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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  June 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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waterway out there and you can see that it's a beautiful peaceful area. yesterday, it was roaring with the race boat surrounded by spectators in the area cordoned off and approved by the coast guard. that boat did go offcourse, slammed to spectators and killed the little girl. we can show you the go fund me page set up to help her mother, a single mother take care of this. we had an opportunity to speak with one of the other victims, a man whose boat was first struck by the hydroplane who describes a terrifying accident. >> all of a sudden i saw the hydroplane come right in. it hit the motor, broke it in half and i thought it would sink but it didn't. brad: lucky it didn't sink. he also tells us that they were lucky more people wasn't hurt. when we come back we will tell you why that is so and give you the latest on the coast
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guard information on the freak and the terrible accident. brad bell abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. two supreme court justices say it's highly likely that the lethal injection is unconstitutional. this comes after they hold the use of the controversial drug. the drug used to sedate the inmate has been blamed on several botched executions but in a 5-4 decision the court ruled that there is no proof that the dug doesn't work proper -- the drug doesn't work properly. in a dissenting opinion, the justices raised the question of the substitutionalty of the capital punishment question of the constitutionality of capital punishment question altogether. >> the first mansion murders and now another frighting crime. this time a woman is sexually assaulted in a neighborhood filled with college students. right now that sex predator is still on the loose. stephen tschida is life with what we are learning about the
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investigation. stephen: this is what we've got. 4:00 saturday morning, along 41st street here, a man 5'9" to six feet broke through a pane. you can see a number of windows in the apartment buildings. he smashed out a pane, open the window, got outside and burglarized the unit when he encountered the female occupant. that led to a sexual assault. we're about halfway between georgetown and the university. there are a lot of college students. they feel safe but some of them are questioning the sense of security. >> it's awful for this neighborhood. honestly. >> it's kind of scary but it doesn't happen that often. stephen: yeah it doesn't happen that often but once is enough to have people frightened. as far as the suspect again, six feet tall. could have passed for a college student or recent
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grad. 20 to 23. buzz-cut t-shirt, shorts and a back pack. after the assault he took off the search continues. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: the national weather service says the first ef-1 twister struck south of morgan-up to. that is the smallest tornado on the scale. the second hit further south at swan point. i traveled 16 miles to oakland, st. mary's county. officials say the peak winds hit at 90 miles per hour damaging homes and flattening several barns. the only good point is no one was injured. two earthquakes, this was in virginia, again, not one but two earthquakes shook the ground. the u.s. geological survey says a 2.3 magnitude quake hit near the north carolina border after 6:00 this morning. then a 2.2 quake shook the
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area saturday morning five miles south. that is the same area where a 5.8-magnitude quake shook the entire east coast in 2011. a lot of wind blowing and the earth was shaking. busy weekend. >> wild weather. now we want to turn to the weather. we have cooler temperatures, lower humid. my kind of weather. jonathan: you couldn't ask for a better way to start the week. doug hill is already talking about changes. doug: it was a one-day deal. if you have a chance to enjoy the weather find out how to enjoy the low humidity. the sky is gorgeous. give you a look outside. what is so ensationm about the weather, the air is dry overhead. we have the low-level moisture, the stark blue nature of the sky. it's gorgeous. sunshine low humidity. this is something we don't have very often in early summer around here. the old fashioned weather
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pattern. showers and storms in the forecast tomorrow and the next day and the next day. it's delightful through this monday evening. we will drop in the 70's this evening with the sunshine. that will be nice. then we will have showers coming in. it will start tomorrow morning and then through the evening a warm front is going to approach and showers and isolated thunderstorms. the same old song about the daily thunderstorm chances. look at the weekend forecast the big fourth of july weekend. jonathan: see you then, doug. thank you. information coming in the newsroom about a new terror arrest. a man picked up in new jersey accused of conspiring to help isil. >> the arrest is coming amid heightened concerns around terrorist attacks around the july 4 holiday. senior political reporter scott thuman is at the capitol
