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tv   Defense News With Vago Muradian  ABC  August 23, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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♪ after 40 years of active duty as chief ofl retires
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naval operations pt started his tenure after the budget control act of 2011 curtailed pentagon funding, derailing maintenance programs and training that continue to impacthe forced to today. despite constant touch constant challenges he pushed back to restore order the organs and advocated for key eorts like a new ballistic missile sub and work to change needy culture and open opportunities for women. we met with admiral greener did at the pentagon lasteek. president obama has said he would veto. if that happens congress would lily fund the pentagon continuing resolutions. couldanalysts predict crs last through next year's presidential election. what an impactt would be on the navy. greenert: we have had a
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two-year hiatus from it. we have to understand if there is no change we are at budget control act numbers. we are assuming we're going to be under continuing resolution. we looked at our programs and said and said what we have new starts a new projects. we are ok for the first quarter. the level of fiscal year 15 driv into 16 is not really the issue so much as what do you need in 16? what did youssume you would gein 16? have assumed more funding than a 15 level. we can deal with that and we will work with the hill on that gard. a supplemental piece tends to help us with operating accounts. importantdeferring
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projects, aircraft building, all the procurement programs are affected by that. then y get into the possibility -- you can understand that cascading effect. what areo understand the consequences, when arehose coconsequences. for ust is midway through the second quarter. we have to gird our loins and decide how do we deal with this, how do we deal with the shipbuilders. unfortunately we have been here before. -- a -- a vodka vago: are you look and where you are good to take more budgetary risks? need to layt: we into the next contractor a ship. need to start
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decommissioning the enterprise, start the overhaul othe we toucof the lincoln -- the overhaul. measures important thatat the congress understands the consequences of. things like that will have a conversation. vago: are you having those discussions on the hill and how is that message being receed by rivers of congress who don't see this as a big of a problem? hillgreenert: the discussions we have, there is some optimism and perhaps pragmatism. we would have a reconciliation of one sort or another to keep us out of a continuing resolution. -- lago -- vago: you u have made pushing capabilities.
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the laser is an example of a technology that has been developing and sitting around. let's get this in sailor's hands is see what th can do with that. the current concern is the united states is facing adversaries that have access to technological get the motives that we have. talk to is how you interpret innovation and what the third entire offset strategy should be ararea adm. greent: -- should be . you mentioned laser and high-tech. the railgun is another one. there are cyber areas in the electro magnetic spectrum that are classified. there is another one, which we call the repurpose thing. taking perhaps a missile or torpedo. a new warhead, a new seeker.
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weapon, a a better different weapon th you can now put in a location and employ differently. we have done pretty good in that regard. taking g an alaskan tanker and asking someone to take the centerpiece out of it and put it allen's. we have five of those kinds of ships. it is adting. say --to the people and i have this thing called see a no rapid innovation cell. what do you see how there and what would you do if you want to do something differently? we have a great return on that. innovation in bed with our kids out there.
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a couple of years ago the united states was talking about the pivot to asia. the navy has beenble to handldle that shift. the army made a focus of that as well. there is a view that ssia has a continuing challenge. ,oth nations are arming rapidly but also destabilizing their regions. as you look at both of those nations, what do you see is the biggest overall threat and biggest naval threat? is it an army or navy on the right track? adm. greenert: we had a meeting with the senior leader council a few weeks ago where we set do with the secretary of defense and talked about threats. we came to the agreement we have a condition dealing with counterterrorism. it is really dealing with the isis and al qaeda threat.
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that is a condition we have to deal with today. then we have russia's emergence. i would't call them a threat but they s sure could be a thre. those tend to be higher-end ssia.. and then you have the middleweight. are the threats we are dealg with for the navy. how quickly whenen i respond wih the right capability. that is what we are workining o. one of my bigger challenges. that is the readiness for recovery.
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and that condition that exists day in and day out. one of the things you focused on is building a dialogue to avoid dangers maritime inch -- maritime incidents. thought about the progress made in any real-world dividend. adm. greenert: we would be the heads ofof navy and we signeneda document voluntarily. in that what we said, allll of , 21 of us had said when we encounter each other's ships at sea to my here is the protocol we will use, how we will talk to each other. we will use the following documents. it is a little bit like incidents at sea. we need to apply this to the air.
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we lay that in. the last numbers i have gotten, three out of four counters with the chinese go according to that code. times people talk about interactions with chinese ships. those aren't navy ships. we needed to continue to spread this and show how it can be effective. it is not the answer to it all. i believe we need to continue working this. i believe we need to continue working this. vago:
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i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces and their families for over 80 years. navy federal credit union. vago: admiral greenert has
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capped shipping deployments to mamake life easier for his sails gapships you dod will carrier presencen the gulf by two o months. between the e departure of the teddy roosevelt and arrival of the treatment in november. i asked greenert how they had allocate forces to balance supply and demand. a assignment given to them, saying this is what i need
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you to do around the world. staffrovide to the joint th these are the forces i need to do that. out with a global force management allllocation plan. my part of providing that is a flt response plan. meanwhile pele are standing the watch out there. nine months deployments. optimize the way we are doing our fleet response traiaining plan, if we get t maintenance done and the training done therere is no rean we have toto do eight-month deployments. periodprovide a 25 month where you can pick where you need that the claimant andnd we can work with the staff. all agreed to by the joint staff. that is where i come up with the seven-month piece. that starts in fiscal year 16.
