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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." pope francis here in new york city. visits to ground zero, central park. and now, an evening mass. and the powerful moment at the 9/11 memorial. and the unprecedented security. a city on lockdown. and john boehner, revealing he's done as speaker. was the pope a factor? >> and the man shot while in his wheelchair. tonight, the family outraged. trump fights back. but what did he say at had the crowd booing? and, trapped. the exclusive tonight.
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the gas pedal, cruise control stuck. driver calling 911 before the cash. good evening. we have a lot of news to get to tonight. beginning with history made in new york city. pope francis tonight, celebrating mass at this hour for thousands at madison square garden. the end of a full day in new york. and the holy father riding in his popemobile. waving as he rides through central park. earlier today, a powerful visit to ground zero. we want to take you now to live pictures. 20,000 gathered to hear pope francis. right there with them, terry moran, traveling with the pope. >> reporter: at ground zero, as the waterfalls where the twin towers once stood silenced the din of the city, pope francis prayed, placed a white flower of
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remembrance on the plaques with all those names. and then entered that vast underground space for a prayer service. ♪ >> reporter: by the last column, standing in front of the massive retaining wall, the pope joined with leaders of the many faiths of new york city, the many victims of 9/11. each in turn offering a plrayer. and then francis stepped fwhard. >> excuse myself for no speaking english. i cannot. >> reporter: he seemed weary, speaking of the families still grieving all those lost, and of the unfathomable courage of those first responders. "hands reached out, lives were given," he said. and he asked all together, each in his or her own way, to pray for peace. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪
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>> reporter: out of the silence, the pain, the children lifted their voices. one final image, francis and the imam, a warm embrace. a different scene in harlem. >> it's the pope! >> reporter: our lady queen of angels school. francis having a blast, reinvigorated by the kids. in a classroom of third and fourth-graders, they sing, the pope conducting. ♪ >> reporter: and a little boy and girl show him their project. francis has trouble with the touch screen, and then -- [ applause ] >> reporter: it was a world away from the great and powerful this morning at the united nations. where the pope urged them to do something about poverty and climate change. a long speech in a great hall, by a man who prefers teaching by example. and there have been two things the pope reiterated.
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quoting martin luther king, to dream big. and reminding people that he, too, is the son of immigrants at a time when that's a troubled issue around the world. >> terry, thank you for your reporting all week. the city electrified tonight. and the pope visiting the school children in harlem. holding this little girl's face in his hands. cecelia vega in the middle of the crowds all day. >> reporter: it might be new york's park. but today, it belonged to pope francis. the chosen ones had to have a ticket to get in. a city-sponsored lottery for new york residents. 80,000 people won. >> i was one of the lucky few. >> reporter: some of the tickets ending up on craigs list. scalped for $100 each. >> it's one of the first to be
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inclusive of everybody. >> reporter: and the holy see of the faithful, stretching block after block after block. there are so many people you can barely move down the street. security at fever pitch. teams of police officers, banks of metal detectors. an 8-foot-tall fence around the park. for this woman just the chance to see him is worth it. he's not the first pope to take over central park. but this pope, he's not like any other. >> it's truly an honor to have him with us. especially in our beautiful city, new york city. >> reporter: he's only on the ground for less than 40 hours. now he's off to his next stop, philadelphia. his biggest event so far, mass for up to 1 million people.
