't see it causing interference. we will talk more detail in a few minutes. maureen: the remnants of tropical storm bill are moving in the central u.s. parts of oklahoma could see seven inches of rain tomorrow. north texas, rain is still falling on the areas recovering from last month's deadly flooding. additional six to eight inches expected in the forecast in the next 24 hours. many rivers remain at or near flood stage. leon: closer home prince george's council chairman is raising the stake in a vicious battle over a tax increase. already the prompted veto and two veto votes. there are concerns that it could udermind the evidence.
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>> they are trying to pay for improving the troubled school system. >> to fix the problem you need resources. >> in a dramatic public voting session this month. the council trimmed the exec budget proposal and the tax increase down to a 4% hike. >> we listened and had percent. for the tax increase. >> a fundamental disagreement how much we can invest in education. >> last night the council met again to override the veto. wi had a strong disagreement but the process ran its course. >> for residents the stakes are high and will affect the cost of living in the county. now baker is hinting at a lawsuit suggesting the council overstepped the authority.
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the counsel chair is firing back saying baker's tactics could affect weather w or not the f.b.i. chooses to build the headquarters here. >> any talk of litigation would be destructive to the county. >> the council plans to gather here in the chambers next tuesday to vote on their tax increase plan. unless of course, the county executive take legal action to stop them. the budget battle is not over. maureen: ahead on the "abc7 news at 6:00" -- changes considered at the north carolina beach where two teenagers were attacked by sharkers in hours. leon: plus check this out. a teenager wound up with a note for accused school absence and she got it from hillary clinton. maureen:
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leon: fighting crime to hopefully capture those who shoot a 15-year-old. they boarded the bus around the top of the shooting. >> this boy is injured and we want to get the case closed. leon: the 16-year-old is in critical condition.
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$10,000 reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest. maureen: a promise of accountability from one of the most storied teams. the owner of the st. louis cardinals says anyone accused of hacking another team computers will be held accountable. bill dewitt jr. says the team is cooperating with a federal investigate underway. despite the investigation cardinal fans stand by their team. >> something small that is being blown out of proportion is my guess. >> i don't think it will hurt them too much. maureen: several months ago he was made aware of hacking a database of the astros and the word of the federal probe became public yesterday and the cardinals have the best record in baseball. leon: well so many people running for president, 16 so far by the way if you are counting. candidates are doing whatever they can to get noticed. last night jeb bush slow jammed the news with jimmy fallon on the "tonight show." and hillary clinton tweeted a
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photo of a get out of school note she signed for a new hampshire boy. ollie missed school to attend a clinton event. the grandmother said he had a good excuse for missing school. >> he better have a permission slip. leon: he wanted to go to the event because he comes from a family of teachers and wants to be one, too. the clinton campaign manager said she wants to meet him when he is back in the area. maureen: up next, change is considered after two shark attacks on a north carolina beach. leon: plus, the man details the moment he says a dozen teenagers jumped him outside camden yards in baltimore. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill tell us when things will heat up again and for how long. robert: i'm robert burton coming up in sports. the nats trying to piggy back off a huge performance yesterday. can they do that? we have a preview coming up as "abc7 news at 6:00"
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maureen: fighting back against crime. d.c. police hope a video will find those responsible for an attack. it shows what happened on first and case street. a man is running from the attackers and they tackled him possibly knocking him unconscious and appeared to rob him and run off. the d.c. crime stoppers is offering a reward in the case. leon: a dozen teenagers, a baltimore orioles fan attacked him leaving a game at camden yard. the victim who works in alexandria described what happened in an exclusive interview. >> i have season tickets. >> alan carlson home address may be in charles county but it doesn't dictate his allegiance to a baseball team. >> i have been an orioles fans my life. >> he went to the o's game and he took this photo. he is not talking about the score from the night. just the stars. >> guys across the forehead and took stitches. >> he was attacked by a gr teens walking
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to his car. the photos show the extent of the energies. he says he left the game before the seventh insomething there were not a lot of fellow fans around. >> i got sucker punched from behind. >> he said boys and girls attacked him. >> the back of my head was the first shot. at that point i said what is wrong with you? what are you trying to do? i never lost consciousness. >> he said he was on russell street, on this sidewalk when he was attacked. he want other fans to be aware of the danger. >> they got my cell phone a valuable thing. they were probably mad there was only $20 in my wallet. >> but says he the attack won't stop him to return to root for the orioles. >> no, i'm not afraid. they won't keep me doing what i want to do. >> the police report labeled it an unarmed robbery and alan
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doubts the culprit will be caught. in baltimore kathleen cairns, abc7 news. murder we have an update on the police officer nicknamed superman after a miraculous recovery if a gunshot wound to the head. peter laboy retired from police department today. the department shared the picture of his afternoon celebration. he was shot in a traffic stop in february 2013. the man accused in the shooting bashir was ruled not guilty by reason of insanity. leon: town on the north carolina coast is considering a ban on shark fishing from the local pier. oak island is the leader and they changed the law after two teens loss their arms in shark attacks. the town manager wants to keep the sharks as far from shore as possible. fishermen say they shouldn't
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be punished for the attacks because they're rare. you don't want to attract them. kimberly: not a -- maureen: not a good idea at all. dobs sharks in the summer months. >> they are small. they take a small bite. doug: scatter showers but nothing heavy. this is a time lapse in oakville and ijansville. let's put it in motion in ijansville. at oakdale, sunshine. clouds rolled in, in the afternoon. scattered showers here and there. in the rest of the regionover night, the rains get heavier and we'd have thunderstorms mixed in. rainfall amounts not a lot.
