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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. new overnight. football fiasco. another florida state player suspended charged with pumping a woman coming days after the team's quarterback caught on camera pumping another woman. our exclusive this morning with the prosecutor and the reaction from the school. what is going on here? close call. the drone flying right near the airport, the pilot shocked. the faa investigation right now. is your flight at risk? caught on camera. driving in reverse. >> only in l.a. only in l.a. >> look at this. the driver stunned by this crazy maneuver down a winding road for miles the wrong way. how police are now trying to track this person down. and "star wars" surprise.
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the sneak peek of "the force awakens" sending fans into a frenzy. ♪ harrison ford greeting a cheering crowd. and describing what it was like to suit up as han solo once again. >> i can tell you it felt great. >> the latest on this inter intergalactic event. good morning. can we talk about this new "star wars" movie. i felt like a 7-year-old. you get to see the sets the droids the member of the original cast back in action. the only way to describe it is awesome. i am completely geeked out about this. >> you usually feel like a 7-year-old. >> no news there. the new ref layings about that movie and first appearance from harrison ford since his plane crash coming up you may
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also recognize a new face here with us cheryl scott, the meteorologist from our station wls who is in for rob. can't wait to hear from you later. >> so happy to be here. >> it'll be hard to top han and chewy. we'll start with breaking news overnight. >> yet another football player from one of the top teams in the country in deep trouble. running back dalvin cook was accused of punching a woman in the face on the heels of the team quarterback steen on surveillance video punching another woman at a different bar. espn's lindsey czarniak is here with the latest. >> good morning, paula. this latest incident involves one of florida state's biggest differencemakers on the football field but after turning himself in to police last night it's really uncertain now what his future as a star running back holds. this morning, star florida state player dalvin cook in jail for
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battery arrested for a violent crime, the second in less than a month. the president john thrasher releasing a statement supporting the immediate and indefinite suspension of cook. the 2014 breakout star allegedly attacking a woman outside a bar. witnesses say the player was initially trying to defuse an agreement between the woman and unidentified man. >> the next thing we know dalvin cook just punched her in the face. >> reporter: cook allegedly hitting the victim multiple times knocking her into a parking car leaving her dirty and bleeding. cook claiming to have no recollection of the event. >> she's willing to testify and i felt pretty confident that she will become a good witness. >> reporter: this is the third player of the team accused of attacking women. deandre johnson charged with battery punching this woman in the face. johnson swiftly dismissed from the team. in 2012 seminole turned number one nfl draft pick jameis
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winston accused of raping a woman. the player never charged later filing a countersuit. >> i knew i did nothing wrong much that's why i knew i could respect the process and eventually be vindicated. >> reporter: coach jimbo fisher releasing a estimating "i do not tolerate this type of behavior and remain committed to educating our young men and holding them accountable for their actions." jimbo has been asked by the president to talk to his team. this is not the first time dalvin cook has been in trouble. also investigated as an associate in an aggravated assault back in 2014. guys. >> just another blemish for the football program. good to have you here. new worries this morning about the dangers of drones. one of them apparently came way too close to a plane about to land. the pilot radioing air traffic control and mara schiavocampo is here with more. mara good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. that remote controlled drone flying thousands of feet in the airway too close to that plane causing a really tense period of concern just moments before
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landing. this morning, the federal aviation administration investigating a close call for a us airways flight. a pilot spotting a drone right in the aircraft's path as he prepared to land at charlotte douglas airport wednesday. >> it was about 2,100 feet deep and it was just off our left side and maybe 100 feet awart are the quad growdroequadrb copter hovering 2100 feet in the air. >> it's really scary. >> reporter: this isn't the first near miss at charlotte douglas. faa records showing in july of last year a passenger jet on approach when the pilot reported a black and white drone buzzing just 100 feet below him. >> the reason we don't want a drone anywhere close is because of the possibility of one being ingested in an engine and doing damage.
