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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: that breaking news and forest phil, where the police are investigating a homicide inside of a gas station in forestville. roz: the shooting took place at this gas station off of busy
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route four. investigators are wrapping up their work at the scene. your is what we know what happened so far. the shooting happened at about 7:15 tonight. inside the gas station was the clerk and two male customers. one man pulled out a gun and shot the other customer, not clear how many times. we are told this is not a robbery. they believe the victim may have been targeted. we do not know the relationship between the men, we don't know of words were exchanged. the police are looking for witnesses. they don't know what the suspect look like or how he left. they are looking for witnesses and are starting to gather surveillance video from nearby businesses to piece this together. there is a station right around the corner, so they were on the scene immediately, but they are
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still looking for information s to who the suspect may be at a a description. for now, we are live in forest ville, roz plater, abc 7 news. struck bypeople were a car near the tenleytown metro station. is a large police presence. jay korff is on the scene. jay: according to authorities, a couple in their 60's, a man and woman, were right here, trying to cross wisconsin avenue at the crosswalk, but it appears they did not have the light. about 10 feet into the crosswalk, i'm told by a witness driven by ale elderly woman hit the couple. it happened about 9:00.
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both pedestrians received significant injuries and were rushed to area hospitals. the elderly driver stopped ,mmediately, got out of her car and said, "i did not see them, i did not see them." hasgood news is the scene been cleared and the roads reopened. jay korff, abc 7 news. right now, the search for a suspect after a young woman arlington, inn the 1800 block of north scott street over the weekend in rosslyn. this case is not believed to be related to the other cases. tom roussey is live with the investigation. tom? tom: to give a sense of where this happened, the light in the distance is busy wilson boulevard in rosslyn in arlington. the alleged sexual assault happened to this block, and a
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lot of people are very concerned. >> i have not heard about anything like that happening in this area as long as i've lived here. tom: she has lived here eight years. >> that is troubling to hear. tom: the attack on the 23-year-old victim happened early in the morning on saturday. she had been tricking with friends and was walking back to our apartment on north scott street. that she had been drinking with friends. he allegedly had a knife. >> i don't like it, something happening that close is scary. ninth attack on a woman in just two in a half months. the police are investigating if the first six were done by the same suspect, but they do not believe the last three come including this latest one, are connected with that suspect. with no arrests, some planted take extra precautions. >> using uber or having a friend
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walk me home. tom: unfortunately, the victim in the latest case did not get a good description of her alleged attacker. she told the police that he was wearing a dark footed sweatshirt at the time. live in rosslyn neighborhood of arlington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: happening now, south carolina trying to recover from historic flooding, record rainfall leaving tens of thousands without power and water. at least 12 people were killed. brad bell is in south carolina tonight. brad: this is one of the neighborhoods that has been hard hit in columbia, south carolina. this is gil's creek. that building is a church, still mostly submerged. this is a residential neighborhood. over here is a home, this minivan yesterday completely underwater. across this way, down the
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street, a row of homes. yesterday, the water was all the way up, halfway up the screened in porch. this home is rowenta, the residents had to be rescued, and this story is the same up and down the block. the people who live here say they have seen the river, but never anything like this. >> crushed. people live here. these are our neighbors, and they are losing their homes. it could not be worse. that goesthis line across the sign, that is how high the water got. i'm six feet tall, standing on the curb. it was well over seven feet above the street level. that is why these houses are ruined. a terrible scene. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: new developments in the bahamas, where the coast guard
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has given up finding a missing container ship. instead, the search is focused exclusively on finding survivors. a ship sank during hurricane joaquin last thursday. search teams have recovered an unidentified body in a survival suits. loved ones are holding out hope, but they are also angry. they do not know why not steer the ship in another direction. people on the 32 board, 28 were americans. beforep left puerto rico joaquin intensified into a hurricane. derailedamtrak train this morning, heading to union station. it hit a rock slide. seven people in vermont were hurt as the cars slid down an embankment. like a then we swerved left and right and said, uh-oh. >> that is when the car went
