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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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crowd of thousands, pope francis spoke of transformation. the homily emphasizing overcoming resistance to change and not opposing themselves to those who think differently. >> he is doing the most he can for those who unite the countries for many, many years apart. kellye: mill mendez left cuba at 112 -- 12 years old. she came when her family opened a cuban restaurant. for her the pope's visit to her native land is a source of pride. >> it's an honor to have the pope in our country. >> there are so many people non-catholics included who are so excited about seeing this man. kellye: seeing him in cuba and the u.s. >> i'm not a practicing catholic but this pope inspires me to want to see him because of what he has done. kellye: and continues to do.
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at the mass encouraging the faithful to seven people rather than ideology, with -- to serve people rather than ideology with a hope to inspire to action. >> i think when the holy spirit moves it will move to have change come. kellye: pope francis is the third pope to visit cuba. pope john paul ii visited in 1998. pope benedict visited in 2012. in the satellite center, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: okay. thank you so much. now, as the pope finishes his visit to cuba, the workers are scrambling to make sure that every detail is perfect for the pontiff's arrival. john gonzalez reports from the basilica of the national shrine. john: things are really coming together. a week ago i stood here and the only thing out of the ordinary was the fencing and the barriers. take a look at the hour, thousands of lawn chairs have been set up here. this is where many of the more
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than 25,000 visitors, the guests will be when they celebrate mass with pope francis. take a look at what it looks like at the hour. much of the altar, the papal chair out there under the canopy for the massive sanctuary where there is now what resembling the marble from inside the church, the largest catholic church in the country. we spoke to more than 25,000 ticketed guests. not all of them will have a seat. so they set up the jumbo tran around the campus. that is up the circle, at the entrance of the basilica. earlier we spoke to two young seminarians who are studying here. they can't believe in 48 hours they will witness history. >> i can't believe i'm here even in washington, d.c., first of all. college across the street. but just being here, having my
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first year and the pope is here at the same time. it's an incredible experience. >> this will be my first time seeing the pope. i'm really overwhelmed that he is coming here. john: we want to show you what was just unveiled moments ago at the basilica. there is already a massive banner welcoming pope francis. there is the papal bunting. in between the bunting was unveiled a massive banner of an old spanish painting. that is the man who in 48 hours will become a saint. that will happen in the papal mass at 4:15 on wednesday. one last look as it comes together, the altar literally put in place. john gonzalez. jonathan: it's done in cool, gray or even wet weather. doug hill has the latest on
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that and what we can expect for this week's visit. doug? doug: what we see now outside the belfort furniture weather center is the same sky. the weather will slowly improve tomorrow. get you through things right now. cloudy and cool. we have the patches of ain developing from southwest to northeast, charlottesville, washington and philadelphia. we have several more hours to go through before we wind up with a cloudy night, maybe a drizzly start to the day tomorrow. numbers now only in the mid-60's. cool weather. that will continue as we head through tonight. lingering showers, isolated showers and 58 degrees for a low temperature. as we head through the day tomorrow, looks like we will fall out from clouds. sunshine will return in the afternoon and it will work out when the plane lands at st. andrews after 4:00. we should see sunshine. overall weather is looking good for the work at the basilica.
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much more specific nervous i'll have next time -- specific information i'll have next time i see you. alison: thank you. abc7 is leading the coverage of pope francis' visit. ahead we will introduce you to a local teenager that overcome adversity to make a difference. such a difference the pope wants to meet with him in person. we will have a timeline of the events, all of which can be watched live on the sister station newschannel8. on the eve of the pope's visit, a big mess for tens of thousands relying on metro for the local commute. jonathan: this is because of a power problem that sent firefighters scrambling to southeast washington. brad bell is joining us live from r.f.k. stadium, the epicenter of the problem. they need a good year of no problems and no issues. brad: right now they would like to get through the next several days with the pope coming. a big mess is right. the simplest way to say it is the stadium armory is affected. no trains can get through there. they are using a bus bridge on
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the lines affected. this happened right back here. one of those deep, dark, hidden, dirty places you don't think about until there is a pro. behind the door in a concrete bunker, there was a fire. we can show you a video. smoke billowed out of here for hours. i started at 7:00 a.m. the firefighter responded very quickly. but they had to move slowly. what was burning is a transformer. this is where metro plugs in to pepco. they have to convert the a.c. that comes in to d.c. to run the trains. the transfollow everies do the job. one of three burning. they had to protect the others. all the trains are stopped so they had to run bus bridges to get people from eastern market to minnesota avenue. tremendous delays for those involved. metro aware that the pope is coming and that tonight they have got a baseball and hockey game downtown.