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>> reporter: at laguardia airport a drone soaring at nearly 3,000 feet over a brooklyn park forcing a delta shuttle pilot to pull the plane up 200 feet to avoid hitting it. >> you have some people who just regardless of what rules are out there they'll do what they want to do. >> reporter: that plane landed without further incident and no one injured. the faa does have a number of regulations regarding drones including not flying near any manned aircraft or even within sight of the operator. we seem to be hearing about these more and more. >> i suspect we'll continue to hear about it. not going away. the fbi making a bombshell admission that the agency's background check system failed and the suspect accused of killing nine at the historic black church in north carolina never should have been able to buy a gun. that massacre led to this historic scene, however, the confederate flag being taken down from outside the state capitol where it has waved for more than a half century and phillip mena is there with the story. good morning.
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>> reporter: paula, good morning. the confederate flag no longer flying behind me in part because of a movement sparked by the tragedy in charleston. now we're learning what the fbi could have done to prevent it. this morning, the fbi admitting its background check system failed saying confessed killer dylann roof should not have been allowed buy the gun that killed nine in a charleston church. branden richards' grandmother among those killed. >> having an admission is one thing but it doesn't dry up my tears or my concerns. if anything it infuriates me even more. >> reporter: they began saturday april 11th. roof goes to buy a handgun at this south carolina gun store. because it's the weekend the fbi wouldn't begin the required criminal background check until monday april 13th. when an fbi examiner learns roof was arrested on drug charges. but they're not able to reach the arresting police department
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and the fbi is unaware that roof had allegedly admitted to the crime, a crucial fact that should have prevented him from getting the gun. by law the fbi has three days to stop a gun sale. on april 16th with no word from the fbi, dylann roof is sold the block and two months later nine african-american worshippers are shot dead. james comey now saying we wish we could turn back time. the fbi's painful admission coming down just hours after the confederate flag did. the result of a heated debate sparked by the shooting in charleston. the polarizing symbol no flying at the state capitol in south carolina. >> it wasn't just about heritage it was about hate. >> reporter: the president tweeting the removal is a signal of good will and healing and a meaningful step towards a better future forged through tragedy.
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>> my grandmother and eight other victims are able to look at that and say, i was able to evoke change. >> reporter: the confederate flag that flew here 50 years will be displayed in a local mu mew seem. the fbi is ordering a review of its protocol. paula, dan. >> phillip, thank you. history being made in south carolina. many other states continue to fight this battle as well. thank you, again. we turn to ron claiborne who has a look at the other developing stories including jail time for this cancer doctor in michigan. >> yes, good morning, rachel good morning to you. judgment day for that michigan doctor who intentionally misdiagnosed hundreds of patients and had them undergo cancer treatments that they did not need. on friday a federal court judge sentenced farid fata to 45 years behind bars. he pleaded guilty to charges he ordered chemotherapy for more than 500 healthy patients which made them sick or terminally ill patients that couldn't be helped by the treatment.
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new video surfaced of the deadly biker shoot-out in waco texas. this videotape is from a restaurant next door to the twin peaks bar. the shooting took place in may and shows people fleeing in panic moments before police officers arrived with their guns drawn. nine people were killed in the incident, 18 others wounded. 170 people were arrested in connection with that shooting. and donald trump's presidential bid appears to be gaining momentum in the wake of his comments about mexican immigrants. huge crowded expected when he appears in arizona. organizers had to move a rally to the city's convention center after interest swelled. anti-trump protesters expected to show up outside today's event. turning overseas now to a deadly explosion overnight in egypt. the huge blast happened early saturday outside the aitalian consulate in the capital city of cairo. one person was killed. four others injured. an italian diplomat says the consulate was closed at the time and no staff members were hurt
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in that explosion. back here at home a surge in gas prices out west right now, the average price for a gallon of regular in california is $3.58. that is up 14 cents in just a week. that is a stark contrast to gas prices nationwide which are holding steady an average of $2.76 a gallon for regular. lower inventory following the exxonmobil refinery explosion this spring in california may be to blame for the prices out there going so high so fast. gasp predicting it could climb another 30 cents in the next week. keep an eye on that rachel. >> yeah absolutely. finally, los angeles is known, of course for traffic backups but here's a twist. one driver backing up as in driving backwards. watch this a stunned motorist capturing this on his cell phone. the driver of the audi zipping in reverse along laurel canyon boulevard known for its winding roads as oncoming cars whiz by.
