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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 20, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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receiving and distributing child pornography. >> in so doing, he will fully and completely achis responsibility for his wrongdoing and his acts and his conduct. >> reporter: prosecutors claim from 2007 till june of this year, fogel traveled and used social networking in pur of under wage girls. investigator he alleged in 2012, he met a 17-year-old prostitute at the plaza hotel in new york city asking her to find him another underage girl saying "the younger the better." leading to his alleged abuse of those two minors. after raiding his indiana home last month it, investigators claim they found pornography involving children as young as 6 given to him, they say, by the executive director of his charity russell taylor. prosecutors say taylor now in custody on child pornography charges secretly recorded children and shared those videos with fogel for years. and subway has since cut ties
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with fogel. we're told he's agreed to pay 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution and he faces a minimum of five years in federal prison. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. we should learn more today about the firefighter who's died battling a wildfire in washington state. investigators say a at least three were killed when hair vehicle crashed and flames likely overtook them near the small town of twisp. those flames being pushed by winds. several towns can the have had because of the threat. the fire situation there being called a hell storm by one sheriff. >> firefighters are getting no help in today's forecast. >> while storms could delay travellers in the east here's justin pavek at accuweather. >> thanks and good morning. showers and thunderstorms are making their march slowly to the east. we are concerned these are going to produce very heavy rain. flash flooding is going to be possible from pittsburgh to philadelphia and south to the
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nation's capital, richmond looking at very heavy rain. one more dry day from hartford to boston. unfortunately, friday looks to be a complete washout. in the northwest, we need the rain desperately. unfortunately not in the cards today or tomorrow. the winds increase, bad news for the on going fire situation. in terms of the tropics, still danny churning westbound. it's not going to be strength ling rapidly anytime soon. phillip, reena, back to you. >> thank you. federal investigators are trying to figure out why a panel door came off a passenger jet and fell on a golf course. as you might imagine, players playing an round on the golf course were stunned when they saw the 15 x 15 inch piece of metal swirling in the air and landing near them on the 7th hole. nobody on the ground or on board the plane was hurt. delta air lines is accused of using a not so friendly tactic to get passengers to spend more on upgrades. it's becoming more common for
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carriers to upsell, get passengers' attention with low fares and try to sell them upgrades. but a passenger rights group says delta is now trying to shame had traveler who's buy economy tickets on their website and warn them about everything that they're not getting such as seat assignments, refunds and also being last to board. that's not a good thing. >> airlines, airlines, airlines. all right. i know that you do not eat beef, reena, right? >> no, i'm not a big meat fan. >> you know aged beef is considered to be the really good stuff, the really delicious stuff. and there are some aged beef even you can love. >> i believe it. take a look at sammy the cow on a farm in indiana. she's more than 27 years old and as far as anyone knows, she's the oldest heifer in the u.s. she's given birth to 17 healthy calves. >> quite a life there. now she even has granddaughters on the farm there with her. sammy's owner said she believes
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her low stress, it's all about low stress and their free range operation is a huge factor in keeping her all they all these years. >> she should write a book or start an instagram account to help us deal with the stress. >> i'm sure there will be by the end of the day. >> pregnancy isn't a problem for her. she clearly has low stress at work. >> i'm wondering who keeps track of this oldest cow alive thing. you know, going around keeping tabs on that sort of thing. >> good luck to you, sammy. >> 27 years. >> that's a long time. >> what is that in cow years? >> coming up, embarrassment for a dancing cop in our latest episode of "this happened." >> millions of dollars of treasure found not far from a popular florida beach. the divers who discovered it. first the man who thought he had severe heartburn but it turned out to be a heart attack on the reality tv show that
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western mexico's colima volcano is spewing two huge plumes of ash into the air. the second one a mile and a half high. the volcano has been very active since early last month. a yellow alert is in effect. that means residents should be ready to evacuate. >> this sure looked like a disaster in rural maryland. check that out. cameras rolling when a violent explosion sent a ball of fire into the sky. the fire department was battling a fire in an amish barn when a diesel tank blew up. it took awhile for crews to control the flames but no one was hurt. >> that is incredible. they're very lucky there. wow. it's a question that plagues a lot of people. how can you tell the difference between if you're having heartburn or a heart attack? >> that's a serious question.
