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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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presumed victim, these have been days of excruciating uncertainty and pain. the body found inside the smoldering car is so badly burned, the medical examiner says it's impossible to get fingerprints. >> it's a pain, a hurt where there is no remedy. stephen: the burned out car registered to 21-year-old malik thomas who has not been seen since the incident. the mother still does not know if the dead man is her son. >> i am paralyzed waiting for the results to learn the fate of my son. handicapped by fear to learn the worst. stephen: she provided d.n.a. after the body was found but still no answer. not only the uncertainty that haunts her but the horrific circumstances of the apparent homicide. >> seeing as though someone attempted to obliterate his existence. if in fact that is him. stephen: she says though she
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is clinging to hope she figures she is about to join a group of mothers who have lost children to d.c. rampant violence. >> he's 21. he's a baby. stephen: a spokesperson for the d.c. medical examiner says they are working expeditiously but there is no timeline here. she did say in situations like this, it can take weeks or months to get a positive identification. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. leon: developing now in upper marlboro, maryland, deadly crash on route 4 south of crane highway. two people on board were hurt but they are expected to be okay. the person who died was in the s.u.v. more trouble for the evening ride home. all westbound lanes on route 50 and landover shut down in a
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brush fire. firefighters were able to get out there and knock back the blazes shortly after it broke out. traffic was held for half an hour. we are continuing to monitor the situation. jamie sullivan will have an abc7 traffic watch update for you in a few minute. alison: leon, somebody stole a couple of tour buses. the capitol tours buses were last seen saturday around 11:00 p.m. in chillham place in northeast washington. one of the buses has d.c. license plate of b49077. it has number 44 on the front of the bus. the other has a plate b45103 and that one has the number 210 on the front of it. if you see either of the buses, please call police. for now, romechia simms remains behind bar safter a hearing today. she is accused of pushing her toddler son in a la plata park swing for 40 hours. her son had been gone for hours. maryland bureau chief brad
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bell in the courtroom has more of the heart breaking details of the story. brad? brad: yeah, alison, we are at the playground. this is the actual swing set where ji-aire died. the swing he was in was long ago removed. a beautiful night, but no children here. one parent told me since earlier today since what happened here she hasn't been able to bring her children. now because of this indictment returned by a grand jury on friday. prosecutors believe the woman responsible could face 45 years behind bars. the little boy's name was ji-aire lee but his family called him "sumo." he was a big kid with a big smile. last spring, his death horrified the town of la plata. >> i don't know how to process that. >> it brings tears to my eyes. brad: on the morning of may 22, ji-aire was found dead.
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his mother pushing him in a swing in this playground. autopsy determined he died of hypothermia and dehydration. it's alleged that his mother kept him in the swing for nearly two days pushing him until he died in as long as ten hours after. >> got to be the park, child in a swing shortly after they got there. brad: today after months of investigation, charles county states attorney covington announced a three-count indictment against ji-aire's mother romechia simms. she is charged with first-degree child abuse causing death, manslaughter and neglect. she was arrested friday night in a bond review today, she told the judge, "i'm not a risk. i didn't mean for this to happen." she has a long history of mental illness and it is expected that will be a focal point of her defense for the bizarre crime. >> tragic is a better word all the way around. but again, i'm not going to get into making comments that might impact her fair trial.