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we don't have to say allegedly, do we? >> no. >> crossing over the double yellow lines many times for more than two miles. >> yeah just like that. >> i'm impressed by that actually. >> you know it is -- >> really impressive but the police are not impressed. they have only to go on the dealer plates and they are contacting the dealership to find out who that person is. that person's going to pay a price for that. >> now that we've expressed how impressed "we're just not that into you"'s going to be charged as accessories. >> exactly. >> thanks for that one. >> a camera i mean that would be even more impressive. >> don't try that rachel. >> i won't try it. >> fair enough. i've driven that road as well. we move on. hearing from the sisters who managed to survive for days in the wilderness of wyoming. there they are. there was a massive search and rescue set in motion after the sisters went missing. we'll get their story now from clayton sandell. >> reporter: three sisters missing for days now speaking out. >> how thankful we are for the
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whole search and rescue team and all the volunteers. >> reporter: megan andrews-sharer and her sisters erin and kelsi say they knew they were lost. >> realized we weren't where we wanted to be and called it quits. >> reporter: staying in one place skipping meals to make their food last longer. >> i'm not sure we wish we had anything except ten days of food. >> reporter: when the trio became overdue from their camping trip into this remote wyoming back country, search and rescue teams jumped into action. the sisters waiting and praying. >> that's the only thing that can keep you sane in the wilderness for six days not knowing what's going on in the other end looking for signs and little things like a rainbow to show you that you know god's really taking care of you. >> reporter: thanks to two cowboys would spotted the women on a distant ridge and phoned it in. >> always helping out in a time like that that makes you feel good. >> reporter: rescuers arrived thursday by air. >> when i saw the sight as we
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landed in the helicopter i realized there was no way people were going to give up on the search and that was something that you know crossed my mind a couple of times. >> reporter: but before their next camping trip their father has some advice. >> tell us where you're going. that would be really helpful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, jackson hole, wyoming. >> what a remarkablestory. we turn to a horrific crash raising new concerns about your safety on the road and on the rays. this collision which was all caught on dash cam taking place right before the driver's eyes saying he was shocked to see those gating never went down and the train pummeled into that truck. abc's mary bruce is in queens new york where the frightening crash took place. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning. this is a busy crossing. in fact in just the last decade there have been more than a dozen accidents here the latest one almost unimaginable.
7:15 am
a terrifying collision on the track. >> i thought it was going to be big explosion. >> reporter: caught on dash cam video, a freight train slam nothing a tractor trailer early wednesday morning in queens new york. look closely, the rail guard arms are up. and those warning lights don't come on until just seconds before the train plows through the crossing and into the big rig. the truck driver with the dash cam witnessed the horrifying moment. >> you can see clearly the gate was up. all signal lights they were not working. >> reporter: but this isn't the first time we've seen these dangerous lapses. >> emergency, struck a vehicle right there at the metro. >> reporter: last month in jacksonville, florida, this car was split in half by a passenger train after the safety gates failed to drop. >> when i turned around the back wasn't there. >> reporter: in march there were no gates in place at this kentucky crossing to stop this driver from getting into a fatal crash. >> we have four patients, be
7:16 am
advised they're all critical. >> reporter: with only 36% of public railway crossings equipped with safety gates, experts say drivers also need to be more alert. >> it's the message that we have driver issues and we need education. we need awareness at crossings. >> reporter: it's hard to believe but a amazingly this driver had only minor injuries and the train engineers were unharmed. other truck drivers tell us near misses here are frequent and that these gates often don't come down. investigators of this latest crash are now looking into these signals. dan and paula. >> but the good news nobody seriously hurt. we appreciate your reporting. mary thank you. we will make a turn to a much happier story in the words of our good friend robin roberts, new york city's canyon of heroes was transformed into the canyon of heroines. >> it was a beautiful sight. team usa, the women's world cup champs celebrated many they were cheered and showered with tons of confetti as a women's team
7:17 am
was honored for the first time in new york's famed ticker tape parade. another chapter of her story made friday. with smiles and cheers lining the streets of new york city. thousands of fans donning red, white and blue. team spirit and girl power the themes. in a historic day for women everywhere team usa inspiring some of its youngest supporters and possible future world cup winners. what do you love this about team? >> they're really strong. >> reporter: so you all play soccer, right? >> yeah. >> all: usa! >> reporter: the soccer team honored with a ticker tape parade fit for champions trailing through the canyon of heroes famously marched by politicians, the apollo 11 astronauts amelia earhart and now the national team.
