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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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devon: tomorrow will be really nice. if you are up early sunday 60's, low humidity. there are some spots where the humidity has not dropped yet manassas, fauquier county, and there is some fog. 89 degrees, low humidity. more heat and humidity and more likely storm chances monday
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kellye: donald trump had some controversy all immigration comments and today he went west trying to press his advantage. chuck sievers and has more. mr. trump: we have to secure our borders. we have to do something to take back our country. chuck: it is fueling his
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campaign. mr. trump: i do not think it would take on the size it has. chuck: trump is surging, closing in on former governor jeb bush. mr. trump: do you know he had five sanctuary cities in florida? chuck: his message, illegal immigrants are a clear and present danger. mr. trump: we have people coming from middle east across the border. chuck: he introduced a man who he said his son was shot dead by an illegal immigrant. >> somebody a legal in this country, on his third gun charge. chuck: and he also share the stage with the sheriff known for being tough on illegal's.
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his rhetoric has rattled nerves on both sides of the issue. even republicans are keeping him at arms length. >> he also said it in a way that will kill my party. chuck: today, keywords of conciliation, but no sign of compromise as some of trump tries to seal his biggest deal. chuck sievers and, abc news, new york. kellye: trump facing major backlash at home. a second chef has backed out of working at his new restaurant. joining a list of individuals cutting ties because his comments he made about mexican immigrants. those comments spurred a protest at the restaurant site, as sam ford explains. sam: they rallied in front of the old post office, which donald trump is renovating into a luxury hotel. protesters gathered on freedom plaza, trying to block progress
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to the construction site. after his statements about mexico. mr. trump: they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime they are rapists. >> the man continues to dig a hole that he started. sam: numerous groups and political leaders took part. >> we are here and we are not leaving. >> don't go to his restaurants don't go to his hotels, don't go to his casinos. >> the kind of hatred he is spreading across the nation is not acceptable. sam: and this father and son from fairfax, va. >> as a mexican and mexican-american, my children, myself he is using mexicans to build his own hotels. he is racist. sam: trump has yet to apologize
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for his rhetoric today. a food network chef announced he is pulling out of a project. yesterday, it chef jose amndrndres with the same message. kellye: 7 on your side with a metro plan to increase service on the blue line. they wants to run blue line trains once every eight minutes. right now they are every 12 minutes. for this to happen, trains on the orange comes over, green and yellow lines will have to run every eight minutes. a currently run every six minutes. the metro board has agreed to start public airings in september. the trouble streetcar launch in the district took another hit, this time from a group very familiar with the problem plaguing the operation. some former streetcar workers gather to demand action and changes. stephen tschida was there for the demonstration. stephen: this was a multipronged protest primarily about streetcars. the power lines are here, but if
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you look into the street, the tracks are still empty. while former employees and labor organizers denounced the company that runs the streetcar program a couple of streetcars sat on the street. >> it has been seven years since we started this. stephen: these protesters accused a private company brought in to rescue the beleaguered streetcar program of antiunion antics. >> we have a workforce that was fired because they signed union cards. >> started back in may to may 14. stephen: she said she lost the job that she loved because she supported the union. >> i was giving a transfer and then a call saying i was dismissed. stephen: the department of transportation defer to the
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private company handling streetcars when asked about firings. the demonstrators took a stack of petitions to the mayor's office asking those employees who were fired to be reinstated. >> they were firing people every day. stephen: ddot did not want to talk about workers he lost their jobs. a spokesperson said in the near future we should be hearing something about the streetcars and when they will start rolling in the city. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kellye: after a bloody year in baltimore, the police commissioners out. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake wednesday fired anthony batts. she did not give a reason, but the decision comes after massive riots grab national headlines earlier this year. since then, baltimore has seen 175 homicides in 2015 48% higher than last year. developing now, reports coming out the fbi stopped several terror plots in the months before july 4. brianne carter has the rest.
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brianne: the fbi stopped several potential terrorism plots related to the fourth of july. federal agents arrested more than 10 people in the months before the holiday weekend. they believe some of those arrested may have been planning attacks. they also suggest some of the arrests involve the lesser charges than terrorism. something he would not elaborate on, the details of the attacks or targets. >> i don't think it's the last time we will hear this sort of thing. i think anytime you have an organization doing what they are doing, you will find people who will support them. brianne: wednesday, they said the fbi is thwarting attacks all the time, but says it's difficult to deal with their growing outreach through social media. he warned criminals using christian to circumvent law enforcement. -- he warned that criminals are using encryption to circumvent
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law enforcement. >> this is a change in my world the top responsibility of the fbi that implicates this problem. brianne: tonight people are reacting to the news. >> that's the biggest scare, where are they, who are they. >> we have to be vigilant. kellye: that was brianne carter reporting. coming up, blowback over the redskins name, the trademark gold, and what it means. first, keeping you safe on the rails. the new edition -- the new addition the white house wants to install on every train. devon: a beautiful sunday, lower humidity. we will talk heat and humidity and rain chances comin ♪
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kellye: the white house draft rules requiring video cameras on all train cars. they say that is the key step to determine whether crash is like the deadly one in may outside of philadelphia are the results of human error. the labor union has long opposed those cameras. a the long-standing name battle, the redskins name can no longer be trademark. the u.s. district court judge came down with ruling saying the name is offensive to a native americans. richard reeve has more on what this means to the team and the upcoming season.
