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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 15, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," trump takes texas. the donald gathers a huge crowd in a dallas arena. the trump faithful showing their support as he delivers a familiar message. his tough talk at the top of the gop pack. >> breaking news. deadly flooding in the west. multiple people killed overnight as flash floods overtake residents. crews working to stop cars from being washed away. the latest just ahead. >> and new this half hour. a bizarre incident on a plane causing the flight to be diverted. >> a passenger taken away by police after kissing and then punching a flight attendant. the pilot even asking for large volunteers to help restrain the woman. and it was a ballroom blitz on last night's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." all the contestants strutted their stuff but who really shined and who didn't?
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find out later in the "skinny" on this tuesday, september 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and did you watch "dancing with the stars"? >> i didn't watch it. i have it on my dvr at home. that i'll eventually see. >> it's kind of hard on this shift sometimes to watch a lot of because we're preparing for the show. >> i do have chaka khan in my fantasy for the season. so i'm hoping she goes a long way. she's in my fantasy dancing with the stars. >> i thought you were mixing abc shows like the fantasy suite from "the bachelor." i was just saying we should talk about that during the commercial break. not the top of the show. >> kinky. chaka khan is my fantasy. >> speaking of things that take weird turns, presidential politics. >> odd turns. >> just one day till the republican debate. i'm looking forward to this one. donald trump speaking out to a sold out crowd in dallas. >> trump telling supporters that
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america has become the dumping ground for the world, and this is the scene outside. police were called in to break up fights between trump supporters as well as protesters. it's your voice, your vote this morning with more on the race, here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: donald trump took the stage in dallas to a roaring ovation. >> amazing. thank you. wow. >> reporter: from a stadium packed 20,000 solid to hear vintage trump. >> we have to build a wall, folks. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. oh, do i know how to build. greatest. one of the greats. [ chanting usa ] >> reporter: and trump himself has good reason to cheer. latest abc news/"washington post" poll now has him in a statistical dead heat with hillary clinton in a general election face-off. even though the same poll finds 60% think trump is unqualified to be president. the new poll also shows a sharp
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drop in mrs. clinton's support among women. she was asked about that at a women for hillary rally in iowa. >> there's an ebb and flow, polls go up and down. >> reporter: bernie sanders was we received by a large audience at conservative christian liberty university in virginia. >> money and wealth should serve the people. the people should not have to serve money and wealth. >> reporter: the dallas rally also brought out some anti-trump protesters. but trump's lead in the republican field is bigger than ever. his rivals will have another chance to do something about that when they face him in the second republican debate wednesday night. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> breaking news. at least seven people are dead and six others missing after a flash flood swamped the towns of hildale and colorado city right on the utah/arizona border. a giant wave of water smashed
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into two vehicles carrying more than a dozen women and children. the two towns are the headquarters of a polygamist sect led by warren jeffs until his imprisonment for sexually assaulting children. >> rain is falling right now in northern california. a welcome change, of course, for crews battling two of the biggest wildfires in the state's history. the fast-moving flames have gutted hundreds of homes and forced the evacuation of 23,000 people. the valley fire near napa is being blamed for at least one death and several residents were unaccounted for. with thousands of homes still in danger, exhausted firefighters are working around the clock to keep up with the flames. more now from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: 7500 embattled firefighters back on the fire line. encrusted in soot, many have been going for 36 hours, in fires that are fast-moving and deadly. the valley fire engulfing four firefighters over the weekend, only saved when they scrambled into their protective shelters. richard reef taking a call from
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the governor from his hospital bed. you guys pretty tired? >> we're getting there. >> reporter: crews so fatigued, they've been flopping down in driveways or fields for just a few minutes rest. this retired firefighter live-streaming the desperate fight to save middletown, california. >> these guys are very limited on resources. every engine has got multiple structures to try and protect. and you just can't save everything. >> reporter: don lopez spent days fighting the fire. he came home overnight. >> you look block after block, it's just devastation. >> reporter: learning his home was spared. his daughter's wasn't. >> we got the most important things out. but everything else is gone. >> reporter: still, lopez is going back to the only work he's ever known. you're going back on the fire line? >> i'm going back up on the fire line up in the cobb area because that's what i do. >> reporter: one of the most astounding firefighters go through on the fire line is the intensity of the heat, hot enough to char cars even to melt glass like this. the bad news for firefighters, it's still gusty out here.
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the better news, you can already start to feel the moisture in the air after so many hot days. matt gutman, middletown, california. >> this year's snowpack that's supposed to be a big source of water for drought stricken california is much worse than initially estimated. a new study indicates the sier nevada snowpack is at its lowest level in 500 years. the melting snow usually provides the state with about a third of its water. >> some breaking news from mississippi this morning. a man wanted for a deadly campus shooting and another murder has taken his own life. police say shannon lamb suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being followed by police last night. lamb was accused of killing delta state university professor ethan schmidt in his office yesterday. he was wanted for the death of a woman he shahared a home with. one week before arrives in the states, pope francis is weighing in on the growing refugee crisis in europe warning this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the crisis is fueled by an unjust economic system.
