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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ and hold your hand ♪ >> the tragedy, it's just unspeakable. >> a solemn tribute to victims of the charleston church shooting. the latest on the investigation has grieving communities calling for change. plus -- >> shocking. sad. i don't know what to make out of it. >> a man found shot to death and in critical condition. now police are trying to put the pieces together. >> holy cow. it's unbelievable. >> severe weather left a path of destruction here this week. are there more storms ahead? your storm watch forecast next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> and first at 11:00 tonight a long road to healing in charleston. but today fast moving developments about wednesday's church massacre. the suspect, 21-year-old dylann roof appeared in court.
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bail was set at $1 million for one of the charges he's facing. roof admitted to police that he did it saying he wanted to start a race war. at today's hearing he listened to the words of the victims' families but their message to him was unexpected. it was one of mercy. >> you hurt me. you hurt a lot of people. but god forgives you and i forgive you. >> we also heard from roof's family tonight. they say they are in shock and disbelief. they offered condolences to the victims. this as communities all over the country are gathering to do the same. an emotional prayer vigil held tonight in northwest washington. richard, these are some very difficult moments for all races who are watching what happened in charleston. >> leon, it sure was a very emotional, diverse crowd here. if last night was about grief and mourning, tonight it was
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about resolve. a lot of talk about a renewed debate on gun control. ♪ and hold your hand up high ♪ >> the softness of candlelight illuminated this vigil. >> the tragedy is just unspeakable. >> a sharp contrast to the carnage in charleston. >> to recognize the people whose lives were taken from them. >> hundreds gathered here at the african-american civil war memorial to honor the nine people killed wednesday night. >> people learn hatred. we're not born hating. people learn it. >> after such a murderous act many here are stunned by the actions of accused gunman dylann roof. >> it reminds me of the murder of the little girls in the birmingham 16th street baptist church. >> joyce laettner says as a young woman she went to the funeral of those girls after the 1963 bombing by the k.k.k. now she wonders what roof was
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thinking. >> he plotted and planned this. he sat there in the midst of the sanctuary. that's supposed to be safe. >> most here saying what happened in charleston should be a renewed wakeup call for gun control from the president on down. >> how many times we had to think about how someone with a gun killed people because they were full of hatred. >> we need to come out with some solution out of these incidents and not just harp on the tragedy that happens. >> so anger, sadness, but also determination. as we have heard, the president, himself, has said he has been unable to get control legislation through congress. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> mourners also gathered in charleston for a vigil to remember the victims of the sports shooting. thousands gathered at a sports arena in charleston. they sang hymns and listened to scripture passages. the city's mayor spoke passionately. >> if that young man thought he
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was going to divide this community or divide this country with his racial hatred, we are here today and all across america resoundingly saying he measurabley failed. [applause] >> among those present in that arena were family members of all nine of those killed on wednesday night. investigators are still delving into the suspect's past. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage of that part of the investigation as it unfolds. we'll also be looking at the impact around the nation and posting updates around the clock at an iconic d.c. church evacuated because of a bomb threat tonight. this happened at the metropolitan ame church. we're told parishioners received the call saying there was a bomb in the building. police went there and checked it out and found nothing inside. now the breaking news that we're just get-go word of from montgomery county. a four car collision right now on all the northbound lanes on i-270 are closed. this is between route 28 and
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route 121 at father hurley drive there. you can see the major backup on this traffic camera. that's going to be in place for a while tonight. three people were hurt we've learned. no word on what triggered the collision. rain and storms rolled through this area in the evening and the threat is going to linger into the weekend as well. we are not looking really at a total wash out. abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin here with a timeline. >> we are looking at improving conditions for the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. farmers market looks a-okay. however, late in the afternoon into the evening hours heavier rains on the way. take a look at storm scalp. central portion of the country, that's what's on the way. remnants of tropical storm bill. that will be overhead by this time tomorrow night. flash flood watch in effect for the d.c. metro area. it starts saturday night, extends until 8:00 in the morning on sunday. highs tomorrow around 85 to 88 degrees. humid again. we'll talk about the father's day forecast in just a few
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minutes. >> all right. steve now to a major cleanup under way in reston tonight after the storms brought trees crashing down. bed time in fact get this. one home was hit by six of them. crews are going to be working in the neighborhood long into the weekend. now a look at the damage. tom, what a mess. >> a total mess, leon. i'm at that home that was hit by so many trees. check it out here behind me. believe it or not, yes there is a home behind all of that and there were people including kids inside it when this storm rolled through. but thankfully tonight they're all okay. >> she called me and said, you need to come home now. there's the tree on the roof. >> but john wasn't prepared to see this. >> i get home and there's literally six trees on the roof. >> his wife and three girls age 5 and under including little 1-year-old lena had all been inside. the house suffered huge damage but his family was fine. >> oh, yeah.
