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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 27, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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kellye: tell us more about this beautiful day tomorrow. eileen: partly sunny skies, 80 degrees, get out and enjoy. we will take any bit of sunshine tomorrow. still a few lingering showers. kellye: probably not try enough to cut the lawn. eileen: probably not, no. kellye: there is always
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>> no, saturday news extra. kellye: just into the newsroom, an update at a frederick county authorities tell us the victim in the water rescue is a 62-year-old man. no word on how we ended up in the water but he was pronounced dead at the scene. his body is being taken to the
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baltimore medical examiner for an autopsy. that escape prison or more desperate than ever. officers working around the clock 20 in on 22 square miles tried to find david sweat. reporter: one down, one to go. the manhunt for david sweat is heating up. police morning he may be armed. >> he is still out there, he is considered dangerous. reporter: residence on edge. >> i have never been so scared in my whole life. reporter: this after richard matt was killed in the woods in malone, new york. some 45 miles west of the prison where the two men he escaped three weeks ago. the trail to matt started on friday at this home. >> to lightbox, and a hard -- to
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light knocks, and one hard knock. it scared me. reporter: several items inside the cabin were missing. after calling police, he says his son heard gunshots. >> i heard 4-5 gunshots. reporter: a driver also called police claiming his camper had been shot. that is when border agents moved in. investigators say matt refused verbal commands and was shot. some neighbors who have never handled a gun before this telling us they are going out and buying them for their protection. kellye: cleanup in richmond where vandals spray-painted black lives matter on a monument. it was visible on the statue which is one of several
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monuments to the confederacy. a commonwealth capital city is the former capital of the confederacy. controversy on capitol hill after the irs said it erased e-mail records related to the tea party scandal. russell george testified on thursday before the house oversight committee. thousands of e-mails were eras to and from four -- a former irs official, one year after an edict not to erase backup drives through the irs say it was a mistake. a new push for d.c. statehood is underway, at delaware senator has introduced legislation to give d.c. residents full representation in congress. they designate areas around the white house and national mall as the seat of the federal government, the rest of the city
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would become the 51st -- 51st state called new columbia. the purple line is getting the green light to it larry hogan says he supports the light rail project. the project has been a polarizing one. we have more reaction from both sides. reporter: larry hogan ran out -- ran a platform of reduced spending. >> i never said i was opposed reporter:, i said it was expensive. the proposal is scaled down -- slashes the chunk was kicked in from 700 to 168 million dollars the two counties will contribute more money -- the proposed herbal line would run from new carrollton to bethesda. along the route, and construction would alter the landscape. >> doing my job, i don't know where i would go -- >> riverdale work is at a gas station say they were informed the purple line will require
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this property -- >> we all for the opportunity and another job -- >> the future of the economy in this country reporter: is in suburbs and cities. but the product has support especially among those who believe it will alleviate congestion on roads and increase economic development. >> we need to go forward with the purple line. it is crucial. reporter: -- kellye: coming up, new questions over a tool meant to keep you safe. what is going wrong with dash cam's in what officials are doing to fix the problem. but first, the star attack, who was targeted and the protest is she was at that got people so angry. and after a day of heavy rain and storms, if you had to cancel your saturday plans, will view be able to do them outside on
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kellye: courtney love attacked in paris by anti-uber protesters. love tweeted that the new uber she was writing -- she said she would be safer in baghdad. prince george county police say hundreds of dashboard cameras do
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not work. we found out why and what is being done about it. reporter: take a look at this -- camera video from a county police cruiser showing a collision. the video like this is a critical tool for officers when it comes to investigation training, transparency. >> video shows an unbiased articulate picture of what happened. reporter: according to an audit 30% of the 1000 -- 1000 48 cameras are malfunctioning. the chief called for the audit after the tragic death of an officer. the officer was off duty and attempting a traffic stop when his car veered off the road. the -- camera in his cruiser was not working. >> that was a note in addition to the overriding fact, the primary driver of this was how many cameras to we have that cannot be repaired? reporter: the department has older models and new are models that record on a hard drive to a
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the majority of those networking are the older models and the department is looking at ways to repair them even of the parts are not always available. the department also plans to replace 100 of those cruisers with the old cameras by the end of the year. leaving 150 malfunctioning cameras in the fleet. >> 70% -- we should -- by the end of the month, it should be fixed. >> it seems like everything is going on social media. reporter: in addition, there is also possibly a pilot program and no work for body cameras in prince george's county. kellye: fairfax county is deciding a parking garage first silverlight and commuters. the garage will go up at the plan innovation center station. it is one of six stations being built in the second phase of the sober line. the garage will include -- of
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the silver line. construction is not expected to be finished until spring 2019. coming up, raising awareness the latest progress one athlete is making as he writes coast to coast to help the college alumni.
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kellye: no shortage of wetness for june.
