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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 19, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," demanding answers from hillary clinton. >> the heated exchange between the democratic front-runner and a fox news reporter. the tough questions and why clinton turned and walked away. extreme conditions from a severe weather system sweeping the country and in the windy west where firefighters haven't seen danger like this in decades. family drama. rosie o'donnell's troubled teenage daughter disappears for days. the police search, where she was found and why the worries don't end here. and later, the long awaited little pink pill that promises to perk up women's libidos. the fda's decision and the big questions, when does it go on sale and what will it cost. it's wednesday, august 19th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> the question i think was to phillip. >> it is for women. >> i asked him if he was excited about the little pink pill. and you said? >> not as excited as you might be. >> i like how sometimes when we open the show you have this twinge of am i supposed to do this? >> we're about to talk about that a little bit later. we're going to start off with politics. an interesting exchange. it was hillary clinton turning defiant over the subject of e-mails during a las vegas event. >> donald trump travels to new hampshire where he and jeb bush will have dueling town hall meetings. stephanie ramos has more. >> the campaign trail led democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton to las vegas where she got into a heated exchange with fox news host ed henry over her e-mail drama. >> what i did was legally permitted. >> the two go back and forth with clinton finally saying >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing.
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personal stuff we did not. i had no obligation to do so. and did not. >> clinton then throws her hands up and walks away appearing exasperated gop front-runner donald trump maybe off the trail but still got an attack out against clinton. trump posting a video on instagram attacking clinton using her own words while clips of benghazi, are front page stories about her e-mail drama. >> difference at this point does it make. >> flash on screen. meantime, another busy yet rainy day at the iowa state fair. republican presidential candidate marco rubio taking note of the weather into maybe even some lightning later. >> reporter: gop presidential rival scott walker was in minnesota outlining his first major policy initiative of the presidential campaign saying he will repeal president obama's health care law and replace it with his own plan. >> by repealing it obamacare entirely, we're getting rid of the spending and taxes which means this ends up being a tax
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cut. >> reporter: jeb bush took his campaign to the south, ben carson to the west. the presidential candidates certainly making the rounds. reena, phillip? >> now to the difficult conditions facing thousands of firefighters across the west. they're battling at least 90 large wildfires which have scorched more than 1500 square miles in the last two weeks alone. several intensifiers near chelan, washington have destroyed more than 70 buildings. resources are so thin, military troops are being trained to help fight the fires. >> soldiers you know, we're hard workers. and it just comes natural to us. >> reporter: when the 200 soldiers being trained are ready, they'll hit the fire line in central washington. an official in idaho says fire conditions there are the worse worst they've been since the mid-1920s. the temperatures in the northwest will be around 90 today making things more difficult for fire crews. there could be more severe storms elsewhere.
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ginger zee takes a look at the damage and today's outlook. >> reporter: tornado in eastern iowa. these images just streaming in, reports of trees down. no injuries. that tornado embedded in a strong line of storms stretching from missouri to wisconsin while in charleston, south carolina, more than 3 inches of rain clogging streets. underpasses underwater. neighborhoods passable by standup paddle board only. that tornado in southern mississippi monday, an ef-0, winds up to 75 miles per hour. images of a funnel from colorado and and what could have been a tornado not yet confirmed. south of denver. damaging winds crumbling silos taking out buildings. so those severe storms will move into the state of michigan on wednesday here. what we're going to look for in the way of heat out west, still excessive heat warning for another 24 hours or so. in las vegas. portland oregon, not helping the
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fires whatsoever. still gusty winds and dry conditions. finally tropical storm danny now moving west. it's got winds around 40 miles per hour and should run into mid level dry air. other than that, it looks like it will make it closer to the eastern caribbean by the weekend. ginger zeerks abc news, new york. the fate of a charlotte, north carolina police officer who shot an unarmed black man is in the hands of a jury. randall character opened fire on jonathan farrell two years ago shooting had imten times. farrell was in a car crash. prosecutors say when he knocked on a woman's door for help, she called police thinking he was trying to break in. if convicted he could face up to 11 years in prison. it was an emotional day in court as the alleged victim in the new hampshire prep school rape case took the stand. the 15-year-old girl broke down in tears as she pointed out the man she says attacked her. prosecutors say the alleged rape was part of st. paul's school
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tradition for senior boys to see how many intimate experiences they could have with freshman girls. the defense says the sex was consensual. the former pitchman for subway sandwiches expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. jared fogle reportedly due to appear in a federal courtroom today to accept a federal plea deal. he had been a subway spokesperson since college. but the sandwich chain cut ties with him last month. the head of his foundation was arrested on child important charges back in april. aery relieved rosie o'donnell says her 17-year-old daughter chelsea has been found safe. she was missing for about a week without her phone or medication for mental illness. she was at a home on the jersey shore. abc's linsey davis has details. >> the 17-year-old daughter of rosie o'donnell has been found. o'donnell tweeting chelsea has been found and is safe in police custody. after an alarming tweet from
