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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 9, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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ron claiborne. >> two months after the death of freddie gray captured on video, the head of the police department is out. baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-blake appointed anthony battss in 2012 and shis she is replacing him with a commissioner from inside the department because the city's crime rate including the murder rate has soared. >> this was not anan easy decision. the people of baltimore deserve better. >> the new commissioner will be kevin davis. gunman killed three people blocks away from a local college. so far this year 155 murders in the city 48% higher than last year and six bat more officers were charged in connection with the death of gray while in police custody and for days, baltimore was engulfed in racial riots over it. it is likely widespread criticism of the of baltimore police department led to the announcement. the city's top cop who headed the department at that time dismissed. in may, there were 42 murders in baltimore, the single deadliest
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month in nearly 15 years. now that triple homicide tuesday night, something had to give. ron claiborne, abc news new york. >> the entire family was almost swept away off a massachusetts beach by dangerous rip current and the entire ordeal caught on camera by a member of the family. the 16-year-old girlas running a gopro cam on a selfie stick when she and her parents were caught by the current. dad says he's never been that scared or felt that helpless in his life not even when he was a marine. >> well, checking today's forecast rain across much of the nationecially heavy again in oklahoma to the ohio valley rain later in the day in the big cities of the northeast, lightning in the fire zone in the northwest, a threat for firefighters. >> sweltering heat once again in the fire zone low 90s in portland and seattle, 90s in dallas memphis, washington, d.c. 70s and 80s in l.a. chicago, detroit and boston. i got a story about a dog now. went to a vet in pittsburgh. had a tummy ache needed surgery.
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>> here's why. tiki nearly seven softball teams, enough underwear to last more than a week and there were lots more discoveries. >> surgical technician removed four rubber bands, a band-aid eight pairs of underwear, 62 hair bands. think she is people plan to k an eye on her to make sure the diet improves? >> poor tiki. >> where is tick can i hanging out? >> tiki. >> somebody needs to put more kibble and bits in his little. >> the dog is hungry. coming up political insiders doing some double takes. okay the dog sound doesn't go with the political story. the donald trump story is coming up next. we don't want to be as you qods of anything. jeb bush donald trump making more comments that are getting some attention. >> i thought you were going to say he said who let the dogs out. >> you went back what -- >> that was 1991.
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. things seem to be going well for a second. then it wasn't. worst of seven crashes yesterday you're seeing there during the tour de france. knocked the top french cyclist out of the competition. other cyclists got back on the bikes. heavy rains made the course slippery yesterday. weather expected to be a whole lot better today. the course today will be fairly flat. >> the washington redskins are promising to appeal a federal ruling upholding the
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cancellation of its name the team name that was trademarked in registration. the judge ruled the term redskins may be disparaging to native americans. for now the team can continue using the name but no longer have the legal protection that come with a federal little registered trademark. >> the head of the republican national committee reportedly has asked donald trump to tone ments down on immigration. >> and that's not the only controversial comment made by a gop candidate causing uproar. serene nab marshall has the detail stooz it may be his worst gaffe yet. in new hampshire, republican front-runner jeb bush saying americans need to work more. >> workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. means that people need to work longer hours. >> americans already work more than any other industrialized country on average 47 hours a week. hillary clinton's campaign reacting quickly, her campaign chairman tweeting americans are working pretty hard already. bush backtracking those comments
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overnight saying he was talking about underemployment meaning those who want to morning more but can't. >> i think people want to work harder to have more money in their own pockets not to be dependent upon government. you can take it out of context all you want but high sustained growth means people work 40 hours rather than 30. >> 6.58 million people in the u.s. involuntarily work part time because they can't find full time. they want more hours at the same pay. labor force participation rate at its lowest since 1977. billionaire presidential contender donald trump also tackling the topic of labor admitting it's possible undocumented immigrants helped build his empire. >> we have 34 million in the country. i can say this we work very hard to make sure everybody is legal as opposed to illegal. >> here are the facts. there are currently 11 mill i don't know undocumented immigrants in the country. 4 million of those with american
