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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> abc 7 news at noon. we are on storm alert. we have dangerous heat and the potential for dangerous storms. we have live team coverage to keep you safe. we will start off with doug hill who is outside. it must be hot there? doug: we are pushing at 90 degrees right now and it's only
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noon. we are going to go a lot higher. there is no severe thunderstorm watch, we expect want to be issued before long. let me show you the maps. this is the entire metro area. the air temperatures will be in the upper 90's. the heat index feels over 100. it's 91 degrees at reagan national airport. it's 93 in fredericksburg. when you figure in the moisture, it feels like 103 degrees in washington. it feels like 102 degrees in fredericksburg. even in dover, it feels like 100 degrees. if we hit 98, it will be the hottest day so far. this is the 19th time we've topped 90 degrees. anytime after 3:00, we could be dealing with severe thunderstorms. we expect others to be issued
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before long. severe thunderstorms are going to be a real concern as we head through the late afternoon and into early this evening. the story is how to deal with the heat and the humidity out here. kellye lynn is just up the hill. how are people getting by? kelly: there is a little bit of a breeze. now that it's officially summer, everybody has to be impaired for these high temperatures. we came to the fountain to find out how people are coping in the heat. the question, what is your action plan? >> we walked out of the mall yesterday and i think we bought five bottles of water. >> keep hydrated and all that good stuff. kellye: everybody needs to increase your fluids. even if you're not thirsty. stay in the air conditioning if
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you can't. if you don't have air conditioning, go to the mall, go to the library or a cooling center in your area. never leave a part or person in a locked car. if you have to be outside, seek shade. you've got your number when you're out of the heat to put in your sunscreen as well as your sunglasses. i'm ready. back to you. jumy: you look great doing it. thank you so much for that report. make sure you stay with us whenever severe weather threatens. connect with us on facebook and twitter or did you can download our free stormwatch weather app. you can get the up-to-date forecast. switching to other developing news, an investigation into a brutal crime it. a body was found burning in a trashcan. it happened on holbrook terrace in northeast. homicide units just cleared the scene. sam sweeney is live.
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sam: -- this woman who does not want to be named said she called 911 when she went to take out her trash. she had no idea what first responders would find. >> there is a body back there. that's very spooky. sam: the body is burned beyond recognition. it appears to be an adult female. investigators searched for clues. councilman mcduffie says they will find the killer. >> she is investigating she is looking at it. we need the community's help as well. sam: the police chief wasted no time in getting to the scene. >> it's unusual. it's been extremely quiet here. sam: crime here has dropped
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significantly in recent years. neighbors say they are keeping their heads up. >> this was a complete shock. it's alarming when something like that happens in your neighborhood. jumy: that was sam sweeney reporting. we are following new information on the murder case. the cousin of the suspect was fired from the company he owned. he, his wife, his son, and their housekeeper for murdered inside the home in may. the dna was found at the crime scene. now cnn is reporting that his cousin worked for american iron works as well. he was fired in 2005. police believe he did not act alone in the murders.
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right now, the national transportation safety board is holding an investigative hearing into the deadly smoke incident in the tunnel near the l'enfant plaza metro. the hearing just got underway about two hours ago. jeanette reyes is covering it. jeanette? jeanette: the hearing is under way right now. ntsb is really grilling and asking some tough questions. they seemed to struggle questions regarding the conditions leading up to the tragic accident. at one point that was revisited multiple times was what they did as leakage problems throughout the system that must be cost leon attended to.
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it discharges 2 million gallons of water a day. that's the equivalent to three olympic swimming pools. the part where the heavy smoke originated was a reoccurring experience. >> there was a need to track maintenance issues so they become something more than a regular maintenance issue. we connect to get a plan to correct it. we have a lot of issues and challenges with water seepage into our system. jeanette: this meeting will wrap up at 5:00. part two is tomorrow. they will be focusing on other issues. that will start at 10:00 and finish up at 5:00. the ultimate goal is to get down to buy is it that it took so long? why did it happen in the first place.
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reporting live, jeanette reyes. jumy: thank you. police are hoping some newly released surveillance video helps capture three men wanted in a brazen armed robbery in a metro elevator. take a look at this video. it happened last month. this is at the shady brook station. one pointed a gun at the 17-year-old victim's head and the others robbed him. if you recognize the suspects, police want to hear from you. we have an update to a case from earlier this month. this is a person of interest in a sexual x -- assault. a six-year-old girl was inappropriately touched. call police right away if you recognize this man. it was quite a scene this morning in alexandria. a car flipped onto its roof. take a look. this picture was posted by a twitter user.
