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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. the heat wave hits the east. a tornadoes outside denver. also the fire emergency. you can see the frames of the homes burning to the ground. the teams battling multiple fires at this hour. one camera, the fire retardant coating the lens. the earthquake hitting france along a fault line tonight. >> we are having an earthquake. terror in the streets tonight. the debt lid explosion in bangkok. the death toll growing. donald trump and his new plan. his idea to send 11 million undocumented immigrants and their children home. we ask trump, how will he do it? good evening.
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it's great to have you with us on a monday night. we begin with severe weather across this country. the heat wave now gripping the east. the tornado hitting near denver and the triple digit temperatures helping to fuel more than 80 w50i8d fires burning at this hour. this image here of a giant tanker now being used tonight. in washington state, one family capturing this video. you can see the edge of the lake there. every home gone, burned to the ground. from idaho tonight, this fire whirl shooting flames 100 feet into the sky. we are on the front lines of the fires and the heat wave. gio benitez leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, millions from coast to coast, feeling record high temperatures. >> triple digits. miserable. >> reporter: in new york, 95 degrees, tying the record. the first official heat wave in two years. people working outside drinking plenty of water. construction workers looking for shade where they can find it.
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in washington, d.c. -- >> it's hard and covered in sweat. >> reporter: meanwhile out west -- >> the humid was out of control and made it hotter. >> reporter: dozens of heat records shattered just in california. abc's kayna whitworth is in marina del rey. >> we are at a playground. i want to show you, the temperature is 108 degrees. >> reporter: too hard of the a baseball game. >> he had heat related illness. >> reporter: on the roads too. texas aaa reporting a spike in tie blow outs. >> if you have tires on the verge of failing already and the temperature up, it's going to push it farther. >> reporter: the commuters behind me, check that tire pressure. if you are under inflated first on hot roads, you are in trouble. >> check the pressure in your tires. thank you. in the west, the triple
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digits there. fueling the wildfires. at least 87 major fires burning not oregon. a new image coming in, protective foil around this cabin. one of the measures they are taking. active military called in to fire the fires. neal karlinsky is there. >> reporter: across the west, a small army of more than 30,000 firefighters are stretched to their limit. tonight, enlisting active military troops to help for the first time in a decade and even putting the call out overseas. >> we'll be looking at other nations that we generally work with like australia and new zealand. >> reporter: this weekend, beach goers shared the lake and airplanes picking up water and dumping flame retardant so close, a tv camera man was drenched in it. in idaho this weekend, 30 homes lost. oregon, more than two dozen gone. and around the vacation community of chelan, washington,
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more than 50 homes destroyed. >> imagine the intensity there. that was a jet ski. and both have milted into nothing. >> i thought i was going to be devastated by what i saw. but i thought just the opposite. i looked at it and i said, "we're going to make something. we're going to make lemonade out of lemons." >> reporter: the homes here really tell the story. the flames are died down at least for now, david. >> neal, thanks to you. we have ginger here and new images of a tornado touches down outside denver. the images southwest of denver, just moments ago and reports on of a tornado spotted by people in the area. let's go to ginger tracking the wit in the country. >> the tornado watch for much of colorado. the severe thunderstorm watch from wyoming up to montana. that is just tonight.
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all the nirnlg is going to move from oklahoma, wisconsin, des moines and kansas city, you are in the line tomorrow. it's a mess in the northwest pacific. and the spoke, if you don't have the fire, you have the smoke blowing over you. the heavy smoke from spokane to missou missoula. it breaks my midwest. >> thank you, ginger. and to san francisco tonight where an earthquake rattled the bay area tonight. and meteorologist on the air the moment it happened. we want to show you what it looked like when it hit. >> oh, my gosh, we are having an earthquake. goodness. >> 4.0 on the fault line. aditi roy on the report tonight. >> reporter: this early morning earthquake in the bay area jolted the airwaves. >> oh, it is shaking. >> that's a pretty good earthquake there.
