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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the breaking news. pope francis arrives here in new york city. we're at the famous st. patrick's cathedral, where he is tonight. ground zero, central park also on his list. making history in washington, the first pope to speak before congress. on some issues, the applause divided. and behind the scenes, the moment, what vice president joe biden said to him, and what the pope repeopled back. meantime, the other breaking news tonight. the scene from the west. the deadly collision between a charter bus and a duck boat for tourists. the death toll growing at this hour. the deadly stampede overseas tonight. the numbers simply staggering. more than 700 kills during the annual pilgrimage near mecca. the new poll numbers coming in. where does donald trump stand now? and the invisible danger inside so many homes. tonight, the massive explosion. you'll see it here. and what every homeowner needs to know.
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good evening from right outside st. patrick's cathedral here in new york city tonight. pope francis touching down a short time ago. making his way to the cathedral behind me for evening prayers. we believe he could be coming down fifth avenue any moment here. the images of his arrival. a very woarm welcome in new yor. thousands lining the streets at this hour along the pope's route. unprecedented security here in new york, and it comes after he made history in our nation's capital today. the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. applause there, as he enters the chamber, but something very clear, lawmakers told to refrain from reaching out to him unlike what we see during the president's state of the union. blessing the crowd from that balcony. vice president biden there and speaker boehner, clearly emotional. the faithful filling the national mall.
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and right here, much of new york city on lackdown. he will visit ground zero, central park, too. and abc's cecilia vega is in the thick of the action right here with us tonight. cecilia? >> reporter: david, good evening. thousands upon thousands right here in new york city, finally awaiting to see pope francis. they are out here up and down fifth avenue, just to catch a glimpse of the pope. in the city that has seen it all, a first. pope francis touching down in the big apple. arriving on a plane named, what else? shepherd one. from this supersized mural looming over manhattan to kids in their papal head gear, to, yes, that is a pope pizza. police officers everywhere you look. never before has new york rolled out so much security for one man. 7,000 extra police officers. manholes sealed. enough barricades to stretch 37 miles. the gridlock nothing short of biblical. more road closures than ever before. at the peak tomorrow, more than
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ten miles of streets shut down. the pope's first stop in the morning, the u.n. to talk about climate change. then, to the 9/11 memorial, where he'll meet with victims' families. in the afternoon, it's up to a school in harlem. ♪ school kids rehearsing. there's a procession through central park. the pope and 80,000 ticket holders. and finally, mass for 20,000 at madison square garden. leaving little time for rest in the city that never sleeps. >> cecilia vega with me here tonight. cecilia, thank you. and the pope has arrived here. we're going to pause so that the entire network can join us for a special report. this is an abc news special. good evening again from new york city, everyone. i'm david muir.
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and we are here tonight, right along fifth avenue, st. patrick's cathedral, right here behind me. we want to take you straight to the images coming in at this hour. pope francis, talking to cardinal dolan at this hour. you can see he's in the pope mobile. we've been reporting here on this pope mobile for the last several days. it's actually a jeep wrangler, made in america. we know those wranglers are made in ohio. he's waving to the crowd here. as we have seen along these routes in the last 24 hours, tens of thousands of people gathered for their moment with pope francis. at times, he has stopped the pope mobile, as you know, lifting children to bless them. there was the little girl yesterday who ran through the barricade twice, the secret service stopping her, but he motioned to let the little girl come up to the pope mobile. you can actually see the incredible amount of security gathered in new york city tonight, as i look straight up fifth avenue, he is about five, six blocks from where we are. we are at the cathedral where he will join a number of people for evening prayers gathered here. and the young people just waiting to see him.
