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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we have delays for the crash near duke street. on 95 an accident heading southbound. back to you. alison: jamie, thank you very much. she told the judge she is not a risk and she didn't mean for this to happen. jonathan: but today a judge ordered daniel romechia simms h. she is accused of pushing the infant in a swing for 40 hours in la plata. the infant died in the swing and she kept pushing him for hours after the fact. maryland bureau chief brad bell broke the developments in the case and he has the latest. brad? brad: this document here represents that breaking development. this is the indictment returned by a grabbed jury last friday that gave the sheriff department authority to arrest romechia simms. as you can see here, the little blue swing is the new swing that has been put in place at the location where the little boy died as you said last may. his name was ji-aire lee.
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three years old. they called him "sumo" as a nickname because he was a big child with a big smile. he was found in this swing may 22nd. police arrived in the morning. through their investigation they determined his mother romechia simms had brought him here more than 40 hours before then. they also believe the boy died sometime while she was pushing him in the swing. she kept pushing him for another ten hours or so. that was a very long and exhaustive investigation but as we said the state's attorney said he did it right, he wanted to get it right. he got his indictment on friday. >> we just want to make sure that we had all the information we could gather. we went through it thoroughly and decided to present the evidence we had to the grand jury. issued on friday. she was arrested saturday. brad: she is still being held
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on the $125,000 bond. if she is able to get out the judge says she is not allowed to have any unsupervised contact with children. when we come back at 5:00 to tell you more about the story we'll talk about the woman's mental health history. it figures to loom large as the case moves through the system. that is coming up at 5:00. in neftaly la plata, brad bell,7 news. jonathan: heartbreaking story. thank you. new developments in the case of charles severens. the man accused of killing three people in alexandria over ten-year span may have made a jailhouse confession. we are learning about it today. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg explains. jeff: as we wait to hear the evidence against charles severense in trial, source of information to connect him to the murder of of three in ten-year period.
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before being charged with the murder he spoke to four other inmates about the climb and the defend intimated that he committed the murders in the case and provided cooperating details on one of the three homicides that supports voracity of the indication. it doesn't specify which homicide. he also shared his obsession with firearms and hatred of the judicial system with all four inmates, supporting a possible motive that has been argued in court. the inmates spoke with police, not prosecutors and the prosecution says it has made no deal with the inmate and has not decided whether he will be asked to testify. both the prosecution and the defense are not commenting on the situation. this motion along with many others will be argued in court on thursday morning. it's expected to be a busy hearing and the final one before the trial starts on october 5. in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story out
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of kentucky where two walked out of the courthouse in rowan county with a marriage license. this is as kim davis returned to work after being jailed for refusing licenses to same-sex couples. controversial county clerk kim davis back on the job. the work she still refuses to do carried out instead by one of her deputies. >> thank you. >> brian mason issuing the marriage license to the couple while davis despite being sent to jail for denying marriage certificate to same-sex couples still refuses, saying her religious convictions leaves her with what she calls an impossible choice. >> my conscience or my freedom? my conscience or my ability to serve the people i love. >> the license doesn't include
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her name and she refuses to authorize it. the attorney is questioning the validity. >> kim davis made it clear she cannot and does not authorize the issuance of any marriage license out of her office. her deputy clerks have no authority therefore to issue any marriage license. >> her supporters gathered outside. alongside those celebrating. calling on davis to do the job he was elected and court ordered to do. the licenses issued today and while davis was in jail are valid. davis meanwhile has several appeals pending. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: we are just now more than a week away from pope francis' trip to america. the last-minute touches are made to make sure everything goes smoothly.
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>> getting in and around town will be very difficult during next week's papal visit. i'm suzanne kennedy. coming up at 5:00, i will tell you what you need to know to make sure that you are not stuck in gridlock. jonathan: we want to invite you to join us. abc7 wednesday night for hour-long special on the pope's visit. "the people's pope in d.c." airs at 8:00 right here on abc7. alison: well, you may have needed a sweater when you left the house this morning. it's really feeling a bit like fall out there. chief meteorologist doug hill has a check of the forecast. hi, doug. doug: hi there. it started out with incredibly cool weather this morning. in fact, this morning the temperatures around the area were the coolest they have been in a good three and a half and four months in many spots. a lot in 50-degree range. some in 40's. 48 in winchester. there is a chill in the area. we are going to enjoy day after day because the high pressure center of we shall like -- weather like this.