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born children and while trump may stand by his remarks calling them murderers and rapists the republican national committee chairman is urging him to tone it down spending nearly an hour on the phone with him last night. >> thank you so much. do you remember mitt romney in 20 12 he only got 27% of the hispanic vote. i wonder can just the gop, the republican party as a whole recover from any of these comments even though it might not be trump that's the front-runner but does it bleed over to the whole party? >> it lumps into what a lot of people say just is standard operating procedure. it tos a story line. they've tried. they have been trying and trying since the last election to try to make inroads in minority communities and somebody high profile in the republican party says something and it sets them back. >> we'll have to see what happens. coming up, tech time. new damage hes you haven't heard of. >> if you think the apple watch is cutting edge we're really going to blow your mind with
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this thing next on "world news now." >> "world ne
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♪ well, the apple watch is getting a lot of attention right now but there are plenty of other toys out there that any gadget lover can get into. >> the latest tech gear is here in new york. trina trinh shows us what's hot. >> some of the coolest consumer electronics and tech gadgets are inside. let's go check them out. >> these days wearables are moving from your wrist to your fingers. check this out. a smart ring that gauges how well you sleep. >> the aura uses infrared and temperature sensors along with an accelerometer to check your heart rate activity and sleep resulting in custom recommendations for your overall wellness. >> a perfect combination of activity so that it doesn't affect your sleep negatively. >> that's a lot of processing power packed into one little band. 3-d printers are also proving good things come in small packages. this is the micro, a 3-d printer
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that measures just over 7 inches on each side. >> one of the first things we said is if you want to make an affordable 3-d printer make it as compact as possible. >> don't worry if you're a novice. newer printers like the mod t are super user friendly. >> you come home set it up it's wi-fi connected. you run through the software once. it gets it on the wireless network. it gets you to the online marketplace full of 3-d designs. >> those can be set wirelessly to the mod t and will start printing automatically. you know that alarming chirping sound your smoke learn gives off? no more. this is bruce. it's a connected battery that lasts for five years. it's wi-fi enabled and turns your regular smoke alarm into a smart one. >> and when you're not alarm, that alarm goes off, wouldn't you want to know. it gives you notification on your smartphone.
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>> even instruments are getting smarter. check out this grand. a new keyboard with keys that you can really dig into and even wiggle around. >> let's say jeff beck could do with the guitar using his fingertips on the stringing to change it this gives you more of your voice. you can bring your own techniques to these expressions. >> one more reason why the latest tech toys are are new to our ears. trina trinh, abc news new york. >> which one do you want. >> the piano. i wish i had that when i was learning the piano when i was 8. i would have stuck with it. >> i must be getting older. i want the smoke alarm. >> do you really? >> yes. >> that's so funny. >> useful that would be. >> you're right though. it was pretty cool. >> coming up here some people they just get board with their natural hair color. >> why are you looking at me? >> your turn to read, that's why. had nothing to do with your hair. >> new trending colors that are not so natural.
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♪ well, hair color can be a touchy subject for many women. the choice to go boldly in a new direction can be kind of tough. >> but plenty of ladies not shying away from a bold color at least for your head. pastels? >> uh-huh. kind of like my dress, my jacket. >> abc's abbie boudreau has more on this growing trend.
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>> reporter: it's the summer friendly trend taking hollywood by storm. from pop superstars like katy perry to nicole richie and kelly ripa celebs all over are turning their ponytails pastel. >> i like to mix it up a little. i get board. i've had the same color for i don't know f least. >> and now, everyday of people are jumping on board with tutorials and pinterest pages popping up everywhere online. >> this is the darker part since it's going to be an ombre. >> some even turning to sand art for >> you ready to go pink? excited. >> celebrity colorist are rit at that time hassen says turning your locks every shade of the rainbow is becoming more and more popular. >> about three years ago, i did katy perry's hair pink, purple and blue. this trend, it's so fun to see it's mainstream and it's okay to go to the office with like pink hair. >> but she warns you have to be willing to spend time in the
2:57 am
chair. depending on your natural hair color, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours. >> before you go any of these pop colors these pastel colors you have to bleach out your hair. so you have to like be the palest you can. this works for people are really light hair. this is a total commitment but a fun commitment. >> and her clients agree. >> i already really love it. this is maybe a new thing. >> that's for sure my look. >> abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> it's unfortunate, i couldn't do it. my hair's too dark. >> your hair looks good. your hair looks great. i always put you to put your hair up. i love it when you have your hair up. >> mr. holmes all compliments on your day back.