7:18 am
proudly holding that trophy as the first women squad to ever win three world cup titles. >> you know how to throw a party! yes, it's one nation yes it's one team but that team is here with us in new york city today. >> reporter: the party continuing at city hall with our very own robin roberts leading the rally for the champs. >> for someone who went through title 9 and dreamed of a day like this thank you, mayor. >> reporter: the team that created the nation of believers taking the stage for the celebration. >> the reason why we won this world cup is because none of us ever stopped believing and neither should you guys. >> reporter: a well deserved ceremony 129 years in the making. >> the world cup was a dream come true but having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life and we all feel the same. >> those women are so cool and
7:19 am
must have been great for you as the mom of a young girl to be able to see these role models right will. >> i didn't tell her i was going and got home and she watched it on tv and said mommy, why didn't you take me? >> why didn't you take her? >> i was running around. i probably would have lost her and it would have been bad. the weather was -- it couldn't have been any more beautiful, any more perfect. on that note we send it over to cheryl scott. she's in for rob this morning. a big welcome to you. >> thank you so much. so happy to be here. yesterday in new york city prime weather for that parade so con gats to them. now we are looking at the threat for severe storms but woo do have video for you. this is out in denver chorus field late last night at the baseball game lots of lightning here. the fans were evacuated for a period of time right after the game ended, but they stuck around because after the thunder and lightning they had a fireworks show so the fans lucky, two light shows and the severe risk for storms in place, where, eastern north carolina. concerned here because the heat will be on in a lot of you
7:20 am
heading to area beaches. some lightning cannot be ruled out late afternoon and evening. also, a greater enhanced rick for severe storms tomorrow. where? the upper midwest through parts of central illinois and the ohio valley. this is also where we could see gusty winds, large hail and a brief tornado. minneapolis, you are in the bull's-eye for the zone tomorrow. a pattern change. here it is summer finally taking a grip on the country. temperatures soaring into the 90s, fargo, dodge city 102 degrees for you sunday into monday. with the heat building into the middle part of the country we have some relief for folks in the pacific northwest finally for you. this is where we'll find rain showers. you can see around idaho anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain. dave: and good morning. a moist mornining in the tio's capital. you can see the wet pavevement at montgomery college. most of the rain down to o the
7:21 am
south and d to the north. heaviest showers down to the south. we have a a flash flood watch in west virginia. 75 right now it t reaganan national. stly cloudskies. >> can't complain. beautiful weather across a large part of the country. slight rick of those strong storms. >> a beautiful day in chicago where, again, from wls, one of my favorite cities on earth, chicago. cheryl great to have you. >> we used to work together. >> we go way back. way back. >> great job. great to have you. coming up the missing mom gone for a week. the search intensifying. what were the results of the lie detector test her boyfriend took? new clues to "the force a awaken awakens" and harrison ford takes
7:22 am
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dave: and gd mornin we have some light rain across much of the area and have yoyour showowers down to the south and t to the east. yo can see the way aikman out there. the rain will graduaually subsidide. some of the heavier showers dow near lusby and frederiricksburg and culpeper,here they y ve tallied inch of rain.
