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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 28, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," intensifying search. holding out hope for two teens missing at sea since friday. why parents and the coast guard remain optimistic. on the defense. republican presidential hopeful mike huckabee who compared the president's iran deal to the holocaust. the war of words now and why huckabee is not backing down. cover story. 35 women accusing bill cosby of sexual abuse. how they're all speaking out together for the first time. and later in "the skinny," last night's season finale of the bachelorette". what led kaitlyn to choose one guy over the other. she's in search of reality tv love. our senior analyst is here with insights on this tuesday, july 28th. from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan.
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>> well, they said that they are experienced boaters. we're going to kick it off with the desperate certainly for these twos missing teenagers. they have experience, teej, which is giving the parents and coast guard hope. but there's still lots of families really, really praying that they are still alive for that very reason. >> they even called it second nature to these kids who grew up around the water. they're very young but have a lot of experience on the water. they essentially know how to handle themselves. but after combing through a massive area searchers know that time is quickly running out. let's get the very latest from abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: the coast guard scouring the ocean for austin steven knows and perry cohen. >> all hands on deck type effort. >> reporter: the best friends went out fishing friday on this boat and haven't been seen since. only the boat discovered, damaged and deserted. >> negative. >> just confirmed, nobody's on board. trying to find any other gear. >> obviously disappointed that the boys were not clinging to
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that boat. now we can recalculate some of the drift analysis that we were doing taking into account wind, seas, current. >> reporter: the search area covering more than 27,000 square nautical miles, about the size of west virginia. >> when a person is in the water, you're basically looking for the chest up. so it's a relatively small object. >> reporte their families riding an emotional roller coaster. >> we're experiencing an the same roller coaster of emotions. not even on an hourly basis. i think it can be minute by minute. >> reporter: members of the coast guard say they hope the boys have life jackets or something to keep them afloat. they'll keep searching even after dark. >> we're going to keep doing that because even if it's one of these issues where maybe the boys if they're in the water, if they see an aircraft up ahead, it gives them the will to live they know we're out there looking for them. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, jupiter, florida. breaking news in the case of another person gone missing. police in santa cruz, california, say the body of 8-year-old madyson middleton has been found in a dumpster behind her mother's apartment complex.
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madyson last seen riding her scooter outside the complex. police say a 15-year-old boy is being questioned in connection with the murder. >> california firefighters are waging a massive war against out of control wildfires. state firefighters have responded to nearly 4,000 wildfires this year, 44% more than last year. thanks to emergency drought funding, mother firefighters have now been hired. less area has been burned though and thousands of homes have been saved. california is grateful for that. >> personnel from as far as away as santa cruz had driven to save my home. >> fires are burning very, very quickly. >> fire season is far from over, however. this week triple digit temperatures and high winds are expected to make the battle harder. this morning there are 23 major wildfires burning across five states. firefighters in the west get no break in the forecast. inland temperatures could reach triple digits. combined with gusty winds, warnings are posted in california and oregon.
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violent storms threaten a wide area from the southwest to the upper midwest and the southeast. oppressive heat in the mid south and northeast. >> triple digits in phoenix and dallas. 90s from albuquerque to miami. up to new york. 80s in denver, l.a., portland and minneapolis. new details emerging about the gunman who opened fire in a louisiana movie theater as his victims were laid to rest. funerals were held yesterday for jillian johnson and mayci breaux, the two women killed in the shooting rampage. we're learning in 2008, the gunman, john houser, was delivered to a hospital for mental evaluation after his family said he was a danger but he was not involuntarily committed possibly explaining why he was able to purchase a handgun. >> emotional testimony as the colorado movie theater shooter's attorneys try to prevent a death sentence. the sister of james holmes cried on the witness stand. she recalled their childhood. chris holmes said he was a kind loving brother, never cruel.
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he could be sentenced to death for killing 12 people three years ago. his parents also testify on his behalf today. another republican presidential candidate taking heat for controversial comments. former arkansas governor mike huckabee compared the new iran nuclear deal to the holocaust and huckabee now refusing to back down or apologize. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: mike huckabee doubling down on his criticism of president obama's iran deal after comparing it to the holocaust. >> he's so naive, he would trust the iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> his comments bringing a rare scolding from the president. >> in 18 months i'm turning over the keys. i want to make sure i'm turning over the keys to somebody serious. >> reporter: huckabee not backing down. >> three times i've been to auschwitz. when i talked about the oven door, i have stood at that door. i know exactly what it looks like >> reporter: the president accusing republican candidates of using overheated language to
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try and steal attention from donald trump. seen here firing up crowds in iowa this weekend. >> i want to grab that corn like you've never seen. so rich, so beautiful. >> reporter: other candidates now looking to create their own viral moments. senator rand paul taking a chain saw to our tax code and senator lindsey graham taking a samurai sword to his cell phone after trump publicly gave out his number. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> and the ten gop candidates will be at next week's republican debate. that's based on their standings at the polls. our abc news analysis shows donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, marco rubio, ted cruz, mike huckabee and ben carson will all be on stage for the debate. poll standings will indicate if the next five candidates will be at the debate including chris christie rick perry, john kasich, and bobby jindal. our analysis predicts carly fiorina, george pataki and lindsey graham will not be at the debates.
