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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  June 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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out something. moments later another pulls out a gun and they rob the victim. all three exited the elevator the victim stayed orn it. if you have any information about the crime, call the police. jonathan: this is just a minute ago president obama announced plans to travel to charleston, south carolina, to memorialize the nine people killed at the emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston, south carolina. funeral services have been announced for two of the victims. tywanza sanders' son said the funeral will be at noon. and dylann roof has been charged with the murder and he has confessed. they are examining a racist manifesto from roof. the tragedy is renewing the debate over who flies a confederate flag. we are hearing from the homeowners who fly their flag at their home on i-95.
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we are live with reaction. kimberly: we will get back to suzanne kennedy in a moment. trial date has been set for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the officers will go on trial october 13. arraignment set for next week has been canceled. freddie gray died in april from spinal cord injuries. verdicts say he suffered while in police custody. relief for the free range parents in silver springs. trial protech -- child protective services cleared the parents in the second-degree neglect charge. the parents allow their 10-year-old and 6-year-old children to walk to and from to a park alone and it led for the police to pick them up off the street and charge the parents. but now c.p.s. says they will not intervene in the case
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unless the children are harmed or face substantial risk of harm. jonathan: doesn't it feel like monday? just one of those days. kimberly: a little bit. jonathan: it started out warm and the heat keeps going. did you hit the knob? it's getting hotter. kimberly: steamy. we could see record highs tomorrow. doug hill has a look at that. doug: the potential for the hottest temperatures of the season so far is what we are looking at. today is warm. tomorrow is two or three degrees warmer. first up sunshine outside the belfort furniture center. doppler shows showers and the thunderstorms well southwest of the metro area. harrisonburg area. stantonburg and augusta county. any future thunderstorm is going to stay south and west. plenty hot. 92 at fredericksburg. and reagan national airport. 86 degrees right now in annapolis. dew point temperatures for the most part are down a little bit in the low to mid-60's. so it is humid but not terribly so. tomorrow is a different story.
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tomorrow we will be very hot and humid. we may have severe storms to deal with in the afternoon. this evening, just warm out there with plenty of sunshine. light westerly wind. the temperatures in the 80's early this everything. mostly clear. low temperatures by morning. 72 to 77. that is a summary reading. we look ahead to the hot weather and see if there is a cooldown in the seven-day outlook. i'll share it with you in a few minutes. >> now back to suzanne kennedy. we were talk about the tragedy in charleston renewing the debate flying a confederate flag. we hear from the homeowners who fly the flag along i-95. suzanne kennedy has reaction to the flag. suzanne: you have probably seen if it you have driven on i-95 in stafford county. i was put up in may of 2014. given all of the controversy and the talk about the confederate flag we thought we would come to stafford to talk to the people who put it up. it was virginia flaggers on wayne and debbie cash's
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property. it is a 90-foot flag pole 20 x 30 feet. they say it is here to honor southern heritage. they acknowledge unfortunately some people think it means racism and hatred. that is a great deal of disappointment to them. here is what they had to say why they continue to have it fly over their home. >> the flag doesn't do anything. the flag is not to blame for this hatred. why they are blaming the flag hurts me deeply. because the flag didn't do it. suzanne: they say this is part of their history, part of the heritage. they proudly fly this flag. coming up tonight at 5:00 we will talk to people in the community about what they think of it flying here and in other places across the country. reporting live in stafford, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. kimberly: new at 4:00 a stunning report about former
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baseball star pete rose. jonathan: espn reporting unsealed documents report that rose bet on baseball games as a player. robert burton joining us. this is something he said he was adamant about it. i only bet on games i had nothing to do with this. robert: now that this came out the problems went from here to here. jonathan: never get in the hall now. robert: he didn't need the problems. i don't think so. in 2007, pete rose admitted to betting on the reds in 1986 but only when he was the manager of the team. in that same year, rose was also a player for cincinnati. according to documents obtained by espn "outside the lines" it appears that rose was also betting on baseball as a player. those documents track bets rose supposedly made from march through july of 1986. the documents seem to indicate that rose bet on at least one mlb team on 30 different days. jonathan: cut you off. we have breaking news. kimberly: thank you. the governor of maryland larry hogan has an announcement. we don't know what it's about
