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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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issued a severe thunderstorm watch that includes maryland, spotsylvania county, and eastward to the north through areas redolent the lower potomac river. it goes much further south, deep into the hot and humid air. the whole area in pink under severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. the little orange boxes are active severe thunderstorm warnings. most of the rain to the north and west is fairly light. thunderstorms to the south as it moves in our direction. i think a large portion of the area will get rain and isolated thunderstorms later this evening but it does appear that the biggest threat of heavy to severe thunderstorms this night will stay southeast and south of the immediate metro area. we will monitor the storms of have more and an update of it attentional of heavy rain on saturday in a couple of minutes. leon: we turn to a developing story at a maryland.
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two hours ago governor larry hogan took away any doubt about the future of the purple line. the light rail line for connect -- maryland bureau chief brad bell live in annapolis now with a closer look at the announcement. reporter: we've been following this story for years, asking the governor about it all the time. he walked into the press conference wearing a purple tide eddie did not talk about the purple line. he talked about this map. everyone of these red, green, or blue marks represents a highway improvement that he announced he's going to make. nearly $2 billion. then he did the big reveal. this may have been the most anticipated action of his young administration. >> we will be moving forward with the purple line. reporter: a 16 mile light rail that will run from bethesda to new carrollton with 21 stations and connections to the orange,
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green, and two spurs of the red line. he called it a good investment in the long run. >> crunch auction will mean 23,000 new jobs for maryland. -- construction will mean 23,000 new jobs. reporter: he is calling for more for montgomery and prince george's county. the transportation secretary says the new plan calls for fewer cars running every 7.5 minutes instead of six. >> we are producing a cadillac project is not a chevy project. reporter: he also announced nearly $2 billion for road and bridge improvement. >> building, maintaining, and fixing maryland's roads and bridges is our top transportation priority. reporter: for the d.c. region it is the purple line announcement that has advocates rejoicing. >> i am very relieved.
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this is crucial for the state of maryland to go forward. reporter: montgomery county executive spread out a statement saying he's looking forward to working with the governor. already prince george's county executive hasek dingle a willingness to talk about -- has signaled a willingness to talk about how the money should be divvied up. the governor said over the next six years here brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: this was the governor's first appearance since monday's announcement about him fighting not taught -- non-hodgkin's lymphoma. what did you hear? reporter: we talked -- leon: go ahead. can you hear me now? we are having a problem with brad your piece but hopefully will get an answer to that question later on. kimberly: you know he has one.
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a big win for the president's plan for health care in america. for the second time, the u.s. supreme court said a clear message that the ford will care act is not going anywhere. scott thuman was live outside the supreme court when the health care law was upheld. he is still down there tonight. the white house definitely cellaring this one. -- celebrating this one. reporter: twice now the affordable care act has been challenged here at the supreme court in the white house is 2-0. indicating that this federal custody's -- subsidies, tax breaks. they would not go away. they will stay in place regardless of what state you live in. opponents argue that all of this really kind of hinged on for words, "established by the state . it should really be granted to states accreted their own health
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care exchanges, and other federal one. that is indeed what the law states. the justices ruled that was not the true and overarching intent of the law. it was meant to cover everyone. here is some of the reaction from the president and republicans. it is still not over. president obama: today is a victory of hard-working americans all across the country whose little continue to become more secure in a changing economy because of this law. >> this does not mean obamacare is fixed. it means it will continue until somebody finds a better way. >> i believe obamacare is bad for americans and bad for the country. reporter: the question arises is it over. it depends on who you ask. you heard republicans talking about this by the mandate being held up, this portion of the law getting some firm grounding come the supreme codeed been behind the white house on this issue. overall they believe there is still an avenue to go down to try to challenge one of the biggest
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ways was expressed in a very fast e-mail the got the second the ruling came down. the rnc saying he will need to elect a republican president because they claim they can undo this law. we will touch -- talk much more about that coming up at 6:00. a big victory for the obama administration. back to you. kimberly: is it ever really over and washington? no. a key tool to fight discrimination. the jets is to set in a 5-4 ruling people can challenge perceived this termination regardless of whether there was intent to discriminate. anthony kennedy provided the swing vote saying that the fair housing act of 1968 plays a continuing role in moving the nation towards a more integrated society. we're keeping and i on the courts for two more key rulings. the first being that will become a landmark decision on same-sex marriage.