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>> i'll be joining you there. i'll be anchoring this broadcast from philadelphia this weekend, and much more tonight on "nightline" and "good morning america." and speaker of the house john boehner, his surprise revelation, that he will step down at the end of october. after immediating with pope francis, tonight he's revealing a moment alone with pope francis. and why he decided it's now time. jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: john boehner, the altar boy turned speaker of the house, couldn't hold back the tears as pope francis came to pitol hill. this morning, he seemed like a new man. ♪ my oh my what a wonderful day ♪ >> reporter: and he stunned the capitol by announcing he is stepping down. >> last night, i started to think about this. and this morning, i woke up and i said my prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know,
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today's the day i'm going to do this. >> reporter: boehner, so clearly moved yesterday, told reporters today about his own private moment with pope francis. >> as the pope and i were getting ready to exit the building, we found ourselves alone. and the pope puts his arm around me, and kind of pulls me to him and says, "please pray for me." well, who am i to pray for the pope? but i did. >> reporter: not even boehner's closest friends expected that this would be the day he would resign. but if he hadn't, he conceded he would have had to fight to keep his job. >> this turmoil that's been churning now for a couple months is not good for the members and it's not good for the institution. this house will be in order. >> reporter: if he had stayed, boehner faced endless battles with house conservatives who believed he was too willing to compromise with democrats, and who wanted a fight that could have brought on a government shutdown in just a few days. a shutdown is now much less likely.
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david, boehner will remain as speaker until the end of next month. his replacement will almost certainly be kevin mccarthy. and president obama, hosting a state dinner with the president of china. china, also announcing a landmark climate change deal. forcing companies to pay for excessive carbon emissions. and the state department, which has said that they've discovered more benghazi e-mails between hillary clinton and
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general petraeus. and republican front runner donald trump, carrying a bible. booed after blasting marco rubio. here's tom llamas on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump walking into the value voters summit, bible in hand. >> most importantly i brought my bible. >> reporter: promising today to save christmas. >> you go to the stores and it says "happy holiday." >> reporter: but trump then apparently committing a political sin. >> i mean you have this clown, marco rubio. i've been so nice to him. i've been so nice. >> reporter: rubio, rising in the polls, and taking on trump.
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>> but he can't have a conversation about policy because, quite frankly, he doesn't know anything about policy. >> reporter: but trump does know how to fight. now he's all over rubio. trump's fire once squarely trained on jeb bush. but now, bush facing criticism over something he said about how to attract african-american voters. >> our message is one of hope and aspiration. it isn't one of division and get in line, and we'll take care of you with free stuff. >> reporter: singer john legend tweeting, "it's always the guys born on third base talking about black people lining up for free stuff." david, tonight i spoke with senior members of the bush campaign, saying his comments were taken out of context. >> tom, thanks. now to a new and troubling video. a deadly encounter with police, this time in delaware. four officers rushing to the
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scene. their weapons pointed at a young man in a wheelchair. moments later, a hail of gunfire. here's linzie davis. >> reporter: new accusations tonight of police using excessive force caught on cell phone video. >> give me your hands. show me your hands. >> reporter: police make this demand more than a dozen times. >> show me your hands! >> reporter: four wilmington, delaware, officers with guns drawn wednesday afternoon, responding to a call of a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: 28-year-old jeremy mcdole was previously paralyzed from the waist down from a gunshot ten years ago. on wednesday, police say they thought he was reaching for a gun. moments later, a barrage of bullets, killing him. mcdole's mother disputes police who say a gun was recovered near her son's body. >> this is unjust. he had his hands in his lap, they opened fire on him four more times. >> reporter: the four officers involved have all been put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. in the last five months, there's been a sharp uptick in officer
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indictments. at least 14 police officers have been charged with committing murder, homicide, or manslaughter while on duty. some say it's because so many of these incidents are videotaped. it is unclear whether the 911 call saying he shot himself was accurate. the local naacp is asking for an independent investigation. and to the nhl. patrick kane, a woman accuser's lawyer changing his claim. >> i'm uncomfortable. i don't believe the version of events is accurate. it's my obligation to withdraw. >> patrick kane saying he has
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done nothing wrong. and to the weather. powerful storms in the east. and the downed trees there. flash flooding in columbia. here's the map into the weekend. storms from the carolinas north to virginia. and a chance of scattered showers for the millions turning out to see the pope on saturday. and a duck boat in seattle, the slamming into a charter bus. four students were killed. now, those duck boats are under fire. many built during world war ii. some critics saying they're too old to be safe. here's ryan owens. >> reporter: stunning images and a staggering casualty count. four students are dead. 50 others taken the hospital. >> mass destruction. >> reporter: tonight, the ntsb is looking into what caused this duck boat to hit the charter bus. the four international exchange students from north seattle college were headed to
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orientation on the bus when they were killed. >> he overcorrected, shot across the lanes at full speed. >> reporter: critics have long warned these amphibious assault vehicles, designed to carry troops in world war ii, have no place winding their way through american cities. ♪ >> reporter: with drivers, like this one in seattle, also acting as tour guides. earlier this month, the duck boat company in san francisco shut down after the city started requiring a separate tour guide so the driver could focus on the road. here in seattle in 2011, a surveillance camera catches a duck boat running over a motorcyclist, seriously injuring him. and just the year before that, a huge barge plows right over a duck boat in philadelphia, killing two young people. the owners are cooperating, but the mayor says no more duck boats until they figure out what happened. >> thank you.