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rosie o'donnell alerting followers her daughter chelsea was missing, o'donnell tweeting about her daughter and her therapy dog. chelsea and her dog last seen in ni yak, new york. may be in new york city. the 17-year-old was last seen a week ago. a missing person's report was filed sunday and o'donnell saying she lives with mental illness. it has been a difficult road for chelsea and her family and they just want her back safe. parents across the can country deal with mental illness every day, said to affect about 11% of young people between 9 and 17. prol 4 million people. o'donnell often raises awareness. >> we're dealing with significant mental illness which is another horrible crisis in the united states. how do we treat mentally ill children. >> chelsea was adopted by o'donnell when she was just 2 months old. o'donnell's biggest concern was that kell see was in need of medication, both o'donnell and the police just saying they are
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thankful she is safe. linsey davis, abc news, ni yak, new york. now to sports and the courts. starting with tom brady's deflategate scandal. the quarterback and nfl commissioner roger goodell could not come to a settlement over his four-game suspension. that means their attorneys will be back in a new york courtroom today making their cases before a federal judge. if a deal can't be reaped both sides urging the judge to rule in the case less than a week before the patriots first regular season game. and in chicago, basketball legend michael jordan was in court defending the use of his image. jordan is suing dominick's supermarket now out of business for using his image without permission. a jury will decide the fair market value of the infringement which it has acknowledged. >> hackers made good on their threat to expose millions of people who use a website that
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indicators to cheating spouses. it has reportedly popped up online said to include names, addresses and credit cards of 32 million users. it indicators to married people seeking affairs. hackers threaten to go public unless the website was taken down. the autoworkers union is blasting reports that say general motors may import buicks made in china. the buick envision is a compaq crossover made at a plant in beijing. they would become the first detroit automakering to sell a chinese made vehicle in the u.s. some buicks have been imported from europe. it's certainly to be a bargaining chip in upcoming contract talks between gm and the union. that is a big change if that were to happen. right off china's coast is taiwan. a young woman known as the mcdonned's god easy may be dishing out big macs. right now. >> i see why we're calling her the goddess. there she is.
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we also know her as weiwei. she's become an internet sensation when a popular blogger posted pictures ofler. >> she's a college student and worked there for five years. as you can imagine, she does modeling on the side. she says her manager when fans come in, take pictures with her and leave without buying anything. >> oh. how can you be mad at that? >> she's stunning. mcdonald's in taiwan are known for hiring attractive women and encouraging them to dress up as maids or cheerleader. >> well, you know, i was wondering about that. i think that's a big part of it is that she's not dressed in typical mcdonald's garb. i mean, there are -- there are plenty of attractive people that work all over this country at mcdonald's. >> i went to china in june. their mcdonald's they have designer macaroons. >> they've got all sorts of things going on overseas.
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>> coming up "the mix," a presidential candidate tossing a football with kids, oh, no, it just did not go well. don't know what to tell you. >> also ahead, breaking down gender barriers in the military. the two women making history completing a very difficult assignment. and later, pop a pink pill and get in the mood. ladies, find out when you can get a prescription to perk up your sex life. >> join our discussions on facebook, and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, call this number now.
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leaving flowers and posting messages of hope at the site of the deadly bomb attack. the shrine reopened today for the first time since the bombing. police are looking for a prime suspect wearing a yellow t-shirt. just this morning, the police chief said that the bomber did not work alone and was part of a network. the navy could be a step closer to opening its elite seal teams to women. the service's top officer told the navy times if women can pass the grueling six-month seal training they should be allowed to serve. he made his comments after a comprehensive review of women in combat roles. but a navy admiral tells abc news that no final decision about women in the navy seals has been made. and a significant step forward in the army, as well. this was way very big one. two women completed ranger school. >> it's the history-making soldiers and they will graduate
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on friday during ceremonies in georgia. here to talk about it is marci gonzalez. ♪ i want to be a ranger >> for the first time ever, two women can proudly call themselves army rangers. >> it's history. you know, we're always evolving. the army is number one in making history. >> reporter: earning their place in the elite ranks. >> major. >> reporter: completing the same grueling combat training course as the men being tested right alongside them. >> the standards are exactly the same for male and female ranger students. >> reporter: they started the tough ranger test back in april along with 17 other women. the candidates all pushed to their physical and mental limits. tackling obstacle courses, scaling mountains, crossing chest deep rivers with fully loaded packs all while tired and hungry. the 62-day course so challenging
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only 40% of male students pass each year. >> they have to show grit and determination and put one foot in front of the other each day. >> the break through for the two women who have not been identified comes at a time when each branch of the military is assessing how to integrate women into roles historically reserved for only men and while the first female rangers will graduate friday and forever wear the prestigious ranger tab on their uniforms for now they are still not allowed to serve as rangers. and the secretary of defense has till early next year to decide whether that will change. phillip? >> this is so big. during the iraq war in 2003, 2005, covering it, these women were side by side with infantry guys. they roll in on to these explosive ied attacks right by their side doing the same things they are. a lot of them are working as translators but not allowed in the infantry.