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now, he called again for catholics around the world to welcome refugee families. there is no welcome for those families this morning in hungary. abc's terry moran is there. >> reporter: a race against time at the hungarian border today. and the time is minutes. this mother and her daughter, among the last to cross, and then -- this is the moment. hungarian police are now finishing the construction of this fence. closing the last gap over these railroad tracks and for the first time now, they're turning people back. so, we went over to the other side, to serbia, where we met muhammad from damascus, syria, and walked up to the police line with him. >> can you let me cross? >> not able to cross here. >> okay, but all these people cross long road, many countries to cross in peace. >> reporter: police sent them through the fields to an official border crossing and muhammad told us his story.
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this is your honeymoon? >> yeah, honeymoon. we decide to be a special honeymoon. >> reporter: they were married eight days ago in turkey. we came to a village and the refugees were herded into a line. these people are being told by the hungarian police that they will be put on buses bound for budapest where they can catch trains for western europe, but really, no one knows what's going to happen. the gates to europe are closing. terry moran, abc news, hungary. >> thank you so much. new details this morning on the two georgia brothers accuse add of trying to kill their parents. police say one son told them he had been planning the attack since he was 11. cameron and christopher irvin now 17 and 22 allegedly drugged and brutally beat their parents. they're also accused of trying to blow up their upscale suburban atlanta home. the mother and father have since
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been released from the hospital. an american airlines flight from miami to chicago was diverted to indianapolis after a passenger became belligerent. witnesses say the woman was screaming and swearing before hitting a passenger. moments later, she kissed a flight attendant and then punched her in the face. that's when the pilot called for large male volunteers to help restrain the woman. she was removed from the plane and arrested. attorney general loretta lynch says she expects more indictments in the justice department's investigation of international soccer. lynch made that comment at a meeting of federal prosecutors in zurich, switzerland where soccer's governing body fifa is based. she did not say whether the outgoing president seth blatter could be one of those still being investigated. it was a double dip of monday night football to end week one in the nfl. we'll start in atlanta with the falcons hosting the eagles. it was atlanta's offense flying high in the first half thanks to two touchdown catches by julio jones. the eagles staged a second half
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comeback getting two touchdowns off their own from demarco murray, brian matthews also ran one in for philly. but it wasn't enough actually. atlanta hanging on for the win, 26-24. and next up, the vikings visiting the 49ers. not sure about the uniforms of the 49ers. adrian peterson's return from minnesota but the star of the show was san francisco's carlos hyde. he seemed to get the ball every play for the 49ers. most importantly, hyde scored a pair of touchdowns, a second one putting the game away in the fourth quarter winning 20-3 there. exciting. >> i don't have a problem with their uniforms. >> you liked? >> yeah, what's wrong? really >> i don't know that i liked it >> by the way, as a quick homage to frank gifford, the boys for the first game wore the traditional yellow monday night football jacket.
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>> how sweet. >> we lost frank gifford just a few weeks ago. so. >> while we're talking about the nfl, how about them cowboys? for the ninth consecutive year, the dallas cowboys topped the annual forbes list of most valuable franchises. >> the magazine puts the team's value at get this, $4 billion, and by the way, the cowboys aren't only the most valuable team in nfl, they are also the most valuable sports franchise in the world. take that, manchester united and real madrid, right? >> it's real madrid. >> thank you, jack. oh. real madrid? >> oh, real madrid? that's what you call it? >> i'm kidding >> he calls the soccer team real madrid. >> i should say the $4 billion tag is really twice that of the average team in the nfl. you might be doing your own sports segment on the show. >> with all that sports knowledge? >> yeah. >> yes. >> coming up, meet the new boss. the donald trump, of course. currently tied up. "the apprentice" turns to the
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terminator to do the firing. arnold schwarzenegger now heading to network television. >> and the dance party is back. a breakdown of the crowded ballroom on last night's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." later in "the skinny." but first, a look at today's forecast. you're watching "world news now." we're just going to do the nae nae now. "world news now" weather, brought to you by belsomra. weather, brought to you by belsomra. now there's a razor that swirls and swerves
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a close call for a group of kayakers off the coast of california. a humpback whale suddenly emerging from the water and nearly lands on top of a man and a woman. humpbacks can weigh up to 50 tons. the couple managed to escape injury and thanks to their life
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jackets were able to make it back to the kayak. >> lucky folks, huh? >> whoo. still no break in the case of the young woman on a jewelry store crime spree across the south. she's clearly seen on security cameras at each of the places she robbed. >> now the fbi has released new images and is asking for the public's help in identifying her. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: new images of the woman federal officials believe may be behind several bold jewelry store heists in three different states. beginning in dawsonville, georgia, last month the suspect walking away with an estimated $13,000 in valuables. one week later in panama city beach, florida, officials say this woman seen looking directly at surveillance cameras escaped with more than $400,000 worth of jewels after forcing employees into a back room just minutes before a u.p.s. delivery man arrives. >> they were very terrified and had the fear in their face. >> reporter: early this month in