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look at that car slipping at the road gave way neath 16-year-old kylie moore. >> the rest of the road fell on me. >> northwest of pittsburgh pennsylvania i was in bed sleeping and i got up and looked and i was like uh-oh, it ain't good. >> bill more and four others rescued from the rapidly rising waters. >> that same system will move to cleveland into buffalo morning into noon and the afternoon and evening storm activity heads into the bulk of the northeast. washington, d.c., philadelphia and new york city will all have a severe storm threat. zinger zee. >> it wasn't weather or
3:03 am
terrorism that shut down the new york stock exchange for hours. it was a computer glitch apparently. trading was stopped for nearly four hours. the longest problem in more than a dozen years. there was no panic but it rattle traders already nervous about china and greece and the threat of cyberterrorism. >> at this point there is no indicationing that ma mishs actors are involved in these technology issues. >> there's a report now that a software upgrade caused the glitch. investors were able to continue buying and selling. the dow jones industrial average closed down 26 points. >> 261 points. >> but apparently up over the year. >> glitch a glitch can shut down the new york stock exchange. it was a day of glitches. >> a day of glitches. i needed to update ios. i didn't do that. update ios. there's no connection. >> that's probably the one thing that did work yesterday. we're talking about united airlines. travel nightmare for thousands
3:04 am
of people across the country. united apologizing though after all of their flights grounds for about two hours. the ripple effect dragged on and on. yes, another computer glitch we're told here. more from abc's martinez i gonzales. >> at airports across the country, blank screens and long lines. >> we can barely get in the door because the lines were so long. >> a travel mess starting around 10:00 eastern with every united airlines flight nationwide that hadn't taken off suddenly grounded else. >> here sends us back to the computer. they say they can't help us. >> the airline blaming it on a computer glitch that caused a connectivity issue keeping united from being able to communicate with its planes on the ground or check passenger in. >> it's unbelievable be how much we rely on computers. when we arrived here this was wall to wall people because there was no way to process. >> it is second time this summer united flights have been impacted by this kind of
3:05 am
problem. the issue fixed within two hours but the ripple effect lingering longer. some travelers -- >> a party of seven to newark. >> left scrambling to catch connecting flights. >> i definitely am not pleased. >> and others dealing with delays. >> he's grumpy. well what else are you going to do? you know? so you just kind of roll with it. >> reporter: united gave vouchers to those who had to cancel their travel plans because of the problems which they insist were not the result of a cyberbreach. >> federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly mid-air collision between two planes in south carolina. a small ses nas plane and f-16 military fighter jet crashed. the father and son in the cessna plane were killed. one victim has been recovered. one nagging question why air traffic controllers failed to warn the f-16 pilot about that cessna. >> why didn't the air traffic controller see this small cessna
3:06 am
and warn the f-16? why didn't the f-16 which has very good radar not see this traffic. >> the pilot of the f-16 ejected and survived. experts say mid a collisions between military and civilian plane are rare. >> we t.u.r.n. to baltimore. leaders applauding the pair's decision to fire the police commissioner. she says the growing criticism over how anthony batts handled the freddie gray case has become a distraction and pint pointed to the city's soaring rate. >> the people of baltimore deserve better. >> the police union says it will work with interim commissioner kevin davis to focus on bringing down the crime rate. >> new details about the gun used in the san francisco murder at the center of an immigration debate. it was stolen from a ranger with the bureau of ld management and taken when someone broke
3:07 am
into his cars days before kathryn steinle shot. it's not clear how it handed up in the hands of the murder suspect. the mexican immigrant says the gun went off accidentally. >> turning to donned trumpl now. in a response to a report that workers undocumented workers helped him build an empire his empire the real estate mogul says well, it's possible. >> i can't guarantee anything. but i can say this we worked very hard to make sure that everybody is legal as opposed to illegal. >> trump says that if there are undocumented workers at that site this is in washington in particular or elsewhere in his organization, he'll tell them they're fired. this all started with trump's comments last month that some mexican immigrants are drug runners and rapists. jose andreas native of spain now says he will not open a restaurant in trump's d.c. hotel as planned. >> another republican presidential hopeful raising
3:08 am
eyebrows. jeb bush was quick to backtrack on remarks he made while discussing tax reform in a live interview. he said said "people need to work longer to grow the economy." democrats quickly said that shows how he's out of touch with middle class america. the bush campaign said he meant the underemployed should be able to get more work. >> listen to this now. more news about that nfl player who injured his hands in a fireworks mishap. jason pierre-paul's right index finger was reportedly amputated after the fourth of july accident in florida. the new york giants pulled a $60 million multiyear contract offer that was on the table. team officials traveled to a miami official to check on pierre-paul but never made it past the waiting room. there's word he plans to play this season. and there were seven crashes, oh my goodness during yesterday's fifth is taken of the tour de france including this one knocking the top french cyclist out of the race.