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they've been waving to us at our locational often. as he starts to make his way down fifth avenue, the pope mobile has stopped, as you know, but as we look up fifth avenue, an incredible amount of police presence. there's been a lot of talk about the unprecedented level of security, of course, here in new york. he'll be here for the next 24 hours, he'll come to st. patrick's here tonight for those evening prayers that i mentioned. tomorrow, he'll go to the u.n. he'll deliver a speech there. and he will visit ground zero, where we are told he will talk with the relatives of 20 of the victims, the rescuers who did not survive on 9/11. he'll make his way through central park and terry moran, who has been traveling with the pope every step of the way, terry, this is a pope who seems to be enjoying every moment of this trip, making history, just this morning in the nation's capital, not afraid to go there with the issues in front of a very polarized congress. >> absolutely, david. he challenged them. he challenged on climate change, inequality, abortion, a range of issues. and you're right. he is enjoying himself. his spokesman telling us, the
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pope is happy. this is his first visit to the united states. his first visit to new york. he took a helicopter ride from the airport to wall street. think of that. the statuee of liberty, the brooklyn bridge. the new york city skyline for the first time. and he is invigorated 78 years old. a grueling schedule. he's having a ball. >> you can see he is surrounded by security. and many people have talked about how this pope really tests security. tests the boundaries of security in this modern era, you know, he has said that you can't be fearful. that he is the people's pope. they've named him that, not the pope himself, but you can see why. there have been so many moments in this visit to the u.s. already where he has literally lifted babies, kissed them on the forehead and had that personal moment, terry. >> that's the way he likes to be. he's a man, just traveling with him for a few days, you get a sense he answers his own heart in the moment. he follows his heart. >> you can hear the amount of applause. they can now see up fifth avenue here in new york city, the incredible police presence, the
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red lights flashing. that's their only signal from our vantage point that the pope mobile is, in fact, making its way. we know completely surrounding. and terry, this is incredible. the same scene we've seen play out over and over again, people with their cameras in hand. after all, he is the first pope to ever take a selfie and he's done several on this trip. >> that's true. he is somebody who, when he gets in a crowd, he responds to the crowd. and everyone these days holds up that camera and poses with him. he's happy. >> happy and waving to the crowd as he comes down fifth avenue. the camera getting jostled a bit. incredible police presence, the nypd. as we are looking at pictures of the pope right now. that is the jeep wrangler we've been talking about, as you can see, it is open on the sides. there's glass in the front. this pope has been extraordinarily accessible, not only in the way he travels, but in the way he's communicated with americans on this trip. terry, we were talking yesterday
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about how much he's practiced his english. when we were inside the vatican a couple of weeks ago, he surprised us with a few lines in english and the people who surround him said he was taking this trip very seriously, practicing, the most he's practiced sjeng li ed english s. >> he worked hard on it. you could hear it at the white house and in congress. he speaks slowly and carefully, but with utter clarity. he's worked very hard, because he knows every word here in the united states is an opportunity for him to build bridges, to enlist people for this church in the world. the action to make a difference in the world. that he wants people to join. >> terry, as you know, our colleague cecilia vega has been covering the pope's visit here, too, to america. she's on the risers here, just over the crowd. a little further down fifth avenue from us and cecilia, just talk to us about the excitement you are witnessing from this enormous crowd that is gathered here in new york. >> enormous is right, david. this is new york's moment in this pope's three-city tour. i want to point out an
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interesting contrast. this -- this pope is a champion of the poor. and here he is, in that pope mobile, riding down fifth avenue. iconic fifth avenue. one of the ritziest streets in the world. i can tell you, david, right down here in front of st. patrick cathedral, this crowd is quiet. we are waiting for the pope to arrive. as he rolls by, sort of a wave of applause rips through fifth avenue and we are waiting. the doors of the cathedral are open. you can hear the bells. governor cuomo is right in front of the basilica here. everybody ready for the pope, finally, finally, it's new york's turn, david. >> new york's turn cecilia. and you make a great point about capitalism. the pope has been very outspoken from the moment he became pope, saying, how i would love a poor church and for the poor. and you make the point, cecilia, he's now traveling down fifth avenue and anyone who knows new york, anyone who's traveled to new york knows that tourists come here. this i where the most expensive
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shopping is in new york and we saw an image a short time ago of donald trump on trump tower, actually, trying to get a glimpse of the pope coming down. it was interesting, terry, today, that the pope signaled. it's not capitalism that he's against. it's what you do with the money that you make. >> exactly. the ordered capitalism, the capitalism grounded in values of sharing of helping the poor, of lifting people up. he has been drawn in some places, a kind of leftist demon and he's denied that to us. he said, that's an error. what he wants is a more loving community. >> we are looking at live pictures, you are watching abc news coverage of pope francis's visit to america. making history in washington, d.c. this morning. now here in new york city this evening. we can see him. he's just about a block and a half from where we are standing right now. in the pope mobile. turning from side to side. i can hear the crowd right behind us here saying, oh, there he is, you can see him.
