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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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e officers are focusing all of their energy on the area. we are waiting for them to corner david sweat. they believe it's a matter of time. we will continue to monitor the breaking news. we have it on i'm john jonathan elias abc7 news. president obama: this morning the supreme court recognized that the constitution guarantees marijuana equality. from gay marriage from this day forward it will -- guarantees marriage equality. from gave >> -- gay marriage and equality. >> we will continue to fight and live with this ruling. >> love conquers hate! maureen: history today celebrated on the step of the supreme court. this is after the 5-4 ruling that made same-sex legal across the nation. leon: while marriage equality is now the law of the land,
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the legal battles may not be over. we have team coverage today. maureen: we have more but first, we have more information. >> i was in the court when we heard the oral arguments. they were given extra time to preparetary case. legally gay married couples in the country but the number will grow quickly. >> love conquers hate. >> the celebration on the supreme court steps for some was decades in waiting. plaintiff who crossed state lines to marry his partner got a presidential phone call immediately following the 5-4 decision. >> i want to say congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> talk to the president. talk about that.
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>> i wish i could remember what we talked about. he thanked me for being brave and being out here and part of the fight. >> but even he says there is more fighting to be done. for example, can a wedding photographer or baker refuse to do business with a gay couple because it's against their religious beliefs be sued? >> the bottom line the government shouldn't force anyone regardless on the belief on marriage to use artistic talent to participate in a ceremony for which your faith conflicts with. president obama: they should be very proud. america should be proud. >> the president believes the justices had to reflect a more accepting public and that measure of equality could no longer be denied. even five or ten years ago that was unthinkable. but this is an example of how the public attitudes can fundamentally change and
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shift. the supreme court was not narrowly reading law but reading the overwhelming public sentiment. >> within hours of the ruling some of the states that had bans began issuing licensing. technically the losing side is affording a couple of weeks here to ask the court to reconsider. very few think that is a possibility. live at the supreme court, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you scott. after today's ruling spontaneous outburst of singing outside the supreme court. [singing] leon: singing the last frame of the national anthem in one way they celebrated today. brianne carter no continueses our team coverage with a look at how people on both sides of the issue are reacting. brianne: proudly waving flags and banners --
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[singing] brianne: or singing and rejoicing. ups filled the sidewalk and street outside the supreme court. >> the feeling was intense. good vibesch everybody was happy. >> d.c. residents have been together in three years but before now they couldn't have been married in steven's home state of texas. connecticut resident mary beth is also thrilled. >> zil unions are not equal. now this is equal. >> she was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and wasn't sure she would be around for this day. >> i'm glad to be alive. to spend the day on the supreme court. >> some worry if it will under mine those who oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons. >> we have the voices validated in the form of a vote.
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decide the most pressing issue for our time. brianne: back live you can see the group that is still gathered here outside of the steps of supreme court. people speaking out on both sides of the issue. some we spoke to say it's a huge day to celebrate. historical day. but others say this is one step and there are many more to have equality for all. brianne carter abc7 news. maureen: thank you. the celebration spread far beyond washington today. in new york city. hundreds went to the inn to celebrate as it's one of the most important location in gay right history. i was the site of protest and riots on police crackdown of gay clubs in 1969. today's celebration has grown so large new york police shut down the street. leon: not all reactions to the rule having been positive.
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each republican candidate for president denounced the ruling. other groups like the family resource council denounced it entirely. the president tony per kips wrote this. "no court can overturn natural law. nature and nature's god held by the citers of the declaration of independence as the very source of law cannot be usurped by the edict of a court." we have more reaction from all sides on this as well as the complexion text of the ruling in the complete coverage right now on maureen: wi are on storm watch heading into a weekend that could see severe weather in the area. chief meteorologist doug hill will tell us what to expect. doug: cloudy and quiet outside the belfort furniture weather center. jump in get a headline here. that is the flash flood watch that goes in effect at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. across large portion of the
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area. north and west. see that in a moment. south and east is not as big of a concern for the heavy rain but perhaps heavy thunderstorms. look at the moisture. rain and storm from the west. warm front from the south. overnight cloudy and mild. but as we get through the day tomorrow chance for rain will increase. keep up to date with the storm watch app. more for you in a few minutes. leon: you got it doug. now an update on the breaking news out of northeast washington where a man was shot at a gas station on new york avenue. a family member of the victim tells us he just dropped off his wife at a salon and went to get gas as he was shot. he is alert and breathing. it was shut down at the site but it has reopened in both directions now. maureen: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- another shark attack.