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gosh. nothing else matters. right? than your family. >> crews are expected to start cleaning up here saturday. for some other homes in the hard hit area of reston the cleanup has already begun. >> to see a branch fall literally right next to me. >> melissa martinez was home with family members when the storm sent this giant tree down. it missed the home but her dad's windshield wasn't so lucky. >> i lived here like what, 13, 14 years. this is the worst that ever happened. >> workers began taking down a tree in the back yard that was left leaning toward the house. >> it's all keeping tree crews very busy. >> mother nature. you never know what to expect. a lot of these trees look perfectly healthy but you can't really see down in the root system. >> and these are two of the six trees that went into the home.
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by the way, they're also cleaning up the montgomery county area tonight. last night we told you about storms in silver spring that did very similar damage to what you see here. reporting live tonight in reston in fairfax county, abc 7 news. >> boy oh, boy. thanks, tom. what a mess. that is huge. 12 families were displaced by an apartment fire in damascus. chopper 7 flew over the scene. this is brigadier place near bethesda church road. we're told residents were alerted by a smoke alarm. everyone made it out safely. the damage estimated to be more than $450,000. the cause of the fire is right now under investigation. disturbing developments in charles county tonight. police believe a man shot himself to death and in the same home an infant found in critical condition. now police in indianhead are trying to determine exactly what happened. we'll go live for a look at the investigation happening right now. what have you learned? >> investigators left here late
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tonight carrying multiple bags of evidence but there is still lots of unanswered questions. neighbors were able to administer c.p.r. to the little boy. we're told he is in very critical condition and fighting for his life. teams of investigators descended on this indianhead town home development looking for clues in a strange and tragic case. a spokesperson with the sheriff's office told woman returned home friday afternoon to find her husband dead, her 3-month-old son unresponsive. >> just knocks on the door like a normal person. i said what's the matter? my husband and baby are dead. i said what? >> two neighbors ran into the home and tried to help. >> my son and his friend. >> what did they do? >> gave the baby c.p.r. >> investigators are trying to figure out why the baby was unresponsive. we're told the infant had no obvious signs of trauma but that the husband had a gunshot wound to his upper body. it may have been
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self-inflicted. a gun was found nearby. >> just shocked. i can't believe it. i don't know what to think. >> neighbors described the couple as friendly, caring parents. >> sit and talk, long conversations, baby will be here and play with the babbie, see the baby. again, this is completely out of character. >> lots of prayers in this community tonight going up on that little boy's behalf. >> thank you roz. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 tonight some serious concerns at the reston zoo. what the usda is accusing and how this could impact the animals there. plus a crime alert for metro riders. an increase in a particular ki
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>> shipping traffic is backed up in the st. lawrence seaway tonight some 24 hours after an accident involving a cruise ship. the ship crashed into a wall as it was entering a loch last night carrying some 273 people from montreal to toronto. 22 of the people were treated for minor injuries. >> most of the injuries were what i call upper body and bruises. we had several patients who had banged their heads. we were told that when the accident occurred the passengers were sitting down to dinner so there was a lot of jostling. >> the loch has been drained in order to allow crews to get inside and assess the damage and there is no word on when it is going to be reopening. the accident as you might expect is under investigation. new at 11:00 now the usda filed a complaint against the reston zoo and is claiming serious violations that endanger the safety of the animals there. that includes failure to provide veterinary care specifically for wallaby, a spider monkey, and pork pine. the complaint goes on to say
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the zoo failed to maintain a program to treat sick animals and the usda says the zoo failed to provide shelter for as many as 20 animals there. the zoo has not commented. 7 is on your side with a warning for metro riders now. phone thefts caught on camera. these thieves here swipe a phone and then run out of the station. metro transit police say they've seen at least six robberies like this one happening along the blue orange, and silver lines. the thefts happen at the train or in the station there with the doors open. so police say that you should not use your phones near the train doors or on the escalators in the station. and be smart and keep an eye on it while on the platform. a medical marijuana growing facility on maryland's eastern shore is closer to becoming a reality. the town planner approved plans to approve a marijuana growing facility at the former black & decker plant in easton. the company has to get a state license to do that. the facility would create about
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a hundred new jobs we're told. here is something you don't see every day. an alligator confiscated from property in maryland. that's edgewood, maryland if you wonder. the home owner is charged with having a dangerous animal. it carries a possible $1,000 fine. >> at least it wasn't in the house. >> maybe leave the guy in the house locked in with the alligator. >> we have wet weather on the way tomorrow. looks like it will hold off until late tomorrow afternoon and by father's day afternoon -- >> the big day. >> you'll be able to mow the lawn. >> thanks a lot. >> just joking. our high temperature earlier today was 89 degrees. still well above average for this time of year. 99 the record back in 1931. we're now at 78. we had a few showers that rolled through during the early evening hours. winds are out of the west at 8 miles per hour. the dew point levels upper 60's to lower 70's. we'll stay that way overnight. so don't open the windows.
