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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, bracing for a major heat wave. temperatures feeling well above 100. plus the urgent effort to stop a massive wildfire burning at this hour. 1,800 homes threatened. the passenger jet heading to dallas turned around. the nose of the plane crushed. overboard in the atlantic. the desperate search for two boys. why the coast guard believes there's a chance they're still alive. and president obama, with scathing words on the presidential race. and is your car on the list of buybacks?
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good evening. it's great to start another week with you. we begin tonight with two major weather headlines. first, a massive heat wave already stretching across much of the country. here's the map of the heat index. philly through new york and new england coming. in the west 23 fires across five states. one of the largest, outside sacramento. firefighters capturing these images from the ground. fighting the fire from above, the fire shooting above the night sky overnight. evacuations injuryand injuries and hundreds of homes at risk.
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matt gutman on the front tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an onslaught from the air and the ground. those flames, fueled by heat and 30-mile-per-hour winds, proving too much for four firefighters badly burned when the fire overran them. undaunted, bring -- brigades are fighting. the willow fire near fresno also breathing flames, torching more than 1,400 acres and forcing the evacauations of people from 450 homes. 23 fires lighting up the west. this one may have been started by a car's exhaust. this heat, about 150 degrees, can ignite grass like this. back in grass valley, we met
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logan toney. you felled 70 trees to stop the fire? hacking down his livelihood to save his home. david, firefighters thought they had stopped this fire on this ridge, but the wind kicked up and so has the fire. it's ail around them. and more bad news temperatures forecast to soar over 100 over the next three days. >> let's get right to ginger zee. >> the 100-degree temperatures just like matt said. the high moves in low humidity we could see records in sacramento tomorrow, going to 10 104. heat advisories through tomorrow night. those are the actual air
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temperatures. little rock will get to 100, and it could feel almost like 110. then the warm front moves to the north and east. tall has si up to new york. >> ginger thank you. tonight, a major scare for a flight headed to dallas. took off from beijing and then this something you don't see every day. the nose of the plane smashed it as it hit a storm, turning back within an hour of takeoff. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the brand new plane took off, headed for dallas. 44 minutes into the flights the plane hit severe weather, including hail, forcing the plane back to beijing. but this photo claims to show a
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damaging punch to the nose. >> hail can damage an airplane to the point where it brings it down. >> reporter: in june a 747 was forced to land after hail pummeled the nose and wings so bad, it was grounded permanently. >> carbon fiber is very difficult to repair. >> reporter: as for the passengers no one was hurt. and the airline says they will soon be re-booked. >> and one more terrifying moment for passengers. this from amsterdam. the 777 trying to land in heavy winds. the wings, dangerously close to the ground. how about the pilots getting the plane to land, and safely? and back to home an urgent
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search for two boys that vanished when their boat capsized. the boat flipped in these images. and the coast guard revealing one thing onboard, giving them hope that they may still be alive. here's kendis gibson. >> reporter: tonight, new images of that capsized boat belonging to two missing florida teenagers. a coast guard swimmer surveying the damage. >> that's a negative. we just confirmed nobody is on board. we are trying to find any other gear. >> reporter: the boat, located 67 nautical miles off central florida, found exactly two days after austin stephanos and perry cohen set out on a fishing trip. the boys bought $122 worth of fuel here before setting off on their trip. the last person to see them, telling me, they had a cooler and four fishing rods inside the boat. even at 14 years old, both are fully licensed to operate a boat on their own, posting on social media friday they were off to the bahamas. their families reporting them missing a few hours later. tonight, riding an emotional roller coaster. >> for me, when they told me the
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boat was found capsized, it was a relief in a way. and it was horribly scary. >> reporter: now, the coast guard and navy are looking as far north as georgia. a search area equivalent to the size of west virginia. >> is there hope they're alive? >> there's always hope. >> reporter: officials hope they are honganging on to a cooler or wearing life vests. >> thank you. and new developments in the gunfire in the shooting in lafayette. and the hero teachers pulling alarms and saving lives. now, the suspected gunman his own family trying to have him committed. and what authorities found in his journal.
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ryan owens in louisiana. >> reporter: police are going frame by frame on this surveillance tape of john rusty houser. the video, first obtained by cbs news is from the motel 6 in lafayette. showing his car pulling away just 20 minutes before he killed 2 and injured 9 movie goers. police called the shootings premeditated and the proof is in his journals. >> it was written down the theater, houser had a long history of mental illness. his own family had him sent to the hospital. but he was able to buy his own
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gun. as this community buries its dead, it still has so many questions. what was his motive? why this theater? why lafayette? tonight, police say they simply still don't have those answers. david? >> thank you. now to the record-breaking penalty for fiat chrysler. and something else we rarely see. the automaker forced to buy back hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks on the road right now. here's david kerley with more tonight. >> it's hard work to be a tuna >> reporter: fiat chrysler says tonight -- >> built with honor. guts, glory, ram. >> reporter: that for nely 200,000 of its ram pickups, and other 2008 to 2012 vehicles out
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there, it might be forced to buy them back because of steering or axle problems. >> the buyback of the rams is going to be anything but smooth. i can foresee this two-month process is really going to stretch out. >> reporter: the buyback is part of the penalty for 23 previously mishandled recalls, covering 11 million vehicles. inconsistent, insufficient, and inaccurate information given to the government and consumers. >> there's no way to defend what fiat chrysler was doing. and whether it's a matter of commission or omission, the reality is that consumers were not protected in this situation. >> reporter: total possible fine, the biggest civil penalty ever for a car company. up to $105 million. fiat chrysler, which saw its stock slide nearly 5% today, says it accepts the penalty and "resulting consequences with renewed resolve to improve our handling of recalls." >> david is with us live. we'll put the list of cars online. but when will this buyback
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begin? >> they say it will take them a couple of weeks to put together a program and start making offers to folks that own these vehicles. >> thank you. and we turn to the race in 2016, mike huckabee under fire for his comments. st ten spots on the debate stage. if it were held tonight, those are the faces. and this evening, something unusual. president obama weighing in this early in a presidential race. and huckabeeing down. tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: tonight, mike huckabee doubling down on his criticism of president obama's iran deal, after comparing it to the holocaust.