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this is like ten years ago during the war, there were a lot of people in the military saying they believe that is going to go by the wayside and this was a huge step. a lot of people at the pentagon saying this is a big deal. so much so they think it's going to allow even more women to come through. these are just the first two. there's going to be more significantly in the future. >> as it should. they're willing to be and can pass everything the men can. and let them do it. >> we could never do it. >> never, never. so much respect for them. coming up, it's being called an break through in women's health. the little pink pill now approved for boosting women's sexual desire. but what are the potential side effects and how much will it cost? >> and ahead, parents having trouble getting pregnant. how stress can interfere with fertility. some expert's advice on easing all that pressure. you're watching
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well, last night a major decision from the fda to approve the so-called female viagra pill. it's the first official drug aimed at boosting sexual desire in women. >> and with its approval come warnings of side effects. abc's rebecca jarvis reports on how it works and when it's available. >> reporter: breaking news the fda deciding to approve flibanserin, the female viagra after two failed attempts by developers to bring the drug to market. >> this is the age of taking action. >> reporter: where i aggragg treats problems with blood flow in men this drug is specifically aimed at treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder, hsdd, which affects approximately one in ten women like 52-year-old amanda parish who says the drug saved her marriage. >> i will be the first one
3:21 am
waiting for my prescription. >> reporter: the once a day pill taken at bedtime is the first of its kind available to consumers. but may come with side effects including dizziness, nausea, fatigue, low blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia. doctors also say women taking the pill should limit alcohol intake. drug'smakers, sprout pharmaceuticals telling abc news the drug will be available october 17th and with insurance, will cost out of pocket $30 to $75 a month. about the same as a typical month's supply of men's viagra. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. big downside. no boozing. they've made that very clear. you cannot drink and use this pill. you've got to take the pill every single day. >> i had no idea this was an issue to be honest with you. not at all. not at all into phillip, what are you trying to tell us this morning? >> now i know. so much to learn. that's what i learned. >> phillip's never had an issue
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♪ time for "the mix." you know, when it comes to election season and politics season, politicians always try to do things that push them outside of their element. that may have been the case for marco rubio. look at this, he throws a football and it hits a kid in the face. oh. looks so painful. take a look at that. oh. one more time. >> he runs a slant route here. he doesn't really lead him. at the same time, i kind of think the kid should have had it maybe. i'm going to back up rubio here a little bit. it's hard to get a good spiral without the velocity. >> are you calling him out saying his spiral is just weak? >> both are equally accountable. >> by the way, rubio was in iowa for the state fair. the child we should say was okay even though it looks pretty bad.
3:26 am
and rubio did -- >> he's fine. rub some dirt on it. he'll be fine. stick with the sports theme. redskins fans didn't have a lot to cheer about last season. but they added a player who has some flare and he brought it. he brought it. that right there is ricky gene francois doing the peanut butter jelly dance. >> peanut butter jelly. >> still have no idea what it is, how it got popular or what. but that dude's getting it. he's getting it. >> he knows how to dance that peanut butter and jelly dance. now, i would like to see politicians try to dance peanut butter jelly dance into i don't know about that. if he can play halfway the way he nailed that. >> because it shows he's bringing a little bit of spirit. >> for sure. the nfc east champions right there. >> quite frankly, i think we should choose the next president of the united states based on their peanut butter and jelly
3:27 am
dance. >> it might come to that. >> i love older couple who have worked it out long enough to stay together. this couple, take a look at them. they're two different fans. carroll and warner recmyer together since june 1st, 1952. carroll is a giants fan. warren a cardinals fan. look at this together since 1952. >> they've got to keep hanging out together. if they don't, it makes noence. >> it keeps them together. >> one has to stay on the right side. there you go. kids, this mimic what parents do and say. sometimes too much so. but the animal world does the same thing. look at this video right here. this little copycat. >> oh, that is cute. >> she doesn't know why she's doing it or what she's doing. >> she knows mama knows best. >> mama's doing it. >> that is adorable. oh,
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this morning on "world news now," historic conditions. the fires burning across several western states. why some firefighters are saying it's the worst they've seen since the 1920s. today's battle and who's ready to help. >> political fight. hillary clinton and a fox news reporter. a combative exchange. the tough questions and how the democratic front-runner responds. and from a political fight to a courtroom fight. >> new this half hour, a brawl right in front of a judge. what led up to this violent scene. >> and later, comedy scandal. the funny guy known as big fat jewish accused of stealing. find out who is not laughing in "the skinny" on this wednesday, august 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm reena ninan.


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