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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: a bizarre murder trial in prince george's county. brian mayhew and two codefendants are accused in the death of his uncle who was set to testify him in another murder trial. john gonzalez breaking it down for us life outside the courtroom with the latest. john: good afternoon. this case is playing out like a t.v. drama inside the upper marble courthouse.
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prosecutors say it was a murder for hire, trying to cover up to the previous murders. the trial of 23-year-old brian mayhew is underway at this hour. he is charged with the murder of his own uncle, gunned down outside of his home while holding his toddler. it was back in 2012. he was set to testify against his nephew who was charged with two murders a year earlier. prosecutors believe brian mayhew hired two men to kill the uncle while he sat in jail. today's opening arguments were delayed because of motions asking the judge if he would allow two separate guns they believe were used in the crime to be entered as evidence and if prosecutors would be allowed to ask the medical examiner about evidence of bleach and gasoline found on the body, in an attempt, they believe, to cover up the crime. despite nico mayhew's death in
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2012, brian mayhew has been convicted and found guilty of those murders. he is currently serving life in prison plus 20 years. now he faces another sentence of 20 years if he is found guilty of these crimes here. the state's attorney tells us witness protection was offered to the uncle, but he declined it. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. jummy: also developing now a three-week manhunt has come to an end. the second fugitive in the brazen prison break is finally in custody. authorities say david sweat remains in print go condition after being shot a state police trooper yesterday -- remains in critical condition after being shot by a state police to bring yesterday. >> his run for freedom finally over. david sweat shop and under arrest -- shot and under arrest
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just two days after his accomplice was shot and killed. elated and relieved, law enforcement celebrating their victory. it was sunday afternoon, the new york state police sergeant chased after him before shooting him twice in the torso a mile and a half from the canadian border. >> he spotted a male. he recognized him to be david sweat. at that time, sweat turned and fled on foot. he realized sweat was going to make it to a tree line, and he fired two shots. >> there were a bunch of officers -- >> this man recounted what he saw. >> he was just about the tree line. >> sweat was rushed to a nearby hospital and then to a medical center in albany in critical condition. on june 6, sweat and matt broke out of a maximum security prison in new york.
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authorities now revealing the men were using pepper to throw dogs off the trail, but officers tracked them down using d.n.a. on food and scouring surveillance images showing them on the move last week. two prison workers have been charged in connection with the escape. officials say the investigation is continuing and they are not ruling out the possibility of more arrests. jummy: right now, investigators are looking into the cause of the deadly speed boat accident near kent island. authorities say a seven-year-old died and eight others were injured in a tragic accident. it happened when a hydroplane lost control in the boat race and crashed into a group of spectators. no word on how fast the hydroplane was moving when it crashed, but we are told they are able to get up to speeds of around 130 miles per hour. a little more than a mile away crews are still trying to find a missing silver spring man after
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a separate boating accident. the 32-year-old was on a boat that capsized at terrapin beach park. what are other people pulled from the water. crews are still trying to find him. the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes touched down in southern maryland on saturday. the twisters hit about the same time around 4:30 saturday afternoon. the first struck in charles county. the second hit further south and traveled 16 miles to oakland in st. mary's county. that one was on the ground for more than a half-hour. officials say peak winds hit 90 miles an hour damaging homes and flattening barnes. no one was injured. in our weather today a lot better to start your work week. taking a live look outside at the nation's capital. today will help us to try out from the stormy weekend. chief meteorologist and hill is
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here with a first look at the forecast. doug: a big improvement over the high humidity and temperatures. enjoy every minute you can today with bright sunshine. 73 degrees right now in rockville. the breeze out of the west-northwest at six miles an hour. 75 in gaithersburg. 78 in quantico. 81 at reagan national airport. 76 in annapolis. dew point temperatures is a good relative reading of how human it feels. in the summertime with temperatures in the 80's and dew points in the 50's, it is wonderful. we are happy about the weather pattern today. sunshine today, 84. heat and humidity build back tomorrow. chances of showers and storms increase as well. we will look ahead in a few minutes. jummy: we will see you then. an earthquake struck this morning in southern virginia, the second in just a few days. the u.s. geological survey says