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here is the latest advice from the metro spokesman. >> i would advise anyone taking orange, blue, silver to have a plan to allow extra travel time. brad: he is suggesting to drive or take a different route. they do hope to get trains running through here tonight. but they will be moving slower than normal. in northeast washington, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: okay, brad. the new over budget long delay transit center is open for business in silver spring. our brianne carter was there for the kickoff. brianne: a new series for morning rush hour commuters as thousands stepped inside the long-awaited silver spring transit center. >> to actually be able to use it. it was a mess for so long.
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>> the station is home to dozens of bus stops that were previously on the street in downtown silver springs. >> this will make it safer. brianne: three-level facility is designed to provide more connectivity between the metro bus, ride-on bus, smart trains, taxis and metro trains. mid-morning we had showers herem normally those waiting for the bus had to use an umbrella. but now another added benefit. covered bus bays for those waiting for the next ride. to help everyone adjust to the change. >> took a while to get in. once i get used to it, it will be better. brianne: they had extra staff on hand to point people in the right directions. >> metro estimates 20,000 people move through the transit center every day. in silver springs, brianne carter, abc7 news.
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jonathan: a courtroom filled with an emotion. in fact, angry outburst that took place in court from the godmother of a toddler whose body was found in a garbage bag on a beach. >> you [bleep] jonathan: that woman was in the courtroom. they were laying out the case for the couple who was arrested last week after investigators identified the 2-year-old who had only been known as "baby doe." they identified little girl as bella bonds. prosecutors say she punched bella in the stomach when she was being "unruly" at that time. >> looked at bella. her head was spoleen and her face was -- swollen and her face was gray. she knew at that moment that her father was dead. jonathan: michael mccarthy held on first-degree murder with no bond.
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rovchelle is facing accessory to murder charges and held on $1 million bond. alison: a former peanut company executive convicted in salmonella outbreak. he was found guilty of knowingly shipping tainted peanut products from a georgia plant seven years ago. that outbreak left nine people dead and more than 700 nationwide sickened. the first food executive convicted on felony charges linked to food poiseing outbreak. he could face life in prison. jonathan: there are calls today for republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson to drop his bid for the white house, after comments on "meet the press" he didn't think a muslim should ever be president. >> ask mr. ben carson to withdraw from the presidential race because he is unfit to lead. his views are in contradiction with the united states constitution. jonathan: carson said he could not envision someone who
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practices islam finding common ground with what he called a judea christian nation. he defended his interview last night. this is what he had to say. dr. carson: this is something i feel strongly about. if it meant it would ruin my chances of becoming president i would take that risk. jonathan: he points out that the constitution has a religious test for candidates seeking office. the comments come as a new poll that shows him taking a hit in the polls. the new cnn/orc poll shows carly fiorina riding the debate performance to second place at 15%. she was polling around 3% earlier this month. so her role in that debate did well. trump and carson saw their numbers take a big hit, as did jeb bush. he fell from third place to fifth behind marco rubio. alison: still to come here on abc7 news at 4:00 -- a crime spree leaves a community in fear.