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hill hill -- capitol hill bureau with the details. scott: the department of homeland security points out there is no specific threat to indicate around attack will take place. they have both sent out a bulletin to the local and the state law enforcement across the country to urn them to be individual leapt. we took a look at the preparations at the mall with the massive crowds gather every fourth of july weekend. the f.b.i. will have its command post nearby. that has become standard procedure. but in light of the recent terror attacks in france and kuwait and tunisia, there is an increase concern over what is called lone wolf or the isil-inspired attacks. >> the f.b.i. has been quietly putting out memos to the local law enforcement behind the scenes to tell people to be aware that we have had at least one lone wolf attack in texas. no doubt it was isis-inspired at a minimum. there are other folks out
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there that the f.b.i. is tracking. there are about a hundred they worry about on any given day. that is real. scott: we have much more on trying to prevent the attacks. a new challenge with the potential that something could happen. that is coming up. in the meantime i'm scott thuman. back to you. jonathan: the trial of a man accused of murdererring his uncle from behind prison walls is underway. brian and two codefendant are facing first-degree murder charges and are accused of killing the uncle mikko set to testify against them in a double murder trial. prosecutors believe that brian ordered the death from jail in an attempt to avoid facing prosecution. >> the race for the white house, a spokesperson for joe biden says he is still weighing whether he will run in 2016. there was a story that biden's
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sons urged him to pursue the presidency. a spokesperson said the family is going through a difficult time with the recent death of beau biden and any speculation about his running for president is premature and inappropriate. jonathan: kids will be keeping busy with the summer jobs program. kimberly: and samford was there for the kickoff. >> do you have the -- >> enlightening of the cyber security and software company day one on the job for the d.c. young people. for some a far cry for the past summer jobs. >> in the other summer jobs, i was picking up trash. >> some others will pick up trash this summer. mayor muriel bowser used this as a showcase for the summer job program. bowser extended it to 22- to 24-year-olds and it is
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facing council opposition. >> mayor bowser: i have been challenged to make sure that the program is worthwhile. i love a challenge. i tell them all i'm always going to bet on the kids in the district of columbia. >> three pay grades this year. 14 to 15-year-olds get $5.25 an hour. 16 to 21-year-olds $8.25. 22 to 24-year-olds $9.25. brandon keys who went to college in west virginia has had trouble landing a job. >> looking for the experience everywhere you go. >> they are taking on the young people because the boss understands it. the d.c. summer program gave him his first job. >> i want to make sure they can communicate and are trained on how to run a business. >> so this is going on across the city. first day at work for $15,000 young people. six weeks to go. >> reporting from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up on the
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"abc7 news at 4:00" -- we'll show you how several business owners are showing their thanks to law enforcement after the manhunt ends for the two escaped prisoners. kimberly: plus a -- >> plus a story you will only see here and why parents are upset wi
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kellye: another charleston church shooting victim was laid to rest today. friends and family said final goodbyes to 59-year-old myra thompson this morning. her funeral followed services for four other victims this weekend at emanuel a.m.e. church where dylann roof opened fire less than two weeks ago killing nine people. thomas' husband told roof that he forgives him. jonathan: breaking news that has to do with the economy. wall street tumbled today. the dow jones lost 2% of the value. nasdaq down 2.5%. you can blame all the financial woes right now all over the globe on greece. the country's five-year international bail-out program expires tomorrow. the greece cab knelt decided
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to keep the stock market and the banks closed for six business days. these are the lines for people to try to get their murn out. now a popular vote will decide whether greece will accept terms offered by the creditors and whether it will use the euro as the form of currency. >> for me it's never been an option. jonathan: to put it in perspective, the a.t.m. withdrawals are limited to $67 per day. a lot of people are wondering how they are going to survive. kellye: a quick reminder for drivers in maryland. july 1 the tolls will be reduced across the state. bay bridge the cost will drop from $6 to $4. on the intercounty connector the rate is going down 3 contracts per mile. maryland e-z pass will see it drop from 10% to 25% on several bijes -- bridges and