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the 2.3 quake hit near the north carolina border just after 6:00 this morning. another 2.2 quake shook the early -- area saturday morning. the area has seen a lot of seismic to the recent years including the 2011 5.8 magnitude quake that rattled the entire east coast. state police investigating a crash involving a bus and a car in fairfax county. this is a view from the traffic camera. it happened on 66 east near route 50 around 8:30 this morning. no word yet on injuries or how many people were on the bus. the crash caused a few delays but the lanes are open now. it is the final day of the term for the supreme court. this morning, the justices released the final three decisions. sam sweeney is live at the high court with more on those rulings. sam: good afternoon. all these decisions were split
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5-4 just after 10:00 this morning, very much reflecting the partisan divide on the high court. the first decision dealt with the death penalty. they decided to uphold the use of controversial drug administered during lethal injection. three inmates in oklahoma say the first drug of a three-drug cocktail used to sedate inmates does not work. in some cases, the drug causes excruciating pain. experts liken it to being burned alive from the inside. inmates say the drug cocktail violates the eighth amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. but the justices said they had no proof the drugs were faulty. the second case don't a major blow to the obama administration and environmentalists. the court said the e.p.a. did not take into account cost when it set strict standards. those would have averaged about $10 billion a year. the case of public health comes
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before money, but the court overruled them. the last case very into chromatic -- anticlimactic. it involves computer -- congressional redistricting. they can continue to draw lines in states like arizona and california where people in those states voted to install commissions so lawmakers would not be in charge of making those congressional lines. a very busy morning at the supreme court. but today was the last day of the term. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: another funeral today for one of the victims of the charleston church shooting. today, friends and family will say goodbye to 59-year-old myra thompson. her funeral follows services for four victims over the weekend. nine people lost their lives when dylann roof opened fire less than two weeks ago. plans have not been announced for the last funeral for
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reference simmons -- reference simmons. ntsb investigating the deadly plane crash in massachusetts. it happened last night. the plane crashed into a home southwest of boston. people inside were able to get out before the fire spread. three people on board the plane all died. no word yet on what caused this crash. federal officials in the u.s. are warning of possible terror threats around the fourth of july holiday. increased concerns come after a weekend of attacks and other countries that killed more than two dozen people. the f.b.i. and department of homeland security sent out a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies warning of a potential threat. >> isil has spent about a year investing in trying to reach troubled minds in the united states through social media either recruit them to come to their so-called caliphate to fight or kill where they stand. jummy: the f.b.i. has made seven arrest in two weeks.
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however,at threat is known at this time. ramped up security is expected in the d.c. metro area over the holiday weekend. in other news around the world fear and uncertainty in greece. the greek stock market and banks will be closed to the next six days. a.t.m. withdrawals are limited to what equates to $67 per day. the government faces a possible default on debt and has been in negotiations with its european creditors over how to get out of financial trouble. the deadline for a decision is tomorrow when the bailout program is set to expire. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, summer youth jobs programs getting underway in the district . a look at who is getting the jobs and why not everyone is on board with changes. the surprise dangers lurking in pools this year. plus, a must-see video of the day. the bear sighting at yellowstone
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national park caught on camera and how the seven-year-old inside the car reacted. more storms headed our way. doug is back with how it could impact your four
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: it is the first day on the job for hundreds of teenagers and young adults in the district. brianne carter live with more on the summer jobs program. brianne carter: in the last hour, the mayor meeting some of the participants on their first day of work. they say it started with orientation and then a meeting with the mayor.