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>> he's so naïve. he would trust the iranians and would take the israelis and sically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: his comments bringing a rare scolding from e president. >> in 18 months i'm turning over the keys. i want to make sure i'm turning over the keys to somebody who is serious. >> reporter: but tonight, huckabee not backing down. >> three times i've been to auschwitz. when i talked about the oven door, i have stood at that oven door. i know exactly what it looks like. >> reporter: the president, accusing republican candidates of using overheated language to try and steal attention from donald trump. >> reporter: seen firing up crowds in iowa this weekend. >> i want to grab that corn like you've never seen! so rich, to beautiful. >> reporter: other candidates looking to create their own viral moments. rand paul using a chain saw. and lindsey graham destroying his cell phone after trump gave out his number. trump is heading off to
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scotland but he told a crowd in iowa he has no debate experience. he'll be back on the campaign trail next week. >> thanks. we're going to move on to bill cosby, and a new image racing across the internet. 35 women on the cover of "new york" magazine under the quote, i'm no longer afraid. mara schiavocampo on how and why these women gathered together. >> reporter: for the first time ever 35 of cosby's accusers appearing on a cover. >> it to this day. >> reporter: sharing their stories. after some say they have been discredited for decades. >> it's about time people sat up
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and listened. >> reporter: the group, ranging from their mid-40s to 80s, with janice dickinson to beverly johnson. cosby has denied these claims and has never been charged. his reps telling abc news he has no comment. also on the cover, an empty chair. the magazine says representing other victims that may still be silent. and we turn to bobbi kristina brown. she died overnight, and police say they're continuing to investigate the death of whitney houston's only child. here's david wright. >> reporter: she was just 18 when her mom drowned in a bathtub, just 22 when she wound up face-down in her own bathtub
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in georgia, unconscious. that was six months ago. bobbi kristina brown never woke up again. an autopsy, inconclusive. still, an investigation. she grew up before our eyes. an infant when barbara walters sat down with houston and bobby brown. >> do you want more children? >> yes. >> reporter: she opened up to oprah. so different from the future she told diane sawyer she dreamed of. >> sitting, looking at my daughter grow up. >> reporter: instead, a heartbreaking ending. ♪ i love you ♪ >> reporter: for mother and daughter both. david wright abc news new york. we turn now to the long journey home for dozens of america's world war ii heroes.
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the remains of 32 marines returned sunday. the fight with japan, more than 70 years ago. the remains will be identified and returned to families. more than 500 still unaccounted for from that battle. and you remember the contestant on disability and still spinning the wheel on "the price is right?" we're on it. and breaking news involving the olympics and boston. what the olympic committee is now saying about that city. and aren't we all envyienvious
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with aleve pm. next tonight, to the newest case of collecting disability now under fire. a tv reality star that said he couldn't walk prerly. here's neal karlinsky. >> it's hard work to be a tuna fisherman. >> reporter: on the national geographic channel reality show "wicked tuna," paul hebert doesn't just show off lots of hard work, but big paychecks. >> last season, i brought in just over $50,000 worth of fish. >> reporter: but tonight he's under federal indictment for fraud. charging documents claim that despite being "capable of arduous physical labor," hebert said he was disabled. that he couldn't walk properly, lift heavy weights, and that he had no income. in all, the indictment alleges hebert took in $44,000 in social security and medicaid benefits between 2010 and 2013. tv's spotlight has burned other people, too.
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when kathy cashwell showed up on "the price is right," boy, did she spin that wheel. she pleaded guilty to fraud. and former nfl lineman brad culpepper sued by his insurance company after they saw him dominating challenges on the tv show "survivor." culpepper maintains he suffers long-term physical injuries and did nothing wrong. tonight, hebert's attorney says his client is innocent. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. when we come back here tonight, news coming in at thatis hour on michael jackson's father. and they found more than $1 million of gold in 15 feet of water. you would be cheering, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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the mayor saying he would not commit taxpayer dollars. that shark attack watched by millions on live tv. surfer mick fanning, fighting off that great white. back on his board. writing, "first surf back. feels so good." joe jackson< the patriarch of the jackson family, hospitalized over the weekend in brazil, on his 87th birthday. being watched by doctors. when we come back the family finding $1 million of gold in just 15 feet of water. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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finally tonight here don't we all wish we were on that both off ft. pierce florida. the moment they discover 60 gold artifacts. 51 gold coins. can i come on vacation with your family next time? >> sure. >> reporter: the most valuable coin worth $500,000. the camera showing where they were when the camera began to
6:58 pm
ping just three days in. how did you know you struck gold? >> when i saw it i was expecting it to be a beer can or the other types of garbage we normally found underwater. >> reporter: and the coins were found in about 15 feet of water. but they were under five feet of sand. they were working for subcontractors. they have to pay them first. it's been a good summer for the family? >> we thought it would be a good year but didn't think it would happen that fast. >> thank you for watching on
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[ hawaiian music plays ] what?! what's wrong? they're comfortable. and they make my feet smell good. wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] [ hawaiian music plays ] and now, from the hilton waikoloa village on the island of hawaii, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hello! hi there, everybody. we have a mark here somewhere.


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