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but we hear it's important. let's listen in. [applause] governor hogan: i've got my daughters kim and jamie. my son-in-law, ben and louis and our grand daughter danniella. everybody thinks they are my sons but they are my little brothers. patrick and tim are here with us today. [applause] of course lieutenant governor and the chief of staff greg williams. [applause] i call this press conference today to talk about a new challenge that i will be faced with. it's a personal one. one that will require me to
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once again be an underdog and a fighter. which is something i think i'm known for. a few days ago i was diagnosed with cancer. it's an aggressive b-cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma to be specific. it's a cancer of the lymph nodes. the truth is i have learned over the past few days that this cancer is very advanced. and very aggressive. when i'm barked on our trade mission a few weeks ago when we went to asia i had no idea of my condition. i have learned a heck of a lot more in the past ten days or so. much has happened over a very short period of time that has led me to seek medical
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attention and it's brought me here to talk with you today. i'm going to face this challenge with the same energy and determination that i relied on to climb every hill and overcome every obstacle i have faced in my life. i'm blessed with the incredible expertise and the dedication of an unbelievable healthcare team that i j just come to know, actually. i can already tell they will be great. these healthcare experts are going to be helping me on my journey from diagnosis to treatment. then to recovery. the good news is that i have learned that although this cancer i have is a very aggressive one and it's spread rapidly, it's also one that responds very aggressively to chemotherapy treatment. and that there is a very
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strong chance of success. not only strong chance of survival but a strong chance of beating it altogether and getting rid of cancer. the best news is that my odds of getting through this and beating this are much much better than the odds i had of beating anthony brown to become the 62nd governor of maryland. [applause] the odds are better than finally doing away with the rain tax mandate. the odds are better than delivering tax relief for the families of maryland. better than the odds of passing a budget that doesn't include tax hikes and reins in state spending. better than the odds of negotiating enhanced macm.t. regulation with the agricultural community and
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the environmental community that helped save the banks. better than the odds of reducing polls for the first anytime 50 years -- first time in 50 years. definitely better than the odds of actually having the "baltimore sun" name he as marylander of the year. this latest challenge will require my attention and focus, while balancing the demands of being the best public servant i can be. fortunately, i'm blessed with an incredible family. loving spouse with three wonderful daughters and a strong extended family. incredible number of devoted friends. i'm also fortunate to have a good friend and a wise and steady partner in government. that is the lieutenant
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governor boyd and a great chief of staff. and what i think is the best cabinet and the best governor staff in history of the state of maryland. we have got all of them to back us up and help make sure we are keeping things running here at work. when i'm tied up with treatment. cancer regardless of the type is a disease that touched every one of us in this room. through families or friends or loved ones. it's my hope that being candid and transparent about my battle will help raise awareness that could ultimately benefit others. this weekend like the rest of
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maryland my family celebrated father's day. for me even though i had tough news to deliver to them it was a special and heart felt time to be with family. first lady my daughters and my dad larry hogan senior my role model. in the midst of this struggle i was reminded once again of how truly blessed and how truly lucky i am. as i climb this hill, i remain comforted by my abiding faith that the lord continues to bless me. and will be by my side with every step, granting me the strength to defeat the disease and the wisdom and the
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judgment to be the public steward i was elected to be. over the coming months, i will be receiving multiple very aggressive chemotherapy treatments. most likely i am going to lose my hair. you won't have these beautiful gray locks. i may trim down a little bit. but i won't stop working to change maryland for the better. i'll be working hard, and making this decisions that the people of the state elect med to make. the fact is that i'm just like the more than 70000 people diagnosed with lymphoma every single year who fight it beat it. and continue doing their job at the same tomb. with my faith, my family and my friends, i know that i
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won't just beat this disease, but that i will be a better, and stronger person and governor when we get to the other side of it. so i thank you for being here. i would be happy to answer anybody's questions. >> governor, are your doctors republicans? governor hogan: that is a great question. i asked the same question joking. this has all come up quickly and just last week, it was shocking news to me. i had gotten the m.r.i.'s that show the cancer spread throughout my doctor. i had three doctors who i just met for the first time that day and they spent a couple hours with me. i said that to him and the guy said we are all huge fans, governor. we think you are doing a great job. they wouldn't tell me if they were republican or democrats but they were supporters.
