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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. several breaking stories we are tracking tonight. first, a stormwatch alert about a pair of weather systems. less than 10 minutes ago, the national weather service said ist hurricane joaquin's wind still over 100 miles per roark,
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but it is shifted away from the coast. we are also monitoring a storm that could dump lots of rain tomorrow. we have live stormwatch coverage coming up in a moment. leon: first, the breaking development on the tragedy in oregon, 10 dead, seven injured after a shooting at a community college. this happened in roseburg, oregon. alison: a short time ago, the gunman was identified as chris harper mercer. investigators are searching every car on campus. leon: jay korff has the latest. jay: panic and fear at oregon's umpqua community college in roseburg, when a gunman killed 10 people and injured several others. >> i don't know she is wounded somewhere. i have no idea. took place inings multiple classrooms, sending students running for cover. >> i was only about 20 minutes
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from the class and heard a loud bang. jay: the gunman, chris harper mercer, was approached and exchanged gunfire and was killed. >> we are holding thick humidity of douglas county in our hearts today. for president obama called commonsense gun control legislation, insisting the nation is making a political choice by allowing mass shootings every few months in america. have the newsa: organizations tally up the number of americans killed in the last decade and the number of americans killed by gun violence. post those side-by-side on news reports. 3,003 peopled, lost their lives between 2011 and now because of jihadist attacks. there were over 700 homicides in five years from 2009 to 2013.
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jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: we are joined now by steven mayer, who is in roseburg, covering the shootings. have you heard anything at all about mercer's connection with the campus? still a lot details to be sorted out. there is speculation he was not even from the area, that he drove in. it is still an active scene. this is the small town of roseburg, oregon, only 22,000 people, a tightknit community. that is something i have been hearing from residents and students, saying they could not believe it happened here. this is about a three-hour drive from portland. on the drive down, we saw emergency vehicles just screaming by, state agencies from across the state sending the best they had available to help the crews on the ground. umpqua community college remains closed. suvs screamseveral
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into the campus with k-9 units, which tells me they're less still looking at the cars, trying to rule out the threats of explosives or a secondary attack. they are still working to campus, and active scene. leon: stephen, thank you for that report. we will keep you updated on the story as new information comes in. stormwatchht now, team coverage of what could be a one-to punch, possible downpours. leon: we will watch the path of hurricane joaquin, maryland and virginia both in states of emergency. news, though, it looks like we may not get a direct hit. withve laughed encumbers reporters -- we have live team coverage with reporters all over. but we start with meteorologist steve rudin, who just got another update about the hurricane? steve: yeah, and actually good
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news from the belfort furniture weather center. the latest track has the store moving further east, that means away from shore. right now, the latest storm information, still have sustained wind that 130 and wind gusts of 160. the track, updated moments ago, it is making a turn to the north. this will accelerate quickly, but notice how far off the coast it is. monday, 8:00 at night, well off the coast of delmarva. it will eventually, hopefully, fingers crossed track out to little impact over the immediate metro other than rough surf for ocean city, shower activity. ahead of the storm, a lot of rain on the way, especially late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. floodeady have a flash watch for the immediate metro, all the areas shaded in bright
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green, including southern maryland to the shenandoah mountains. the further north and west, western maryland not under a watch. beever, there will still heavy rain. i will give you the timing of what to expect this weekend, and sunshine in the seven day outlook coming up. leon: thanks, steve. we will keep watching joaquin. our weather team is monitoring the storm's path. either way, there is lots of rain in our future. is live in ocean city with the preparations underway. boy, that looks like a big miss you are standing in. jonathan: leon, this is the reign of the present, looks like a movie set, and this has been going on the better part of 10 hours. the rain has been coming down horizontally and the wind is gusting. this coastal community is ready for whatever happens. they need to be prepared given the weather we are having now.