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brad: now simms has had two psychiatric evaluations this year. one before the incident and one after. it is expected now that her defense attorneys will request yet another and that they will pursue a defense strategy of claiming that because of her mental illness she was notcilly responsible. all of -- not criminally responsible. that will play out in hearings in the months ahead. la plata, brad bell. alison: commission formed to review police practices in fairfax county wants to hear from you. they are holding a public meeting at walt whitman middle school in alexandria at 7:30. the commission was created following the death of john gere who was shot and killed by police officer adam torres in august 2013. torres was fired by the department and a grand jury indicted him on a second-degree murder charge. jonathan: did charles severance the man accused of killing three people in alexandria admit to murders. according to a motion filed by
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the prosecution, while severance was in county jail before being charged with murders he spoke to four other inmates about the crime. it's in court documents now. the defendant intimated to one of the individuals he committed the murders in this case." court papers don't specify which specific homicide was being referenced in the jailhouse discussion. alison: as you may know by now, pope francis will arrive at joint base andrews on the 22nd. over the past few weeks, several d.c. agencies been preparing and making plans for his arrival. now we are getting a bigger picture of how the visit will affect metro, driving and getting to work. suzanne kennedy has changes you can expect in this historic visit. hi, suzanne. suzanne: none of it will be easy, alison. i am live here on the corner of constitution and henry baken drive. constitution being one of the roads that will be closed down in the papal visit. both during the morning rush hour on wednesday and thursday. different portions of
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constitution avenue and a whole host of other streets will be impacted and shut down. the pope is just seven days away from arriving in washington, d.c. what does that mean? we should get ready for gridlock. it will be like a july 4, marathon and inauguration. all rolled into one. it will take place over the course of three work days. that is how local transportation officials are describing next week's papal visit. so metro is gearing up, adding additional rail cars to bring the number of cars online to 978. passengers are being urged to get smart trip cards and load them up with another money to handle a round trip. service is being enhanced. >> in the capacity, it will provide rush hour service the entire day on wednesday. through the pope's departure on thursday. there will be no scheduled traffic in the system. suzanne: the district department of transportation says vehicle traffic will be significantly affected with some just taking more than an hour to hour and a half longer
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than normal. 70 key intersections will be impacted. so up to 50 traffic control officers and 70 national guards personnel could be deployed. many key roadways will be closed as the pope move through the district to six different events. the brookland metro station will be a choke point on wednesday, the day of the papal mass. it will be limited to entry or exit only during different part of the day. some users of the station say they just plan to stay home. >> i think they will get people around. they have to work from home. >> i basically take off because it will be chaotic. suzanne: and likely worst part of all of this will be the brookland station. it's the smallest station on the red line. it simply will not be able to handle the capacity of all the people wanting to go to the papal mass at catholic university. either go to fort totan or the
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rhode island station and ride a shuttle was to catholic university. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: an apparent threat against the pope for the upcoming visit have been thwarted according to the homeland committee chair. it's been reported that one case has been disrupted. representative mike mccall from texas would not elaborate on it. pope francis arrives on the 22nd a week from tomorrow. he will be here a couple of days before visiting new york and philadelphia. alison: we invite you to join us for the "the people's pope in d.c. " the one-hour special airs wednesday at 8:00. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of pope francis in washington. between us and the sister station newschannel8 you can expect more than 40 hours of live coverage while he is here. leon: in the meantime, live coverage right now of a breaking situation in montgomery county. want to show you the pictures we are getting in from choose chopper 7 -- news chopper 7.
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a pedestrian was struck by this train. i'm told this is a csx train. this is near, this is on barnsville road near boyd market. if you know that area. barnsville near boyd market. all train traffic through the area has been stopped. stay with us here on abc7 we will keep you updated with updates. we are getting updated right now. this is an amtrak locomotive, not a csx train. amtrak locomotive coming through montgomery county. we will keep an eye on the scene and keep you updated when we get it. now to new developments from alexandria. police have arrested two men after bomb threats were made against a grocery store. the calls were made over several months. northern virginia bureau chief reports now that two people have been charged. >> there are plenty of words to describe the crimes over the summer. >> juvenile is inconsiderate. >> jason who lives next door has more than a few.
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>> it's ridiculous that the guys are doing that kind of stuff. >> according to alexandria police, five bomb threats were made against the store on north street in a town. through cell phone records they traced the calls to two men both of whom turned themselves in on friday. 37-year-old duane ishmael of d.c. charged with two counts of threat to bomb and 367-year-old melvin kelly of arlington charged with soliciting another to communicate the bombing threats. one of the suspects, we don't know which, was an employee of the store in the time of the call. >> each time the call came in, alexandria police and fair had to take it seriously sending a significant response and evacuating the store. a bomb-sniffing dog had to be brought in to give the all-clear. >> even the fifth time knowing there is a history of bomb threats that turned out to be fake we still have to treat each and every one like a real call. >> waste of the police and waste of the tax money.
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it scares everybody unnecessarily. >> marla shay, mental health advocate says suspects in the cases fit a profile. >> they feel rejected by society or they have a statement to make. they are going to show their power. >> leaving others to deal with the consequences. in old time alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. [applause] leon: applause after a marriage license was handed over to a same-sex couple getting married in rowan county, kentucky. the man handing over the document defying orders from the clerk in the county. what she says up next. alison: still ahead, hillary clinton sliding in the polls. she has apologized for using a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. coming up we will show you what one group claims to have uncovered. doug: coming up, how many afternoons do we have this week that look like this? sunshine and pleasant weather. you may be surprised. stay with us.