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he's dressed in the same manner that he was dressed the night he was announced as pope, when he walked out onto that balcony. a very simple white cassock. a departure from the papacies of the past. you can hear the crowds and their incredible welcome here for pope francis. they have been waiting all afternoon. many of us who have withbeen he for hours now took note of the fences and just the level of security to make sure this pope is safe during his visit to new york city. he will be here for evening prayers, just a few moments from no now, but as you can see, he is also looking at the powering buildings and the crowds that have gathered along fifth avenue here, waving from side to side. and that very familiar smile, there you see him right there. people holding posters and signs and cheering and you can see the school children from one of the catholic schools, they're about a half block from getting their moment with the pope, too. and they can't wait. they've been waving to us here
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at abc across the way all afternoon, but make no mistake, they're here for pope francis. and you can hear them right here behind me. they're about to get their moment with the pope, waving directly to them. you can see an incredible amount of secret service here on fifth avenue, as the pope comes right behind us. he's about, you know, 20, 30 feet from us now. pope francis here, about to go into st. patrick's cathedral, which, as we all know, has undergone an incredible renovation in the last couple of years, simply beautiful on the inside. you can see the pope, right behind us as he goes by. so manygathered. at the front door of the cathedral now, terry. we have seen this everywhere he goes. even today, talking about those who had amassed who might not be believers, but he said, hope for me, send me good wishes. >> he is a humble pope in the most basic sense, asking others to pray for him. he blesses the world, of course,
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but he is looking for good wishes and, you're right. it doesn't really matter to him, as he told us, whether or not you believe. what matters is what's in your heart and the work you do in the world. >> the work you do in the world, terry. we saw him holding those roses a moment ago. he's stepping out of the pope mobile. actually can see the shoes and, you know, he's known for his shoes. he is very, very relatable. he exchanged his lenses in rome a short time before the trip, remember, he told the man in the eyeglass store, i don't want to spend a lot of money. a lot of people can relate to that in this pope. he's standing outside, he's greeting the mayor of new york city right now among other dignitaries. the cardinal is here, as well. and then, inside the church, you can already see people gathered in the pews. on each side of the stairwell that will lead into the cathedral are enormous groups. and you can see the little flashes and the lights on their smartphones. so many of them are simply not taking pictures, but documents the whole thing, taking video of this moment. you can see new york governor
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andrew cuomo there with the pope, as well. now talking to mayor de blasio. senator schumer here, as well. and i don't know if you can hear at home and we hope you can, just the sheer amount of excitement, the bells tolling here at the cathedral. and i have to say, given the scale of who this is, that the new york city police department has done a phenomenal job in allowing people up close to this pope, but making sure that this is a safe event, terry. >> they have. they have let people come in in the most secure way possible. they are trying to get out of the way. a very professional force. and as you point out, this is a pope who likes to get close to people. in bu has aries, he did not hobnob with the rich and powerful. he liked to be in the barrios and the ghettos. in this instance, he's got to meet the mayor, the governor, the rich and powerful at the cathedral there, but no
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question, the construction workers off to the side who helped rebuild this cathedral. the high school students that have been waving to us as you pointed out. he's much more comfortable with them. >> that is so true, terry. you can see the smile widen on his face when he is done with the dignitaries. no disresct, but that is a very true point, that he wants to connect with the people along the way and you talk about his time back in argentina, he was famous for riding the subway. there was that iconic image now of him riding the subway. we know the night he was named pope that instead of taking the limo that was waiting for him, instead of the limos, the fancy cars, he instead got into the bus with the cardinals who had just elected him pope. he has encouraged the priests and the nuns of the catholic church to ride in humble cars. he said, we don't need more than a small compact car that we have. and i remember when we were at the vatican, there were a couple of nuns who waved to us from their compact cars. he continues to greet the dignitaries who are waiting for him here on the stairs.
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and this will be a very, very busy trip. this part of the trip here in new york. he'll speak before the u.n. tomorrow. he will also visit ground zero, as i mentioned before, which is extraordinarily important to the people of new york. many years have passed, but this is a city that still remembers 9/11 in vivid detail and he will see those reflecting pools tomorrow. he'll have a moment to connect with families, in fact, we've been told he'll meet with 20 relatives of victims from 9/11. those victims were rescuers who had raced to the scene. and as pope francis enters st. patrick's cathedral, we're going to wrap up our special report coverage. for many of you, that means "world news tonight" will continue in a moment. for the rest of the country, we'll see you for "world news tonight" a bit later. i'm david muir in new york. thank you for watching. good night. >> and god bless america.
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this has been a special report from abc news. good evening again, everyone. i'm david muir here in new york. and for many of you, "world news tonight" now continues. and you can hear from st. patrick's cathedral, the doors have closed. pope francis now inside for evening prayer. and the history he made today in our nation's capital, what he was willing to say and the very divided applause in that chamber when we continue our coverage, right after this. don't go away. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast.