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but again, there's another poll coming out next tuesday. doesn't matter. a lot can happen in a few days. >> all that matters, they're trying to make the cut. what can you do to get your name in the news. >> yeah. >> to make the cut. this is just madness. >> it will be interesting to watch. i can't wait. you've been talking about this for sometime. >> i've been talking about this. >> you prefer this over the miss america pageant. that's your favorite show? >> let's not go that far. we turn to boston. boston is out of the running for the olympics. the u.s. olympic committee will seek another american city to bid for the 2024 games after it became apparent there was not enough support in boston. the final straw, boston's mayor yesterday said he would not risk taxpayer dollars to fund the games. usoc has till mid-september to come up with another city, likely l.a., san francisco or d.c. >> a text message could hijack your android phone. a security research firm has found a major flaw that affects nearly all android phones. that's 950 million phones. so far, there are no reported
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cases of anyone exploiting this security flaw. but it could allow a hacker access to everything on your phone, even the microphone and the camera. that is scary stuff. amazon reportedly wants to get into the grocery business according to the silicon valley business journal. customers would order groceries on line, pick them up in a drive-through store. many shoppers say they're interested. right now online sales only account for about 1% of grocery spending. there's no comment from amazon. i would do that. >> of course. >> yeah. >> we've got a new book out there you've got get. it's a new dr. suesss book available today. the author has been dead some 25 years. "what pet should i get." already number one best seller on amazon fearings the same kids who starred in one fish two fish. the manuscript was discovered by his widow when she was doing renovations on their house. this is bedtime reading
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>> we love it at any age. it's also a good graduation gift. a lot of people, oh, the places you will go. that's a dr. suess book i got for graduation. >> who gave that to you? >> multiple people. teachers. >> oh, the places you will go. >> did i miss something? why are we getting books at 18? >> because they thought i would be going places in my life. >> you did. at this age, really? >> it's a good graduation gift. >> okay. every summer, eric schmidt and his family go diving for treasure. this time they hit the jackpot. eric was searching in ft. pierce florida, in 15 feet of water when he uncovered gold koinz worth more than a million dollars. >> this now, this is the tricentennial royal gold coin minted for the spanish king in 1715, buried under the sea with a fleet of spanish ships. went down there during a hurricane 300 years ago this week. congratulations to you, young fellow. coming up in "the skinny"
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disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at ♪a one, a two, a three percent cash back♪ all right. a long and winding chase in philadelphia. a few hours ago across the delaware river three times, through a new jersey shopping mall parking lot, past independence mall. inside was a robbery suspect, finally side swiped a police cruiser, flipped over. doesn't appear he was seriously injured.
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but good to tell you it's over. nobody else injured in this thing. >> initial autopsy results on bobbi kristina brown turned up no obvious cause of death. the medical examiner found no significant injuries and no previous unknown medical conditions. but additional lab tests will be performed and subpoenas may be issued for her medical records. brown was found unresponsive six months ago. experts say the passage of time makes the investigation much more difficult. turning to the latest in the case against bill cosby. that striking image on the cover of "new york magazine." >> dozens of his accusers have joined forces to send a powerful message. no longer afraid to tell their story. here's more from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: for the first time ever, 35 of bill cosby's accusers appearing together on the cover of "new york magazine." as part of what they call a sorrowful sisterhood. >> it hurts to this day. >> sharing their stories of allegedly being drugged, raped or sexually assaulted by the legendary comedian after some
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say they have been discredited for decades. >> it's about time that people sat up and listened. >> reporter: the group ranging from their mid-40s to 80 includes super models janice dickinson and beverly johnson who shared her story with abc's linsey davis. >> i was really afraid. i was an aafraid for my life. >> reporter: cosby who has denied these claims has never been charged. his reps telling abc news he has no comment on the new york magazine story. also appearing on the cover, an empty chair. the magazine says representing other victims who may still be living in silence. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. coming up, last night's season finale of the bachelorette. >> the proposal and heartbreak brought to us by our senior bachelorette analyst, jack sheehan. he is here next in "the skinny." >> "world news now" continues after this
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♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ all right. only one place to start in "the skinny" tonight. last night's huge finale of the bachelorette. >> for kaitlyn it all came down to two men and one big decision, nick or shawn. here to break it down for you as always our senior analyst jack sheehan. >> hey. >> welcome, jack. >> i got all dressed up for the finale. how about that? i'm in mourning that another season is over.