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it doesn't matter to me. i'm trying to get the best we can get. i have a group of the best professionals we can find and they have a good idea of a plan of attack. we will aggressively go after it. reporter: how are you feeling? governor hogan: actually, i feel pretty good. i have been having procedures every day. there was a story in the "post" on saturday saying i was under the weather and not feeling well. they thought i caught a bug on my trip. actually, i have been feeling fine. i did about half of my schedule over the past two weeks but i missed things because they were sending me for required things. i had to go to a cat scan p.t. scan m.r.i. i had a minor surgery last week, they did a biopsy and removed a lymph node from under my arm and had to put me to sleep. it wasn't a big deal. today i had bone marrow thing where they stuck a 12-inch thing into my hip and cored out some bone marrow.
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that hurt a little bit. i'm actually taking some painkillers. and the doctor said, "i wouldn't advice you to make any serious decisions. i think you should rest up and stay home." i said i'm doing a press conference at 4:00. he said "that is a really bad idea." but i'm feeling pretty good. this stuff is you know, it's spread. i have a lot of them in my abdomen, that is pressing up against my spinal column. it's difficult to eat because i'm kind of full. but i'm not i'm not terribly sick. it's just something i have to go after before it gets worse. reporter: for people who are anxious about this or not familiar with it can you characterize how you became aware of this? governor hogan: it was very strange. i think this is typical of this particular disease. it sneaks up on you. you don't have a lot of symptoms ahead of time. i'm tell my story as
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succinctly as possible. i had no symptom whatsoever. felt great. we were on trade mission. we did 50 or 60 meetings in three countries in 12 days. i was working 15 hours a day. we were on a 12-hour flight 12-hour time difference. people couldn't believe the energy i had. i didn't feel sick at all. but the day before we left i was shaving i felt a big lump in my neck. it didn't hurt. it's like a golf ball. you can probably see it. i said that is a strange thing, a christ or -- a cyst or a bump or something. i saw the primary physician when i got back. he sent me for an ultra sound who then sent me to an e.n.t. guy, ear nose and throat doctor that said i want you to get m.r.i.'s and cat scans which they did. then they found 12 more of these things in my neck and chest. and said we want to do a full m.r.i. they found 20 or 30 more in my
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core area in my groin area. you know it was one test after another after another. it was like peeling anionen. send you for that test. that's bad. send you for this test. it doesn't look so good. send you for this test. it's worse than we thought. but i didn't have any symptoms. i saw one thing pop out. i had a little bit of pain in my back which i thought was a pulled muscle. it turns out it was a tumor pressing up against my or still is pressing up against my nerves. that was causing the pain. i still feel good. i got energy. other than i don't have much of an appetite. i'm not tired. i'm not in terrible pain. reporter: governor, what stage and how long will it take? governor hogan: on the stage we're not quite sure yet. some of the tests i did today will probably give us the