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tunnels. jonathan: jamie sullivan is checking traffic to us. happy monday. jamie: thank you. i want to start off with the metro update. this morning we had single tracking. this afternoon. we have issues but at twin brooks there was an earlier train malfunction so expect the delays in both directions. let's talk about the roads. so getting out there, we are seeing just one area that is really the iest -- heaviest from beltway from virginia to maryland. this stretch we see yellow and this is the inner loop and the outer loop through the area of the green belt working your way closer to college park. let's focus in on that area where it's the heaviest. approaching the american legion bridge and getting closer to river road we are at 12 miles per hour. once you get closer to bethesda, we are in the teens but you drop down as you work your way closer to chevy chase and connecticut avenue. single digits. 6 miles per hour. a crash that is slowing you down near university boulevard. so this is mainly the reason
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we have extra congestion this afternoon. talk about virginia. the commute on 66 a live will show you what to expect. a lot of volume. take a look. this looks like the accident activity in the left shoulder. you can get by. a lot of normal slowing and the sun glare is a factor. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. breaking news right now nbc is saying, "you are fired" to donald trump. kellye: the network announced that it is ending the business relationship with the republican presidential candidate. rebecca cooper is at the live desk with the details. rebecca: donald trump had already ended his appearances on the nbc show "the apprentice" before he announced he was an official candidate for president. but today nbc executives announced they are cutting all ties with trump. and will not air. it is operated by the trump organization but a coalition
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of 39 different hispanic news have donald trump when he said that a bigger fence should be built to keep the mexican immigrants out of the united states. today in chicago trump said he may sue nbc but that it is okay with him if the network in his words want to be weak on immigration. in full trump fashion, he stood by his remarks. >> donald trump: i love mexican people. i have a great relationship with mexico. how can i not love people that give me tens of millions of dollars. you have to love it. but the same time we have to have worders. this isn't for mexico. this is for the world. rebecca: now nbc is still looking at the bottom line and hopes to key trump's show "celebrity apprentice" on air but the rumor has it with a
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different host. reporting live from the news desk, rebecca cooper abc7 news. kellye: thank you, rebecca. a fast-moving wildfire forced at least a thousand more people to evacuate in washington state. the grassfire started orn sunday afternoon on remote hillside and triple digit temperatures strong winds pushed it dorn into residential areas. nearly a dozen homes have been destroyed in the city of wenatchee and dozens more are in the line of fire. >> houses over there are threatened. >> the fire started by us. it went straight up the hill behind our house. kellye: officials say the fire is 0% corn tained but the good news -- 0% contained but the good news is the fans that fired the flames have died down. jonathan: folks needed today to clean up after what happened on saturday. >> absolutely. kellye: we had wind yesterday. doug: we had two tornadoes. get the map and talk about this later. this is the third anniversary
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of duracho that blew through here. this is saturday night's video. okay. two tornadoes. we will both get started -- okay. this is the duracho video. jonathan: it's monday. kellye: yeah. doug: what is crazy this made it from chicago to our area in eight hours. jonathan: wow! slow-mover. doug: no it was flying! straight line winds 70 75 miles per hour gusts were advertised. dramatic day. this is not as dramatic but just as concerning for folks in southern maryland as i make the three-mile walk to the weather wall here. put it up and i'll do my thing here. this is a map we put together at great experience in the weather center this afternoon to try to put in context the counties involved in southern maryland. we had the privilege of being
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on the air live when this was developing. one tornado started in morgan town in charles county. i didn't look too long. just a couple of miles. but the bigger wind up ef-1's on the scale. 90-mile-per-hour winds. but this stayed on the ground for 16 miles to do most of the damage. so two e.f.-1. one for 2.1 miles and the other 16.1. by the time it hit the river there was still circulation but it was the end of the tornado. today, different pattern. sunny, warm less humidity. delightful record. the heat and the humidity is down south. warm front is going to bring heat and humidity back tomorrow. so enjoy every moment we have. dew point in the 50's. blue sky, sunshine birds chirping. it's wonderful.