7:28 am
north of thehe district very little rain falling. that is going to makake its wayay out of here. a flash flood watch in west virginia. 75 right now at reagan nationa cooler than normal under mostly cloudy skies. we'll s clearing skies tonit and seasonably hot and mostly sunny with comfortable humidity tomorrow. temperures right around the
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♪ we can't go ♪ ♪ we already have three we don't know how to act because we're having one more baby ♪ >> i love this. two very creative families changed the lyrics to walk the moon's "shut up and dance" to we're adding one more baby. jonathan murray his brother and family star in it. wildly popular on the internet. we want to say good morning, america. and even though my family has already begun and started having a family. we are drawing the line. >> if i had the fourth on the way there would be no singing and dancing. >> no singing and dancing. no smiles. >> we've got something even cooler coming up here. there's an intergalactic freeout happening mostly in my head this morning. here's why. harrison ford, mark hamill. carrie fisher, much of the cast of "star wars" appearing at
7:31 am
comic-con in san diego where they released some tantalizing behind-the-scenes footage of the new movie, the full story coming up but we'll start here with an intenseifying search this morning for a mother of five missing for a week. >> the family of crystal rogers with a heartbreaking plea increasing reward money hoping someone comes forward with information. all this as the results of her boyfriend's polygraph are released and abc's marci gonzalez is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: her boyfriend admits they have a rocky relationship but insists he has no idea where she could be. police calling her disappearance concerning and unusual. this morning, a desperate and emotional search for this mother of five from kentucky now missing for more than a week. >> we love you. we want to know where you're at. contact us. let us know you're okay. >> reporter: 35-year-olds crystal rogers last seen by her
7:32 am
live-in boyfriend brooks houck. he claims she stayed up late and when he woke up in the morning she was gone. since then police and volunteers working to retrace rogers' steps scouring farmland and woods but the only sign of rogers her car. this maroon chevrolet with a flat tire her keys, purse and un uncharged cell phone still inside found along the side of kentucky's bluegrass parkway in an area loved ones tell police she rarely traveled. >> if he said he went to bed at 11:00 and she was still up on her phone, i can't see her just jumping in her car with a dead cell phone. >> reporter: houck insisting he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the mother of his 2-year-old son taking a polygraph telling hln's nancy grace the results were inconclusive. >> i'm 100% completely innocent in this. i want the emphasis to remain on crystal's safe return. >> reporter: that is her
7:33 am
family's plea this morning. >> crystal, we love you. we're looking for you. and we're not gonna stop. >> reporter: and the reward for information leading to rogers' safe return up to $71,000. family mens are now carining for her fi children who, of course are so desperate for her to come home. >> so tough on those kids. marci, thank you. we do want to turn it over to ron for another look at our lead story. shocking charges against another florida state football player. one of the nation's top college football programs sacked by yet another scandal. dalvin cook running back for fsu out on bond this morning arrested for allegedly attacking a woman outside a bar. the arrest comes after video showed de'andre johnson pumping a woman at a different bar. a volcano eruption is causing travel chaos in that country. thousands of travelers stranded as airlines are forced to cancel flights in and out of bali
7:34 am
because of the risk posed by the volcanic ash shooting into the air. the greek parliament as approved a bailout proposed which could continue a tough economic austerity measure in that country. european leaders meet tomorrow to discuss whether to approve the deal or prepare for greece's exit from the eurozone. and finally also across in europe prince philip is accused of using foul language to hurry a photographer along taking a family photo. their family photo decked out in full military regalia. the 94-year-old was surrounded by his family including his grandson and future king prince william as the photographers got the gents into position prince philip delivered a not so royal decree. we won't tell you what it was -- >> you know what it is. >> i know what it is the presumed prince william was not too pleased with his grandfather. >> he had a few moments. >> he's human. he is human. >> he's definitely human.
7:35 am
>> a royal human. >> yes, ron claiborne, no cyborg himself, thank you very much. let's get the weather in for rob from wls 7 in chicago one of our favorite stations the meteorologist cheryl scott, hey. >> hello and good saturday everyone. the good news is not a whole lot of severe weather happening today but we'll take you live chicago, this morning, checking in with you. busy weekend, taste of chicago. there's beautiful lake michigan and the skyline starting off there, 66 degrees. temperatures for you climbing to near 80 degrees. enjoy because showers and storms will be moving in for the second part of the weekend so we are looking at the potential for flooding threats. this bull's-eye right along i-80 in parts of north central illinois where we find the potential for 1 to 2 inches of rain. late tonight into early sunday so plan ahead for that also included in that parts of theupper midwest. the summer heat is returns. we have heat advisories in place for parts of the central portion of the country with heat index values climbing above 100 degrees tomorrow into monday.