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answer. and by the way, i'm working with a team of doctors from anne arundel medical center and johns hopkins and the university of maryland medical system. i meet with another one tomorrow that is a second or a third opinion and review the tests i've done. it's at least very advanced stage three. if not stage four. we will find out details of that probably this week. as far as the treatment it's, i want to be and they want to be as aggressive as possible. because of the fast-growing nature of this thing we can't waste time. we can't wait. so they want to immediately start chemotherapy treatment and go as aggressively as possible. as i understand it they try to give you as much as you can possibly take without killing you. they want to kill the cancer and keep you alive. so i believe the plan is they will put me in a hospital for four days. shoot me with chemotherapy for 24 hours a day in intensive
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care. then start a six-round process. they zap you for a day. then they let you rest up for a few weeks. then they zap you again. altogether it's about an 18-week process. all of the experts tell me that they believe that i'll come out of that completely clear. they also tell me that it will beat the hell out of me. honestly, they say you will go through hell and back again but you will love it when you get back. the results will be good. so, you know it's not going to be an easy thing. i will miss a few board of public works and i'll miss a few meetings but i'm still going to be constantly involved. there is probably two or three days every month or every three weeks i won't be feeling so well probably. i'll just, we'll see how it goes. the rest of the time i'll be
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working. anybody else? yeah. reporter: how will the lieutenant governor's role change? governor hogan: the role has changed since he was elected lieutenant governor. we keep piling more work on him. i think he has more work now than any lieutenant governor in history. he has -- boyd is half my back. he is the most capable guy to ever serve as lieutenant governor. he is going to step up and do even more my guess. he will fill in more at the board of public works and have to fill in for me on other meetings, as will our entire cabinet. they are going to step up and do more things and fill in when i can't be there. if i am in a situation where they put me to sleep, which they did last week the lieutenant governor was ready and prepared to sign documents and make decisions if i wasn't able to. luckily there was no major decisions in the hour i was
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asleep. lieutenant governor, he didn't make any crazy decisions. but he has my utmost confidence. reporter: it is your plan to remain governor? governor hogan: absolutely. this is a tough time to go through and i'll miss a few meetings, but, you know i'm going to have every capacity to make decisions. i'll be at a lot of meetings. you will still see me at events. i will be still working most of the time. you know my residence across the street is 100 yards away. what has been happening even with my treatment in the past ten days they are shuffling piles of documents back and forth like every hour. i mean i say this state troopers are you kidding me? another pile of homework? i'm making decisions and getting things done even when i'm not here. but i don't see any reason why we aren't going to keep -- look. some people would say some people say i'm crazy the hours
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i put in. i'm a workaholic. people around her know it. we work people to death. we go seven days a week, 12 hours a day 15 hours a day. i would venture to say some people said we got more done for five months -- today is five months since i've been governor. we got a few things done. even if i were to work halftime it would be twice as much as any other governor's work. reporter: you talk about the workload. you went through a grueling campaign as well less than a year ago. governor hogan: yes. reporter: did your doctors give you any indication if it contributed to any of this? governor hogan: they haven't given me any indication how it happened, when started or what contributed to it. i didn't take a dayoff for a year and a half. i'm sure stress and hard work exacerbate the problem but it didn't cause the situation.