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folks areexandria, getting prepared for whatever is to come. stephen tschida joins us with that. rainen: jonathan, the just beginning to come down in old town alexandria, a lot of the sky, theng river, and already the sandbags on the ground. >> you can fill those up. stephen: sandbags fill the sidewalks ahead of the rain. >> we want to be prepared for the water coming all the way in. at hardware stores, a flood of customers. they expected it. and village hardware, among the hot sellers today, generators. >> probably a dozen, yeah. a lot of customers are stocking up on supplies to keep the heavy rain from inflicting damage. the only choice you will have
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is the utility pump. stephen: reggie carter looked for something to prevent the kind of flooding he has had before. >> just getting a sump pump to protect the basement. easier to buy a sump pump the new carpet. some of the people we spoke with are hoping the storm is not as bad as expected, but are preparing for the worst just in case. back to you, jonathan. jonathan: preparation is the word. bigan be a test to see a storm blowing into the district because the 17th street levee will be tested if the rain comes down heavy duty. the army corps of engineers had the cement walls they can put in place in about four hours. it would go from 17th street, from the white house, down to where the potomac floods.
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that stretch could actually have a wall go up quickly to keep from flooding. deep your fingers crossed that will not be tested. if it is, they are prepared. in maryland, they have declared a state of emergency because of what will happen. in the last couple days, in laurel, they are trying to figure out if they had a tornado or straight-line wind. either way, whatever they had was damaging. richard reeve picks up that side of the team coverage, to talk about what is happening there. jonathan, take a look, the side on this insurance company tells the story -- "office closed, storm down." saying theso a sign sidewalk is closed because of concerns of falling debris. take a look here, this is the inside of the insurance company. they have sand on the floor, trying to drive things. above the false ceiling, the water came through the roof of the building. bag, the cleanup is
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underway at this prep salon. >> we do not stand a chance. richard: tuesday night's windstorm sheered off the roof. >> it flipped over. richard: turning it into a waterlogged mess. >> it poured through the open wall. of standing inches ter, some dripping into this insurance company office the floor below. >> we were not expecting it. richard: then there is the salon sign. it was turned into a heavyweight frisbee. it smashed this boarded-up window across the street. >> we think it might have been a microburst or tornado. richard: perhaps with the approaching rainstorm, more headaches to come. >> it is worse now. richard: you can still see the watermarks down here.
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this insurance company downstairs, the salon upstairs, they figure it will be about two months to make repairs. richard reeve, abc 7 news. jonathan: richard, thanks. it isn ocean city, pounding here. many of the schools in the area have cancel school tomorrow in preparation for more of this. and this has nothing to do with hurricane, this is just a pretty good-sized storm that has flooded the area, doing so for quite some time. live in addition city, jonathan elias, abc 7 news. back to you. leon: be careful out there. we will track what could be a double round of severe weather with extended coverage on the air and online at stay connected with our twitter and facebook pages as well. alison: you can also download forstormwatch app up-to-the-minute information. steve has the complete forec
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addicts. you may not remember, leon, but a lot of ladies know that fashion is just as much a part of "scandal" as the story itself. jummy olabanji spoke with the fashion mastermind of the show. fashion has become one of the characters in the show. but i don't think that was the intention starting out. the show'sis mastermind. every week she is on twitter, answering questions about who was wearing what. >> we just wanted to make the relevant,like it is but with a slightly more impressionable ledge. jummy: from white house dinners with custom downs, she says the clothing the actors are wearing have become so popular that she asks designers to let
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"scandal" be the first place where the public sees their latest pieces. >> after the show people will say, where do i get the latest piece? early on in the show it would already be in the store. i try to be a little ahead of fashion so you can say by an here or there. jummy: as for the twists and turns the season? >> there are greater minds than mine that will be deciding it about olivia. arrests made after a ransacking robbery caught on tape. we first showed you this video from inside this takoma park 7-eleven last week. a group of women attacked the clerk and then started destroying the inside of the store. officers confirmed that two of the suspects are in custody. it is believe this all started because the women were told they cannot use food stamps to purchase cigarettes. convicted serial
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killer from virginia was executed. alfredo prieto was put to death tonight after his final appeals were denied. alfredo prieto murdered two reston natives in 1988. bronze nameplates stolen out of a cemetery, and now the a reward forng information. they were taken sometime between tuesday and wednesday in waldorf. evidenceare processing at the scene. anybody with information should call. alison: 7 on your side with a major change in how you use your credit cards. you may have already received your new smart credit card. they look like the old card, but i have a chip designed to safeguard personal information. -- but they have a chip designed to safeguard personal information. less than half of retail devices will be able to handle them. swiping will still be an option until the changeover is complete. have credit cards