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we are also waiting to hear a ruling on numerous cases involving the epa and its push to regulate harmful mercury pollution from power plants. they will issue more really tomorrow and on monday. leon: in the last hour, a judge presiding over the hannah graham murder case ruled that she will accuse yourself of some of the proceedings. jesse matthew was back in court this afternoon accompanied by his mother, father, sister, and girlfriend. jeff goldberg is with. -- live. tell us about the new developments. reporter: first and foremost the trial date has been set in the case for july 5, 2016. more than one year away. most the hearing will take place leading up to the beginning of the trial. he one of judge to recuse yourself from her -- this case for two reasons. she cited many of the words that will be argued in court leading
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up to the trial and two she has a daughter who attends uva as hannah graham was at the time of her death. here is some reports from inside the courtroom this afternoon. defense attorney arguing the judge should recuse yourself because the court must avoid the appearance of impropriety and be fair in reality and perception. judge higgins saying she and her daughter have no connection to hannah graham, no relationship with hannah graham, and that uva is not the victim." this is just the -- jesse mathews family walking into court today. his defense attorneys also walking inside the court today. judge chickens they give a partial victory to defense, ruling that another judge will rule on pretrial motions and arguments concerning search warrant in the case that were signed by judge higgins. orders issued in this case, 25
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of them, were authorized by judge hagans. more than 50 reagan's -- were entered altogether. jesse matthew was facing capital murder in the death and disappearance of uva student hannah graham last fall. the prosecutor said the death penalty case leaves the judge -- believes the judge make the right decision. >> the fact that the court might have a child the same age and gender and is also a college student. i think the public expects that judges should be able to set those matters aside and we trust judges enough to know that if they can't, they are going to step aside. reporter: the defense not all happy with judge higgins' decision. defense attorney doug rambler saying "you cannot be kind of pregnant." you were either allin
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are all out of the case. the judge disagreed. the trial will begin july 5, 2016. the next hearing on august 20. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: another case in arlington -- alexandria. charles severance know being -- violent writings by charles severance of being admitted. today a judge ruled that britain -- things written by him about killing police officers can be used as evidence. this offense tried to block the move saying that many of the writings are not dated and not specific to any the victims. kimberly: shark sightings temporarily closing some beaches in ocean city today. this video came into the wjla newsroom. she said she thought it was the afternoon near 30th street. then we got this picture of what looks a lot like a hammerhead
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shark. she said she snapped at yesterday afternoon in ocean city. catherine asked some of the nation's leading aquatic experts about why sharks are showing up now. reporter: i met the national aquarium in these are shark fossils. actual teeth from a shark. shark experts are now talking about the shark sighting today. ocean city's most popular photos right now. sharks along the shoreline. social media sites from twitter to facebook are lighting up with images of the fish which of earned a notorious reputation. >> it is obviously a hammerhead. reporter: aquatic marine life entertains crowds. shark expert says it is not a come for sharks to be seen close to the shore, especially during the summer. >> not this scare anyone, sharks
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are there. reporter: experts say they follow the suit -- food supply. if food in fisher knew the shore, so are the sharks. while shark attacks are rare -- >> keep your eye on it and get out of the water as calmly as possible. bright colors, sometimes it is a contrasting color that might draw their attention. flashes of jewelry will sometimes draw them in. they will also be looking for bluefish and barracuda because they think it is a fish. reporter: linda now lives next to the seashore. she said she will not let jaws scare her from a given the seat. >> it's going to happen a matter what you do. either by a shark or an automobile accident. reporter: millions of years ago they were about 16 feet in length. the sharks we're seeing now are about 10-12 feet long.
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kimberly: kathleen is also reporting that right now in ocean city police are monitoring the condition of a 300 pound shark out in the ocean. it may be preparing to give birth. they advise voters to stay clear. -- baooaters to stay clear. and mary lee made a splash when she was spotted last month. the last ping from hurricane last night around this time. she was off the coast of jacksonville to the florida-georgia line. making her way all up and down these ghost. leon: the shark ago join her down south. coming up at 5:00, up and down. getting some answers for the metro after those escalators failed yet again. kimberly: and then later -- >> actually his death sparked some good. reporter: saying goodbye to some
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of the victims of the south carolina church shooting. leon: a situation in paris saying she would rather be in baghdad. reporter:kimberly: a man trying to
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leon: a man biking across the country for a complete stranger. will be first introduce you to him two weeks ago, he is trying to read from oceanside california to annapolis and do it in just 12 days to raise money for a fellow west virginia university alum. reporter: frank fumic is on a mission and tonight he is intact. we've been in contact with the team and he is making his weight across the country. frank has to be running on fumes. fumes and his dedication to ryan divini, a man beaten into essentially a vegetative state five years ago he was a student at west virginia university. >> push through. reporter: frank, and endurance runner, heard about his story and wanted to do something extreme.