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this doesn't seem to have been around for a long time. it just hit me in a short period of time. reporter: governor i think it's fair to say talk about access to healthcare. i wonder if you might want to offer your thoughts about access to healthcare and what it's like on that with the country and our state. governor hogan: well, i mean, on the pain medications i'm on today i won't get in a detailed debate about the entire healthcare system. but access to healthcare is critically important. i am lucky enough to have access to best healthcare. not everybody is. it's an issue we have the great health secretary with us here today. we are making tremendous progress. it's an issue we are still waiting to hear what happens nationwide with respect to healthcare and how we will provide it. i would hate to be someone without access to healthcare without access to insurance to get the kind of news i got
4:25 pm
last week. reporter: any situation that you can see the lieutenant governor taking over for you full-time? is there a threshold for that? governor hogan: i mean if i died. i would say he would probably take over. i mean, that is hard to foresee unless i'm completely incapacitated. unconscious and unable to make decisions, i'm sure that would take place. i don't foresee that happening. thank you. [applause] jonathan: on the job for five months as the governor of maryland and a life-long marylander, larry hogan telling everyone that he is now in the battle with cancer. he is hoping to put it to rest and go into remission but in the meantime he described it in the aggressive form of cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma
4:26 pm
and he has a fight ahead of him. kimberly: a poignant moment for governor fighting back tears surrounded by his family. we found it interesting to hear he found it while shaving, found a lump on his throat, it was an infected lymph node. the cancer is throughout his body but struck an optimistic chord planning on beating this thing. he said he has been an underdog and a fighter and he will continue that fight while facing this personal health challenge. let's check in with jay at the satellite center with a look at what happens now going forward. as the governor faces this physical challenge. >> every cancer is different. it depends on the stage the aggressive nature of the cancer. this particular kind of cancer from what i can gather from a very candid and emotional governor hogan is b-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma. it's in the blood and it
4:27 pm
starts in the lymph glands. the issue is when it spreads to other part of the body. the governor was candid saying it had spread to about 20-30 parts of his body. right now a series of tests he says has been done over the past few days to determine the stage. and the bad news is he said that they believe at this point based on the test that they have dorn that he is at least advancedded stage three potentially stage four. they hope to find out in the coming days with more tests where he is. from that point he will undergo a series of arduous week-long chemotherapy treatments. i believe he said it will last in the neighborhood of 18 weeks. the good news though the good news is that there have been tremendous amount of advancements in the last four to five years when it comes to non-hodgkins lymphoma. it can be beaten. he says his doctors say that this will be brutally physically on his body.
4:28 pm
he will probably lose a lot of weight. his hair will likely fall out. it advanced. it is spreading. but it can be beaten. a very upbeat and sometimes joking governor hogan said he will absolutely continue to work during some of the tests and some of the chemotherapy sessions. he may be exhausted. he may be asleep and in that case he may miss a meeting or two. he admits he is a workaholic. he loves his job and he loves sevenning the people of maryland. he will continue fight for them and work as long as he can. he said he plans to beat the disease and he plans on becoming a better and a stronger person and a better and stronger governor with the backing of his staff, his family and his faith. so that is where we sit right now. he says this will clearly be the battle of his life. and from what we have heard he is going to take it on with full force. kimberly: he joked didn't he jay, that the odds of beating this or better of the odds
4:29 pm
than beating anthony brown. he got a lot of laughs about that one showing his sense of humor. jonathan: he has been a underdog and hopefully this is a fight he w
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jonathan: some encouraging news for those fighting to keep sweetbriar college open. after a ruling this morning. diane cho is joining us live with what happened at the hearing. diane: as you can imagine students and alumni are overjoyed with the news but adds mitt there is a lot -- admit there is a lot of work ahead. they approved a plan to keep it open. they announced an agreement had been reached which would call for a change in leadership with $12 million with a group among other things. we talk about the current and the former students today who say there is still unanswered questions as to what happened and what went wrong in the first place. >> you need a board that isn't going to give up because of the insurmountable financial problems. it proved that financials are not the problem. kimberly: coming up we talk to a student who spent month scrambling to find another school once the announcement was made that the school was going to shut its doors.
4:33 pm
find out why she said she is more than willing to throw all the efforts away to go back to sweetbrier in the fall. that's new tonight at 5:00. reporting live in the newsroom, diane cho abc7 news. jonathan: time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan joining us now. this is a busy weekend. what was with the traffic this weekend? jamie: there were a lot of construction projects this weekend. a lot of people sitting in the slow traffic. be you the weekend projects are just on the weekend so we're back to normal. if you are working to tiner loop closer to maryland not bad. this is a good idea of the pace. the roads are dry. the inner and the outer loop of the beltway, the virginia-maryland stretch we are slow. we are used to this. as we move to the map, i want to focus in on the inner loop. that is from the american legion bridge continuing to the 270 spur. right now that will take us over ten minutes.