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down in the ditch. leon: for the next two days, train 55, which originally originates in vermont, will start in springfield, massachusetts. train 56 will go over north as far as massachusetts. baby girl not breathing, her family panicked, but a fascinating officer, jim herman, said his own family ran through his mind as he worked to resuscitate the girl. jay korff has the emotional story. officer: i was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. jay: while montgomery county police officer jim herman was driving home from work, he pulled of race beating car. -- he pulled over a speeding car. then another car pulled behind him. officer: i heard somebody screaming behind me. jay: the man had a
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nine-month-old baby girl in his arms and she was not breathing. officer: the child was unresponsive in the car. me, pull over, get the child out of the car seat, seconds were taking by. an, a military medic, went to work on the girl. officer: i was doing chest compressions. jay: moments later she was responsive and is doing better now. officer: i'm just grateful i was able to be there. not ae insists he is hero, but a father with a three-year-old son and a wife only days away from having a baby girl. goes through your head, and i'm just glad everything worked out. glad i was there. i don't normally make traffic stops on the way home. alison: think it is he was
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there. officer herman says he does not know what caused the little girl to stop breathing. the grandmother said that her granddaughter has a pre-existing heart condition. her name not released. happy ending. still ahead -- hurricane hunters. meteorologist josh knight flies into the heart of hurricane joaquin. alison: the nats clean house, the entire coaching staff fired. what is next for them? steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. the forecast coming up.
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for the shaking in san francisco, raising the ante for public urination.
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ofy are doubling the number laws they have painted with urine-repellent paint, which make it out back to the person making the deposit. a say that it has already made a difference with their sanitation problem. 7 on your side with a consumer learned -- it is costing you more to get your hands on your own money. the average feed to draw out of an out of network atm is over four dollars per transaction. across the atm fees country, both d.c. and baltimore fall in the top 15. , hurricaney on 7 hunters are air force crews that fly into storms to gather weather dats for the national hurricane center. ata for the national hurricane center. josh knight flew with em. josh: the alarm clock goes off early.
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lieutenant colonel john tab it is the meteorologist on board. i direct the aircraft when we are going into the storm, making sure we get right into the eye, where we drop our instruments. they use microwave technology to read wind speeds at the service and drop special beacons. >> you want the best information possible, and that is where the aircraft comes. this is the only way to get true information. osh: their information helps with intensity forecasting. >> that is one of the biggest problems, figuring out the intensity. above.e had blue skies the wind is extremely high below. >> 166 miles per hour. josh: from on the tarmac, you can see how big these hurricane
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hunting aircraft are and why they are perfect for a mission like this. >> the entire plane is just built for combat. that makes it extremely sturdy when it comes to penetrating the weather. it handles the turbulence. josh: he says it is kind of like a roller coaster. like me,a weather nerd it was a roller coaster i was ready to get off of. alison: josh and his photographer, rich, did not need the airsickness bags. leon: yeah, right. alison: that is what they tell us. hurricane season runs through the end of november. have anyalmost did not action until they started talking about it. this morning, joaquin is still churning out there, the wind over 80 miles per hour. no impact on our area, no impact
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on the united states. it will be a bigger problem for great britain, as we move through the coming week. miles per of 105 hour. good riddance to the storm. today, 69 degrees at reagan national. the average this time of year, 72. the record, 96. weekend, al and damp welcome change today with the sunshine and warmer air. we have cool down to 48 winchester, 50 andrews, 51 fredericksburg. maryland,, southern lexington park. there is warmer air out there, arriving tomorrow. it will stick around wednesday, thursday. a cold front friday will likely trigger showers and thunderstorms. beautifulalso bring a weekend. 71 degrees in louisville, middle 60's indianapolis, 58