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on the eastern shore, no doubt using them to get out of dodge. alison: or to purchase provisions. steve: a lot of wind and rain right now, and this is just the beginning. this is not a nor'easter, it is a strong frontal system. more on the rain on the way and the latest on joaquin. alison: that is sounding positive. steve: much, much better. aboute all worried saturday, sunday, monday. less to worry about now. high today, about 10 degrees below average because of the cloud cover and rain. satellite radar, a lot of moisture pummeling the coast at this hour. the rain continues to move in from the south across central virginia, heading our way tomorrow. starting at breakfast time, midday, afternoon, with heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. we will be measuring the rainfall totals in inches around here and could be looking at
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and across south carolina north carolina. ocean city, the heaviest rain right now, lifting off to the north and east. at least for now. there is a lot more on the way. around the capital beltway, rain beginning to overspread the district, alexandria, fairfax county, central montgomery county, towards frederick. the heaviest rain holds off until tomorrow morning. and wouldn't you know what, just in time for the busy rush-hour commute. nighttime lows, cool, 50 to 55 degrees. not a lot of change and temperatures, cloudy skies, cool, breezy, the wind out of the north, northeast at 10 to 20. it will feel extra chilly tomorrow morning. flash flood watches for all of the areas in bright green, southern maryland, the district, to the mountains. the further north and west, extreme western maryland, no
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watches right now. that may very well change depending on how the system develops and how quickly the rain begins to fall. localized flooding not out of the question. how much rain are we talking about? by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, could be looking at an additional inch and a half of rain across the d.c. metro, lighter off to the north and west. fast-forward through the afternoon and evening, saturday morning, look at these totals come on top of some areas that have already had three ages of rain. frederick about three inches, leesburg three inches, and frederick, maryland, not under that watch. we will keep you posted. the futurecast looks like this through the next 48 hours, the heavy, heavy rain through the day tomorrow, overnight. good news saturday into sunday, we begin to clear. now that the big hurricane just off the coast poses less of a problem for us, the wind of 130. this is the latest track.
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this came out at 11:00 this evening. it is now moving more towards the east, away from the east coast of the united states. that is good news for us. we may even have a glimmer of sunshine monday. 7:00 in the morning, 50, noontime 53. bethesda 53. park, positive know, the seven day outlook with sunshine, daytime highs tuesday through thursday lower 70's. alison: doesn't that seem like a long way away? thanks, steve. leon: you have something pleasant for us and sports? erin: i do. coming up and sports, we will show you this video, and it has to do with a pancake. oh, well that's a good price.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the redskins practiced outside in the rain today, preparing to host the eagles in what could be a wet game at fedex field. that makes it tricky for running back matt jones, who has been getting more carries over the past week but is also fumbled twice in as many weeks. inl security will be crucial what could be a slippery game. coach gruden: it was good for him to get some touches and carries. they just have to be extra cautious with the ball. he runs so hard sometimes, he puts the ball in harm's way. you have to understand ball security against this football team. it will be very important. erin: the big maryland-michigan football game scheduled saturday night in college park has been moved to noon in anticipation of
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hurricane joaquin. a disappointing season for the nationals, but stephen strasburg has not given up. tonight, he pitched six shutout innings and struck out seven in the nationals win in atlanta. strasburg struggled the first half of the season, but his final 13 starts were 110tacular, 1.67 e.r.a., strikeouts, and just 12 walks. fans are going to enjoy this cool moment. an artist named brady made a pancake that looks like bryce harper, all to raise money for charity water, which provides access to clean water. that was a creative idea. he said his kids like pancakes. that is why he chose to do that. the orioles and blue jays. manny machado with two home runs, drove in three, scored three, and swiped a couple ba
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bases. thursday night football, the raven still looking for their first win of the season. it is in overtime right now with the steelers, tied at 20-20.
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large crowd on hand at a community college in oregon where a gunman killed 10 people. stay with us for continuing coverage of the investigation. alison: heartbreaking. a final look at the weather now. on a brighterthis side, good news with the hurricane, moving further east. it will move more towards the north. notice how far off the coast it will be. sunday, sunday afternoon and evening, way out of here by tuesday. the wind still at 70 miles per hour. tomorrow way wet day, leave extra time if you have travel plans. sunshine early next week. alison: thank you for joining us. wow. this place is spectacular.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ll cool j -- from "the martian," kate mara -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from andra day with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on tight, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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