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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," challenging hillary clinton. joe biden looking more like a presidential candidate while clinton faces tough questions while campaigning. and how a little known democrat bernie sanders is turning up the heat. humanitarian crisis. dramatic pictures along one european border as thousands of refugees push their way into better lives. new detas this morning about the cost. and new this half hour, free marijuana. >> that's the claim from a medical marijuana provider who does business out of a cart. his legal loophole and the catch. and later in the "skinny," the show stopping move by harry styles of one direction. the performer's lesson to a young fan about grammar and an unexpected teachable moment on this tuesday, september 8th.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." >> harry styles and the boys teaching grammar. >> are you a big one d fan? >> sadly, i've been to their concert. >> favorite song? >> of course, that's what makes you beautiful. steal my girl. >> one d. >> sadly, i got tickets to a one d concert. >> the things we learn on the overnight about kendis. >> it is an embarrassing time. i have photos on my instagram. check it out. >> very interesting. we're going to kick it off with a quiz what you know about joe biden and maybe bernie sanders. >> a lot of people trying to find out more about these folks. the vice president looking very much like a candidate as he marched in the pittsburgh labor day parade. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: hillary clinton laboring for votes in iowa. >> i believe i've got the vision, the policies, the skill, the tenacity, and the determination to get us back on the right track. >> reporter: new poll numbers have her percentage dropping in that state and in new hampshire
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where bernie sanders is now leading by nine points. in the nbc/marist poll, vice president joe biden is at 16% in new hampshire, 20% in iowa, biden was on the ground in pittsburgh at a labor day parade getting that all too familiar question from the crowd. are you going to run? >> i'm going to run part of this parade. >> reporter: in a speech to the politically important united steelworkers the vp jokingly said the media will compare his pro labor union remarks to something bernie sanders will say. >> the press will say populist biden said today or they'll probably say competing with bernie sanders who is doing a lel hell of a job by the way with bernie sanders. >> reporter: gop candidates were also busy monday. over the weekend several in new hampshire where donald trump has a 16-point lead. trump who is seven points ahead in iowa spent the holiday off the campaign trail. in a hypothetical general election match-up with clinton, for the first time that new
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nbc/maris poll has trump beating clinton by five points in iowa. if you can't beat him, invite him. donald trump has accepted an invite from ted cruz to speak at a tea party protest against the iran nuclear deal tomorrow on capitol hill. kendis and reena? >> thank you. >> republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is expected to join a prayer rally for the jailed county clerk in the middle of the same-sex marriage fight. her attorneys say davis' spirits remain high. she was brought to tears when she heard so many people outside the jail and around the country were praying for her. she was jailed for defying a judge's order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. >> an emotional farewell for a beloved police lieutenant shot and killed in chicago. hundreds of police officers from across the country came to pay final respects to joe gliniewicz. the 52-year-old father of four about to retire after more than 30 years on the force. and thousands of mourners lined
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the streets to watch the mile long funeral procession. the search continues for three men suspected in that shooting. a grand jury in western new york state will hear testimony today in the sexual assault investigation of chicago blackhawks star patrick kaine accused of raping a woman at his hope in are i august. today a grand jury will hear from a friend of the victim and possibly the victim herself. legal experts say prosecutors must be confident in their case since they are taking it to a grand jury. so that ups the stakes even higher. >> there's now complete vindication for amanda knox. italy's top criminal court says it threw out her conviction earlier this year because there was inefficient evidence. beyond that, the court says the prosecutors case had stunning weakness. the american student and her boyfriend served nearly four years for the murder of her roommate. european leaders are still debating how to deal with the growing humanitarian crisis as
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refugees stream in by the thousands. the german leader now saying the influx will cost the country $10 billion next year. not everyone is welcoming the refugees with open arms. with more, here's abc's molly hunter. >> reporter: it's a dangerous fight to safety at every step of the way. we meet 21-year-old nabil on a train from the austrian border to vienna. >> how did you get to here? >> it's a long story. >> i'm listening. >> i can't say it, seriously. because we faced a lot of things. >> reporter: nabil is headed for hamburg, germany, where he has family just two train rides to go. >> what was the hardest part? >> w when we were on the boat fm turkey to greece, it was the hardest moment ever in my whoa life. because we were about to die. >> reporter: after greece came macedonia, easy he says, then serbia and hungary.