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he lost a bet and robbed a man who won. i'm kevin lewis in aspen hill.
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leon: today a man was sentenced for stealing basketball shoes. alison: we explain why the judge threw the book at the gambler. kevin: a 21-year-old used a handgun to rob a stepbrother at this apartment. >> he had all kind of stuff in it. kevin: this woman speaking to us anonymously saw him run off with a plasma tv, playstation and four pair of air juror didn't and lebron james basketball shoes. it's serious. >> nelson just lost the prize footwear in a bet with his stepbrother. the armed robbery was his form of a recover are you -- recovery mission. >> for what? 12 years behind bars? an awful price to pay but a lesson to be learned for sure. kevin: why a stiff sentence?
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well, nelson was already on probation. found guilty last year. of robbing the three dirt bikes from a family. that crime also involved a gun. the judge giving no mercy. >> today was reckoning. kevin: nelson and the stepbrother bet the prize basketball shoes while playing in an nba video game tournament. police say double or nothing is a better option than armed robbery. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news.
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[brief pause in captioning] alison: what we have here is a treat. doug: it's raining in san francisco. some of the rain will get further east and northeast and above palo alto and inland.
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maybe help with the fires. maybe the season is changing. the pa it earn. it's awful out there. we are dry but we don't have the extreme heat and wind. it's nice. gorgeous sunrise. throughout the day not a cloud for many vantage points around the area. it's beautiful. frederick at this hour. this morning we started with a chill in the air and it's one of the coolest mornings in four months. 46 this months in great falls. 75 right now there. 76 in barryville. they started the day at 48. 49 the low in chevy chase. 59 the low at campus of childrens hospital. it's delightful out there. all across the map, temperatures in the mid-to-the upper 70's. this is a pattern that is only going to slowly change. the change won't bring clouds and rain but it will get warmer each day. no extreme heat in view at all. here is what you will wake up
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to tomorrow. lower 50's in a lot of spots. 50 degrees in martinsburg in the morning. 51 at berkeley springs. in the metro, downtown, 62. the northern suburbs, low to mid-50's. south and east of the city. you have farther south across maryland. upper 50's as well. wake-up in wood bridge tomorrow at 55 degrees. a cool morning indeed. 53 tomorrow in culpeper. washington, virginia and front royal as well. so it is all about the high pressure that is building across the eastern third of the nation. that is why all the numbers are so close together with sunshine and light winds. we will start to see a southerly wind. no clouds, no rain. all because of the high pressure. so we are looking at through the day tomorrow. sun down at 7:18 tonight.
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tomorrow is a full day of sunshine from sunrise to sunset. 57 in the morning. 80 in the midday. 84 in the afternoon. subny and comfortable says it all. check out the next seven days. one, two, three, four, five mostly sunny days in a row. temperatures will slowly rise. sunday a cold front is going to come through. we thought that the front could bring showers. latest survey says ah, coming through dry. it will turn cooler sunday and monday with a continuation of beautiful outdoor weather. alison: when was the last time you had seven days like that? doug: probably last october. alison: routine now. thank you. leon: thanks, doug. still ahead here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- alison: a miracle. how two people survived a plane crash. meet a man who ran toward a purning plane to help out. leon: look at the primetime line-up tonight.