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79 in reagan national airport. the air is dry as well. the temperatures will drop and the light winds, sunset this evening at 7:18. it will be a beautiful night in the next few days. variations of the same theme. temperatures are now across the board in 70's. 79 in the nation's capital. the forecast is sweet. temperatures tonight in the 50's. jonathan: the search is on for two stolen tour buses. they were last seen at 11:00 p.m. at chillham place in northeast washington. one of the buses has a d.c. license plate b49077. and the number 44 on the front of the bus. the other is b45103 and the number 210 on the front. if you see either of the buses the police would like to hear
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from you asap. alison: wow! jonathan: well, the redskins looked good in the first half on sunday but the problem is you have to play two halfs. alison: the new season didn't seem to leave the old problems behind. coach jay gruden wrapped up his first monday press conference of the season. robert burton has a look it at what the coach had to say about everything. robert: you have to score points, too. that would help. a sight we have seen too often. skins battle in the first half and the second half comes. desean jackson went down early in the game. let's go to fedex and show you how it happened. jackson would go hard down the sideline. if he catches it, it's a touchdown. then it would happen. he would limp afterwards and leave the game with a pulled hamstring. gruden said he is out three to four weeks and that's not exactly interchangeable with a lot of guys. coach gruden: you hate to lose
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a star. there are receivers that can take his place but nobody can substitute him. he is a big loss for us. great player. no question. robert: they leased a kicker who made one of two field goals yesterday. the miss was from 46 yards out. he ends his redskins career converting 60 of 69 field goal attempts. that is 87% by the way with a long of 50 yards. hopkins will get his first test against the rams on sunday at fedex field. back to you. jonathan: thank you. new information about the death of an nba hall of famer. virginia medical examiner ruled moses malone died of heart disease. the former sixer player found dead in a norfolk hotel sunday morning. a friend told the "richmond times dispatch" that malone received a heart monitor less than a week before his death. he was just 60 years old.
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alison: still to come here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you know gas prices are getting lower but where can you fill up for less than $22 a gallon here in the area? we -- for less than $2 gallons in the area? we'll tell you. jonathan: plus hundreds of homes gone in an instant. the all-out battle to save lives and property there california. alison: first, truth or dare. or too far? find out what a boy did at school that is the talk of a maryland town.
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is that trending now. a boy is facing assault charges after kissing a girl at a middle school. he kissed a girl as part of a dare at pikesville middle school. the 14-year-old girl wasn't interested. now some of the school's neighbor question whether some of the assault charges being filed take the situation too far. >> i don't know if an unwanted kiss is a second-degree assault of a person. if it is, that's what they should have charged him with but i don't think charges are necessary. >> rather than get police
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involved let the school handle it first. jonathan: well, the boy was released to his mother. he could face disciplinary action from his school. our question of the day is what do you think of the charges to a 14-year-old boy? we'll share your comments later in the newscast. alison: i bet we have a lot of comments on that one. another story getting comments on the facebook page involves a mother who says she was forced to breastfeed her baby in the bathroom of a marshall's department store. gomez said she asked an employee at the portland, oregon, marshall's if she could use a dressing room to feed the baby and the employee said no and she was shown the way to the bathroom. the company released a statement apologizing for what happened in the case. another related story. look at this picture. have you seen this? ten soldiers breastfeeding
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their babies. this is getting a lot of traction online after comments about whether women in uniform should be breastfeeding. the picture is goin up in the lactation room at fort bliss in texas. tara ruby says it shows women don't have to choose between being a mother or soldier. if you are wondering there is no military policy about breastfeeding in uniform. jonathan: the lactating room? probably call it baby chow or something. alison: probably do. jonathan: library of congress has a personal archive for comedian jerry lewis' career and it includes thousands of documents and recordings that chronicle his more than 70 years in comedy. he is 89 years old now and the comedian is scheduled to celebrate handing over all of his materials with a performance in culpeper, virginia, scheduled for october 9. that should be fun. this guy, you can't buy him
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love. but you could own collectibles from the beatles drummer ringo star. 800 items from he and his wife who is a supermodel, still beautiful, putting up for auction. including a drum seat used in 200 performances. a beatle backer that was owned by john lennon. that will set you back a pretty penny. it will be offered december 4 and 5 at the julian's auction house in beverly hills. alison: fans are going crazy for that. jonathan: no question. alison: wow. >> let's check on the traffic situation now. jamie sullivan standing by with some more details. how is it looking? jamie: it's been a rough one so far and it's just the start to the afternoon commute. first beginning with a fatal accident. route 4 southbound at green landing road. a lot of the northbound lanes are blocked off as well. both directions approaching the area, we are in the teens near the accident. near 301 in the anne arundel county line.