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>> were you in a camp? you can't even describe. >> reporter: we arrived at a celebration. a hint what the awaits hip in germany. over the weekend, 18,000 refugees crossed into germany to jubilation, cheers and welcome sign [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: germany expects to take 800,000 refugees by the end of the year, a rate chancellor merkel says her country can't sustain. french president hollande said france also accept 24,000. if all goes according to plan, nabil will step off the train platform in germany and into his new life. molly hunter, austria. >> growing crisisover seas. >> in the meantime, pope francis expected to flounce major changes to the marriage annulment process for catholics. the new rules aimed at streamlining procedures criticized as lengthy, costly and unfair. vorced catholics who remarry
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outside the church are forbidden from receiving communion. a church annulment could take years and cost thousands. >> back here in the states, president obama ordered more paid sick leave. his executive order will require federal contractors to provide up to seven days of paid sick leave per year. while visiting labor groups in boston, the president called on congress toes expand sick leave and family leave in the private sector. to southern new jersey where crews are battling a forest fire. there's no danger to homes. residents say they can smell the smoke. the fire quickly burned 100 acres. firefighters are requesting an air tanker and helicopter to battle the flames. conditions in new jersey have been extremely dry over the past few weeks due to lack of rainfall. >> from our health headlines now, a new use for your smartphone alleviating motion sickness from british researchers. they sent amounts of electricity to users' scal companies through a headphone jack and gave them
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motion sickness in a special chair in a lab. the remedy seems to work. about three out of ten people suffer severe motion sickness. the treatment should be available within five to ten years. good luck in the meantime. we might have expected this one. a new study shows an alarming number of teens using ecigarettes to smoke pot. the study wuss done among high schoolers in connecticut. 6% of them admit to using the devices to smoke marijuana. that's 27 times the rate found in adults. the vaping technology effectively masked the drug smell making detection more difficult. and a guy in oregon says he's using a legal loophole to giveaway free marijuana. there is the owner, smoke buddy, a mobile pot shop operating in several portland, oregon neighborhoods. larry says he educates people about the benefits of organic marijuana. then he sells them a container and there's pot inside and that's free.
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>> there are a lot of you know, neighbors that are thinking medical dispensaries and things like that but that's not the case. what we do is giveaway the weed for free once again, i can't repeat that enough. we sell containers. >> sell containers. tell that to mom. >> a good way around it. >> or the portland police. because the portland police say if they receive a complaint about the cart, they would take action. they add it's not something they are actively enforcing. recreational pot use became legal in oregon on july 1st. >> sounds like an idea he came up with while high. so there's something of a growing mystery going on right now in a lake in louisiana. it's all about an animal called pinky. >> pinky a rare pink dolphin first caught on camera eight years ago. is that color corrected? beautiful. >> wow, look at that. >> a local fisherman was lucky enough to see her swimming with her mom. >> that same fisherman says
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pinky has been spotted again several times recently and that she's been mating. the mystery is whether she could be pregnant and will there be more pink dolphins to be seen soon? >> first up, how do we know pinky is a she? just because she's pink? somebody checking that. >> we'll have to get to our scientists on that. i'm curious who the daddy is of pinky's new dolphins and whether or not they'll come out. pink. >> that is a good one. what color would they come out. >> a maury episode in the making. coming up in "the skinny," the comedienne went online to say fat shaming does not exist. was it satire and is anyone laugh. >> and the superstar tennis sister of pro tennis are just hours away from a u.s. open showdown. what they're saying about today's competition. >> and a shock for a homeowner who discovered a squatter moved in and starting selling off everything in sight. the clue left behind. but first. today's forecast map. you're watching "world news
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sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there. ♪ >> the surveillance video shows thieves breaking into a used car dealership in orlando over the weekend. they stole six cars worth about $130,000. and the crooks caused thousands of dollars of damage to ten other vehicles. breaking their windows to try to get them to start. but justice might not be far away. one of the crooks left his phone in a car. >> oh. >> come on, man. oh. >> that must be easy to track him down.
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>> uh-huh. now to a bizarre crime out of washington state. a suspected squatter is on the run from police after allegedly moving into one family's home while they were away. >> accused of selling off their possessions online. abc's neal karlinksky with the strange story. >> reporter: coming home to a stranger in your house is terrifying, but when ed saurs came to check on the house he'd just moved out of and was planning to sell, he found a man inside who was just as surprised as he was. >> and he said, "i'm here for the microwave." i said, "well, no, you're not. this is my house and i'm not selling anything." so i walked around the corner and i saw that my appliances were gone. >> reporter: he says a stranger didn't just rob him. he broke in and set up a virtual store, methodically selling his belongings online. the microwave, washer, dryer -- even the refrigerator and tools, all up for sale on the internet. >> the washer and dryer used to be there. >> reporter: saurs says police are looking for this man, captured running out the back on a neighbor's surveillance camera, who he says was
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squatting in his house and ripping him off piece by piece. we've seen cases coast to coast of squatters moving into empty homes, even mansions, to live in. but never to set up a web store of stolen loot. >> the money is not the issue. it's the violation, the fact that somebody would come in and have a yard sale right out of my front door. >> reporter: police are warning homeowners to keep an eye on their property, even after they move out. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> i could not imagine this. >> it's an insane story. we've had many of these stories that we've talked about where you have airbnb people who just stay in a house forever. this takes it to a new step where they decide to start is heing off the items. this wasn't an airbnb thing but squatter starts selling their stuff. >> apparently the squatter can make an argument, there's an adverse possession statute if they continuously and exclusively possess the property for seven years, they can squat
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there. this guy was not there for seven years. it also depends on the state. >> an interesting law, as well. >> coming up, the comedienne claiming sensorship after she claiming censorship after she was thrown off youtube into and one direction to the old guys or one d teaches their fans about grammer. "the skinny" is next. >> i can't believe you're such a one d man. >> one d.