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charleston. the high-pressure rebuilding across the mid-atlantic. mainly clear skies right now. most of the action, the rain continues to fall across north carolina, south carolina. good news here -- most of this will be out of here the next 24 hours and will begin to dry out and they can clean up in the process will begin to rebuild for columbia and the areas hit so heavy and hard with the heavy 25 inches. 52 degrees overnight low, cooler in the north and west. upper 40's. the wind out of the north at five. the futurecast, as we wake up tomorrow, lots of sunshine through the mid day into the early afternoon. sunshine continues with clouds across garrett county, allegheny, washington counties, the panhandle of west virginia into frederick and northern montgomery, but it stays dry
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tomorrow. soccer practice, football, lacrosse, no problems. the rest of the week, the cold front moves through friday. waking up tomorrow morning, just a few passing clouds. about 50 degrees. midday, skies clear, the temperature near 67 tp 70. they time i should top off in the lower to middle 70's for much of the area, including upperda, college park, marlboro. 74 middleburg, leesburg looking at a high of 76. the next seven days, 75 friday. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. absolutely beautiful saturday and sunday, upper 60's, near 70 degrees. perfect football weather for the weekend. alison: that's good, beautiful. erin: but the redskins will not be in town. they will be in atlanta. it has been a busy day. for the first time in a long
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toe, the nationals live up expectations, and the redskins are riding high after yesterday's victory. oh, well that's a good price.
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it's just better >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: just a year after winning national league manager of the year and led the nationals to a division title, matt williams was fired with a year left on his contract. the entire coaching staff was fired, but none of this was a surprise given the high expectations and extreme disappointment of the second half of the season. williams was hired with no managerial experience, and gm mike rizzo today said he would not expect the nats to hire a rookie next time around.
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last time we broaden in candidates with no managerial experience. i think we will have a greater pool of candidates this year, stemming from very experienced. lot of speculation cal ripken could be in the mix, but more likely they would hire somebody like bud black. he has the ability to understand pitching and he can also relate to the players. the redskins had the day off for victory monday. they are now 2-2, tied for the nfc east lead. cousins did noturn the ball over sunday and he was composed, leading the offense on a late game 90-yard touchdown drive. pierre garcon made a great catch. earlier, darrel young talked
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about the teams perseverance. thoughtest thing i about that, regardless of what we did on the field, even if we lost the game, we finished the game. i thought just coming from behind and being able do go through the different emotions of the game and finished strong, that's a good football team. erin: something tells me this dude was popular today at school. a wisconsin running back channeled his early barry sanders, zigzagging all over the field. your list get dizzy watching this, 49 yard touchdown run. that is from a high school in wisconsin. pretty sure everyone wanted to talk to him at school today. leon: a couple of guys with broken ankles. erin: impressive moves. monday night football in seattle, the seahawks beat the lions, 13-10.
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i believe the lines are still winless. leon: but they made a game of it. good deal. meeon: speaking of defense, t this little girl.
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williams and the entire coaching staff, the top trending story on threatening injuries after a d.c.-bound amtrak train derail in vermont. plus, the complete forecast. who do you think are tougher, a tiny bulldog or a couple bears? jules is a 20 pound french bulldog, but she is fearless. check this out, two bears innovated her home, and she bravely chased them out. there is the video. the bears panicked and scurried away. no one was hurt -- just maybe bear pride. that dog would normally be an appetizer for them. very cute. leon: lots of folks have been
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counting down, all-day breakfast at mcdonald's starts tomorrow. that is part of their plan to improve business. alison: starts in 30 minutes. go. leon: exactly.
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alison: that last story has everyone talking about their pets. story, not the mcdonald's story. daye: we have a nice tomorrow, near 75 degrees. warming up wednesday. friday, we are watching a cold front that could bring showers. the weekend looks fantastic. alison: have a good night. wow. this place is spectacular.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! ♪ tonight, cate blanchett. from "blood and oil", chace crawford, and music from "eagles of death metal" with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: we'll be right back.


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