7:36 am
so prepare for that. know what you can do to stay cool. look at these heat index values for parts of southeast. temperatures here climbing into the 90s but it's going to feel more like 100 degrees with that high pressure bringing the heat but a way to escape the heat go to the area beaches. northeast, incredible weekend for you. high temperatures in the low to mid-80s with plenty of that golden dave: and good morning. it is a moist morning. have your showers to thehe south of the washington area. mostlyly cloudy skies, 82 degrees. ne 90 torrow >> that weather report brought to you by the all new honda pilot. >> on the spot cubs or white sox. >> go, chicago. >> yeah. >> chicago. >> white sox. >> are you running for office?
7:37 am
that was amazing. >> both because they're in different leagues. ki have an american league and a national league -- there you go. >> i was a white sox fan when i lived in chicago so -- >> now you're a yankees fan. >> our producer is getting in my ear and using language kind of like prince philip so we got to move along here. coming up "star wars" fans whipped into a frenzy harrison ford aka han solo taking the stage for the first time since his plane crash as we get a behind-the-scenes look at "the force awakens" and nerds everywhere lose their collective minds. lebron james goes from basketball to the big scene. how he's honoring his hometown again in "pop news." >> when i lost the championship in 2011 --
7:38 am
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♪ breaking "star wars" news this morning. you're looking at just released behind-the-scenes footage from the new "star wars" which is called "the force awakens" and is due out, i believe in december. >> wish we could take your pulse and your voice went up on octave. at comic-con we saw harrison ford otherwise known as han solo in his first major appearance since that plane crash several months ago and abc's kayna whitworth is on the story from
7:42 am
our l.a. bureau. kayna, good thing you're not here because dan is totally geeking out. >> i would switch places with you in a heartbeat. >> i was wondering what it's like to work with him. i love it i do. fans at san diego's comic-con it was the celebration of a lifetime. han solo, pririncess leia and luke skywalker for the latest installment "the force awakens." disney and lucas films making the decision to bring back all the main characters from the original trilogy and delighting fans both young and old in doing so. >> han solo. >> reporter: the smuggler. >> chewy tells me you're looking for passage to the alderon. >> laugh it up fuzz ball. >> ladies and gentlemen, harrison ford. >> reporter: that's right, harrison ford making his first appearance since crash landing his vintage airplane in march speaking friday at comic-con in san diego. >> i just walked here.
7:43 am
[ laughter ] >> all good. i really appreciate it. thanks for asking. >> reporter: the 72-year-old star says he's excited to be reprising his iconic role as han solo. >> i was proud and grateful to once again be involved. i will tell you that it felt great. it felt -- >> reporter: this just one of a long list of surprises all part of a "star wars" frenzy. fans of all things galaxy and far, far away lining up for hours even days just to get in. >> i slept out for two nights in a row for this and it was all worth it. >> reporter: fans everywhere treated with new behind-the-scenes footage from the set of j.j. abrams' highly anticipated "star wars," "the force awakens." new alien life forms and crashed fighters. >> i'm luke skywalker. >> reporter: even hearing from the greatest jedi the galaxy has ever known. >> nothing affordable care act has changed really. everything has changed but nothing's changed. >> reporter: plus han solo returning to the cockpit of the
7:44 am
millennium falcon. >> who wants to see a live "star wars" concert right now? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and those 6,000 fans who waited in line they were treated with a surprise secret concert, the "star wars" soundtrack played by the san diego symphony. >> always may the force be with you. ♪ >> reporter: oh it is so exit suing. dan, unless you plan on making that run and smuggleing this movie in for us we have to wait journal december 18th to see it. >> i draw the line at breaking the law but i will say and by the way, thank you, kayna, when i was 7 when that movie came out, i saw it so many times my parents would bring us to the theater no matter what time of day we would just go in in the middle and watch it from the middle back to the middle again. loved it. >> you can quote it. >> i can quote it and paula revealed she thought it was han solo -- hans solo.