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even by frank's standards get he decided on a 3000 mile cross-country bike race. >> 3, 2, 1, go. reporter: he took off from oceanside, california, cross into arizona, made it to you talk but understandably the track is taking its toll. his team says he is required medical attention. perhaps giving up was the next smart option. [applause] his team said he had a complete a 1200 mile stretch and 148 hours to stay in the race. he made it by 30 seconds. >> frank, we just at the halfway point. reporter: this team says he was leaving illinois today, heading into indiana. tired legs be darned, he is still heading east.
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for more on his journey, go to sometimes sports transcends life and this is one of those times . kimberly: the way they're documenting it really brings the struggle to life. leon: for a man he did not know. that is the human spirit. keep us posted. kimberly: let's check in with doug right now. doug: that stormed the software right now but tonight could be interesting around here. a view from our hd weatherbug camera right along the chesapeake bay and chesapeake beach. this is one of the few areas that enjoyed sunshine throughout the entire day along the chesapeake bay. slightest chance for most of the metro area for a light shower. later tonight it all changes. 89 degrees at fredericksburg. hot, humid air is down south. as the front approaches better
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chances of showers and storms will start to ramp up quite a bit. we have what is left of a big disturbance out of ohio and indiana this morning. there are a few little thunderstorms embedded in, but most of the thunderstorm action is pushing well to the south of us. during the evening it will lift in. the rain is getting closer and people see scattered showers this evening. later tonight, the possibility of thunderstorms in the local area. st. mary's county, the counties of northern neck virginia. that is where it severe thunderstorm watches will run till midnight tonight. it runs to north carolina. this is the motion of the warm front and energy from the west ringing the possibility of more severe weather. three support -- severe thunderstorm warnings right now here tomorrow looks better but then ever the changes for the weekend. everywhere you see black is clear skies. itches what happens during the
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day when all this area of sunshine today warmed up with a warm front. the atmosphere is just primed for the storms to proliferate tonight. cool in stable because the cloud cover. once the warm front moves up tonight and gets into the action, that will give us a better chance for more thunderstorms to mix and with our rain. a wider radar loop through out the day. showers and storms the north and thunderstorms developing to the south. it is further west that really has our eye and that is a developing storm system in the mid level of the atmosphere that is heading eastward. it will move along the warm front on saturday and saturday night and bring heavy rain to the area. some of our computer models suggest that when the rain ends on sunday morning we will have -- tomorrow evening and through the day on saturday and saturday night, could wind up being 3-5 inches over many parts of our viewing area. here is the front right now. the warm air running over the top of it helping to fuel the showers. there will be showers later on
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and then as we get to the day on saturday, it changes. things are setting up now. the warm front will come through and settle back and that will provide the guide for the storm or saturday and saturday night. it will clear out sunday. outdoor plants made for saturday, you might want to think those -- rethink those. some isolated storms in the afternoon and and then saturday pretty much a rainy day around here. temperatures mostly in the 70's with heavy downpours and thunderstorms thrown in. warming up on monday. hazy, hot, and humid weather for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. kimberly: he seemed bummed out about the saturday forecast. doug: i had plans for saturday. kimberly: just when drivers can expect a major project in the district to wrap up. leon: sending a message. the look at the damage along
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monument avenue. kimberly: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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kimberly: courtney love attacked in paris by violent anti-uber protesters. she tweeted that the car she was
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ready and was targeted by having -- with metal bars. she said she would be safer in baghdad. leon: good news and badgers for drivers use 16th street. it's going to be wrapping up work on the bridge crossing over the military road a lot earlier than expected. as mike reports before they could happen drivers should expect a couple of major closures. reporter: there is light at the end of the 16th street bridge over military road. it will finish deck work on the bridge two weeks ahead of schedule. >> july 1. reporter: drivers are thrilled. >> it takes a lot of time to go to work. >> the mergener think. -- the merge and everything. reporter: tdot blames weather. >> off-site track here and we
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kind of title together a quick. reporter: they want the biggest traffic impacts are still the come. crews are planning a full closure of 16th street for 24 hours. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night until 10:00 p.m. saturday. >> that is when we are pouring the crucial final joint on the bridge. they cannot have any vibration. reporter: more deck work full resort -- result in another close in -- closure on sunday evening. drivers can find details on the project website, 16thand leon: fighting back against crime with an elite team of fbi agents based in our area. reporter: a union rep says drivers are often being forced to go to the bathroom on the bus.