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right now we think saturday and sunday the 4th and 50th will be partly cloudy. temperatures, mid-to-upper 80's with a 30% chance of showers and storms. the seven-day shows across the board. the showers and the thunderstorms. this is our pattern. this started in may. this is the summer pattern. every day chance of showers and storms. jonathan: as long as we get a nice day sprinkled in like today. doug: then it's worth it. kellye: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new details into the capture of escaped killer from prison. what he is revealing to police about being on the run for three weeks. >> caller's
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jonathan: several neighborhoods are relieved. they are thanking the officers for finding the two escaped prisoners. the prisoner that is captured alive is talking to the investigators about he and the fellow inmate was able to escape and stay on the run for so long. kellye: marci gonzalez is in albany with the latest. marci: one day after the capture, david sweat is recovering in the hospital and talking with investigators revealing after breaking out of the prison more than three weeks ago he and fellow fuge fuge -- fugitive richard matt planned head to mexico.
4:25 pm
and they admitted when mitchell didn't show up with the get-away car they decided to walk to canada and there a mile and a half from the border is where sweat was caught yesterday afternoon. >> he was just apt at the tree line. if he got to the tree line he could have gotten over. >> but before he got there, the officer shot the convicted cop killer twice as he took off running. >> i heard gunshots. in another 30 seconds they were flooded with police cars. marci: this happened two days after matt was shot and killed by the officers. they split up last week because matt was slowing him down. >> this is a camper where matt was hiding.
4:26 pm
marci: his condition has been upgraded to serious but he will have to stay in the home for a few more days before he can be put behind bars. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. still ahead the funeral home the target of a bizarre crime. >> if you think about it. jonathan: coming up, details on a man who stole a hearse with a body inside. >> a montgomery county teacher's aide arrested on charges of child sex abuse. i' soccer. top chef. soccer. top chef. [whi stles] soccer! top chef! [shouting] disco! [singing]
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: trouble for a montgomery county school employee charged with sex abuse. kellye: some parents are upset that the school didn't notify them of the arrest. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has a story you will only see on 7. kevin: alondrez is accused of molestic and beating a female relative in 2004. the victim now 15 kept quiet until last month. the charges are especially concerning because he works as a teacher's aide in potomac. the school leaders knew about the arrest but chose to keep
4:30 pm
quiet. >> it makes me concern what else are they not sharing with us. kevin parents say even though the alleged abuse happened offcampus and did not involve a student they should have been more forthcoming. >> we haven't heard i don't know when it's happened but there has been no public announcement that i'm aware of. >> he lives in the montgomery village town home with his wife of six years. >> 4 years old? terrible. kevin the neighbor is stunned. >> it's something beyond my comprehension that someone 4 years old no. kevin: the timing is interesting as the board of education is scheduled to vote on a child sex abuse policy. but after the recent arrest with no parent notification many wonder if they are still confused about the word "transparency." in potomac, i'm kevin lewis,
4:31 pm
abc7 news. jonathan: we tell you this. late this afternoon, the montgomery county schools sent an e-mail to parents about the case after we inquired about it. the administrators say they were not keeping the incident a secret but were working closely with police and didn't send the e-mail immediately because of the ongoing investigation. kellye: state police are investigating a bus crash in fairfax county that caused delays for morning commuters. a bus and a car collided on i-56 east near route 50 around 8:30 this morning. this is a view from the traffic cam. there were injured reported but the police have not said how serious they were out how many people were on the bus. jonathan: hopefully you got out and enjoyed the weather. kellye: i enjoyed it. doug hill will explain changes ahead. doug: we will get back to what is the typical summer pattern with the higher humidity levels. this is really important this
4:32 pm
week because the fourth of july is saturday. there are tons of outdoor activities. take it one step at a time. we have a beautiful time lapse at the high school in albany. gorgeous day. what beautiful silhouetted cumulus clouds. it's 85 in fredericksburg. the air is dry enough with a lower dew point it's comfortable. the mountains to the west 1,000 feet or so and the dew points in the 40's. even more comfortable there. we will hang on to a great night. but the front to the left-hand side of the area is a warm front that will come in with more heat and humidity. the cold front will give us more thunderstorm chances getting through the day wednesday. the front go far. it will be an irabout the to us thursday friday saturday
4:33 pm
and in the weekend with daily chances of showers and thunderstorms. there is the weekend forecast including saturday and sunday for 4th and 5th. 30% chance of showers and storms. it's muggy. tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday, saturday, sunday, chances of rain each day in the forecast. i will bring you more happy, cheery weather news in the studio in a few minutes. kellye: thank you doug. frightening moments for beach-goers in north carolina with two more shark attacks over the weekend. jonathan: it makes six attacks in the state this month. abc's steve osusami explains what could attract the sharks to the beach. >> caller's said someone bitten by a shark. reporter: an 18-year-old is recovering after a shark bite. they had to air lift the teenager to the hospital. he had life-threatening injuries to his back leg and both hands. >> oh my goodness. reporter: a day earlier 20 minutes down the shore a shark bit a 47-year-old man in
4:34 pm
water that was waist deep. >> multiple bites. he is stable. >> for the fifth and the sixth time this month a shark swimming along the coast of north carolina confused a person for food. >> experts say bait from the local fishing pier could be one of the problems attracting sharks to the shore. what you are seeing here isn't encouraged at all and is illegal in most states. reeling in a shark feet from people trying to relax on the beach. but even the concerns won't keep most families enjoying the water. >> this is not stopping me from going in. reporter: experts say shark attacks increase in the summer because there are more people at the beach. some call for a ban of fishing at the pier nearby but those are going nowhere. steve osunsami.
