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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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meteorologist doug hill. leon: doug is in the weather center. what is the latest with where things stand at this hour? doug: there is heavy duty weather action but this is north of the metro area. the entire region indicates severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00. these boxes of the yellow indicate active severe thunderstorm warnings all north and northeast. tornado warnings until now in effect for parker county maryland. now we have seen the highest reports of the winds and the heaviest rain and hail in the eastern segment across the bay. that is where the worth of it will be. we are interested in the metro area. some heavy storms in the northwest montgomery county to the north of the district. farther west they are more clusters of storms as they develop. they may ser swipe to washington later this evening. there is a lot of heavy duty action. take a look at the breadth and the length of the storm. the eastern part of the storm prediction center that over northern delaware they could have 75-mile-per-hour wind guests. we'll just miss the worst of
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the worst. but we have chance of more storms and the high wind and heavy rain later this evening. a wind gust of 49 miles per hour in germantown. temperatures fall after the heat will end with the movement of the thunderstorm. more to share in a few minutes. leon: thank you, doug. remember, you can stay connected with a storm watch weather team on social media. get storm alert and share your pictures with us on facebook and twitter. hit-and-run -- maureen: powerful images from illinois showed the line of damage by tornadoes. one tore through neighborhood in the cole city. that is an hour west of chicago. no one there was seriously hurt but there were injuries in other communities in illinois as well as in indiana, iowa and michigan. >> the storms are only part of the dangerous weather picture tonight. we are suffering through temperatures in the 90's.
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diane cho with a look at how the heat is affecting many aspects of life in the metro area. diane: throughout the day we have seen people use umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. but for those who had to work in it, there wasn't much they could do to avoid it. whether you wanted to be out in the heat today or you didn't have much of a choice, the looks we caught said it all. >> it's hot. diane: henry has to work outside the air and space museum and says he is getting by because he is taking breaks every five or ten minutes. >> go inshipped and stay cool. diane: with temperatures in the 90's, grilling inside a food truck could feel like in the 100's today. >> some might hop on a segway to stay cool; you won't find any capital segway tours
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running in the peak business hours because of mother nature. >> for safety reasons it's best to avoid having people standing out in the heat for several hours at a time. still it won't keep this penny cab driver off the road. >> soda water. know where every water hole is. go toward them. diane: the general manager of the capitol segway told us he would resume tours after 6:00. but now with the storms expected to move the area he said they will likely have to cancel those tours as well. in falls church, diane cho abc7 news. leon: thank you, diane. you mention the storms. they are moving in the area rights now. maureen: yes. let's go to doug hill who has the latest on the covers. doug: there is a new severe thunderstorm warning by the national weather service. this is one of the largest areas i have seen. let's go to doppler to give you details.
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severe thunderstorm warning issued until 6:30 for the northern district of columbia part of carroll county, prince george's county anne arundel, montgomery, west baltimore city howard, north central fairfax and loudoun county. that is one warning. a polygon to frederick county on the north and baltimore on the east and southeast to bowie and the areas outside of davidsonville in anne arundel county. the winds on the storms could reach up to 60 miles per hour with hail and torrential downpour and dangerous cloud. 6:10 they are expected in a few minutes in gaithersburg. shortly after in clarksville columbia and rockville. we continue to be on storm alert and will report back to you in a couple of minutes. maureen: thank you doug. baltimore police charged a man with murder after his 2-year-old daughter was left in a hot car. wilbur carter passed out after drinking on sunday and he told
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police he woke up yesterday afternoon to discover his daughter in her car seat. the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.he wasn't in the caffer for 30 seconds or a minute. we believe she was in the car for 16 hours. maureen: we are told that she suffered second-degree burns. outside temperatures reached 89 degrees when she was locked in the car. leon: we are learning what went wrong at the l'enfant plaza. ntsb released a video and you can see people go in and out of the tunnel. the operator of the train became trap and he told them he needed permission to move the train he begged for permission. but the pleas were denied when w the command center said the transit report wouldn't let a train on the platform move. >> there are changes underway. we learn from every incident.