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and the exclusive tonight. the driver trapped on a speeding car on the freeway. and the 911 call for help. >> my car is swerving all over the place. ma'am, i'm so scared. >> every driver's fear, trapped behind the wheel. also, the close call during takeoff. the plane flying too low, clipping the runway lights. and spectacular new images coming from pluto. who would have guessed, the surface would look like this? those stories and more, ahead. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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deep trouble. >> my accelerator is stuck and i have no idea what to do. my cruise control will not turn off. >> reporter: his 15-year-old pickup stuck in cruise control. little the highway patrol can do. >> tell him to put it in neutral. turn the key off. >> he's trying to. >> i'm just afraid of other people getting hit. >> reporter: this rrifying 911 call obtained by los angeles station kabc. >> i don't want to die. >> reporter: minutes later, impact. first, robben's vehicle striking the embankment and sound wall. then going airborne, overturning and landing in the roadway, ejecting him. tonight, robben remains in the hospital with head and spinal injuries. so, if this happens to you, if your cruise control sticks? first, try to get your car into neutral. if that fails, brake heavily. and as a last resort, just turn off the engine. david? when we come back, the jet
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to the "index" of other news tonight. we're learning more about a close call at miami international airport. a passenger jet, clipping three light poles at the end of the runway during takeoff. only once they landed 14 hours later did they realize the belly of that boeing 777 was scratched. luckily, no one was injured. and that national zoo's baby panda has a name. "bei bei" -- which means "precious treasure." first lady michelle obama and china's first lady choosing the name together. stunning new photos tonight of pluto. scientists describing it as a snake skin-like surface. scaly and colorful. spots of red, yellow, white and brown. so, keep your eyes peeled for that super blood moon this weekend. bigger, brighter, glowing red. the last until the year 2033. when we come back on a friday night, the sister,
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the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. final tonight, someone special the pope stunned while we were all watching, invited to see him again today. tens of thousands lining the streets of new york. you're waiting for your moment, right? >> i am. i came. >> reporter: echoing one another, the people's pope. >> he cares about people in general. >> reporter: even the nypd, impressed. how you guys doing? we ask, how have the crowds been. the crowds seem tame. is it the pope effect?
6:57 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: if you look up, you can actually see the chopper flying over central park. here in new york city, much of the city on lockdown for much of the day. but look down here. you can see the enormous crowd of people. so many with smiles on their faces. hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis. and there was someone who did. sister norma. we all met her during that stunning moment. our town hall with the pope inside the vatican a couple of weeks back. at one point, the pope signaling to me after spotting sister norma in the pew. telling me he'd like to talk to her. he'd heard about her work in texas to help immigrants and families in need. thanking her, and all the sisters. then adding this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: i'll tell you one other thing. is it inappropriate for the pope to say this? i love you all very much. >> reporter: sister norma, invited to see the pope again today in new york. that message for all of the nuns in america --
6:58 pm
how paul -- powerful was that? >> that was very, very special. very wonderful. so significant to me, and to everybody. >> as we leave you tonight, this is the young peoples' chorus of new york singing. have a good evening. good night. ♪ [ applause ]
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