4:35 pm
jonathan: are we going to call it a shark attack when a knucklehead kid drags one to the shore and sticks his hand in the mouth? 13-year-old boy and his father recover avenue being attacked by an alligator in texas. this happened on the lake in a family outing not far from houston. deputies say the alligator bit to boy's arm while he was swimming and dragged him under water by the leg. the boy's father jumped in to save him and he was bitten as well. >> especially with the recent flooding that we have seen, there is alligators in the areas you might not find them more often. jonathan: terrifying. father and son were rushed to the hospital. both in serious and stable condition.
4:36 pm
it did. >> he is shocked. stole the vehicle. watkins says the man attacked his driver after he loaded a body into the back-afternoon suv. >> he was in shock. what is going on? he was just standing there. >> the parking lot was supposed to be closed off to the public but the man who stole the car may have been a patient who escaped from inside the hospital. >> i understand the guy was already being looked for at the hospital. mental patient we really don't know. >> this was the scene on auburn avenue where the patient ditched the s.u.v. after crashing it through the parking lot's locked fence. after he abandoned the funeral home vehicle he forced his way behind the wheel of another driver's car and kept running until he was caught this afternoon. >> it was tough to break the
4:37 pm
news to the victim's family. >> to explain to them what happened. >> now the funeral home director repeated several times this is a problem with the grady hospital security and nothing a driver could do to stop the patient from forcefully stealing his keys. he made it clear that the man who stole the vehicle knew there was a body inside. coming up at 4:00 -- "7 on your side" with a way to stay safe in the water. we talk to a member of the safe boating council about what you need to know before you head out. jonathan: we have an alert for vehicle owners. why the notice of an air ball recall may not be what you why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't.
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jonathan: fourth of july around the corner and what comes with the fourth is a lot of people get on the water to enjoy boating. kellye: "7 on your side" with what you need to know to stay safe. joining us no is rachel johnson with the national sife voting councilcil. good >> hi, how are you? kellye: we are fine. i can't help but think of the accidents that occurred over the weekend on kept island. when you look at the cases was there anything that could have prevented it that could have been taken?
4:41 pm
>> we haven't looked at the investigation ourselves but we want to remind people about the important steps to take to be safer on the water. of course first and foremost we remind all boaters to wear a life jacket at all times. jonathan: go through a checklist with us. they get behind a wheel. but it's worse on a boat because you take chances and you earn danger the lives of everybody. go down the checklist of what people shouldn't do when they boat this holiday weekend? >> you are exactly right. drinking water has different effects. it's the number one contributing factor to accidents. so we encourage boaters to leave alcohol at home. other things to remember such as a proper lookout. just you as a captain might
4:42 pm
not be enough. designate somebody else to look around to make sure everything is safe. not only with your boat but the boats around you as well. kellye: there are checks that you can have done to your boat. tell us a little about those. >> we encourage every boater at the beginning of the boating season or any time to get a free vessel safety check. google free safety vessel check with the power squadron. they will come out to your vote to make sure you have everything you need on board to make sure everything is in working order. this is all completely free. >> so every year we do that. what are the things that frustrate you the most that people ignore or not paying attention to things they should? >> first and foremost is those people that don't wear a life jacket. of those that drowned last year 84% were not wearing a life jacket. it's the simplest, most
4:43 pm
life-saving thing you can do for everyone on the water. jonathan: now they make the fashionable vests like you have, not the orange one but fashionable and if you hit the water you float. >> they do exactly. i'm wearing an inflatable life jacket here that uses a co2 cylinder to inflate. there is this option and a belt-pack option as well. this is literally life jacket a coast guard approved life jacket. jonathan: fantastic. we appreciate you taking the time. thank you, rachel. kellye: thank you rachel. >> great. thank you. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a night of memorable moments from the b.e.t. awards including diddy's fall off the staple. when we return a look at the other big moments from the show.