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she sat down at a roundtable discussion with about 10 of this year's participants. across the district, there are about 15,000 from 14 to the age of 24. usually, the cutoff has been 21. this year, they expanded the program to include 22 to 24-year-olds as well. the mayor said they realized they needed to do more for their young people. this is the first year they have this expanded program. in the meeting with the mayor, there were two participants, one in graduate school who came back to have a summer job program and another who said he is looking to get into the workforce and more experience can be beneficial. not everyone is on board. we know the expanded program has been funded this year by the council but has not been funded for years to come. today, the mayor talked about that saying tell people about your experience, get more people talking about this older age group and how to help them as
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well. take a listen to what the mayor had to say about how she came up with the idea to add additional participants. mayor: i found too many that were not connected or underemployed, and in some cases lacking hope. i realized we have to make some intentional changes to make sure we grab these young people. brianne carter: during this discussion, the mayor asked each participant what they want to take away at the end of the summer. one of the other questions is how much they are making in the program. that also varies depending on the age and experience. anywhere from a training program of about $5 up to about $9.25 for the older age group. some of the private partnerships are paying more.
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one of the things they asked is how you see the use -- this transitioning to full employment. that is the goal with the older age group the 22 to 24-year-olds. the program will last six weeks wrapping up in august. brianne carter, abc 7 news. jummy: thank you. at least 1000 residents have been forced to evacuate homes in central washington state as firefighters battling out-of-control wildfire. the three-alarm fire can be seen burning and several homes. about a dozen structures have been destroyed. the cause of the blaze is unknown. 7 is on your side. federal health officials are warning about the parasite in the water this summer. the parasite is encased in a tough show and causes acute
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gastrointestinal issues. according to a new c.d.c. report, parasite outbreaks for water can be dangerous. the parasite is particularly troubling due to how long it can live in treated water. to stay safe, check pools and make sure the water is properly treated. doug: good advice. jummy: sometimes we have to worry about the ocean. doug: a lot of things to worry about. wanting you don't have to worry about today is the weather. is beautiful -- it is beautiful. let's get started with a time-lapse in montgomery county. a beautiful day. a beautiful sunrise. you will enjoy outside today. the dryness of the air is reflected in the sky with the sharp sopa of the class. no rain.
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it will be gorgeous and comfortable. things will be changing as a warm front comes in. enjoy today. anyone right now at reagan national. 75 in manassas. we will climb to about 84. it will be warm, sunny, and comfortable. later tonight, we will see a change in the wind direction and get more humid. low-pressure across indiana will move northeast and get stronger. it will push a warm front through tomorrow. they'll give us the first chance of storms with heat and humidity building. all indications are this front is going to move through and probably stop at some point. last week, we were dealing with a front that would not move. i think we will have a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms. we don't have any strong signal of a familiar warm weather
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pattern. may be due to el niño being so strong. normally this time of year, we would be looking at warm sunny days.instead, more showers and storms. more scattered storms into wednesday. warmer and more humid as well. 88 for the high today with the humidity taking a vacation today. it will be back tomorrow as we get close to 90 with a chance of showers and storms. same thing wednesday, thursday and friday. for the weekend, a 6% chance of storms. it is monday. it could change. we will see. i know everybody has plans for saturday. jummy: thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, an encounter with a bear caught on camera. we have new details on the failed spacex mission. what the explosion could mean for future missions.
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jummy: nasa officials are investigating why a spacex rocket exploded after takeoff. the spacecraft was headed for the international space more than two tons of supplies including food and provisions. this was spacex's third failed attempt which could put future nasa missions at risk. this is the must-see video of the day. tourists at yellowstone got an up close look at the grizzly bear. it was all caught on camera.
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that grizzly approached the line of cars and left visible scratches on vehicles. the montana family managed to cool, including the seven-year-old daughter. >> the bear was jumping on the car with his front paws and smearing it with bear snot. jummy: bear encounters are not uncommon at yellowstone. a mother bear and her cubs followed tourists last month. no one was injured. storm chances later this week. we will check in with doug hill after the break.
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jummy: pretty good day? doug: you can't do better than this with sunshine and a high of 84. tomorrow, the humidity comes back. thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. there will be a chance of showers wednesday, thursday friday into the fourth of july weekend. we will have more at 4:00 and narrow down the chances of rain for the weekend. jummy: thank you. thank you for joining us. have a wonderful day.
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