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>> reporter: the quake measured 4.0 and was centered in piedmont, california, 13 miles east of berkeley at 6:49 a.m. it wasn't the big one, but enough to stop bart trains for ten minutes. and give a rude awakening to this baby. and these pups. and a wake-up call for some out-of-town freshmen at uc berkeley. >> i never felt that kind of shock before. >> reporter: today's quake sprung from the hayward fault, which runs directly below where i'm standing, and cuts right through memorial stadium here at uc berkeley from goalpost to goalpost. and some seismologists predict a major quake along this fault could happen any day, david. >> thank you. we return to the race now for 2016. donald trump showing up for jury duty today. he was not selected but you imagine the scene in new york city. surrounded by the reporters and the seen. a new fox news show showing him firmly in the lead. and tonight, donald trump's
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first policy revealed about immigration. 11 million undongmented illegal immigrants and their children will be sent home. how do you do that? >> reporter: donald trump pulling up to new york court today in his shiny limo. swarmedy cameras and microphones. signing dollar bills, waving to the crowd, admitting hopes his time as a juror is short. >> do you hope you get picked for the jury? >> not particularly. >> and this photo, just your average day on jury duty. the long awaited plan for dealing with immigration. >> we're building a wall. it's going to be strong, it's going to be solid. it's going to be policed. >> reporter: he is still insisting mexico will pay for it. he will cut welfare to new illegal immigrants.
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deny citizenship to undocumented immigrants and beport 11 million people living in the country illegally. he said the good ones will be able to come back. i caught up with him today as he was heading back to lunch. >> how would you deport the 11 million immigrants. >> it will be very easy. you just watch. >> reporter: how would you do it? and his poll number stayed strong. the latest national poll showing him way ahead of the pack. this this weekend on the helicopter in iowa. martha raddatz says that others stumbles. >> rick santorum. >> they're not my. >> reporter: he was not selected for jury duty. he will not be called back for another six years. he is back on the trail wednesday, visiting the important state of new hampshire. david? >> a quiet scene there, thank you. we have new developments on
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the hillary clinton e-mails and the server. the state department finding 305 messages need to be examined further. clinton making light of it at a recent event. >> by the way, you might have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> hillary clinton trying to inject humor about the e-mails in iowa over the weekend. we move on to overseas. a deadly attack in a religious area. a shrine, a popular spot for visitors. foreign visitors are among the dead. terry moran tonight. >> reporter: the security camera capturing the attack in rush
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hour. a tremendous blast. people flee and fall to the ground in terror. this area, kind of the times square of dang dock. shopping malls, hotels. timed to maximize the killing. and after, carnage on the streets. the dead strewn across the pavement. people rushing to help the injured. sheer chaos from the explosion. officials say 19 killed, 123 wounded. rushed to 11 different hospitals. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. and bangkok is a city on edge. we turn now to indonesia tonight, a passenger plane crashing in the mountain with 54 people on board. wreckage sported today. no sign of survivors. there is word the plane my have been carrying $500,000 in
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government funds to help families with rising fuel prices. tonight, the royal butch shell a permit to drill off the west coast. shell bringing in special equipment to come ply with environmental regulations. we hurn to amazon under the microscope of a "new york times" microscope described a brutal work environment. amazon rushing all sorts of goods to our house. and jeff bazos says it's not the company he knows. we hurn to rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, the company that dreams of delivery by drone and uses robots to navigate the warehouse now defending itself of a "new york times" expose describes a nightmare workplace where they see co-workers cry at their
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desk. jeff bazos has a customer focused approach. >> it starts with the customer and works back words. >> reporter: but the times reports amazon workers, describes 85 hour work weeks, and a feedback program to review co-workers and a disregard for employees dealing with personal crises like breast cancer. one worker who lost a baby was told she would be monitored to be sure her focus remained on her job. jeff bezos says that did not the amazon i see every day. >> i have learned that i'm way smarter and way stronger than i ever thought i was. >> they very much respect having families, having kids. >> you either fit here or you