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we have taken actions. the first ten actions we added additional four actions and we are responding to the ntsb. leon: the coverage of the hearing continues on. maureen: if day after maryland governor larry hogan's announcement he is fighting cancer we see impact on his job. brad bell shows us how the lieutenant governor's role is expanding. brad: today; lieutenant governor boyd rutherford sat in governor's chair, first of many duties he is likely to handle as governor hogan begins chemotherapy. >> we will keep moving forward and his request of us was to continue to do over jobs.
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brad: ruth everyford has years of cabinet experience. rutherford by law will step in if hogan can't do his job. yesterday hogan joked it already happened last week when he was under general president anesthesia. >> there was no major decisions in the hour i was asleep. brad: maryland last governor a long-time friend and supporter of hogan and rutherford said he is fully capable and he believes that hogan will do as he says and continue to work at governor in the 18 weeks chemo treatment. >> being governor is an important job. this is the least intrusive and the least onerous time of the year. brad: the governor will begin
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the chemotherapy treatment soon and many are wearing the lime greenery bonnes to support the governor. brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: abc7 has expanded coverage of hogan's announcement and the prognosis on the website leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" we will track severe weather for parts of the area now. hit-and-run the "7 on your side" health center is open to give you a chance to ask the auto mechanic. call 703-236-9220. for answers to your car questions.
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hit-and-run jay korff is live with mobile 7 -- maureen: jay korff is live in mobile 7 that is seeing hailstones and rain. what have you found? jay: maureen, this is an unbelievable sight. we have three cameras here. i will change to the front camera. you can see there is actually a tree branch to the right. there is a huge one blocking this. i am going to change to another camera. we'll see how the traffic is a mess. the rain picked up. no visibility. now it's hailing. like marble size hail right now. it's hitting us.
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cars are as carefully as they can trying to navigate the way around. carefully we will move forward. there is a car that is dragging a huge branch. bear with me. i will change cameras. we pulled up on this a few minutes ago and this is a scene all over 28. very carefully get through this. we don't see any pow every lines down. that is not a concern. with these storms lives will come down and people will lose pow every. change to a different camera to see more forward. really a remarkable sight. the storm when it came in was ferocious. the wind picked up.
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tremendous lightning. in frederick 20 minutes ago when we hit 28 and we got closer to south of dickerson in western montgomery county far northwestern montgomery county it came and got really bad really fast. we see emergency personnel in front of us. we can zoom in. there might be a pole down. leon: uh-oh. we may have lost jay's connection there. we will try to re-establish that. we want to stay in touch with him to find out what is going on out there in the roads and in the area now. coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00", chief meteorologist doug hill will be here to tell us when we will see the worst
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of the weather. we will see what comes next. stay with us.
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leon: an audit turned up possible fraud at amtrak. this examined employees' time cards and found time sheets they were supposed to have worked more than 40 hours in a day. 2,000 had employees working 40 hours of overtime each week. in some cases they reported to work overtime without working regular howevers. amtrak has not responded to the i-team request for comment. kimberly: "7 on your side" tonight with answers to your car problems. "7 on your side" help steph is open right now if you -- help center is open right now and is staffed by auto mechanics. is your car making a strange noise? do you have questions about the cost of getting a repair you have been putting off? if so call 703-236-9220. they will take your calls until 6:30ment tonight. leon: what if the hail turned my car into a giant golf ball? doug: that is a possibility. it's pretty heavy. look at rockville.