3:09 am
the. injuries were minor. today's six relatively flat. weather should be all right. >> that was quite a tumble. >> those guys are flying out there. it starts that ripple effect. >> so sad to see. if you've ever watched jimmy kimmel you've probably seen the array of hollywood characters populating hollywood boulevard. >> take this one, for example. he appears to be levitating over a bus stop with his feet. >> no, come on. >> planted, yes. on top of a sign there. he held that pose for hours. >> the people passed by walked under him, tried to figure out how is he doing this. but as any true illusionist will tell you, that's a secret. this stunt was part of a stunt for the illusionist's next show. what's the deal here? >> we're missing something here. a get a closer look at the video and we'll explain in our next hour. >> coming up in the mix,"
3:10 am
baseball rookies pushed into a coffee run in full uniform. >> also ahead, the trick shot stuntmen of basketball with no fewer than 13 million followers. the secret of success. >> first a bank executive forced to go to his own bank to rob it while the fbi is seconding out a special warning. >> check our behind the scenes pics on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." [ man ] look how beautiful it is. ♪ ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans
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we three people were seriously injured after a bus crashed into a new jersey bank. before the bus slapped flow the building it hit a car and a pedestrian. eyewitnesss say the bus driver lost control. no passengers were on board. and nobody was in the bank. the bus driver the pedestrian and the driver of the car all taken to the hospital. >> authorities say a terrifying ordeal for a tennessee family may be part of a disturbing new trend. a home invasion kidnapping and bank robbery. >> there's a special warning for bank executives from the fbi. here's linsey janice. >> a tennessee family recovering after a terrifying ordeal. >> home invasion resulted in the abduction of a family. >> it all started at 8:00 a.m. on tuesday. two masked men forcing themselves into tanner and abby harris's home, blindfolding they will and forcing them and their infant son into the family car taking the family to the knoxville smartbank branch where he is haven't vice president,
3:15 am
ordering him to go inside and rob the bank. mr. harris did as he was told bringing them an undisclosed amount of money, but the men left him in the parking lot and sped off with mrs. harris and baby inside. dumping them on a roadside about 15 minutes later. >> she hugged me and started crying saying that somebody was holding a gun to her head. >> the fbi is now investigating whether the crime is linked to another kidnapping in the area of a credit union ceo back in april and warning all bank employees to be extra vigilant. linzie janis abc news new york. >> the fbi says it's likely these groups did some kind of surveillance around the bank beforehand and warning bank employees and executives to watch out for cars that might be returning and not getting out of the vehicle. >> this is a movie plot. >> the this happens in real life. we've seen movies where this was the plot. that's scary stuff. >> very scary. >> coming up in the next half hour fighting back against robocalls.
3:16 am
one woman awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars after nonstop harassment. how her victory could impact you. >> first meet the guys behind the internet's best trick shot videos dude perfect. how these college buddies went from youtube obscurity to stardom. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ the social media sensation known as dude perfect has made millions of fans and earned lucrative endorsement deals by doing things that most kids would do for free. >> their trick shots would make your jaw drops. instead of fancy editing, they take the old fashioned approach. juju chang. >> they call themselves dude perfect, the high flying gravity defying, trick shot making megastars of the internet. with 13 million fans on facebook. and nearly 6 million subscribers on youtube, racking up more than 750 million views. >> we're dude perfect. >> let's do some trick shots. >> it's their testosterone fueled yet boyish charm that's attracted obsessive fans of all ages including my son. >> oh wow. >> i brought them alonging to dude perfect headquarters in
3:19 am
texas. immediately, they put me to work on my own version of dudet perfect, the night line edition. >> we're dude perfect. >> this is the no look shot. >> yea! >> okay, i get it now. >> this is the laser shot. >> in fact their first video, a compilation of trick shots when they were just college buddies went viral. their tricks growing more and more draw dropping over a jumbo jet, even the goodyear blimp and yet the skeptics seem to grow, as well. >> everyone is convinced you guys are sneakily getting these trick shots. >> we kind of take that as a comript because you've got to be really smart to be able to do that. we don't have that capability. >> i'm glad they think that highly of us. >> they say it's all real. no tricky camera edits. >> this is the ju ju shot. >> it is just try, try, try, and try again. >> and like peter pan, never growing up seems to be their
3:20 am
plan. even though most of them are married. and garrett is even a new dad. >> do you feel like people who don't know them would look at it and say, you know these guys, they're just immature dudes. do you see it that way? >> i can see how people can say. they play for a living. i call cody and he's playing golf. i told cody i have so much more respect for you. i had node no idea that much went into making a trick shot. >> how do you bring a little dude into this. >> i hope he can grow up and enjoy what we do. it's all about having fun. >> that family friendly business plan has made the dudes a perfect marketing phenomenon bringing in big money from youtube and merchandise endorsements. >> this is our nerve edition. >> at least one estimate puts their net worth in the millions. >> everybody assumes you guys are billionaires now. give me a sense of like how much money are you guys rolling in? >> it's not billions. >> you're just printing it right
3:21 am
there. >> flow, it's enough to support families and do pretty well for ourselves. i mean we work really hard. >> which brings to us that impossible shot off the roof. >> off the roof. oh! >> hashts nailed. for night line i'm. >> you you chang shooting trick shots in texas. >> that was real. >> she really did it. >> it was real because of her reaction. she was excited. >> yeah. you can't fake that. >> really? >> yes. we don't see it happening but they you know how many times they have to try and miss before they finally get it? all we see is the make. >> wow, there's hope for even me then. >> well, i mean, yes, there's always hope for you, reena. >> come on teej. >> there's always hope for you. we need to get a basketball goal in here. >> let's do that. how much are those? can we get those on amazon for $34.99. >> a little more. next "the mix." this is mineral build up it collects leaving gross germ-ridden stains.