4:34 pm
we have volume as well in the area of chevy chase and bethesda. for the most part we are seeing volume in the college park area and that is it. no big issues as far as crashes. a few minor disabled vehicles and the fender bender. working your way closer to the beltway you will average in the 20's. in the 30's, southbound heading 395. keep in mind crash in the district. 15 or 16 street both good options as an alternate. a live look we will show you in d.c., 12th and constitution, normal volume for you. back to you. jonathan: thanks. kimberly: check in with doug hill. someone turned up the heat. doug: today, i mean the lower 90's in a few spots. tomorrow we can see some areas in the middle to the upper 6790's. that is special -- upper 790's. that is special. show you numbers right now to
4:35 pm
the weather center. 92 at fredericksburg and the reagan national airport. 88 in gaithersburg. 90 in winchester. 88 in martinsburg. it will be a hot one tomorrow. relief coming in the middle of the week but tomorrow the concern is the cold front. it comes in the area and the air mass is hot. increasingly unstable. the cold front even though it's not super huge strong cold front it has enough energy and motion that it could be the triggered for scattered heavy and severe thunderstorms. tomorrow afternoon or early tomorrow evening. once we get into the day on wednesday, all of this will settle down. a break from the humidity. the area from the storm prediction center with a possibility of severe thunderstorms with strong damaging winds and hail. the metro area back west to the mountains and indiana. we are going to watch for the possibilities. probably anytime after 3:00. if you are listening and
4:36 pm
watching 2:00 in an and you hear part of the area under a thunderstorm watch, don't be surprised. we expect it for many part of the area. this is a typo? i wish. not. 98. the humidity levels will creep one a chance of showers an storms. wednesday dry upper 80's. more humid thursday and friday. showers and storms. over the weekend, the shower and the storm chances increase. temperatures with the heavy cloud cover will drop in the lower 80'sment a breath of fresh and damp air. kimberly: my friends from ohio would say "stinking hot." doug: yo
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
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jonathan: more breaking news to tell you about. from south carolina. a short time ago the governor there announced the confederate flag will be coming down from south carolina state capitol grounds. >> this is a moment in which we can say that that flag while an integral part of our past does not represent the future of our great state. jonathan: this follows that shooting at a charleston church that killed nine people. we have much more on this coming up today at 5:00. kimberly: the man accused of flying and landing a gyrocopter on the u.s. capitol lawn in april was back in court today. jonathan: abc7's jeanette
4:40 pm
reyes was there and explains why he refused to accept a plea deal. jeanette: he spoke up against his attorney's advice saying he shouldn't serve one day in prison for what he did and he said he doesn't regret it. he said it was to call attention to influence of big money in politics. more than anything else, it sparked a debate over the national security. not political spending. since the incident he had been required to stay in the home county in florida. the judge is now allowing him to move around the middle district of the state to take his daughter to school to visit his son in orlando. a preindictment deal fell through last month. and he admit he is may go to trial because he says jail time is simply unreasonable for what he did. take a listen. >> i didn't do anything to benefit myself. this was an act of civil
4:41 pm
disobedience, nobody was hurt, no property damage. the problem is that it was spectacular. jeanette: he will only say that the deal on the table requires him to serve several years in prison. now his attorney and the prosecution have until july 22 to strike up some deal. if not it will go to trial. the second week of september. of course we will keep you posted on the latest developments on the case. reporting live in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. kimberly: we'll be right back. announcer: countdown to 4th there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination
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kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now about popular cereals. i know what you are thinking. don't mess with my lucky charms here. after decades on the market general mills is recreating the recipe minus the artificial ingredients. abc rebecca jarvis got a look on the healthier choices. reporter: a big announcement from the giant. general mills the taker of