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a viewer watching abc's program "save my life" heard something about that and remembered it exactly when he needed most. ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: the latest episode of abc's medical reality show, "save my life" told the story of manny couto, who was visiting his stepdaughter at a boston hospital when suddenly he felt what he thought was severe heartburn. it wasn't. >> your ekg tells us you're having a heart attack. >> oh, am i? >> yes. >> i'm dr. crose, the cardiologist who's going to take care of you. >> reporter: couto was rushed into surgery where dr. kevin crose and his team inserted a catheter to clear a blocked artery that could have triggered a heart attack at any moment. >> the artery's wide open. it looks great. >> reporter: watching at home was 71-year-old dana mower. just like couto, he had indigestion. >> that was it, no question in my mind. especially after watching that show. >> reporter: the next morning, he went to brigham and women's hospital. diagnosis? he was having a heart attack. his doctor? dr. crose. >> i joked that i was glad that he saw the tv show because it
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got him to us in a way where we could hopefully minimize the damage to his heart and make him feel better. >> reporter: mower is feeling better. just maybe, his life saved by "save my life." ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> watching tv. >> who said it's all bad for you. it is a serious subject because you never know when you're having a heart attack or what it could be. it rlly is a big problem there. sometimes a lot of guys feeling kind of macho about it and i'll be fine. bottom line is if you suspect it, go get it checked out immediately because it could be the real deal. no turning back after that. >> i was doing burpees at the gym today and i had massive indigestion. the thought did cross my mind. >> what are they? >> when you jump in the air and you go like this on the ground. they're the worst things in the world. >> squat thrusts is what we call them in texas.
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>> texas has a different name for burpees. >> you're there at the gym. >> apparently burpees did not give me a heart attack. i thought you were going to be alone tonight for a few minutes this afternoon. >> burning muscles are completely different than a heart attack. good to know you're at least on alert. >> i am on alert. coming up, a treasure trove. an incredible underwater discovery. >> who's found it after it had been in the ocean hundreds of years. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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♪ you know, as kids many of us dreamed of discoverying buried treasure. when we heard that items worth millions of dollars was found we figured it would be in a pretty remote location. >> how about right off a florida beach in about two feet of water. abc's david muir has more. >> off the coast of vero beach, florida, a group of divers sifting through the sand. striking gold. the water not even four feet deep. they keep searching under this yeef. they find even more. those gold coins from the remains of a ship that went down 300 years ago. nine of those coins called royals worth $300,000 each.
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one of the lead salvagers telling us what they usually find. >> we find a lot of modern garbage. fishing sinkers, beer cans. signs. >> the feeling this time -- >> you can't explain the feeling. it was 300 years ago to the day that we happened to find 300 gold coins. >> the second gold rush just this summer. in june, eric schmidt and his family finding 1 million in gold coins. and this newest discovery still sinking in. >> i felt like i was in a dream. it makes you think what else is out there. >> david muir, abc news, new york. >> yeah. what else is out there. >> metal detector finally getting put to good use. >> that's true. >> your home state of florida this keep 20% of whatever you find down there. >> we've got to help pay for the education. i hope that's where that money goes to. >> something else though. that is cool. >> it is pretty cool. apparently the diver who discovered the coins william bartlett wouldn't say how much his cut would be. he said i'm just a guy on a boat
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it is that time again for a handful of stories that simply happened. and now we want to share them with you. >> starting with the police officer asked if he could do the dance of the summer and then this happened. officer bryson caught dancing on security cam at a 711 in utah doing the whip, the nae nae. >> i was singing the song and i walked in the front door and they asked me if i had -- if i knew the dance. i was like i know the dance. so i did the dance. and told them not to record it and i forgot about the surveillance camera. >> yeah, you sure did, officer. the footage was shown to the officer's coworkers and promptly uploaded to the department's facebook page. >> ridicule will last until retirement. all right. continuing on now with some more
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eye popping store surveillance footage. a treasure trove of great video. a bottle falls, starts to roll off the counter till an employee comes out of nowhere to make a diving grab. not sure what was in the bottle. there it is. almost it's got to be alcohol in there, right? >> that is miraculous. >> waste not, want not. >> the like that. look how he did that. it must have been an expensive bottle. >> he had nice shoes on. slid right across. great job, buddy. >> moving on, a zoologist for the uk smooting for the bbc looking for the elusive blue whale. he's ready to give up until this happened. >> you know they're here. you just jolly well can't find them. oh, look. there is one. >> i told you. you jolly welk find them. timing is everything, old chap. don't you know?
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>> oh. what i an sense of humor that whale has. finally what happens when is a dutch town gets both a flea market and the circus? this might happen. this is bubba the elephant going for a stroll perhaps doing some shopping. the funny thing neither the elephant or the crowd seem to be worried about the situation. they're just chilling there. it's a normal thing. the trainer eventually caught up with bubba and ended the shopping spree. >> that could have been very, very tragic actually if the elephant was hungry, went on a ramp and, upset nobody was selling churros. >> everybody seems to be so chill. there's bubba again. hey, bubba. >> there he goes. that's what happened. >> abc news to find out what else happened.
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this morning on "world news now," political battlegrounds. >> the war of words between donald trump and republican rival jeb bush in dueling town hall meetings last night. and more serious criticism for hillary clinton. firefighters killed. the developing story from the northwest where fires have gone from threatening to deadly. the unpredictable danger. from fame to shame. the subway sandwich spokesman pleading guilty to serious charges. new details about allegations of sex with an underage girl to child pornography and what's next for his marriage. and later stepping out. the professionals returning to the next season of "dancing with the stars." the dancers reveal their dream partners while keeping some big secrets. it's thursday, august 20th.


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