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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we are on storm watch. who is getting the harness and what you need to know to be on alert. new developments from montgomery county as crews search for two children missing from wants. the new evidence the the i is not investigating -- the fbi is investigating. >> abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we start on stormwatch. brian has been tracking the severe weather all afternoon. he joins us now to tell us what we need to know. brian: we are watching a very active radar this evening as the remnants from bill continued to
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circulate nearby and will bring threats for strong weather. the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch through 11:00 tonight. we has active warnings to the western counties for berkeley and morgan. down to her virginia, severe thunderstorm warnings and -- until 6:30 p.m. these cells continue to progress eastward. they will bring the threat for damaging wind, he'll come and tornadoes. -- hail, and tornadoes. a few showers off to the east but the heaviest up to the far north and west. just to the north of woodstock a long 81. this secondary that's coming through culpeper to the south.
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in addition to damaging storms, we could see flood from all of the rain. flash flood warning in effect through tomorrow. high winds, heavy rain. we could see a brief spin up. this is all part of this spinning system that will work its way overhead. we will be on top of it through the evening. >> neighbors really don't need any more severe weather in virginia. heavy wind and rain downed trees on thursday. mike joins us live from not neighborhood where homeowners are hoping the storm will skip them tonight. mike: we see more cloud cover. a lot of debris and damage. nearly every property in this neighborhood. this house here had a tree come
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down across the front yard. over here on the corner, this house had a tree splice through it like a knife. 48 hours after thursday night's distraction, so much damage across the region residents and contractors continue to do the tricky task of clearing storm debris. when the wind picked up, john and his wife and daughters moved to their basement. --he says he and his wife have been overwhelmed with support. his neighbor even missed his daughter's graduation to help clear this debris. >> we needed to clear the way to make sure emergency vehicles could get through if they need to.
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more severe weather in the forecast. >> after experiencing thursday's storm look like it was treacherous. many are praying for a quiet night. >> i have never seen anything like this. mike: it has been a long couple days for contractors crews clearing all of these trees and debris. a hot couple of days. many of them looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend ahead. if that rain does come tonight when it comes, this part of the area is prepared to put tarps out to protect from any water damage. kelly: you can count on the weather team to keep you one step ahead of the severe weather. just go to
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police are scrambling to find out whether these cases are connected. earlier this week, a man was caught on camera groping a six-year-old at cvs and riverdale and yesterday a young girl touched inappropriately at a bathroom at greenbelt plaza. police are investigating a deadly stabbing and northwest d.c. officers were called the wisconsin avenue around 10:00 last night. they found a man with visible injuries. he died at the scene. he did not have a permanent address. police have no suspects or motive. the search for two missing children is getting an today in montgomery county. they have not been seen since september. their mother has been in a mental hospital. authorities there the children are dead but family and search crews say it is their job to
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keep hope alive. >> i think the community is number this point but we are starting up again. we are going to try to get more volunteers. kelly: today was the first time coordinators met since winter and they are planning several searches. next saturday, people from around the community are searching and several wooded areas. dylann roof in gel tonight on suicide watch. the fbi is poring over a chilling manifesto. it has photos that appear to show the suspect holding a confederate flag and burning an american flag. it includes a racist rant. it is not clear exactly who wrote it but the writings are in line with the alleged confession to authorities that he wanted to start a race war. new tonight, a first step for
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dealing. a group met at the church this morning in the same bible study room nine people died in a day earlier. one churchgoer said it is mostly back to normal there except for the bulls in the law. the church reopens tomorrow. parishioners say they expect a lot of new faces at the church and they are welcomed. houses of worship across the country are holding prayer services in honor of those nine victims but in the wake of the shooting, church leaders are also dealing with hard questions about safety and security to stop richard is live with how -- security. richard is live. richard: churches are usually considered places of safety but even clergy admit that mail -- may no longer be true. it is a difficult choice -- security versus openness. >> [indiscernible]
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richard: at the church quick lack where are you safe if not in church? richard: prayers for the non-who lost their lives. there are condolence cards out front. one would be sent to the scene of the shooting. the other to the family of the accused gunman. here only the front door is open to visitors. all side doors are locked and there is a sanctuary security camera. the pastor is considering buying more. >> to think someone would come into a congregation and would worship for an hour and turn and shoot seems to be beyond. >> security up some urban churches and baltimore have been a fact of life for years. >> they had armed guards in
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front of the church. richard: this new security normal for many for a house of worship is a tough fit. >> as a church your job is to open up your arms and welcome in a stranger. richard: there is an industry dedicated now to church security. even emergency plans in case of violence. we should note the accused shooter entered the church through a side door. when this is that he sat in the bible study for a full hour before he pulled out a gun and opened fire. kelly: tonight, eight wheat is taking many people by surprise. mitt romney joining the debate over the confederate flag flying at the state capitol building. listen to this. his tweet says --
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democratic front-runner hillary clinton has also joined in saying the shooting highlights flaws with race relations in our country. hillary clinton: the president is right. the politics on this issue have been poisoned. kelly: she called the stakes too high to give up without gun reform and said the shooting was not an isolated incident. she made the remark the u.s. conference of mayors -- at the u.s. conference of mayors. stephanie rawlings-blake making history at that conference. she is a sworn in as the first lack female president. over the past few years, she has served as the vice president. a new restaurant that opened up today and why the owners say it is exactly what d.c. needs. a warning for metro riders. the new hot ticket item and the video police want you to see. the desperate search. the police are looking for after
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one of their officers is shot and killed.