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we had tfirst get the maintenance done and said all that up. last two groups havave been on month to claimants. when we talk about a gap in the will becommand, that worldwide. it will be higher than it was in 16. if we don't like the idea of a twtwo-month a gap, we could mov, we could rejigger our carrier. vago: does a lasting iran deal that enends up inc. successful, do you think that alleviates the burden on the persn gulf.
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>> -- adm. greenert: i think general austen will take that into consideration. vago: opppponents of that idea y frank's job wasreated because e services weren't being interoperable. why is mccain rig or ashton carter wrong in this debate about ultimately where that acquisition authority is? adm. grereenert: who is accountable for this decision?
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that is the world laid out. different people make changes in prograrams and make changes in requirements and scheduling and the costst. as a service chief that needs get clarified. wetalk about community -- talk about cmand and control i think that has drifted in the acquisition process we have out there today. we are not following it. cosign anye to change to any program going on out there. my sailors toe to deliver an effective program. i would like to understand if we are going to change the cost and the schedule, once again i got the and the state. sure this thing integrates it if some buddies goining to change the requiremes i need to sign that. this is what we have to get clear. i need to understand who is responsible anhow are you working this accountability out
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there? vago: the ohio replace it is a top priority to replace the strategic fleet, which is aging. the question is whether or not congress is going to give you any more money and some fords -- accounting.ic whatre the options u are looking at and the navy is buting at to execute orp not derail the program entirely, and do you have to do a european course of action? you just have to take a hiatus fosome high-end shipbuilding as we try to execute this program.
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vago: if we understand what funding will be we may be able forork on the multi-year anything like that. with a m multi-year we could gie 11 ss bn's for the price of 11 -- 12 for the price of 11. thvendor can buy in quality. it all works. grips in theme to department of defense, how are we going to address the strategic modernization programsms. the nuclear command and control needs to be upgraded. the missile is right behind that. i thin we need to ta a more broad approach to a all that. do that and just model lalonde, the damage will be as follows. we threw -- we showed it in our 30 year plan. we can show it and we will.
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we have modernization of aircraft on demand outut there. behinthe potential adversaries. all of them are bad. l of them ually as bad as the other. we need to look hard at what we cacan expect for our maritime forces. we need to fundameally change what we expect oour forces.
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vago: two female army officers have just completed the managing ranger traing and now all eyes are on the naval special warfare and seal communities. i asked greenert if there were qualified women who can pass training. >> -- adm. greenert: what they have done so far, the special warfare community, they went to a very objective analysis to say what our standards for training and why are those standards? and are weey changed comfortable if they are good? the answer is yes, these are good standards and training.
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why shouldn't anybody who can meet these be excepted? the answer is there is no reason. we are on a track to say here are the standards. gender nonspecific, then you can become a seal. we have to take that study and that and state and integrate that with all special forces. once you are a seal you will enter the broader special forces community and see how that is made up with army, special forces, marine corps, air force. and we will be doing that within a month. vago: you don't think there's a need to make an exception to make this an all-male community? adm. greenert: i see no reason for an exemption right now. vago: i'm sure some people will rejoice when they hear that. let me take you to a reflection of a 44 year. 40 years on active duty. talk to us about the high point, the low points, and what is
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going to be next for john greenert. adm. greenert: the fact of the matter is if you don't have a spouse and family that doesn't support you, that doesn't love the navy and the military, there is no way. is no way you can be truly successful. that is the most scary moment and most rewarding moment of your life. nothing compares to that. the navy yardh shooting, i lost civilian shipmates and contractors that were really the beginning of the power. that was just not fair. it was not right. we recently lost some shipmates.
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those are low points. i tell you the best days of my life were being out on an aircraft carrier and looking in their eyes and seeing that they -- this is what we need you to do. we will take care of it, you have this mission. those are the high points. we got issues, we got challenges. we will be fine. i'm going to do whatever darlene wants to do for a while. and then i'm going to look around and see what makes sense, what with the next chapter before us. a bit more control ofol my time if i cannot see if i can help out. vavago: he were e not interestd not a-- y are not in --
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disinterested party when it comes to navy run. whether you are looking at this from an rv -- from an army or navy perspective. what is your process? >> it won't be this year and it won't be next year. i'm just talking about a winning season. and he takes raw material and shapes young men to be good ballplayers and great citizens and great officers. he has a track record to prove it. they went to georgia southern to get their coach. he tenured at the navy as well. johnson ande paul the army -- sooner or later it will turn. we have had a bad streak as well. vago: for much much more, please .o to
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fees and transfer fees, which consumers may encounter. >> are there some financial institutions that do not have annual balance fees? don'tnavy federale charge balance transfer fees on any of our credit cards. m if i want to compare one credit hard to another how would i dohat? >> you have go bebeyond the fees and compare the perks and nefits end your own befits and usage. you prefer cash back or travel points? is important to compare the fees by product. you also have to consider your own uses. vago vago: it is key for any
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successful leader to lay a foundation on which his or her successors can tell. admiraral john greenert deserves credit for doing that by tackling financial, strategic, and cultural challenges. having t taken office nce the dget controlct took law, he served as the budgdget chief navigated sharp c cuts that the media still l working hardo recover. demand remains high on a smaller force fleet. long before innovation bamame a buzzword he lead it back to electronic warfare. he opened doors for female convincing skeptics
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that women could serve effectiv ending hienure by arguing that if women can meet seal standards they should be able to sererve in one of america's most elite units. perhaps most importantly he woworked to change navy cultureo bolster skills. much work remains to address navy challenges. but john richardsoson's job will be easier for greenert's heavy lifting. thank you for watching. visit us at defense for continuous coverage. i will be back next week at the same time. until then, have a a great week.
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