4:45 pm
the -- maker of the top-selling cereals, trix lucky charms and cheerios making a change to the breakfast staple. >> we have made the decision to remove artificial flavors out of the entire line. rebecca: becoming the only cereal company to replace the artificial colors and flavors with natural sources like fruit, vegetables and spices. we got an exclusive sneak peek in the test kitchen where researchers are hard at work recreating the recipe. >> this is a top secret lab. rebecca: researchers are putting the final touches on a kids' favorite. trix. >> we wanted to make sure they were still fun and vibrant colors we're providing and the same flavor kids expect. >> they tried hundreds of natural products tomato, couple carrots to get the much beloved colors. >> radishes, strawberries, but
4:46 pm
berries. rebecca: that is a surprise. >> the combination to get to the right color and not take like radishes. we don't want trix to taste like vegetables. rebecca: the finished product. the old trix and here is the new. you have seen it here first. jonathan: a pennsylvania brewery raising a glass to coach joe paterno. they will put out a vienna style lager to come in 12-ounce cans. they will have paterno's image and a list of his accomplishments. a long list. they fired him in the jerry sandusky trial and he died two months later. kimberly: expect to hear a song about -- from taylor swift about apple. >> the pop star threatened to
4:47 pm
pull her latest album from apple music. she criticized the company in an open letter with her fans. she said it wasn't fair that the artists and the labels wouldn't be paid directly for the use of the music in the three-month trial period. kimberly: after days of speculation. martha stewart living has been sold in a licensing firm to cash and stock deal valued at $353 million. she will remain as the chief creative officer and nominated to the board and be a significant stockholder. the deal is expected to close in the second half of the year. she bounced back. >> you think? not bad. kimberly: if you have ever closed a b.t.k. account you assume it's close and done for good. but a woman learned that is not always the case. jonathan: john matarese has a report on zombie bank
4:48 pm
accounts. john: a lot of us move, change jobs or get a bank with lower fees. if you close your account you assume it's closed but a woman learned it could come back. >> she had a heck of what story the tell her friends this week. a bank "that she thought she closed has come back to haunt her. >> we went to do refinance on the mortgage through a different bank, there was a $500 loan in my name. john: from her old bank. she went to the bank and "for a current statement and horrified to find an overdraft fee the day she closed her account has grown and grown and grown. >> originally it was $be 4. it kept tacking on interest and fees on top of it until it was over $500. >> if overdraft wasn't her fault. i was an auto payment hitting a of the account was empty. worse, the unpaid loan hit the credit score hard. >> it has caused my credit score to go down by 50 points.
4:49 pm
>> we contacted the bank and a spokes perp apologized and said she would be responsible for initial $34 overdraft not the $500. so don't let this happen to you when leaving a bank. make sure the account is completely closed. remember, overdrafts fees grow if you don't cash-take care of them. now she just has to wait for her credit score to rebound. this is why this is a good idea to check your credit report every year. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. kimberly: kim kardashian could be shopping for blue in the coming months. she announced orn twitter where else late last night she and her husband kanye west are expecting a boy. last month she announced she was pregnant with her second child. they have a 2-year-old daughter north. what are the odds this will be
4:50 pm
east or south? jonathan: when does the shelf life run out on the kardashians? kimberly: good question. not soon enough. talk about the weather situation. jonathan: that was a storm saturday night. kimberly: yeah. jonathan: wild lightning show. doug: tomorrow we have some potential to keep an eye on. it was the upper 70's this morning. there is no threat of rain. just hot out there. the other numbers are 90 degrees in frederick. 92 at reagan national. tomorrow could be six or eight degrees warmer than now. we will get a push of moisture depping ahead of a cold front.