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keep the air on if you haven't. you'll definitely feel a lot better. 70 at dulles. 78 degrees at andrews. the same at lexington park, maryland. head further west. 69 petersburg. elkins, west virginia now at 65 degrees. show you satellite and radar. we have the showers, the storms that moved on through earlier today. now everything is starting to fizzle out. things will quiet down for the overnight hours. we stayed dry. dry tomorrow morning. if you have plans in the morning to head outdoors, no problems at all. go exercise. you'll be fine. however, later in the day in the afternoon hours and the evening hours, heavier rain will be on the way. night time lows range from 68 to 74 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the northeast at just around five miles per hour. this is what's headed our way. area of low pressure which was once tropical storm bill. this moves our way for the day tomorrow. arrives here tomorrow night bringing areas of heavier rain. you could see upwards of 1 to 2 inches by the time this thing moves on out of here early sunday morning. 7:00 in the morning no problems
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at all. look what happens. clouds will increase. there are the showers that will start to dot the radar. we'll see heavier rain especially north of d.c. come tomorrow night into early sunday morning and look what happens. it's out of here. 11:00 in the morning on sunday our skies will clear and that means it's going to dry out very nicely. before then though tomorrow night early sunday morning flash flood watch in effect for the district, surrounding counties, everything shaded in green. this is from localized flooding so keep an eye to the sky. daytime highs tomorrow mid to upper 80's. our extended outlook will show a daytime high near 90 degrees on sunday. we'll get the showers and the storms out of the way early on so picnics and barbecues for dad will go on as scheduled. 90 degrees on monday. 93 on tuesday. upper 80's wednesday and thursday. >> okay. speaking of those numbers, do the nats put up good numbers tonight? >> my goodness. >> the nats, i'm convinced they have more ups and downs than a ride at six flags. >> here we go. >> the nats are on a high again
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and they didn't even need their spark plug bryce harper. turned to a rookie once again to end their losing ways and man did joe ross step up to the task. a 22-year-old started and felt comfy on a major league mound friday night
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> there is a silver lining in the fact that every nats starter not named scherzer is struggling or injured. that is we now get to see the beginning of a rising star. last saturday joe ross stepped in and picked up his first major league win in milwaukee. tonight with plenty of nats offense behind him he got number two. it was impressive. pirates in town. you know what that means leon. the pittsburgh progey. going to do damage with that president's race. the dormant nationals woke up
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out of their slumber. and quickly denied anthony ronde one. ramos off the wall. rondon coming home. 1 of 14 hits for the nationals. those hits allowed ross to get comfy on the mound and he made the buccos look silly scattering six hits while dealing out 11 k's in 7 1/3 impressive innings. nats end an eight-game pirates win streak. 4-1 is the final. to the boogie down bronx and another milestone for alex rodriguez at yankee stadium. he hit 661 passing willy mays earlier this season and tonight career hit 3,000. the 29th player to do so and he did it in grand fashion. a homer off detroit tiger ace justin verlander to boot. 7-2 is the final. the 115th u.s. open had been interesting to say the least. british open, fess cue grass,
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crazy looking bunkers. those trains running alongside a couple holes. also adding interest today the physical collapse of a golfer and the mental collapse of another. first the mental collapse. wow. a debacle are for tiger woods. approach on 10 is an absolute zero. goes into the heavy rough. he would bogey. the carnage is not good leon and steve. six over for the day. 16 over for the championship. fifth time he has missed a cut at a major. his 36 hole score of 156 worse worst as a pro in a major championship. the story ofd of friday is the health of jason day collapsing while walking the ninth fairway which was his 18th hole. after several minutes lying in the fairway he would finish the round. this is not the first time day has had issues with dizziness during a round. saturday should be interesting as day is minus two, three shots off the lead.
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>> i know he didn't play in dallas this year because of the vertigo. i played with him at memorial and we talked about it. you know, in depth. did a little blood panel and all that stuff. i hope he's okay. i mean, i'll call him as soon as i'm done here and see if he's all right. >> well, finally virginia falls to florida 10-5 in the college world series. with that result the two teams play again tomorrow with the winner advancing to the championship series. >> good deal. >> yes. >> all right. coming up just ahead, focus on the moon. just not ours. tell us when
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100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month at call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> $1 million bond set for church shooting and suspect dylann roof in charleston at the time trending story on brazen thieves swiping cell phones off people in metro trains and scattered storms over the weekend. read steve's forecast and more at new steps toward an historic space mission. nasa now wants to go to the moon. jupiter's moon. it's now developing a plan that could take that journey. it would be to survey the moon and see if it can support life. past missions showed evidence it has an ocean under the frozen crust and that means it could possibly support simple organisms. don't expect any results any time soon. the spacecraft would be launched sometime in the 2020's
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we're told and wouldn't arrive until years later. so don't hold your breath. final look at the forecast when we come back.
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>> we've got a chance at a good father's day. >> tomorrow not so great into the afternoon into the overnight. temperatures 85 degrees tomorrow. maybe a little warmer depending how much sunshine we see early on. could see 1 to 2 inches of rain tomorrow night. early sunday morning. all out of here by about 11:00 in the morning on sunday. pick knicks, barbecues baseball games, soccer swimming, whatever you choose on father's day. it looks good. >> do it on monday then. >> exactly. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. jimmy kimmel live i
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, chris pratt -- from "odd mom out," abbey elliot -- and music from fetty wap. with cleto and the cletones. and now, at long last, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks for watching,


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