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♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. the evening prayers now under way at st. patrick's cathedral here in new york city behind me. and even before the pope arrived here in new york, he made history today. his speech before congress, an
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historic first for a pope. at times pastoral, but also political. and in that chamber, the applause at times very divided. the pope speaking in english for nearly an hour, tackling immigration, abortion, climate change and the death penalty. along with members of congress, presidential hopefuls and only four supreme court justices. five chosing not to attend. three of them are catholics. the crowd asked to hold their applause until the end, but 34 times we could count, breaking the rule. at first, when the pope said this. >> in the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> to thunderous applause, but there were at times half the chamber applauding, the other half silent. and abc's terry moran, traveling with the pope, explains why. >> reporter: the halls of congress had never heard anything like this. >> "mr speaker. the pope of the holy see." >> reporter: as pope francis made his way down the aisle, there was no glad-handing or
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back-slapping, speaker of the house john boehner had banned all that. so, they cheered francis, and he stood there for a moment, taking it all in. no pope had ever stood here. and minutes before, just after entering the capitol, francis was blessed by the house chaplain. in his office, speaker boehner, a devout catholic and former altar boy, fidgeted and paced, visibly nervous, before welcoming the pope. >> your holliness. welcome. >> reporter: all through the speech -- >> mr. vice president, mr. speaker -- >> reporter: the speaker, this famously emotional man, struggled to hold back the tears and couldn't. overwhelmed by a dream come true. as the pope addressed the american politicians, the chamber hushed. they actually listened. speaker boehner tried to ban applause, but that different work. >> i think of the march which
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martin luther king led from selma to montgomery 50 years ago. >> reporter: sitting a few feet away, congressman john lewis of georgia. he was on that march, beaten by police that day, and now, this powerful moment. >> i am happy that america continues to be, for many, a land of dreams. >> reporter: time and again, francis boldly raised controversial issues. immigration and the refugee crisis. >> we, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners. because most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: nearby, senator marco rubio, a presidential candidate and son of immigrants, held back the tears. on capital punishment, the pope
6:53 pm
buntly called for -- >> the global abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: and at the end -- >> god bless america. >> reporter: he left the chamber and walked out onto the west front of the capitol, where 50,000 and more had gathered on the mall, and asked them to pray for him. john boehner, overcome again, and vice president joe biden, summing up a remarkable day. >> they love you. and we love you. >> terry moran is with us now. you can hear the incredible choir and the organ in st. patrick's behind us. but we were talking, it's hard to imagine another leader being able to walk into that chamber, tackle suchish sures, you know, immigration, all the way to the death penalty, abortion, climate change, in front of such a polarized congress and yet he seems to do this all with a smile. >> reporter: he does, doesn't he? this is a pope who believes that the real value of religious faith isn't doctrine or worship, it's getting things done.
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he believes the gospels quire that. and he tries to enlist everyone he meets in that cause, including in the congress of the united states. >> terry moran has been traveling with the pope. we'll see you again tomorrow night, terry. we will have much more later here on this broadcast and tonight on "nightline" and "good morning america." we move on tonight to the other news on this day and a developing headline out of seattle. a deadly collision, a highway shut down. authorities say a charter bus filled with students slamming into a duck boat filled with tourists. several dead, many critically injured and abc's neal karlinsky is in seattle tonight. >> reporter: chaos on a downtown seattle bridge, patients sprawled out on the ground, the walking wounded and others hurt even worse, being triaged right in the middle of the road. >> i got out of my car and there were just bodies just everywhere. >> reporter: all of them, passengers of this duck tour vehicle and a charter bus full of exchange students, both driving across seattle's aurora bridge. >> we were coming around the curve and he was pointing out the harbor and the next thing i know, veered out of control and we hit this bus here.
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>> reporter: tonight, at least four are dead. all exchange students. and more than 44 others injured, nine of them critically. the duck vehicle, an amphibious tour bus seen in cities around the country, appears to have speared the charter us. though it's unclear who was at fault. 90 firefighters swarmed the bridge, climbing through a gapping hole in the side of the tour bus, frantically wheeling gurneys to dozens of ambulances. most of the injured were on that bus, which was ripped open in the collision. >> we have proximately 30 what we term also walking wounded. >> reporter: some witnesses seem to think the duck vehicle may have had some kind of problem, right before the crash. >> just shot across all three lanes at full speed, no brakes, no nothing and hit the side of that bus. >> reporter: those duck boat operators drive and call out a tour at the same time. the ntsb will be investigating. they will be looking at the road here, which is pretty narrow. and also, the conditions of the vehicles to see if there might have been a mechanical problem that caused all this. david? >> neal karlinsky tonight. thank you. and around the world tonight, and to an awful scene,
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platform, cecilia, describe the excitement on the faces here, so many lined along fifth avenue here in new york. >> reporter: it is so moving to see the faces out here, david, from washington, d.c., now here to new york. and i'll tell you, the people who are out here just get a couple of seconds to see pope francis and that, for them, for so many of them is enough. just to catch that glimpse. they feel like they are walking away here, moved by this pope that is so touching to them, david. >> cecilia vega with me here in new york. the u.n. and ground zero tomorrow. i'm david muir in new york. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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