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we might need to throw the mix out. i'm being insulted here by my co-anchor. anyway first in the mix, video to show you. electronic dance music. you're not into it. but it's built on not necessarily dancing. but deejays do this. everybody jumping around and getting into the grieve. the deejays build up to this bass drop. building anticipation and dum dum, how it goes. i have to set it up like that. i'm going to take you to video trying to set up the crowd with the bass drop and then -- >> they were in the mood to keep it going. and that was where the bass drop was supposed to happen. they're just messing with the crowd a little bit. they played a slow jam. here it is again. ♪
3:26 am
>> oh. >> that wasn't supposed to happen. >> that's a great song from the '80s. i'm sorry they don't appreciate that song. >> you don't want that song when you're in the club at 2:00 in the morning. you're getting your groove on. >> there was a point when people in the '80s went to studio 54 6 or 9 or whatever it was and they played that song. >> did you stay studio 6 or 9? i don't know that spot. but it sounds awesome, noel. your story is next. recover from that reena. >> move on to hazing sometimes. >> what? >> explain, please. >> all right. sometimes in sporting events sporting organizations have hazing of the younger players, the rookies. >> innocent stuff. >> you're right. the term could be take be the wrong way. this is sort of with the rookies. the st. louis cardinals decided to send the rookies out to starbucks between one of their games against the chicago cubs. they went to the chicago
3:27 am
starbucks in their uniforms. >> that's awesome. >> then they brought the coffee back to the players on the team. this is like a way for the older teammates to keep the guys humble. toumpb them up. unfortunately, it doesn't do much for their game. they did lose both games against the cubs. >> hey, they got a good picture. the fact they made them go in their uniforms is the icing on the cake. >> somebody said they sometimes send them to weddings in their uniforms and our director was saying i'd rather do the coffee run than go to a wedding >> have you seen the body issue, espn's done this six or so years. great athletes are posing nude and showing off these great athletic bodies. there you see bryce harper from the washington -- from washington. well look at the mascot here for the cleveland indians. this is slider taking off his
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," demanding answers from united airlines after the latest in a series of computer melt downs impacting hundreds of flights in a matter of hours. >> wall street shut down the nation's other computer glitch impacting the stock market. new details about what caused it and how traders did their job. digital dependency, blaming forgetfulness on all the information stored in smartphones. from phone numbers, addresses and even birth days. >> and under investigation, ariana grande's doughnut licking stunt. the video going viral and her unsavory comments. why police are getting involved in "the skinny" on this thursday, july 9th. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> and good morning to you all. we have to start with breaking news. really an astonishing turn in south carolina. the confederate flag will be
3:31 am
coming down at the capitol state grounds. >> house lawmakers voted 93-27 to remove the flag after a contentious debate that dragged on for more than 13 hours. lawmakers rejected a string of amendments aimed at changing or changing the bill introduced after the charleston church massacre. there will be one more procedural vote before the governor did sign is the bill. >> governor haley was the one leading the charge saying it should come down. she's certainly expected to sign it. she said this is a proud day for her state. time for them all to come together and heal after what happened in charleston. amazing turn for that flag all the debate been there 50 years, went up to protest the civil rights movement essentially at the state capitol and this is just, it's a heck of a day, heck of a morning. a lot of people never thought that would come down. >> a testament to the folks who voted on this. in the state and senate over there because it happened pretty quickly. i mean after the massacres people knew that this was not a
3:32 am