4:51 pm
it moving east and falling apart. otherwise the shower activity is south of southwest metro washington and will stay that way. the storm prediction center placed the region under a slight risk of the severe weather and damaging winds and hail. good bet that part of the area could be under severe thunderstorm watch. tonight, no weather worries. muggy, though. 98 walking off the runway. we will see the humidity levels to see like it's 103 or 104. wednesday with sunshine and drier air. muggy over the weekends. kimberly: contemplating playing golf tomorrow at 1:00. >> if you get earlier tee time. play nine keep an eye on the sky. if you had a weather app you would know.
4:52 pm
i would let you know when you have to get off the court. kimberly: check on the weather situation. jamie sullivan has her own sound effects. jamie: doug does that well. if i could use him for traffic text alert. we could work it out. starting off we don't have anything major to worry about. a text alert is not going to be saying you have a backup. this is normal. this is jammed up. it will take 12 minutes to the 270 spurt. with the delays before that. right near the toll road and continuing after that. closer to bethesda. as we move to talk about your commute out of d.c. we are in the 20's. working your way near malcolm x outbound on 295. 395. we are in the 30's getting closer to king street. if you continue southbound on 95 we have delays.
4:53 pm
this is northbound. a lane is blocked with an accident. live look to show you the traffic. this is moving at decent pace. this is southbound. you see the volume. northbound is hier. close -- heavier.
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kimberly: new figures showing u.s. airlines continues to collect record fees from passengers who check suitcases or make changes to reservations. according to the bureau of transportation, this year the airlines took in $1.6 billion in the fees. that is up 7.4% from the same period last year. abeline posted $3.1 billion in -- airlines posted $3.1 billion in profit in the first quarter. jonathan: investigators say money donated to help save dogs and other animals sent a
4:57 pm
woman on a glamorous trip to aruba instead. kimberly: only on 7 montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explain how police caught her in the act. >> the humane society of the united states is stunned to learn this employee is accuse of stealing thousands of dollars from the animal rescue foundation. according to police, the routinely used the company credit card to make purchases and the manassas resident dropped $17000 at enterprise rent-a-car and $13000 on food, gasoline and luxury vacation to the caribbean island of aruba. in total, she is accused of embezzling $31,000 from a non-profit organization meant to save animals. >> she wanted to go to aruba, she should go on her own money and her own time. kevin: pope uses her twitter
4:58 pm
profile to sell woman's high heels did not respond to our comments. investigators say although he is admitted to embezzling the money she hasn't paid back a dime. >> with the non-profit, i'm sure they keep track of their money. it's incon zeable to me she would think she would get away with that. hard to understand. kevin: she could get up to 20 years in prison. announcer: now abc7 news at 5:00. on your side. kimberly: he is used to be the underdog. and less than an hour ago governor larry hogan shared with all of us he is eming on the toughest fight of his life. maryland bureau chief brad bell was in the room when the governor discussed his cancer diagnosis. he joins us live from annapolis with the breaking
4:59 pm
developments. brad, what a shocker. brad: stunning news. you know this governor fault so hard to win and now he says he will fight hard to beat the cancer. he said he went on a trade mission to asia. he came home felt no symptoms but while he was shaving he felt a lump in his neck. he got with the doctor. additional testing confirmed type b non-hodgkins lymphoma. here is the tough part. it is aggressive and it is advanced. he described how he has tumors throughout his body. he has noticed back pain there a tumor that is pushing on his spine. he made the announcement and he talked openly about what lies ahead for him and he grew emotional when he talked about his father's day weekend when he told all of his family about the diagnosis. governor hogan: in the midst of this struggle, i was
5:00 pm
reminded once again of how blessed and how lucky i am. as i climb this hill i remain comforted by my abiding faith that the lord continues to bless me. the best news is that my odds of getting through this and beating this are much, much better than the odds i had of beating anthony brown. [laughter] [laughter] >> he had a sense of humor. that is what he displayed. tremendous strength and humor and a reto beat the dancer. what happens now? he is going to start very aggressive chemotherapy treatments almost immediately. he will be checking in to a hospital and says for a period of four days. he said he will be bombarded with


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