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leon: the murder trial for antoine james has been pushed back. it turns out there weren't enough potential jurors to pick from today. he is accused of killing his stepfather in d.c. prosecutors say it stemmed from an argument over yard
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work and say he was shot several times after asking james to help him in the yard. the shooting was caught on a home surveillance camera system. alison: checking news around the nation now. a wild and a scary scene in central fresno, california. part of a plane come crashing down. damaging vehicles. a twin engine jet took off, reported engine failure and returned to the parrot. airport. >> i came to check everything out. i looked back and i had a hole in the back. windshield busted out. >> we are fortunate no one was injured today. alison: absolutely! neighbors collected the plane parts and turned them over to investigators. >> i couldn't sit there and let that guy roll on the
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ground and watch him burn. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the man who ran toward a burning plane after it crashed in southwestern virginia. what he did to help the two aboard still ahead. leon: plus, another hearing after that attempted kidnapping aboard a metro train. what is next for the suspect. we'll explain when "abc7 news at 5:00" returns. >> the mayor came here to d.c. jail today to talk about job training programs and heard about a job skill that may be the most important of them all. i will
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: the district's mayor is hoping to prevent convicted criminals becoming repeat offenders. each year thousands return to the city from the jails. sam ford gives us unside look at the program. alison: with marijuana, small amounts in the city with the jail population falling, about 25% from what it was four years ago. the 600 inmates. with the population falling the mayor today came to talk about the things they are doing with the extra space. job training. mayor muriel bowser came to jail to tout programs to help
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the misdemeanor offenders find jobs. >> i thank you for the program. >> the idea is to adjust attitudes in jail. to make them employable once they get out. >> working on the attitude. >> that word seemed to be key. in the mayors that the mayor is creating as well as the long-time programs like "project empowerment." it is for people returning from prison like 41-year-old james walker who works for a swimming pool repair company now. attitude. >> for me, to come back here, is a sign we are dealing with people. >> how long were you locked up? >> 25 years. the mayor says the job programs are necessary. mayor bowser: we're all focused on a stronger district
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of columbia and that is looking at the employment programs. >> for people locked up in jail she wants to increase good time credit and increase the workforce training program for men and women to get them out of the fight. >> i have been in since i was 10 years old. >> how old are you now? >> i'm 51. >> the mayor says 2,000 people a year come home from d.c. to federal prison or jail and they need to be employable. it seems that one of the best employment skills may be a new attitude. reporting from southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. now checking today's top stories a maryland grand jury indicted a woman found pushing her dead toddler on a swing. romechia simms is charged with manslaughter and child abuse in the death of 3-year-old ji-aire lee. investigators say she pushed her son on a swing for two days. the boy died of dehydration
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and hypothermia. they say she suffers from mental illness. leon: charles severance reportedly confessed to killing three people in the loudoun county jail according to court documents filed by prosecutors. the paperwork said severance talked to four inmates about the crime. severance is charged with three deaths. the trial begins october 5.son:c presidential candidate bernie sanders is campaigning in virginia. he spoke at liberty university in lunchburg at an event in -- lunchburg and at an event in chartsville. coming up at 6:00, ben carson will talk to maureen bunyan to talk about the rising poll number and the debate on wednesday. a woman accused of trying to grab a baby on board metro train will undergo further evaluation. that is the result of a hearing today. mcknight was charged with first-degree cruelty to children after trying to pull
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the child from the stroller. mcknight's sister told abc7 that she had been mentally ill for years. leon: in moneta two people are lucky to be alive after a plane crash yesterday an. this is bedford county in virginia where the single-engine plane went down. a couple living near the airport said they see the planes taking off and landing all the time but knew it was different this time. rick ran to help. >> we heard the engine having problems. i was scared because i was thinking that the plane was going to actually, you know, really blow up. leon: at that point the pilot was still inside the plane. both the pilot and the passenger were airlifted to the scene and taken to the hospital. alison: another snag in candidate hillary clinton e-mail scandal today. national correspondent jeff barns attended the judicial watch leadership summit on d.c. corruption. according to a conservative
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watchdog group another regularity surfaced in the e-mail gate. >> why isn't she before a grand jury as opposed to the debate she is attending? >> hillary's e-mail from personal server and found three major gap of the missing e-mail in tenure as secretary of state. >> until there is missing e-mails totaling five months, send and receive e-mail of mrs. clinton e-mail account. >> conservative watchdog group says no messages were sent or received on her private server january 21 through march 17, 2009. no sent messages from january 21st to april 12th that same year. from december 20, 2012 through february 1 of 2013 there are also no record of any sent messages. plat river network the company that managed hillary clinton's private e-mail server recently said it had no knowledge of the server being wiped.