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kelly: a manhunt under will -- way for a man who killed a police officer. the officer was shot this morning as he was directing traffic. the suspect was able to grab a gun and shoot the officer while he was driving. the car crashed into a pole. abc 7 covering metro tonight with a warning for everyone who rides a row. in this footage, the the is swipe a phone and run out of the station. police said they have seen at least six robberies just like this one. they're happening along the blue orange, or sober lines.
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that happens as the train is in the station with the door opens. police say don't use her phone near train doors are on escalators. a new cat café in georgetown opened today. it is located on oak street and wisconsin avenue. you can enjoy a cat's company without the responsibility of owning an animal. the café gets the cap through the main society. if you want to adopt one, you can. -- gets the cats through a humane society. aps of history gone. the famous landmark reduced to rubble in the wake of massive flooding. that system heading our way. we are on storm watch tonight and brian is just minutes away
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kelly: one casualty of the
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flooding in oklahoma. a bridge believed to be more than 100 years old. the bridge was brought -- washed away by rushing water. one resident you said it looked like the bridge broke in the middle. it was featured in the 1973 gangster movie "dillinger." did you see that movie? brian: i did not. we have a severe weathering for -- severe weather warning. some active weather through the evening. this is the remnants of bill. the whole area under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight stop the most recent warning now just -- 11:00 tonight. you can see this highlighted in orange. we have this severe thunderstorm warning. we will be watching that carefully. to the north and west, strong
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storms. that warning runs until 6:45. another batch of storms down to the stop. we will show you what we have been watching. -- down to the south. heading northward, some heavy storms with the under, lightning, heavy rain and wind gusts possibly at 60 miles an hour. showers toward blue want -- blumont. entry panhandle, berkeley and jefferson, under warnings as local. this -- into the panhandle. i think our biggest threats are damaging wind but isolated tornadoes not out of the question. also, copious amounts of rain. an inch or two possible with this system could lead to flooding.
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92 this afternoon after a morning low of 72. backup tomorrow. 89 degrees outside. it feels like 100. 83 at andrews. the dew points are high-end it feels like 104 in frederick. -- high-end it feels like 104 in frederick. temperatures tonight in the 70's. this is system passes later tonight stop it will bring some rain and heavy storms but by tomorrow morning futurecast rotates this through. by tomorrow morning, we see it move out. it :00 -- 8:00, drying out. most of the range be making its way out of your. an inch or two of rain. we will be watching this carefully. 70 tonight. will 90's tomorrow. morning rain and a highly
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isolated storm. summer gigs of tomorrow as well. hot and steamy through the week. a few isolated storm chances possible. >> max is back in the action. a good day to be in sports because of the dynamic duo for the washington nationals. bryce harper is the one player the team could not do without for an extended time. despite his injury thursday, he is back in the lineup and you want believe what he and max are up to against
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>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> a luxury item picture that
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has turned into more of a necessity. the other, 22 and has worked -- is worth the price of admission. today, the to putting their stamp all over washington with pittsburgh pirates. bottom of the fourth, no score. bryce harper at the plate showing no ill effects of that injury. drives one to dead. that is gone. number 22 on the season 1-0. max picking up where he left off next week. he pitched another gem. top of the ninth, 6-0. a perfect game. that old -- more of the border top of the ninth, joseph up the middle. j.j. hardy hustling around
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third. cop the plate, hardy is there. a three-to lead and goes on to win 5-3. last night we showed you some history as alex rodriguez reached a major milestone with hit 3000. today, an update to the story. a 37-year-old new york city native is the fan who caught the baseball, a solo home run. he is a baseball collector that has caught over 8000 baseballs. he wrote a book on the art of catching baseballs and has no intention of giving the ball back to the infamous yankee. women's world cup, germany. sweden turns over the bow. germany capitalizes. anja. it is 1-0 germany. penalty kick for germany and celia -- germany would go on to
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win 4-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals. michigan shot last night. she was matched in scoring by pearson. mystics dropped their second of the season. 86-82 the final all-star they will face indiana tonight. high school football. this is the best of kansas and missouri. jake. 38 yard line and he is gone. 62 yards for the touchdown. missouri wins 35-7. tonight, virginia and florida at 8:00 doing battle in the college world series with the winner advancing to play vanderbilt in the championship series starting on monday.
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still a no hitter for max. we are in the top of the ninth inning. kelly: he had plenty of gas.
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>> jordan zimmermann did it last year, remember. brian: people heading home from the game, get out soon. a storm moving through. severity thunderstorm warnings until 6:45. we continue to what heavy downpours. we are all under a watch until 11:00. we are on top of this throughout the evening. kelly: we appreciate you joining
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welcome to "world news tonight." deadly church shooting. the new website tied to the accused killer. photos of guns and confederate flags. the racist rant, fbi agents investigating now. on the trail. the two escaped killers spotted. hundreds of miles from the prison. what those witnesses say they saw. and now another guard placed on leave. fire and floods. from the out of control blaze to severe storms and flash floods. turning this play day in the rain into a dangerous rescue. >> she's getting sucked under the water! >> and ball battle. a-rod's historic 3,000 hits. >> he did it in style! >> and the man in the stands who caught it. tonight the contest over who gets to keep it forever.


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