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weather bug camera on the campus of montgomery college. five minutes ago you had good visibility and now the leading edge of the heavy thunderstorm is moving in rockville moving east and southeast at a good clip. as far as what is happening elsewhere, it's an active weather night around the region. we will continue to see manufacture showers and storms from the north and the west. we had wind gust of 59 miles per hour in damascus. german town is 51. 53 miles per hour at cedar elementary school. there are plenty of storms across the area. the region is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00. this was a huge thunderstorm warning from montgomery to east to howard to tip of the district. the storms will get stronger moving east/southeast. so far everything looks like it will stay north of the district. the district, western suburbs
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will get the storms potentially later but there will be individual cells and not a huge cluster that may have the wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. hail and torrential rain and lightning as well. that is a feature we will watch in the evening. right now this segment to new jersey is a big jackpot part of the storm. then we h that are smaller, but they are very intense. these are the ones that will overspread the entire area just ahead of the cold front that is approaching our area a little bit later this evening. the second part of the severe weather alert is temperatures. crazy numbers. steve rudin has that part of the story. steve: we hit 92 degrees at reag -- 96 degrees at reagan national airport. two degrees of the record. we are not going to get warmer than this. if anything we will cool down quickly. 95 in reagan national. quantico now at 94. show you the heat index values; hotter than that. it feels like 106 in downtown
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d.c. it feels like 109 in fredericksburg. cooler to the west of us where they have had the strong thunderstorms and the cooler air that is filtering in from the north and the west. hour-by-hour forecast shows temperatures around 90 by 7:00. 10 says we get storms out of here and we will see temperatures in the upper 80's to the middle 70's. moving in the early ornight hours and waking up around 70 degrees or so. a look at the seven-day outlook calling for a high temperature tomorrow around 88 degrees. big difference compared to today. not as humid. thunderstorms in the forecast. a 30% chance on thursday. middle 80's on friday. upcoming weekend looks to be unsettled. at least fore first half. night time low in the 60's. temperatures are 80 to 85 degrees by next week. so this is moving out of here. we will keep you updated from
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the furn furn center throughout the evening -- belfort furniture center throughout the evening on the warnings. maureen: thank you. go live to robert burton at nationals park. what about the rain and the bad weather? have you seen that? robert: the clouds are here. hopefully no severe weather. stephen strasburg making a start and why his teammates say it
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robert: we are live at nats park. the clouds are here but the rain is to see stephen strasburg make a start. he went to the 15-day d.l. he had a couple of starts in harrisburg and did well. back against the braves. we were in the clubhouse today and the teammates say it has been too long. >> he is one of our horses. one of the best guys out there. he will bring out emotion today and do what he needs to do to keep us in the ballgame. hopefully we can get runs on the board for him. get him a "w" tonight. he will do what he needs to do. robert: moving on the football. tom brady was in court today and still is in court apparently trying to appeal the four-game suspension issued by the nfl. proceedings started at 9:30 this morning.
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today espn's adam shefter tweeted outs he testified under oath to help his case against the four-game suspension. nfl commissioner roger goodell and attorney ted wells attended the hearing. today, nfl spokesperson tweeted brady's team has no strict limits to try to make a case. moving to hoops. wiza the final predraft workout for the draft on thursday. the big name there today is r.j. hunter from georgia state. you might remember them making a run in the tournament. he is the coach's son. so far no rain and we hope that it holds off. but hey we can only do what we can. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. thanks robert. get ready to grab the umbrella; though. maureen: let's go to doug. latest on the weather. doug: let's go to the doppler radar. the entire metro area north of
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district moper, -- district proper and the red shows you the storms and the ground lightning and hail. this is part of a larger development of storms that have produced all kind of severe weather action. ahead of a cold front. we will continue to monitor this steve rudin and i through the evening and if there are other warnings we will get them to you on air. tough night but dry every air tomorrow. maureen: cooler, perhaps. good. thank you. leon: we will have earned it by the time it gets here. kimberly: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: we will continue to track storms throughout the night on the sister station newschannel 8 and bring you alerts when necessary on abc7. keep it tuned here. we will keep you informed and keep you safe. see you later.
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tonight, outbreak. more than a dozen reported tornadoes across several states. philly new york boston bracing for storms tonight. the power lines, the transformers blowing. twisters caught on tape. homes destroyed. from kansas to michigan to ohio we're on the scene, where they say it's a miracle everyone survived. ginger with the track for tonight, city by city. an abc news exclusive. the swrid owe emerging of one of the escaped convicts just as authorities tonight now say the fugitives could be armed. breaking news. a mistrial. the young football players convicted, accused of attacking a female student scene on cell phone. their conviction, thrown out. and the major recall tonight, bottled water. the stores and the states. we have the list.


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