7:45 am
>> i'm not probably the only one. han solo. thanks for having my back. coming up on "good morning america" -- and throwing me under the bus. the all female cast of "ghostbusters" coming up. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have or ever had, a seizure disorder, diffic liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda
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♪ back with "pop news." very very happy and lucky to have rachel smith in here for the vacationing haines. how is it going. >> great. long time no see. "pop news," we have some great stuff. i know dan, you're looking forward to one. the residents of akron get a little taste of hollywood with lebron james. bringing the premiere of the
7:49 am
movie "trainwreck" to its hometown. the cleveland cavalier superstar is making his acting debut in the film. it stars amy schuller bill hader and virginiaanessa bayer who mingled with king james' friends and family. >> how does it feel being a movie star. >> i'm not a movie star. if it fits right and right thing for myself i wouldn't mind. >> have you seen the movie? >> i haven't so i'm excited. >> so bashful. "trainwreck" will come crash nothing theaters nationwide july 17th. >> i love how he's modest about his acting skills but unabashedly say i'm the best basketball player. >> it's a fact too. >> it is a fact. >> not going -- i don't know if i'll argue. moving on -- oh, yeah he's undeniably the best. moving on i don't want to get into hot water there. that's a sensitive topic. moving on fans of "the walking dead" will be chilled to the bone for the first look at
7:50 am
season 6. >> when you watch me -- >> oh, my gosh i've already watched this twice. all your favorite -- most of your favorite cast members made it out alive last season but now this time around producers showed off this megatrailer at comic-con in san diego, very intense and from the looks of it there will be a big showdown between rick and morgan oh yeah. the series returns to amc with a 90-minute premiere october 11th i am so counting down the days it's scary. >> you join the midway or start from -- >> you are going to want to start back -- oh. >> i venenvy you could start -- i still can't get my wife to watch it with me. >> i will make her a believer. >> i'm scared. >> my wife also thinks it's hans solo.
7:51 am
>> if there's something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call? ♪ hello. >> melissa mccarthy. >> ding ding ding. "ghostbusters" girls are suited up ready to take your call. here they are all set. they're actually on set there. this is our very first look at all four gals together in costume in those famous jumpsuits. those spooks better watch out because those ladies look like they mean business. the scene involved the ghostbusters receiving a ticket from a police officer. i guess those proton packs don't ward off the long arm of the law. i was so obsessed i would pretend my backpack for school was my proton pack. >> these ghosts -- >> got it. i ain't afraid of no ghosts. >> we'll be right back. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is
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brought to you by nexgard, from the makers of frontline plus. we want to say thanks for watching "good morning america" today. >> do you think cheryl is coming back tomorrow? >> i'll be here. >> rachel are you coming back? >> of course. >> everybody is so reluctant. >> are you coming back? >> probably. >> now an abc 7 news update. >> >> checking our top stories. disturbing allegations against a local camp counselor. he has been charged with sex abuse. jose valenzuela works at the holton arms creative summer camp and teaches magic class and is been with the camp since 2012. a preliminary hearing has been
7:57 am
set for august 7. track work is going to be happening all weekend on metro on the red line. buses are replacing trains between farragut north and noma gallaudet. today the judiciary square and union station stops will also be closed. green and yellow trains will run every 20 minutes. is he going to be better to walk? dave: tough to get around the things are improving. it is wet but this afternoon we will see the skies drying out. heavier showers down to the south. for us, light amounts and moving down to the southeast. we will salvage today and the weekend. 1.28 inches in culpeper.
7:58 am
temperature is 75 degrees at reagan national airport. we will be on the cooler side, about 82 degrees. tomorrow a nicer day with lots of sunshine, 90 degrees. 90 on next week. jennifer: we love it. they you for watching and have a great saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." you know, i'm a little jealous of the animals on today's show 'cause they all have something i never will--a tail. oh, sue, sue. some tails are dangerous... >> he relies on his tail for catching prey. >> some are powerful. >> he can kill you by the tail. >> he can kill me by the tail? and some are critical for high speed navigation. oh, my gosh. today, i'm on the trail of seven exotic creatures to see how they use their talented tails. plus, my blooper of the week.


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