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this was at washington and montgomery street. no word on any injuries in that one. barry hogan says he is moved by the outpouring of support after announcing his cancer diagnosis. he is battling stage three non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he will start aggressive treatment, including four days worth of chemotherapy. it has spread to his throat chest, abdomen, and back. he says he will work as much as he can throughout the process. we wish him the best. the congressional black caucus had a public forum. they are discussing economic challenges and persistent inequities facing african-americans across the country. >> your zip code literally determines the quality of the schools you have access to, the housing options you have access to, as well is the quality and
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length of your life. jumy: the city of baltimore is a prime example of economic disparity between races. they are seeking proposals to fix the underlying issues. the push to remove confederate flag from south carolina's statehouse is heating up. protests are underway to take down the battled flag from the statehouse grounds in colombia. this happened today after the governor called on state lawmakers to vote on that removal. this is in response to a shooting that left nine african-american worshipers dead. breaking right now, terry mcauliffe is calling for the flight to be removed from a virginia license plate. the plate belongs to the sons of confederate veterans. the flag of the plate is unnecessarily divisive and hurtful to too many virginians. the call follows the shootings in charleston. states can ban such plates. a number of other states offered
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the plate option, including maryland. the details on the search for the escaped murderers in new york state. dna testing is underway right now on items recovered from a hunting cabin. a hunter said he saw someone run from the cabin as he approached. it's the biggest break so far in the search for richard matt and david sweat. we have video showing the disturbing -- this was filed back in 1997. he is allowing and acquaints to pierce his arm with a blow dart. coming up, the deflategate appeal. tom brady argues against his suspension. >> will companies be allowed to use the redskins trademark logo without any penalties?
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that's a lawsuit being debated in federal court at this hour. i'm john gonzalez, a live report is coming up. jumy: several tornadoes touched down last night. doug is back and he will track how that same storm system could impact our weather at home. we will be right back.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. jumy: at issue in front of a judge today in alexandria, john gonzalez is live with more on what this means for the team.
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john: this is the perfect example. it looks like a redskins hat. it doesn't have the name or the logo. it doesn't have that r with the circle around it. a judge has heard strong arguments from both sides. the attorneys for the washington redskins have argued that the use of the trademark is protected speech and not government run the way a license plate is. denying that violates the first amendment. the lawyers for the defendants made it clear in court that this is not an attempt to prevent the redskins from using its trademark logo. it's an attempt to cancel the registration which they say should never have been issued because it's an offensive slur. the team used the moniker in 1933, tenures before 10 mark -- trademark registration existed.
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five years after receiving it, they received a threat to change the name. the team stated that for half a century, it has been one of the most valuable trademarks in sports. very few native americans actually take action against the team. one example was a halftime show in 1977. without a non-federally registration trademark the redskins will lose a lot of power and millions of dollars each year because anyone can use the name and logo if they do not have thatr. the judge will have a decision. reporting live, john gonzalez. jumy: in other sports news, new
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england quarterback tom brady kicks off his deflategate suspension. roger goodell signed off on the four-game suspension and he will hear the appeal. the key argument's will be about who ordered that suspension and whether science support the deflated football's. they were fined $1 million and docked a pair of draft picks. pete rose's face he knew trouble. according to documents obtained by espn, it appears he bet on baseball as a player and manager with the cincinnati reds. the evidence was found in a notebook. it has been sealed for 26 years. now looks like it will hurt any chance he has of lifting his hall of fame band. >> this closes the door. he was betting while he was a player. jumy: he has not commented on
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these latestions are in it they will hurt his chances of being reinstated into a small. people in the midwest are assessing the damage after a round of severe storms ripped through the heartland overnight. five tornadoes were reported in northern illinois. high winds damaged homes and toppled trees. there are tens of thousands without power. the national weather service will confirm to tornadoes in michigan. that system is threatening the northeast. doug: that's associated with the cold front. there are storms developing in pennsylvania. they're not the ones that we expect. let's get started. first up on this tuesday, this is something we haven't seen all that often. we have a heat advisory in salmon.
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there you have it. it stretching from the metro area, southwest along i-95. that is an issued one. it's going to feel like 105 degrees or higher. that increases the risk of prolonged exposure to the heat. limit your time outside if you possibly can. it is 91 at reagan national. we do you see what it feels like outside. it's 86 degrees in martinsburg. the moisture content of the air, it feels like 103 degrees. as it showed, those values may hit while five or slightly higher. air temperatures are possibly 98 degrees. this is the 19th day of the season we have been 98 degrees or higher. here is watching on a satellite. the line of storms is kicking
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up. the cold front is just east of pittsburgh. things are developing. we will see a line develop across west virginia and closer to the old dominion. those will potentially give us a threat. we are under an enhanced risk from the prediction center of severe weather. the biggest threat will be damaging winds and torrential downpours. we will track this very closely. as we get to the afternoon, we will be checking doppler radar very quickly. this is a simulation. by 3:00, the line of storms may be forming. things will clear out tonight. we will get a bit of a break. you are the next seven days. it will be 98 today. we will have an increased chance
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of thunderstorms. tomorrow, it will be pleasant. thursday and friday, back to the mid to upper 80's. nozick it's going to turn cooler. i wouldn't be surprised if we wound up in the 70's for the weekend. a real changes coming. jumy: that's cool. thank you. coming up, a major recall involving bottled water.
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jumy: we are on your side with a
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consumer alert. a major-league -- recall of bottled water sparked by e. coli. viagra says this is out of an abundance of caution. right now, they are not reporting sickness. yards not to drink the water without boiling first. for list of impacted bottles, go to our website, amazon is tweaking its rating system for products. the online retailer will now put more emphasis on reviews that are recent and helpful. those written by verified purchases will get more weight. amazon sued for company for writing fake reviews to sell more product. the new system is already in use. it may take a while for those ratings to change. the mercury is rising. doug is checking
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there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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jumy: possibly some storms later? doug: the heat index to 105. an artificial's like 103 in the city. we will be in the weather center all day. we have the possibility of high winds and heavy rains. we will keep jumy:
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