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jonathan: where the thieves are targeting convenience stores and the pictures that the f.b.i. is posting. they want you to see them. we have them coming up. alison: the accusation that sent volkswagen stock plummeting and what it could mean for drivers a veteran and service dog barred from getting on a
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relief doesn't get any better than this. jonathan: look at this. holy cow! this is all that is left of a house that exploded in texas. nothing left. the other homes are intact but they are damaged. the firefighters do not know what caused this. we don't have any word if anybody was injured because of the explosion. alison: incredible. jonathan: outrage tonight after avelt ran was deny -- veteran was deny boarding a plane because he had his service dog with him. alison: to make matters worse, the service dog was in california being honored as service dog of the year. "7 on your side"'s chris papst got to bottom of things here. what is the story behind this? chris: first, jayson hague is an american hero. truly an american hero. serving multiple tours overseas in iraq and afghanistan. he is also a marine that suffers from traumatic brain injury and ptsd.
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he relies on high his service d. they travel everywhere together. but american airlines wouldn't let them on a plane to come home. thursday they flew to l.a. for the american humane association hero dog award. he was recognized as the national service dog of the year. the pictures that you are seeing here are from facebook. on sunday while boarding a flight home, hagin was stopped and said american airlines wouldn't allow them on the plane with axle saying they didn't have the appropriate paperwork even though they used the airline to get there. we interviewed hague today. from lax on face time minutes before he and axle finally boarded a plane to come back home to virginia. >> jason: axle just won the award for being the service dog of the year this weekend while well were out here. it made it trying and very difficult. chris: we reached out to american airlines to find out how this could have happened. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you what they told us.
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we will tell you why hague says there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: weird they're so vague. he can get out there but couldn't get back. thank you. shares of volkswagen fell 20% today as the auto-maker is coming to grips with a cheating scandal. the e.p.a. says volkswagen skirted clean air rules by rigging the tests for 500,000 diesel cars. volkswagen ceo has apologized and said the company ordered an investigation into this. the e.p.a. is ordering the auto maker to fix it at its expense. we are talking about the cars, check out the cars on the road. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the traffic situation. mondays are always bad it seems. jamie: they are! ing we see a lot of heavy traffic on monday. not as much as friday. i want to start off with the rail. we have big issues that we
4:18 pm
have had since this morning. run-through of what you need to know. if you travel on these lines, pay attention. orange line, the service is suspended when eastern market and minnesota avenue. silver line there is only serviced between wiehle-reston and falls church. on the blue line, eastern market and benning road, the service has been suspended. the red line, we had an earlier issue at brookland and that has been reed but you want to expect delays in both directions. okay. let's talk about the roads. we move to take a live look outside, speaking of delays. you are going to have it on the inner loop of the beltway working your way closer toward carter rock and continuing into maryland. we are in the teens on the bridge. the commute is not too bad. on the baltimore-parkway north out of the city we have slowing. 395 is a typical volume. then 95 in virginia.
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rough ride. 30 minutes to get to the occoquan from the mixing bowl. back to you. jonathan: jamie, thank you very much. we have breaking news from the political world. it seems the huge g.o.p. field of all the folks wanting to be president has thinned. alison: the senior political reporter scott thuman standing by. what is the breaking news? scott: this time we are talking about scott walker. the governor out of wisconsin who at one point was at the top of the polls before the race got underway. he had some lackluster performances in the recent debate. the poll numbers went from 5% to 1% in a poll released on thursday. it was starting to become a problem that he could not overcome. because that means money. "new york times" says that three republicans are telling them we have a 6:00 p.m. news
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conference and scott walker will announce he is dropping out of the race for republican nominee. alison: thank you. it will change all the time. talk about the weather. it feels like fall. jonathan: it's already changing around here for weather. alison: i know! doug: fall begins 4:20 wednesday morning. in general it will work out well. at the moment, it's drizzly. doppler radar shows the area of rain moving southwest to northeast across the area. that will continue through the evening and the nighttime hours. we think overnight at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning it will be out of here. one of the warm spot is reagan national. 63 in hagerstown and frederick. 55 in cumberland. all day there has been the rain and the heavy clouds so it feels like fall in the air. again, it doesn't officially begin until early wednesday morning. here is the big picture. no shortage of shoddiness up