let's wait six months or a year to get this done. >> other major headline for you. >> the widespread computer failure at one of the world's largest airlines. thousands of frustrated passengers were stuck in airports from coast to coast. >> it was not the day to fly yesterday. the technical glitches left hundreds of united airlines planes on the tarmac rendering its computers useless. here's jim avila. >> gates overflowing, ticket counters jammed. check-in kiosks dark, delay boards bleeding red. some totally blank as lines of passengers snake across the united airlines curbsides. >> we came in, we could barely get into the door because the lines were so long. >> reporter: the nightmare begins at 7:30, the height of morning takeoffs when a computer router malfunctions preventing communication with planes on the ground. 59 flights canceled, 800 delayed. >> this is systemwide, this computer failure throughout the
3:33 am
united system which means nobody's going nowhere. >> reporter: by 9:30, lines are growing and united tweets, we're working to resolve and apologize for any inconvenience. but not until an hour later does a united spokesman confirm the computers are back, but not completely. >> it's probably the longest line i've seen at the airport. >> reporter: united tweeted a video apology, promising to wave change fees. >> thank you so much for your loyalty and your business. we're continuing to work hard to earn it. and again apologize for the inconvenience. >> united says it's working very hard to recover from its computer issues. but this is the fifth time in three years that computer hassles have, in fact, wreaked havoc on its customers. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> a houston bound flight made an unscheduled stop in boston because of an unruly passenger. travelers aboard the british airways plane from london said a man took off his shirt and
3:34 am
started yelling. they say he hit a female companion, four passengers restrained him. he was arrested for interfering with the flight. >> the fbi director is again sounding the alarm on the sophisticated technology used by isis to recruit young people around the world. james comey told senators isis is reaching out to more than 20,000 english speaking followers on twitter, then moving on to encrypted mobile messages that are difficult for law enforcement to intercept. >> it's no longer the case someone who is troubled needs to find this propaganda and this motivation. it buzzes in their pocket. there is a device all day long saying kill, kill, kill, kill. >> and comey said consumers' rights to privacy must be weighed against public safety but silicon valley companies making smartphones with built-in encryption technology say it protects customers from hackers. >> new details what caused the new york stock exchange to shut down. bloomberg is reporting a software upgrade caused a computer glitch that suspended wall street trading for nearly four hours. here's abc's lana zak.
3:35 am
>> moments of high tension as trading was halted for hours on the new york stock exchange. the nyse releasing a statement, we're experiencing a technical issue that we're working to resolve as quickly as possible. >> embarrassingly, it took a couple hours but it clearly wasn't the end of the world. >> but this technical issue happened to coincide with the time of increased market tense. on wednesday chinese markets copied their spectacular crash in what's being dubbed the great fall of china. >> the market is trading as though there's some kind of coming financial crisis. there's still a lot of leverage and tools the authorities can use to avoid that. >> equally worrying for many in america, the volatile situation in europe. greece is a few days from a possible bankruptcy and collapse. the concern a collapse in greece would have a ripple effect for the rest of the eu and possibly the united states. >> we worry more about greece and china and worry about what the federal reserve is doing than whether the new york stock exchange has a trading glitch because that trading glitch in my poip had absolutely zero
3:36 am
impact on your 401(k). >> stocks were trading lower on wednesday because of the volatility in the global markets. new york stock exchange reinforced the idea that this had nothing to do with hacking or any sort of cybercrimes. but in a time of sensitivity, you can imagine that this had a lot of people very worried. reena, t.j. >> absolutely right, lana zak. thank you so much. the defense for the colorado theater shooter could rest as soon as friday. today prosecutors will continue cross examining a star witness for the defense. she says holmes was mentally ill at the time of the shooting. prosecutors attacked the credibility of the schizophrenia expert even questioning the accuracy of her notes. they say holmes was sean during the massacre. >> communities in 15 states are under flash flood watches and warnings overnight. in texas a man and his dog swept off a bridge over a rising creek in brownwood, texas, yesterday. they managed to get out of their truck but all were washed down stream. nearly 5 inches of rain fell in on this central texas community in a short time.