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what the victim was doing before the attack. leon: a warning for americans after terror attacks on the other side of the globe. maureen: find out what president obama said about the charleston church gunman
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maureen: president obama singing in his eulogy to thecharleston minister clementa pinckney who was killed last
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week. one of the nine killed when a gunman opened fire at a bible study inside historic black emanuel a.m.e. church. he told thousands in attendance the gunman was blinded by hatred and could not see grace surrounding that bible study. leon: overseas now. french police say a man suspected of having ties to radicals attacked an american-owned gas factory. two were injured when people ran in triggering an explosion. a man found dead on the site. the victim ran a transportation company that the suspect once worked for. that suspect is now in custody. a gunman opened fire at a beach resort in tunisia today killing 37 people. witnesses say the man pulled an automatic rifle from an umbrella and began shooting europeans. police shot and killed the gunman. the worst attack of the kind in tunisia's history. maureen: americans are warned
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about possible terrorist threats around the fourth of july holiday. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says people should remain individual leapt and report anything suspicious. authorities will suggest security measures as needed. it does not specific any particular plot. leon: coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> something big and exciting happening at r.f.k. stadium in d.c. i'm jeff goldberg. we'll tell you what is happening coming up in a few. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill breaks down the timing of nasty weather that could bring dangerous conditions to the area tomorrow. >> i'm lou. coming up in sports the draft pick confirms what people suggested at one of the best players in the association. one of the baseball's best is back on the bump. we hear from mad max as he makes his pitch for the record books when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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leon: we have thousands of people descending on area to get together to watch the best police and firefighter athletes from around the world
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get together to compete. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg ins us now live from the opening ceremonies of the world police and fire games. jeff, how is it looking out there? jeff: it is -- i'll step out of the way to show you what is going on here. more than 60 countries represented. canada coming in stadium right now. all the action at this moment happening here in the district of columbia. after tonight the action will shift across the river to fairfax. throw a dart at a map you could find a country here. >> from winnipeg canada. >> they have all come to fairfax for the 2015 world police and fire games. 9,600 athletes. 61 different sports. 53 different venues. >> this is overwhelming but fantastic. >> tony has been part of the planning process for six years. they are usually in urban areas like dublin or montreal.
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but they convinced them to come to the suburbs. >> tennis today basketball, cycling, martial arts and more. the athletes bring family and friends. estimated 25000 people spending $55 to $60 million. [singing] in fairfax and beyond. >> most tourists see the monuments and everything downtown and now they can experience what northern virginia has to offer to everyone in the country. >> it has the feel of an olympic village. the firefighters from greece like what they see. >> i didn't "it to be so beautiful. >> they will spend the week competing an talking shy. >> how do they do their work? >> building relationships sure to last. >> have fun. >> no question about that. for law enforcement and the firefighters this is their olympic games. some events are in loudoun
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county but this is the fairfax county show. this event will be spectacular. live in at r.f.k., jeff goldberg. maureen: thank you, jeff. for the fifth t this month a person has been hurt after a shark attack on north carolina coast. before noon a 47-year-old man was bitten in avon on the north carolina outer banks. in waste deep water trying to point out a pod of dolphins to a group of children. the rescue squad said the man had injuries to his lower leg and lower back and was flown to a trauma center but so far his condition has not been released. leon: you have to remember you are walking in their dining room every time we go out there. maureen: yeah. it looks like it might rain on picnics around here. doug: all kind of activities. police and fire game, folk like festival. stay in touch. get to what we expect. this is a live image in
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alexandria in the background and the oxand hill and the national harbor in the foreground. fine off the water. good -- sunshine off the water. that is a good sign. for city and outdoor plans you will be fine. tomorrow morning will be fine. but the afternoon and the evening and the nighttime, the chances of rain ramp up. upper 70's. 81 is the warm spot at reagan national. look at this rain. headed in our general direction. west and southwest. more south. this is along a warm front to move north. we will get rain tomorrow. but it's late afternoon and the overnight hours when most of the rain will come. where will the heaviest rain be? we have widespread flash flood and flood watches across the country. this is lined up to a flash flood warning in effect.