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and down the east coast. day after day after day, we had high pressure to keep it clear. it just took to move out of the way and the cloudiness moving in. once we get rid of this cloudiness and the rain, a new area of high pressure is going to back build from new england. we will clear out tomorrow afternoon. wednesday looks good. thursday into friday, i will tell you the weekend has all kind of question marks about the weather. but tomorrow afternoon it's looking up. take you this far alon for the future cast. at 9:00 we still have element of rain crossing the area from southwest to northeast. but it begins to break up in the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning, cloudy skies, showers in the southern blue ridge. showers off the coast. look tomorrow through the morning and the late morning and the afternoon. skies clear. the day planner tomorrow, partly cloudy in the
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afternoon. temperatures will climb to 80 degrees. 75 and look ahead to wednesday. look at this. the weather should be perfect across the city. alison: really nice. jonathan: tens of thousand of people will be happy about that. doug: indeed. alison: thank you, doug. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00, an autistic teenager making advenes in world. what he is doing -- making a difference in the world. what he is going to land him a trip to the white house and an audience with pope francis. >> another string of armed robberies at an area 7-eleven. this one involved a sawed-off shotgun. i'm jeff goldberg. coming up, where t
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(pancreatitis). stop taking victoza®... ...and c call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen alison: the police and f.b.i. need your help tracking those responsible for robbing a jewelry store on veers mill road in rockville, maryland. look at the pictures. the men dressed in costumes and they stole more than $100,000 in jewelry. if anyone has information call the f.b.i. or montgomery county police. string of robberies stirring fear in prince william county. so far three 7-eleven convenience stores have been targeted but it could be bigger than that. northern maryland pure row chief jeff goldberg joins us with why the f.b.i. is now involved in this. jeff? jeff: yeah, alison, a lot of concern here. this is the second string of armed robberies of 7-lebs --
4:26 pm
7-elevens in the past few weeks. this one robbed last month. the similarities, they are tucked away in residential areas. not far from apartments and homes. here are some of the images that the f.b.i. put out today. one of the men in one of the cases carrying a sawed-off shotgun in each of the incidents while authorities said the other man would get the cash from the register holding a knife. two of the incidents took place last month. the latest robbery happening on september 10. each between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. these appear to be different suspects than in the six robberies last month and early this month in d.c., maryland and fairfax county. but authorities are concerned about the trend of the armed robberies at the area 7 7-elevens. so are customers and delivery people. >> my goodness, i don't know. >> i got family in the area.
4:27 pm
what if they were in there? it is unnerving. jeff: no question about that. as far as these 7-elevens are close to them so they believe that the suspects knew the target they were dealing with. more on the f.b.i. and the similarities and the differences between the strings of armed robberies at 7-elevens. jeff goldberg. alison: thank you. the trick you can use to get into redskins and other professional sports events for a fraction of the price. plus, a local teenager making a difference in his community. what he is saying after he learned the work landed him an audience with pope francis. ♪ ♪
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: pope francis historic visit to the united states begins tomorrow. a lot of folks want to know the timeline. when is he at the basilica or the white house? we have it for you now. he rives tomorrow at 4:00, at joint andrews air force base.
4:31 pm
wednesday is when all the meetings begin. pope francis will continue the discussion they started when obama visited the vatican on the shared value and commitment on a range of topics, economic, social, environmental and ethical issues. then comes the parade. folks want to know when will they see the pope? 11:00 on wednesday. papal parade takes place from the national mall is when you will get to see him. he will be passing through in the pope mobile. if you want to get out there, get out of there early because of the security issues. at 11:30 there the morning the is the midday prayer. that will be the parade where he will go from the par road to the midday prayer. that is smaller. the following day is the big one. the mass 4:15 wednesday. the mass at the basilica.