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don't. you love it or you don't. there is no middle ground really. >> rebecca reported there is a secret reporting system on co-workers and jeff bezos says e-mail me directly. >> he said they are not going to stand for it. >> the story has a lot of headlines. rebecca, thanks to you. and computer hacking at the irs. more taxpayers' documents could have been compromised. pierre, how big is it? what is the scope or it? >> reporter: david, it's really bad. three times as many taxpayers affected. the number from 114,000 in may to 334,000 possibly targeted. >> this is taxpayer information. it's concerning. what can they do with it? >> reporter: it's so bad. it has information about your
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salary, the place of employment, where you live, whether you are married. and combine with it your name, bait of birth and social security number and you can see how someone can assume your identity. >> pierre thomas, thank you. we turn to a campus sex scandal. a senior at st. paul's is on trial for luring a 15-year-old girl to a remote spot and attacking her. he told police there is a tradition of sexual conquest at the school. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen labrie in court today. charged with raping a 15-year-old girl at one of the most elite prep schools in the country. it allegedly happened on the roof of a school building last may, just two days before labrie graduated from the prestigious st. paul's school in new hampshire. according an affidavit obtained by abc affiliate wmur, labrie told detectives that it was part of a contest known as "senior salute." what he described as a
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longstanding tradition of graduating boys competing to take the virginity of younger girls. he says a tally of their conquests was kept in permanent marker hidden behind campus washing machines and later moved online after he claims the school kept painting over the list, telling authorities he was, "trying to be number one." >> it's likely going to come down to her account that this happened and she resisted, versus his account that they didn't even have sex. >> reporter: labrie is pleading not guilty, telling authorities he never had sex with her. st. paul's school saying current allegations about our culture is not emblematic of our school or our values. labrie, the aspiring divinity student who'd been accepted to harvard, now standing accused of rape.
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opening arguments have slated to start tomorrow. we do have a passing to note. american's old ers vest vearn died at the age of 110. one month ago, he was honored by president obama in a meeting with him. she served in word war 2. the president calling her a true trail blazer fehr generations of americans there is more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the decorated veteran and sky drive colliding in air. thousands witnessing the frightening moments from the ground. more coming up. also, the local hero who would dress as batman. he met him before. the awful accident with his bat mobile tonight. and later, the big change coming to one of america's most popular drinks. what they are now adding to the pumpkin spiced latte that has a lot of us scratching her heads today.
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elite sky diving team grounded after a deadly fall in chicago. a decorated veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan killed in a midair collision witnessed by thousands. alex perez is in chicago. >> reporter: the jaw dropping stunt is supposed to look like this. instead, the sill brags turned to horror. this video capturing the moment after two military sky divers collide in midair, free falling at 100 miles an hour in front of a crowd of thousands. one of the jumpers breaking his leg. the other, corey hood, knocked unconscious in the collision, slamming in an apartment building and plunging 30 stories to the ground. >> he came in low at the building. >> reporter: hood died as a result of his injuries.
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finally tonight here, the new pga champ. the tears began flows before it was official. tonight, in his own words, the hurdle he faced when he was just 12. everyone on their feet. it was a long time coming. >> he is already starting to show a lot of emotions. >> before he even won, they panned to his face. jason day could not believe it was within sight. >> he wanted to win for his father, alvin, who passed away when jason was just 12 years old. the incredible efforts that his mother made to get jason on track. >> jason struggled with alcohol at 12 after he lost his father. but his mother, his champion,
6:58 pm
stood by him and pulled him through. >> you can see the golf ball through the tears. >> and that was it a champion. >> a phenomenal talent. and a major champion. >> hugging his caddie, his first career victory, breaking tiger woods' record, 20 under par and his son, dash, came running to his father. and his wife, ellie, with an embrace for a champion who overcame the loss at 12 to make a father proud and a mother who stood by him. >> when i was a kid, a 12-year-old kid, i didn't think i had a future to be a major champion. i mean, you never really think about it. it's just an amazing feeling. >> what a triumph. thank you for watching on a monday night. i'm david muir. see you back here tom
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