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as far as 50 goes we have a big issue there, too. earlier brush fire, most is out. we are hearing in prince george's county that you still have the delays but again, you are going to see the crews on scene working on this. all lanes blocked westbound between 202 and columbia park road. police estimate another 30 minutes, so 4:45, they will probably reopen westbound traffic. if you are trying to get in the d.c. area the best alternate for you is to go ahead and take 202. to bladenburg road. we are in the single digit approaching the activity. heading outbound, 50 is open. once you get past kennel worth avenue. everyone is looking to see what is going on. 325 in the to's. south on 95. we had an earlier crash that cleared away near the occoquan. right now this will take you 20 minutes to get from the capital beltway closer to the occoquan river. you will average 19 miles per hour. so again, already busy.
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we will keep you updated on the closure on 50. and also on route 4, the fatal accident. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you. "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. this is about gas prices, a.a.a. says prices are the lowest than they have been in ten years. the average price is $2.33, down 6 cents from last monday. greater washington we are paying average $2.33 as well. some of you already starting to see the prices dip all the way under $2.00 a gallon. we want to show you two under $2.00. $1.92 at the sonoco in brightwood. and wawa in fredericksburg. charging $1.94. hard to believe. if you see lower prices send it to us. snap a picture and let us know where the station is and e-mail all of that information to
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jonathan: there is a word we haven't used here in a long time. "chilly." alison: you're right. jonathan: it was chilly. doug: one of the coolest mornings since may or june depending on the location. the seasons are changing. gorgeous week. this is one of the best weeks we have had in a long time. let's get started on the campus of montgomery county in rockville. we may not see rain showers until sunday at the earliest. take a look at the lows. warrington, 46. the same low in great falls this morning. 47 was the low temperature in bethesda. waldorf is 49. daytime highs in the mid-to-the upper 70's. that is sweet! as far as the numbers go on the pollen count, not so sweet. it's high range for mold spores and also for weed. we are dealing with ragweed in
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the low category today. temperatures as we speak continue to mid-to-upper 70's. 79 in frederick. reagan national, 77 in fredericksburg. 74 in culpeper. heading through the overnight hours it will be another cool day. as get through wednesday, thursday, friday, the overnight lows will warm up a tiny bit. refreshing if you start in frederick. 53 in winchester and culpeper. 63 in annapolis and 60 in downtown washington tomorrow morning. the current temperatures throughout the eastern third of the country are all about the same. the mid-70's because of a ginormous area of high pressure over the weather. centered over the atlantic states. this whole system will stay in place in a few more days. in time later in week it will shift east. that will allow a bit of a warmup. it will be 84 for high.
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rest of the week and the weekend it look like we will hang on to mostly sunny skies through friday. still sunshine over the weekend. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00", getting a handle on the worst traffic in the region. a look at the new plan for safety along i-66. alison: but first, they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. find out the best way to lodge your complaints online so you don't waste your money.
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for over 30 years, in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil.
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not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. alison: well, no one likes to waste money because of bad customer service and more and more people are getting online to complain. what is the best way to complain so you get results? john matarese explains. john: at some point or another, everyone has a gripe about a company. what is the best way to get the complaint heard and fix it as soon as possible? calling or writing is so 1990's. many companies cut back on the phone reps that means longer waits for a response. if your travel plans were ruined by an airline, or are
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unhappy, post online, yelp, ripoff report, consumer, twitter. that is where the other customers customers will see the comments and the companies will respond quickly. don't forget the new consumer financial bureau in washington, d.c. from the doesn't that stink file, businesses suing for slanderous complaints so "consumer reports" avoid phrases like "scammed me," or "horrible business" and similar. you'll say doesn't that stink? but the magazine says it is safe to complaint if your complaint is legit and doesn't blatantly attack the company or owner. stick with the time-trusted ways of complaining but don't forget the government agency available and be sure to take to social media so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: how about this one? surgeons in thighland --
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thailand recover a stolen gem from an uncommon place. they took it from a woman's intestine. she stole the diamond from a jewelry fair in bangkok and swallowed the real stone and replaced it with a fake. she and the man traveling with her were arrested at an airport and then came the surgery. alison: okay. 6 karats. jonathan: if they did it in the united states, you are not going surgely in but in thailand they can just cut her up and get the stone. alison: okay. still to come at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- calling for change. a look at the recommendations from the commission examining the deadly shooting in ferguson.