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what writers have to say about all of this. kimberly: a former baltimore city cop takes to twitter about bad behavior he saw on the force here coming up, his stunning
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. leon: a retired baltimore police officer came out firing on twitter talking about bad
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behavior he witnessed and participated in himself during his time on the forced. they got a lot of people talking. some say he is a hero and others say he is a snitch. what is the story here? reporter: after a series of tweets yesterday, michael wo ods twitter following went to 9000. what he said struck a nerve. shots fired from a former baltimore city cop on social media. sergeant michael would took to twitter with stunning claims it police officers urinating and defecating on suspect rates during raids. -- suspect beds during raids. >> type of this was stuff that was previously known. reporter: he will not concern -- confirm specific details but he claims officers illegally searched people.
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shocking behavior says he witnessed. >> i did not see social justice it -- i got to the other side of the badge. reporter: he says he has regrets about what he saw and also what he did during his decade as an officer. wood admits he did not speak of then, so why now? >> ike knowledge the criticism it is valid. it was a poor excuse but it is like you are at war and that is the other opponent. reporter: the "us versus them" mentality has created a racial divide in baltimore. one b police department could close if it shifted towards more sympathetic policing. >> i did not see it. reporter: sergeant wood said
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of any victims came forward he would testify about what he saw. we went to baltimore police to say -- today and asked for them to weigh in on the legitimacy of his claims to get their reaction. we asked multiple times for comment but never heard back. he says he is not done. tomorrow, he will between information about internal corruption at the department. leon: very interesting. the latest on the charleston church shooting. funerals for two of the victims were today. 70-year-old at the lance this morning. meanwhile, other mourners gathered at pastor clementa pinckney's home church. >> i felt it was more important
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because if to show respect. we're all human beings and is not a question of whether or not it is black and white. it is a question of respecting another human being. leon: a viewing first date senator reverend pinckney -- president obama will deliver a eulogy at his funeral tomorrow. vandals spray-painted black lives matter on amendment to former confederate president jefferson davis. it was visible this morning on the statue. it is one of several monuments to the confederacy along richmond avenue. it is the former capital of the confederacy. kimberly: fairfax county is designing a new parking lot for users. it will go up the innovation center station just south of the dulles toll road. it is one of the six metro stations being built. the parking garage will include bus areas, bike room, room for everybody.
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construction is not expected to be finished until spring of 2019. let's check in with jb right now with a check on traffic. jamie: we have slow spots heading out of the d.c. area working to weigh on to 70. you can see activity. we have two different -- ever the greater shady grove road is now in the left shoulder here let's look at the backup heading to 70 northbound. it's basically from tuckerman lane. we have traffic at about nine miles per hour approaching this accident activity. three lanes blocked which is why you are definitely seeing the delayed. from right in the capital beltway continuing out towards 370 will take you about 40 minutes. 270, very congested. as far as what we are seeing otherwise, you do have it on the bottom side of the beltway. single digits for about a six mile stretch from van dorn
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closer to the wilson bridge. that stretch will take you just under 30 minutes. typical delays from virginia to maryland, in the teens. it will be heavier than usual at that crash. kimberly: this is frustrating. coming up at 5:00, they just reopened 18 months ago after a massive renovation project. why the escalators at dupont circle are out of service again. a historic charge arts an important anniversary. that story is coming up. reporter: governor larry hogan throws his support the kind -- behind the purple real. some are cheering, others not so happy. coming
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kimberly: we've heard from metro riders complaining that the up escalator is not working meaning riders facing a lot of stairs to climb. metro pay $12 million to fix the problematic escalators. around noon :00 today -- around noon today, the middle escalator was operating again.
