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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 28, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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weddings in the 13 states where same-sex people can marry for the first time. we have more on the couples saying i do. now by the power invested in me. >> same-sex couples racing to the alter. >> i'm speechless honestly and i'm so excited. i couldn't sleep last night. that excitement ecoing across the country. jubilation at this pride parade. a rainbow of equality lighting landmarks overnight. after the supreme court declared gay marriage legal in all 50
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states. in kentucky, tears of joy from 18-year-old excited her two moms can finally say i do. >> we've always known we're a family and felt like a family. but to finally have our national government and country recognize that legally is just absolutely incredible. >> after 20 years together and three children, the proposal. >> in new york city this couple had everything ready for their wedding but were waiting for their union to be legal nationwide. >> it does feel radically different. i mean it's -- you know, i have a husband and a family and i can protect them anywhere in the country now. >> today they made it official. meanwhile civil rights leaders are trying to bring down a confederate flag. abc seven brought to you the story of the controversial flag. the naacp collected a few
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hundred signatures protesting the flag. the flag's owner however vows it will stay up as a symbol of southern heritage. national cathedral is in the midst of a multimillion dollar repair after the earthquake that hit more than four years ago. the concern stem from the immans in some of the windows. >> it was a meant as a symbol of reconciliation. the question now is what was appropriate in 1953 still appropriate in 2015. >> the cathedrals dean says it's time for the windows to come
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down. >> windows are intended to let the light of god into the congregation. but right now that light is being filtered through a symbol that has become associated with oppression and white supremacy and racism. >> the cost to replace them isn't known yet. their potential removal comes in a time when the cathedral has more than $20 million of uake repairs to make. they have different opinions on whether the windows should be replaced. >> it's been here for so many years. >> a final decision may not come until the end of the year. the reverend will talk about those windows in his sunday sermon. his rational as to why they should come down. >> northwest washington susan
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kennedy abc seven news. right now d.c. police are on the hunt for two women who shot a taxi driver. the women who were both in their twenties got into an argument with the driver and then shot him. it happened at 17 and east capital streets but the driver managed to drive himself to the 600 block of massachusetts avenue where police found him and he's respected to recover. some new options who want to remain close to their children. they go inside the playground café. >> whether it's story time or play time, children have a chance to interact while mom and dad get to work. at the playground café in fort washington -- >> we keep it simple and cost effective. >> an air force veteran says the idea was born after she left the
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military. suddenly she says she's in fear of losing her job. instead her boss let her set up a play pen in her office. >> i thought wow, what a nice way. >> he's here 2 to 3 times a week with his daughter. >> we can create memories here and i can get right back to work. >> there wasn't anything out there to support parents in the workplace parents who are growing a business. >> the building is home to a dance studio converting the space during the day with private conference rooms and daycare upstairs where adults plug in downstairs offering parents more options to be more productive. >> we've seen an exciting interest from corporations.
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>> abc seven news. >> coming up on washington weekly, unwanted visitors. the latest rash of shark attacks and they have been sighted. >> a nice day tomorrow. but the heat and humidity and
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>> it has happened again.
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another teenager seriously injured after a shark attack off north carolina's outer banks. this happened on saturday. first reported in critical condition. but upgraded to serious and he is out of the operating room. the attack is the 6th this north carolina in two weeks. a similar warning in some parts of ocean city this past week. sharks sight is shut down a few paoefpz. we are learning more about the species and what visitors should know. we have the story. >> police near ocean city estimate the hammer head is actually eight feet long and 300 pounds. it's now been captured on video all over the water surrounding ocean city and become the talk of the town. >> just driving the boat nice and slowly by and it rided right out of the water and you can see the tail swimming back and forth. >> they believe the shark has
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left the ocean and gone into a bay possibly to give birth. while it was still in the ocean the beach patrol forced swimmers out of the water. some have gotten the surprise of their life. >> later in the day, swimmers were allowed back in. >> everybody's talking about it. but really pose a danger. >> despite the precautions there was little risk of an attack. >> sharks experts will tell you the hammer head is the most docile type of sharks. they're not aggressive sharks. >> they say it's not uncommon tore sharks to be close to shore. >> not to scare anybody but white sharks are there and tiger sharks are there. >> a b seven news. >> still ahead on washington weekly living in the clouds, the woman who made her livelihood by flying since 1957 and the incredible changes she has seen
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over the last six decades.