3:37 am
rivers and creeks still rising there. in oklahoma, runoff from the rain is damaging roads and sewers. so far no reports of damage to homes but a lot of roads close -- closed there. 100-year-old historical records were submerged in a county office building basement. they'll be freeze dried now today to try to save them into freeze dried, huh. >> do what you got to do. >> in today's forecast rain across much of the nation especially heavy rain again in oklahoma to the ohio valley. rain later in the day from washington, d.c. to new york city. lightning in the fire zone in the northwest. threat for firefighters. >> sweltering again in that fire zone, 90s in texas, memphis, washington, d.c., 70s and '80s in l.a., chicago, detroit and boston. microsoft says it's cutting 6700 jobs. that's nearly 7% of its workforce. also writing off nearly $8 billion all due to its purchase of nokia phones, a move the company now admits was a mistake. most of the layoffs will be made overseas to the operations there. these cuts come on top of the
3:38 am
18,000 jobs microsoft trimmed last year. >> the good lord heard your prayers. you don't have to leave your sofa because you want taco bell. they're now delivering apparently to more than 90 cities as part of taco bell's deal with the delivery company door dash. the service was successfully tested in several market locations. it admits there are still a few glitches. why are you laughing, everything j. holmes? >> now i don't have to get off my couch to get taco bell. >> the lord heard your prayers. >> who was praying for that? >> eat a burrito at any hour of the day. i was praying for that. >> this is not a good thing, reena >> i think it could potentially be useful. certain weak moments. >> we can't even get up to go get taco bell. >> you get up to get your iphone to call. they deliver. >> oh, man. all right. >> taco bell's new service got a head start in a california location with the delivery of a baby boy. >> the parents to be, they were headed to the hospital yesterday afternoon. they didn't get hungry and pull over but it became clear they weren't going to make it to
3:39 am
the hospital. they pulled over in a taco bell parking lot in bakersfield. they weren't going to make it to the hospital. >> the baby was in a big hurry and born in the front seat of their car even before the fire department arrived. he didn't know about the delivery service. >> he got a sniff of that stuff. what is that? let me get out of here. we've got the skinny coming. you love the taco bell delivery thing? >> i don't like fast food but if you're a vegetarian you have some options at taco bell. >> the burritos are a good thing. >> yeah. >> get up off your couch and get it, please. >> the "skinny" coming your way, folks and the pop superstar showing heartfelt generosity by helping a fan who is facing some tough times. >> also ahead, blaming forgetfulness on smartphones. could you remember addresses, appointments and birthdays without digital dependence? >> harassing nonstop robocalls. the one consumer who took the offender to court, the costly punishment, and what you should do the next time you get a robocall. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by southern new
3:40 am
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with stronger, clean sea-bond. take a look. you like that, reena? as long as it has heated seats. >> as long as it's red. heated seats, yeah. >> you're looking at what may be the first 3-d printed car you can drive. a phoenix company called local motors says it's ready to begin production with a low speed electric version on sale early next year. a faster version for highway driving could be next. it will be printed in two versions, swim which looks like a dune buggy and then a sports coupe. prices start around $18,000. >> can you print out the spare parts when it breaks down? >> that is a good question. >> i'd love to be able to do
3:44 am
that from my printer instead of pay somebody the extra. >> she's thinking ahead. >> i always do. i'm a mama. we've all gotten the annoying robocalls which seems to come at the most inconvenient time. one texas woman was so fed up, she actually went to court. >> yes and the judge delivered a message of his own, and it was a costly one. abc's linsey davis explains. >> this is rachel at card holder services. >> we've all fallen victim to it. >> anywhere from five to six per day. >> they call morning, noon and night. >> one texas woman is victorious. time warner cable ordered to pay araceli king of irving, texas nearly $230,000 after 153 robocalls were made to her cell phone in just over a year. look at this phone record, six calls in less than 12 hours. turns out the calls weren't for her. time warner intended to get a man named luis perez to pay a delinquent bill. it's illegal for companies to robocall personal cell phones once the customer has objected.
3:45 am
the judge in this case awarded the maximum fine $1500 per call because he wrote, time warner could not be bothered to update her information even after she notified them and filed suit. >> consumers need to know they have the right to ask that the calls stop. and if their request is not respected, then they have the right to sue in court and recover money. >> a spokesperson for time warner cable tells us they're looking at all options to determine how they'll proceed. if robocalls are a problem for you, the lawyer we spoke to advises that you keep a record of the calls, determine the business that's making the calls, tell them you don't want them to call and if they persist, you could sue. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> good advice. did you know 74 of those calls happened after they filed the lawsuit? >> wow. >> so the judge was like clearly you're disrespecting the law. you're not taking it seriously. i always take the law seriously especially when i crank call you.