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alison: we are continuing to follow breaking news in upper marlboro. look at a deadly crash between s.u.v. and tour bus. we are told two people on the bus are hurt but are expected to be okay. a person, though, in the s.u.v. did die. we are also told if you drive that way, make sure to try to take a different way home from work. the roads will probably be closed for hours. jonathan: nine months after
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the departure, metro is still looking for someone to cover his shoes. brianne carter has the latest on this. brianne: metro says they resumed the search for a general manager in july. this was after they said they got feedback from riders and a number of different groups, including stakeholders to search for a few general manager. a rider that is up for the job. on his twitter page he says, "will accept the wmata g.m. position if offered." meet kevin. he says he knows he may not have all the qualifications desired for top job in the agency because he wants to help transit agency that he relies on to get to and from
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work. he said day one he would work to improve communication between metro and the riders. >> i think the communication is something you do on day one. then you tackle the funding problems. big issues aren't going be solved in one day. brianne: we did reach out for metro and we're waiting for a response. they hope to have a final selection in place by the fall. alison: we have good news for drivers using i-66 if you can believe it. construction wrapped up. it's called the active traffic management system. jeanette reyes want to show what it includes. jeanette: this is a project that is supposed to make the morning and the afternoon commute easier is almost
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completion. the car is broken down. this includes this sign overhead, crews are installing an a.t.m. or an active traffic management system from d.c. this will have new shoulder and the lane control signs among other changes. you will notice the changes in the traffic accidents. signs like this will be able to direct traffic and moving things along better than now. if it sounds familiar, this has been ongoing since august of 2013. part of the projects were tested and should be wrapped up any day now. hopefully this will make the commute smoother in the morning and the afternoon. reporting in mobile track 7,
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jeanette reyes, abc7 news. alison: sounds good. good news out there. good news for the weather. gorgeous outside today. jonathan: spectacular. fall-like temperatures we're treated to. this is a treat. this could warm up at any point. doug: it could warm up later this week but this is the time of year historically we get the finest stretches of the weather, september and early october. looking live across the city. 72 -- 79 degrees at the reagan airport. far northwest, all the way around, everybody is within two or three degrees because we are under the influence of high pressure. 11:00 tonight. in the metro area holding the upper 60's to the upper 50's by morning.
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we will have another beautiful day in the temperatures for tomorrow and high of 84. the winds turn southwest. 86 on thursday. hot on saturday with cooling doing again. no rain drops in sight. that is the latest. back to you. jonathan: thank you. alison: police in kentucky kill a man wanted for trying to kill a professor. this happened this morning for delta state in cleveland, mississippi, near the arkansas border. police are still searching for a university employee in connection with the shooting. they do not believe the shooter is on campus, though. the from fes somewhere killed is identified as ethan schmidt a man who worked in the
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history department there. jonathan: police in kentucky killed a man wanted for killing a trooper. johnson-thanks killed joseph cameron on sunday in a trial stop. he was eventually cornered. he refused to drop the gun. that's when the police opened fire killing him. the commission found violence played a role in the ferguson violence. the department and the courts have been accused of targeting the minority to raise the revenue.
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congressman comings have been weighing a run for sash mccolskey seat once she retires. jonathan: a key candidate is heading to our area tonight. democrat bernie sanders is going to hold a rally in manassas at 8:00. >> i understand gay marriage and abortion are issues you care about. we disagree. i get that. but there are other issues that are of enormous consequence to our country and in fact to the entire world. that maybe, just maybe, we do not disagree on. >> we'll let you know we will be live at sanders' event in prince william county.
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that is tonight at 6:00. also at 6:00, republican candidate dr. ben carson will be in the studio to talk about his presidential bid. alison: but still to come here at 4:00. >> my house was completely destroyed. it's flat to the ground. when lost everything. alison: clear of the flames. we have a look at the scramble to avoid the wildfires in california. jonathan: but first -- [singing] how cool is that? kenny loggins in the house. literally in the house. if you raise the money, he will come. we talk to a man who crowd sourced a concert in his living room about the experience. that's coming up next.