4:32 pm
the saint. prior to the mass, pope francis will greet religious no vises. 25,000 people will be in the quad area. a grassy area. it will be packed to see the map. that is the timeline. alison: thank you. so many of the activities take place outdoors. will the weather cooperate? doug: if sun should be by the time he is here and for his stay in washington for thursday an it will be nice. give you the details. a live look at st. mary's. 68 degrees. look of fall in the air.
4:33 pm
all across the area here. we are dealing with a cool and a cloudy conditions with the doppler radar that continue to show rain from the upper air across the area. this is going to be out of here. any isolated showers. the big deal for tomorrow afternoon. tuesday afternoon, the skies become partly sunny as the winds build in from the northeast. we will get drier air coming our way from the new england areament that will clear us out to make for a pleasant final day of summer. early at 4:20 the autumnal equinox. check this out. seasonnially warm and the temperatures are approaching 80 degrees in the afternoon. wednesday partly cloudy. highs near 80.
4:34 pm
we are in great shape. by the time we get to friday, the clouds will roll back in and then we get in a weekend forecast. that is less than certain. cooler for the weekend. not sure of the rain chances but we have time to talk about that. alison: so far, so good. thank you. lawmakers on capitol hill are asked to be on the best behavior for the pope. that includes no selfies or fist pumps when pope francis enters the house chamber. they sent out a letter of the do's and don't's when he is here. he will be on a tight schedule and they want to avoid anything that could slow him down. well, one person who will get to shake the pontiff's hand, maybe a fist pump. 13-year-old jake edwards. the eighth grader is a champion for change. diane cho live with the story that even grabbed the president's attention. diane? diane: well, alison, for
4:35 pm
13-year-old jake edwards this week will go down as one of the best weeks he has ever had in his life. at the most he was honored for his work to raise awareness and educating law enforcement on how to interact with those with the disorder. he will visit with the pope. we talked to jake and his mother about the visit with the pontiff coming up and i ask have asked if they have had a chance to go over what they want to say to the pope. here is what she had to say. >> i don't know. i just need to survive today. we are going day-to-day. i don't know if he is going to school tomorrow at this point. i will probably be speechless. i don't know. diane: he has a pretty busy week ahead of him. on thursday they are heading
4:36 pm
to north carolina to talk to the law enforcement agencies down there as part of the crisis intervention training. live outside the white house, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. the coverage continues at 5:00 today when we will look at the special recipes that restaurants are coming up with ahead of the papal visit. you can count on abc7 and for complete coverage of the pope's visit to d.c. we will have more than 40 hours of coverage on the abc7 station and sister station newschannel8. jonathan: coming up next for us at 4:00 -- >> a family of four. in today's economy that is not a top priority. even though it's a big deal to my family. jonathan: the trick experts use to help the families share a love of their sports team with a children without breaking the bank. >> nathan talks about the new season of "castle" and what he does to keep things
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
jonathan: there are more than a few people living in the district that say they are tired of the sidewalk sales for sex in front of their homes. "7 on your side" is helping
4:40 pm
the neighbors fight back. coming up for us at 11:00, fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan traveled to a northeast neighborhood. she sees the problem firsthand and sits down with the people who live there who want the city to get rid of the nightly parade of prostitutes on k-street. she confronts the men and women walking the street for money in the early morning hours. jennifer: you are on a public street. they have rights, too. >> i understand that. jennifer: it will be hard to hear you don't want your face on camera when they don't want you in front of their houses. jonathan: you will hear the response and more as "7 on your side" fights back against crime. it's all tonight at 11:00. alison: meanwhile, one of america crime-fighting couples is back. "castle" starts back tonight. there is a lot of drama unfolding this year. brandi hitt sat down with castle himself, nathan fillion.