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the third escalator was not broken but undergoing maintenance. the manufacturer come at no cost come at no cost,'s was replacing an onboard computer to improve service. we were told that the third escalator was also back in service this afternoon. things are not always what they scene. i know that complaint is coming from some metro employees assigned. leon: bus drivers are having trouble finding places to use the bathroom. sometimes they have to relieve themselves on the buses. diane covers metro. reporter: during a recent ntsb hearing, a union leader from metro testified that bus drivers often do not have enough time or enough facilities to go to the bathroom on the job. >> sounds crazy to me. reporter: a spokesperson tells us they heard anecdotal stories about this for years and have encouraged metro to address it. >> it sucks! reporter: she says her uncle is
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a bus driver and knows the challenges they face it. >> all the way to the bridge. he was then a hold it an hour and a half. reporter: metro says "90% of bus trips survey metrorail station where an employee restroom is available for the operator to use. ." reporter: the union representative say that many operators are not have enough time to take bathroom breaks without cutting off schedule adding they do not have access to the bathrooms of the metro station one closed. taking emergency brakes is severely frowned upon by controllers. >> i don't think it should affect the bus schedule, they should be able to hire more people perhaps to fill those gaps. reporter: the statement goes on to say that during an emergency
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drivers can notify the bus operations control center and secure the bus to use any facility along the given route. diane cho, abc 7 news. leon: do what you got a do. out west a series of frustrated firefighters. kimberly: find out why they're pulling their efforts back against this massive wildfire. >> countdown to fourth of july brought to you by giant.
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leon: 7 on your side is taking you behind the badge tonight exclusive look at a team of fbi agents you might know exists. they are armed paramedics. jennifer shows us how they can protect you when a crisis strikes. ♪ reporter: the mission is to save lives. >> we can do anything from gunshot once the heart attacks. reporter: fbi operational medics, they are paramedics each
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with years of medical training and they are fbi agents. >> when we need a medic to deploy, the stop of their doing can go. reporter: the washington field office provided us with this rarely seen footage of their training at quantico. the fact these agents-paramedics are also armed means they can go beyond the crime scene tape as danger is unfolding. they were there and bullets when flying at the navy yard in 2013. they pulled the wounded to safety inserted triage. >> this is the kid i had with me. turn it gets up front. reporter: individual black suv. >> we can put somebody on the back toward. -- back toward. -- board. reporter: the other 55 offices have anywhere between one and five operational medics on staff, the d.c. offices 20. >> we have to be very intent.
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reporter: and ready for anything. at any time. these medics are not just there to assist her fellow agents if something happens to they are -- happens. they are there to protect residents when rescue crews cannot. fighting a back -- back against crime reporter, -- kimberly: a $26 million visitor center conference will open to the public on september 10. that is the day before the 14th anniversary of the terror attacks. the new center in sync so, pennsylvania includes a permanent exhibit, a walkway, and an overlook that lets visitors see the crash site of united airlines flight 93 from a distance. leon: what's coming up tonight at 6:00, why today's supreme court ruling my not be the final word on the issue.
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you details about when thousands of iris e-mails were deleted. -- irs e-mails were deleted. we will take you to where a water tower has become a giant beach ball. that aside at 6:00. kimberly: washington state must address climate change it this decision comes after a lawsuit filed by a group of young people. it asks the state be required to develop a science-based plan for limiting divisions and order to protect the climate for future generations. the department of ecology denied the petition last year although we did not deny the scientific basis for. leon: firefighters in california forced to shut them critical airdrops in the fight against several wildfires in the cause is somebody blew a drone to close to the plane. >> we shut the aircraft down for the rest of the day and limited our ability to fight fire.
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leon: 32 helicopters and planes for love sitting on the tarmac overnight, although more homes are evacuated. the scorching heat is not creating the worst fire conditions ever seen. kimberly: no worries about drought in our area. leon: i wish we could send them some of the water we have here. doug: more rain and thunderstorms and by the time we finish the month of june i think we will be well high on the list of the rainiest junes on record. a look at what is happening right now with the live camera in alexandria. 85 degrees now at reagan national airport. heat index 87 with the wind out of the south and it will continue out of the south bringing the warm front a little closer. on the top side of your screen most of the showers are fairly light. no thunder or lightning to see their. most of the storm activity is down south where to warnings are on the screen. i want to show you the stormscan in some interesting -- cd can
5:50 pm
find richmond, va at the center-right. we are watching an intensive thunderstorm for an hour or so and then a split in half. it had to separate out drafts. we don't see it around your often but it does happen. the one on the bottom could will become an extreme the severe storm over the next couple of hours. later tonight thunderstorms enter our area. that is the area continuing under severe under stormwatch until midnight. our futurecasst shows more showers and storms by 10:00. they will move out in most of the day will be fine tomorrow. maybe a few showers are storms but a new system developing that could bring his heavy rain saturday and saturday night. even heavier rain could come saturday night overnight into sunday morning. here is your weekend. rain heavy at times on saturday and 76. 80 degrees on sunday.