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that implies that tens of thousands of e-mails that clinton said were deleted could be recovered. a law expert says one way to retrieve all the e-mails is a simple phone call from the security general to the national security agency. >> they have counterintelligence programs to prevent hacking of the government official e-mails so they watch them. they know what is going on. they may not produce them or tell anybody but they have access to the e-mails. >> still, some say hillary clinton worked within the realm of the law. recently the justice department told a federal court the former secretary of state did have the right to delete personal e-mails from her private server. >> it was proper and appropriate that every government employee makes the decision themselves about what is a work related e-mail and a personal e-mail. they said the deletion was appropriate. >> on capitol hill, i'm jeff jef barnes reporting. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> i'm so happy. leon: "dancing with the stars"
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returns tonight. we will hear from the contestant and give you a sneak peek of the season 21 premier. allison can't wait. alison: place he is tried to sexually assault and child. now he is on the run. can he get away from the wall of justice? you can help, coming up. alison: new at 6:00 tonight, a twitter user tells metro i can be the next general manager and he is serious. his ideas, his credentials for returning the transit agency ar
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doug: doug hill with you with the weather outlook. the weather conditions we had today will continue all week and into the weekend. it will be warmer, 88. comfortably, sunny and warm on saturday. cold front is coming through sunday. dropped to 84. we thought it might bring rain. it will bring clouds. saturday afternoon, joint base andrews the air show, the
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thunderbirds will be there and the weather will be perfect. light winds, very few clouds, unrestricted visibility in the ceiling. perfect weather. the string will continue a bit longer here. we are looking at the numbers into the 80's for the next several days with nothing but sunshine. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday again, temperatures and the pattern is that it will come through on sunday and monday and no rain. we need it. it will just turn cooler. if you like the sunshine
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jennifer: welcome to the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. tonight we have news of an arrest. this is what the wall of justice is all about. tonight, paige who was wanted for firing in a group of people in arlington is behind bars. the same detectives still need your help. they are adding rodriguez to the wall after they say he tried to sexually assault a child. they are also looking for ally megder in an assault case. police in prince williams county lookerring for conward. they need help finding juan garcia. farther south in stafford county, they are looking for marlene paige williams who is
5:41 pm
on the run. set the wall of justice in motion. tonight the spotlight is on juan garcia. the detectives spent two years looking for juan garcia and they are hoping that you can help. police say the 30-year-old sent a woman he knew text messages saying he was going to kill her and tried to set her bedroom on fire. >> he is 5'5", 180 pounds, black hair and black eyes and wanted for burning occupied dwelling and domestic assault. police want to get him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you have seen juan garcia and know where he is, call prince level county police. we will see you next week wall of justice.
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alison: after the break, we'll give you a preview of the season 21 stars, routine and the star-topping beats you can expect to see tonight. that's still ahead. leon: plus, apple is expecting a record-breaking debut of the iphone 6s.
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leon: update of breaking news. the person who was hit by the train there has died. it means a teenage boy. chopper on the scene near boyds, maryland. all the train traffic has been stopped. as they continue the investigation. stay with us at abc7 and "dancing with the stars" returns tonight. alison: hard to believe it. catch it tonight. but brandi hitt has a preview of what to expect for another exciting season.
5:46 pm
brandi: after a brutal dancing boot camp, the cast of season 21 "dancing with the stars" is ready to kick up their heels. bindi erwin is competing against winning jockey. khakan taking on grammar. actor gary busey is promising chemistry. >> our dancing in this show is going to be beyond electric. it will be cosmic.
5:47 pm
greer is up against beerman and braxton. then there is paula deen. >> he glides. i go up and down. brandi: a husband and wife competing against each other. >> we talk about the show. brandi: 13 stars but only one will take home the trophy. no one is on the chopping block the first week. the rehearsals continue behind the big door. but tonight there will be a dancing cast member missing. judge len goodman is out this season. he said he simply couldn't make it work with his busy schedule. in los angeles, brandi hitt, abc7 news. leon: we want to know who is going to fall first. that is all we care about. don't miss the return of "dancing with the stars." catch it here on abc7 at 8:00. followed by "dance battle america" and abc7 news at 11:00. alison: we don't want anyone to get hurt. leon: no. don't get hurt. just fall.
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apple says the preorders from the iphone are expected to surpass last year record selling 10 million phones in the first week on the market last time around. jamie: we have an issue at barnsville road and clarksburg road. we have the activity with the pedestrian and the csx train. if lanes are blcked off. northbound they are blocked off. in the teens. 50, good news. the brush fire that we had that was tying up 50 westbound in the city is gone. we are mostly in the green, which is nice. 22 miles per hour for you. heading outbound on 295.