4:41 pm
brandi: big changes coming to season eight of "castle." >> what is going on? brandi: with lead actor nathan fillion philing us in on what -- filling us in on what is store for castle and his wife, kate beckett. >> we are look at the next evolution of their relationship. brandi: in season two, she was asked to run for political office. >> we'd like you to run for new york state st.. >> have you decided what you are going to do? >> not yet. >> the dynamic between two of them, how is that changing? >> that change doesn't include castle as much as castle would like it to. he is going to forcuss -- focus on the private eye stuff. brandi: nathan says he loves the show unpredictability. >> every day is different and new. last week i had a bag of spiders on my face. brandi: these predicaments, are these recommended by you
4:42 pm
or the writers? nathan: i didn't recommend the bag of spiders. brandi: after seven successful seasons his goal now -- nathan: you have to have drama. but the challenge is can you keep it fresh every day? brandi: brandi hitt, abc news. jonathan: a bag of spiders? really? ahead for us at 4:00, disturbance in the force. why some "star wars" mans may be due a refund. alison: and why sports can be expensive, especially for redskins fans.
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alison: we know football season is heating up but going to an nfl game is too expensive for many families. i now costs a family of four more than $400. but t.j. holmes has secrets to saving big. >> every year they write down predictions for the season.
4:46 pm
>> family trait that won't skip a generation. he wore a redskins jersey for the birth of his two daughters. >> the first song they learned to sing is "hail to the redskins." reporter: but the skyrocketing cost of attending the game put football on hold. he hasn't been to a game of two years. >> family of four in the economy is not something that is a top priority. >> first, he says wait it out. the websites that are offering deep discount as the prices drop closer to the game day. >> if you wait 24 to 48 hours before the game, you will find best prices. you could save 50%.
4:47 pm
>> next, instead of paying the normal stadium prices check out the apps like spot hero and park whiz. they will save you money and the spot. >> it's $20 less. >> finally, feed yourself. the average cost for family of four is $80. check the outside policy and if allowed bring your own snacks. >> this is something to look forward to. >> they carry on the beloved theme. >> $92 back in their pocket. $292 is what they saved. what do you do with it? you reinvest it in the food and beer. tailgate, try to eat and drink as much in parking lot before you go in. if you go in full, it will save you money.
4:48 pm
jonathan: it's hard not to eat because it spell smells, you have got to eat. a couple is reunited with a camera they lost in 2012. she says the family spent hours spent hours looking for the camera but they came up empty handed. >> the picture, you can't get them back. once they're gone, they are gone. it's every picture they took on the trip. jonathan: how cool. a mand found it on the lake shoreland last week and shared some with a portland, oregon, tv station. day after the pictures were made public they confirmed that the camera was her. hand it to the camera makers. alison: after three years there are still photos there that you can recognize who is in them. jonathan: the apple app store is under attack and what apple is saying and what the
4:49 pm
customers need to know. alison: a mother and a son lucky to be okay after a collision with a school bus. a little pest is blamed for the crash. we will tell you about that tonight at 5:00. jonathan: shoppers are doing more to look up than looking in the windows. jonathan: 5,000 are nesting in the trees. the birds have been coming there for a decade. >> when the shops close is when you come through. if trees that they brought in
4:50 pm
decade ago for decoration are attracting the birds. nice job. but at least one sees a silver lining that is lucky in the chinese culture to find victim to a bird from below. if you know what i need. they find that lucky? doug: it's lucky for everybody around you. >> proverb. yes. >> if you are heading out this evening it's not so great. but wednesday and thursday the timing is looking good. working magic for us. we have nice weather for that. start with the rain. showers working from the southwest to the northeast. we zoom and we can see the light showers around 495. as we work our way to wednesday and thursday, more sunshine. highs of 80 on wednesday. 81 on thursday. everything is going on outside for the parade.