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eileen: it is hard to imagine that we have had nearly 12 inches of rain just for june. that is a lot of water. kellye: a whole lot of water. eileen: i want to show you the water falling from the sky and doppler looks quieter than it did earlier. the cold front is actually getting ready to cross the blue ridge so that is what the line of showers you are seeing from martinsburg through winchester and back now just to the west also watching another little cluster of heavy showers around the warrington area and also around fredericks and there is even a little bit of lightning and some of that so as you are going to bed you may hear a rumble of thunder but nothing severe expected for us. flooding still remains a major concern, flash flood warnings in effect for these areas highlighted in green including parts of the doc, montgomery howard, and prince george's county's. just something to be mindful of. we had so many take shares of
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flooding and i want to thank all of our viewers for sending us images unfortunately. in fredericksburg -- of the capital alehouse, the roof collapsed due to heavy rain and damaging wind. fortunately, nobody was injured but i know they are going to be repairing it for quite some time. also more rain -- look at all of the standing water in the front lawn of this home. fortunately, the heaviest rain is over. we have had anywhere between 2-4 inches across the area -- nearly 3.5 -- temperatures right now in the 60's so will stay in the 60's overnight tonight that as kelly and i were just talking about, a .93 inches of rain this june and will likely go down as the second wettest june on record unless we get about 2.5 inches of rain within the next several days before july arrives
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. so here comes our front spinning out of here and that is going to allow for much trier and less humid air to work into the region tomorrow so it should be really nice. lingering showers ending tonight . southerly breeze at 10-50 miles per hour, windy tomorrow but the good news is that wind is going to help evaporate a lot of this moisture partly cloudy and high temperature around 80 degrees -- mostly sunny on monday, 83 and then storm chances return for the middle of the work week. an updated that a man biking across the country for a complete stranger, we first introduced to two frank two weeks ago -- he is trying to write from oceanside, california to annapolis in 12 days to raise money for west virginia university. we have an update on his progress. by now, frank has to be running on fumes. fumes and his dedication to ryan, the local young men beaten
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into essentially a vegetative state five years ago when ryan was a student at west virginia university. >> push through, push through -- >> and endurance a runner from northern virginia heard about ryan and wanted to do something extreme, even by frank roche's standards decided on a 3000 mile cross-country by grace. ex 3, 2, 1, go. he took off from oceanside california, crossed to arizona and made it to utah but understandably the track is taking its toll -- his team says frank has required medical attention perhaps giving up was the best, smartest option. frank's team says he had completed a 12 mile -- 1200 mile stretch to stay in the race -- frank made it by 30 seconds. >> we just hit the halfway
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point. on he goes, his miss and intact, his team says he was leaving illinois today. hired legs be darned, he is still heading east hoping to finish the race on sunday in annapolis. for more on this inspiring story, all you have to do is go to also tonight, the weather -- the world police and fire games postponed several outdoor events is ball, soccer, tennis, and outdoor shooting will take place tomorrow weather permitting, thousands of first responders from all over the wording -- world are in fairfax for the event did a quick bit tonight from metro -- officials called abc and said that before tomorrow, they will be increasing service on the orange and overlying to make sure it is easy to get to and from your events in fairfax county. we are on your site with a consumer alert. mitsubishi is recalling 460,000
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cars because of airbag problems, the automaker saying those airbags can push son visors into passengers during a crash causing serious injuries or it has left two people partially blind or the recall covers eclipse from 2000-2005. it also covers chrysler and dodge stratus cars that mitsubishi made for chrysler. five people have been hurt. donald trump is threatening to sue univision for beach of contract, the biggest spanish-language broadcaster is dropping his telecast of the miss usa pageant, trump is part over -- owner of the organization that puts on the contest or univision's upset with trump after comments about mexico and immigrants during his presidential speech last week. pbs is postponing a season of its genealogy show finding your
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group -- this move comes after it was revealed that ben affleck pressure show producers to leave out details about a slaveowning ancestor. this series violated network standards by allowing improper influence the network also says it will not air new episodes until the show makes some staffing changes. coming up, inside the church at the center of the international attention, the historic anniversary for saint matthews and the big name
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kellye: north of the mall stands a church celebrating an anniversary. we go inside the historic st. matthew. reporter: it is the spiritual headquarters of the washington archdiocese, the cathedral of saint matthew the apostle has a rich history. as we come out into this great cathedral -- >> located in the heart of downtown this church marks a momentous occasion this year it's 175th anniversary. >> there is an intimacy, a warmth about this cathedral and that is why it is attractive to so many people reporter:. establish in 1840, this cathedral has a place in history, it is here that president kennedy funeral was
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held and where a 1979 pope john paul ii celebrated mass. a day of national tragedy also saw area catholics solace at this church. >> 9/11 happens in the cathedral was full, people flocked to the cathedral, this area, they wanted peace, they wanted just time for themselves. reporter: the cathedral has 5000 parishioners families like this that have celebrated weightings, baptisms and communions here. quick say matthew is my home away from home, it is a warm inviting place. they create a wonderful atmosphere where parishioners get to know one another and feel very welcome. >> it is the search in the center of my faith, my family's faith but it also serves that for a lot of people. reporter: the cathedral celebrates the anniversary during a year of the papal visit, pope francis will make his first trip to washington infant -- in september, a time of great importance to area catholics.
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