3:46 am
that's what this is. my granny outfit. >> how are you going to crank call me at 3:00 a.m.? i'm sitting next to you at 3:00 a.m. >> that's why it never works out. >> that's why i don't answer. my wife is getting tired of it, by the way. >> coming up ariana grande is apologizing for anti-american remarks and we got some doughnut video of her you need to see. yes, doughnuts. >> trust you on that one and who the kids think are taking the best selfies besides us, of course in "the skinny" next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> okay. well, this is our ironic lead in "the skinny" this morning. doughnuts and a pop star that was apparently caught licking them. >> doesn't sound like a big deal. if you're licking a doughnut. why is that a big deal? it's a big deal if you lick a doughnut meant to be sold to another customer that's coming in after you. we're talking about ariana grande here making comments that followed an alleged doughnut licking incident. tmz posted security camera footage. there she is on the right standing next to that guy. seems friendly enough and she takes a lick of a doughnut that is there on display. now, she appeared to do it on a dare maybe. they were just playing around. it's not funny. police in south carolina reportedly investigating this alleged health hazard. >> grande now apologizing for
3:49 am
the comments she made after a new batch of doughnuts laid out in front of her saying "i hate americans, i hate america." she explained she did not mean to fat shame americans and loves america. >> she said i was essentially saying i take this seriously and she does work with childhood obesity so i hate we indulge in these things is what she claims she was referring to. a twist here. she has been replaced as the headlining act at saturday's major league baseball all-star game replaced by demi lovato on the right. official reason is because she's recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed and said i need to watch my mouth and seems to apologize. we shall see. taylor swift on the other side of the spectrum has repeatedly shown how much she loves her fans and she's done it once again. what is that? a special swifty facing a tough time. >> 11-year-old naomi oaks was just diagnosed with leukemia. is such a brave girl she was more worried about not being
3:50 am
able to see taylor perform in concert when her tour rolled out through phoenix. so she received a letter from swift. >> yeah. telling her mot to worry, there will be more concerts. swift donated $50,000 to her family to pay for chemo treatments. listen to naomi's reaction now. >> i seriously think i'm going to pass out right now. >> how cute is that. now, naomi decided to make taylor's current hit single "bad blood" her fight song during her blood cancer treatment. great for her. different end of the spectrum. this is what we're getting used to seeing stories from ariana grande versus taylor swift. it's cool to see that. >> taylor has done so much for her fans. amazing. >> you had a little coughing spell, huh? >> thanks for picking up there. >> it's quite all right. you want to keep going? >> yeah. to emotional good-bye yesterday on "the view" for co-host rosie perez. she confirmed she is leaving the
3:51 am
talk show as she graciously thanked wheeppy goldberg and nicolle wallace. she welcomed new hosts raven-symone and michelle collins, but then turned her attention to the viewers. >> just know that i do not have one regret for coming to this show. i would do it all over again. and it's all because of you, the fans. >> perez joined "the view" back in september and will take a final bow next month. >> finally the world's biggest stars now have another way of being rewarded for doing something less than being spectacular. taking selfies. there's an art to it, i'm told. >> the second round nominations for the teen choice awards was announced last night. a new category, choice selfie takers. nominees include justin bieber, re-anna, one direction, kylie jenner. >> you can't forget about kylie's big sis, the queen of the selfie the author of the selfie book, kim kardashian west. this is not a competition. she is clearly the top selfie taker. she will is clearly the top
3:52 am
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well, finally this half hour, blaming your forgetfullness on your smartphone dependency. >> after storing birthdays, appointments numbers, addresses, is it possible to go through life never having to remember anything again? here now abc's gio benitez. >> today we rely on our phones for just about everything. >> i have it with me at all times. >> louis ck joking parents at dance recitals are phone obsessed, recording digital memories they hope to never lose. >> kids are dancing and every parent is standing there like this. every single person was blocking
3:56 am
their vision of their actual child. >> phones have our phone numbers, addresses, our social calendar, they even help us with directions. it seems like our brains hardly have to remember much these days. do you ever forget information that you trust a digital device to store and remember for you? if the answer is yes, then you most likely have what some are calling digital amnesia. just how dependent are we on these devices? a recent online survey, commissioned by kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm, most people said they used the internet as an online extension of their brain and almost half said their smartphone serves as their memory. >> the problem with this kind of digital outsourcing of our memory is that it prevents us from learning how to remember. and it allows us to forget things more quickly. >> the study also found that most people can't remember their friends or siblings' phone numbers. >> i don't know my best friend's number. i do not know my brother's
3:57 am
number either. >> guess what number most people can remember. >> my childhood home phone number. i have to write it on every document i ever have filled out. so i remember that. >> you also remember addresses, right? you don't look up your iphone home address. >> no, do you know your husband's phone number right now? >> that i do. it's probably the only other number i know. i know my childhood number. >> i know my wife's cell number but her work number i have no idea. >> cell is all you need. >> really? she doesn't answer it that often. i need a backup number for her. >> there's a reason she's not answering. >> really, reena? >> don't miss our updates on facebook. more news. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, done deal. the confederate flag at the south carolina statehouse will come down. we're live with details on the late night decision. controversial comments. republican candidates drawing criticism, what jeb bush is saying about how much americans work and donald trump talking about undocumented workers possibly helping to build his empire. under investigation. a bizarre video of ariana grande licking doughnuts on display and saying quote, i hate america. police now getting involved as the backlash grows. playing with paint. a little girl's masterpiece going viral this morning. and good thursday morn


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