4:51 pm
wonderful weather. keep in mind the morning temperatures are hanging in the upper 50's. with that in mind it's kelly if you are trying to get out to get a spot for the parade and west lawn. keep in mind, long sleeves early on. saturday, 75. 74 on sunday. we are tracking a system that right now i think primarily will stay south. we are looking at the mostly cloudy skies and a chance for a few showers as we go through the saturday and sunday. overall i don't think it's a big issue. we will keep an eye on that forecast. once again it's looking good for the middle of the week. jonathan: thank you. alison: get a check on the roadways right now. as everybody is back to work after the weekend. jamie? jamie: you know, funny thing is we are seeing a lot of delays as well as the traffic that is not too bad. delays are in the normal spot. i think a lot of people are staying home this week. of course to avoid what will be the terrible traffic coming up in a couple of days. orange line if you travel on
4:52 pm
the rail, that service is suspended. it has been for most of the day between eastern market to minnesota after. blue line as well on eastern market and benning road. service only on the silver line from wiehle-reston and east falls church. that is something to keep in mind. the red line now has normal service. that is good news. traveling along the beltway, a few spots that are wet. we are in the teens average for us to get closer to the 270 spur. as far as the commute on 66. slow traffic heading out of the city. working your way closer to centreville and getting into gainesville. 9-mile-per-hour getting out on 395. that will continue on 95. it will take you 30 minutes from the mixing bowl continuing closer to the occoquan. near the mixing bowl. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: all right.
4:53 pm
thanks. coming up next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the price change causing a disturbance in the force. alison: which "star wars condition fans may get money back and how to do it?
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4:56 pm
jonathan: john matarese shows us if you overpaid you can get some of your money back. john: it went on sale and the "star wars" fans snatched them up. for the openings at the d.c. area stores. some are discovering they may have overpaid and want to know if there is any way to get the money back. when they went on sale people
4:57 pm
snatched them up like black friday. stephanie decided to surprise her husband with one. ordering from the toys r us website and she was stunned to discover the price marked down later that morning. >> later i found out it was on sale, same day within hours. john: she paid $109 for the drone. but by the afternoon the price dropped $20. she daled -- called toys are us. >> they suggested i print out the e-mail confirmation to show i had a proof of purchase and take it to the local store and they would reimburse me the difference. she couldn't find i purchased it. but i had the confirmation e-mail, the purchase number and the more searching she did she couldn't find a record i purchased it. john: of the of frustration she bought this one off the shelves for the new low price. toys r us has a seven-day price adjustment of the policy but now she has to wait for her toy to show up to get the adjustment.
4:58 pm
most major retailers have similar price adjustment policies. some as long as 21 days. but as stephanie learn it can take work and perseverance to get it can still return it to the store. trying to avoid a second trip. >> toys r us called to give her the lower price. bottom line is most major retailers have the price adjustment policies but it's up to you to check and find a new price. in many cases you have to drive to the store so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight the f.b.i. dealing with a second string of convenience store marries. -- store robberies. are they looking for one team of robbers or two? and case of monday blues on the metro. on the lookout for a hangover effect. and -- >> three days away. leon: excitement with a pinch of nervousness for a local charity preparing to break bread with a once in a lifetime guest this thursday. announcer: now "abc7 news at
4:59 pm
5:00". on your side. leon: ride home on metro could take longer than expected. alison: metro had to temporarily suspend lines after a power at the r.f.k. stadium metro armory. with an update. brad? prad: we have been here for hours but in the last 15 minutes, metro has been able to reenergize the rails here. and the trains are now once again rolling. that is great news. it has been a rough day for the riders. >> smoke poured from the underground substation for hours. the fire department moving slowly, using the special chemical spray to protect equipment. none of them cooling the temperatures for the inconvenienced riders. >> terrible.
5:00 pm
>> it's always frustrating with metro. >> the problem is a fire. beneath the parking lot, pepco survives metro with the juice to run the train. then metro uses the transformers to convert the a.c. to d.c. one of the pretransformers caught fire. all had to be shut down so all trains had to stop at the eastern market. >> metro set up the bus shuttles. but for thousands agains around has been a nightmare. >> i am leaving work. i want to get home. >> it's always something with metro. >> now with the fire out, metro commenced prepares on the eve of the pope's visit. scrambling to restore power and service. >> we might slow the trains down to reduce the draw on power. >> well, that is where they are now. the trai


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