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4:46 pm
kellye: a night of fun and surprises for music fans. b.e.t. holding the award show last night. jonathan: we thought we would show you moments folks are talking about. we're joined by wkys and we
4:47 pm
appreciate you taking the time. the p. diddy video of him falling, that had folks talking. >> it's funny because it was a 20-year anniversary of bad boy. so he brought all the characters back out. but there was a hole in the stage where lil kim was supposed to pop out of. but for some reason diddy i guess they opened up too soon. here he goes. he stumbles. one, two three, boom! but he pops back up. really kind of quick and the show goes on. kellye: i give him a ten to play it off. >> true professional. jonathan: you thought he was getting a massage. the other moment folks talk about is nicki minaj. kellye: yeah. >> she was a little confused. kellye: little bit. >> she is in a lot of categories so that is why she was confused. she looked fabulous and brought her mom on stage with her. she looked like what in the world? i thought she was making her
4:48 pm
regular crazy face. i was so impressed with how beautiful her mother is. she won an award. >> she won the female hip-hop artist award. but maybe she thought it was a pop award. she talks about her mom. she wanted you to finally meet my mommy and she brought her on stage. looks great. kellye: a very endearing thing to do. she looks amazing. >> janet jackson looks great. kellye: she doesn't age. is it plastic surgery or something else we need to know about? jonathan: she works really hard. she has trainers and she works hard. >> she has a new single and she is revamping the comeback tour. kellye: rocked the white jump suit. jonathan: your favorite moment of the night was what? >> old school. smoky robinson won the icon whatever award. after they played highlights,
4:49 pm
he performed did a tribute by usher and neo an amazing tribute. but smoky himself started to sing and he did "cruising" and people daed in the aisle. jonathan: talk about a guy that doesn't age. he looks fabulous. kellye: he has to be in the 100's or shy of it. >> shares the wisdom too. kellye: which people needed to hear. jonathan: anybody over 60 is not 100. keep that in mind. [laughter] stop it right now. we appreciate you taking the time. there is time for you to enter a chance to win a trip with a guest to attend the espies in los angeles. another great show. kellye: sounds like a good time. winner would receive air fare and accommodations and tickets to the espys. go to the wjla facebook page and click on the link on the left of the side. good luck to you on that. jonathan: smoky in my mind is always in his mid-30's. he looks the part.