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richard: what is in a name? for the washington redskins, it is a question worth millions. >> it's often been the only way of getting a message across. richard: a federal judge has ordered the cancellation of the federal trademark registration. >> it's more a symbolic victory right now. richard: but a victory nonetheless for native american activist who call this a turning point. >> this is the first time in district court any professional football team mark has been deemed disparaging towards a group of people. richard: the name and logo have not lost trademark protection. the legal fight, like the debate, could go on for years. >> i don't think they should change the name. they have had it 80 years now? >> we will keep arguing about this because people find it offensive. richard: some experts say the
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name is worth more than $200 million. this will protect merchandise not the logo or items marked with the letter "r." >> i think this may be the only way to force them to make the change. kellye: the team said "the facts in the law are on the side of our franchise that has probably use the name of washington redskins for more than 80 years." ahead, umd expanding the menu at sporting events. and the forecast.
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kellye: beer sales are now approved for university of maryland sporting event's, the way for out a hall at byrd stadium and the xfinity center. h will will start and the -- in the fall,. devon: revenue to be made, the university of maryland joining the big ten, but also tailgating. the air is drying out, the temperatures will go up. we had rain saturday morning. the humidity still around. in some areas with the duplicate up and the air temperature -- where the dew point is up and the temperatures up, we have some fog developing.
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we made it up to 88, a lot of people 83, 84. really comfortable conditions, a cool 78 chicago saturday. the heat and humidity firmly in place. real-time temps, 78 downtown washington at reagan national. the humidity is still up a little bit, pockets of dry air working in. the dry air nudges in as we go through the forecast. if you are thinking it still uncomfortable, some cases i have heard from kingstown on twitter, still saying it is muggy, but sunday it will change. the warm front moves through the trailing front, the fading front, but this will help the temps rise and humidity goes lower tomorrow. low 90's, but the dew point will
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be rising. the humidity is back monday. monday evening is when we had the next likely is round of showers and storms. the latest information confirms everything we have said all day, mid-60's sunday morning gorgeous. mostly sunny skies, 70 downtown. the humidity still going down. if you end up in the spotlight, frederick at 90, it will still be enjoyable. the rain chances coming around. monday, we could have two chances. more cloud cover better part of the day, keeping the high temps back. some forecast have really gone down. monday evening is the next likely is round of storms coming. some of the high temp forecast might be more mid-80's. upper 80's is the save forecast at this time.
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low humidity building and. -- low humidity building in. the monday morning commute should be dry, speedier, mid-80's monday. areas of fogging forming in manassas warrenton towards fredericksburg tonight, so that could be an issue to keep in mind. kellye: some catholic students in the district extended a warm welcome to one of the year's most anticipated visitors. >> hi, fr pope francis. kellye: some of the students have special needs, and together with friends and classmates they were talking to the pope. they showed him the city, from the monuments to the memorials. pope francis recently said
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children with disabilities have a treasure chest that must be shared with others. coming up, a potential case of bad medicine.
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kellye: samsung is hoping to take a bite out of apple sales with its latest galaxy note 5. tech experts say if they push it out in mid-august, they could rule buyers for several weeks.
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a 7 on your side health matters report, a new alert about pain relievers. the fda is changing the warning labors on ad phil, motrin, -- one pain relievers, changing the labels on advil, motrin, and aleve. reporter: an important warning about pain relievers. the fda said nsaid drugs can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 50%. >> this is a significant change from the fda, because it is saying a drug that many people don't think twice about taking, they are saying think twice. reporter: the warning labels now changing, dropping the word "may," saying now that it does
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increase the risk. researchers say it begins with the very first dose. the more you take, the longer you take it, the higher the risk. doctors say it should not be a serious concern for everyone. >> for people who occasionally take one of these drugs for pain or fever, there is not a lot to worry about. for people have underlying heart disease, who are taking these drugs every day, you really need to think about this and look at the options. reporter: doctors warn switching to a different kind of pain reliever is not necessarily the way to go because they all have potential side effects. marcy gonzales, abc 7 news.
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