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skinny, so skinny ♪ >> in "the skinny" this morning, the internet video star claiming she was kicked off youtube for fat shaming. >> we're talking about nicole arbour is a comedienne known for her rant on youtube. one seemed to go a little bit too far. in it the subject of her scorn, people who are overweight titled "dear fat people." here's a look. >> fat shaming is not a thing. fat people made that up. that's the race card with no race. yeah but i couldn't fit into a store. that's discrimination. no, that means you're too fat and you should stop eating. >> arbour said she intended to be funny when she made the video but it sparked a major backlash online with her opponents pointing to fat shaming as a real thing. >> he she claims youtube took down the video. she called her video satire. it's unclear if the video was
3:50 am
taken down by youtube or arbour herself in a bid for attention. >> the video has been seen by tens of millions of people online. we're turning now to. >> your favorite. >> it's not my favorite. one direction. the popular boy band known for their close relationship with their young fans but torchbearers of proper grammer. >> yeah. you can add that on your list at a recent concert, harry styles pointed out a fan's sign in the crowd and called for it to be brought up on stage to write on it. >> it turns out he corrected it with the grammatically challenged fan sharing it here on twitter. changing the commonly misused second person possessive your to the con d traction of you are as in hi, harry, you are so nice. >> harry is very nice. next up actor jon hamm is now officially single. he has split from his long-time
3:51 am
girlfriend jennifer westfeld. >> they never married. they were together for 18 years. they said in a joint statement they will "continue to be supportive of each other in every possible way moving forward." that might be a good idea for hamm now that "madmen" ended its run. westfeldt is an actor and writer and director and the three films she's produced included roles for hamm. we'll see if her next project includes johnny in the credits. >> justin bieber has other musical talents besides his vocals. the superstar is known to hit the skins, as well. >> he's been seen in those calvin klein ads playing the drums. this gig is probably not a high paying gig. that's the biebs pounding out percussion at the venue. that's the name of a bar in angola, indiana. >> one of the members of the band he played with said justin was one of the first ones in the bar. 21 years old and coming to happy hour near you.
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fixodent and forget it. ♪ oh, the sister act playing out at the u.s. open. the williams sisters about to face their toughest opponent yet, each other. i'm a little nervous but also very excited. >> a lot's on the line. the world will be watching as the sibling rivalry plays out on the court.
3:56 am
so who has upper hand? here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: top seed serena williams smashing her way into the u.s. open quarterfinals. the 33-year-old now one step closer to becoming the first tennis player since 1988 to win what's known as a calendar grand sclam slam. taking all four major tournaments in one year. but standing between her and glory, older sister venus. >> she's playing great. i barely had time to get ready for my match today because she played so fast. >> the 35-year-old venus making a comeback chasing her first major title in seven years. but struggling to emerge from her little sister's shadow. >> what has it been like to live the most public of sporting sibling rivalries in the history of sports? >> awesome. it's been awesome. >> reporter: and serena's feeling the pressure. >> she's a player that knows how to win and knows how to beat me
3:57 am
and knows my weaknesses better than anyone. >> it will be the 27th time the sisters have faced off against each other. serena beating venus 15 times most recently on her way to the wimbledon title in july. serena is favored to win. but don't count venus out just yet. the two have played each other four times here at the u.s. open with each winning twice. whichever way it goes, there's one thing for sure. >> a williams will be in the semis. that's good. >> reporter: linsey janice, abc news at the u.s. open in new york. >> going to be good. we should say take a look at how serena spent last night. big sis sipping and apparently spilling tea with kim kardashian. >> must have been kim doing the spilling. >> look at serena's perfect form with her pinky in the air. she's ready. her backhand is also looking pretty good there. >> always good form. don't miss our updates on facebook >> more news on abc co
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making news in america this morning, refugee crisis. thousands of people pouring across european borders fleeing the violence in the middle east. the biggest humanitarian crisis in 70 years. now at a tipping point. overnight the obama administration weighing in. breaking overnight, evacuations ordered. a wildfire sparked months ago, still burning out of control this morning. and now threatening more homes. well rescue. trapped 25 feet down a young boy and his dog rescued overnight. game day gold. forget the fancy gloves this football player is all the talk because of an accessory. well, good morning. we begin with a mass exodus of refugees from the middle east.


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