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mercifully. oh, god, i didn't think we were going to make it. well, all right. we may as well start. like we said, there were two dudes still involved, shawn b. and nick. roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. this is nick arriving on the scene. he was feeling confident. he said along the way, he said it's increasingly hard to feel that it's not going to end well, but you know what? oh. >> oh. >> no. >> yeah. she put the brakes on that ring before it got out of the box. let's put it that way. she was trying to make nice to him. she's like, she's like, you know, i love you and all of this. he's like no, i don't need to hear it. thanks very much but whatever. later in the limo. >> look at that, he can't believe it. >> he can't believe it. >> in the limo he said he was sick and in shock. hit that sound bite. >> i feel a little foolish. i do feel like it was the best setup. you know, to actually hear her
3:49 am
tell me she loves me more than once, it is like a [ expletive ] joke. ♪ i'm the world's biggest joke. >> the world's biggest joke. and so enters the pantheon of patheticness. nick v. >> why didn't you call me and tell me this was going on? i would have watched. >> he's right up there with the 1991 and '92 atlanta braves who lost two world series in a row. hasn't quite achieved the level of the '91 to '94 buffalo bills. who, of course lost four straight super bowls. >> you getting all these references, reena? >> got a little sports with reena, the whole nine yards. all right. that cleared the way for the triumphant arrival of shawn b. he was feeling confident, as well about the whole thing and his confidence was well founded. he had done his ring shopping
3:50 am
with neil lane earlier on and -- >> he looks so much like ryan gosling. >> as we said in our season review yesterday, excuse me, he had that matthew mcconaughey thing going on. >> got it. >> right? and let's just hear their big moment. let's just leave it to him. >> i truly believe that everything happens for a reason. after the two best months of my entire life, i know what that reason is. and that's i'm not supposed to live my life without you. and i'm not going to. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> kaitlyn bristowe, will you marry me? >> yes. >> there you go. all sorts of hearts and flowers there. shawn b. and kaitlyn. the lucky guy.
3:51 am
he went -- he got the first impression rose and went all the way to the engagement ring. so fair enough, good for them. check them out later this morning on "good morning america." "after the final rose" when we had nick and shawn b. on the couch with each other. >> my goodness. >> these guys didn't like each other during the season. that was the whole thing. shawn b. said he never really clicked with nick, that he had a bad feeling about him. nick was basically like you know, he knew that it wasn't popular to join the whole thing in progress. they both agreed their feud was immature and it took away from their relationships with kaitlyn. prediction time. we think that ben h., ben h. who placed third in this go around was -- is going to be the next bachelor, but we'll see. >> great. >> could be ben z., as well. >> thank you, sir.
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♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ all right. got a "skinny" bonus round. and katy perry starts us off this round. she's getting a lot of attention. people want to make this a feud between her and taylor swift. ah. >> you don't buy it. >> not at all. but still, she's certainly staying above all of that with some higher aspirations. >> check her out with former presidents bush and clinton. perry posted this shot to instagram with the caption, 42, 43, 46 question mark implying a possible run for perry in 2020 or 2024. could she -- would she ask t. swift to be a running mate? >> those twos would, two would win. >> they would have "bad blood' as their campaign theme song. >> and still win. every young person would be out voting >> you're totally right. next up, will ferrell.
3:56 am
we saw him running around. you remember this with the major league teams during spring training, this big thing he did. what was he up to? >> we knew he had to be filming something and now we have a trailer for the project a documentary called "farrell takes the field." check it out. >> they say nothing's more american than grabbing a hot dog heading to the ballpark and watching nine guys from the dominican republic make magic on the field. you know what? today i learned they are wrong. make that eight dominicans and one guy from irvine, california. >> you can see farrell play all nine positions, step into the batter's box september 12th on hbo. >> and the special will raise funds for several cancer-fighting charities so it's a good cause. big news about the much anticipated "full house" spinoff series, "fuller house." >> yes the row plans apparently between uncle jesse and aunt becky copies. john stamos confirmed they are indeed together with this instagram post. the shot of his hand with lori loughlin's both with wedding bands over the episode one script.
3:57 am
complete with the caption jesse and becky together forever. filming for the netflix series currently under way. no word on a release day though the. and more tv casting news. your boy, your favorite guy, ed sheeran landed a recurring role on a new television series. >> the show will air on fx and the title intense here called "the bastard executioner," billed as a blood soaked medieval epic. sheeran is going to be in this thing. >> he plays a character described as an ambitious and deadly protege of a high ranking church elder. i thought he was going to have a role as a singer. no, he's going to be acing. >> maybe he's in the church choir during medieval times. >> right now he can do no wrong in my book. love this guy. number one fan. updates on facebook at, folks. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news
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making news in america this morning, extreme weather. a late july storm producing everything from tornadoes to snow plus a heat wave beginning to build for millions of americans. wildfires still raging out west. controversial comments from a presidential candidate and we're not talking about donald trump. mike huckabee's remarks about the iran nuclear deal comparing it to the holocaust, the president hitting back. the backlash growing with the first debate just days away. hit-and-run. a cyclist capturing the moment when he became the victim of a crime and not the only violation the camera recorded. tense finale. "the bachelorette" making her pick lighting up social media overnight and what her new fiance and runner-up are saying this morning.


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