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one to two inches in ha market. gainesville. temperatures in 70's in the most spot. we stall in the upper 70's where we are now to the 70 degree range tomorrow morning. for the showers, let the loop run. the area of green and yellow are the heavier rain. if you come across the mountains they fade away blue and the showers are indicated here. they are west of the mountain. that will push overhead tonight and possibly heavy downpours and possible thunderstorms. a flash of light and big boom at 2:00 don't be rattled. be prepared it could be eventuality tonight. we have showers as the heat and the humidity will return. we look, watch the progression
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here through the thursday and friday. the remnants of bill will pull this off in the upper flow. 88 tomorrow. poupes. scattered showers and thunderstorms. 40% chance of showers and storms. 30% on friday with a high of 90ment --ment. look at monday tuesday, wednesday. it's hot and humid and right back in the heat. maureen: thank you so much. leon: hopefully the nats won't have to dodge too many rain drops tonight. robert burton at nats park now. hey. robert: what is going on? we are at nats park where the warmup muse eck got worse and louder. but hopefully the nats will continue off the big win yesterday.
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stephen strasburg, yeah he had a start in harrisburg. that is coming up next in
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you the local toyota dealers. robert: welcome back. the nats are opening up an eight-game home stand with the tem pa bay rays. speaking of those guys they had a performance and they put
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up 16 runs. however, they just came back from what was a weird weird road trip. we talked to guys in clubhouse and they talked to us about that. >> we have been battling. can't give us credit for staying, just being tough. and staying, sticking with it. >> hopefully we can get back in the first place. because i mean, right now we have a tough road trip going going .500. we have to get to winning bam game -- ballgames. robert: someone who had been on the d.l. is stephen strasburg. he had a start for the senators. one earned run and six k's. but he left with the loss. harrisburg senators lose that one. the final 4-3. all right now we are talking football. day two of three-day mini catch for the redskins. we heard from rgiii today. jay gruden said he was taking baby steps and rgiii said he is moving along to take it one
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game at a time. you hear a lot of talk about a culture change in the redskins locker room. jay gruden mentioned that when he talked to the media. >> it's the accountability fablingor we have here that has been -- accountability factor that we have has been exciting. hopefully it will carry to the field to give us positive results. if you prepare the right way and do it the right way on and off the field good things will happen eventually. we have to have faith and believe in one another. they will happen. we will turn a corner. robert: the greatest things fans have to look forward to is not the game but the weather. it has been drizzle. but right now not as much. the field looks beautiful. it looks like the sun is trying to poke out. i might be what lusnating. -- might be hallucinating. maureen: we hope not. doug: i might have lost my mind. leon: are you feeling threatened now? doug: let's get started.
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scattered showers. we told the fan for the nats. the game will be fine. but later there is area of heavy rain and overnight thunderstorms. 66 and 71. right now the doppler radar shows no rain in the washington metro but to the west showers that will head eastward. i don't think it will be a big deal. later tonight could be a bigger deal as the showers and the thunderstorms are widespread. the warm front moves in. that could lead to the heavy downpours and the overnight thunder and lightning. steve rudin is busy and keeping watch of the storms. tracking them overnight. we talk about the rain chances for the weekend. only one spot. right here at 11:00. maureen: thank you. leon: that will make the bull sharks happy.
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tonight, the breaking news, the terror crackdown across america, the concerns before the 4th of july the fbi targeting home grown terror suspects. this evening the arrest the man accused of lunging at agents with a knife, authorities say another suspect, quote, off the chart dangerous. the major development, the plot thickens now, the murder for hire plan as authorities revealed there was much more here. 60 million facing extreme weather tonight, flood emergencies from texas to illinois blinding downpours. my interview with governor jeb bush the moment in the general store, in the car, and what he says about his very private wife. and your cell phone bill tonight, the major investigation. are you really getting what you paid for? are they secretly slowing down your service?


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