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♪ riding to the danger zone alison: how about that? a hundred people crammed in a fairfax county home last night for a chance to see kenny loggins perform live. that concert lasted about 75 minutes. earlier today, on our sister station newschannel8 dave lucas spoke with the
4:41 pm
organizer, eric sanchez about the experience. >> talk about it a little bit. this was a deal if you could raise a certain amount of money, you could host kenny loggins. >> that's correct. >> how did you do it? how did you raise the what? $30,000? >> we started the project a year ago. you know, i reached out to the management and that this performance would cost. once i found out the price point and knowing that i had in no way expendable income myself, i decided to go ahead and start a kick-start project. i was lucky enough to have the support of friends and the fellow loggins istas to get behind the project and we raised the money in nine days. >> amazing. so how was it last night? what did you think? >> it was awesome. they performed accustic "danger zone" for the --
4:42 pm
acoustic version of "danger zone" for the first time. there was food and beverage and everyone left knowing they had a once in a lifetime experience. >> were there "top gun" jets overhead going on? or maybe in an acoustic jet, quieter jet. >> that would have been more in the be -- budget. alison: i'm glad it went well for him. we talked to him friday ahead of it and he was so excited. jonathan: this is a trend. there will be bands that you can get to come to your house and play. alison: sounds good to me. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one-on-one with miss america. hear what she has to say her first day on the job. alison: later where the volcano is sending people scurrying for safety.
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jonathan: "dancing with the stars" is back for its 21st season.
4:46 pm
new stars including paula deen and bindi irwin are among the amateurs taking the dance floor. the two-night premier begins at 8:00 with the biggest dance number in show's history. we have more details coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: it sounds like fun. how would you like to know when someone's lying? how about that? well, some experts say you can if you pay attention to a few key clues. stephen tschida has a preview of a story coming up tonight at 11:00. stephen: the quest for the truth involved torture and technology. but deception expert sels you can figure out whether someone is lying by looking and listening. >> they have verbal and nonverbal indicators. stephen: physical and verbal tells are the clues to the truth. why do men and women lie? >> women sometimes lie to be
4:47 pm
nicer or to protect somebody's feelings. sometimes like lying is necessary to preserve a relationship. stephen: coming up at 11:00, we will fill you in and tell you how you can deception detection on your own. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: perhaps member when the nose grows that is an indication. you watched it on abc7. the crowning of the new miss america. our own ken o'shea got to talk with the new winner, miss georgia, betty cantrell. >> last night, betty cantrell was named miss america right here at broadwalk hall. what does miss america do the morning after she is crowned? of course the traditional atlantic ocean toe dip. shortly after she spoke with abc7 about the experience. so i heard you say it was kind of cold. i did a predip to test it for you. i thought it was quite
4:48 pm
comfortable. >> are you from new jersey is >> i'm from wisconsin. so anything is warm. >> i'm from georgia so how can you expect me to not think it's cold? >> for the first time spectators for the long island they were thrilled. >> it was quite nice. a beautiful day. >> she is very pretty. >> a lot of people ask how could you run through the ocean with the crown on top and it not fall off. how are you keeping it up there? >> there are 100 pins in here if you look at see. thanks to the prep team. >> congratulations. you look wonderful. >> thank you. pleasure to meet you. >> according to the locals, once miss america dips her toe in the ocean it's the end of summer. however, sunny and 70 here today. in atlantic city with miss america, i'm ken o'shea, abc7 news. alison: a young woman made history on a fax week runway. 18-year-old madeline stewart is now the second woman ever with down syndrome to model on a new york fashion week catwalk. the australian teenager took part in a show for ftl moda at
4:49 pm
vanderbilt hall. stewart launched the campaign to end the stigma around disability, gaining tens of thousands of followers on instagram and on facebook. jonathan: that is fantastic. alison: isn't that great? jonathan: good for them. alison: yes. well, other top stories today. 13-year-old boy is facing assault charges were kissing a 14-year-old girl at school. jonathan: police say the boy was actually working off of a dare and the girl wanted no part of this. so our question to you for the day is asking what do you think of the i assault chargedded against the 13-year-old kid? alison: debbie posts this --
4:50 pm
jonathan: we invite you to join the conversation. it's lively. go to facebook page. we appreciate those who take time to leave comments. "7 on your side" this afternoon with the health matters. many of us don't feel respecial and ready to face -- refresh and ready to face monday morning. shockers the researchers come up with that one. it's more common than you think. a consulting firm energy project and harvard business review found most employers are trying to make humans function like machines. more than half the workers think they can't focus on one thing at a time and lack the opportunities for learning and growth. the workers are cited difficulties disengaging from the work while they are at
4:51 pm
home. again, that should be no shock to anybody. shaking your work home is cliche. alison: the question is what do we do about the things? we knew all of that. jonathan: get rid of monday and make the workweek tuesday through friday. >> see if that works. jonathan: it works for me. alison: especially this week, doug. it would be nice to be outside every day. doug: it will be. we look at the upcoming weekend. weather pattern isn't going to change much. in the balance of the work week or in the weekend. saturday we are calling mostly sunny. highs of 88 degrees. a few clouds and pleasant. 84 on sunday. the cold front will pass through sunday. right now there are no indications there will be rain with the front. saturday the bright warm sunshine is the annual joint base andrews air show. the thunderbirds will be there. it's perfect for the spectators and the aerial performers as well. keep the stream going as we head through the next few days. nothing but sunshine. slow warming trend from friday. saturday is 98. touch more humid briefly.