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south carolina, a suspect in a striped skirt striking at a crowded outlet mall. authorities say in all cases the gun toting female zip ties employees before disappearing. >> they were just zip tied. one of the girls got one of her hands free. that's why she was able to get up. >> reporter: police have no idea who this woman on the run might be. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, the race for the mirror ball trophy. yes, it's on. >> it's on. >> check out the first night in the ballroom. we'll have those highlights. >> plus, another big screen classic getting a sequel. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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♪ skinny, so skinny okay. so topping "the skinny" this morning, "dancing with the stars" season 21, our first look at 13 new contestants. >> one dancer we were looking forward to seeing, alek skarlatos one of the young men who took down an attacker on a french train last month. >> he might be able to take down a terrorist but wasn't an experienced dancer but the crowd and judges loved him. the most enthusiastic reception though was for bindi irwin. ♪ >> bindi, of course, the
3:50 am
17-year-old daughter of crocodile hunter steve irwin danced with partner derek hough to "crocodile rock." of course, her energetic and enthusiastic performance earned a standing "o" and i tie for the lead. >> sharing that top spot, nick carter, the former back street boy. all grown up now. a very smooth and sexy performance with partner sharna. a real pleasure to watch i'd say. and two other contestants celebrity chef paula deen. she did a quick step to appropriately enough to the "what's cooking," by hank williams. >> they had her in a kitchen. okay. and gary busey dancing to the mamas and papas dancing in the streets. a good first take for all of them. one of these couples will be eliminated next monday. i thought it was a great night. a lot of energy. it was interesting to see paula deen back, bindi irwin. i think it's a great group of people. >> it was a comeback night.
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gary busey needs work and chaka khan needs work, as well. i feel for you. everybody's favorite nanny is getting a sequel. mary poppins the flying magical nanny. julie andrews starred in the original 1964 film. word is the new story will take place 20 years later and will feature the banks family, as well. >> so the story will come from existing tales written by author p.l.travers and rob marshall who directed "into the woods" and "chicago." there will be all new songs and music. it will be hard to beat those original ones. >> it was fun. one of the stars of "game of thrones" is speaking out about gratuitous nudity. british actress emilia clarke who plays daenerys targaryen says she can't stand sex scenes because they lack subtlety. >> too bad because her role in that show really seems to involve quite a bit of nudity. she told producers a few years ago she didn't want to appear in
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go long. ♪ so "the apprentice" has a new boss. arnold schwarzenegger will replace donald trump who was told you're fired after his comments about immigrants. donald trump never said i'll be back. >> he never did, but he has his own terms. it's a good fit, don't you think? arnie and donald both have outsized egos and personalities and both known, of course, for singular catch phrases. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's dan harris. >> brandi, you're fired. >> reporter: donald trump's famous line will forever be linked with the show "the apprentice." >> you're fired. you're fired. you're fired. >> reporter: but there's a new boss getting in on the action, arnold schwarzenegger. the movie star and former governor of california hired as the new host of nbc's "celebrity apprentice."
3:56 am
he is no stranger to that catch phrase. >> you're fired. >> reporter: he said it in the movie "true lies" all the way back in 1994. he will be in charge of evaluating the famous faces as they compete to win money for a charity of their choice. the now former politician taking over boardroom duties for the now current politician donald trump. >> make america great again. >> reporter: trump congratulating schwarzenegger at his campaign rally. >> arnold schwarzenegger, good, right? i think it's a good choice. he's a friend of mine. >> reporter: he also apologized to fans tweeting sorry i couldn't do the apprentice any longer, but equal time, presidential run, prohibits me from doing so. love. trump did take a step back from the show after he decided to run for president but nbcuniversal also cut all business ties with him after he made that now infamous remark about mexican-americans. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. >> reporter: for his part, schwarzenegger is excited to take on the new role tweeting
3:57 am
wow, i'm blown away and honored by all your tweets. i can't wait to bring my experience to the boardroom and raise millions for charity. the "celebrity apprentice" reboot won't air till the 2016-2017 season. the world will have to wait to see if trump's classic line makes a comeback or if arnold will give it a terminator twist of his own. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> terminator twist. who knew. >> what do you think? >> i think it's interesting. good choice. >> all right. good. nice to hear it. >> interesting. yeah, i would watch. >> all right. by the way, did you notice the cameo by gary busey again? >> i did notice that. >> more busey than cowbells. >> and we also have more news coming up. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the death toll rising from flash floods, several others still missing right now. water washing away vehicles in an instant. raging wildfire, picking up the pieces. firefighters still on the front lines as the blazes burn out of control plus a group of people and pets alive after staying submerged in a pool. flight diverted. a pilot with an alarming request at 30,000 feet asking people to restrain an unruly passenger. a new season of salsa and sam ba. the season premiere of "dancing with the stars," bindi irwin charm, paula deen's debut and gary busey.


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