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back to you. leon: let's talk about the draft. not the weather draft. tonight's nba draft. are the wizards good to make noise? robert: i am not -- glad they are not taking anywhere high. that means they did not have an ugly season. tonight is the night. set aside for us to see. mostly big and tall young men and unique looking suits tower over smaller commissioner of for the cash and other millions. we will get to the wizards were not in the lottery for the first time in forever in the 6:00 hour. let's look big picture. all my draft point towards carl anthony -- from kentucky. first, head to the timberwolves to play for former wizards coach. followed by los angeles lakers
5:52 pm
who should snatch up jahlil okafur. wizards will wait until 19 for their pick which means they didn't have a ugly season before. they are looking for complementary parts of a strong team. the draft begins at 7:00 on espn. a five-day span, the nationals are gone from half again deficit to three and half game lead over the mets. going for win number six in a row. it is 6-0, washington in the sixth inning. big ups to the virginia cavalier. winning the college world series. vanderbilt caught looking by giving kirby to end the game. 4-2, final. the rematch from last year's championship, uva does it battling a rash of injuries and getting contribution from a
5:53 pm
bunch of freshmen to hoist the trophy with all that talent that is come out of that school. including ryan zimmerman. this is their first ever college world series. leon: they have been nibbling at it for a while. robert: you think the wizards who after a power forward help? leon: that is a great question. my gut says it will go with regard. -- a guard. kimberly: i go the other way. [laughter] leon: we will take
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kimberly: today marks 65 years since the korean war began. 135,000 troops crossed the 30th parallel from north korea into the republic of korea. an armistice ended the fighting three years later but there was never actually a peace treaty ending the war. in memorial to the more than
5:57 pm
54,000 americans killed and 7800 americans still unaccounted for is on the national mall in washington dc. just north, so writing it's one of your 75th anniversary this year. the annual red mass before the start of the supreme court session each year. suzanne kennedy shows us a more of its place in history. reporter: is the spiritual headquarters of the washington archdiocese. the cathedral of saint matthew the apostle has a rich history. >> as we come out of the city into the great cathedral. reporter: this red rick church marks a momentous occasion. it's 175th anniversary. >> there is a warmth about this church. that is why it is attractive to some he people. reporter: it has its place in history. it was here that president kennedy's funeral was held in
5:58 pm
1963 in were pope john paul ii celebrated mass in 1979. >> 9/11 happens in the cathedral was full. people flock to it. the cathedral, this area, was at peace -- they wanted peace in time for themselves. reporter: it has 5000 parishioners, families like the -- to celebrate weddings, baptisms, and birth -- first communion heree. >> it is my home away from home. parishioners get to know one another and you feel very welcome. >> it is the center of my faith my family's faith, but it serves that for a lot of people. reporter: it celebrates this anniversary during the year of a papal visit.
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pope francis will make his first trip to washington d c into september. -- in september. kimberly: that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. reaction to a critical supreme court ruling and why the fight over health care is far from over. >> i were the purple tie for the purple line today. kimberly: plans to build light rail after the governor green lights the purple line. the timing of possible storms that could impact united weekend. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. leon: we will begin on storm watch as we brace for what could be a bumpy night tonight. let's get right to doug hill. what is the word? doug: bumpy right now over
6:00 pm
central in southeast virginia. cloudy and rather comfortable. let's show you the severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. it affects part of our areas. a large chunk of central and southern virginia all the way into north carolina. watching showers across western maryland, west virginia. the heavy-duty storms are still across virginia. the rain will move eastward and i think we'll see areas of rain tonight. it could become heavier tonight as a warm front to the south that is causing the thunderstorms moves northward. you are seeing on stormscan it is moving west to east get we could see showers and storms closer to the metro area and then those will move from west to east combined with the other rate and give us the potential of heavy downpours. humid air to the


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