4:52 pm
sunday a cold front comes through with the same deal into monday. we need rain but it's a spell before we see any more around here. that is the latest. jonathan: thank you for that. time of the traffic situation. slow going on the monday. jamie sullivan has the details for us. alison: you know we are going to start off with the fatal accident. heads up for you. jamie: if you live in area near route 4, near 301. that is where we do have quite a bit of activity. route 4 southbound the activity at green landing road. but northbound is where we have all the lanes blocked off. the other issue is the brush fire we have. so, the brush fire is out. but heading inbounds on route 50. so 50 westbound. activity between 202 and columbia park road. all lanes still blocked off. the best option as an alternate for you. you are trying to get in the d.c. area. take route 202 to bladenburg. but they say in the next few minutes they should have 50 open. we are in the single digits and heading out of the d.c.
4:53 pm
area you average 12 on kennel worth approaching eastern avenue. 395 crash near duke street northbound. southbound traffic in the teens. 95 is slow-go. look at the capital beltway. congestion for you clear clara barton parkway. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a path of ash. jonathan: we will take you to california for the latest on the deva
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alison: japan's volcano erupted this morning. people were immediately evacuated. eight flights were canceled. there are no immediate report of damage or of injury. jonathan: out west developing story in california. this is as crews are trying to get control of a wildfire. it damaged hundreds of homes
4:57 pm
over the weekend sparking thousands of evacuations. reporter: an eerie silence in california today. the tragic aftermath from the scene on saturday night. the valley fire turning homes, cars entire lives into ash and scorched ground. retired firefighter lopez volunteered to go back on the front lines this fire season and he told abc matt gutman he was working when he heard his hometown was burning. after an exhausting 24-hour shift he was exhausted. he was stunned to find his home still there. >> my daughter on the other hand lost everything. reporter: nearby firefighters are still desperately trying to battle back the flames. some of them so tired they collapsed in this driveway. >> the potential for explosively growing fires is
4:58 pm
all coming true. >> it sparked 20,000 evacuations and the officials are still tallying the damage. further south, the butte fire near sacramento today surpassing 70,000 acres burned. with 135 home destroyed and thousands more at risk. >> combined with the years of drought, means the conditions are worse. >> they are proving that the home is still standing and heading back to work. >> in many cases the power and the water service is out and it could be a month or more before crews can get it restored. abc news, los angeles. leon: tonight, who was in
4:59 pm
there? a body found inside a burning car and a mother's agonizing wait. monumental logistics. >> i'll stay at home. leon: getting from pope a to point b is no easy task when pope francis is in town. plus, heads up. >> i came out and i turned around and i rooked at the car. leon: car owners learn the friendly skies sometimes aren't so friendly. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. lee -- alison: she is a mother aching for answers. her son missing for more than a week. leon: his car was found burning with a man inside shot to death. stephen tschida spoke with lashane who is hoping for closure in the case. tell us all about it. stephen: right now, the d.c. police are trying to determine what went down in southeast d.c. september 5. and to track down whoever is responsible if this is indeed a homicide as they believe. but for the mother of the
5:00 pm
presumed victim, these have been days of excruciating uncertainty and pain. the body found inside the smoldering car is so badly burned, the medical examiner says it's impossible to get fingerprints. >> it's a pain, a hurt where there is no remedy. stephen: the burned out car registered to 21-year-old malik thomas who has not been seen since the incident. the mother still does not know if the dead man is her son. >> i am paralyzed waiting for the results to learn the fate of my son. handicapped by fear to learn the worst. stephen: she provided d.n.a. after the body was found but still no answer. not only the uncertainty that haunts her but the horrific circumstances of the apparent homicide. >> seeing as though someone attempted to obliterate his existence. if in fact that is him. stephen: she says though


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