5:49 pm
issue for us on 295, d.c. 295. working your way -- i should say i-295 working your way out of the city. 9 miles per hour. very heavy approaching an accident before the capital beltway. the lane blocked it will take 30 minutes to get from the 11th street bridge to the beltway. it's rough right now. we have 95 bumper to bumper. in the teens to dell city. that will take under 30 minutes. there are no problems 66 and 395. a few nice spots. that's it. back to you. doug: the weather is spectacular. it's in the mid-to-the upper 70's. only a couple of degrees below average. it is going to stay beautiful. the sunset tonight and crystal clear skies overnight. give you an idea how the temperatures will go overnight. after the sunset we will drop
5:50 pm
to the 60's. by midnight, 65. many areas in the lower 50's by tomorrow morning. spectacular. then more of the same. put it in the copy machine. get it out. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. no rain in the seven-day. we continue to see pleasant weather pattern. cold front will come through early sunday. ill will be cooler. cool and dry weather next week. that is the latest. leon: skins kicked off the season and a day later we're going what happened here? robert: quiet day for redskins park. redskins released a statement saying cornerback chris culliver has been suspended without pay for the next game against the rams for violating the nfl personnel conduct
5:51 pm
policy. in march 2014 he was arrested for a hit-and-run. back on the field, there is more. jay gruden says desean jackson will be out for three or four weeks with a pulled hamstring. our safety is having wrist injury. they fired their quarter. kirk cousins threw a pick in the first and the fourth quarter. but he is not hanging his head. neither is jay gruden. coach gruden: nobody is happy when you lose. but i have optimist of where -- optimism of where we are going. we rushed for over 100 yards
5:52 pm
against miami. cousins did great things. we'll coach the negative but build on the positive. >> elsewhere, the best comeback is to the cowboys. leon: oh. robert: the giants could have put it away. cowboys down six, 193 seconds left. -- 13 seconds left. but he put it in the end zone. cowboys win. poor eli. didn't want to see that. leon: how bad is the desean jackson hamstring issue? robert: we never know with a hamstring. three or four, maybe five weeks. but we need him. alison: thank you.
5:53 pm
you have to see this video. this is a deer, well, checking in to the hotel. slammed through a window and to the hallway and then in the laundry room. guests were watching. staff, too. owner of the hotel says the guest was able to close the door to the laundry room and trap the lost deer until experts arrived. the deer was not hurt but there was damage to the hotel. what about that? leon: how about that? fun to watch while you're there. alison: scary, too. leon: you don't have to pay for the wi-fi. just watch the deer. the wildlife. alison: your entertainment. still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- fixing ferguson, missouri. the commission's recommendations in the wake of the shooting of unarmed teen michael brown from overhauling the criminal justice system there to improving the
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alison: there is a new report in unrest in ferguson,
5:57 pm
missouri, a commission found excessive police force. it was deep rooted in racial bias. it all played a role in the violence that broke out after unarmed teen michael brown who is black was killed by a white police officer. abc's kenneth mouton has more. reporter: discriminatory policing. the ferguson commission laid it out in an independent report sparked by violent protests after the police killing of 18-year-old michael brown. >> if we are clear about accountability, serious about racial equity and we want all to have an opportunity to thriver. it's tough but it's worth it. reporter: the commission found excessive police force eroded community trust. strained relations between officers and the frustrated residents who don't feel respected. social and economic division. the diverse 16-member commission appointed by governor jay nixon spent month looking into the practices of
5:58 pm
police department in st. louis region. >> the way to prove this work means something is to do something. reporter: the commission recommended changing policing, increasing the minimum way and improving disparities in the educational system. >> our hope reading the report is it will begin for some, continue for others a learning process. reporter: the report said the drivers were 70% more likely than to be stopped than whites last year. department of justice discovered similar findings in march, and the need to generate revenue. the d.o.j. and ferguson commission made recommendations but there are questions how soon actions will be taken. nixon said their work will not be in vain. alison: that will do it for "abc7 news at 5:00". "abc7 news at 6:00" starts with breaking news.
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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. leon: right now at 6:00, mark strain service is suspended after amtrak train hit and killed somebody on the track in boyds in germantown. the victim is a teenage boy but his identity has not been revealed. this happened an hour ago. we don't know when the service will resume but we'll let you know of any developments when we get the information right here. maureen: first at 6:00, the race for the white house brings two rising candidates to virginia nearly six months before super tuesday. in a few minutes we will go live one-on-one with republican candidate dr. ben carson. leon: but first, a self-described democratic socialist goes to liberty university. maureen: bernie saturdayers speaking at liberty university and he drew a big response when he admits he doesn't share the aven gel call view
6:00 pm
on abortion -- evengalical view on abortion. >> there are issues of a consequence to the country and the world. that maybe, just maybe we do not disagree on. leon: sanders went on to speak after the university of virginia. eis on his way to manassas. that's where we find tom roussey. tom: we are still two hours away from when sanders will speak but you can see the line extends to the fairgrounds there. a lot of folks have already gone inside and are starting to fill up the seats. this is a big rally in manassas tonight.


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