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>> take a look at this. this is an eight foot whirling vortex in texas right near the oklahoma border. it comes after days of intense rain and flooding. the flood gates to a reservo were open to lower the water level. safety signs are posted warning people to stay away.
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>> for very good reason. that's scary. very cool to look at. >> it reminds me of clay. >> we are looking at a nicer day tomorrow in terms of sunshine and little bit warmer temperatures. nothing to complain about. we hit 82 degrees. i'll take below average for this time of year. i would normally see a high of 88. the record 104 back in 2012. it's now 73 at reagan national. a measure of moisture in the atmosphere now in the fifties. by this time tomorrow night we'll be in the middle 60s and that will start to feel a bit more uncomfortable out there as we move closer to tuesday. atmosphere becomes a bit more unsettled. the clouds that we had earlier
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today curtsy of area of low pressure that not only brought clouds and rain but temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees below average for this time of year. all this moves on out torz the north and eat. that's why we have our clearing for the overnight and temperatures that will range from the middle fifties to lower sixties inside the belt way. winds just around 5-15 miles per hour and may see stronger gusts and not going to last very long and we could be making up to a little bit of fog, especially around the blue ridge. nothing that will cause any travel delays. sunshine, that's going to be the big focal point come early tomorrow morning and grab the sun glasses as you head out the tkaofrplt on tuesday more than likely you'll need an umbrella as we have about a 30% chance for a few showers and maybe a rumble or two of thunder. unfortunately have to keep the
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chances for storms. wednesday, thursday and friday and even the part of the day on 4th of july. fingers crossed we'll get the fireworks in at 908 on saturday evening. for tomorrow we're calling for a few added clouds. temperatures around 80 to 85 degrees and winds will be out of the west and not a problem. 88 degrees for a high. middle 80s on wednesday. and a chance for a few pop-up showers and there are the chans for the garden variety storms as we move through the rest of the week and into parts of the upcoming weekend. but fingers crossed for the day on saturday that we'll get most of the storminess out of the way early on and as the comes to a set we'll look for that starting to settle down and the fireworks as planned. >> that sounds really good. flying is romance for some people and necessary inconvenience for others. pu for betty flying is a been a way of life and tonight's
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working woman alison introduces us to the 79-year-old flight attendant for american airlines pherpbled with u.s. air. >> she's been at it since 1957. airlines have come and gone. mergers have overtaken others but betty is still flying. >> this was what i wanted. >> it was more physical labor back then. service was very different. >> you were supposed the lid off in front of the passenger so he could smell the steam coming out. >> she started flying from the nation's capital in 1961. >> the minute i landed here i said this is for me. to be here in washington i loved it. >> shuttles to new york and boston might not seem so glamourous but the short hop worked for her. >> i had my son who was handicapped. i had to be home at night. >> there is nothing like the shutters frequent fliers. >> look who is here. hi, sweetheart. aren't you pretty. >> you never know what kind of
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people you're going to touch. >> the f. a. a. does require pilots require at age 65 there is no mandatory retirement age for cabin crews. still, some are curious about her age. >> i get this all the time. how long have you been flying? >> she doesn't know what she'll retire. one customer suggested she ha have a diamond jubilee. i'm going to 60 years. >> secure the cabin for departure. >> her advice for those with dreams and challenges some >> if you want to do it, go for it. >> she enkour rapbls her son to volunteer with her at a food and clothing pantry once a week. she says having a busy life keeps her going. alison starling abc seven news. allegations of a cartoon copycat. the paper at the center
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a politician is taking aim at mont tkpopl my's county's last standing newspaper accusing of copying work from all over the country. the centennial is firing back. >> it is clear theft. >> councilman calling out the newspaper's cueing the cartoonist of plagiarism.
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for example, this june 2014 centennial cartoon titled fox watching the hen house is strikingly similar to this animation. from october 2013 until she stopped doing it 81 out of 83 cartoons had either some of the content plagiarized or all of it plagiarized. >> if i were elected that wouldn't be the best use of my time. >> councilman is seeking retaliation for asking the tough questions. >> we pay particular attention of the workings of rockville and that aingeers members of the government who would prefer we not take the close look at their comings and goings. >> i've been up front that i take hard hits from the centennial and i've gone out of my way not to criticize the
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content or the fact that the cartoonist is anonymous or anything like that. but plagiarism unacceptable. >> that's why it said it fired the cartoonist case closed. >> we have answered the questions and we have made the prudent moves and done what we're supposed to do and now we're moving on. >>
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