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the whole motion is this way for the most part. it may be as the precipitation map point out the iest rain farther and north of washington, closer to the storm center. that would be good for us. most of the areas south and east are more scattered showers and storms. but any storms could be heavy and severe. two faces to the storm system. looking at the guidance for the past couple of days if anything will change my hunch would be that the area of heaviest rain might be pushed farther north and west. not back closer to the d.c. metro. they will have lesser amount of rain because it's subjected to scattered storms. closer to 3 in baltimore. 2.5 in fredericksburg. farther south, stay in touch in the day with any break at all. maybe a trend will develop and heavier stuff will be pushed
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farther north and west. steve rudin will have new guidance to work off at 11:00. in the meantime a risk for a slight risk of the severe weather tomorrow around the area south and east of town. that is another thing to keep in mind. we will finish it up with a quick look at the seven-day. the temperatures are near 80 tomorrow. it will clear out quickly on sunday and back to a standard summer forecast. maureen leon, lou? maureen: thank you. leon: thanks doug. what is going on man? lou: we have news. from one of the wizards draft picks on kevin durant. ready for that? leon: okay. absolutely. lou: even before lebron james returned home to cleveland last year the talk around here was kevin durant returning back to the d.m.v. the wizards top draft pick, oubre dropped a nugget on those for the k.d.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. lou: the recent nba draft for the wizards wasn't about getting a sure-fire can't-miss play-right-now player like john wall or b beal. what the wizards did by acquiring kelly oubre in the first right might be as meaningful as both of those picks combined. oubre is a kansas jayhawk, just like paul pierce. he knows kevin durant very
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well. so well that durant gave oubre a shout out on instagram leading up to the draft. so is k.d. to d.c. a reality? here is what oubre had to say. >> what was your field of study at kansas? >> communication. >> so you know they want you to communicate with paul pierce and probably with kevin durant the year after. >> great players. kevin durant is coming home. i know he wants to come home. you know what i mean? that is a guy i know personally. it's aural about what is best for him. washington is a place he could thrive at and we could win together. lou: hmm. max scherzer is contagious people in a good way. brings a new meaning to the phrase "staff infection." whatever arm stuff max has going on has spread to the other starters on the staff. since his no-hitter last saturday the nat starters put together impressive 25 straight scoreless innings.
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in max's last two outings 26 k's, one hit, one walk and one hit batter. aka, punk move by jose thabitat. tonight he starts against a lowly phillies looking to be the first pitch since 1938 to toss back-to-back no-hitters. blue scherzer is always thinking big -- plus scherzer is always thinking big picture. >> as good as i have been in the past two games my season is not defined by this. my season is defined by 32 starts. i realize what it takes to have success at the level. my mission is figure out the rest of the year as well as i can. lou: last night was the nba draft. tonight is hockey's turn. the washington capitols have number 22 overall pick. leon: all right. good stuff. get k.d. to d.c. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up. leon: join us back at 11:00. we'll see y
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>>. >> brek breaking newn several fronts. a special edition of "world news tonight." first, history at the supreme court on same-sex marriage. the reaction on both sides. now legal in all 50 states. th couples waiting to get married. the 5-4 ruling. justices who were against this, you will hear their fiery dissent. and the states refusing to let the weddings begin. the breaking news in the hunt for the two escaped killers. tonight, they have shot and killed one othe men. at this hour, authorities say closing in on the other. we're on the scene. american authorities on alert tonight, after 90 minutes of terror. three separate attacks overseas -- tourists at a beach resort. an american-run factory. a mosque. brian ross and bob woodruff, overseas tonight. and, honoring the charleston pastor and the eight other


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