4:50 pm
doug: he is not 100 yet! >> sorry! doug: this is like hanging out with my adult kids. jonathan: 20-something. everybody over 30 is 100 years old. doug: when i was an early teenager smoky was already singing. jonathan: give us numbers to deal with. doug: 84 85 tomorrow. jonathan: reasonable. doug: the humidity level is up. but it will bring more thunderstorms. after 6:30 i suggest you get out and enjoy the sunshine. it will be warmer and more humid. let's talk about the rainfall. we are number two on the hit parade for the wettest june on the record. 11.93 inches. we only have to get two inches of rain by midnight tomorrow which is not going to happen. but this rainfall eclipsed rainfall from june of 1972. i was in washington in 1972 and i remember tropical storm agnes very well and the rain
4:51 pm
here. so enough of the rain for a while. but more showers back in the forecast. beautiful day on the beaches. we have crowded beaches, too as we approach the peak of the vacation season. 82 in reagan national. 82 in frederick. but it will change. it will move out to its place. warm front approaches. thunderstorm chances for several days. for the day tomorrow portly sunny and warmer. we are in mid-to-the upper 80's in fairfax. look ahead to weekend. we have daily shower and thunderstorm chances each day in our forecast. let's talk about saturday the 4th of july. so much happening. it looks like we will be in the evening hours and the lower 80's. a slight chance of a late
4:52 pm
afternoon thunderstorm. that is it for now. kellye: thanks. now time to check on the traffic situation with jamie sullivan and the details. jamie: we start off with the metro rail. a heads up. we have delays on a few of our lines. earlier issue at twin brooks. we had a train malfunction on the blue and the orange line to cause delays. so plan for extra 10 to 15 minutes. trying to get home on the metro. maybe a little rougher. take a look at the map. typical slowing. working your way from virginia to maryland. we are used to this. in the teens, getting to bethesda. switch gears to talk about virginia. outbound 395 normal congestion. northbound on 95 activity to the single digits. there is a car fire on the rach. they looked like they got most
4:53 pm
of it moved over. show you the activity that we are seeing. you can see here. they have the cones out and the activity is to the left-hand side. a heads up for you. stay to the right. north of the city may see delays. that is a look at tr why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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kellye: we have all heard of the massive takata air bag involving millions of cars. if you receive a recall notice inspect it carefully. jonathan: consumer reporter john matarese warn us about the notices that are sales pitches so you don't waste your money. john: many car owners in the d.c. area receiving urgent notice about their car in the mail. it looks like it is connected with the takata recall. linda says her rav 4 is a great car but waiting to hear about a air bag replacement and she perked up when a notice arrived in the mail.
4:57 pm
>> we received a technical service bulletin that identified the 2011 toyota which we have. it says the vehicle needs to be serviced. january: it sounded urgent. she figured her rav 4 was among the 33 million vehicles with potentially dangerous takata air bags. >> i knew there was around air bag recall. not knowing if it was associated with that or not, i looked into it a little bit. john: but rather than calling the toll-free number on the card she called her dealer. >> he said he didn't know it was real or not. john: he told her it had nothing to do with the air bag recall. it's to buy an extended warranty. it's not a scam but linda wonders how many people call the toll-free number thinking it's recall related? >> i better warn people. john: she wants others to know you won't have to pay anything
4:58 pm
to have your air bag replaced. the recall repair is free. you should never pay for anything connected to the recall unless you opt for additional work. that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. jonathan: moments of fear and now grief after a freak accident at a maryland boat race. a witness who was nearly struck describes his terror. a deadly combination. >> opened your eyes to everything things we all do can be dangerous and you don't realize it. jonathan: flooded basements are common but for an area family it led to tragedy. plus the last straw. "7 on your side" and the plight of a woman suffering with a two-year case of the heebi jeebies. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. jonathan: we begin with this. investigators are still trying to figure out how a boat driver lost control at the kent narrows this weekend and killing a young girl and injured three others. it happened in the annual thunder on the narrows race.
4:59 pm
our maryland bureau chief brad bell has the latest. brad: that happened on the kent narrows. a beautiful place, beautiful day. but tonight a fundraising effort is underway to benefit the survivors of a 7-year-old girl. her single mother. and two sisters. a beautiful day much like today for thunder on the narrow, a boat race. crowd on land and water watching a full day of racing. jerry among them on his boat with family and friends when it happened. >> devastating. i didn't know what to do. brad: this hydroplane veers offcourse and slams in the motor and realized it's headed for a group of adults and children on inflatable raft tied to his niece's boat. >> it hit them and i jumped over and gragged the one girl.
5:00 pm
pulled her head out of the water. brad: 7-year-old julianne rosela in the water didn't make it. go fund me page set up to help her mother. >> our prayers are with all the families involved. brad: david shaw is race organizers and can't corn firm they lost the rudder and the ability to steer. the coast guard is investigating and won't comment. jerry says it could have been worse. >> there was 20 people next to me and it would have taken everybody. brad: a spokes perp for the coast guard will not comment on the status of the investigation other than to tell us they are out doing interviews with witnesses. they talked to the driver of the race boat last night. he is being fuelly cooperative. the coast guard points out this i


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